Boutwell Memorial Auditorium, Birmingham, Alabama
Attendance: 5000 Fans (Sold Out)

1. Sweet Sweet Lovin' defeated Cross the Hood at 13:13 via Sweet Emotions

The two teams that did not qualify for the Tag Team Championships at Unlimited faced off in the opening contest here at Rock the House. It was the former Tag Team Champions, Lennox Love and Sam Sweet, taking on The Hype's hottest and most successful tag team Jackson Cross and Machida Hood. Cross the Hood have had issues on the main roster. While they have dominated almost every team that has been put in front of them on The Hype, they haven't been able to get the job done against any team on the main roster. The House and The Heirs of Wrestling have both bested them.

Tonight was no different as Sweet Sweet Lovin' ended up defeating Cross the Hood after a key error was made by Jackson Cross, allowing Lennox Love to break free from their ground and pound tactics and getting a hot tag to Sam Sweet. Sweet came in like a house on fire and knocked Machida Hood off the ring apron. He then hit a couple of big power moves followed by his top rope splash, the Sweet Emotion to pick up the victory. Machida Hood tried to break up the pin, but a flip dive off the apron by Lennox Love prevented that. This is the third main roster team Cross the Hood lost to. Ironically, every team that did beat them were former jOlt Tag Team Champions. Once must wonder if they're simply biting off more than they can chew.

2. Sarah Winterton retained the Starlet Championship by defeating Persephone in 9:08

Sarah Winterton has her hands full at Unlimited and tonight she had to defend her championship just a week and a half before the big event where she was slated to face Charlotte, Amber Ryann, and Daryn Thompson in a Fatal Fourway match. Sarah didn't like her situation and tried to get herself counted out, taking a loss while retaining, but each time she attempted, either Charlotte, Amber Ryann, or Daryn Thompson would step out and try and prevent it.

Winterton got back into the ring where Persephone would look to become the two-time jOlt Starlet Champion, but Winterton used her cunning mind to outsmart and outwrestle Persephone, pinning her in the middle of the ring. After the match, the three challengers hit the ring and a brawl between the four of them broke out that had to be separated by security.

3. Omega defeated Sephiroth Du Luc in an Underground Rules Match at 3:11

Much like their first encounter, Omega decimated Sephiroth Du Luc, however, this time around, Persephone returned from the backstage area, exhausted from her match just moments prior and tried to stop Omega from putting Du Luc back on the shelf. Omega was about to then hit a choke slam on Persephone when Ninja K ran out from the back and quickly made his way to the top rope, hitting a leaping thrust kick to Omega that sent him to the outside. Omega wanted to get back into the ring, but Sephiroth Du Luc stood side by side with the Underground Champion and Omega slowly backed off, grinning the entire way.

4. Jon Le Bon defeated Jason Rau via Disqualification in 15:47 when Jeremy Ryan interfered.

Jon Le Bon returned to jOlt after a collar bone injury and by being nearly poisoned by a meatloaf only to grab the attention of "jOlt's Last Real Man" Jeremy Ryan. Le Bon had a victory last week on Rock the House, but this week, Jeremy Ryan made sure that he wouldn't get another pinfall victory. Le Bon had Rau set up for The Rockstar Stunner when Ryan hit the ring and drilled Le Bon with a clothesline.

After the referee called for the bell, Ryan had mounted Le Bon and began to rain down rights and lefts. Le Bon quickly yelled out "LOOK! A MONKEY!" while pointing behind Ryan. Ryan actually bought it and Le Bon quickly got up and pummeled Ryan, eventually clotheslining him up and over the top rope and out to the floor. Ryan was pissed, but he backed off for now, stating that Le Bon would get his come Unlimited.

5. Mattock defeated Derecho in a Mystery Opponent Match in 15:01

Sylo came out before the match and announced that Derecho's opponent at Unlimited was already chosen, but since Derecho wants to try and break bonds with Sylo so much, he thought he would return the favor. He then announced that Derecho's opponent would be his own brother, Mattock.. and to make sure that Derecho doesn't just have free reign to do what he wants, he'll make this a regular rules match.

Derecho outwrestled Mattock in the very beginning, but it all broke down when Derecho wanted to go to the outside to grab the steel chair. Mattock took advantage of the miscues and regained control of the match. Mattock went for a Quantum Driver II, but Derecho slipped off the shoulders and went for an A Forever Reminder, but Sylo got up on the ring apron and Derecho let Mattock slip off his shoulders. Mattock then lifted Derecho into an inverted Fireman's Carry and nailed a Systematic Shutdown on Derecho!! Mattock made the cover and got the pin as Sylo smiled.

6. Adam Roebuck defeated Brone Haggard and Mack Brody in a triple threat match in 10:16

It was the battle of the power houses in a match where all three men were part of teams that would compete for the vacant jOlt Tag Team Titles at Unlimited. Adam Roebuck has been a man on fire in jOlt recently and has even caused some tension between himself and is own teammate Derrick Huber. Haggard and Hendrix have made a huge impact while The Heirs have taken a turn for the better, adopting a new positive (and humorous) attitude.

This match was a classic "Can You Top This?" between three of jOlt's finest powerhouses. In the end, Mack Brody had nailed The Midas Touch on Brone Haggard in an amazing feat of strength. He was about to go for the pin when Adam Roebuck pulled Brody out of the ring and rammed him head first into the ring post. Roebuck then slid in as Haggard looked to be recovering slightly. Roebuck pulled Haggard to his feet and hit The Bad Hand on Haggard to pull off the win, basically stealing one here away from The Heirs.

7. Aran Thompson and Ninja K went to a Time Limit Draw in a Champion vs Champion non-title match

The jOlt Champion clashed with the Underground Champion for the first time since Power Struggle when then champions Sylo and Derecho met in a 2 falls match. The match had a 60 minute time limit and time expired with neither man being able to get the pin or submission on each other. The match captivated the audience, which started out as a slow paced wrestling match where both men traded holds. They then turned it up by showing off what each man was capable of doing. It only escalated as tempers flared between the two men.

At the end of the match, Ninja K wanted a handshake, but Aran Thompson went low and kicked Ninja K between the legs! He set Ninja K up for the Icarus Switch when Eiji Kugasari came out from the back and attacked Aran Thompson from behind! This brought out Landon Stevens to try and even the odds, but Waymoth Turnbull came out and took out Stevens. This brought out the West Texas Terrorists, which in turn, brought out the Crimson Order. There was a massive brawl inside the ring.

Ninja K escaped to the outside, but Omega made his way back out and attacked Ninja K at ringside. The two began brawling as it was complete and utter chaos inside and outside of the ring. The broadcast ended there with the final scene of everyone trying to kill each other.