Martin County Fairgrounds, Stuart, FL
Attendance: 3,100 Fans (Sold Out)

1. Cross the Hood defeats reVolt via Project 347 in 16:14

After the brawl that ended up closing iNtense, Cross the Hood were ordered by Sebastian Saje and Raevynn to take out members of that group here tonight. Cross the Hood did so after using classic tag team tactics of divide and conquer. They cornered Mattock and used quick tags to keep him in enemy territory. Eventually, Mattock was able to break free and make the hot tag to Sanchez Cano who came in like a house on fire, sending both members of Cross the Hood to the outside and taking them out with a Tope Con Hilo. Jackson Cross was the legal man and Cano rolled him into the ring and missed with a Sadistic Spike. Cross then sent Cano into the ropes and nailed a lift up cutter and made the tag to Machida Hood. Hood waited for Cano to stand, looking for Project 347, but Cano hit a spinning heel kick and tagged out to Mattock. Cross came into the ring and shoved Cano through the ropes as he was stepping out. Mattock then hit a drop kick to Cross, sending him to the outside, turned and walked into a Project 347 (STO Backbreaker) by Hood and Cross the Hood picked up the win off of a disctraction.

Jon Le Bon came out to address the crowd, stating it was nice seeing his friends again, but didn't understand why they were so grumpy. He only wanted to rekindle their relationship. This brought out Seraph who simply got in Le Bon's face. Le Bon patted Seraph on the shoulder and told him to ease up, but Seraph grabbed Le Bon by the neck and nailed Divine Destruction on him. He then left the ring..

2. Sayber defeated Bane Loneheart via Korosu in an Underground Rules match in 12:12

Before the match, Sayber stated that he was going to make sure that when it came time to enact his revenge on Derecho, he was going to be prepared. He requested the match to be Underground Rules and stated he would take out Bane Loneheart and train all in one sitting. Loneheart came out with his trusty pipe and took it to Sayber in the beginning, making it look as if Sayber's request was quite the mistake, but Sayber dug down deep and fought back, slowly turning the tide of the match. The match spilled to the outside and it was here where Sayber rammed Loneheart back first into the ring post several times. Sayber then grabbed a steel chair and yelled out to Derecho, to make sure he was watching this. Sayber then slammed the chair into Loneheart's face, sandwhiching his head between the chair and the ring post. Sayber tossed the chair back into the ring and rolled Loneheart back in. He picked up Loneheart and hit the Sideswipe Brainbuster on top of the folded chair and picked up the win.

3. Mike Extreme/Reno Davis vs Sebastian Saje/Michael Donavan went to a No Contest at 9:14

This looked to be the first match of the night that The Rebellion may have lost as Reno Davis and Mike Extreme went back and forth with them the entire match, not allowing The Rebellion to gain the upper hand. Extreme had Saje set up for a powerbomb when Raevynn and Nate Quartermaine ran out from the back. This brought out Sephiroth Du Luc and Persephone and the chaos spilled into the ring. The referee had no choice but to throw the match out as the four from each group ended up brawling and had to be separated by security. The elements here are quite explosive and one must wonder how this will end up effecting iNtense 95 this upcoming Sunday!.

4. Jason Rau defeated Kayden Paulton via Aussie Driver in 8:04

In a rematch from iNtense 94, Jason Rau looked more focused than ever. Despite his best efforts, he came up short against The World's Nicest Man, but tonight it was different. Just like on iNtense, Rau attacked Paulton at the start of the match, but he kept Paulton grounded and made sure he couldn't recover. Paulton eventually rolled to the outside to try and regain composure, but Rau hit his version of the Happy Smiles Dive on Paulton as a receipt from Sunday night. Rau then slammed Paulton into the ringsteps and then tossed him back into the ring. Rau then waited for Paulton to stand, looking for the Rau Deal, but Paulton side stepped and hit a toe kick. Paulton then looked for Feel Good.. it was almost the same sequence that earned him the victory on Sunday, but Rau felt it was coming and countered with a back body drop. He quickly stood and kicked Paulton in the head before hooking him and nailing the Aussie Driver, picking up the three!

5. The Heirs of Wrestling defeated Trouble via Midas Touch in 41:16.

After Khadafi's defeat on iNtense it spawned a six man tag here on Rock the House! The match started off with Griffin and Gallway. Gallway used his speed to keep one step ahead of Griffin, forcing him to tag to Khadafi. Khadafi's street smarts caused him to gain the upper hand on Gallway and Gallway tagged out to Brody. Brody, who had defeated Khadafi, stepped in and Khadafi teased Brody to bring it before tagging out to Quo. Brody taunted Khadafi for tagging out and it only enraged him. Quo immediately tagged back out and Khadafi stepped right up to Brody and slapped him across the face. Brody simply smiled and leveled Khadafi with a lariat. This brought Griffin and Quo into the ring as well as the rest of the Heirs. It turned into an all out brawl. Griffin was dumped to the outside first. Khadafi then clotheslined Brody to the outside. Gallway grabbed Quo and tossed him out and the remaining Heirs double teamed Khadafi, sending him out. Silver then dove through the ropes as Gallway flipped over them and the two of them took out all three members of Trouble! The Heirs rolled back in and celebrated until the referee got them back to their corners. Khadafi came back in and Brody immediately hit a knee lift and then tagged Silver in, but Khadafi took a short cut and used a thumb to the eye and tagged in Quo.

Quo went to work on Silver and brought him over to their corner. Just like Cross the Hood, they used quick tags to keep Silver in their corner. Any and all attempts by The Heirs to come in and rescue Silver were thwarted by the referee. Eventually, Silver made it out of the corner and tagged Brody back in. Brody cleaned house and Quo ended up tagging Griffin in, but Griffin was tossed to the outside rather quickly, but Khadafi was sneaky about it and tagged Griffin as he was being tossed out. However, Brody saw it and brought Khadafi into the ring the hard way. Gallway and Silver hit the ring as Brody stalked Khadafi. Silver knocked Quo off the ring apron while Gallway dove to the outside and took out Griffin. Silver stepped out and brawled with Quo as brody hit the Fire Thunder Powerbomb on Khadafi.. The Midas Touch! He gained the three and the Heirs got a standing ovation for a classic match.

6. The Widow's Nest defeated Omega in a 3 on 1 Non-Title Handicap Match via Roll Up in 4:18

The match started off with Wolf Spider against Omega. The two of them took it to each other in the early goings, but Araknis and Muerte joined in and it quickly broke down into a triple team. Omega fought back and was gaining the upper hand when Derecho came out from the crowd and slid into the ring behind Omega. He cracked Omega in the back of the head with a steel chair and then rolled out of the way as Wolf Spider rolled Omega up from behind with a school boy and pinned him. Omega kicked out, but was a split second too late! The Nest took the victory as Derecho grinned on the outside. Omega knelt there, holding the back of his head and watched as Derecho grabbed the Underground Championship and held it high in the air. Derecho then looked at the title and almost seemed mesmerized by it, but he tossed it to the ground and simply smiled sadistically as he hopped the barricades and exited through the crowd from whence he came. Omega muttered the words "We know what must be done"

7. Landon Stevens defeated Eiji Kugasari to retain the World Championship in 37:14

It was a rematch from Wrestlecade as Eiji Kugasari challenged Landon Stevens. The match was quick paced from the start as these two went into counter after counter after counter until they both received a standing applause. Landon then used some heel chicanery to stop that from happening a second time. Landon tried to keep Kugasari grounded, but Kugasari's unorthodox offense prevented that, keeping Landon guessing the entire time. Kugasari eventually turned the tide of the match in his favor and at one point looked to get the win, but that's what brought out Eli and Ezra Conway.

The distraction halted Kugasari in his tracks, but then Ninja K, Takeshi, and Heido made their way out, but they were quickly followed by The Rebellion, consisting of Seraph, Sebastian Saje, and Micahel Donavan!! The Rebellion took out the Crimson Order and Ninja K as Eli and Ezra watched and smiled, but Kugasari dove to the outside and took out the West Texas Terrorists! Kugasari rolled back into the ring, but Landon was there to meet him with an elbow drop. He pulled Kugasari up to his feet and went for the Rising Star Driver, but Kugasari countered into an Inside Cradle, but only got two.

Security came out and broke up the Clan and The Rebellion. They also tossed the Terrorists out as well, much to Landon's protest. When Landon turned around, Eiji was ready and waiting for him. Eiji hopped onto Landon's shoulders, looking for the Shinobi Sunset, but before Eiji could spin around and hit the Reverse Frankensteiner, Landon acted quickly and powerbombed Eiji into the canvas! He rolled Eiji back to his feet and then hooked him for the Rising Star Driver, hitting up to pick up the three. Landon smiled as he grabbed the championship and said "No amount of distractions can stop me! I am simply better than you!" Landon raised the title into the air as he stood alone in the middle of the ring as Rock the House came to a close.