We open to the new Hype Studios which happens to be the headquarters for the Hype Scouting Department in New York, City. Some music is being which was created for the Music Department. In the opening image we see the half Cuban host of the show, Jennifer Rivera and beside her is the Head Scout of Jolt! “Pacific Legend” Tyler Falcon who made a name for himself with his technical ability and wrestled in Germany, Mexico, and South Korea to go along with wrestling on the West Coast. The camera zooms in on the dirty blonde Rivera and she begins speaking.

Jennifer: Welcome to the first edition of The Hype…here we will look at the top Jolt developmental talent, breakdown their skills, and look at the top young and veteran free agents across the world. Tonight in our first segment entitled “Development Match of The Week” we will look at former Florida High School Heavyweight Amateur Wrestling Champion Preston Walker in a match against “Daring” David Diamond.

Tonight, I am joined by the Head Scout of Jolt! “Pacific Legend” Tyler Falcon who has looked at the tapes of the Warriors of Grappling match between Walker and Diamond, Tyler tell us a bit about the two in this match.

Tyler: Well…being the Head of Scouting at Jolt allows you to see a lot of the talent around the world. When Jolt reformed and paid Preston Walker $2.5 million dollars as just a signing bonus to sign a developmental deal after winning 3 out of 4 Heavyweight state championships in North Carolina, a lot of eyes were on him. He’s 6’4’’ 248 and there was talk about him being sent to Wrestling Titans instead of Warriors of Grappling as that roster has more technicians…But his assignment to WoG will test out how well he can adapt.

Jennifer: Tell us about David Diamond…

Tyler: He’s 6’2’’ around 225…he has a good amount of athleticism. Was trained out in California and has been wrestling for four years..despite Jolt just restarting their relationship with PATH, WoG, and Wrestling Titans has been in place for years due to relationships. Diamond and his cocky attitude have been in the system for the past two years and he’s developed quite well.

They turn towards a monitor and clips of the match are running. For the most part it was a back and forth affair.

Tyler: While Walker used his wrestling skill and strength to grab the victory, as you can see Diamond also showed himself worthy. We could be seeing either one of these guys on the Jolt roster in the near future.

Jennifer: What has helped Preston Walker develop this much in only six months?

Tyler: He was an amateur wrestler for seven years and competed in many tournaments, he also has a very large work ethic. He wants to make sure people don’t believe his contract was a waste of money. The truth is, he can really compete in the ring.

Jennifer: What does he need to work on?

Tyler gestures towards the film playing.

Tyler: His instincts on putting his opponent away, Diamond was able to hang in with him for quite some time when it looked like the match could have been over. I will give David Diamond his credit; he proved that he has a good amount of heart.

Jennifer: We will return back with Tyler right after this commercial break…Stay tuned to The Hype!

The show returns from the break.

Jennifer: This segment is called, “On The Radar” where we take a look at a young talent from around the world that could make an impact in Jolt. I spoke to Tyler earlier and he chose someone very interesting. Could you tell us about “The Force of Tianjin” Dang Fang?

Tyler: Dang Fang wrestles in China and is a former bodybuilder..he is by far the most famous wrestler in in home country. A few years ago, from what I have heard he hired the Greek Stan Alexander to train him to wrestle and make sure he just wasn’t a lumbering oaf. Fang stands at 7’2 and weighs around 290-300 of pure granite. If you look over at the monitor there’s a picture of him.

We look and see Fang posing from one of his body building shoots; he is a mountain of muscle. Far more than any wrestler on the Jolt roster, yet there seems to be a kindness to the big guy.

Jennifer: That is quite impressive…

Tyler: Not as impressive as he is inside the ring, he has an uncanny agility and moves extremely well. There’s stories of Stan Alexander and his training techniques with Fang to make sure he lived up to the Greek legacy. While Fang is powerful, his actual technique and ability to lock on a submission are very impressive in the film I have seen.

Jennifer: Why isn’t a guy like Fang already in a promotion like Jolt?

Tyler smiles.

Tyler: I have yet to be cleared by my superiors to travel to China to watch him in person, even if I do there’s no guarantee he would want to leave China. He has only taken two falls in China and he rarely gets challenged. He’s been that dominant; it may be hard to tear him away.

Jennifer: Is there anyone on the roster you can compare him to? Tyler: Not really the guys strength numbers are insane..he’s quite athletic..and a very unique athlete. He doesn’t seem to have a mean streak in him and he hasn’t really been tested in the ring. So there are questions about how well he could compete against a greater level of talent.

Jennifer: We will definitely keep tabs on Dang Fang…we will return right after this break.

The show returns.

Jennifer: Our final segment is entitled, “Could Make An Impact” where we look at a veteran that could make an immediate impact in Jolt. Today we look at “The Steel City Sheik” Mohammad Megill. Take it away Tyler…

Tyler: Mohammad Megill has family heritage going back to the days of Persia on his mother’s side. He has been wrestling for 11 years..was the WAF World’s Heavyweight Champion for two weeks and has a number of accolades to his name. He doesn’t have much technical aspects to his approach, but his toughness and never say die attitude could do very well in Jolt.

Jennifer: What about him do you like the most? Especially with the chaotic nature and all the attacks currently going on in Jolt, how would someone like Megill fit in on the roster?

Tyler: He’s 6’2’’ 234 and knows his way in the ring; he’s very tough in the ring. I remember first hearing about him around six years ago when I retired and was impressed with how he carried himself. He definitely can get a crowd behind him with his ability to talk. He may struggle against guys on the roster with a strong technical presence, but if you put him in there with the Mike Extreme’s and those of that nature he’s very difficult to handle. He may never be the Jolt Champion, but I doubt the champion would want to face him.

Jennifer: Where is he wrestling currently?

Tyler: In the North East mainly in WAF territories, he’s not locked down under a contract and I’m planning to send someone on my staff to watch him live in the upcoming weeks.

Jennifer: Well, that about wraps it up for the first addition of The Hype…Tyler, thank you for joining me. Everyone…tune in next week for more…Hype!