"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to jOlt Hype! We are here in the RingRats Academy to bring you the fourth edition of The Hype and I’m sure my broadcast partner, Jeff Hartman, has a demeaning remark for all of you concerning that!

Jeff Hartman: “I’m just surprised I’m still alive. I hear boredom can cause death. Three weeks of it and surviving means I have the genes of a Greek God”

Jack Wallace: “I… really have no comeback for that…”

Jeff Hartman: “That means you don’t deny it!”

Jack Wallace: “Before this turns into something that shouldn’t be… let’s take a look at what happened on The Hype last week!”

Last Week
Sebastian Saje and Raevynn fail at creating a friendship, Prince Samir loses to Seraph thanks to Nate Quartermaine, Sebastian Saje receives advice from Alyssa Corliss, Michael Donavan challenged Sayber to a 60 minute Iron Man Match for tonight, Cross the Hood vow to seek out The Widow’s Nest, Alyssa Corliss defeats Faith Hines, Jeremy Ryan confronts Sebastian Saje about Alyssa being in his locker room earlier, Cross the Hood and The Widow’s Nest get into an all out brawl in the ring, and Sebastian Saje defeats Ryan Raysor by DQ when he’s attacked by Jeremy Ryan. Ryan Raysor also snapped and attacked Sebastian Saje!

Jack Wallace: Last week saw Ryan Raysor snap! Tonight, Ryan Raysor will go one on one with Sebastian Saje, but before he does, we understand he’s going to come out in mere moments to address his actions last week!

Jeff Hartman: My money is on the fact that Sebastian Saje is some pretty boy playboy and Ryan Raysor is only moderately good looking at best. When in the presence of Sebastian Saje and someone like myself, it drove him to complete insanity!

Jack Wallace: Do you even listen to yourself when you speak?

Jeff Hartman: Nope!

Jack Wallace: That explains a lot… down to the ring we go!

================================================== ===========

In Ring
Ryan Raysor made his way down to the ring to a chorus of boos from the crowd. He stepped into the ring and immediately demanded a microphone from ringside.

“Cut the music”, Raysor demanded.

“For three weeks now, I’ve been put in bullshit situations here on The Hype.”

The crowd booed.

“First week, I was fed to Seraph… second week, my match with Nate Quartermaine was interrupted by Prince Samir… and then last week, Jeremy Ryan interrupted my match with Sebastian Saje. With the exception of Seraph, both of my opponents so far have had issues with other people and that caused me to lose both my matches by disqualification. I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS ANYMORE!”

The crowd continued to boo Ryan Raysor.

“I DEMAND respect because I have been shown none of it so far since this show began!”

Sebastian Saje’s music hit as he makes his way out from the back to a pretty good pop from the crowd. He stops on top of the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand.

“You whine about respect? I have tried to be nothing but respectful since I’ve got here because that’s the kind of guy I am!”

Sebastian paused for a moment

“I tried to introduce myself to Raevynn because I simply hadn’t met her before… out of respect… and her twisted mind blew that completely out of proportion. Alyssa Corliss simply came to me to talk to me about Raevynn and while I respected her opinion, she came to me out of her own volition and her whacked out boyfriend blew that completely out of proportion, too. Look what’s happened to ME over the past three weeks and you want to come out here and complain about RESPECT!? Put yourself in my shoes and then maybe you’d have a valid reason to complain.”

The crowd was a bit silent as Sebastian continued.

“So you decided to take your frustrations out on me last week. Jeremy Ryan came out here and attacked me but instead of attacking him… the root of the problem… you decided to join in and make me the victim of your own shortcomings. That’s fine with me because tonight, I will get my retribution. By the end of the night… I will show you the true meaning of the word Respect.

Saje then walked to the back as Ryan shook his head in the ring as if he thought Saje’s words were just empty threats. A bit full of himself is Ryan Raysor as he tossed the mic to ringside and exited the ring.

Jack Wallace: Seems these two will settle their business here tonight in the ring, but speaking of that, we understand Cross the Hood has an eight man tag match tonight with The Widow’s Nest and they have a couple of mystery partners. That match is going to be NEXT!

Jeff Hartman: Time for a bathroom break!

================================================== ===========

Cross the Hood/??????/?????? Vs The Widow’s Nest

When all the members of the match entered the ring, Machida Hood grabbed the mic.

“We talked ta some people who got our attention these past coupla weeks. They agreed to watch our back here tonight as our partners. Why delay this shit any longa? Meet our partners fer TO-NIGHT!”

The Widow’s Nest turned around and out from the back came Seraph and Harbinger… the latter being a man on the jOlt main roster featured on Rock the House! These two monsters walked down to the ring side by side and got up on the ring apron in Cross the Hood’s corner.

Match Summary:
Machida Hood and Supaida started things off and while Supaida tried to use his speed, Hood basically kept him grounded. Supaida eventually made the tag Araknis and Hood tagged in Cross. They went back and forth as well, but Cross’ brawling didn’t stand up to Araknis’ high flying, fast-paced ability. Cross eventually tagged out to Hood once again and Araknis tagged out to Muerte. Same result here as Muerte really took it Hood to the point where he needed to tag out to Seraph to even the odds. Seraph stepped in as Muerte, Araknis and Supaida tried to triple team him, but Seraph ran through all of them. Eventually, Muerte, the legal man, made the tag to Wolf-Spider, the enforcer of the group. Wolf Spider came in and took it to Seraph, countering his power with sheer power of his own. Seraph then tagged out to Harbinger to get some fresh power into the ring. Spider tried some offense, but Harbinger was too much for him. Eventually, while Harbinger had Spider down. Supaida, Meurte, and Araknis all hit a triple team springboard dropkick in tandem that took harbinger down! Wolf-Spider recovered and Speared Harbinger when he got back up! This brought Seraph, Cross, and Hood into the ring and an all out breakdown of chaos ensued. Everyone spilled to the outside and when Harbinger and Wolf-Spider were alone, Black Widow took advantage of the referee looking that the chaos at ringside to spray a white substance into Harbinger’s eyes. It looked like silly string, but it may have been just a spider’s web. Wolf-Spider then grabbed Harbinger and in an incredible display of power, grabbed him by the neck with both hands and nailed a sit out choke powerbomb. He held Harbinger down and got the three!

Jack Wallace: What a wild eight man tag, but in the end, Black Widow cheated and got the win for The Widow’s Nest!

Jeff Hartman: Cheated is such an ugly word. I prefer to say they created a new way to win that thought outside of the box

Winner: The Widow’s Nest via Sit Out Choke Powerbomb (Wolf-Spider)
Match Time: 18:43
Match Rating: ***

Post Match
After the match, Seraph entered the ring and helped Harbinger to his feet. He then grabbed Harbinger by the neck and nailed the Divine Destruction on him! The people booed as Hood and Cross looked on and conversed that they should let those boys handle their business and walked away. Seraph looked down on Harbinger with disgust.

Jack Wallace: Seraph didn’t like the fact that Harbinger got pinned. If I were to guess, he’s pissed that an outsider… a main roster member came in and caused Seraph’s first lost on The Hype!

Jeff Hartman: Well, when you’re a main roster member.. a lot is expected of you.. obviously Harbinger belongs here and not on the main roster! This guy sucked tonight!

Jack Wallace: You can’t say Harbinger sucks. Black Widow sprayed him in the face with a foreign object!

Jeff Hartman: So? I’ve had mace sprayed in my face so many times, I’ve built up an immunity!

Jack Wallace: Somehow, I’m not shocked to hear that.

================================================== ===========

Jeremy Ryan is seen pacing back and forth when Alyssa Corliss enters the room.

“Hey.. what are you doing in my locker room?” asked Alyssa.

“What? Am I not allowed to be in my own girlfriend’s locker room? Besides.. I want to know why you haven’t returned my calls or any of my text messages for the past week.”

Alyssa looked a bit worried, but then she took a big gulp and spoke.

“That’s because after seeing the way you reacted to Sebastian Saje last week.. I decided that you’re not the same man I fell in love with. I don’t want anything to do with you anymore.”

The look on Jeremy Ryan’s face became that of extreme anger.

“Sebastian Saje… Sebastian Saje.. ALL I HEAR ABOUT IS SEBASTIAN SAJE! I am SICK and TIRED of listening to people talk about Sebastian Saje! You’re supposed to be MY girlfriend, yet, you’re prancing around and flirting with that pretty boy son of a bitch! Now you’re breaking it off with me because you want Saje all to yourself, DON’T YOU!”, screamed Jeremy.

Alyssa became a bit scared, but she answered back.

“No, Jeremy. You’re delusional. All I did was talk to him about Raevynn. What Sebastian told you was the absolute truth. I wasn’t trying to get with him, but in your twisted mind, you thought I was. I can’t trust you anymore, Jeremy. It’s OVER!”

Jeremy the grabbed Alyssa by the neck.

“Oh no it’s not. It’s not over until I tell you it’s over…”

Right at that moment, Sebastian Saje charged into the room and tackled Jeremy Ryan down to the floor. He opened up with big right hands to the side of Ryan’s head and didn’t stop until Ryan was incapacitated.

“Are you ok?” asked Saje.

Alyssa, in tears, nodded her head and then threw herself onto Saje with a tight hug.

“Come on.. let’s get you somewhere safe.” Said Saje.

Saje and Alyssa left and through the doorway in the distance you could see Raevynn looking on.

================================================== ===========

We see a split screen of Prince Samir with Kareem on one side and Nate Quartermaine on the other side. After the past few weeks of events, they will finally clash tonight and that match is NEXT!

================================================== ===========

Match 2
Nate Quartermaine vs Prince Samir

After Nate Quartermaine entered the ring, Samir and Kareem came out, but Samir had a microphone.

“Tonight… there is going to be a change up in tonight’s card. Tonight… I’ve decided to see if Nate Quartermaine is worthy of facing me. After all.. when you’re royalty, you need to pick your spots. So tonight, I’m going to let Kareem here handle Nate Quartermaine and if you can last five minutes with him, you can face me next week on The Hype!

Match 2
Nate Quartermaine vs Kareem

Match Summary:
A countdown clock appeared as Quartermaine jumped Kareem right out of the gate and pummeled away on him, but Kareem used his power to shove him away. Kareem then charged in and nailed a huge clothesline on Quartermaine that took him down. From that moment on, Kareem had his way with the much smaller Quartermaine and kept him grounded. The clock was ticking down for the last 20 seconds when Samir told Kareem to end it. Kareem then picked up Quartermaine in a Fireman’s Carry and hit a Reverse Death Valley Driver right onto Quartermaine’s spine. He covered him for the three.

Winner: Kareem via Reverse DVD
Match Time: 4:55
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Prince Samir claims he’s royalty, but he’s nothing more than a coward. He sent a much larger man to take care of his own problems. That’s called hiding behind muscle!

Jeff Hartman: You obviously don’t know what it means to be royalty! It’s called protecting your image! What if Samir wrestled tonight and his looks were damaged! He couldn’t make public appearances!

Jack Wallace: If he ended up like that, then I would say he got what he deserved!

================================================== ===========

Sebastian Saje is in his locker room with Alyssa Corliss.

“Are you ok?” Saje asked

Alyssa nodded her head.

“Look, I have to go out there and face Ryan Raysor. Stay put here. You’ll be safe.”

Sebastian then gave Alyssa a hug and then walked out.

================================================== ===========

Match 3
Sebastian Saje vs Ryan Raysor

Match Summary
Ryan Raysor never made it out from the back as Jeremy Ryan ran out instead and in a fit of blind rage, tackled Sebastian and began to pummel him with massive fists. He pulled Sebastian up to his feet and nailed a powerbomb on him. He held on, lifted Saje and nailed another powerbomb! He lifted him a third time and nailed a release powerbomb for a third time! With Saje down and out, Ryan mounted him and began to punch him in the face over and over and over again. He even busted Saje’s nose and mouth open as blood began to pour out from it.

Alyssa couldn’t take it anymore and ran out from the back. She slapped the ring apron and yelled at Jeremy to stop, but he continued to not pull any punches on Saje. Ryan then began to choke Saje with his bare hands! His aim was to kill him! Alyssa screamed for help as officials ran out from the backstage area and eventually pulled Jeremy Ryan off of Sebastian Saje.

Once Jeremy Ryan was out of the ring, Alyssa rolled in and held Sebastian in her arms. She knew this was all her fault and felt terrible. The referee also checked on Sebastian when the unthinkable happened. Ryan Raysor ran out from the back and slid into the ring. He was heard audibly yelling “MOVE! MOVE!” to Alyssa.

Startled, Alyssa moved and Raysor went into a cover on Sebastian. He yelled at the referee that this was his match and to ring the bell. The referee shrugged, rang the bell and then counted three! Raysor then rolled out of the ring and threw his hands in the air in victory! Rayson then slapped his chest and said “Give me my respect!” as he walked to the back. Alyssa just looked on at Raysor and then turned her attention back to Sebastian.

Jack Wallace: Of all the things to do. Did Ryan Raysor seriously just run out here after Sebastian Saje was attacked just to pick up a free win?

Jeff Hartman: It’s all about opportunity, Jack.. and Ryan Raysor took his! He had a match, he took part in it.. and HE WON!

Jack Wallace: To call THAT a victory would be a damn shame.

Winner: Ryan Raysor via pinfall
Match Time: 0:03
Match Rating: N/A

================================================== ===========

60 Minute Iron Man Match
Michael “Phantom” Donavan vs Sayber

Match Summary:
This match started out very slow paced as they knew that they had to go a minimum of 60 minutes. They chain submission wrestled to see if they would wear each other down, but alas, they couldn’t. About ten minutes into the match and after a lot of submission wrestling, Donavan opened up with some strikes and the two began to chain wrestle. Donavan had the upper hand, but Sayber quickly reversed it and then gained the upper hand as well. He went for a Sayber Driver… a sit out uranage slam, but Donavan countered it and went for his Fallaway Choke Slam, but Sayber broke the hold and floated over. Sayber tried a roll up, but got two. Both of them stood and they ended up clotheslining each other down to the canvas for a ten count from the referee.

Both of them got up around the count of nine and began to trade submission holds again. Basic holds of head locks, chin locks, and arm bars were used to try and ground each other. Twenty-Five minutes had elapsed so far and neither man was able to score a pin or submission. After trading submissions, they began another game of can-you-top-this. They each hit some impressive moves like Donavan’s Rack Powerbomb, or Sayber’s Splash Mountain Bomb, but they only resulted in near falls.

Between spots, they took their time to rest on the canvas and this stretched the match out to the forty minute mark. The crowd was really into it when both men went down again as they both attempted a cross body block at the same time. They once again got to the count of nine before they stood and began to trade strikes with each other. Sayber got the upper hand but had an irish whip reversed by Donavan. Donavan came back with a running big boot that put Sayber down. Donavan went up top and missed with the moonsault!

People were still amazed that a 6’10, 260+lb man could be so agile. Saybe followed it up with a stiff kick to the head and an inside cradle but only got two. We now approached the fifty minute mark and you could tell both men’s tanks were near empty. Sayber mustered up some strength and went into a suplex fury on Donavan, but had nothing left to make the cover right away. He ended up doing so eventually and got two. When he brought Donavan up, Donavan returned the favor with a suplex fury of his own, but like Sayber, had nothing left to cover him immediately and thus only got two. Five minutes remained in the match as both men fought and clawed their way back to their feet.

An exchange of punches were had between the two until Donavan missed with a short arm clothesline. Sayber toe kicked and lifted Donavan up for Korosu, but Donavan kneed Sayber in the head! Donavan then set up Sayber for the Phantom Driver, but Sayber countered with a back body drop! One minute remained as Sayber lunged in with a super kick, but Donavan blocked and caught the boot. He spun Sayber around and nailed a vicious clothesline that flipped Sayber inside out. He then quickly pulled Sayber to his feet and nailed the Phantom Driver! He made the cover and picked up the three! He just rolled off of Sayber with ten seconds left and let the time expire!

Jack Wallace: HOLY HELL WHAT A MATCH! I have never seen a match this amazing in quite some time. Two men entered and put it all on the line in the name of competition! They pushed themselves to the physical limits of exhaustion and in the end, Michael Donavan, on a last burst of energy, pinned Sayber and took it home! Wasn’t that amazing, Jeff!? ……………. Jeff?

Jeff Hartman: ZzZzZzZzZzZz….

Jack Wallace: WAKE UP!

Jeff Hartman: Oh? Uh? Wha? Did the escort service arrive yet?

Jack Wallace: I can’t believe you fell asleep during the match! How the hell do you keep your job?

Jeff Hartman: I’m union.

Jack Wallace: For Christ’s sake… Ladies and Gentlemen.. I hope you enjoyed tonight’s The Hype.. we’ll see you back here next week!

Winner: Michael Donavan via Phantom Driver and a score of 1-0
Match Time: 60:00
Match Rating: *****