"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! After the events of last week, things are looking to be explosive here tonight! Hello everyone, I'm Jack Wallace and I'm sure you'd wish to forget him, but my partner is Jeff Hartman

Jeff Hartman: When people are around me, women especially, I give them things they will never forget!

Jack Wallace: Crabs?

Jeff Hartman: If it's on sale at Red Lobster, yes!

Jack Wallace: That's not what I... nevermind. Let's take it backstage where I understand Adam Lazarus is about to have a discussion with DefCon

Adam Lazarus was sitting at his desk with DefCon standing across from it.

Laz: Last week you came out and interrupted me so I put you in a match against Tristan Cyan and yes, congratulations are in order as you did win your match, HOWEVER... one win isn't enough to erase the fact that you have been a thorn in everyone's side... an annoying one at that, might I add. I've heard you loud and clear about wanting a title match, but you need to understand one thing. You don't get to demand a title match.. it has to be earned and despite what you feel.. no one's screwed you.. no one's held you back. Your failures are your own. That is a harsh truth, I know, but it is the truth.

DefCon: So even you are a non-believer, Lazarus? You, too, are blinded by the fact that I should be champion right now and you can't acknowledge the fact that I HAVE earned it? You call El Tigre Verde coming out and screwing me as my own failure? Are you insane?

Laz: If you hadn't screwed El Tigre Verde out of his match first, then he wouldn't have done it to you, so yes.. that is your failure.. and it's also called karma. I'm sure you know the expression "What goes around, comes around."

DefCon: Look... we've been going in circles for months now. Am I going to get a FAIR championship opportunity or not?

Laz: Tell you what. Tonight, I'm going to have you earn it. Tonight you're going to go one on one with the man who had a hell of a match against the champion, Brian Williams, last week. The winner of that match will receive a future Hype Championship Match. It'll be you vs Shi no Ryu. Sound fair enough to you?

DefCon: I don't think it's fair that I have to prove myself one more time to you or anybody else, but I will make an example of Shi no Ryu and I will get my title match. If you're saying that's all I have to do then get a contract for me and Williams prepared.

DefCon exited the office after those words. Laz sat back in his chair and simply shook his head. That match will happen in tonight's main event!

Paisley vs Faith Hines

Match Summary
The match started out with a head lock by Paisley, but Hines backed her into the ropes and sent her across the ring. Paisley hit a shoulder block on Hines and hit the ropes. Hines flipped to her stomach and Paisley hit the opposite end only to duck a leapfrog. Hines went for an arm drag, but Paisley blocked and tried to reverse, but Hines blocked that. Hines with a knee and a flip out into a short arm clothesline, but that's ducked by Paisley and countered into a waist lock. A pair of back elbows frees Hines as she takes off to the ropes. Hines with a springboard cross body block, but Paisley countered by dropped her across her knee with a gut buster. Paisley covered and got two.

Paisley pulled Hines back up and hit a pair of chops before whipping her into the corner. Paisley charged in, but at a back elbow and then a running bulldog by Hines. Hines knelt down and applied a front face lock submission, but Paisley battled up and bulldozed her way into the corner. Paisley slowly got out of the hold and slapped Hines across the face. She lifted Hines up on top, but Hines returned the slap, hooked the head, and hit a Tornado DDT and a cover for two! Hines stood and pulled Paisley up. Kick to the stomach by Hines and a take off to the ropes. Hines came back with an axe kick, covered, and got two again!

Hines could feel the end drawing near. She pulled Paisley up and hooked her for the Butterfly DDT.. the No Faith in Humanity, but Paisley twisted out of it and kick a toe kick and then a DDT of her own! Paisley tried to tie Faith up in a Scorpion Cross Lock submission, but Hines used her legs to kick Paisley away. Paisley quickly came back and tried again, but Hines pulled her over into an inside cradle for two. Both females got up and hit a double clothesline on each other. The referee got to the count of 8 before both women stood up. They exchanged punches with each other with Hines getting the upper hand. Hines went for a haymaker, but Paisley blocked it, hooked the head, and hit a swinging neckbreaker and another cover for two.

Paisley stood and went to the corner, looking for a moonsault, but Hines got up and swept her legs out. Hines climbed up and hooked her for a super back drop suplex, but Paisley hit back elbows and Hines staggered off the ropes. Moonsault by Paisley but nobody home as Hines side stepped it. Paisley staggered up and was met with a toe kick. Hines hooked the butterfly and nailed No Faith in Humanity picking up the three and the win!

Winner: Faith Hines via No Faith in Humanity
Match Time: 7:12
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Faith Hines gets the win here tonight with an impressive victory over the rookie upstart, Paisley!

Jeff Hartman: I dig Paisley's raven hair. It's such a turn on for me!

Jack Wallace: Easy there, we're out of towels.

Jeff Hartman: It's fine. I usually just let it go and change my underwear later.

Jack Wallace: I think I'm going to be sick

After the Match
Faith is celebrating in the ring when Monica jumps the guard rail and slides in. She lays out Faith from behind with a lariat! Monica then stomps down on her until she feels that Faith cannot fight back. She then grabs a microphone

Monica: Ya know somethin' girl? You ain't nothin' but a bottom feeder. No matter how long you been here on The Hype... you still don't get recognized. I refuse to let myself get turned into you so since I have to start at the bottom and work my way up to another match with Desiree.. I guess I'll just start with you.

Monica dropped the microphone and stomped on Faith a couple more times before exiting the ring, quite happy with herself. She walked to the back and disappeared behind the curtain.

The Hype Champion, Brian Williams, is seen in the back when Mike Patterson approached him.

Patterson: We meet again.

Williams: It would appear that way. What can I do for you? Ready for your title match?

Patterson: I'm not going to cash it in tonight. Not just yet. In fact, I made a special challenge tonight to Magma. I know he was in a feud with Harbinger and Seraph in the past over who is The Hype's true monster. I feel that I've slipped into that role now and I'm not going to let his return cloud his or anyone else's judgment on the matter. Plus.. I want you to watch and see what I do to Magma tonight so that you know exactly what you're in for when I do end up challenging you for your championship.

Williams: Sound reasoning, I suppose. Good luck in your match tonight. You're right, though... I will be watching so don't disappoint me. Remember what I said. I want your very best when you face me so we can settle who really is the better man between the two of us once and for all.

Patterson simply grinned and walked off. Patterson vs Magma was up later tonight!

El Tigre Verde vs Tristan Cyan

Match Summary
Verde and Cyan went to lock up, but Verde switched it into a stiff kick to the thigh so Cyan returned the favor and kicked Verde's thigh as well. Verde kicked Cyan and Cyan kicked Verde. They actually continued this back and forth until Verde kicked Cyan so hard, it may have charlie horsed his leg. The crowd began a "VERDE WINS" chant to which Cyan told them all to shut up... right before slapping Verde across his masked face. Verde simply looked at Cyan who was a bit surprised at Verde's reaction. Verde lunged in and hit forearm after forearm to Cyan's face!

Verde whipped Cyan into the corner, charged in and hit a Tiger Wall Flip off of Cyan's chest. Cyan tried to counter with a clothesline, but Verde ducked, leapt to the middle turnbuckle, and hit a springboard roundhouse to the side of Cyan's head! Verde then immediately stood and grabbed the ropes, hitting a springboard moonsault and a cover for two. Verde pulled Cyan back up and hit a knife edge chop, but Cyan countered with a knee and clubbing blow to Verde's back followed by a Gutwrench Powerbomb that drove the air right out of Verde! Cyan with a pair of elbow drops and what we thought was a cover, but he began to grind his forearm into Verde's face! Cyan stood and grabbed Verde's left leg and put the boots to it to begin softening it up for his submission finisher.

Cyan hooked Verde's left leg and DDT'd it into the canvas! Cyan stood and dragged Verde to the ropes where he draped his left leg on the bottom rope. Cyan hit a couple of elevated stomps to the leg before the referee forced him backwards, but Cyan didn't care and went back to work on Verde's leg with even more elevated stomps. Cyan went to the outside and grabbed Verde's leg, bending over the ropes until the count of four. Cyan for back onto the ring apron where he climbed to the top rope, hitting a Flying Stomp to Verde's leg!

Cyan finally dragged Verde to the middle of the ring and attempted the apply the Disasterpiece.. the Inverted Texas Cloverleaf, but Verde used his good leg and kicked Cyan back into the ropes Verde tried to stand, but Cyan hit a running stomp to the back of Verde's head, driving it face first into the canvas!!! Cyan quickly turned Verde over and went back to his legs, but again, Verde used his good leg and kicked him away. Verde got up on his hands and knees as Cyan charged in, but from the knelt position, Verde hit a shoulder block to the stomach. Verde stood and hit a Gamengiri, but he landed on his bad leg and held it in pain as Cyan was down to a single knee.

Cyan shook it off and helped Verde to his feet. He whipped Verde into the corner and charged in, but Verde hit a back elbow. Verde staggered forward and threw a slow clothesline in which Cyan ducked. Cyan hopped up onto the turnbuckles and hit a pivoting diving clothesline on Verde, knocking him back down! Cyan grabbed Verde's legs once again, but Verde pulled Cyan over with an inside cradle and the shock was enough to cause Cyan to stay pinned for a three!! Verde just pulled the win from out of nowhere!

Winner: El Tigre Verde via Inside Cradle
Match Time: 8:18
Match Rating: **1/4

Jack Wallace: El Tigre Verde just wouldn't be denied! Tristan Cyan built up a bit too much confidence and was taken off guard by El Tigre Verde who just proved that even when you slow him down, he can still be quick in different ways to pick up a victory!

Jeff Hartman:That's one way to look at it. A better way to look at it would be to say that Tristan Cyan and DefCon have something in common. They both put in a lot of effort only to get screwed by El Tigre Verde.

Shayne Anderson was seen in the concession area of the RingRats academy purchasing some popcorn. All of a sudden, he heard a voice say "There he is." The camera panned over and Adam Lazarus was standing there with a security guard.

Laz: Thank you.. I'll handle this from here.

The security guard backed away

Laz: What are you doing here, Shayne? First you're at ringside and now you're buying popcorn? I could understand you coming to see the show for one week, but twice in a row? Knowing you.. I want to know what you're up to.

Shayne: A man can't buy a hot dog in peace?

Laz: Funny you say that, yet you're holding popcorn.

Shayne: I'm not done ordering.

Laz: What person has popcorn with a hot dog?

Shayne: I do. Is there a problem with eating popcorn with a hot dog?

Laz: You still haven't answered my question. Why are you here?

Shayne: And you still haven't answered mine about popcorn and hotdogs. Since we've reached an impasse.. I think I'll just take my food and leave.

Anderson paid for his food and left with a hot dog and popcorn. Lazarus looked puzzled as he knew Shayne Anderson had to be up to something, but what the something was.. only Shayne Anderson knew.

Mike Patterson vs Magma

Match Summary
Patterson and Magma locked up and neither man could make each other budge. They broke the hold and nodded at each other to acknowledge their power. All the while a "Welcome Back" chant was being directed at Magma. They locked up a second time and this time Patterson hit a knee lift, a clubbing blow and attempted an irish whip which Magma reversed. Patterson hit the ropes and then a flying shoulder tackle that knocked Magma down. "This is my world, bitch" yelled Patterson to Magma which got a mixed reaction. Patterson hit the ropes as Magma popped up and shocked Patterson with a devastation spinebuster. "Not anymore!" yelled Magma in return before going for a cover and getting two.

Magma pulled Patterson up and staggered him with a headbutt. Magma then hit a quick jab under the chin before whipping Patterson to the ropes. Magma went for the big boot, but Patterson baseball slid between Magma's legs, showing his agility Patterson stood and showed it even more by throwing a drop kick!!! Magma hit his back as even the crowd was impressed by that one. Patterson hit the ropes and then a big splash, getting two in the process. Patterson pulled Magma up to a seated position and drove knees into his upper back. Patterson hit the ropes and then nailed a running knee strike to the back of Magma's head! Patterson to the corner... he went up, looking for the Big Souix Splash.. the Frog Splash, but Magma rolled out of the way!

Patterson popped up, holding his stomach and Magma grabbed him by the neck, looking for a Choke Slam, but Patterson floated over and behind where he grabbed a waist lock and hit not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE consecutive German Suplexes on the big man! Patterson stood and made a slashing motion across his throat as he went to the corner and hunched down. Magma staggered to his feet and Patterson charged with a spear, but Magma damn near kicked his head off with a Big Boot! Magma quickly picked Patterson up and placed him between his legs, looking for the Tiger Bomb he calls Volcanism, but Patterson countered with a Back Body Drop. Patterson stood and this time nailed the Spear when Magma got up!

Patterson quickly stood and pulled Magma to his feet. Patterson with a kick to the stomach where he set up Magma between his legs for the Trailervision, but Magma countered with a back body drop! Patterson stood, turned, and charged, but Magma lifted the 337 pounder into the air as much as he could and nailed the pop up uppercut.. the Eruption.. on Patterson! Patterson landed on his knees and staggered to his feet as he was on dream street after that one. Magma grabbed Patterson by the neck and nailed a Choke Slam! Magma with the cover, but he only got two!

Magma stood and pulled Patterson up, but Patterson shocked Magma with a Belly to Belly Suplex! Patterson rolled to the outside to try and regain his composure since that was a tempo move more than anything. The referee began his count as Magma started to come to. Patterson saw this and got up on the apron and grabbed the top rope. Patterson was about to launch himself over when Zane Roebuck came into the ring and hit a Famouser on Magma, drawing the bell. Patterson stood there in disbelief as Roebuck put the boots to Magma.

Winner: Magma via Disqualification
Match Time: 9:01
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: This was a great match between two powerhouses and Zane Roebuck just ruined it all because of what happened between himself and Magma last week! How selfish can one person be!?

Jeff Hartman: What can I say? Magma just doesn't have as much good luck as Zane Roebuck!

After the Match
Zane mounted Magma and began to rapidly fire punches. Patterson was just waiting for the perfect moment for Zane to turn around. When he did, Patterson leapt to the top rope and nailed a springboard shoulder tackle to Zane Roebuck, knocking him down! Zane rolled out of the ring and stumbled to the entrance ramp. Patterson stood and shot a death glare at Roebuck, scaring him to the backstage area

We're backstage in the locker room of the Hype Tag Team Champions. Albright and Massimo sit down in front of a monitor as they are set to witness a #1 Contenders match for their titles.

Albright: So who you think is going to win?

Massimo: Does it really matter, man? We've taken out every single team in the division. In fact, I'm about to as Laz to bring in new teams just so we have someone new to fight.

Albright: Well.. while I normally agree.. they say in soccer as well as football.. any given Sunday. I mean, if the Oakland Raiders can get a win against the Kansas City Chiefs... then I'm sure any team on this roster could beat us. Some of our defenses have been close lately.. that's why we can't get over confident.

Massimo: We have to be. After all we said last week.. we can't go back on those words now. When we say that we'll take on the entire damn locker room..we need to stick by those words. The X Age and Broken Sanity are two teams we need to watch out for, yes... but we beat them before and while it was a close match. remember... it was us against two teams. If it was just a regular tag match.. we would have mopped the floor with them.

Albright: You're probably right, but I'm not going into our match next week thinking we're just going to destroy them. I'm going in with a mindset to win and to do whatever it takes to.. but I know we're going to have to work at it and not just go "oh hey another lamp to the slaughter"

Massimo: You worry too much. We'll get it done.

Albright: So who do you want to be? X Age or Broken Sanity?

Massimo: My answer is always the same, man. Bring the entire damn locker room. It ain't gonna matter.

Albright shook his head as they turned their attention to the monitor. The number one contender's match was next.

Broken Sanity vs The X Age

Match Summary
Xtreme and Shovel started things of and with a lock up, Shovel shoved Xtreme onto his back, but Xtreme got back up and they locked up again to the same result. Blind tag by Crucifix and he went to lock up with Shovel, but Crucifix ducked into a go behind. Crucifix used all his strength for a takdown, but Shovel's size didn't allow him to stay down long. Shovel stood and broke the waist lock grip before going into a go behind of his own. German Suplex attempt, but Crucifix lands on his feet and backs into the ropes. Blind tag by Xtreme as Crucifix runs in and hits a spinning heel kick, putting Shovel on spaghetti legs. Xtreme grabs the top rope and hits a springboard missile drop kick, putting Shovel down. Xtreme covers and gets two.

Xtreme placed Shovel in a rear chin lock, trying to wear the big man down, but Shovel fought back to his feet and hit a back drop suplex to counter. Shovel went to the corner and hunched down as Xtreme got back up. Shovel ran over Xtreme with a pair of shoulder blocks and a whip to the ropes into a high back body drop. Shovel then clotheslined Xtreme up and over to the floor before dropping down. Shovel grabbed Xtreme and dragged his face across the top of the barricade before throwing him into the steel ring steps. The referee was up to six when Shovel got a running start and kicked Xtreme in the face with a running boot. Shovel pulled Xtreme up and tossed him in at the count of eight and Shovel was in at nine.

Shovel made the cover and only got two before standing and tagging Mad Morgan into the match Shovel didn't leave, though as they waited for Xtreme to get up. Xtreme staggered to his feet and Morgan grabbed Shovel, throwing him shoulder first into Xtreme with the Battering Ram! Shovel rolled out of the ring and Morgan made the cover only getting two. Morgan pulled Xtreme up and whipped him into the corner. Morgan charged in and hit the body avalanche followed up by a belly to belly suplex.. The Mad Man Cometh! Morgan stood and slapped the side of his head to psych himself up, but as he did that, Crucifix went up top and leapt off, hitting a top rope missile drop kick, knocking Morgan down! Crucifix quickly went back to the corner as Morgan staggered up. When Morgan turned to face the corner, Crucifix grabbed Mogan by the head and twisted off with a Tornado DDT, but Morgan held on and Crucifix landed on his feet. Morgan then tossed Crucifix into the corner with a belly to bell release suplex!! Crucifix crashed down on his neck!!!

This allowed Xtreme enough time to stand. He got up and hit Morgan from behind with a Flying Knee to the upper back, staggering him forward. Morgan turned around right into a Super Kick from Xtreme! Shovel came into the ring and Xtreme landed a Super Kick on him as well! Xtreme went to the corner and climbed up top He flipping off with Xtreme Measures.. the Shooting Star Press, but Morgan put the knees up and Xtreme crashed down on top of them! Xtreme staggered away holding his stomach. Morgan quickly stood and placed Xtreme in a sleeper hold. He then hit the Side Russian Leg Sweep from out of that position.. the Cookie Cutter! Morgan covered, but Crucifix recovered just enough to dive in and break up the pin!

Shovel grabbed Crucifix and tossed him to the outside on the floor. Morgan pulled Xtreme up and placed him in an inverted fireman's carry, but Xtreme slipped off and landed behind Morgan. Xtreme whipped Morgan right into Shovel and Shovel staggered through the ropes to the outside. Xtreme with a school boy on Morgan for two! Both men got up and Xtreme ducked a clothesline, heading to the ropes. Xtreme came back with a baseball drop kick to the leg, bringing Morgan to a knee Xtreme stood and kicked Morgan in the side of the head with a roundhouse, then right in the face with a back thrust kick. Xtreme shuffled back and hit a Super Kick dead in the face and shockingly, Morgan held himself up by putting his arm out to stop him from flopping over, but he was on dream street. Xtreme backed into the ropes and put the finishing touch on it with a shotgun drop kick to the face!

Xtreme stood and looked to the corner. He climbed up top and took aim. He flipped off with Xtreme Measures and it connected! Xtreme had the cover as Shovel tried to come into the ring, but Crucifix held him back! Xtreme picked up the three count and they are now the number one contenders to the Hype Tag Team Championships!

Winner: The X Age via Xtreme Measures
Match Time: 17:16
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace: Next show it will be The X Age and The Natural Athletes for the Hype Tag Team Titles! The X Age had set their goals on those belts ever since The X Movement fell apart. Next week, they could finally take the gold!

Jeff Hartman: Not could.. they WILL take the gold. You are looking at your next tag team champions right now. The Natural Athletes are done and over! They better fill up on turkey because it'll be their last meal!

After the Match
The Natural Athletes walk out on the top of the entrance ramp and hold the tag team titles up in the air. They look down at the ring and tell The X Age to bring it. Xtreme and Crucifix have a stare down with The Athletes as we segue into the backstage area.

DefCon walks up to Brian Williams. Williams looks amused.

DefCon: Later tonight.. I'm facing Shi no Ryu where the winner of that match becomes a contender for your championship. I just want to let you know that AFTER I win tonight.. I'm going to not hesitate like Mike Patterson.. but so help me God... if I get screwed again, I'm going to do whatever it takes to have that title stripped off of you and placed on my shoulder.

Williams has just about had it.

Williams: You know.. they say the squeaky wheel gets the grease and you've done enough squeaking to the point where even I'm sick and tired of hearing it. So you know what? I'm the hype champion and as hype champion, I have some pull.. I have a say in who I get to defend my title against and I decided that I want to shut you up once and for all.. so you know what? Your match tonight against Shi no Ryu is being changed. Win or lose... I'll give you a shot at my title when we return from Thanksgiving break.. it'll be you and me.. one on one inside of a steel cage.

The crowd cheers wildly at that.

Williams: This way.. there are ZERO excuses.

DefCon: So what's the point of me even wrestling tonight?

Williams: Simple. Just in case the match ends up being a fluke and you win... if Shi no Ryu beats you tonight, he still gets another shot at the title. If it's me. then he'll fight me.. but if you beat me, you MUST make Shi no Ryu your first defense. I think that's a fair trade off considering I'm giving you a free title shot without earning one like everybody else. In the long run though, I think this is totally worth it if the final outcome is shutting you up once and for all.

DefCon: As long as I get to beat you and become champion... I'll accept anything. You're on.

DefCon grinned and walked off as Williams cracked his neck.

Muerte vs Cordova

Before the Match
As both men were about to lock up, the lights in the arena went out. When they came back on, the other three members of The Widow's Nest were in the ring and Black Widow was on the outside Black Widow gave the order and they attacked! All four of them pounded on Cordova. They stomped him down into the canvas until Wolf Spider backed off. The remaining three held up Cordova and let Wolf Spider drill him with the Run with the Wolves! Supaida went up top and nailed the Corkscrew 630.. the State of Euphoria II! Araknis pulled Cordova up and placed him onto his shoulders with a reverse fireman's carry. He hit the Emaceration.. the reverse Death Valley Driver! Finally, Muerte hits the standing Shooting Star Press.. the Dance of the Dead!

Black Widow gets on the apron and signals that's enough. Black Widow grabs a microphone as The Widow's Nest stand side by side with her.

Widow: We are sick of The Natural Athletes denying us a tag team title shot. It started with Dragonborn and now it continues with Cordova. We will continue to come out here and destroy anyone we see fit until The Athletes and Adam Lazarus recognize us as the threat that we are. We will not stop until The Widow's Nest gains tag team gold!

Widow paused

Widow: You all have been warned.

Widow drops the microphone and The Nest leave the ring and head to the back as the referee checks on Cordova.

Winner: Match Never Started
Match Time: 0:00
Match Rating: No Stars

Jack Wallace: The Widow's Nest have sent a clear message here tonight. They are, indeed, a dangerous force to be reckoned with as Cordova just found out..

Jeff Hartman: They have a great point. In fact, if The X Age fails, then The Natural Athletes should stop being selfish and grant them a tag team title match! The Athletes are just afraid of The Nest!

Gabriel Gold is seen walking down a hallway when Jack Dawn stops him in his tracks.

Dawn: I'm willing to bet that you want to gloat over the fact that you won last week.. thinking that it was some high and mighty accomplishment. The fact that you had to cheat to beat me speaks volumes about your ability. You may have lasted longer than me against Jesse Ramey, but against me.. you knew you would have failed again so you had to resort to cheap tricks.

Gold: That's right. I cheated to beat you. You man, bro?

Dawn: Of course I am!

With that, Dawn decked Gold in the face! He clinched Gold and shoved him back first into the wall! Gold slumped down as Dawn rained heavy right hands on his skull!

"Hey hey hey!" yelled numerous voices

Security came rushing out and pulled Jack Dawn off of Gold.

Dawn: LET ME GO! I'll tear him apart!

Security dragged Dawn away as Gold got to his feet.

Gold: It's okay boys.. he's just mad because he knows I'm better!

After hearing that, Dawn broke free from security's grasp and jumped Gold again, knocking him down to the floor. Dawn pummeled away until all of the security force grabbed Dawn and pulled him off. Gold simply sat up and laughed as it took four men to haul Dawn away.

Dawn: This isn't over. I will get my hands on you again. It's only a matter of time!

Gold simply grinned as the scene faded out.

Shi no Ryu vs DefCon

Match Summary
The match started off with DefCon yawning to symbolize the fact that he didn't even have to win tonight to get his title match. The baby got his bottle and in fact, he laid down in the middle of the ring to let Shi no Ryu pin him. Ryu refused to do so, but DefCon kept beckoning him over to get a free win. Ryu told DefCon to stand and fight him like a man, but DefCon sat up and said "I don't even need to wrestle to get what I want.. just end this and get it over with!"

While in the seated position, Ryu hauled off and kicked DefCon in the face! Ryu the made the cover and got the three! DefCon rolled out of the ring, holding his face in pain, but he still smile and yelled out "Thanks!" Winner: Shi no Ryu via Kick to the Face
Match Time: 1:03
Match Rating: No Stars

Jack Wallace: How much lower can DefCon go? He just screwed us all out of a main event because he knew he already had his ticket punched for his title match when we come back from our holiday break

Jeff Hartman: Why would he screw us? He had no reason to wrestle tonight! He's going to be Hype Champion when we get back and he didn't have to do anything to earn it. I would have done the same thing!

Jack Wallace: Well because of this, Shi no Ryu gets another title match and if DefCon wins, Ryu will be his first defense.. that means that DefCon will have to face him and give him a proper match should he win against Brian Williams.

After the Match
The lights in the arena went out before Shi no Ryu could exit the ring. When they came back on, The Widow's Nest were all in the ring. Black Widow was at ringside with a microphone.

Widow: I told you all there would be consequences. I told you there would be destruction until we get what we wanted. We don't care who it is.. we will destroy people on the roster until we get our tag team title rematch!

Widow paused

Widow: GET HIM!

With that, the lights went out AGAIN!

When they come back on...

Jensen Todd is in the ring! He has Shi no Ryu's back! Todd openes up on Wolf Spider and Araknis while Ryu starts to kick away at Supaida and Muerte! It looks like the two of them have the upper hand, but the numbers game is still four on two and eventually the Nest begin to overpower the two of them. All of a sudden, someone from the back runs out..


What in the hell is he doing here!?

St. James slides into the ring and he's on the side of Jensen Todd and Shi no Ryu! St. James clotheslines Muerte over the top rope. Ryu ends up with a Super Kick on Supaida and Supaida is down! Todd whipped Wolf Spider to the ropes and nailed a big Spinebuster on him. This left Araknis along with St. James, Ryu, and Todd. Widow called him back and Araknis went to bail out of the ring, but the three of them attacked and pounded away on Araknis' back!

St. James and Todd held up Araknis and Ryu kicked him in the stomach. He placed Araknis between his legs and lifted him up into the Gory Guerrero Special. He then flipped him over into the Barry White Driver.. the Kokushibyou!

Wolf Spider was getting up to his feet. Todd walked over and placed him into a wrist clutch uranage position. He then took him over with a Sheerdrop Wrist Clutch Exploder... the Lycan Driver!

They notice Supaida staggering up to his feet. St. James measures Supaida up and nails him with a Spinning Heel Kick right to the jaw.. a move his calls the Crimson Dynamo! Supaida dropped to the canvas and rolled to the outside where he flopped down onto the floor. Wolf Spider and Araknis rolled out as well as the four members of The Nest regrouped and were reeling. The three of them stood tall in the center of the ring and stared down the nest as the broadcast comes to a close.