"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Welcome everyone to The Hype! It is a somber feeling around the Hype studios today as we learned of the passing of Jason "Derecho" Roberts. Jason gave us our first jobs in professional wrestling as commentators for his X Wrestling promotion which ran from 1999-2004. We were extremely greatful for that opportunity and we wouldn't be here today, neither would Shayne Anderson, another former employee of his, if it weren't for Jason taking a chance with us. To say that he will sorely be missed, is a massive understatement.

Jeff Hartman: Of course Jason will be missed. That bastard still owed me a final paycheck! Now I'll never see that $25.

Jack Wallace: Wait.. Jason was only paying you $25 a show?

Jeff Hartman: Yeah. He said it was a top fee for broadcasting. Why how much was he paying you?

Jack Wallace: Let's not sweat the details.. we have a show for you tonight and we're doing to start off with our NEW Hype Champion, Sebastian Saje!

"Rescue Me" by Coldrain hit the PA system as the Hype Champion, Sebastian Saje made his way out with the championship over his shoulder. It has been two weeks since we saw Saje take on Ryan in that Underground Iron Man Match and while the bandages have been removed, the battle scars were still there. Saje stepped into the ring and grabbed a microphone from ringside.

"I want to take the opportunity to make my State of the Union address to the Hype lockerroom. I know that my personal issues with Jeremy Ryan turned this place upside down, but now that they are finally settled, I want you all to know that I am happy that I'm the one who ended up as the Hype Champion because I believe in being a fighting champion."

The crowd cheered as Saje nodded in approval

"That is why I don't care who you are. You could be Machida Hood... You could be Nate Quartermaine.. you could be Gabriel Gold... you could even be Dunce Cap. It doesn't matter who you are.. I will accept any and all challengers to prove that I can.. and WILL be the best wrestler on The Hype."


"In fact.. even though I'm two weeks removed from a brutal match and even though I am still banged up and sore.. I want to defend my championship tonight. If any of you want an opportunity, then it's not real hard to find me. I'm standing.... RIGHT... HERE!"

"American Idiot" by Green Day.

The crowd actually popped huge as "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon stepped out from the back with a microphone in his hand. Le Bon had an attitude that you would think would garner boos, but everyone loved him nevertheless.

"I don't know if you partake in the interwebs.. but you should note that I have 20.. that's TWO ZERO Twipo followers now." said Le Bon with a grin.

"I also achieved marsupial victory over Spack Chunders on iNtense." Le Bon nodded quickly with a smile on his face.

"I'm even going steady with your ex-Girlfriend Raevynn!" The crowd laughed and Le Bon looked puzzled by that.

"Hey.. don't be jelly that I've got what everybody else wants" The crowd laughed again as Le Bon refocused on Sebastian Saje

"Actually, that's not true.. there is one thing that don't have that everybody else wants.. and that's a one way ticket off this hell hole called The Hype and the way to do that is to wear that pretty little shiny that you have draped over your shoulder. You said you would take on all challengers.. well.. I'm here to challenge you, Twilight Sparkle.. to a match tonight for that meal ticket on your shoulder.

Le Bon looked straight as Saje.

"hashtag... GET ME OFF THE HYPE" the crowd chanted along with that as Le Bon lowered his fuschia tinted hippy shades.

Sebastian Saje shrugged.

"So be it. You and me.. tonight. Bring your A game because I'm leaving my cell phone in my locker."

Sebastian then held up the Hype Championship as Le Bon nodded and walked to the back. We are then sent back to the broadcast position with the talking heads of The Hype.

Jack Wallace: There you have it, folks. Our main event tonight is going to be Sebastian Saje going one on one with the self proclaimed Rockstar.. Jon Le Bon and the Hype Championship will be on the line.

Jeff Hartman: I love Le Bon.. I really do. He's my favorite out of this entire roster.. and while I would love for him to win and move to the main roster, a part of me doesn't want him to because that means there will be absolutely zero reason for me to be excited about coming to work every Tuesday.

Jack Wallace: I'm sitting right here, you know.

Jeff Hartman: Yeah.. and I'm sitting right here, too. What's your point?

Jack Wallace: Nevermind.. let's just send it down to the ring for our opening contest.

"Sky High" Latrell Samuel vs Ryan Raysor

Match Summary
Latrell and Ryan locked up in the middle of the ring, but immediately Ryan broke the lock up and rolled to the outside. Latrell knows all about Ryan trying to take every opportunity that he can get so he follows him to the outside. Ryan rolls into the ring and hits the ropes. As Latrell tried to roll in, Ryan hits a baseball slide that knocks Latrell back against the barricades. Ryan screams at the referee to start a ten count. The referee doesn't even get to three before Latrell is back in the ring. Ryan backs off not wanting any trouble from Latrell. Ryan gets backed into the corner and Latrell swings, but Ryan ducks underneath and then slaps Latrell across the face. Latrell no sells it and Ryan backs off again. Swing and a miss by Latrell and Ryan uses this opportunity to use a schoolboy, but he has a fist full of tights. Latrell kicks out, but it's after the hand slapped the mat for the third time! Ryan then rolled out of the ring and jumped up and down as the opportunity struck again!

Winner: Ryan Raysor via Pinfall
Match Time: 4:31
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Ryan Raysor slipped through the fingers of Latrell Samuel once again. Ryan Raysor has proven that he will do anything to win a match.

Jeff Hartman: People can say he's scared, but it's all a ploy. Ryan Raysor could possibly be the smartest wrestler on The Hype! Look at how many wins he has versus the effort! People should be taking notes and lessons from this guy!

Michael Donavan is seen walking through the halls and the people cheer. Donavan is then stopped in his tracks when his very own theme song, "Demon Cleaner" by Kyuss goes off on his phone. The crowd chuckled a bit at that as Donavan answered the phone after checking the Caller ID on it.

"I had a feeling you were going to call soon." said Donavan

A brief moment passed and Donavan lit up a grin.

"So you'll be here within the hour, eh? Looking forward to it.

Donavan then turned his phone off and placed it in his pocket. He then continued his way down the hallway with a grin on his face.

Jack Wallace: Who could be here within the hour? Is is the same person that Michael Donavan was talking to last week?

The scene faded to black.

Vogue Gonsalvez vs Alyssa Corliss

Match Summary
Vogue and Corliss locked up in the middle of the ring. Vogue then controlled the head of Corliss early on, bringing her down to the mat and keeping her grounded. Alyssa eventually battled back to her feet and broke free. She then took Vogue down with a pair of clotheslines and a headscissors. Vogue rolled to the outside and Corliss hit a Vaulting Body Press and took Vogue down. They recovered and brawled around ringside until the referee got to eight, then they both rolled back in. Vogue took advantage and hit a kick to the stomach and then an enzugiri. She went up top, but Corliss met her. Vogue, however, back elbowed Corliss off the top rope and then hit the En Vogue, the sky twister moonsault for the three.

Winner: Vogue Gonsalvez via En Vogue
Match Time: 6:55
Match Rating: **1/2

Jack Wallace: Vogue Gonsalvez picks up another victory here on The Hype. She's been very impressive so far. If she keeps this up, she may get a spot on the main roster sooner than any other Hype Starlet.

Jeff Hartman: Well, she was wrestling Alyssa Corliss.. she's already used to getting beat.

Jack Wallace: Did you REALLY just go there?

Jeff Hartman: You heard it, didn't you? No need to ask for confirmation.

After the Match
As Alyssa got back up to her feet, holding her stomach, Raevynn ran out from the backstage area and slid into the ring where she nailed a lariat from behind, knocking Corliss down to the canvas. Raevynn then stomped away on Corliss to boos from the crowd. She then pulled Corliss up to her feet and kicked her in the mid-section. She then ran to the ropes, came back, and nailed the La Mistica.. the Minutes to Midnight.

"He's MINE, you BITCH" yelled Raevynn as she stood over the fallen body of Alyssa Corliss. Raevynn then exited the ring and headed to the back as Alyssa writhed in pain on the canvas.

Jeff Hartman: Don't worry, Alyssa's used to it.

Jack Wallace: OH SHUT UP.

Magma is backstage with Donny Layne.

"You know, I took out two people last time on The Hype... TWO. By myself. Something that Seraph can't do without the help of others. I came here and I said that I was the true monster of The Hype and I think I made a believer out of many already."

With that, Seraph stepped into view and got in the face of Magma. Seraph just stared into Magma's eyes and then walked away. Donny Layne then brought the microphone up to his lips.

"Well, tonight, I know that Seraph also has a handicap match. What are your thoughts on that?

Magma chuckled.

"After looking into his eyes, I can see nothing but failure. This ought to be fun to watch. Excuse me.

Magma then walked off as he followed in the same direction as Seraph.

Seraph vs West Texas Terrorists

Match Summary:
Seraph started off with Eli Conway. They locked up and Seraph shoved Eli back. Eli got back up and locked up with a Seraph a second time, but Seraph, again, shoved Eli back. Eli then tagged in Ezra and Ezra charged Seraph who clotheslined him so hard, he twisted inside out. Seraph then hit several power moves on Ezra and let out a bestial roar to the crowd. Eli came in to try and save Ezra, but Seraph grabbed Eli and tossed him to the outside. All of a sudden, Jackson Cross and Machida Hood ran out from the backstage area and got up on the ring apron with a distraction. Ezra then rolled up Seraph from behind and got the three count!!! Seraph couldn't believe it as Ezra high tailed it out of the ring.

Winner : West Texas Terrorists via Roll Up
Match Length : 7:44
Match Rating : **

Jack Wallage: "Cross the Hood caused a distraction and gave the West Texas Terrorists a victory here tonight. We know that Cross the Hood has held a victory over Seraph in the past, but why would they choose now to get under his skin?"

Jeff Hartman: "Why not? Cross the Hood is trying to assert their dominance!"

After the Match
Cross the Hood enter the ring and try to double team Seraph. They pound away at him before he could get back to his feet, but Seraph shoved Hood away and then grabbed Cross by the neck. He lifted Cross up and nailed the Sit Out Chokeslam... the Divine Destruction on him!

Before Seraph could get back to his feet, Hood hit a Yakuza Kick to Serpah's head. Hood then pounded away on Seraph, but Seraph gripped Hood by the neck as well. Magma then ran out from the back and slid into the ring behind Seraph where he didn't see him. Hood did, however, and kicked Seraph between the legs with a low blow. Seraph let go of Hood's neck and Hood dropped down and rolled out of the ring, pulling Cross out as well. Magma spun Seraph around and hooked him in a butterfly. He then nailed the Tiger Bomb.. the Volcanism.. and laid out Seraph in the middle of the ring!

Magma grinned as he left the ring, satisfied that he left Seraph laid out.

Jack Dawn is seen backstage warming up in his ring gear. All of a sudden, there's a chair shot straigh to his back!


Dawn fell to his knees as Prince Samir stepped into view with Kareem. Samir handed the steel chair to Kareem who slammed it as hard as he could into Dawn's back. Dawn fell forward against the floor. Samir grinned as he knelt down next to Dawn.

"Nobody disrespects royalty. I didn't come from a successful Indian heritage just to have it tarnished by a lowly peasant such as yourself. That's fine though, because next week, right on the Hype... I.. no WE are going to teach you the meaning of respect because you will face myself and Kareem in a handicap match."

Samir then grabbed the chair from Kareem and..


Samir hit another chairshot over the back of Jack Dawn. Samir smirked as he and Kareem slowly walked away as Dawn remained there on the floor in pain.

Gabriel Gold vs Michael Donavan

Match Summary:
Gold started off by taking it to Michael Donavan, showing off his speed and striking ability. He got Donavan backed into a corner where he lit him up with a series of knife edge chops. Gold went for a corner dropkick, but Donavan moved out of the way and then took over hitting a few power moved on Gold to swing the momentum back into his favor. Donavan grabbed Gold and then tossed him across the ring with a biel before he readied himself for when Gold got back to his feet. Once Gold stood, Donavan hit a kick and went for the Phantom Driver, but Gold back body dropped him to counter. As Donavan got back up, Gold leapt to the ropes and sprung off of them. In an amazing display of athleticism, Gold grabbed Donavan's arm on the way down and slammed him into the canvas with the Flying Armbar, right into a submission hold. Donavan was in the center of the ring when he couldn't hold on anymore and tapped!

Winner : Grabriel Gold via Gabriel Gold Wins!
Match Length : 11:32
Match Rating : ***

Jack Wallage: "Gabriel Gold picked up a very impressive upset victory here today. The crowd may not have liked it, but Gold sure put on a performance."

Jeff Hartman: "He is the true gold standard of The Hype and before you make a stupid comment, it's not a pun.. it's the truth."

After the Match
Brian Williams ran out from the back and slid into the ring. He grabbed Gold and spun him around so they were face to face. Williams grabbed Gold in a waist lock and nailed a belly to belly overhead release suplex! He quickly rushed over to Gold as he was getting back up and placed him between his legs. He then nailed a Cradle Piledriver.. The Downfall.. on Gold causing him to hold his neck in pain as he rolled out of the ring and collapsed against the barricades. Williams then leaned over the top rope and shouted..


Gold popped himself against the barricades in pain as Williams exited the ring and headed to the back. Gold looked on in disgust, but he was in too much pain to do anything about it.

Xin Xin Xiong and Desiree are seen back at the training facility. Desiree is already sweaty as it looks as if she had another rough training day. Hanging in the middle of the ring was a huge punching bag. X3 then began his instruction.

"If there is one thing I was known for.. it was my ability to strike. Today, I'm going to teach you how to use kicks, chops, and other various strikes as they are quick... have a pretty high impact.. and can turn the tide of a match around very quickly. Given your size and frame, you should be able to pull these off quickly. If you can get the precision down, you can shape yourself into a dangerous opponent." Desiree nodded and looked ready.. even though she looked as if she were ready to collapse from exhaustion.

"The first strike is the front kick. It looks like this."

Xiong then unleashed a heavy front kick to the punching back. The impact caused an loud echo throughout the training center. The bag also swayed from the impact. Xiong grabbed the bag to stabilize it.

"Now I want you to try.

Desiree then took a similar stance and kicked the bag. The impact was not as loud and the bag barely moved.

"Don't be afraid to put your might behind the kick. This bag is your opponent. This bag wants to defeat you. This bag would love nothing more than to see you fail. Show the bag.. show your OPPONENT that you will not go down.

Desiree then hauled of and kicked the bag to the point where it matched X3's kick! X3 then held the bag in place.

"Excellent. I'm going to hold this bag down. I want you to kick this bag just like you did, 100 times.. and try not to kick me.

Desiree then began her 100 kicks.. with each one, X3 shouted encouragement at her and it only feuled her.

The scene then faded to black.

Nate Quartermaine vs Jeremy Ryan

Match Summary:
Nate and Ryan locked up in the middle of the ring. Ryan twisted Nate's arm and elbowed him in the shoulder. He then took Nate down to the canvas and applied a Fujiwara Arm Bar, but before he could fully set it in, Nate rolled Ryan over for a close two count in the opening seconds of the match. Ryan looked like he was about to lose it, but he calmed down and locked up with Nate once again. Nate had the head lock this time and he took Ryan down, but Ryan got free and went to the ropes, but Nate pulled him back into a clothesline. Ryan slammed his fist on the canvas in rage, but calmed down once again, but Nate kicked in him in the stomach when he was wide open and began to pummel him with rights. Nate then sent Ryan off to the ropes, but Ryan reversed it and pulled Nate up onto his shoulders where he spun him into the Perfect Circle.. the fireman's carry into the spinebuster. Ryan aggresively made the cover with the leg hooked, got the three, then shoved Nate's leg away with force.

Winner : Jeremy Ryan via Perfect Circle
Match Length : 3:12
Match Rating : *3/4

Jack Wallage: "That was a quick match. It looked as if Jeremy Ryan was a bit unstable, though."

Jeff Hartman: "I would be too if I lost my chance at the Hype Championship.. and my woman.. and my pride... and my spot in the rankings.. and my..."

Jack Wallace: "Might want to tone it down in case he hears you."

After the Match
Jeremy Ryan grabs a microphone and then helps Nate Quartermaine up to his feet.

"Hey, sorry for being a bit rough.. I know the match wasn't as good as it could have been, but I'm trying to turn over a new leaf. I just want to say, I'm sorry and no hard feelings"

Ryan extended his hand to Quartermaine. Nate looked at it and then grasped in a handshake. Ryan then pulled Nate up onto his shoulders and slammed him down with another Perfect Circle! The people booed as Ryan picked his microphone back up again.


Ryan dropped the microphone and stormed out of the ring and to the backstage area.

"Antinotice" by AKIAKANE hit the PA system. The screen was filled with static. It looked like a highly distorted insect could be seen jumped up on the screen. After a few second of the opening of the song, the screen ignites in fire and the static is gone. What is left is a Dragonfly on the screen with the following words:

"Dragonfly" Amber Ryann
Next Week

Sebastian Saje (c) vs "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon

Match Summary
Saje and Le Bon made their entrances as Le Bon looked ready to compete. The bell rang and Le Bon immediately circled Saje. Feeling that Le Bon's intentions were true, he locked up with him. Saje went for a side head lock, but Le Bon reversed it into a hammerlock and then slapped the back of Saje's head and shoved him away. Saje charged in, but Le Bon flipped him with hip toss into an arm bar. They continued to chain wrestle until Saje hit a shoulder block that put Le Bon down and then placed him back into a side head lock.

The fans actually rallied behind Le Bon in this one as he fought back to his feet and countered with a back drop suplex. Le Bon went up top and went for a flying elbow, but missed! Le Bon staggered to his feet and Saje went for Lights Out, but Le Bon grabbed Saje and dumped him over the top rope to the floor! Le Bon then flipped to the outside and took Saje down once again! Le Bon REALLY wanted off The Hype!

They brawled around ringside a bit with Le Bon getting the upper hand. When the referee got to nine, Le Bon rolled in and back out to reset the count. They continued to brawl until Saje got the upper hand and whipped Le Bon into the steps and even got booed for doing so! Saje rolled Le Bon back into the ring and then went up top. Frog Splash missed and Le Bon rolled Saje up for a very close two.

Le Bon measured Saje up and went for the Rockstar Stunner, but Saje shoved him off. Saje then went for Lights Out, but Le Bon shoved him onto his back! Bridge pin got two as the two of them bridged up. Backslide attempt by Le Bon which got two, but Saje rolled to his feet and kicked Le Bon in the head and nailed Lights Out and picked up the three to a shockingly pissed off crowd!

Winner: Sebastian Saje via Lights Out
Match Length: 22:37
Match Rating: ****3/4

Jack Wallace; I'm shocked! Jon Le Bon wrestled a near five star match for over 20 minutes and came very close to The Hype Championship. Call him crazier than a pet coon, but could Jon Le Bon have actual true wrestling talent!?

Jeff Hartman: YES! I'm happy Le Bon lost.. that means he will still be here on The Hype and I have something to look forward to every time I come to work!!

Jack Wallace: I'm STILL right here, you know.

Jeff Hartman: And I STILL don't care

Post Match
As Sebastian Saje was celebrating in the middle of the ring, all the lights in the arena went out. The crowd clammored with excitement as random people could be heard talking about the black out.

After a few moments had passed, all of the lights in the arena came back on and the crowd exploded!



Sayber is staring down Sebastian Saje in the middle of the ring and he has his eyes focused on the Hype Championship!

Jack Wallace: It's been almost two months! Sayber was injured back on Warriors 16 as he contested the then Underground Champion, the late Jason Roberts. Sayber was put out of action with a concussion and was forced to be stripped of the Hype Championship! Now he's back and he's staring down Sebastian Saje in the middle of the ring!!

The Hype then faded to black with that image of Sayber and Saje face to face!