Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA
Attendance: 8,000 Fans (Sold Out)

jOlt Wrestling continued its tour of the Pacific Northwest in this week's edition of Rock the House! This time, they come to you from the city that will house Wrestlecade... Seattle, home to the world champion Seattle Seahawks!

1. The Crimson Order (Takeshi and Heido) defeated Trouble (Statuz Quo and Khadafi) via The Japanese Death Sentence at 18:52

This match spawned from their six man tag back on iNtense where The Crimson Order and Jonathan Conspiracy defeated Trouble and Dallas Griffin. In this match, the two teams mixed it up again, but Takeshi and Heido had the power and size advantage and in this case, power and size overcame the brawling, thug-like tactics of Trouble.

At one point during the match, Jonathan Conpsiracy came out to thwart an interference attempt by Dallas Griffin. The two of them brawled around ringside. This served as a distraction for Statuz Quo, who was the legal man in the ring alongside Heido. When he turned around, he walked right into The Japanese Death Sentence.. the thumb spike... from Heido and went down in a heap. Takeshi ran guard as Heido made the pin.

2. Jonathan Conspiracy defeated Dallas Griffin via Conspiracy Theory in 7:15

As the two continued to brawl around ringside, jOlt commissioner Damien Lee made a rare appearance on Rock the House and came out, announcing to the live crowd that these two would have an Underground Rules match right now! The bell rang and the two of them continued to brawl around ringside. JCON sent Griffin into the steel ring steps and then into the ring where Griffin turned the tables with a low blow.

Griffin went to work on JCON and kept him grounded. Then towards the end of the match, Diamond Jewelz made his way out from the back and told Griffin he'd give him $100,000 if he would beat JCON right here, right now and take back his chain. Griffin was fueld by greed and ran over JCON with a pair of clotheslines. Griffin went up top, but JCON grabbed him and threw Griffin to the outside where he collided with Diamond Jewelz!

JCON slid out of the ring and grabb Griffin, rolling him back in. Griffin staggered to his feet when JCON delivered the Co-Conspirator inverted DDT to him and then ultimately, the Conspiracy Theory as he went up top and hit the Top-Rope Leg Drop onto Griffin. JCON covered and got the pin. After the match, he rolled out of the ring and reached into his tights, pulling out Diamond Jewelz' chain. He waved it over his face as he laid there at ringside and walked to the back.

3. Grendel deafeated Mike Extreme in 2:25 via Pain

Grendel made his return on iNtense and failed to make a massive impact by losing to the Underground Champion, Omega. Grendel returned here to Rock the House and completely dominated Mike Extreme from the opening bell. Grendel was like an animal unleashed as he ran into Extreme with a running body tackle. Grendel followed it up with a rapid knee drops into the lower back which set up Extreme for Pain.. the bow and arrow submission in which Extreme tapped very quickly. Grendel stood up and let out a beastial roar and left the ring as Mike Extreme was tended to by the referee.

4. "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann defeated Persephone via Fate/Stay Dead at 11:16

Ryann was given an opportunity to test her mettle against a starlet legend! In the beginning of the match, Persephone showed Ryann was experience was all about when she kept her grounded and worked over her right arm. Persephone was putting on a clinic on how to slowly dismantle an opponent, but she got a little too comfortable in doing so and it allowed Ryann to find an opening and begin to battle back.

Ryann shook some life back into her arm and reversed a whip into the Mega Man X Wall Jump, leaping over Persephone. She then nailed the HADOKEN right into Persephone's chest for a near two count. She went to pull Persephone up, but she was sent through the ropes when Persephone grabbed the front of her tights and sent her to the outside. Persephone climbed to the top and missed a cross body, smacking hard on the floor!

Ryann took advantage and nailed Fate/Stay Dead on the floor at ringside!! Persephone was dead weight at that point, but Ryann picked her up and rolled her back into the ring at the count of eight. At the count of nine, Ryann herself rolled back in and made the cover. After a hit like that, there was no way Persephone was going to kick out and that was the case as the referee counted three and Amber Ryann picked up a huge upset victory.

The camera switched backstage as we saw the Starlet Champion, Sarah Winterton watching the match on the monitor. She gritted her teeth and wrinkled her nose in disgust before she pointed her nose into the air, let out a "Hmph" and walked away with her head held high.

5. Kayden Paulton defeated Graham Youngblood via referee stoppage at 4:22.

Paulton was known as the World's Nicest #1 Contender after shocking the world and winning the Open Season Match at Cataclysm to earn a shot at the Underground Title. Since then, the Softcore Messiah had failed to capture the gold and was looking to get back into the hunt. While this was a regular rules match, Paulton still needed a win here to start his momentum back up again.

That win came at an unfortunate scenario as Graham Youngblood went to the top rope for his Frog Splash when Paulton leapt to the middle rope and countered with a leaping enzugiri. Youngblood fell to the outside and landed very awkwardly on his left arm. He was screaming in pain and when the referee went to the outside, he immediately threw up the X with his arms and called for the bell. Being concerned, Paulton rushed to the outside to check on Youngblood and even signaled for the officials and trainers to come out from the back.

Paulton stuck with Youngblood all the way as they carefully brought Youngblood behind the curtain. It's not known if it's a break, fracture, or dislocation.. all we know is Youngblood went down hard here tonight in something you hate to see happen.

6. Jon Le Bon defeated Jeremy Ryan via DQ in 9:32

When Jeremy Ryan learned that his old enemy Jon Le Bon had Mack Brody's back, he wanted to eliminate him as quickly as possible and asked for this Unlimited rematch right here on Rock the House! It was granted and Ryan and Le Bon started their rematch hot and heavy as Ryan went right after Le Bon, getting him into the corner, pounding away with heavy fists.

Ryan tossed Le Bon to the outside and ended up bouncing his face off of the announce table. Le Bon staggered away as Ryan made sure there were no monkies hanging around as it was a problem about a month ago that lead to one of jOlt's most memorable moments of 2014 so far. Ryan caught up to Le Bon and tossed him back into the ring where Le Bon ducked a clothesline and went for the Rockstar Stunner, but Ryan shoved him off and nailed the Spearbuster but for only two!

Ryan mounted Le Bon and pounded away at Le Bon's face. The referee told Ryan to get off of him, but he refused. After a count of five, the referee called for the bell as he disqualified Ryan. Ryan didn't seem to care and wouldn't get off of Le Bon. This prompted Mack Brody to hit the ring and chase off Ryan as he fled through the crowd. Brody knelt beside Le Bon and helped him to his feet as Ryan just sneered from the crowd and made his exit.

7. Omega defeated Derecho via The End in 45:38 to retain the Underground Championship

The night after Unlimited, Derecho went to Omega and stated he wanted his throne back. That was interrupted by Spike Saunders, but jOlt officials decided that if Derecho wanted a shot at becoming the two-time Underground Champion, then they would give it to him

This match ended up being exactly what everyone thought it would be... two monsters colliding and doing everything in their power to destroy each other. Omega and Derecho started off by trading blows with each other in which Omega got the upper hand, but Derecho suckered Omega in toward the ropes and ducked a clothesline. Derecho drop kicked Omega to the outside and then went to the top rope, hitting a cross body and taking Omega down. Derecho then went and grabbed his best friend.. the steel chair.

Omega blocked a chair shot and stole the chair from Derecho, jamming it into his stomach. This led to a powerbomb through the announce table! Omega pulled Derecho out from the rubble and threw him back into the ring where he only got two. Omega went back outside and found a chain under the ring. He wrapped it around his entire right arm and rolled back in to the ring. When Derecho stood, Omega hit the ropes and went for a clothesline from hell, but Derecho ducked. When Omega turned around, Derecho grabbed the chain-wrapped arm and wrapped it around Omega's neck before slamming him down with a neckbreaker!

Derecho went up top and connected with the Frog Splash for only two. He went out and grabbed the chair, rolled in and set it up. He hoisted Omega up for A Forever Reminder, but Omega slipped off, got under Derecho, and simply lifted and threw him back first into the unfolded steel chair! Omega then pounded away at Derecho's face that chain was still wrapped around his hand and arm. This left Derecho's face a bloody mess.

Omega went to the outside and found some barbed wire. He then wrapped that around his other arm so now he had 1 arm with barbed wire and another arm with steel chain wrapped around them. Derecho got up to his feet as Omega made a boxing-style guard with his arms and charged in, ramming both of them right into Derecho's face!! Omega covered but only got two much to his shock!

Omega pulled Derecho up, but Derecho fought back. He threw Omega shoulder first into the ring post through the turnbuckles. He picked up the broken chair and when Omega turned around, Derecho completely broke the chair over Omega's head, causing the seat to detatch and fly off. Omega slumped down into the corner as Derecho hit two running knees then a shotgun drop kick to Omega's face! Derecho rolled to the outside and grabbed two more steel chairs. He brought them into the ring and set them up so that the seats faced each other.

Derecho went for A Forever Reminder again, but Omega, again, countered. Omega with a German Suplex, but Derecho flipped over the chair and landed on his feet. Derecho then leapt onto the chairs and flew off with a knee strike to Omega's face! Omega turned and fell against the ropes. Derecho hooked Omega for Legends Get Forgotten, but Omega used an elbow to get out of it. Omega then picked up Derecho, ran forward and planted him with a spinebuster through the chairs! Omega quickly pulled Derecho out of the mangled mess, hoisted him onto his shoulders and nailed The End on top of the broken chair pile. He made the cover and got the three after an amazing match that got a standing ovation!