"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're taken inside the RingRats Academy where some pyro goes off on the main stage! The camera pans around the small, but quaint arena as the jOlt fans cheer!

Jack Wallace: “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to jOlt Hype! We are here in the RingRats Academy to bring you the second edition of The Hype!

Jeff Hartman: “So, in other words, if your brain survived week one, congratulations and welcome to week two.”

Jack Wallace: “My name is Jack Wallace and this little ball of excitement over here is Jeff Hartman”

Jeff Hartman: “Well at least I was named a specific object this week. Last week you called me a thing”

Jack Wallace: “And speaking of last week, here’s what went down!”

A video package displays which shows Sayber picking up a win over Michael Donavan and then Donavan challenging him to a rematch for this week. Machida Hood and Jackson Cross picked up a win over Nate Quartermaine after his partner Prince Samir left him alone in the ring. After the match, Cross the Hood cut a promo and put the locker room on notice only to be attacked by The Widow’s Nest. Sebastian Saje introduced himself to Raevynn, but apparently that didn’t go over so well. In fact, thoughts of the interaction cost her a match against Alyssa Corliss. Corliss wished Saje luck to which he got slapped by Raevynn when he tried to apologize. Seraph made a huge impact by squashing Ryan Raysor in his debut while Prince Samir introduced his bodyguard Kareem when Nate Quartermaine demanded answers from him. Finally, Sebastian Saje picked up the win in last week’s main event by defeating “Picture Perfect” Jack Dawn!

Jack Wallace: What a debut we had last week, now let’s send it backstage where we understand Cross the Hood has something to say!

================================================== ===========

Machida Hood and Jackson Cross are in, what appears to be, an equipment storage room. Cross paces back and forth as Machida Hood looks pissed.

“Last week, we put tha whole locka room on notice! An’ what happens? A buncha fuckin’ arachnids come out and jump the two baddest men on tha entire Hype roster. Boys… we from the streets of Brooklyn. We know how shit go down and what needs ta be done when shit goes down. You just stirred yourselves up a whole heap of trouble, son.”

Cross stopped pacing as he looked into the camera.

“Tonight.. it’s throw down time. My partner Machida and I are layin’ it out there. Meet us in the ring and face us like men and we’ll see what happens to yall boys.”

Cross and Hood walk off.

Jack Wallace: The challenge has been laid out! Cross the Hood want The Widow’s Nest here tonight!

================================================== ===========

Raevynn vs Faith Hines

Match Summary:
Raevynn opened up on Faith Hines and took her down to the canvas. She then pummeled Hines with fists in an angry fit of rage, but Hines was able to get Raevynn off of her. Hines mounted a comeback and put down Raevynn with a few quick strikes. Hines then grabbed Raevynn and dropped her with a brainbuster in the middle of the ring and then signaled for the end. Sebastian Saje came out to ringside and started slapping the ring apron and shouted words of encouragement to Raevynn. Raevynn saw Saje and screamed at him to leave her alone. She turned around and was met with a kick to the stomach and then nailed with a butterfly DDT… a move she called No Faith in Humanity. Hines made the cover and hooked the leg and got the three!

Jack Wallace: Sebastian Saje came out to cheer on Raevynn, perhaps to try and make up for the misunderstanding from last week, but instead, he ended up being a distraction which cost her the match!

Jeff Hartman: If he has to put that much effort to get inside a woman’s pants.. he’s doing it wrong

Jack Wallace: I don’t think that’s his intention Jeff. Not every man thinks like you do.

Jeff Hartman: And that’s why the human race is flawed.

Winner: Faith Hines via No Faith in Humanity (Butterfly DDT)
Match Time: 4:14
Match Rating: **

================================================== ===========

Post Match
Sebastian Saje grabbed a microphone from ringside as Raevynn sat up in the middle of the ring and held the back of her neck. Saje stepped into the ring and approached Raevynn.

“Raevynn.. I’m sorry. I thought we got off on the wrong foot last week so I came out here to try and encourage you in your match. I see that all I ended up being was a distraction and it cost you. I hope you can forgive me.”

Raevynn grabbed the microphone right out of Saje’s hands.

“Look… you never knew me before coming here and I want that to continue that way. Don’t treat me as a person who exists. Pretend I don’t exist and we’ll both be happy!”

Raevynn then threw the microphone at Saje. Saje covered up as it struck him rather harshly. Raevynn then stormed out of the ring as Saje just stood there.

================================================== ===========

Match 2
Nate Quartermaine vs Ryan Raysor

Match Summary:
These two flyweights opened up with an amazing opening exchange that ended up in a standoff and a round of applause from the crowd. Raysor flipped the crowd off and they booed him for that. Even a chant of “We Want Seraph” started up which Raysor covered his ears on. This allowed Quartermaine to take advantage and gain the upper hand. Quartermaine had Raysor down as he ascended the turnbuckle pads and took aim for No Quarter.. a top rope senton, but Prince Samir and Kareem came out from the back and Samir shoved Quartermaine off the top rope and down to the floor! This prompted the bell to ring and the match to end! Samir grinned as Kareem kept a watchful eye. Both of them retreated to the back.

Jack Wallace: Nate Quartermaine will take the win via disqualification here tonight, but I’m sure Quartermaine would have loved to have gotten the pinfall instead.

Jeff Hartman: Prince Samir had every right to do that. Nate Quartermaine disrespected him last week. He needed to be taught a lesson!

Winner: Nate Quartermaine via Disqualification
Match Time: 7:16
Match Rating: **1/2

================================================== ===========

Sebastian Saje is seen walking to the locker room when he came across Jeremy Ryan.

“Hey! I don’t know what you’re trying to do with Raevynn, but you need to stay away from my girl!”

Saje looked at Ryan with a puzzled look on his face.

“What are you talking about?”, asked Saje.

Ryan stepped up to Saje and got in his face

“I’m talking about Alyssa Corliss. I saw the video. You walked to the ring and she winked at you. The same way she winks at me. You must have said something to her, didn’t you?”

Before Saje could answer.

“What? Is one girl not enough for a pretty boy like yourself? You have to go around and steal other people’s girlfriends, too?”

Saje tried to answer, but Ryan decked him in the face.

“I’m not interested in your excuses. You’re going to get much worse if you come near her again.”

Ryan stormed away as Saje held his face.

“What the hell is with this place?” Saje said as the scene faded to black.

================================================== ===========

Match 3
Dunce Cap vs “Picture Perfect” Jack Dawn

Match Summary:
Dunce Cap was exactly as his name implied. Each time he tied up with Jack Dawn, he went into a few comedy spots that entertained the crowd. Dawn eventually couldn’t put up with it anymore and laid him out with a clothesline. Dawn gained control of the match, but Dunce Cap turned serious and began to lay in the offense with some stiff strikes that cause Dawn off guard. Dunce Cap went up top for a cross body block, but Dawn countered in mid-air with a drop kick. He then pulled Dunce Cap up onto his shoulders and spun him out into a sit out faceplant that he called the Photo Finish. Dawn hooked the leg and picked up the three!

Jack Wallace: Dunce Cap is sure quite the character. Perhaps he should have taken Jack Dawn a bit more seriously. Then he would have picked up the win.

Jeff Hartman: I have no idea what Dunce Cap is supposed to be, but so far, he’s living up to his name. The guy is a freakin’ idiot!

Winner: “Picture Pefect” Jack Dawn via Photo Finish (Sit Out Fireman’s Carry Face Buster)
Match Time: 8:54
Match Rating: **3/4

================================================== ===========

Match 4
Cross the Hood vs The Widow’s Nest

Match Summary:
The entire nest came out, but it was Supaida and Muerte who would take up the challenge. Black Widow, Wolf-Spider, and Araknis stayed at ringside as the match ensued. Hood started out with Muerte and the two of them went back and forth. Muerte began to get the upper hand, but Hood raked the eyes and tagged in Cross. Cross came in, but Muerte had made it to his corner and tagged in Supaida. The two of them went at it and it was back and forth, but Cross started to lose momentum. Hood came in and evened it out with a couple of double team moves to Supaida. They looked to finish him off when the rest of the Widow’s Nest hit the ring and caused a disqualification. They all ganged up on Cross the Hood and left them laying for the second week in a row. Without saying a word, they left.

Jack Wallace: I can imagine that Machida Hood and Jackson Cross are not going to be happy about this. I have a feeling that this one is far from over.

Jeff Hartman: Let’s just hope they keep the unregistered guns at home.

Jack Wallace: Because that’s not profiling or anything.

Jeff Hartman: Hey.. if you don’t want to be a stereotype.. stop being stereotypical!

Winner: Cross the Hood via Disqualification
Match Time: 11:09
Match Rating: ***

================================================== ===========

We see a split screen of Sayber and Michael Donavan warming up and walking to the ring.

Jack Wallace: The challenge has been accepted. The rematch is next and it is your main event!

================================================== ===========

Sayber vs Michael “Phantom” Donavan

Match Summary:
Just like last week, these two started off with a can-you-top-this style of one upsmanship. It looked like neither man had the upper hand in this match, but they continued to bust out some innovative maneuvers. Eventually, Sayber gained control and hit a wind up uranage slam on Donavan and then took to the turnbuckles. Sayber went for a twisting shooting star press, but found nobody home! Donavan then grabbed Sayber and hoisted him onto his shoulders. From there, he lifted him up and twisted him into a sit out powerbomb! Rather than going for the cover, Donavan stood up and brought Sayber back to his feet. He placed him between his legs and butterflied the arms. He lifted him up into a double underhook piledriver position, but before he dropped him, he lifted Sayber up slightly and then snapped it into the move! He called that the Phantom Driver! He made the cover and got the three!

Jack Wallace: Good GOD what a wrestling match! One of the best I’ve seen in a long time! This week, Michael Donavan picked up the win! One must wonder if there will be a rubber match between these two!

Jeff Hartman: The chick behind me from last week had a rubber match with me after the show!

Jack Wallace: And with that note.. I think it’s time to bid you all farewell before Jeff gets us kicked off the air rather than signing off voluntarily. From the RingRats Academy, we’re saying see you next week!

Winner: Michael Donavan via Phantom Driver (Snap Double Underhook Piledriver)
Match Time: 27:46
Match Rating: ****1/2