"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to another edition of The Hype! This week, we celebrate the crowning of our new Hype Champion, Brian Williams! While Williams is not in action here tonight, he will be joining us later on in the broadcast as DefCon and El Tigre Verde are set to go one on one with the winner becoming the new number one contender to The Hype Championship! Shayne Anderson, despite losing the war, is still adamant about giving new talent a shot and tonight, we will see that!"

Jeff Hartman: 'This will be an EASY win for DefCon... he's already defeated that stupid Mexican Jumping Bean twice already.. once using Verde's own style and once using his own. DefCon is the total package and I think he will move on to not only face Brian Williams, but make his reign extremely short-lived!"

Jack Wallace: 'I guess time will tell. Speaking of Shayne Anderson, we understand that we are going backstage as Anderson and The X Movement are in his office as we speak!"

Shayne Anderson looked absolutely FURIOUS as the entire lot of The X Movement walked into his office. Shayne sat there with his hands folded, tapping his foot on the floor. When The X Movement approached Anderson's desk, not a single word was muttered among them. Anderson took a deep breath before looking up at the leader, Mike Patterson.

Anderson: 'Last week, you have ONE JOB, Mike Patterson... ONE FREAKIN' JOB. To defeat Brian Williams and bring The Hype Championship here to my office... here to The X Movement.. and you FAILED! How in God's Green Earth do you go from defeating the entire Dying Breed in a five on one handicap match to LOSING to a single member in the span of a week!? What neuron misfired inside that Neanderthal-like brain of yours that caused you to screw up this badly!? I told you I wouldn't tolerate incompetence, and yet.. here we are with Brian Williams as Hype Champion! I've spent all this time getting rid of them.. I told you that your mission was clear... to drive them off of The Hype.. and you FAILED... ALL OF YOU FAILED! How do you explain yourselves?"

Anderson was beyond livid. Mike Patterson was as well. He looked at the rest of The X Movement and they all nodded. Patterson turned his attention back to Shayne Anderson.

Patterson: 'Ever since we were brought aboard, we've been nothing but your lapdogs. Sure, we had free reign over anything we wanted to do and it was nice. We enjoyed all of the perks that came along with being your right hand men... but last week, I have to fully admit.. no matter what I did to Brian Williams, he kept getting up... he kept pressing forward... something was burning inside of him that could not be extinguished... it was the same fire that burned inside me two weeks ago when I dismantled The Dying Breed single-handedly. I had that same fire last week, but Williams just pushed through everything. Whether you like to admit it or not... I'm not ashamed of saying that Brian Williams just was the better man last week plain and simple... but this isn't like you Shayne. Normally, you'd have a Plan B. I was completely expecting a five on one Underground Rules Handicap Match between us and Williams to teach him a lesson, but instead.. we get this pitiful lecture from you?"

Anderson gritted his teeth as he didn't like Patterson's tone.

Patterson: 'I think you've lost your nerve Shayne... and we decided that we're not going to stick around and be the lapdogs of someone who can't keep it together. In other words.. we're done with you!"

The fans in the background ERUPTED in cheers... for now.

Patterson: 'But make no mistake.. we're not turning on you to side with those pathetic excuses for humanity who are out there blindly cheering us. No... we're doing this for us... for ourselves.. so we can continue to do what we want.. when we want.. to whoever we want... but we're going to do it on our own free will now... and not when you tell us to."

Shayne stood up and walked around the side of his desk, coming face to face with Mike Patterson. The rest of The X Movement moved in close as they surrounded Shayne, but Shayne wasn't about to back down.

Anderson: 'You don't bite the hand that feeds you because If you do.. just even once, you have to put the biter down for good. You're not going to get your chance to run around here and do as you wish because right here... right now.. the five of you are all.. FIRE...."

Before Anderson could finish that sentence, there was a knock on the door.. it was Adam Lazarus!! Laz walked over to Shayne Anderson with an envelope in hand.

Anderson: 'Can't you see I'm in the middle of something important here? What the hell do you want?"

Lazarus: 'Oh.. you know.. I just decided to show up here on behalf of your boss, Damien Lee. He gave me strict orders to deliver this letter to you should something like this happen. I just so happened to be watching this all unfold on the monitor backstage and... well... here I am to deliver this to you! Have a nice day!"

Lazarus gave Anderson the envelope before he walked out of the room. Anderson opened it up and pulled out an official-looking document. He began to read it to himself and his face became as pale as a ghost. Anderson stumbled back and braced himself on his desk. Anderson lowered the paper to his leg and looked off to the side with a look of depression on his face.

Anderson: 'Well... congratulations... I guess you get to keep your jobs after all.... Please.... Leave me be."

Patterson laughed.

Patterson: 'Oh no.. we're not going anywhere until you tell us why you had a sudden change of heart. You can't go from about to firing us to just pulling a 180 without offering an explanation."

Anderson took a big gulp as he looked as somber as ever.

Anderson: 'As per order of Damien Lee... effective immediately... I've been...." Said Anderson before he took a massive sigh. '.... Terminated from my position as General Manager of The Hype and as an employee of jOlt Wrestling"

The crowd in the background ERUPTED!!!! Shayne Anderson has been fired by the boss, Damien Lee!! The entirety of The X Movement grinned from ear to ear! He was no longer an employee! It was time to take revenge! Broken Sanity, Crucifix, and Xtreme inched closer to Anderson when Patterson stuck his arms out and held them back.

Patterson: 'No... we're not going to do anything. Look at him. He's broken and wallowing in self-pity. Let's leave him here to stew and rot in his own wretched emotions. It's a fitting end for someone like him. Let's go."

The X Movement slowly turned and exited the office. The camera panned up to a close-up of Anderson's face which was twisted with turmoil. The scene faded to black.

Desiree is seen walking down the hallway with Monica by her side. Monica had a match that was up next.

Desiree: 'Do you remember all of the training we did over the course of the last week?" asked Desiree

Monica: 'My mind remembers it, but fewf... my body I think remembers it more. That was some training regimen, girl."

Desiree grinned.

Desiree: 'Don't worry... it wasn't for nothing. This training is tough, but it shapes you up and prepares you for just about anything. I think you're going to do great. Your match with Vogue Gonsalvez is up next. Are you ready?"

Monica: 'Girl.. I was born ready"

The two of them bump fists as they continue to walk down the hallway. The scene fades to black. When we come back from commercial, it'll be Monica vs Vogue Gonsalvez in your opening contest here on The Hype!

Monica vs Vogue Gonsalvez

Match Summary
Vogue had a snarky look on her face as she knew that she was going one on one with a green as grass rookie that she felt was way beneath her. Monica, on the other hand, looked ready to go, focused, and wanting to prove herself. That started when Monica and Vogue locked up in the middle of the ring. Vogue immediately backed Monica into a corner and the referee asked for the clean break. After a four count, Vogue backed off then forearmed Monica in the face before whipping her to the opposite side. She charged in, but Monica made her eat a back elbow and then a flying leg lariat for two. Monica stayed on Vogue, pulling her up, but Vogue broke free and hit a barrage of forearms before taking off to the ropes, but Monice hit a knee lift that flipped Vogue to a seated position then followed that with a drop kick to the back of the head for only two!

Desiree cheered Monica on at ringside and Monica gave her a thumbs up, which proved to be a mistake as Vogue fired punches from a knelt position. Vogue got to her feet and fired more forearms. She delivered a toe kick, hit the ropes, and dropped Monica with an Axe Kick to the back of the head. Vogue went to the corner and twisted off with the Sky Twister Moonsault.. the En Vogue, but Monica rolled out of the way! Vogue staggered up, holding her stomach and Monica tried for a school girl roll up, but only got two. Monica swung with a lariat, but Vogue ducked, turned, and hit an enzugiri that brought Monica to her knees. Vogue hooked Monica by the head and planted her with a Hard DDT into the canvas, but only got two! Vogue started to get pissed as she pulled Monica back up and scoop slammed her.

Vogue went to the corner as Desiree shouted at Monica to suck it up and get back to her feet. Monica did just that and knocked Vogue off her perch. Monica went up top and nailed a Super Reverse Suplex, dropping Vogue right on her face and chest! Monica was down, too as the referee started a ten count, but both were up by the count of nine. The two traded punches back and forth until Vogue switched it up to knife edge chops then a spinning back fist. She went for a spinning heel kick, but Monica grabbed her by the leg and flipped her over with a Cradle Suplex, dumping her on the back of her neck!

Monica walked over and tried to tie up Vogue in a Scorpion Crosslock.. her finisher that she called The Rage Queller... but she didn't quite tie the legs correctly and Vogue freed herself, landing on her feet. She immediately dropped down and delivered a Stunner to Monica in an amazing counter! Vogue went back to the corner and climbed up top. She went for En Vogue a second time and this time it connected! Vogue got the cover and picked up the three!

Winner: Vogue Gonsalvez via En Vogue
Match Time: 9:42
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: Although she didn't pick up the win, Monica looked ten times better out here tonight. You can definitely see her progress compared to the last time she was in a match here on The Hype. Desiree, I think, is doing a wonderful job so far. Monica really does remind me of Desiree when she was just starting out!

Jeff Hartman: Desiree, indeed, is doing a fine job.. in fact, I have a fine job for..

Jack Wallace: Ugh.. just... don't talk. EVER.

After the Match
Monica rolled out of the ring and regrouped with Desiree. Monica looked a bit disappointed in her performance, but Desiree was trying to reassure her that she had made some tremendous progress. The two of them walked to the backstage area as Vogue Gonsalvez stood there in the ring, mocking Monica by waving goodbye to her. All of the sudden, the fans started cheering!


Paisley slipped in through the crowd and into the ring where Vogue had her back turned! Paisley ran right up to Vogue from behind and pulled back on her arms. She dumped her on her head with a Tiger Suplex! Paisley then quickly turned and mounted Vogue, pummeling her with heavy right hands to the point where the officials had to step in and pull her off of Vogue. The crowd booed that decision, but Paisley just gained a measure of payback from last week when Vogue jumped her backstage after their match! It seems there was a rivalry brewing here and this was far from over!

El Tigre Verde is seen getting ready for his match later tonight. He's lacing up his boots when DefCon walked into his locker room. Verde stopped what he was doing and stood up, coming face to face with DefCon.

DefCon: 'Well.. it seems we're bound to have a trilogy between us. Before he was fired, Shayne Anderson put the two of us in a number one contender's match. The sheer fact that I have dismantled Tristan Cyan on two separate occasions.. and that I've done the same to you.. also on two separate occasions, garnered enough attention to the point where they feel I am worthy of a championship opportunity, but what I'm trying to wrap my head around is why are you even being considered?"

Verde balled up his hand into a fist as he didn't like that comment.

DefCon: 'I mean, sure.. you beat on Tristan Cyan and earned yourself a championship opportunity against the former champion PIetro Geist, but you failed and failed miserably. Since then, all you've done is lost two matches to me. I can think of a plethora of others on this roster that are better suited to take me on and for me to dismantle. Why do you get the honor?"

Verde wanted to hit DefCon, but he was disciplined enough to know when to start a fight and when to let words roll off of his thick skin. Verde simply calmed down and retorted.

Verde: 'You, honestly, make good points, however, when an opportunity presents itself, you are usually given two choices. The first choice is to squander it away and make nothing of it, forever sitting back and wondering 'what if?". The second choice is to fully embrace the opportunity and never question it. Make the most of it and push yourself to capitalize upon it. I decided that Shayne probably saw me as an easy target for you to get a title shot, but I'm going to tell you right here that that's not going to happen. I'm not going to squander this opportunity away and I am going to deal you your first loss here on The Hype and redeem myself by becoming the new Hype Champion."

DefCon simply laughed.

DefCon: 'That's good. Your eyes burn with resolve. They'll be burning with despair when I take your optimism and shove it down your damn throat tonight. Bet on that."

DefCon simply walked away as Verde stood there confident in himself and unphased by his words.

We switch to another locker room containing the Hype Tag Team Champions, Cori Albright and Terry Massimo.. the Natural Athletes. Both men have their tag team titles slung over their shoulder as Terry Massimo was the first to step up to the camera and begin speaking.

Massimo: 'Last week, The Widow's Nest thought it would be funny to try and get the jump on us. The key word here is 'try", but they soon found out that we learn our lessons quickly and their plans didn't exactly get executed to perfection like they had hoped."

Albright then adjusted his tag team title and continued in Massimo's place.

Albright: 'We're not running, boys. You stuck your nose in our business one too many times. Tonight... in the main event... we're going to go out to that ring. No more sneak attacks... no more words... just action. If you boys have any gall, then you'll show up and accept our challenge. Tonight.. The Natural Athletes vs The Widow's Nest for the Hype Tag Team Titles. That's right, boys... we're giving you exactly what you've been seeking because we are fighting champions that will NEVER back down from competition. So if you want it.. come get it. Let's put these games aside and settle this once and for all.. TONIGHT!"

The crowd cheered as Massimo grinned.

Massimo: 'Time to put up or shut up. We'll put up any day of the week.. and tonight, we shut you up for good."

The scene faded to black!

Dragonborn vs BADASS

Match Summary
BADASS has been on a losing streak as of late and even failed against The Natural Athletes when they were given a tag team title shot. They've been trying to refocus themselves in the same vein as India's Import, but they just can't seem to get it going. Tonight, they were getting another opportunity against one of The Hype's most exciting and high flying tag teams.. Trot and Panic.. Dragonborn!

Tripp and Trot started things off in the ring. Trot locked up and went into an arm wringer, but Tripp reversed and flipped Trot down to a seated position. Tripp locked in a rear chin lock, but Trot immediately stood and countered with a jaw breaker. Trot went to the ropes, but Tripp hit a shoulder block and then followed it up with a barrage of elbow drops.. five of them to be exact. He went for an early cover and got two. He pulled Trot up and whipped him to the ropes, but Trot leapt to the middle rope and hit a springboard drop kick. Tripp staggered to his feet and Trot with another whip, but Tripp reversed it and sent Trot into the ropes. Trot with the handspring into the back elbow, but Tripp stepped back and locked a waist lock. German Suplex attempt, but Trot landed on his feet. Trot hit a toe kick to double Tripp over. He hooked him by the head and ran into the corner, looking for the step up tornado ddt, but Tripp threw him off. Trot staggered up as Tripp lunged in with a super kick, but Trot side stepped and placed Tripp in a full nelson. He went for a full nelson pancake, but Tripp twisted and hit a lucha style arm drag! Trot staggered up and Tripp hit a back elbow to the face to knock him down. Tripp pulled Trot over to his corner and made the tag to Davis Bloome.

Bloome came in as Tripp exposed Trot's ribs. Bloome took a free shot before backing him into the corner and hitting a series of knee lifts, dropping him to a seated position. Bloome then used a foot choke which he broke at the count of four. Bloome backed off, but immediately charged back in with a running knee strike, dazing Trot. Bloome pulled Trot to his feet and hooked him, nailing a Belly to Belly Overhead Release suplex! Trot reached out to his corner looking for the tag, but Bloome stomped on Trot's lower back, preventing him from going anywhere. Bloome dead lifted Trot to his feet and hit a Release German Suplex. Panic wanted to come into the ring, but the referee held him back. Tripp came into the ring and low blowed Trot from behind. Tripp rolled out of the ring as Bloome hooked Trot and spiked him with a DDT! Bloome went for the cover as Panic came in and broke up the pinfall to save his partner.

The referee forced Panic back into their corner as Bloome pulled Trot back to his feet and lit up his chest with a series of knife edge chops. He whipped Trot to the ropes and telegraphed a back body drop, but Trot rolled off of Bloome's back and nailed a spinning enzugiri which bought him some time. He reached out to his corner, but Bloome made it to his, tagging Tripp back in and Tripp grabbed Trot by the leg, preventing the tag. Tripp brought Trot back to the center of the ring and locked in an STF. Panic couldn't take it anymore. He went up top and leapt off, hitting a Missile Drop Kick right into Tripp Wise's face!! Panic rolled back out and headed for his corner. Trot summoned all of his might and made a dash for the corner, finally getting the tag to Panic!

Panic came in and hit a running drop kick to Davis Bloome, knocking him off the apron. Spinning Heel Kick to Tripp Wise that put him back down. Panic immediately pulled Tripp back up and whipped him to the ropes. Panic lifted Tripp up into the air and knocked him out with a European Uppercut! Davis Bloome slid into the ring and charged in, but Panic side stepped and sent Bloome to the ropes where Trot grabbed the top rope and used a leaping roundhouse right into Bloome's head! Bloome staggered back as Panic nailed an Omega Driver on Bloome! Bloome rolled out of the ring as Tripp came from behind and tried to hook him into the forward leg sweep.. the Have a Nice Tripp, but Panic countered with a back drop suplex! Tripp staggered to his feet as Panic grabbed him in a half nelson and then dropped him on the back of his head with the suplex!

Trot went up top as Panic went to the opposite corner. Trot flipped off with a Corkscrew Shooting Star Press, slamming down on top of Tripp Wise. Panic then hit a Firebird Splash off the top, also slamming down on top of Tripp Wise! Trot got up and flipped over the top rope to the outside taking out Davis Bloome as Panic made the cover and scored the three! BADASS loses yet another one and fails to reinvent themselves once again!

Winner: Dragonborn via Firebird Splash
Match Time: 14:55
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jack Wallace: Dragonborn picked up a nice win here which may start to get them noticed for a potential tag team title opportunity, yet, BADASS continues to falter. They had an amazing debut and it's all been downhill from there!

Jeff Hartman: They are just warming up. They're too damn BADASS to keep losing! See what I did there, Jack?

Jack Wallace: I wish I hadn't seen it, but yeah, I did... we all cringed.. some even laughed at you.

The locker rooms have been a popular place tonight. This was no different. We were taken into the locker room of The Dying Breed. The Hype Champion, Brian Williams, stood before Prince Samir, Ryan Raysor, Gabriel Gold, and Jack Dawn. Williams cleared his throat as he began to address the men.

Williams: 'I wanted to bring you all here tonight to say thank you. When I decided to stand up against The X Movement, I wasn't sure if I would be alone. The fact that you four put your trust in me truly warmed my heart.. and look where we are today. We accomplished our goals. We beat The X Movement... we beat Shayne Anderson... we kept our jobs.. and we proved to the entire world that we still have a place here on The Hype. So from the bottom of my heart... thank you... thank you for sticking with me.. and thank you for fighting for something we all believed in."

Jack Dawn looked a bit concerned and spoke up.

Dawn: 'The way you're talking... is this it for us?"

Williams hung his head low and nodded.

Williams: 'We accomplished our goals. There is no reason for us to be together anymore. India's Import... you've grown because of The Dying Breed. You are serious contenders for the Tag Team Titles. That should be your focus now. Jack Dawn... you've proven yourself to be a tough SOB. I want you to know.. that ANYTIME you want a shot at the Hype Championship.. all you need to do is ask, my friend. It'll be a spirit of competition match between us. I really want the best man to win in that match. No fluff.. no trash talk.. it's not needed. Just two men with a burning desire to be champion clashing. Just say when and the match is yours!"

Jack Dawn shook Brian Williams' hand and gave him a hug.

Williams: 'Same goes for you, Gabriel. Anytime you want a shot at this, you just say the word. Everyone in this room has what it takes to hold this title. Don't ever forget that for a single solitary minute... but... there is one thing I am concerned with Gabriel. You and I didn't see eye to eye when we got here. We beat the hell out of each other and you said to me that when this was all over, all bets were off. You told me that you were only aligning with me because we had a common goal and when it was all over, you weren't going to make any promises. I need to know... is that still the case."

All eyes turned on Gabriel Gold as he cracked a sinister grin and walked up to Brian Williams, face to face.

Gold: 'You remembered my words, well. It's true... I did say that once this was over, I was going to go back to tearing you apart. Now that you're The Hype Champion, I have every reason in the world to make good on my words and do just that. Leave you broken and bloodied in the middle of the ring as I take your Championship from you..... but...."

Gabriel wiped the grin off his face and extended his hand.

Gold: 'That was the old me. Being here in The Dying Breed opened my eyes. Let's just say that people can change and I am living proof of that. We WERE enemies... past tense being a key here. Now I consider you an ally and a friend, but that doesn't mean I'll go soft on you when I take you up on your offer. I want to be Hype Champion just as much as anyone else. I will bring my A game when the time is right. '

Williams shook Gold's hand.

Williams: 'I wouldn't want it any other way."

Williams looked around the room once again before saying his final thoughts.

Williams: 'This is it gentlemen. We no longer have to live in fear of being fired and run out off of The Hype. The X Movement, as per our stipulation is also no more. The time to seize our opportunities has come. Let's show the world once again why we still belong!"

They all nodded and began shaking hands with each other. With that, The Dying Breed has been dismantled as they all go their separate ways.

Lorelei Albrecht vs Kodora

Match Summary
The crowd informed Kodora that she's going to get her head kicked in and she pretended to not hear them only to boot away Lorelei's hand when she offers it. Lorelei with the early waistlock but Kodora escaped and talked shit. Lorelei took Kodora over with a headlock and had to immediately escape a headscissors. They went to the test of strength and Lorelei won that with an outside trip and after Kodora bridges put of it, they traded rapid fire pin attemps. Lorelei sent her off into the ropes, yet Kodora flipped out of a hiptoss try and flat out piefaced Lorelei. Lorelei nodded, brushing off the disrespect. Kodora grabbed a headlock and got a takeover of her own. Lorelei responded with a headscissors and Kodora rotated for a forward roll into a jacknife pin. However, Lorelei bridged up and spun into a backslide for a short 2-count.

Kodora piefaced Lorelei once again just as they got to their feet. They locked up and Kodora drove her into the corner and smacked the taste of out her mouth. Lorelei tried to come back with a smack, but Kodora ducked and SMACKED HER AGAIN...TWICE! Kodora went to the arm, but Lorelei bridged out and began to just slug away with lefts and rights, sending Kodora scurrying out to the apron for safety. A tie-up led to Lorelei gettiing a shoulder block. Kodora with a leapfrog, yet Lorelei slid between her legs, hooking them as she went, so Kodora slammed face first into the mat. Lorelei looked for an STF only to fish hook Kodora until the count of 4 before clamping the hold on! Lorelei transitioned into a cattle mutilation.

The capacity crowd wanted Kodora to tap. However, it was way too early for that. Lorelei rolled back so she could hit a modified curb stomp. Kodora was seeing stars, as Lorelei held her up by the hair and returned the favor for the earlier slaps. Lorelei snarled something in German before spiking Kodora with a Regal Plex for 2. Kodora defiantly piefaced Lorelei again and Lorelei blasted her with an overhand right that sent her stumbling back into the ropes. Lorelei wanted a rolling elbow, but Kodora countered by back dropping her to the floor. Kodora showed off her ninja agility by running along the security barrier and connecting with a leaping sidekick. In to the barricade went Lorelei and Kodora blasted her with stiff roundhouse kicks to the chest. Lorelei tried to come back, but Kodora put a stop to it with a Koppo kick. Kodora then hit a twisting moonsault off the guardrail. Back in they went, Kodora with more disrespectful smacks and some choking in the corner. Kodora sent her into the opposite corner hard and connected with a rope run dropkick in the corner for 2. Kodora hooked in cross faced chicken wing. Lorelei elbowed out only to run into a spinning solebutt, a trio of Kawada kicks, and a twisting enziguiri for 2.

Kodora kipped up and she's all arrogant still. Kodora continued the slap assault, but it only led to Lorelei getting pissed off. Lorelei came back with a brutal series of punches, obviously showing Geist's influence. Lorelei avoided a charge with a baseball slide and another series of strikes landed, ending with a huge spinning back fist. Lorelei with a G2S after which she holds a half nelson and transitions right into a brainbuster for 2. Kodora battled back with a jawbreaker and chops in the corner. Lorelei flipped up and over in the corner, avoiding a charge by Kodora and allowing her to hit an elbow. She went up top and sent Kodora tumbling out to the floor with a big time dropkick. Lorelei gave her no time to breathe, as she dove over the top rope with a tope con brillo.

Lorelei was fired up, but Kodora shocks her with the green mist and takes her to the floor with an STO off the apron! Kodora followed it up with an Asai moonsault. Back in, Kodora with the KENTA combo into a sick kick for 2. Kodora continued to disrepect Lorelei. Kodora lined up a dazed and kneeling Lorelei for a shining wizard, but ran into a rolling half crab, which instantly turned into a barrage of rapid fire curbstomps. Lorelei wants a crossface chicken wing, but Kodora escaped and got a sunset flip for 2. They traded covers for a minute and then, both duck kicks and then, double clothesline and Double KO. They went back and forth with punches and come back with forearms, until Lorelei turned things up a notch with a discuss lariat that Kodora countered with a roll up for 2! Both are up quickly. Kodora ducked a clothesline and ricochetted off the middle rope, looking for a lucha style arm drag. However, Lorelei caught her in midair with a flatliner! In a flash, Lorelei rolled her over and had the Necronomicon Ex Mortis applied! KODORA TAPS!!!

Winner: Lorelei Albrecht via Necronomicon Ex Mortis
Match Time: 19:45
Match Rating: ****1/2

Jack Wallace: What an outstanding matchup and a great counter to end it! Lorelei once again surprised everyone with her own in-ring ability while Kodora can't seem to get back on track.

Jeff Hartman: I know a way to boost her spririts, Wallace.

Jack Wallace: I'm not even going to dignify that with a response. Can't you talk about the match for once?

Jeff Hartman: Where is the fun in that?

After the Match
Lorelei offered her hand to Kodora, trying once again to extend the olive branch. However, the masked woman refused to accept another defeat and spit in Lorelei's face.

We are in the.. you guessed it.. the locker rooms! This time, it's the locker room of The X Movement. All five of them are sitting around on various objects. Mike Patterson, like Brian Williams before the previous match, stood up to address his men.

Patterson: 'Earlier tonight, Damien Lee stepped in and saved us, however... I meant what I said about how we should run over this entire roster. The only problem is the fact that we can't do it together anymore thanks to Brian Williams and his stupid stipulation. I know I agreed to it... that's all on me.. I get that... but we are still The X Movement and we always will be. Nobody can take that from us. We can still watch each other's backs. We just can't be officially called a group. There's always loopholes around everything and this is one we should take FULL advantage of."

Xtreme looked at Crucifix and then spoke up.

Xtreme: 'Actually... right now, Crucifix and I are focused on becoming the Hype Tag Team Champions. We kicked some ass in that tournament... I know we could have gone all the way if it weren't for The Dying Breed. Now that they appear to be disbanded, there's nothing stopping us from achieving that goal. '

Mad Morgan and Shovel then stood up.

Morgan: 'Kehehe... I'm sorry... nothing stopping you? Did you forget that we also want the Tag Team Titles? I'm afraid you have something stopping you two right here and we're standing in front of you!"

Shovel: 'Shovel wants gold. Shovel will destroy all who stand in Shovel's way."

Xtreme and Crucifix then stood up.

Crucifix: 'Is this what is to become of us? A descent into disorder and anarchy? Good! I wouldn't want it any other way. If you want to claim the belts.. you're going to have to go through us!"

The two teams got closer and closer until Mike Patterson wedged himself between them.

Patterson: 'We're NOT doing this here. This is supposed to be a meeting to hammer out a plan for our future. Now because you two teams want the titles, you're going to throw it all away? Do you know how stupid you sound right now? GET IT TOGETHER. WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE ON THE SAME PAGE!"

Xtreme: 'We would be if you hadn't embarrassed us and lost to Brian Williams. As far as I'm concerned... I'm done being a part of this. Our focus is the tag team titles and if we have to kill our former teammates to get them.. then so be it."

Crucifix and Xtreme walk past Morgan and Shovel and exit the locker room. Morgan turns to Patterson.

Morgan: 'Kehehe.. you can't fix us. We're already broken!"

Morgan and Shovel turn and exit as well. Mike Patterson is left alone in his locker room. The X Movement didn't just disband.. it just imploded before our very eyes.

DefCon vs El Tigre Verde

Match Summary
As mentioned earlier, this was Shayne Anderson's final act before getting fired as the General Manager of The Hype as well as an employee of jOlt Wrestling. This would be the third in a trifecta of matches in which DefCon has defeated El Tigre Verde twice. DefCon's ability to make mental notes about his opponents and pick them apart systematically using any style is an unparalleled ability. Tonight, DefCon looks to have another easy win.. but this time, the stakes involve becoming the number one contender to the Hype Championship. Brian Williams, the Hype Champion, made his way out from the backstage area and sat down next to Jack Wallace and Jeff Hartman at the commentary booth.

Jack Wallace: 'We'd like to welcome The NEW Hype Champion, Brian Williams, to the broadcast booth!"

Jeff Hartman: 'You bastard! You ruined Shayne Anderson! He was the greatest man to have ever lived and one of the geniuses of our time! I hope you die in a chemical fire for the pain you brought to The Hype roster!"

Brian Williams: 'Love you, too, Jeff. Glad to see you're so accepting of me. Just like I'm accepting of anyone who wants a shot at the Hype Championship. I know I promised Jack Dawn and Gabriel Gold a shot, but it seems our former boss already lined up my next opponent. I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be worried a bit if it ended up to be DefCon.. the man is a master at his craft. El Tigre Verde is a style I'm not used to wrestling either. I think both men would pose a tremendous challenge for me and my title. That's why I'm out here.. to scout.. to watch.. and to learn what to expect."

The bell rang as DefCon and Verde circled each other in the ring slowly. Usually Verde is high octane, but he knows that DefCon is a master manipulator and a world class counter wrestler. After a few moments of circling, they go for the lock up, but Verde slips behind, but before he can clasp the hands, DefCon hits a standing switch and places Verde into the waist lock. Verde pries DefCon's fingers apart, but DefCon fires an elbow into the back of Verde's head staggering him forward. DefCon warms up as Verde turned around and glared at DefCon as best as he could through his green tiger mask. The two circle again and this time DefCon fakes the lock up and goes for the side head lock, but Verde backs him into the ropes and tries for a whip, but DefCon drops to a single knee and keeps the headlock applied. Verde battles back up to his feet and tries to counter with a Back Drop Suplex, but DefCon twists in mid-air and converts it into a Cross Body Block, landing on top of Verde, but only getting two!

DefCon pulled Verde back to his feet and lit him up with a knife edge chop. He went for a second, but Verde blocked it and spun DefCon around into a forearm smash. He hits a back chop of his own, then a forearm strike, followed by a leaping back kick to the stomach to double him over. Verde hit the ropes and went for a running double knee, but DefCon moved and grabbed Verde in a waist lock. German Suplex attempt by DefCon, but Verde landed on his feet. Verde with the Enzugiri, but DefCon ducked and deadlifted Verde up to his feet with a waist lock. He spun him onto his stomach with a gutwrench takedown and floated over into a front chancery, but Verde quickly spun into a front chancery of his own! Verde then began to hit knee strikes to the top of his head from the chancery position. Verde was relentless with the strikes and it left DefCon dazed. Verde stood and when DefCon lifted his head, Verde hit him with the Shining Wizard, putting him onto his back!

Verde went to the corner and climbed to the top with his back to the ring. He flipped off with a Moonsault and slammed down with both feet into DefCon's sternum with a double stomp! The Jaguar Pounce! Verde went into the cover, but only got two! Verde wasn't going to let DefCon up to his feet. He quickly tied him up with an Indian Deathlock then bridged back. The Mountain Lion Lock! DefCon was in the middle of the ring and for the first time, he looked like he wanted to tap out, but DefCon used his size and weight advantage to crawl to the ropes, dragging Verde with him on his back. He grabbed the ropes and Verde broke the hold. Verde pulled DefCon up to his feet and whipped him into the corner. Verde charged in, but DefCon made him eat a back elbow. DefCon leapt up to the middle turnbuckle and flew off with a Flying Huracanrana, but Verde caught him on his shoulders and countered with a Powerbomb!!! Verde covered, but only got two again!

Verde stayed on DefCon, pulling him to his feet. He whipped DefCon back into the corner and charged in with a Running Spinning Heel Kick, but DefCon moved and Verde at the turnbuckles, landing hard. DefCon quickly pulled Verde up and hooked him for the Double Arm DDT, but Verde countered with a back body drop, slamming DefCon's back into the turnbuckle pads! DefCon landed on the back of his neck!! Verde quickly propped DefCon up in the corner and began to scrap across his face with the Face Wash. He took off and came back hitting a Basement Drop Kick to the face, completing The Scratching Post! Verde pulled DefCon out of the corner and signaled for the end! Verde climbed the turnbuckle pads and flipped off with the Shooting Scar Press... the Double Rotation Moonsault, but DefCon put the knees up and Verde came crashing down upon them!

DefCon quickly stood and grabbed Verde. He hit him with an Exploder Suplex! DefCon pulled Verde back up and hit him with a Wrist Clutch Exploder! He pulled Verde back up and lifted him straight up, planting him with a Spine Buster! DefCon, exhausted, flopped into the cover, barely hooking the leg, but only got 2 9/10! DefCon staggered to his feet and measured Verde up. He delivered a toe kick then hooked him for the Jumping Butterfly DDT. He lifted Verde and nailed it! He connected with the Double Tap and made the cover, but he was shocked as well as the audience when Verde kicked out again!! El Tigre Verde would not be denied as DefCon went to the corner. DefCon measured up Verde and went for his version of the Double Rotation Moonsault, but Verde moved out of the way and DefCon crashed on the canvas!

Verde was practically on dream street. He used the ropes to pull himself up. DefCon stood and turned around. Verde lunged in and Super Kicked him right in the face! DefCon spun around and fell to his knees! DefCon was about to flop over, but Verde smacked him in the back of the head with ANOTHER Super Kick! DefCon was now face first in the canvas and not moving! Verde rolled DefCon over and made the cover, hooking the leg and he picked up the three! El Tigre Verde was your number one contender for The Hype Championship!

Winner: El Tigre Verde via Super Kick
Match Time: 26:47
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: El Tigre Verde overcame the odds and dug down deep!! Because as such, he isyou're your new number on contender! Brian Williams, what do you think about the first challenger to your championship?

Brian Williams: I learned a lot by watching this match. I'm going to have my work cut out for me and it's not going to be easy, but I can tell you right now, Jack.. this championship isn't going anywhere. Believe that.

Jeff Hartman: The championship doesn't have to go anywhere.. you on the other hand.. need to just go away and never come back.

Brian Williams: Don't worry.. I'll be going to the locker rooms now.. but sorry, Jeff, you're not going to get rid of me that easy. I'm like an STD.. I'm going to haunt you for the rest of your life. I'm sure you know all about that, right Jeff?

With that, Brian Williams got up and exited from the announce table. He and El Tigre Verde had a stare down for a bit before Brian Williams applauded Verde's efforts. Williams made his way to the back.

After the ring had cleared and the crowd had settled down, the lights within the RIngRats Academy lowered and the jOltvision illuminated to life. There stood a man against a giant playing card background. It was Zane Roebuck, son of former jOlt World Tag Team Champion, Adam Roebuck of The House. We've seen these vignettes over the past two weeks, but it seemed as if this week there was a different message.

Zane: 'The time is nearly upon us and soon Lady Luck will shine down upon the masses. As a second generation superstar and the son of a champion, I have big shoes to fill... but the thing is.. I'm interested in filling my own shoes. I'm interested in individualizing myself! '

Zane Roebuck grinned.

Zane: 'Next week, I will walk out from behind the black curtain. I will stroll down to the ring and in front of the entire world, I will show everyone on the Hype roster that you don't need to experience a miracle in order to get ahead... all you need is the Good Luck... of Zane Roebuck!"

The image faded and was replaced by the text:


The Natural Athletes[c] vs The Widow's Nest

Match Summary
They were sick of the sneak attacks. Earlier tonight they threw out the challenge and now that Terry Massimo and Cori Albright were in the ring, they waited to see if The Widow's Nest would accept. They didn't have to wait long as 'Caught in a Web" by Dream Theater hit the PA system. Wolf Spider, Araknis, and Black Widow came out from the backstage area. They entered the ring and it appeared that they accepted the challenge. After the referee held the titles high, he called for the bell!

Albright and Araknis would start things off here in the ring. They locked up and immediately, Albright powered Araknis against the ropes where he hit an overhand chop to his chest. Albright with the whip, but Araknis tried to counter with a springboard cross body, but Albright caught him. He walked around the ring with him before trying a swinging bottom, but Araknis wrapped around Albright and applied a headscissor arm bar while up on Albright's shoulders! Albright reached out to the ropes, but the weight of Araknis, plus the pain caused Albright to drop down to a knee. Araknis knew Albright was too fresh for a tap out so he let the hold go and before he could allow Albright to stand, he kicked him right in the back of the head! Araknis covered, but only got two.

Araknis sat Albright up and went for the ropes. He hit a running drop kick to the back of Albright's head, trying to further damage and disorient him. Araknis went for another cover and only got two once again. Araknis walked to his corner and tagged in Wolf Spider. Wolf brought Albright back up to a vertical base and hit him with a vicious chop, but it only served to wake Albright up! Wolf hit another chop and then a third, but Albright could feel his adrenaline pumping! Albright blocked a fourth chop and countered with a headbutt that staggered Wolf back. Albright gave chase and whipped Wolf across the ring. He planted a big boot into Wolf's face, knocking him down. Albright hit the ropes and connected with a knee drop across the chest. He covered, but got two!

Albright sat Wolf Spider up and began to hit crossface forearms from behind Wolf Spider. He hit them repeatedly until Wolf looked to be on dream street. He pulled Wolf up and hooked him in a front face lock. He lifted him up and held him high into the air, displaying his power. After about twenty seconds, he hit the delayed vertical suplex and covered him, only getting two. Terry Massimo wanted the tag so Albright tagged his partner into the match. The much larger Massimo entered the ring and waited for Wolf to stand. He hit a big headbutt to Wolf, staggering him back. He backed Wolf against the ropes and whipped him. Wolf tried to reverse, but Massimo was going nowhere. Massimo pulled him back in to a Belly to Belly Suplex complete with a pin for two.

Black Widow shouted to Wolf Spider to make the tag, but Massimo sat on Wolf's lower back, making sure he didn't go anywhere. While sitting on his back, Massimo leaned to his right and wrapped his forearm around Wolf's neck! He pulled back, trying to rip Wolf Spider's head clean off his shoulders!! The crowd even groaned at the way Massimo had Wolf Spider contorted! Araknis came into the ring and hit a running drop kick to Massimo's face, breaking the hold. Araknis tried to forearm Massimo, but they had very little to no effect. Massimo stood as Araknis continued to futilely beat on him! Massimo responded by lifting Araknis high into the air with a military press. He held him up there until Wolf Spider got to his feet. Massimo then threw Araknis into Wolf Spider, knocking him down! Araknis rolled to the outside while Massimo hit the ropes! He looked for the Running Splash that he called All the Way, but Wolf Spider was able to roll out of the way making Massimo eat the canvas!

Massimo staggered to his feet while Wolf Spider hit the ropes. He lunged in and almost cut Massimo in half with his Spear! The Run With the Wolves! Massimo was down and hurting as Wolf Spider climbed on top with the cover, but he only got two as Massimo powered out of it to cheers from the crowd! Wolf Spider backed over to his corner as Araknis got back up on the ring apron. Wolf Spider tagged Araknis as Wolf went for another Run With the Wolves, but Massimo stuck his leg up and kicked Wolf in the face! Araknis leapt off, but Massimo caught him in the landing with a choke hold. He lifted Araknis up and slammed him into the canvas with the Choke Slam! Massimo went to the ropes and nailed the running splash! He hit All the Way! Albright wanted to finish Araknis off and with Wolf Spider out of the picture, Massimo obliged and tagged Albright into the match.

Albright stepped into the ring and waited as Araknis slowly got up to his knees. All of a sudden, Wolf Spider yanked Terry Massimo off the ring apron! This caught Albright's eye. When he looked over, Muerte had entered from the crowd and gotten up on the ring apron! Albright was quick to strike! He went for his Super Kick... the GOOOOAAAAAALLLLL, but Muerte dropped down and Albright's leg got entangled in the ropes! Muerte leapt back up on the apron and grabbed the top rope. He used it to leap up and kick Albright in the face! This drew the bell from the referee, but Albright turned away and staggered forward, holding his face. On the other side of the ring, it was Supaida.. the former Jayshin Lee! Supaida grabbed the top rope and leapt off, hitting a Springboard Dragoncanrana on Cori Albright! On the outside, Wolf Spider threw Terry Massimo into the ring steps and hit a running knee, driving it into Massimo's face, taking him out!

Black Widow walked around ringside and picked up the Hype Tag Team Titles. She stood in front of all four members of The Widow's Nest and held the championships into the air! Black Widow saw that The Natural Athletes were too strong and opted for the four on two attack to send a message! This is far from over as The Widow's Nest have now become the number one targets for the Tag Team Champions! Retribution was on the horizon, indeed!

Winner: The Natural Athletes via Disqualification
Match Time: 28:16
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: The Nest was about to be decisively defeated, but Black Widow wouldn't accept it. She sent the other two members of The Nest out there to cause the DQ, but I don't think Black Widow cared. Tonight was about sending a message and that message is loud and clear... the Widow's Nest will go to any lengths to win the Hype Tag Team Titles!

Jeff Hartman: As it should be! It doesn't matter how you win.. as long as you bring home the gold!

Jack Wallace: Well.. we'll see if your thought process proves to be valid some other time. Right now.. we are done here for The Hype this week. What will come next week with Shayne Anderson out of the picture? It could be complete and utter turmoil! Don't miss it! Goodnight everyone!