"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the Hype Arena in Miami, FL where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! I’m Jack Wallace alongside Jeff Hartman and we are coming to you from the jOlt Arena in Miami, FL where we have a capacity crowd of 5,000 on our hands here tonight to witness more great Hype action!

Jeff Hartman: Can I make it 4,999 and just leave?

Jack Wallace: Sure, but I doubt you’ll get paid therefore you won’t be able to spend any money on the local street corner to erase the foul stench of lonliness.

Jeff Hartman: ………. You have a point. I’ll stay

Jack Wallace: Good little Hartman. Let’s send it backstage where we understand Shayne Anderson and Laurie Williams are with the Hype Champion, Mike Patterson!

"After the Smoke Cleared"

The scene opened up in Shayne Anderson’s office. He sat behind a desk as Laurie Williams stood in front of it. The Hype Champion, Mike Patterson was also there, standing in front of Anderson’s desk

Patterson: Last week, Zane Roebuck challenged me to a Hype Championship match. After I tossed him around the ring like the rag doll that he is, he resorted to cheap tactics and shot a fire extinguisher in my face. You know me as well as anyone else Shayne.. you know I’m not going to let this stand. I hate to sound like this, but I’m handing down an ultimatum. Either I get a rematch with Zane Roebuck tonight… or I walk the halls of this arena until I find him and I will end his miserable life. One way or another, I am owed Zane Roebuck.

The crowd in the background could be heard cheering.

Shayne: Okay… you can have Zane Roebuck tonight... one on one with the Hype Championship on the line. Laurie: I have a better idea.

Patterson and Shayne look at Laurie Williams.

Laurie: We already have it set up and hanging above the ring… might as well get our money’s worth out of it. In addition to Jayshin Lee vs Araknis being inside of a steel cage, so shall your match for the Hype Championship.

TWO Cage matches tonight? The fans were in love with that idea!

Patterson: I really like the sound of that. It will be my pleasure to rip that pompous little bastard apart.

The crowd in the background cheered! With a grin on his face, Mike Patterson turned and exited the office. The scene faded to black.

GLORY vs Ruby Rocks Jewelz

Match Summary
It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ruby Rocks Jewelz. The last time was on television, getting berated and dumped by the current Relentless Champion, Diamond Jewelz. Now, Ruby is here on The Hype to rejuvenate her career and she has an opportunity to do so against our newest starlet, GLORY. At the sound of the bell, the two of them locked up and GLORY immediately hit a forearm smash to the face! She backed Ruby into the ropes and shot her across the ring where she made her eat a back elbow, knocking her down. GLORY pulled her back up and hit a pair of knife edge chops then a whip into the corner. GLORY charged in, but Ruby returned the favor with a back elbow of her own then a second turnbuckle drop kick. She covered for two.

Ruby placed GLORY into a sleeper hold, but after a few moments, GLORY stood and countered with a jawbreaker then a kick to the face from her back! Ruby staggered to the ropes as GLORY stood up and went for the whip, but Ruby reversed it and hit a toe kick. She set GLORY up for a powerbomb, but it was countered with a back body drop. Ruby stood then ate a Roaring Elbow to the face! Ruby staggered back and GLORY hit a toe kick to the stomach. She quickly butterflied the arms and nailed the Angel's Wings.. the Sent to GLORY! She made the cover, hooking the leg and picked up the three!

Winner:Zane GLORY vs Sent to GLORY
Match Time: 3:37
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Another impressive victory by our new Starlet, GLORY! She’s really turning into something here on The Hype

Jeff Hartman: I’ll turn her into something

Jack Wallace: What? A woman with a world’s worth of regret and shame for having to be around you?

Jeff Hartman: ….yes…

"How Boredom Can Be a Bit of a Triple Threat"

We are taken backstage where Crucifix sits alone in a hallway with the Hype Tag Team Championship belts in his lap. Marshal Stetton walks into view with a microphone in hand. Crucifix notices him and stands up, holding his titles with his left arm.

Stetton: Crucifix… you’ve successfully defended your championships last week, but many are calling it a tainted victory, much like the one you had two weeks ag-

Crucifix: Whoa.. let me stop you right there. Tainted… victory? Are you serious? I go out there each and every week and I defend my titles in a handicap match… okay? A HANDICAP match. When your back is against the wall and you’re out-numbered, you find ways to win. I don’t call anything tainted… I call everything I have done in that ring since winning these titles.. a victory

Stetton: Fair enough… so.. who will be the next team you face?

Crucifix: Does it really matter? I’ve beaten nearly everyone on this roster… even The Hype’s God-children, The Natural Athletes.. by myself. To be quite honest, Marshal… I’m getting pretty bored. I’m still waiting for that REAL challenge. .. because as far as I’m concerned, there isn’t a team that can touch me on this roster.

The Ali Boys walk into the scene.

Iago: Sounds like someone is getting just a LITTLE bit over confident.

Clemente: That’s what it sounds like to me. Perhaps we should get another shot and show this guy just what overconfidence can do.

Crucifix: I’m sorry, but, I believe I’ve beaten you already. Are you trying to make me even more bored?

“Then let’s add a bit of BADASSERY to the equation!”

Tripp Wise stepped into view with a smirk on his face.. Davis Bloome was soon to follow.

Tripp: You see, we’ve been on quite the roll as of late and I think we’ve more than proved ourselves deserving of being the tag team champions.. so let’s say you put those titles on the line against us!

“Whoa now, fella. Let’s not get ahead o’ ourselves!”

Scanlon O’Brien and Selby O’Brien walked into view.

Scanlon: I know we haven’t won a match yet here on The Hype.. but way I see it.. that just means there’s more ta prove fer us! There’s only a handful tag teams here on The Hype and yer lookin’ at three o’ them. Yer bored? Let’s say you put those titles on the line against all three of us in a fatal fourway!

The crowd loved the sound of that.

Crucifix: I have a better idea… since I’ve beaten all of you.. how about you entertain me and cure my boredom. Why don’t the three of your wrestle in a triple threat number one contender’s match and when all is said and done, I’ll just beat you… AGAIN… next week here on The Hype!

The six men looked at each other.. before they could respond..

Anderson: I heard everything and I love that idea!

Shayne Anderson stepped into view.

Anderson: In fact, I love it so much, that I’m making that match official as one of our two main events here.. TONIGHT! It will be The SOBs versus The Ali Boys vs BADASS for the number one contendership to the tag team titles! Good luck, gentlemen!

The crowd cheered and the scene faded to black.

Jayshin Lee vs Araknis

Match Summary
The cage lowered for the first time tonight. The referee opened the door and after each man made their way to the ring, he closed it and locked it. The Widow’s Nest were banned and the cage made sure of it. If Jayshin were successful here tonight, The Widow’s Nest would not get a tag title shot as long as Crucifix were champion.. win.. and they’re automatic number one contenders, possibly making next week’s match a triple theat! The bell rang

Jayshin and Araknis locked up. Headlock by Araknis, but Jayshin countered with a back body drop, but Araknis landed on his feet. Waist lock by Araknis, but Jayshin countered with a pair of back elbows. Jayshin to the ropes and Araknis telegraphed the back body drop, but Jayshin rolled off of Araknis’ back and hit a leg sweep. Front flip leg drop by Jayshin missed… Araknis with a Shining Wizard, it too missed… school boy roll up by Jayshin, Araknis kicked away… both men up as Araknis charged in, but Jayshin side stepped and shoved him on his way. Araknis to the middle rope and a twisting cross body block, but Jayshin with a drop kick in mid air… Jayshin went for the cover, but Araknis surprised him with an inside cradle for two! Both men kipped up to their feet and came into a staredown to an applause from the crowd.

They circled and locked up a second time, but this time Araknis hit a knee to the stomach. He walked Jayshin to the corner and slammed him face first into the turnbuckle pads. A pair of knife edge chops later and Jayshin found himself being whipped to the opposite corner. Araknis charged, looking for a palm strike, but Jayshin grabbed the arm. He hit a pair of elbows to the side of the head, hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle and spun off with a Tornado Single Arm DDT! Jayshin looked back, grabbed the top rope and hit a second rope Phoenix Splash on Araknis that wowed the crowd! Jayshin made the cover, hooking the leg, but only came up with a two count!

Jayshin sat Araknis up and hit two kicks between the shoulder blades. Jayshin backed into the ropes and in an amazing feat of athleticism, leapt over Araknis, quickly pivoted mid-leap, and nailed a variation of a shotgun drop kick right into his face! Jayshin landed on his back and rolled up to his feet. He took a bow for the crowd before walking over and grabbing Araknis by the hair, pulling him back up. Jayshin set Araknis up for the ride, but Araknis grabbed the ropes and held on. Jayshin charged in, but Araknis side stepped and sent Jayshin face first into the cage! Jayshin staggered backwards as Araknis leapt to the middle rope and flew off, connecting with a Tornado DDT.. perhaps a receipt from earlier. Araknis dragged Jayshin into position and headed to the corner. He climbed up top, but Jayshin got to his feet and knocked Araknis off his perch.

Jayshin climbed up the turnbuckles to the top rope where he hooked Araknis for what looked like a superplex, but instead, Jayshin placed Araknis into a bear-hug like position and while standing on the top rope, lunged forward, slamming Araknis into the corner of the steel cage!! Araknis then fell and crotched himself on top of the ring post!! Araknis sat top the ring post with his back resting against the corner of the cage walls. Jayshin, who was still standing atop the top rope, hit a backflip and nailed a Backflip Kick underneath Araknis’ jaw!!! Jayshin landed on his feet in the ring as Araknis flopped over and landed on the ring apron between the ropes and the cage!!! A HOLY SHIT chant broke out in the jOlt Arena as Jayshin wasted no time running to the ropes, bouncing off and nailing a baseball slide drop kick under the bottom rope, sending Araknis back into the cage wall!!

Jayshin grabbed Araknis and pulled him back into the ring where he made the cover, but much to everyone’s shock, Araknis KICKED OUT!! Jayshin stood and headed to the corner. He climbed up top and took aim on Araknis. He flipped off with the Cannonball 630 Splash… the State of Euphoria II, but Araknis moved out of the way! Araknis stumbled to his feet and quickly grabbed Jayshin after he crashed. He placed him in a front face lock, lifted, then twisted him down on the back of his neck with the Lethal Injection.. the Tornado Brain Buster! Araknis took a moment to recollect himself and then looked to the cage. He got back up, climbed the ropes and began to ascend up the cage wall. Jayshin came to and saw Araknis scaling the cage.. he ran to the ropes, leapt off the middle rope and hit a front roundhouse kick to Araknis’ mid section!! Araknis still clung to the cage with his left hand and he was balancing himself on the top rope with his left foot.

Jayshin quickly stood and went to the corner. He climbed to the top turnbuckle pad and right when Araknis was about to grab the cage again to climb, Jayshin leapt off and caught him with a Springboard Side Thrust Kick that knocked Araknis off the cage wall and back down to the ring! Jayshin stood and headed to the corner. He climbed up the turnbuckle pads and began to climb up the cage, but Araknis got up and ran to the corner. He leapt to the middle turnbuckle pad and grabbed Jayshin in a waist lock. Araknis hooked his legs under the top rope as he tossed Jayshin off with a Spider Suplex, but Jayshin flipped over, landed on his feet, charged in, and nailed a Shotgun Drop Kick to Araknis while he was handing in the Tree of Woe position!!!

A “This is Awesome” chant broke out as Araknis flopped over onto his stomach. Jayshin grabbed Araknis and pulled him up to his feet. He hoisted Araknis up onto his shoulders, but Araknis slipped off and behind Jayshin. Araknis hit a drop kick to the back, sending Jayshin face first into the top turnbuckle pad. Araknis backed up and charged in with a corner drop kick, aiming for the back of Jayshin’s head, but Jayshin moved and Araknis hit the corner, flipped, and landed on his upper back! He flopped over and rolled onto his back. Jayshin saw he was in perfect position, climbed up, and hit the double rotation corkscrew moonsault… State of Euphoria! Jayshin covered and got the three!!!

Winner: Jayshin Lee via State of Euphoria
Match Time: 14:47
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: Jayshin Lee has knocked off Muerte last week and Araknis this week! Not only that, but because of his victory here tonight, The Widow’s Nest can no longer challenge for the Tag Team Titles as long as Crucifix is the champion! History is repeating itself here on The Hype!

Jeff Hartman: You mean, The Widow’s Nest got SCREWED again!? This isn’t something to be celebrated… this is a travesty of justice!

"She’s Back!"

We take a look backstage and we see Desiree entering the arena! We haven’t seen her in a while thanks to Un-Fayth! The crowd could be heard roaring in the background as Desiree stomped through the halls. She didn’t look very happy, either.

Jack Wallace: Desiree has returned to The Hype and she looks PISSED!

Jeff Hartman: I would be too if I had to come back to this place… oh wait.. I do… every week.

"A Royal Servant – Part I"

We shift gears as Ryan Raysor is sitting in the catering area. What you see are normal wooden tables with your standing steel folding chairs… except for one. You see a nice, lavish, red velvet, padded chair with gold trim at the head of one of the tables. In that chair was none other than Ryan Raysor. In front of Ryan there was a service bell which he rang several times.

With that, Prince Samir, dressed in a butler’s outfit, walked into view with a scowl on his face.

Raysor: Say, Samir… this table is rather crude.. would you mind laying down a table cloth for me so I don’t have to feel like a lowly peasant sitting in front of some gaudy furniture?

Samir gritted his teeth and walked away. A moment later he came back and placed a maroon table cloth over the table. Raysor smiled.

Raysor: Not bad for a commoner. Now then, Samir… tell me.. what’s on the menu for today?

Samir sighed.

Samir: You’re really going through with this, aren’t you? You do know that once this day is over, I’m going to give you the beating of a lifetime, right?

Raysor: Does a servant really talk that way to his master? I think not… now.. again… what is on the menu today?

Samir: Ugh… fine. Today we’re serving tuna with green beans and sweet potatoes, roasted chicken with carrots and broccoli, or turkey subs on a mult-grain bread with a side choice of bananas, red seedless grapes, or apple slices.

Raysor turned his nose up into the air.

Raysor: Ugh.. those choices… they insult me and my very lavish Indian lifestyle! I want a hamburger! I wish to defy the very teachings of Vishnu and feast on the sacred cow! Samir!! Go fetch me a hamburger… cheese.. bacon… ketchup.. mustard.. dill pickles… lettuce.. tomato… and onions. In that exact order. I don’t want the pickles and condiments touching the bread. I do not wish to be made felt as if my hamburger were driven through a car wash. You got all that?

Samir gritted his teeth.

Raysor: I can’t hear you!

Samir: Yes

Samir muttered it under his breath and turned to go find Raysor’s hamburger.

Raysor: Oh.. when I’m finished eating, I will need a foot massage. Just sitting here in this chair is causing the muscles in my feet to tense up. They are very sensitive, you know. I will need you take care of them later tonight!

Samir balled up his fist and exited. Raysor cracked a smile.

Raysor: Oh man, I could get used to this. This is so good!

The people laughed in the background and the scene faded to black.

Jameson Scott vs Tristan

Match Summary
Last week, Tristan refused the hand shake and attacked Jameson Scott. Now, these two meet once again and at the start of the match, Tristan taunted Jameson with a handshake, but Jameson kicked Tristan’s hand away! The two of them locked up in the middle of the ring and Jameson immediately went into a waist lock. He pressed his foot against the back of Tristan’s knee and brought him down to a knelt position. Scott then fired a few kicks between the shoulder blades that caused Tristan to stand back up to his feet. Tristan turned around and Jameson aimed high with a kick to the head, but Tristan ducked causing Jameson to spin around. Tristan hooked Scott for a back drop suplex, but Jameson flipped over and landed on his feet. Jameson took off to the ropes and hit a flying kick to the chest, knocking Tristan onto his back! Jameson made the cover, hooking the leg, but only got two.

Jameson with the sleeper hold, but Tristan battled back up to his feet and hit a pair of elbows into the stomach. Tristan turned and hit a few forearm smashes before whipping Jameson to the corner. Tristan charged in, but Jameson slipped through the ropes and hit a leaping kick to the side of the head. Tristan staggered back as Jameson grabbed the top rope, leapt up, but Tristan ran into the ropes and knocked Jameson down to the floor! Tristan exited the ring and slammed Jameson’s face into the top of the barricades twice, knocking him onto his back. Tristan pulled Jameson back up and went to whip him into the ring post, but Jameson reversed it and sent Tristan into it instead! Jameson rolled into the ring as the referee was up to the count of four. By the count of seven, the Tristan began to get to an all fours position. At 8 he used the apron to stand… at nine be got onto the apron and before the referee said ten, he rolled back in under the bottom rope.

Tristan used the ropes to stand, but Jameson lunged in and hit him with a Super Kick that knocked him through the ropes and back down to the floor!! Jameson leaned on the ropes and taunted Tristan. He then backed away from the ropes and told Tristan to get back into the ring and to bring it. Tristan slipped his hand under the ring apron and pulled out a steel chair. It was out of sight of the referee who began his ten count. By the count of six, Tristan stood up partially, exposing his head. Jameson wanted to do more punishment so he walked over toward the ropes. That’s when Tristan stood, revealed the chair and clocked Jameson right over the head! The referee called for the bell!

Winner: Jameson Scott via Disqualification
Match Time: 5:48
Match Rating: **1/2

Jack Wallace: Tristan was on the losing end of this match and he decided to take the low road out of this one by introducing Jameson Scott’s head to a steel chair!!

Jeff Hartman: The low road? It’s brilliant! The problem here has been Jameson Scott! Tristan did what he had to do to ensure that Jameson Scott is removed from the equation!

After the Match
Tristan tossed the chair aside and stood over the knocked out Jameson Scott. With a grin on his face, Tristan bent down, grabbed Jameson’s hand and shook it. Tristan then exited the ring and walked to the backstage area to the boos from the crowd.

"A Wee Bit O’ Luck"

We open up in the locker room area where we see Scanlon and Selby O’Brien. They get a decent reaction from the crowd.

Scanlon: We haven’t mustered a win yet here on The Hype. They talk about the luck o’ the Irish, but that obviously isn’t on our side here. We have to do somethin’ ta make a name fer ourselves.

Selby: Ya got that right. Ta’night, we got an opportunity to become the number one contenders to the tag team titles. It’s gonna be tough, but if we’re gonna make our marks ‘ere on The Hype.. tonight is gonna be the night to do it.

Scanlon: Aye… ta’night.. we ain’t gonna mess things up. Come hell er high water, we’re gonna walk out, number one contenders.

With that, Scanlon and Selby pound fists and walk off as the scene fades to black.

"Dr. Dean"

In a static room Shovel sat next to Mad Morgan on a short couch across from a man in corduroys and blazer sitting in a comfortable chair. The man in corduroys wore a pair of tight-framed glasses and held a notebook with a pen in hand.

“So, Shayne Anderson has asked me to sit down with the two of you after what has transpired over the last two weeks,” said the man. “My name is Dr. Dean, and I’m a clinical psychologist.”

Morgan shifted while Shovel’s eyes made a puzzled look.

“Shovel and I don’t know why we’re here,” said Morgan.

The doctor’s eyes narrowed toward the duo known as Broken Sanity. “Well, it’s quite simple. Mr. Anderson relayed to me that he is concerned about two of his roster members. He cited twisted beatings between two close friends. He mentioned one referred to themselves in the first person. He reported hearing maniacal laughter in a locker room with a different voice sobbing and screaming uncontrollably.”

Neither Broken Sanity nor the doctor spoke for a moment until it was obvious Morgan and Shovel had no response.

“Okay, I am just going to ask a few questions. Is that okay?”

Morgan nodded while Shovel continued his perplexed gaze.

“Morgan; do you ever find yourself uncontrollably happy or amused?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Shovel; do you ever find yourself uncontrollably upset?”

“Shovel does,” he replied.

The doctor smiled sympathetically. “I will try to make this first session short, gentlemen. I have seen the footage of your career, interviewed your coworkers and made my initial assessment of your psychological situation. Now, some in my profession may criticize me for such a quick diagnosis, but I believe I know your ailments.”

Morgan looked at Shovel, but the glance wasn’t returned. Shovel’s mind was twisted within his own head.

“I believe each of you are symbiotic toward each other. Shovel, you obviously exhibit hyper-self-criticism. Morgan, you find humor in inappropriate situations and are known to act without forethought.

“I am seeing incredible mania and inhibition in one of you, and a mix of despair and rage within the other. Is this not correct?”

Morgan smiled, “Keeheehee. Which one is which?”

The doctor sighed.

“You are the manic partner, Morgan. Shovel, you are the depressive. And together… you form a single patient with bipolar disorder, or otherwise known as being manic depressive.”

Finally Shovel looked at Morgan and shrugged as if he didn’t understand, so Morgan spoke for him.

“What does this mean? We fight each other for a third time tonight and finally one of us beats each other. Mr. Anderson has no opponents for us… or so he says.”

The doctor smiled again and leaned forward.

“This means that we will begin your therapy. Now, typically a doctor would begin the regimen of mood stabilizers and talk therapy, but I have been asked to do otherwise. Mr. Anderson would like me to start slowly and allow you to both absorb your diagnosis. Tonight, wrestle as if none of this conversation had taken place… next week we will begin your treatment.”

Shovel slapped the side of his head. “Shovel doesn’t like this!”

“Yes, Shovel. You will not like this because it will force you to confront what is truly saddening you. Your rage and anger are only manifestations of what is eating at you.”

Morgan laughed. “Well I don’t like this either!”

“Yes, Morgan. You will not like this because you will be confronted with warps your world into perpetual self-delusion and excitable violence.

“Neither of you will like this, but for your own good you both must see this through. Now, go have your match against each other with the plan on it being your last. Whoever wins, whoever loses, it doesn’t matter because you will be growing together out there as much as you will in here when you return to me.”

Broken Sanity stood awkwardly and walked out without acknowledging the doctor. Once they left, Dr. Dean began writing on his notepad and mumbling to himself.

“Patients do not seem to disagree with diagnosis, but it is also possible the patients do not understand what a doctor is.”

Regan Hearst vs Magma

Match Summary
Regan Hearst looked to be a threat to The Hype roster, but tonight he goes one on one with a monster in his own right, Magma! At the sound of the bell, the two lock up and Regan can’t make Magma budge one bit. They break the hold, circle and lock up again to the same result. They circle and instead of locking up, Regan takes it to Magma hitting quick, alternating knee lifts to the stomach, driving Magma back into the corner. Regan then switches to devastating forearm shots that caused Magma to cover up to prevent as much damage as possible. Regan placed Magma in a waist lock and popped the hips, taking him out of the corner the hard way with a Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex! The people marvel at Regan Hearst’s strength and power!

Magma got back to his feet, but soon found himself flat on his back once again as Regan drilled him with a vicious lariat. Hearst pulled Magma to his feet and whipped him into the ropes. Regan then lifted Magma into the air, caught him and planted him with a Pop Up Spinebuster! That was done to a 300+ pound man!!! The crowd’s jaws dropped as the ring shook like an earthquake! Spinal Shift connected hard and Regan covered, but only got two as Magma still had gas left in the tank!

Regan backed into the corner and taunted Magma to stand. Magma slowly got back to his feet and Regan charged in, but Magma countered by grabbing Regan by the neck! He lifted for a choke slam, but Regan floated over and landed behind Magma. Regan backed into the ropes and when Magma turned around, Regan leapt into the air and nailed the leaping headbutt at full speed!! Cranial Separation!! Magma went down hard and Regan made the cover, hooking the leg. He picked up the three in dominating fashion and the crowd was in complete awe!

Winner: Regan Hearst vs Cranial Separation
Match time: 4:01
Match Rating: *3/4

Jack Wallace: Regan Hearst means business! This win tonight was completely dominant. I have never seen Magma handled this way.. even when he feuded with Harbinger and Seraph.

Jeff Hartman: Regan Hearst cares for nobody. He is a soulless machine that will make his name echo through our halls!

"Oh, Look Who’s Back!"

We see Desiree continuing her journey down the hallways of the jOlt Arena. She is suddenly stopped by Monica who is wearing a smug look on her face.

Monica: Aw look who’s back. The person who thinks she’s a teacher when she ain’t nothin’ more than some “thinks-she-knows-it-all” bitch. What’s the matter? Xin Xin Xiong forget to teach you how to you use your brain instead of your arms and legs?

Desiree wasn’t in the mood… she grabbed Monica immediately and threw her over some equipment cases. She walked over and flat out kicked Monica right in the face and that even garnered a groan from the crowd in attendance.

Desiree brushed herself off and with a stern and determined look on her face, turned and continued on down the hall!

"A Royal Servant – Part II"

We open up inside of Ryan Raysor’s locker room and he’s sitting there on a plush, black leather, sofa. You could practically see the sofa molding to Raysor’s body. It looked very comfortable. Raysor, indeed, has his hamburger which looks plump and juicy. Standing there to his side was Prince Samir, still dressed as a butler.

Raysor: I don’t like the fact that I have to eat my hamburger in here. I wanted to eat it upon my throne at my lavish table in the catering area, but you took forever! I’m surprised this thing is still warm!

Samir simply stood there.

Raysor: Now then… as I said about my feet earlier… they’re rather tense. I want you to unlace my boots and give them a proper massage.

Samir: You can’t be serious.

Raysor: I’m as serious as your love for money.. the same money that tore us apart.

Samir: You should choose your words more wisely. You’re lucky that there was a contract for this because right now, I’d love to tear you apart.

Raysor: Oh I know you do.. now.. get to massaging.

Samir gritted his teeth again as he turned to Raysor’s boots. He unlaced them both and pulled them off one by one. Next came the socks, exposing Raysor’s bare feet. Samir looked as if he didn’t want to touch them, but he slowly he reached out and began rubbing Raysor’s left foot. At the same time, Raysor took a bite of his hamburger.

Raysor: Oh yes! This is heaven!

Samir stopped and looked back at Raysor.

Raysor: Don’t flatter yourself.. I’m talking about the hamburger.. it’s delicious. You’re massage is.. .well.. it’s serviceable at best. Keep going.

Samir continued to rub Raysor’s feet as he ate his hamburger, but the expression on Raysor’s face showed that he wasn’t exactly enjoying this.

Raysor: You know.. you really suck at massages. You’d think after spending X amount of years in an Indian Palace, you’d know how a good massage would feel. Instead of having you ruin my golden feet.. I have another task for you. I want you to wash my car from bumper to bumper.. not missing a single square inch.

Samir: You can’t be serious.

Raysor: Oh, but I am. Run along now. I will finish this delicious piece of Indian sin and be out there to check on your progress… now. . away with you knave!

Samir: Knave?

Raysor: Yeah.. isn’t that how your royal people talk?

Samir: I’m Indian.. not British!

Raysor: Well.. nobody’s perfect… now go! There’s scrubbing to be done!

Samir, again, clenched his fist and walked out of the room. Raysor took another bite of his hamburger and looked like he was back in heaven as the scene faded to black.

Sarkhaya vs Un-Fayth

Match Summary
Un-Fayth had called out Sarkhaya for two weeks in a row. Enough was enough and Sarkhaya went to Shayne Anderson for this match and it was quickly granted! The two locked up in the middle of the ring. Fayth twisted the arm with an arm wringer and opened up with kicks to the sternum. She then re-twisted the arm and sent Sarkhaya into the turnbuckles. Fayth charged in, but Sarkhaya dodged and used a schoolgirl roll up for two. Fayth didn’t look happy and flat out kicked Sarkhaya in the face! She mounted Sarkhaya and hammered away until a four count from the referee. Fayth pulled Sarkhaya up and flung her to the outside. Fayth followed her out and slammed her face first into the steel ringsteps. She then hurled Sarkhaya shoulder first into the ring post. The referee warned Fayth of a DQ, but Fayth ignored him and rolled Sarkhaya back into the ring.

Fayth climbed up top and took aim on Sarkhaya… she leapt off with a flying elbow and connected! She made the cover, but only got two. Fayth then grabbed the injured arm and shoulder of Sarkhaya and placed her into a kneeling arm bar submission with the knee placed between the shoulder blades. Sarkhaya battled back up to her feet and used her strength to counter with a hip toss. Sarkhaya backed into the corner, holding her shoulder, but taunting Fayth to stand. When Fayth did, Sarkhaya ran in and hit a Satellite Head Scissors on Fayth, taking her down! Sarkhaya got back up and hit a flying shoulder tackle with her good shoulder, knocking Fayth back down once again. She pulled Fayth back up and sent her into the ropes. With her good arm, she picked up Fayth in a side waist lock, pivoted and planted her with a Sidewalk Slam! She covered Fayth, but got two.

Sarkhaya stood and shook some feeling back into her arm. She waited for Fayth to stand and then delivered a toe kick. She set Fayth up between her legs, but Fayth countered with a double leg takedown and a jackknife pin for two until Sakhaya bridged up, spun around and attempted a backslide, but her shoulder gave her a problem and Fayth turned and decked Sarkhaya in the back of the head with an elbow smash! Sarkhaya went face first into the canvas as Fayth licked her lips and grabbed her by the hair. She placed Sarkhaya into a butterfly facelock, looking for No Fayth in Humanity, but Sarkhaya, instead, hit a Northern Lights Bridge!! Fayth was caught by surprised, but still kicked out at the count of two, but it was a very close nearfall!

Fayth looked a bit disheveled after that she stood up and immediately grabbed Sarkhaya, hitting knee strike after knee strike to the face. She quickly set up Sarkhaya for another No Fayth in Humanity Attempt and when she lifted her, Sarkhaya quickly grabbed Fayth by the head, pulled her over into a modified inside cradle and from out of nowhere, picked up the three!!!! The crowd erupted!

Winner: Sarkhaya via Inside Cradle
Match Time: 5:12
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: Sarkhaya withstood the punishment and from out of nowhere, rolled up Un-Fayth and scored the pinfall! An impressive victory for the rookie here tonight!

Jeff Hartman: I don’t think Un-Fayth was impressed!! LOOK OUT MY RED-STREAKED BEAUTY!!

After the Match
As Sarkhaya got up, Fayth stood and laid her out from behind with a Lariat to the back of the head! Fayth exited the ring and grabbed a steel chair. She brought it back into the ring and as Sarkhaya got up, she swung the chair…


The chair found its way right over Sarkhaya’s skull!! Fayth wasn’t done, however… she dropped the chair on the canvas and grabbed Sarkhaya. She butterflied the arms and… WHAM!!!


Fayth stood up and gripped her hair as she looked down and smiled. She walked over to the ropes and demanded a microphone. The time keeper handed her one.

Un-Fayth took the microphone and sat in the corner of the ring. The lights in the arena darkened and a spotlight shone down on top of her.

Fayth: Everything is coincidence, but even coincidence is part of fate's design.

She began to rock back and forth in the corner.

Fayth: I'm not losing it. I'm perfectly sane. What I speak now is the absolute truth, not some childish fantasy. No matter how trivial something may seem, it has the potential to shape the future.

Un-Fayth continued to rock back and forth.. she brushed her now black hair back out of her eyes.

Fayth: Just think about it. The average human perceives just one percent of his environment. We're not nearly as clever as we like to think. We go about our lives oblivious to a million different things that happen around us every day. Even when something catches our eye, our brain forgets it a moment later.

Fayth laughed just a little bit after that statement

Fayth: I wish I could tell the me back then, don't do anything careless! Don't do anything rash! Don't pretend you didn't see anything back there... just pay attention to the world around you! The hand of conspiracy was always close than you thought, just waiting for the right moment to strike.

Fayth made a fist and clenched it.

Fayth: History teaches us that those with wisdom are often the most foolish. The fish in the sea know not the land. If they, too, hold wisdom, they, too, will be destroyed. It is more ridiculous for man to exceed light speed than for fish to live ashore. This may also be called God's final warning to those who rebel, but I am living proof that there is no God for I have rebelled and no divine punishment has been brought down upon me. I have the wisdom, yet, I have naught become a fool.. I have become the fish that learned to live ashore and have surveyed the land that was once shelted from my very existence!!

Fayth rose up to her feet and walked over to Sarkhaya, the spotlight following her.

Fayth: And now that I have shown you that your brand of justice is wrong.. perhaps you can finally accept the truth and just walk away before you, too, are destroyed.

Fayth dropped the microphone, but all of a sudden, from the darkness, slid a figure into the ring. The lights came back on and it was Desiree!!!! The fans cheered as Desiree hit a Thesz Press on Un-Fayth and began to pummel away at her!! She wouldn’t let up as she pounded away on her face. Desiree then rolled to her back, pulling Fayth on top of her. She wrapped her legs around Fayth’s head and trapped the arm in the Triangle Choke!! She had Desire locked in!!

Desiree wouldn’t let the hold go.. even with Fayth tapping out! Sarkhaya slowly got up and looked over at Desiree holding Fayth in that position. Desiree glanced over at Sarkhaya as Sarkhaya told Desiree to put her to hold Fayth there.. she did and Sarkhaya hauled off and kicked Fayth in the back of the head as she was in the Triangle Choke! After that Fayth went limp and Desiree let her go. Sarkhaya continued to hold her head in pain as Desiree went over and stood by her side. The two of them looked at the broken Un-Fayth in the ring before exiting the ring together!

"It’s in the Bag!"

Marshall Stetton was backstage with the man who would go one on one with Mike Patterson inside of a steel cage later tonight for the Hype Championship, Zane Roebuck. The people booed as Zane was introduced.

Stetton: Zane.. you poked a hornet’s nest last week by spraying Mike Patterson in the face with a fire extinguisher. Tonight you have to face him again, this time, inside of a steel cage. Did you ever think it was going to come to this?

Roebuck: Au contraire! You think my back is against a wall.. a cage wall in this case.. but it’s not. Last week was all about mind games.. I’ve thrown Mike Patterson off his game.. got him out of his comfort zone. Tonight.. as the good luck would have it… I got him inside of a steel cage. I’m going to use that neaderthal-like hatred against him and throw him off of his game even further. Tonight, I’m going to be walking out as the NEW Hype Champion because of it and you and every other little piss ant out there will BOW to me!

With that, Zane Roebuck exited the scene as Marshal rolled his eyes.

Mad Morgan vs Shovel

Match Summary
“Slit Wrist Theory” by 36 Crazyfists blared through the air to the pop of the crowd. Broken Sanity may not have been popular three weeks prior, but after two brutally entertaining hardcore matches the crowd has become lively. Even if they weren’t fighting other opponents they were giving everyone a good time! Their first match drew in a double count out, while the second match ended with a dual submission. Would one of them finally gain the edge over the other tonight?! As always, they dug under the ring for their “toys” and placed them in the ring.

Two chairs. A TV monitor. A table. Ding Ding!

Shovel and Morgan circled each other for the third time in as many weeks. They locked up and Shovel was thrown to the ropes – clothesline by Shovel on the return! Shovel moved Morgan to the corner and laid into his friend with fists and knees until Morgan was sitting. Shovel backed up and delivered a sliding dropkick. Shovel let Morgan get back to his feet before throwing him off the ropes, following and delivering a bulldog. Shovel scooped up a chair, let Morgan get to his feet… SMACK!

The chair rang off Morgan’s head, out of Shovel’s grasp and onto the matt. Shovel ran to the ropes, bounced backward and delivered a huge elbow to his prone friend… but Morgan moved! Shovel rolled around while Morgan picked up said chair. Shovel got to his feet… SMACK!

Morgan had paid Shovel back and now had momentum on his side. He helped Shovel up, laid in a few punches and set him up for belly-to-belly slam. Boom! Morgan reached out and grabbed the TV monitor and attempted to smash it down on Shovel’s head. At the last second Shovel moved letting the TV monitor bounce off the mat. The two got to their feet around the same time and began trading shots in the middle of the ring. Finally, Shovel ducked under one of them, kicked Morgan in the stomach and delivered a snap DDT! Shovel stood and yelled at the top of his lungs! While Morgan got to his feet, Shovel set up the table in the middle of the ring and laid his partner out across. Shovel climbed up the turnbuckle looking for some sort of aerial move onto Morgan and through the table…

“That’s ENOUGH!”

Dr. Dean, their psychologist, was at the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand. Shovel was perched on the top turnbuckle looking at the doctor while Morgan sat up on the table.

“As an official medical professional for jOlt Wrestling, I am hereby calling for an end to this match. Neither participant is mentally competent to be competing.”

The referee looked at Shovel and Morgan, then called for the bell as he was required to when directly ordered by a doctor for the organization no matter the nature of the diagnosis. The bell dinged and the announcer proclaimed a No Contest

Winner: No Contest
Match Time: 6:33
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: Well now… who would have thought that these two had a psychiatrist.. .knowing them, I’d say that this was long overdue

Jeff Hartman: As long as it’s not Willard Terrell Bass.

After the Match

The fans wanted to finally see one or the other win, or even just see what punishment they could deliver to each other. Surprisingly, Shovel was heeding the doctor’s orders and was about to get down off the ropes until Morgan got off the table and met his tag team partner on the turnbuckle!

Morgan laid in a couple of punches, clutched Shovel from the front and fell backward…

Superplex through the table! Shards of wood went everywhere!

The doctor was none too pleased and immediately called for security to come out. Morgan helped Shovel to his feet and neither appeared to have animosity, but it didn’t stop security from flooding the ring and escorting the two out of the ring.

Mad Morgan and Shovel seemed to be in the fans’ grace, but Dr. Dean spoiled the fun.

"A Proper Introduction"

Marshal Stetton was standing by with the newest starlet, GLORY!

Stetton: GLORY… welcome to The Hype. You’ve impressed everyone over the past couple of weeks, but this is the first time we’ve had the chance to talk to you. What’s on your mind?

GLORY: You’re right, Marshall. So far, I’ve been letting my actions in the ring speak for who I am, but now that I have the chance… I can finally introduce myself… my name is…

All of a sudden, Monica walked up, holding the back of her head, looking like she just went through a fight… primarily because.. she did when Desiree attacked her on her way out to the ring. Monica stopped and looked at GLORY with a disgusted look.

GLORY: Yes!?

GLORY asked that with a bit of a tone as if to say “you’re bothering me.” Monica made a sound as if she were disgusted with what she was looking at and grabbed GLORY by the hair, throwing her against the wall! Monica opened up with punches to the side of the head until GLORY was beaten down into a seated position. Monica then began to hit knee strike after knee strike until trainers and referees ran over to the scene.


They forced Monica off of GLORY as the trainers tended to her. Monica cracked a grin and walked away on her own.

Jack Wallace: I guess Monica got tired of being pushed around! She did a number on GLORY!

The SOBs vs The Ali Boys vs BADASS

Match Summary
The rules of this match were standard triple threat. Only one person from each team could be in the ring at the same time.. one fall to the finish! The bell rang as Scanlon, Iago, and Tripp Wise would start things off. The three looked around the ring at each other to see who would make the first move. Iago and Scanlon then joined up and went after Wise with a double clothesline, but Wise ducked it, turned and hit a Gamegiri to Iago Ali, but Scanlon grabbed Wise as he stood and sent him to the ropes. Clothesline ducked and Wise came from the opposite end with a flying forearm, hitting Scanlon and knocking him down, but Iago popped up and hit a leaping forearm of his own, taking Wise down! Iago pulled Wise up and whipped him to the ropes, but Wise reversed it and sent Iago into the ropes. Scanlon stood and Wise telegraphed the back body drop. Iago got launched up and over with the back body drop, but he landed on Scanlon’s shoulders and hit him with a Huracanrana that sent him face first into Tripp Wise when he turned around and both of them collapsed to the canvas!! Iago quickly went to the ring apron and grabbed the top rope. He sprung off with a corkscrew body press and landed on top of them both!! It was a double pin, but when both Scanlon and Tripp kicked out, Iago got launched off of them, but he landed on his knees and quickly got back to his feet!

Iago ran in and grabbed Scanlon by the head and swung around, kicking Tripp Wise in the head with an enzugiri before spinning off into a Tornado DDT on Scanlon! Iago went to his corner and tagged Clemente into the match. Clemente came in and ran over Tripp Wise with a clothesline, then he hit Scanlon with a clothesline. He pulled Tripp up to his feet and whipped him to the ropes. He picked up Tripp, looking for a Spinebuster, but Tripp countered mid lift by pushing off of Clemente’s chest with a drop kick! Scanlon got back to his feet as Tripp walked over and placed him into a full nelson, but Clemente got up and pounded on Tripp’s back and placed him in a waist lock. Tripp released the full nelson and Clemente hit a German Suplex! Scanlon turned around and hit a Super Kick to Clemente! Scanlon covered, but only got two!

Scanlon walked to his corner and tagged Selby into the match. Clemente and Tripp got up and Selby came in and hit a single leg drop kick to both of them! Clemente staggered back to the ropes as Tripp fell to the canvas. Selby kipped up, but Clemente charged in, looking for a lariat, but Selby ducked, reached back and hit a hangman’s neckbreaker! Tripp was crawling towards his corner when Selby ran over and grabbed Tripp by the leg, preventing the tag. He placed Tripp in a grounded waist lock then deadlifted him into a Wheelbarrow Suplex!!! Clemente stood and plowed Selby back into the corner of BADASS. Clemente hit shoulder block after shoulder block and then stepped away. Davis Bloome saw an opportunity and began to use the tag rope to choke Selby out! The referee warned him to stop, but Clemente charged in. When Bloome let go, Selby ducked and Clemente decked Bloome, knocking him off the ring apron!!

Selby quickly stood, grabbed Clemente and planted him face first into the turnbuckle pads with a Flatliner! Tripp Wise stood, charged in and nailed a double knee strike to Clemente’s upper back in the corner! Iago Ali grabbed the top rope and nailed a springboard missile drop kick. When he stood, Selby grabbed Iago and tossed him over the top rope to the outside! Selby got a full head of steam and nailed a Tope Con Giro to the outside, wiping out Iago! Tripp Wise stood, hit the ropes, then nailed a suicide dive to the outside, taking out Selby and Iago at the same time! Scanlon came back into the ring and hit the ropes. He flew through the middle and top rope with a Forearm Topei to the outside, taking out Tripp Wise!! Davis Bloome didn’t get back on the ring apron. Instead, he waited for them all to stand and then he ran at the ring steps. He hopped onto them and flew off with a Flying cross body, taking out the whole lot of them!

Clemente Ali was the only one left standing and the crowd told him to fly, but Clemente wasn’t a high flyer, but he shrugged and went to the corner. He climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad and jumped off to the outside. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t graceful, but he took out the other five members that were in this match, including his own partner! A “HYPE” chant broke out in the crowd as Clemente stood and took a bow! He looked around to find Selby, one of the legal men. He grabbed him and rolled him into the ring. Clemente rolled back in went for the pin, but only got two! Clemente looked around for Iago, but he was buried under the pile of bodies on the outside. The double team finisher wasn’t going to happen, but he was still going to make do with what he had. Clemente pulled Selby to his feet and whipped him to the ropes. He popped Selby up and nailed a spinebuster. He went for the cover again, but got a two count for a second time.

By this time, everyone was making their way back to their respective corners. Iago got up and despite looking like he needed a breather, he accepted a tag from Clemente. He told Iago to get in position as he whipped Selby to the ropes. Iago waited as Clement went to pick up Selby for the Flapjack portion of their finisher, but Selby hit a running knee lift and knocked Clemente backwards into Iago. Selby then hit a double team clothesline and ran both of them to the ground! Selby made it to his corner and tagged Scanlon back into the match. Clothesline for Iago.. then one for Clemente, then one for Iago, and again to Clemente. He whipped Iago to the ropes and hit a back mule kick that put Iago down on all fours. Scanlon went to the ropes, leapt off of Iago’s back and hit a Leg Lariat on Clemente, sending him to the outside. Iago stood up and met Scanlon with a big right hand. He whipped Scanlon to the ropes, but Tripp Wise was still on the outside and he tripped Scanlon up, causing him to go face first into the canvas!

Tripp Wise got on the apron as Iago charged in and leapt at him with a flying forearm, but Tripp hit a forearm of his own, knocking Iago out of the air! Iago got up on all fours and was about to stand when Tripp grabbed the top rope and hit a springboard leg drop to the back of the head! Tripp finally made it to his corner and made his first official tag of the match! Bloome came in and grabbed Scanlon and threw him into Selby in the corner! Selby collapsed to the outside as Scanlon laid there in the corner. Bloome waited for Iago to stand. He took off to the ropes, but Scanlon blindsided Bloome with a running Elbow Smash! He wasn’t dead yet!!

Scanlon then ran over to iago, pulled him up and hoisted him up onto his shoulders. Scanlon turned around to see Clemente come into the ring and hit a pump kick to the face! Scanlon fell and Iago fell on top of him with the cover, but only got two when Bloome broke it up! Clemente grabbed Bloome and went to toss him to the outside, but Bloome reversed and it sent Clemente to the outside instead! Back in the ring, Bloome charged in at Iago who was getting up… he looked for In Bloome.. the leaping reverse STO, but Iago side stepped it. Iago grabbed Bloome in a revese face lock, but Tripp Wise came into the ring and hit Iago from behind with a forearm. He placed Iago in a full nelson and hit the facebuster!! Have a Nice Tripp! Bloome saw Scanlon getting up, so he grabbed him and tossed him to the outside! Bloome pointed towards the other side and Tripp turned and dove over the top rope, wiping out Clemente! Iago staggered back up and Bloome charged in, hitting In Bloome on him! Selby got up as Bloome made the cover, but before Selby could get back into the ring and make contact, the referee counted three!!!

Winner BADASS via In Bloome
Match Time: 22:12
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: Talk about being on a roll!! Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome are the number one contenders to the Hype Tag Team Titles! They will face Crucifix right here, next week, on The Hype!

Jeff Hartman: They are finally getting their due.. and that, Jack.. is BADASS!

"They’ve Had their Fun"

We see Eldrdige Ali standing backstage, watching the conclusion of the number one contender’s match on the big screen. He let out a heavy sigh.

Eldridge: Looks like next week, I’ll have to show them how it’s done.

With that, Eldridge turned and walked away! Could we see Eldridge Ali finally make his in-ring debut here next week on The Hype!? It certainly looks that way…

"A Royal Servant – Part III"

We open up in the parking lot where we see Prince Samir, still dressed as a butler, rubbing the hood of Ryan Raysor’s car with a soapy sponge. Samir was mumbling to himself when Ryan Raysor walked into the scene.

Raysor: Looking good! Looking Good! However, it seems like you missed a spot over here by the front tire. My instructions to you were to go over every square inch of this car. I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to do it all over again.

Prince Samir threw his sponge down.

Samir: That’s it! I’ve had it! Set a table… fetch you food.. rub your feet.. wash your damn car… to hell with the contract! I’m done with this nonsense.

Raysor: What’s the matter.. spoiled little prince finally getting a taste of his own medicine and discovering it’s not as sweet as he thought it was? You lost the match last week fair and square.. I wanted to teach you what it was like to wear the shoe on the other foot… that your money doesn’t buy happiness because you make everyone else’s lives miserable with it.. and it’s funny.. now that you’ve experienced it first hand… you can’t even deal with it. Who truly is the pathetic one, now?

Samir: You’re wrong.. money does buy happiness… MY happiness…. Seeing my servants slave their fingers to the bone just to meet me and my family’s demands.. that makes me happy.. and I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for it. That’s why.. I’m going back to that lifestyle. Forget all of this and forget you!

Samir turned to walk away, but Ryan stopped him.

Raysor: Too bad this is a breach of contract. I guess I’ll just have my lawyer take all of that precious money you love so much away from you and give it to me.. Then, I’ll spend it on things like… oh I don’t know.. helping homeless people get off the street, making sure poor families have a nice dinner, maybe some new clothes.. I would use it to make a difference instead of feeding my own ego like you do on a daily basis!

Samir: I’ve had enough of this!

Samir turned and charged at Raysor. The two of them began to brawl right there in the parking lot. Samir threw Raysor against the hood of the car and began to punch away at him! Raysor kicked Samir off of him and stood, but Samir came right back and speared Raysor back onto the hood of the car. It was soapy so the two of them slid up to the windshield! Samir rolled off the car a Raysor laid there, holding his stomach.

Samir: Oh I’m not done yet.

Samir grabbed the bucket of soapy water and poured it all over Raysor, soaking him. He then took the bucket and began to slam it over Raysor’s head, over and over again. Raysor covered up, but the bucket still did its damage. Samir tossed the bucket away.

Samir: To hell with all of this.

Samir turned and walked away from the scene. Raysor laid there on the hood of his car, coughing and holding himself in pain as the scene faded to black.

Mike Patterson vs Zane Roebuck

Match Summary
Zane Roebuck was full of confidence, but as the cage lowered, Mike Patterson simply grinned and Zane knew right then and there his plan had backfired. Zane tried to bolt out of the ring, but cage had fully lowered down. Mike Patterson walked up behind Zane Roebuck so when he turned around, he was corner, but Zane cracked a grin and then.. WHAM!

Zane Roebuck kicked Mike Patterson right between the legs!! He then stood and nailed a Super Kick to Mike Patterson while he was in the knelt position! Patterson fell over and in place… Zane quickly went to the top turnbuckle. The crowd hit their feet because they couldn’t believe what was happening. They didn’t want it to end this way! Zane flipped off with the Top Rope Moonsault… The SOL! IT CONNECTED! The crowd held their breath as Zane went for the cover, hooking the leg…

One…. Two….. Three!!!?? NO!!!!

Patterson kicked out! The crowd let out a collective sigh of relief, but Zane Roebuck formulated this plan in his head and even though he pulled it off flawlessly, it failed! Roebuck thought it was a fluke.. he covered again, but only got two. He covered a third time and only got two again! Zane got up and cursed a word that can’t be repeated on television. Zane stood back and taunted Patterson to get back to his feet. Patterson climbed back up, still sore from that low blow. Patterson turned around and Zane charged at him, trying to take a page out of Patterson’s playbook with the Spear, but Patterson side stepped it, but Zane was smart enough to put the brakes on before making contact with the ropes. Zane turned around, but Patterson was there! He began to rock Zane’s head with big right hands before whipping him to the ropes. Patterson charged in for his version of The Spear, but Roebuck hit a flying knee strike and Patterson looked to be out cold!!!

Roebuck went back to the corner. Maybe it was good luck after all! He went to the top turnbuckle and flipped off with another SOL.. but Patterson rolled out of the way! Patterson stood and grabbed Zane up off the canvas. He picked Zane up and like a ragdoll, he threw him over the top rope into the cage wall!! Zane slid down the cage and landed on the apron between the cage and the ropes! Patterson got a running start when..




The cage wall fell over and landed at the base of the entrance ramp!! Patterson and Roebuck tumbled down the inclined plane that the cage wall made! Zane was about to roll onto the floor when Patterson, somehow, had the awareness to grab Zane’s leg! Zane’s hand touched the floor at the bottom of the entrance ramp, but it had to be his feet that had to touch! The title was still safe and the crowd was erupting in a HOLY SHIT chant!

The spear took everything out of Zane. Patterson stood and pulled Zane to his feet, trying to balance himself on that slope. Patterson then placed Zane between his legs…. GOOD LORD!


The fencing dented from the impact, but did not break!! Zane was out cold! Patterson stood up after shoving Zane off to the side. Patterson balanced himself and then walked down the rest of the inclined plane and stepped onto the floor and just like that.. the match was over!

Winner Mike Patterson via Escaping the Cage
Match Time: 7:32
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: That was probably one of the shortest cage matches we’ve ever seen, but it had your heart going from beginning to end! I thought for sure, Zane Roebuck’s trickery would have won him the Hype Championship, but Mike Patterson, again, proves that he is an unstoppable monster and that it doesn’t matter what kind of match it is, he will make quick work of you!

Jeff Hartman: I hate to say it, but is Mike Patterson even human?

Jack Wallace: I’m not sure, Jeff, but that’s going to do it for us tonight! Thank you for watching and we’ll see you here next week on The Hype!