Spokane Veteran's Memorial Arena, Spokane, WA
Attendance: 10,366 Fans (Sold Out)

1. Sanchez Cano defeated Bane Loneheart via Sadistic Spike in 6:14

Mattock failed at becoming number one contender and was a bit angry. Cano came to the ring wearing a shirt with Mattock's face on it with the words "No. 1 Contender to Nothing" on it. Cano wore the shirt during his match with Loneheart which saw Cano use his quickness and speed to maneuver around the larger Loneheart, dictating the pace of the match. Loneheart couldn't match Cano's speed and despite numerous attempts to turn the match in his favor, Cano always seemed to escape his grip... just like when Loneheart went for a powerbomb, but Cano rolled through into a sunset flip for two, stood, and drop kicked Loneheart in the face. He then went up top and hit the Sadistic Spike to put this match away. After the match, Mattock hit the ring and attacked Cano. He then got on the house mic and told the crowd that at Wrestlecade Xperience, he was going to have a panel and that that Cano was welcome to come since he had an announcement to make there.

2. Grendel defeated Harbinger via Pain in 3:22

Grendel and Harbinger were on equal footing at the start of the match, but Chris Titan showed up with a blowtorch, much like he did last week. This time, Grendel didn't let that mind game phase him. Instead, he turned fear into rage and began to dominate Harbinger until he nailed him with a pair of spinebusters and then locked him into the Bow and Arrow submission hold, known the world over as Pain. Grendel stared at Chris Titan who simply looked on. Harbinger was forced to tap right in front of Titan! Grendel then stood and walked to the ropes where he dared Titan to get into the ring. Titan started to walk to the ring as the crowd began to cheer. It looked like Wrestlecade was coming early! Titan got up on the ring apron, but Grendel backed away and exited on the opposite side, grinning the entire time to boos from the crowd. Titan then grabbed a house mic and said...

"I wonder how Angelique is doing?"

Grendel turned around and made a bee line for the ring. When he hit the ring in a fit of rage, Titan simply slammed the blowtorch into Grendel's head, knocking him down to the canvas. Titan stood over Grendel and held the blowtorch high into the air before leaving for the backstage area.

3. Waymoth Turnbull defeated Adam Lazarus in 9:14

This was the first of three matches where those who were vying for contendership over the past few weeks would face each other. Laz came very close on iNtense 93 to facing Eiji Kugasari in iNtense's main event. Here he came very close to defeating the West Indian Obsidian, but Waymoth ended up catching Laz with the Red Hook Combo after he dodged a body avalanche in the corner. Waymoth then followed it up with Who Don't Hear, Must Feel and picked up the three. Laz got a standing ovation for his efforts after the match as he walked to the back. In the backstage area, Landon Stevens and Aran Thompson disputed that they would be victorious in each other's matches and the other would fail. The discussion got heated and security had to separate them from each other.

4. Landon Stevens defeated Kayden Paulton via Rising Star Driver in 22:04

Stevens and Paulton put on an absolute clinic. Stevens came into the match thinking his would be an easy win, but Paulton took it to Stevens proving why back on iNtense 93, he once again became the World's Nicest Number One Contender. The match started off with chain wrestling then went counter for counter to can-you-top-this style right up into the finish when Stevens went for a brainbuster, but Paulton reversed it and threw Stevens to the outside. He went for the Happy Smiles Dive, but Landon hopped onto the ring apron and smacked him in the face with a knee. Landon went for a springboard clothesline, but Paulton ducked and kicked him in the stomach He set him up for the Feel Good, but Stevens countered that with a Huracanrana into a kick to the face and the Rising Star Driver for the win. In the back Aran Thompson didn't look impressed and said that he could outperform Stevens.

5. Aran Thompson defeated Mattock via God Killer in 37:42.

Unlike the previous match, Mattock confused Thomspon with some highly unorthodox offense, but Thompson, being the former world champion that he is, saw through it rather quickly in the opening minutes of the match and hit a beautiful counter when Mattock went for the Direct Damage in the form of a Corkscrew Drop kick to the top of Mattock's head! Thompson then took control of the match by dominating Mattock and tossing him to the outside. Aran hit a suicide dive and took Mattock out and then used the ringside as his playground, constanting rolling in and out of the ring to break the referee's count. Mattock eventually countered and sent Thompson into the ring post before pulling him out into Blue Thunder Driver on the floor. Mattock got back into the ring and Thompson did as well right at the count of nine. Mattock stomped away and pulled Thompson up, hitting him with a Half Nelson Pancake. Mattock went up top for a Shooting Star Elbow Drop, but Thompson rolled out of the way and hit a Red Hook Combo on Mattock. He then grabbed Mattock and hit the Rising Star Driver.. then went to the apron, grabbed the ropes and nailed the God Killer. As he pinned Mattock he yelled out "What you can do.. I can do better" and scored the three after an epic encounter.

6. Jesse Ramey and Derecho went to a No Contest in 12:06

The match was even paced between the two. Derecho took the match to prove that he didn't need Underground Rules to win a match, but during the match, there were some mis-steps on the part of Derecho that allowed Jesse Ramey to take over... that is until Jason Rau came out to try and muck things up, but Spike Saunders followed suit and stopped that from happening. When Derecho and Ramey saw their respective Wrestlecade opponents battling at ringside, they saw an opportunity to get in on the chaos and both dove out of the ring. It ended up becoming a four man brawl between them. The referee had no choice but to throw the match out and call for officials to break them up.

7. Frank Hendix, Sarah Winterton, and Jeremy Ryan defeated Ryan Gallway, Amber Ryann, and Mack Brody when Ryan pinned Amber Ryann in 41:01

It was a six person mixed tag that involved three Wrestlecade opponents, but the men and women could mix it up with each other. This was a unique main event spawned from the eight person tag that went down at iNtense 93 just a few short days ago. The match started off with Mack Brody and Frank Hendrix. Brody used his size and power to dominate Hendrix, who tagged out to Sarah Winterton. The former Heiress grinned, but Brody couldn't harm a woman so he tagged in Amber Ryann. Ryann then took it to Winterton, proving she wanted that Starlet Championship. When Winterton had enough, she tagged in Jeremy Ryan. It was Ryan vs Ryann and the Ryan with one n in their name didn't care about abusing women.. we saw that with Alyssa Corliss on The Hype. Ryan simply cracked his knuckles, but Ryann welcomed the challenge.

Ryann looked good against Jeremy at first until Jeremy hit a huge European Uppercut on her, knocking her down. Ryan taunted Mack Brody in the corner saying it was his fault for tagging her into the match. Ryann tried to scramble free, but Jeremy stayed on top of her and prevented the tag each and every time. At this point, Jon Le Bon ran out from the back wearing a homemade "TEAM HOWL" shirt and distracted Jeremy Ryan. This allowed Amber to make the tag to Ryan Gallway.

Le Bon stayed at ringside as a mascot for the face team as Gallway took it to Jeremy Ryan, taking control of the match. Ryan was forced to tag out to Frank Hendrix who came in and took control of the match back. Meanwhile, Jeremy Ryan recovered and hopped off the ring apron to confront Jon Le Bon. This prompted Mack Brody to hop off and step in between them. Amber Ryann used the distraction to hit a Tope Con Hilo to the outside on Jeremy Ryan as a receipt for earlier! The match broke down into chaos from here and after several minutes of inside and outside brawling the match got back under control Amber Ryann was tagged in as was Sarah Winterton, but Jeremy Ryan said he wanted the tag instead.

Sarah shrugged and tagged Ryan who immediately charged back Amber and nailed Gallway and Brody, knocking them off the ring apron. Ryann then jumped onto Jeremy's back, but Jeremy snapmared her down to the canvas and then nailed a hellacious spinebuster and picked up the three!! The people booed, but Amber Ryann wasn't moving at all. Sarah Winterton even took the opportunity to grab Ryann by her colorful hair and taunt her. Brody and Gallway hit the ring and chased the three off. They stood over Amber Ryann as Brody looked on at Jeremy in complete disgust.