"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to another edition of The Hype! We hope you enjoyed Thieves Honor and now it is time to once again take a look at the future of jOlt Wrestling!"

Jeff Hartman: "How can you call it the future when Cordova and Adam Lazarus are here? Isn't that like.. the past?"

Jack Wallace: 'You named two people on a roster full of great up and coming talent, Jeff. This IS the future of jOlt"

Jeff Hartman: "I always pictured the future a bit differently... as in me.. on iNtense... calling matches surrounded by hot women with exposed breasts and all the free alcohol I could drink."

Jack Wallace: "And that's why you're still here, Jeff. Speaking of Adam Lazarus. He's currently in the ring so let's send it over to our NEW General Manager!"

Adam Lazarus was indeed in the ring with a microphone in hand. The crowd was cheering as the theme music for The Hype subsided.

Laz: "Welcome everyone to another edition of The Hype and the FIRST edition where I, Adam Lazarus, reigns as your NEW General Manager!"

The audience cheered

Laz: "When I was introduced by Damien Lee... I stated that The Hype is about proving that you are the best up and coming talent here in jOlt and that I didn't share the same mantra that Shayne Anderson did. I didn't believe in the "out with the old, in with the new" constant cycle. That rookies and veterans alike have a home and a spot here on The Hype. That is why over the next four weeks, I am holding the Rookie vs Veteran series. Four people here on The Hype will challenge four people from the main roster in one on one matches. If the rookies are successful, they will earn themselves a Hype Championship opportunity at a time of my choosing!"

The people cheered that idea.

Laz: So who are the four main roster members who will be paying a visit to us here over the course of the next four weeks? Those people are... from The Heirs of Wrestling... Mack Brody!

Huge pop!

Laz: The controversial Seymour Almasy... or Orphan.. whoever he wishes to be called this week.

The people booed that name drop.

Laz: The man who holds the Relentless Championship as well as his custom made Golden Boy Championship.. Diamond Jewelz!

More boos from the audience.

Laz: "And the current number one contender to the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship... "The Anti-Star" Jesse Ramey!"

Another huge pop!

Laz: "We will kick off the first in the series tonight when Seymour Almasy will be here to take on the new rookie sensation.. "Good Luck" Zane Roebuck!... BUT... that's not all. We have a special attraction in the Rookie vs Veteran series... a surprise if you would. While this series was meant for just singles competition.. we didn't want to leave tag teams out of it... so I went ahead and set up a main event of EPIC proportions for you here tonight!"

The audience was buzzing with the thought of the announcement

Laz: Tonight.. the champions of two worlds will clash! The Hype Tag Team Champions... The Natural Athletes.. will face the jOlt World Tag Team Champions.. The Crimson Order in your main event tonight!!!

The crowd exploded with cheers!

Laz: Enjoy tonight's show!

The people applauded as Adam Lazarus CLEARLY made an impact on his first night as Hype General Manager! With these announcements.. it was clear that The Hype was finally in good hands once again!

Monica vs Callie Scott

Match Summary
Desiree came out with Monica and remained at ringside when the bell rang. Monica and Callie locked up in the center of the ring and right away, Callie took Monica down with a headlock takeover, grounding her on the canvas. Callie punched away at Monica while she was in the headlock, but Monica showed some toughness and got back to her feet and shoved her off. Clothesline missed by Monica and when she turned around, Callie hit a Flying Boot to the face! Monica turned and fell to her stomach as Callie pulled her up and then slammed her back down by pressing her foot into Monica's back, driving her face first into the canvas!

Monica staggered to her feet as Callie hit the ropes, but Monica with a side step. She grabbed Callie in a waist lock, but a pair of back elbows broke up the hold. Callie turned and hit a CCS Enzugiri to the side of the head, bringing Monica to her knees. Callie went for a roundhouse, but Monica ducked, stood, and grabbed Callie in an inverted facelock and drove her into her knee with a backbreaker, followed by a hangman's neckbreaker for two. Monica pulled Callie up and hit a knife edge chop then a whip to the corner. Monica with the corner clothesline before throwing Callie to the canvas. Monica up top for the moonsault, but Callie put the knees up! Monica stood and turned around taking a back thrust kick to the stomach and then repeated alternating knee strikes to the face before Callie butterflied the arms and hit a double underhook suplex!

Callie stood and measured up Monica as she got up on all fours and staggered into the corner. Callie charged in with a running knee strike to the jaw! She lifted Monica up top and then climbed up after her, but Monica tried to fight her off with headbutts. Callie stepped down and Monica went for the cross body, only to get knocked out of the air with a drop kick. Desiree cringed at ringside when Callie waited. Monica sat up and Callie ran in hitting the Sliding D clothesline the chest... the Scrap Heap! Callie made the cover and got the three!

Winner: Callie Scott via The Scrap Heap
Match Time: 5:42
Match Rating: **1/4

Jack Wallace: Callie Scott had a victory on Sunday Night iNtense and looked to carry that momentum here tonight! Monica is still in training and it appears that she's going to need some more.

Jeff Hartman: It's times like these I wish Shayne Anderson were still in charge. Monica is useless.. get rid of her and cycle in someone better!

After the Match
Monica rolled out of the ring and Desiree tried to console her, but Monica shoved Desiree on her ass and then walked to the back. Desiree stood up and shook her head as she just watched Monica walk away in disgust.

Zane Roebuck is seen lacing up his boots as the crowd boos, but then the crowd pops when the camera pans over... it's Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber.. The House!

Zane: It's nice of you to show up, dad, but why are you here?

Adam: I'm your father... shouldn't a father come and support their son?

Zane: Yeah, but.. you weren't here for my debut.. you weren't here for my first match. Admit it.. the only reason why you're here is because The Crimson Order is here and you failed to win the tag team titles.

The one stung a bit as the crowd booed

Zane: Don't worry, pops... I'll defeat Seymour Almasy here tonight.. and when I do.. I'll defeat Brian Williams and take The Hype Championship.. then I'll go to the main roster and show you that the second generation is always better than the first. I would expect you to wish me good luck.. but since I am good luck incarnate.. I won't be needing your blessing.

Zane got up and walked out of the room. Adam shook his head as Derrick watched on.

El Tigre Verde vs Cordova

Match Summary
The last time we saw Verde, he had a five star classic against Brian Williams. Tonight, he begins his journey again by taking on the legendary Flyweight Cordova! Verde and Cordova locked it up. Verde with the headlock, but Cordova countered with the hammerlock. Standing switch by Verde into a waist lock, but Cordova separated the fingers. He turned and they locked up again. Cordova with the headlock, but Verde goes into the hammerlock, but Cordova reached back and took Verde over with the snapmare then hit the ropes. Verde went for the monkey flip, but Cordova front flipped through Verde's legs and rolled up to his feet. Verde sat up and Cordova went for a kick. Verde ducked and caught Cordova with a school boy, but couldn't hold him down and only got one.

Cordova stood and ducked a lariat as Verde continued to the ropes. Verde flipped against them with a handspring, but Cordova caught him in the waist lock. Standing switch by Verde into a German attempt, but Cordova landed on his feet. Cordova backed into the ropes and went for a leaping leg lariat, but Verde caught Cordova in his arms, but Cordova, in an amazing counter that wowwed the crowd, twisted out of Verde's arms and hit a lucha style arm drag! Verde got up and charged and Cordova hit a Japanese Arm Drag.. Verde up again and got taken over with another classic arm drag followed by an arm back. Verde got to his feet and cartwheeled into an arm wringer of his own. Cordova kicked his own arm and broke the grip. Swing and a miss by Cordova with the clothesline... Verde stopped short and when Cordova turned around, Verde lunged in with the super kick, but Cordova caught the leg and countered with a Dragon Screw to the ground!

Elbow Drop by Cordova missed! Second elbow drop missed again! Verde rolled up to his feet as did Cordova.. the two came face to face and the crowd erupted and gave them a standing ovation! They shook hands and circled each other again. Lock up by both men, but this time, Cordova powered Verde back into the corner, but Verde walked up onto the turnbuckle pads while in the lock up position. Cordova pulled Verde off, but Verde countered with a lucha arm drag of his own! Cordova staggered to his feet as Verde charged in and hit an STO into a Ranhei pin... The Siamese Solstice, but he only got two! Verde whipped Cordova to the ropes, but Cordova reversed it. Verde leapt into the middle rope, going for a springboard drop kick, but Cordova side stepped and wrapped up Verde with La Magistral for only two. Both got up and clotheslined each other and both were down.

The referee counted up to eight before they both stood. Chop by Cordova. Chop by Verde. Back and forth they chopped until Cordova hit a huge chop that staggered Verde. Verde swung hard with a lariat, but Cordova ducked and countered with the Blue Thunder Driver for two! Cordova with a scoop slam and he went to the corner. Verde moved and avoided El Decapitacion Rapido.. the spiral leg drop. Cordova stood and Verde hit the super kick! All of a sudden, Verde hit the ropes and flew to the outside, taking someone out...


DefCon ran down to the ring and Verde saw it out of the corner of his eye! He hit the suicide dive to the outisde and took him out! Verde rolled back into the ring where Cordova had recovered. Cordova hit a super kick of his own then went up top, hitting the spiral leg drop and getting the three!

Winner: Cordova via El Decapitacion Rapido
Match Time: 8:51
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jack Wallace: That was an amazing display of lucha wrestling... too bad it was ruined by the distraction from DefCon and it ended up costing El Tigre Verde the match!

Jeff Hartman: No, Jack.. it just proved once again that El Tigre Verde is a fraud and if he were truly the real deal.. he still would have won that match!

In the back we see Crucifix and Xtreme standing around. Once they notice that they're on the air, Xtreme began to speak

Xtreme: Tonight... we are here to make an announcement. The X Movement may no longer be a group.. but we.. WE will carry on the name and the legacy into a new age. In this new age, we will become the Hype tag team champions.. and we will succeed where the X Movement has failed. We were the true core of the movement anyway.. which is why.. from this day forward.. Crucifix and I will be known as The X Age.

Crucifix: We don't need anyone to watch our backs. Just like a gospel preaches the truth to the masses.. we will become the true tag team to beat here on The Hype. We will bathe this darkened world in a new light.. and bring to them a new age of professional wrestling. Like Xtreme said.. we will succeed where the movement has failed and we will do so by taking out anyone that stands in our way.


Mad Morgan and Shovel stepped into the scene.

Morgan: Anyone, eh?

Shovel: Shovel thinks that they mean us. Shovel also thinks that we should do something about them!

Morgan: I agree.

With that, Morgan and Shovel attacked the newly declared X Age! Before it could get too out of hand, Mike Patterson ran in and got between the two teams.

Patterson: ENOUGH! THIS HAS GONE ON LONG ENOUGH! The X Movement in name is dead.. yes.. but we are not. Why can't you see that!? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE FOUR OF YOU!?

Xtreme: That's where you are wrong, Mike. You can no longer be the glue that bonds us together. If those two want to stand in our way.. then so be it.. we will take them out if it means getting a shot at the tag team titles!

Crucifix: Once again, Mike.. we ask you.. whose side are you on?

With that, The X Age exits the locker room.

Patterson: I suppose you share the same feelings or do you think I'm right and we can continue what we do best.. run over this entire roster.

Morgan: Keh heh heh.. I'm thinking if you don't pick a side.. you'll be the one who gets run over next.

Shovel: Shovel thinks that it's time we go our separate ways... Shovel really thinks this.

With that, Broken Sanity exit and Mike Patterson is left alone in the locker room as the scene fades to black.

BADASS vs India's Import

Match Summary
These two have had a budding rivalry over the past month and a half. BADASS has been on a bit of a losing streak and tonight, they get another chance at India's Import. Samir and Wise start off in the middle of the ring. They go for the lock up, but Wise hits a toe kick to double Samir over. Wise immediately tosses Samir into their corner and tags in Davis Bloome! Bloome opens up with body shots in the corner before whipping him to the ropes. Bloome hits a back elbow then stomps on Samir before sending him back to his corner and tagging Wise back in. Wise stomps Samir down to a seated position and then slaps Samir acorss the face. Wise gains some room, but Samir pulls himself up, but Bloome illegally grabs Samir and holds him in the corner! The referee admonishes Bloome as Wise waves his finger at Samir and charges in with a running back elbow to the face!

Only then does Bloome let go as Wise makes the tag back to him. Bloome hops over the top rope and presses his foot up agianst Samir's neck. He gets a four count before he releases it and then goes right back to choking Samir for another four count. Tag back to Wise who hops over the top rope, dropping elbow into Samir's chest in the corner! Wise pulls Samir to the center of the ring before he sits on his chest and poses to the crowd, but Samir uses this distraction to bring his legs under Wise's arms and pull him over into a pin, only getting two. Wise stands and immediately stomps Samir to keep him down. Wise heads over and tags in Bloome.

Bloome applies a grounded sleeper submission in the middle of the ring and Samir fights up to his feet, breaking free. He hits an enzugiri which knocked Bloome off balance momentarily, but when Samir went to the ropes, Bloome leveled him with a running clothesline! Bloome then brought Samir up to a seated position and repeated drove the point of the elbow into the top of his head. Bloome walked over and tagged Wise who had to rush in as Samir was slowly crawling toward his corner. Wise knocked Raysor off the apron and then charged at Samir, hitting a shotgun drop kick to his face as he looked up to see if Raysor was there! Wise turned him over, but only got two! Wise pulled Samir up and lit him up with knife edge chops that hit so hard, it knocked him onto his back. Wise went for another cover and got two again before placing him into a rear chin lock.

The audience got behind Samir and he fed off of it until he got up and he hit a jawbreaker. Raysor got back on the apron as Samir crawled over, but Wise grabbed him by the leg. Samir turned and kicked Wise in the face, breaking the grip. He then made a leap of faith into his corner and got the tag to Raysor! Raysor came in with a spinning heel kick to Wise! Raysor then hit a running drop kick to Bloome, knocking him down to the floor! Wise staggered up as Raysor backed him into the ropes and sent him across the ring. Raysor then leapt up with a leg lariat and took Wise down! Raysor quickly hit the ropes and dove through them with a suicide dive, wiping Bloome back out! Raysor quickly got up and got onto the ring apron. He grabbed the top rope and hit a springboard missile drop kick taking Wise back down!

Raysor stood as the crowd was on fire! He pointed to the corner and went up top, but Bloome recovered and got on the ring apron. Raysor kicked Bloome away, but Wise leapt up top and hooked Raysor. He lifted Raysor and twisted him off into a Super Falcon Arrow, but he only got two on Raysor! Raysor staggered up as Wise got behind him and placed him in the Full Nelson, looking for the Have a Nice Trip, but Raysor countered and snapmared Wise over then he hauled off and kicked him in the side of the head! Bloome got up on the apron as a distraction, but Samir ran along the apron, looking to knock him off, but Samir ended up getting caught by Bloome..



Raysor picked up Tripp Wise as Samir got to his feet. Raysor lifted Wise, but Wise floated over and landed on his feet. He then shoved Raysor to the ropes as Bloome got up on the apron and decked him in the face with a forearm shot!! Raysor turned and staggered toward Wise who hit him the Full Nelson Facebuster.. Have a Nice Tripp!! Tripp covered and got the three and the losing stream was over!

Winner: BADASS via Have a Nice Tripp
Match Time: 16:38
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace: Another amazing match between these two teams and here, a little chicanery from BADASS got them a win and broke their losing streak here on The Hype.

Jeff Hartman: I've been saying it for so long, Jack. This team is the future and tonight they proved it by defeating India's Import. Prince Samir has gotten soft since he turned away from his royal background.. I mean.. where the hell is Kareem, anyway? He even got rid of his bodyguard for what? The admiration of these peons? Pfft.

Desiree caught up with Monica who was finishing up getting back into her street clothes.

Desiree: Mind telling me just what the hell what that was about out there? Why did you shove me down?

Monica: Why!? Because your training is nothing but bullshit. I've gotten no better and all you do is preach about sacrifice and losses and what not. You don't even positively encourage me. Instead of saying expect some losses, why not try and say.. "hey Monica.. we're going to work on it and next time, you'll get a win because I believe in you" but no... you just have to keep actin' like I'm gonna fail each time I go out there. Is this the way Xin Xin whatever taught you? To be a loser? No... this is bullshit. I'mma do this myself!

Desiree: So what you're saying is that you want to just skimp through the weeks and try things your way.. you don't want to put in the work and the effort? Fine... if that's what you want.. then I'm not going to be your teacher anymore.. and when you fail on your own and you come crying back to tell me that my way was right all along.. I'm going to deny you of more training. You didn't lose out there because of my lost out there because you suck as a goddamn professional wrestler!

Even the audience thought that was pretty harsh and actually booed that comment.

Monica: uh... excuse me? The hell you just say to me?

Desiree walked right up to Monica's face..

Desiree: I said as a professional wrestler... you are pathetic.. you absolutely... FUCKING.. SUCK!

Desiree then stormed out of the locker room. Monica was stunned silent as was the audience... It was true that Monica had very poor showings in the ring, but to come right out and say it like that.. what was Desiree thinking?

The Widow's Nest was grouped together en masse with Black Widow standing before them.

Widow: Each and every one of you failed to bring the Hype Tag Team Championships into our group. Araknis and Wolf Spider are primarily to blame but Muerte and Supaida.. you did very little to increase our chances. Now.. we can't challenge for those championships so long as The Natural Athletes hold them.. so what are we going to do now? I'd like to hear some ideas from you lot and I'm expecting something brilliant.

Supaida: I think we need to step up our aggression. You're right my Mistress. We weren't aggressive enough and it ended up costing us the championships. I took off my mask and became Jayshin Lee and as a result I made a big impact on the main roster because I became more aggressive. We need to fire ourselves up and put this entire roster on notice to the point where they have no choice but to recognize us. Once we gain their recognition, they will forget all about that whole "no more title shots" thing and they'll have no choice but to grant us another shot at them and we WILL take them for ourselves.

Widow: Anyone else?

Muerte: I second it.

Araknis: I like the sound of that.

Wolf Spider simply nodded

Widow: Good.. there's a team right over there... show me your newfound aggression.

The camera panned over and we see Trot and Panic of Dragonborn standing off in the distance out of earshot range of The Nest. The four of them zero in on them and charge. By the time Trot and Panic see them coming, it's too late. The four of them attack.. Muerte and Supaida on Trot... Araknis and Wolf Spider on Panic. They drive them into the ground and stomp on them.

Panic got pulled up by Araknis and whipped into Wolf Spider who cut him in half with a Run With the Wolves onto the concrete floor! Muerte got behind Trot and hit the Day of the Dead... a knee strike to the back of the head! Trot staggered forward and got nailed by a Super Kick from Supaida. The four of them stood over Dragonborn as Black Widow walked upa nd patted them on the backs.

Widow: It's a start...

The entire Nest walked off.

Zane Roebuck vs Seymour Almasy

Match Summary
The House came out and stood at ringside after Zane and Almasy made their entrances.. at least we thought it was Almasy. When the bell rang, they locked up and immediately Almasy grabbed Zane and threw him to the outside. Almasy gained a full head of steam and hit a suicide dive, taking Zane out! Almasy quickly grabbed Zane Roebuck and slammed him back first into the ring apron. He grabbed Zane by the hair and said "Almasy isn't home tonight. I hope I'll do!" With those word we knew that the Orphan persona was here tonight on The Hype!

By the count of six, Orphan threw Zane back into the ring. Zane staggered to his feet and a swift kick doubled him over followed by a hook kick to the back of the head. Zane looked up at his father who simply stood there with his arms crossed, just looking on. Orphan grabbed Zane by the hair and walked him over to the ropes before picking up momentum and tossing him to the apron. Zane used the ropes to pull himself up when Orpah ran and lunged into the air with a Dragon Punch, knocking Zane's head back and causing him to hit the mats at ringside!

Orphan followed him out and refused to let up. He grabbed Zane by the hair and bounced his face off the edge of the apron before tossing him back in. Orphan got up onto the apron and hit Ultima.. the Spriingboard Shooting Star Press, but he stood and immediately grabbed Zane, pulling him up and placing him into a front face lock. He then hit The Best Brainbuster in the Business on Zane before covering him and getting the three in a complete and total one-sided victory!

Winner: Orphan via The Best Brainbuster in the Business
Match Time: 5:33
Match Rating: *3/4

Jack Wallace: Unfortunately for Zane Roebuck, the sadistic and unpredictable Orphan showed up tonight. That was just a brutal massacre to watch.

Jeff Hartman: How rotten is his father? He's supposed to be a former world tag team champion and he just stood there at ringside and watched his own flesh and blood get defeated...something Zane didn't deserve at all! Zane is a model son and his father should aspire to be like him!

Jack Wallace: Zane severely disrespected his father, Jeff... Adam stood there because it's called tough love. Zane needed to be disciplined for his words and Orphan did that just fine! In my opinion, Adam Roebuck did the right thing by not getting involved.

After the Match
Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber turn and exit the ringside area, leaving Zane Roebuck all alone in the ring. Zane finally came to and rolled out, looking around as if he were expecting his father to be there. Zane then sulked to the back among the boos from the crowd.

The Natural Athletes vs The Crimson Order

Match Summary
We took our last commercial break and now it was time for an encounter of epic proportions. It was the Hype Tag Team Champions vs the jOlt World Tag Team Champions. As both teams entered, the crowd was already hot with a "This is Awesome" chant and the match hadn't even begun yet! Cori Albright was going to start out against Heido in this match. The bell rang and the audience was still going nuts!

Lock up and immediately Heido powered the smaller Albright back into the corner. The referee wanted a clean break and got one. They went for another lock up, but Cori went behind with a waist lock, but he had trouble lifting the 270 pounder. Heido broke the grip, turned and went for a Palm Strike, but Cori ducked, spun, and caught Heido with an Enzugiri that staggered him back. Low drop kick the knee of Heido, put him down. Cori to the ropes, but Heido stood and turned Cori inside out with a lariat! Cover for two by Heido. Heido pulled Cori to his feet and tagged in Takeshi. Takeshi came in and hit a knife edge chop, followed by a headbutt that put Cori down. Takeshi went to the ropes and free fell to the canvas with another headbutt. Cover for only two.

Takeshi stood and tagged Heido back into the match. Heido pulled Cori up and after hooking him, hit The Heaven's Rebuke.. a Head and Arm Suplex! Cover and only two once again. Heido sat Cori up and took off to the ropes. Heido hit a running European Uppercut with full force to the back of Cori's head. He covered and only got two again! The crowd chanted for Cori and when Heido pulled him up, Cori hit a jawbreaker, stunning him. Cori hit another low drop kick and brought Heido down to his knees. Cori stood then planted both feet into Heido's face with a seated drop kick! Heido was on his back as Cori went to the ropes. He leapt into the air and crashed down with a running Senton Back Splash, covered, but got two.

Cori stood and took off again as Heido stood up, but Heido wrapped his arm around Cori's neck, lifting him straight up and planting him hard on the canvas with a Release Uranage Slam! Heido took off to the ropes and came back with a Double Knee Drop into the chest! Cover and two! Heido tagged Takeshi back in. Takeshi quickly came in and pulled Cori up, placing him between his legs. He lifted and charged to the corner, hitting the Buckle Bomb.. the Spoken Word! Cori staggered forward as Takeshi spun him around, hooked him in a Full Nelson and planted him face first into the top turnbuckle with the Kimon Driver!! Cori hit the canvas and Takeshi covered to get three.. or so he thought! Cori put his foot on the ropes and the referee noticed it at the last second, stopping the count!

Takeshi grabbed Cori by the hair, pulling him up. Cori showed tremendous heart by swinging his arms and burying punches into Takeshi's mid-section, but Takeshi stopped that with a knee lift and a biel! He tagged Heido back in and when Cori sat up, Heido ran at him with a kick to the chest, but Cori grabbed Heido's leg and tripped him up!! Cori then locked in an STF right in the middle of the ring!! The crowd came alive, but Heido used his size and strength to drag Cori to the ropes along with him. Cori broke the hold, but he was exhausted to the point where it was hard for him to get up. Cori tried to crawl to his corner, but Heido grabbed him by the leg and prevented him from making the tag. Heido brought him back to the center of the ring, pulling him up, but Cori hit the enzugiri and made a last ditch dive to his corner, tagging in Terry Massimo who was chomping at the bit!

Massimo came in and ran right over to the corner, slamming his forearm into Takeshi's face, stunning him. He then charged and plowed through Heido with a Running Side Shoulder Tackle! Takeshi tried coming in, but Massimo charged in and hit a shoulder block to Takeshi's face as he stepped through the ropes, knocking him out of the ring to the floor! Massimo stood as Heido did as well. Heido turned and was grabbed by Massimo in a bear hug. He lifted annd planted him with a Side Slam.. First Down! Massimo hit the ropes and nailed the running splash!! All the Way! The crowd went nuts as he made the cover, but Heido kicked out at ONE! Massimo backed away in shock as no one kicked out from that move.. yet alone.. at a one count! Was this the difference between The Hype and the Main Roster!?

Massimo stood as Heido pulled himself up. Massimo hit a kick to the stomach. Then a forearm, then a headbutt, then another forearm, then an uppercut, then a knife edge chop and finally another kick to the stomach. He took off to ropes and hit a running knee lift to Heido's face, knocking him down. Massimo called for another splash and he hit the ropes, but Takeshi grabbed him by the legs on the outside, tripping him up! Cori then hit a cannonball to the outside, taking Takeshi down! Massimo cheered on Cori, but when he turned around, Heido grabbed him by the throat and in an impressive display of power, Choke Slammed the 354 pound Terry Massimo right into the canvas!! Heido held his hand up, giving people the thumbs up, but that wasn't what it was.. that was the signal for The Japanese Death Sentence. Heido hunched over and stalked Massimo as he pulled himself up. Heido went for the Spike to the Throat, but Massimo grabbed Heido by the arm and placed him in a standing arm bar!

Cori came into the ring and while Heido's arm was trapped, he began to kick away at Heido's chest! Cori then switch it up and kicked at Heido's knee that he drop kicked earlier and it brought Heido back down to a knelt position. While Massimo still had the arm barred, He told Cori to do it. Cori backed up and hit the Super Kick!! GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!! Massimo let Heido's arm go and then hit the ropes... ALL THE WAY!!! Cori propped himself against the ropes while Massimo made the cover, but Takeshi pulled the referee out of the ring at two!! Takeshi then slid in as Cori charged to pummel him, but Takeshi put Cori down with a big boot! Massimo stood and grabbed Takeshi in a bear hug, looking for the first down, but Takeshi hit a pair of headbutts and broke free! Massimo staggered toward the corner as Takeshi charged in hitting The Iga Avalanche.. the double leg takedown into the turnbuckles!!

Cori got back up and when Takeshi turned around, Cori flew at him with a Busaiku Knee, connecting! Takeshi fell through the ropes to the outside, but Heido got up and hit a running body avalanche into the corner, slamming into Cori, who slammed into Massimo! Heido grabbed Cori and threw him to the outside while Massimo grabbed the ropes to prevent himself from falling. Heido whipped Massimo across the ring to the opposite side and charged in, but Massimo made Heido eat a back elbow.. then Massimo got up on the second turnbuckle...

Wait.. WHAT!?

FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE FROM TERRY MASSIMO!!! Heido landed hard on his back! Massimo hit the ropes... ALL THE WAY!!!!


Massimo was at his wits end! He couldn't believe that didn't put Heido away! Massimo staggered to his feet and went to the ropes, but he didn't see Takeshi come back in.. As he went for another All the Way, Takeshi blindsided him with a side spear!!! Cori Albright was back up and he climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad! Cori leapt off with a Shotgun Missile Drop Kick, planting his boots into Takeshi's face!! Takeshi staggered back up as Massimo was pulling himself back up as well. Massimo took a quick step forward towards Takeshi, grabbing his attention. Cori then lunged in... GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!!!!! Takeshi went down!!! Heido was staggering to his feet. Massimo looked at Cori and nodded. Cori lunged in as Heido was up to a knee...


Heido was laid out! Massimo then climbed the turnbuckles to the very top this time!!! a 354 pounder was on the top ropes!!! He leapt off...


If there was a roof left on the RingRats Academy.. it was gone after that! Massimo had the cover, hooking the leg and he got the three!! HOLY SHIT!

The Hype Tag Team Champions just beat the World Tag Team Champions in what has to be the biggest upset in history!!!

Winner: The Natural Athletes via Super All the Way
Match Time: 38:13
Match Rating: *****

Jack Wallace: The unfathomable has happened!! The Natural Athletes!! Cori Albright and Terry Massimo.. just DEFEATED the jOlt World Tag Team Champions!! If there was ever a message to send to the world tonight.. this was it! The Hype isn't just here for people to be cycled through.. The Hype IS the future of jOlt Wrestling!! After tonight's shocking victory, Damien Lee has to take notice! This could possibly land them not only a spot on the main roster, but a contendership to the titles that supercede their very own!

Jeff Hartman: It proves nothing. The Natural Athletes are just flashes in the pan. Lightning can't strike twice, Jack.

Jack Wallace: That's your opinion Jeff.. but all we know is we are out of time! For the second straight show in a row, we close with a five star classic match. This is what you can expect from jOlt's future! Ladies and gentlemen.. good night from the RingRats Academy!