"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen… we are BACK with another great week of action here on The Hype! I am your host Jack Wallace, and slothing beside me is the amorphous contraceptive sponge of humanity.. Jeff Hartman.

Jeff Hartman: Just for that introduction, I want you to sniff a line of Drano and cannonball yourself off of an overpass.

Jack Wallace: Things have been heating up here as of late.. so while I prepare to do cannonballs into oncoming traffic, let’s revisit the events of last week!

Jeff Hartman: Are you serious!? I’ll be rid of you finally!?

Jack Wallace: No.

Jeff Hartman: Fu..

Before Hartman could finish saying that, the audio switched to the recap.

Last week
We saw Cross the Hood team up with Seraph and main roster member Harbinger to take on The Widow’s Nest, but a miscommunication led to Seraph and Harbinger butting heads which ended up as a loss for the makeshift team. Nate Quartermaine was set to take on Prince Samir when Samir stated that his bodyguard Kareem would compete instead. Kareem made short work of Quartermaine as Samir relished in the aftermath.

Sebastian Saje tried to teach Ryan Raysor a thing about respect, but Jeremy Ryan devastated Saje before the match happened. That didn’t stop Raysor from coming out and picking up a free win, however. The evening was capped off by an amazing 60 Minute Iron Man Match between Sayber and Michael Donavan. These two showed the essence of competition. It came down to a Phantom Driver in the final moments of the match for Donavan to win it with a score of 1-0.

And that brings us to this week!

Ryan Raysor walked into the arena with a grin on his face.

“Now that I have a win under my belt.. I think I might need to find me some concubines to make me a sandwhich”

Raysor went to turn a corner when he was stopped by “Picture Perfect” Jack Dawn. Raysor grinned and tried to move past, but Dawn put his hand into the chest of Ryan Raysor and thrust him against the wall with force.

“Going somewhere?” asked Dawn. Raysor looked into his eyes and saw a look of seriousness.

“After last week’s stunt you pulled on Sebastian Saje, I don’t think you’ve earned the right to walk around back here free as can be. That doesn’t sit well with me one bit. So tonight… I’m going to do what Saje couldn’t do because of outside interference.. and that’s teach you some respect. After one month of being here… get ready for your first real match.”

Dawn let him go and walked away as the crowd cheered in the background. Raysor looked on with a worried look on his face.

Sebastian Saje wasn’t dressed to compete tonight. Instead, he was in his locker room as he watched the footage from last week’s attack over and over. He was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Come in” stated Saje

Alyssa Corliss came in and looked on at Saje who sported a few cuts and bruises on his face. He was obviously pretty banged up.

“Look… I don’t know if I can find the right words.. but I just want to let you know how sorry I am. If I had never said anything to you… none of this would have…”

Saje cut her off.

“Hey… you don’t have to apologize. There was no way of knowing it would have come to this. The fact that it has means two things. The first is that we can’t change what happened and we have to accept it and the second is what we can change is how all of this will end. I know he’s your boyfriend… but I am going to put a permanent end to Jeremy Ryan.”

Alyssa cleared her throat.

“He’s…. not my boyfriend any longer. Not after I saw him for his true self. As a matter of fact… I was kind of wondering if maybe you would…”

Alyssa’s voice got quieter as she stated that sentence, but she stopped herself.

“Nevermind… it’s not that important. Good luck in your match tonight.. I’ll be cheering you on!”

Alyssa then left the locker room and closed the door behind her. She then propped herself against the door and let out a sigh

“I’m an idiot” she muttered as she walked away. Off in the distance, Raevynn looked on with a not so happy look on her face.

Match 1
Seraph vs Dunce Cap

Match Summary
Seraph gained control of this match very early on. It appeared that last week’s loss really affected him. Dunce Cap didn’t even have a chance as Seraph drilled him with the Divine Destruction mere moments into the match.

Jack Wallace: Wow.. Seraph came out here and released some of that rage tonight.

Jeff Hartman: Masturbation would have probably been better.

Jack Wallace: With comments like that, I have an urgency to update my resume.

Winner: Seraph via Divine Destruction
Match Time: 1:14
Match Rating: *

Seraph came through the curtain fresh off his match when he was handed a note by the stage hand. He took one look at it and crumpled it up. With the crumpled note in his fist, he punched a nearby locker and caved the door in! Seraph continued to walk away.

In Ring
Jackson Cross and Machida Hood came down to the ring with microphones in hand. The music died down as Hood brought the mic to his lips.

“Ta’night… we make a statement. Ta’night.. we’re gonna show The Widow’s Nest that we ain’t even close ta bein’ done. Nah, son.” Stated Hood.

“That’s right, brotha. Harbinger and Seraph may not have worked out too well, if ya get what I mean.. but now, we’ve got two more boys willin’ ta help us out. These boys know all about competition. Next week.. we gonna see you all right here in this ring. Y’all will find out who our new boys are. We gonna put an end to this shit for good!” Stated Cross.

Cross and Hood both exited the ring, but as they did, The Widow’s Nest appeared on stage. Cross and Hood didn’t seem to care as they charged straight into The Nest. They began to brawl with the them, but their numbers were too much. Sayber and Michael Donavan came out from the back and began to even it up! Their presence caused The Widow’s Nest to scatter through the crowd. Sayber and Donavan helped up Cross and Hood.

“Looks like we didn’t have to wait til’ next week”, said Hood. “These our boys right here!”

Match 2

Nate Quartermaine vs Kareem

Match Summary
Prince Samir watched from ringside as Quartermaine took it to Kareem. It didn’t take long for the weapons to get involved as Quartermaine brought a kendo stick into the ring and lit up Kareem with it! Quartermaine had Kareem down and then wanted a piece of Samir. Quartermaine went to the outside and chased Samir around the ring. Samir slid in and Quartermaine gave chase. Kareem then clotheslined Quartermaine down to the canvas hard! Samir slid out and ordered Kareem to finish it, but when Kareem went to pick him up, Nate picked his kendo stick back up and jammed the handle of it into Kareem’s face! Kareem went down as Nate went up top with quickness! He leapt off with No Quarter.. the top rope senton and connected! He covered and got the three, much to the shock of Prince Samir!

Jack Wallace: Samir’s plan backfired! Nate Quartermaine picked up the win and now Samir is all alone!


Winner: Nate Quartermaine via No Quarter
Match Time: 6:54
Match Rating: ** ¼

Post Match
Quartermaine slid out of the ring as Samir took off. Without a bodyguard, Samir wanted no part of Quartermaine. Nate chased him to the backstage area.

Alyssa Corliss is in her locker room getting ready for her match when her now ex-boyfriend, Jeremy Ryan stepped in.

“You’re not leaving for your match until you say that you’ll continue to go out with me. You better make a decision quick otherwise it’s going to be a long night.”

Alyssa had a look of fear and then screamed out…


Jeremy Ryan took a step outside and grabbed a security guard who is bleeding profusely from the nose.

“What… you mean him? I don’t think he’s in any shape to… “save” you. As for your new boy toy… Sebastian Saje is on the other side of this arena in his locker room.. licking the very wounds I gave him. No one is here to save you, Alyssa so let me make myself clear once again.”

Ryan tossed the security guard aside and got uncomfortably close to Alyssa.

“Say that you’re my girlfriend… or you will spend the rest of your life regretting it.”

At that moment, Raevynn came in and cracked a chair over the back of Jeremy Ryan!!! Jeremy collapsed to the floor as Raevynn grabbed Alyssa by the hand and took her out of her dressing room. Ryan laid there in pain and disgust.

Match 3
Ryan Raysor vs “Picture Perfect” Jack Dawn

Match Summary
Raysor started out the match running away from Dawn. He played the cat and mouse game as he waited for an opening. Raysor dipped out of the ring and then slid back in as he lure Dawn along. When Dawn slid in, Raysor took his opportunity and hit a low drop kick. He then pulled Dawn to his feet and whipped him into the ropes, but Dawn came back with a big time lariat! Dawn gained control from here and looked to grab a win, but Raysor hit a low blow in front of the referee and then high tailed it out of the ring! The referee called for the bell as Raysor pointed to his head as if he believed he outsmarted Jack Dawn!

Jack Wallace: How typical. He stole a win, but couldn’t get one on his own.. so he used a cheap tactic to save it for another day. How is he supposed to earn respect if he keeps doing that?

Jeff Hartman: You don’t see the sheer brilliance in this! He’s picking his spots! It’s not cowardice.. it’s genius!

Winner: Jack Dawn via Disqualification
Match Time: 7:32
Match Rating: **

Raevynn was seen with Alyssa in a secluded area.

“Thank you for saving me.. but I can’t stay. I have a match next.”

Raevynn shook her head.

“You almost had something horrible happen to you and all you can think about is your match? You have more problems to deal with than your match, Alyssa. Take the night off. If you go out there, then Jeremy will know where you are. You think he’ll just stand back here quietly? You saw what he did to Sebastian. You want that to happen to you? Don’t think for one moment he’s above doing something like that to you.”

Alyssa nodded.

“you’re right… but what about my match?” asked Alyssa.

Raevynn sighed.

“Guess it can’t be helped… I’ll take your place. That way the higher ups don’t get pissed that a televised match was cancelled on them. Just stay here”

“Thanks, Raevynn” muttered Alyssa.

Raevynn got up and walked away as Alyssa sat there in the dark

Match 4
Raevynn vs Faith Hines

Match Summary
The two of them locked it up in the center of the ring. Raevynn didn’t look like she was into the match all that much as Faith easily took the upper hand. This continued until Alyssa came out from the back and slapped the ring apron. She wanted to know what Raevynn was doing since she was supposed to be representing her in this match. Raevynn then grinned and hit the canvas. Faith Hines had no idea what to make of it, but like anyone would, she made the cover and hooked the leg and got the three! Faith rolled out of the ring and patted Alyssa on the back, shrugged, then walked away. Raevynn sat up and was laughing in the middle of the ring.

Jack Wallace: What the hell was this? Raevynn gave little to no effort in the ring then literally laid down for Faith Hines! Sebastian was right.. she’s whacked out in the head!

Jeff Hartman: I dig crazy chicks. I’m going to get her number after the show!

Winner: Faith Hines via Pinfall
Match Time: 4:11
Match Rating: **

Post Match
Alyssa rolled into the ring and confronted Raevynn. Raevynn stood and then slapped Alyssa across the face!! As Alyssa staggered back, Raevynn got a running start and went into a headscissors and right into Minutes to Midnight!

Raevynn then grabbed a microphone.

“I told you in the back that you had other things to worry about. Those other things are ME, Alyssa. I’m not going to let you ruin my life… I won’t let that happened again!”

Raevynn threw the microphone down and exited the ring as Alyssa laid there in the center. Raevynn cracked an evil grin as she walked to the back.

Jack Wallace: Ruin her life? What the hell is Raevynn talking about?

Jeff Hartman: Time to go get her number. I’m sure a night with me is all she needs.

Jack Wallace: That wouldn't ruin her life, but it sure would scar her for life… anyway.. we’re out of time. We’ll catch you here next week on The Hype!