"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to another edition of The Hype! We have another great edition of the show for you as we understand that after weeks of complaining, Adam Lazarus made it official... tonight... DefCon will challenge Brian Williams for the Hype Championship and that will be your main event for this evening!

Jeff Hartman: Oh man what a main event that is! DefCon will become the fourth-ever Hype Champion here tonight! I can feel it!

Jack Wallace: We'll see Jeff. We will also have the second veteran vs rookie series tonight. Last week, Zane Roebuck was unsuccessful against Orphan. Tonight, it's going to be Jack Dawn going against Jesse Ramey! Right now, we're going to send it into Adam Lazarus' office where we understand

Adam Lazarus was in his office when there was a knock on his door. The door opened and in stepped Faith Hines. She walked up to Adam's desk as he smiled and folded his hands

Laz: Ms. Hines.. what can I do for you?

Faith: Well.. I can't help but notice that you have the Rookie vs Veteran series. You made an exception last week for tag teams, but you forgot about the starlets! I would like an opportunity to prove myself against someone on the main roster!

Laz: Well.. I didn't really forget the starlets, per se... the starlets we're all promoted to the main roster not that long ago. You have the right to wrestle on both The Hype and iNtense as well as on Pay-Per-View if you choose to... so there wasn't much point to including a starlet match in the series..

Faith: But still, even though we can compete on any show, we're still seen as "hype starlets" because a lot of us are still here. I think it's because we can appear on both, it shows that we are not worthy of full time roster spots and thus we have to work twice as hard. It's a bit misogynistic, don't you think?

Laz: I don't really see how it is, but I can make an exception if you want. If you want to test yourself against someone, I can arrange something for you next week, how does that sound?

Faith: Can't do anything this week?

Laz: I don't have anyone here from the starlet roster that's a regular on iNtense. I'll have to call Damien Lee and arrange for something and the soonest that will be is next week since the show has pretty much already started for tonight.

Faith: Fine.. I'll wait until next week. It's a deal.

With that, Faith turned and left the office. Laz picked up the phone and began to call, presumably, Damien Lee. The scene faded out.

The X Age vs Broken Sanity

Match Summary
Ever since Brian Williams defeated Mike Patterson and became Hype Champion, the X Movement was forced to disband. Mike Patterson tried to keep them together, but their greed for the tag team titles ended up breaking them apart. Tonight, four of the five of them will battle it out while each team is demanding that Mike Patterson choose a side in all this.

Xtreme and Morgan started off in the ring. Xtreme went to work on Morgan's left leg with kicks since Morgan had the size and weight advantage. Xtreme stuck to the kick strategy until Morgan pie-faced him down to the canvas. Morgan then ran over Xtreme twice with back to back shoulder blocks before pulling him up and whipping him to the ropes. Morgan telegraphed the back body drop and Xtreme rolled off the back and hit a leg sweep and then an elbow across the leg. Xtreme applied a cross leg breaker, but Morgan kicked away and Xtreme released the hold. Morgan hobbled up and Xtreme hit a chop block from behind, bring Morgan down to his hands and knees. Tag to Crucifix as Xtreme hit the ropes. Shotgun Drop Kick to Morgan's face by Xtreme followed by a Senton Back Splash by Crucifix to Morgan's back causing Morgan to collapse to the canvas. Crucifix covered, but got two.

Both men stood and Crucifix hit a pair of forearms before heading to the ropes, but Morgan tossed Crucifix in the air, catching him on his shoulders, then nailing a Death Valley Driver! Morgan covered, but only got two as well. Morgan pulled Crucifix back up and whipped him into the corner. Morgan hit a body avalanche and tagged in Shovel. Shovel hit a series of headbutts in the corner, dropping Crucifix to a seated position. Shovel gained momentum and for a 281 pound man, he showed some agility and front flipped into a cannonball into the corner! Shovel stood and slapped the side of his head to psych himself up. He turned to see Xtreme dive off the top rope with cross body... Shovel caught Xtreme in Mid-Air then threw him into the corner and into Crucifix with a Fallaway Slam!!! Shovel cackled to himself as he tagged Morgan back in.

Morgan grabbed Xtreme and threw him over the top rope to the floor. He then pulled Crucifix up by his hair and hit a pair of back elbows in the corner. Morgan whipped Crucifix to the opposite side and charged in, hitting another body avalanche. Morgan laughed to himself as he signalled for the end as Crucifix was grabbing the top rope to keep himself from collapsing. Morgan pulled Crucifix to the center of the ring and placed him into a Sleeper Hold. he then hooked the leg, but Crucifix got underneath Morgan and nailed a back drop suplex and both men were down. Xtreme got back over to his corner as Crucifix crawled over, but Morgan recovered and grabbed the leg. Crucifix countered with an enzugiri and made the tag

Xtreme came in and hit a spinning heel kick. He went to the corner and nailed a running drop kick to Shovel, knocking him off the apron. Morgan charged with a clothesline, but Xtreme ducked and hit a low drop kick to Morgan's left leg, dropping him to a knee and then he hauled off and kicked Morgan in the head and covered for two. Shovel got up on the apron and Xtreme charged in, but Shovel pulled the top rope down and Xtreme spilled to the outside. Shovel leapt off the apron with a senton, but Xtreme moved and Shovel went splat on the floor. Crucifix came back into the ring as Morgan stood up. Crucifix hit a Super Kick as Xtreme got up on the ring apron. Shovel stood behind Xtreme as Xtreme grabbed the top rope. Crucfix ran at Xtreme and Xtreme leapt up top, hitting a Springboard Shooting Star Press.. a variation of Xtreme Measures onto Morgan. At the same time, Crucifix dove through the mdidle and top ropes to the outside with a Suicide Dive, taking Shovel out! Xtreme made the cover and got the three!

Winner: The X Age via Xtreme Measures
Match Time: 10:14
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace: Crucifix and Xtreme get a win over their former stablemates here tonight. Perhaps they really are in line for a tag team title shot!

Jeff Hartman: Well it is true that they were the talent that held The X Movement together and I think that they proved it here tonight.

After the Match
Xtreme grabbed a microphone and through trying to catch his breath, he made a post match ultimatum.

Xtreme: Mike Patterson. I know that you're back there. We're not waiting any longer for you to make your choice. After our victory here tonight.. I think the choice is clear. You need to take our side and we can bring gold to The X Age together!

Mike Patterson stepped out from the backstage area and marched down to the ring with a microphone already in his hands. He stepped into the ring and looked at Xtreme dead in the eye.

Patterson: You're right. I've had enough time and I did make a decision. After looking at Mad Morgan and Shovel and seeing the way they talked to me last week.. and the fact that they lost here tonight.. already says that I'm not siding with them.

Xtreme and Crucifix seem very happy to hear Patterson say that.

Patterson: But make no mistake.. I'm not siding with the two of you either.

The crowd cheered.

Patterson: I'm not siding with ANY of you. You guys made it clear that you don't want a new version of The X Movement.. you don't want the five of us to co-exist.. so I'm washing my hands of the four of you completely. I'm not siding with a single damn person.. from here on out.. .I walk alone.

Patterson dropped the mic and turned to leave. Crucifix and Xtreme then jump Patterson from behind right when he was about to step through the ropes. They hit a double team whip across the ring, but Patterson came back and cut both of them down with a Spear!!! Patterson stood over The X Age and scoffed at them. The crowd went nuts as Patterson raised his fists high into the air!! Patterson then exited the ring and headed for the backstage area!

We are back in Adam Lazarus' office. This time he's in there with The Hype Champion himself, Brian Williams

Laz: you no doubt heard at the top of this program, you have a title defense tonight against DefCon.

Williams: That's fine by me. Even though the notification was a bit sudden and out of the blue, it doesn't bother me at all. I'm not the kind of champion that's going to turn down a match or a challenge. I will gladly defend my title against him tonight.. but I do have to ask... why did you pick him?

Laz: It was the whole thing with El Tigre Verde. Verde has had two championship matches here on The Hype so far.. once against the former champion Pietro Geist.. and the second against you. DefCon still has a chip on his shoulder, thinking that it should have been him in the title scene and not Verde... so I decided that since he's not going to shut up.. I might as well get it out of the way and book the match. If he's as good as he says he is, then he might actually take your title tonight.. but that could be true of anyone on the hype roster if they got a shot.. so in your situation, your odds stay the same.. but in DefCon's situation.. should he fail... then all of the words he spoke, he'd have to eat.. kind of like the same taunting message he gave to El Tigre Verde. So you can see where I'm going with this.

Williams: I do. If DefCon can beat me.. he can have the title.. if not.. then he'll be embarrassed.. either way.. it's just another day at the office for me.

Laz: Good deal, my man. Good luck in your match tonight.

Williams: Thanks!

Williams exited as Laz continued to take care of business on The Hype.

Monica vs Desiree

Match Summary
Monica turned on Desiree last week and back on iNtense, Monica came out during Desiree's match with Sarah Winterton and taunted her the entire match. Monica even took pride in the fact that Desiree lost her match on iNtense. Tonight, Desiree has requested a match against her former pupil to prove that she should have been sticking to her training all along.

Monica and Desiree circle each other in the ring. Desiree with the side head lock and Monica tries to escape by backing Desiree into the ropes, but Desiree keeps the hold applied. They stand and Monica goes for a back drop suplex, but Desiree flips over and lands on her feet. Desiree hit a series of stiff kicks to Monica's ribs causing her to guard that area. Desiree then aimed high when her guard was down and hit a roundhouse to the side of Monica's head, knocking her down. Desiree went for the cover and got two. She pulled Monica back up and hit a pair of knife edge chops followed by a whip, but Monica blocked by holding onto the ropes. Desiree charged in and Monica went for the back drop to the outside, but after anticipating it, Desiree kicked Monica in the chest then clotheslined her to the floor!

Monica got pissed and grabbed a steel chair from ringside. She brought it into the ring, but the referee told her to hand it over. After a few moments, she handed it to the referee. When the referee tossed the chair to the outside, she reached into her tights and pulled out a pair of brass knuckles. Desiree ducked the punch and kicked Monica in the stomach. She then placed her in the Desire.. the triangle choke, but with the brass knucks still on, she began punching Desiree in the head! The referee saw it and called for the bell!

Winner: Desiree via Disqualification
Match Time: 3:14
Match Rating: *

Jack Wallace: That was a short match, but Monica couldn't keep her cool. She got taken to school since the bell rang and she couldn't handle it so she resorted to cheap tactics, but the referee saw all of it and disqualified Monica!

Jeff Hartman: Cheap tactics!? How dare you call it that! It's brilliant! Monica didn't care about losing.. she just wants to eliminate Desiree from the picture.. what better way than to smash her in the face with brass knuckles! It's awesome, Jack.. not cheap!

After the Match
Monica grabbed a microphone.

Monica: Ya see, girl? This is something that even you can't teach. I've got something you don't.. and that's attitude. With that attitude... I've made sure that you ain't nothin' but a heap on the damn canvas. Consider THAT a lesson... BITCH!

Monica dropped the mic and exited the ring while Desiree continued to lay there after getting punched repeatedly with the knucks.

We are backstage with the Hype Tag Team champions.. Cori Albright and Terry Massimo who shocked the world last week by defeating the jOlt World Tag Team Champions.. the Crimson Order.

Cori: Last week.. we PROVED that we are a tag team that shouldn't be overlooked. That just because we're here on The Hype doesn't mean we don't have talent.. that we don't have determination.. and most importantly.. that we don't have heart. We have all of that and then some because we live and thrive off competition. We've said it from day one.. we're not afraid to take on ANYONE.. and that included the World Tag Team Champions.. Takeshi and Heido. Boys.. we ain't got nothing but respect for you and what you do. You guys are the tag team champions for a reason. You put up one hell of a fight last week and you pushed us to our very limits and beyond. We thank you for that... but no offense.. we proved that not only can measure up to the main roster.. but we can also measure up to the best of the best this company has to offer.. MAN.. I am SO DAMN PUMPED right now. WOO!

Terry stepped in

Massimo: You're not the only one. Last week was not only the biggest match of our careers.. but the greatest victory we've ever had to date in our time here with jOlt. In fact.. I feel so good that I'm going to make a statement to the locker room. Next week.. we're bringing our titles to The Hype... and I don't care what team it is... if your name is NOT The Widow's Nest... then you can have a free shot at these tag team titles.. but be warned.. don't think we're going to go into that match overconfident.. we're going into that match to win and to prove ourselves once again because life is all about proving yourselves.. and...

Cori: Hold up, bro. I could have sworn you said that all teams EXCEPT The Widow's Nest...

Massimo: I did. The Nest had their chance... and they squandered it away on numerous occasions. We already sent them packing. I want someone new to face.

Cori: Fair enough.

Massimo: So in short boys.. next week.. bring it.. we'll be waiting.

Cori: Damn straight we will.

Massimo and Cori held up the Hype Tag Team Championships as the scene faded out.

BADASS vs India's Import

Match Summary
Last week after they lost to BADASS, India's Import requested a rematch.. and it was granted by Adam Lazarus!

Samir and Tripp start out in the middle of the ring. They circle and lock up and Tripp immediately goes into an arm wringer then makes the tag to Bloome. Bloome comes in and kicked Samir in the chest, then hits a pair of forearms. Tag back to Tripp who comes in and tilts Samir's chin up, hitting a chop. Samir staggeres away and Tripp hits a running bulldog. Tag back to Bloome. Bloome hops the top rope and takes off to the opposite side. He comes back and nails the Leaping STO!!! IN BLOOME RIGHT OFF THE BAT!! Bloome makes the cover and Raysor makes the save at two! Tripp comes in and grabs Raysor before he can stand, throwing him to the outside. Tripp then ran into the corner and stepped up the turnbuckles before pivoting and hitting a Giro to the outside, taking Raysor down!

Bloome pulled Samir back up and Bloome took off to the ropes again. He was looking for In Bloome a second time, but Samir countered with a Super Kick knocking Bloome out of mid-air! Tripp rolled back in and charged at Samir, but Samir laid him out with a Super Kick as well! Tripp rolled to the outside as Samir went up top! He took aim on Bloome and hit the Frog Splash... KARMA!! He made the cover, but Tripp pulled the referee out of the ring at two!

Raysor ran along the side of the ring and dove through the bottom and middle ropes in the corner and out the other side, grabbing Tripp and nailing a Tornado DDT!!! Samir pulled Bloome up to his feet and whipped him into the ropes. Raysor leapt onto the ring apron and nailed a high kick to the back of Bloome's head!! Bloome staggered forward as Samir hooked Bloome and nailed a Brain Buster in the middle of the ring! Raysor went up to the top turnbuckle and flipped off with the Shooting Star Press.. the Flip Switch and connected! Raysor rolled to the outside, but while the referee had his back turned, Tripp nailed a low blow on Raysor! Tripp rolled into the ring as Samir made the cover, but got two when Tripp yanked Samir off of Bloome. Tripp then grabbed Bloome by the way and exited the ring, pulling him to the outside with him!

"THAT'S NOT BADASS!" Tripp yelled to Samir as the two of them backed up the entrance ramp with Bloome looking a little worse for wear. The referee started the mandatory ten count, but BADASS wasn't coming back. They split entirely and the referee made it to ten and called for the bell!

Winner: India's Import via Countout
Match Time: 5:42
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: BADASS tried a shock and awe tactic on India's Import.. which is how they won their debut match here on The Hype and it almost worked, but India's Import turned it around on them rather quickly and rather than fall too far behind and take a pinfall loss.. they decided to just walk out of the match? That's pretty low if you ask me.

Jeff Hartman: No it's not! They came off a huge win last week.. they left so they can recoup! He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day, Jack... and tonight, BADASS proved just how BADASS they are at strategy by conserving their energy. They will be back and they will conquer like they did last week. It's all part of their plan.. trust me!

Jack Wallace: Yeah.. I bet that plan was written in 5 seconds on the back of a cocktail napkin.

The Widow's Nest are seen backstage. They're not too happy about what they heard a little while ago.

Widow: The Natural Athletes still do not recognize us as threats. We need to send another statement and we need to send it now.

The other four members of the Nest nod in agreement. They see Trot and Panic of Dragonborn walking down the hallway off in the distance.

Supaida: Well.. I don't see a more perfect time. We were able to make a statement with them last week.. why not once again?

They all nod in unison and they take off down the hallway, however, Dragonborn heard them coming and turned around. They clashed and this time, Dragonborn wasn't going to go down without a fight. It was still four on two, but Trot and Panic were holding their own as Supaida and Muerte pair off on Trot and Wolf Spider and Araknis paired off on Panic.

Trot and Panic switched between targets, hitting punches until they were dazed. Trot ducked a punch from Muerte and then grabbed him in a waist lock. He then threw Muerte into Supaida with a German Suplex onto the cold hard concrete! Panic didn't fare too well, but with Trot free, it was now two on two. The tables began to turn when Widow called them back. Wolf Spider and Araknis backed off and helped Supaida and Muerte to their feet. The four of them retreated as Trot tended to Panic.

The Widow's Nest's plan backfired this week and Dragonborn didn't look too happy about getting jumped two weeks in a row.

Jack Dawn vs Jesse Ramey

Match Summary
Dawn and Ramey shook hands in the middle of the ring and then locked up. Ramey immediately went into a side headlock, then into a hammer lock where he spun Dawn around, looking for a short arm lariat, but Dawn ducked and placed Ramey in a waist lock. German attempt by Dawn, but Ramey flipped and landed on his feet. Ramey backed into the ropes and went for a lariat, but Dawn ducked and took off to the ropes as well. Both hit opposites and charged toward each other. Dawn went for a Cross Body, but Ramey leapt up and hit a drop kick, knocking Dawn out of the air! Ramey, the veteran, then grabbed Dawn, pulling him up to his feet. He hoisted him up onto his shoulders, looking for a Death Valley Driver, but Dawn slipped off and landed behind Ramey, but Ramey hit a mule kick, doubling Dawn over. Ramey turned and scooped up Dawn in his arms and dropped him on his head with the Northern Lights Driver.. the Attitude Adjustment! Ramey covered Dawn and picked up the three from out of nowhere!

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Attitude Adjustment
Match Time: 3:06
Match Rating: *

Jack Wallace: Well that was... fast...

Jeff Hartman: I didn't even have time to get bored and nod off like usual.

"What the hell was that?" a voice said as Ramey was still in the ring.

Gabriel Gold walked out from the backstage area as Jack Dawn slowly got to his feet, holding the back of his neck.

Gold: Jack.. that was absolutely pathetic! What about our little speeches the day we parted ways? Was this how you planned on proving yourself? By getting beat in.. what was it.. three minutes? I can do better than that for Pete's sake...

Jesse Ramey asked for a microphone.

Ramey: You know.. I'm not the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship for nothing. I didn't just beat former Hype standout Jeremy Ryan and the former Flyweight Champion Jimmy B. Martinez for nothing. I just sent this guy packing in three minutes. I doubt you'd even last that long in this ring.. so if you want to put your money where your mouth is.. I have no problems pulling double duty here tonight.

Gold: Fine by me.. WHEN I beat you.. it'll be a nice feather in my cap... after all.. I can't like Albright and Massimo have all the glory of beating someone from the main roster.

With that.. Gold dropped his microphone and slid into the ring. Jack Dawn slid out and we had ourselves another match!

Gabriel Gold vs Jesse Ramey

Match Summary
The bell rang and Gold immediately jumped Ramey, clubbing away at his upper back with forearm shots, doubling him over. Gold then switched to knee lifts to Ramey's face before leaping up and hitting a knee strike to the side of his head, staggering him away. Gold charged in from behind and nailed a running bulldog on Ramey and covered him for two. Gold stood and taunted Ramey to get back up. Ramey staggered up to his feet and was met with a kick to the mid-section. Gold hooked Ramey and nailed a Vertical Suplex. He held on, turned over and pulled Ramey up to his feet. He lifted Ramey for what looked like a second Vertical, but he flipped Ramey forward and hit a Sit-Out Powerbomb!! Gold had another cover and only got two again.

Gold stood and pulled Ramey to his feet. A pair of knife edge chops staggered Ramey into the corner. Gold whipped Ramey across the ring and charged in, but Ramey put the boot up. Gold charged back in and Ramey kicked him a second time. Ramey then hopped to the middle turnbuckle and hit a missile drop kick, knocking Gold onto his back. Ramey hit the ropes and sliced across Gold's chest with a running leg drop. Ramey repeated this move again and made the cover, getting two. Ramey then tauted Gold to stand. He did and Ramey aimed high with a roundhouse, but Gold ducked and placed Ramey into a full nelson, then he hit a Dragon Suplex with a bridge for two! Gold stood and stomped down on Ramey before heading to the corner to his right. Gold climbed up, but Ramey stood and knocked Gold off his perch. Ramey climbed to the top and hooked Gold for a Superplex, but Gold countered and nailed a Super Release Gordbuster instead!

Gold measured Ramey up and when Ramey stood, Gold leapt off with a Flying Cross Body and it caught Ramey! Gold had the cover for two once again! Gold stood and headed to the apron. He faced the ring and waited for Ramey to stand. Gold grabbed the top rope and flew off with a Springboard Leg Lariat, but Ramey simply side stepped and Gold crashed and burned! Gold staggered up as Ramey hit a pair of kicks to the chest before whipping Gold to the ropes. Ramey spun and hit a mule kick, doubling Gold over. Ramey took off to the ropes and flipped over Gold with the Sunset Flip Powerbomb... Non Compos Mentis.. but Gold kicked out at two, shocking even Jesse Ramey!

Ramey pulled Gold back to his feet and tried to lift him, but Gold floated up and over and when Ramey turned around, Gold grabbed Ramey by the arm and hit a Tornado Arm Bar, driving Ramey face first into the canvas... Gabriel Gold Wins!!! Gold then made the cover, but Ramey kicked out at two and Gold was shocked that Ramey kicked out of his finisher as well! Gold then grabbed Ramey by the hair, pulling him back up. He barred Ramey's arm again, but Ramey twisted out of it and kicked Gold in the stomach. He grabbed both of Gold's legs and tripped him up! He then placed Gold into an elevated boston crab!! The Original Attitude Adjustment! Gold was dead center in the middle of the ring and had to tap it away!

Winner: Jesse Ramey via The Original Attitude Adjustment
Match Time: 9:42
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: That one wasn't as fast but Jesse Ramey picked up the win here tonight, proving that he is, indeed, ready for Landon Stevens at Death Wish!

Jeff Hartman: Well this one did give me the time to get bored and nod off. Who won the match? Magma?

Jack Wallace: Magma wasn't even in the match.. in fact.. Magma is still out recovering from injuries he sustained from that time with Seraph and Harbinger.. and then they got reaggrivated when Pietro Geist demolished him... He hasn't been here in MONTHS.. what the hell makes you think he was in that match?

Jeff Hartman: I took a shot in the dark.. sue me.

After the Match
Jack Dawn rolled back into the ring as Gabriel Gold staggered back up. Jack Dawn patted Gold on the back and gave him a thumbs up while laughing. Dawn then took his leave, but Gold charged in and leveled Dawn from behind with a lariat!!

Gold pulled Dawn back up to his feet, dragging him to the center of the ring. He barred Dawn's arm and spun into the Tornado Arm Bar.. slamming Dawn's face into the canvas with the Gabriel Gold Wins! Gold stood up and looked rather smug about it as the people booed him. Gold then hopped to the outside and exited the ring in a pissed off mood.

Zane Roebuck is seen backstage in a foul mood. He begins kicking random objects in the hallway. The noise is enough to draw the attention of Hype GM Adam Lazarus.

Laz: Care to explain the temper tantrum there Zaney?

Roebuck: It's Zane.. and yeah.. .last week, I didn't get a fair shake. You booked me against Seymour Almasy.. but he came out as Orphan instead. How fair is that!!? As far as I'm concerned it was a damn set up. In fact.. I shouldn't even have to be subjected to this.. I'm the son of a former world tag team champion... I am a second generation superstar and athlete. I was blessed with nothing but good luck.. hence my moniker.. and yet.. I'm stuck here on The Hype, rotting away as some cannon fodder for a guy with a personality disorder. I shouldn't even be here.. I don't DESERVE to be here on The Hype.

Laz: Oh.. not this again. Let me guess.. if I keep you here, you'll run to a lawyer, rework your contract, steal a bunch of guys and try to take over the main roster?

Roebuck: What? Why the hell would I do that? That's retarded. I don't need eight other people to get me over... I can do that on my own. So let's just cut to the chase. Ship me over to Damien Lee and I'll prove to you that I don't belong here.

Laz: I have a better idea. Next week on The Hype.. I'll put you in an Underground Rules match against Brian Williams.. even if Williams retains tonight, it will be non-title because honestly, you haven't earned it. IF.. and I do mean IF you can defeat the best this roster has to offer in an environment where anything goes.. then I will see you was being too good for The Hype and I will grant you your wish and ship to you Damien Lee and the main roster. Sound like a deal?

Roebuck: I shouldn't HAVE to go through that.. but you know what? I have good luck on my side and I KNOW that I can beat Brian Williams. It's a deal.

With that, Roebuck shook Laz's hand and next week, the match is set! Zane could punch his ticket to the main roster with a single victory!

Brian Williams(c) vs DefCon

Match Summary
As they say.. the squeaky wheel gets the grease and DefCon was the loudest wheel in the locker room.. constantly complaining about how El Tigre Verde got a title shot off a fluke win when DefCon already beat him twice.. so Adam Lazarus set up this match to make DefCon put his money where his mouth is.

The two circled each other in the ring and locked up and right away, Williams powered DefCon into the corner. The referee got a clean break at first, but DefCon hit Williams with a toe kick, doubling him over. DefCon then hit forearm after forearm, rocking Williams back, but Williams stopped that with a knee lift and whipping DefCon to the opposite corner. Williams charged in, but DefCon made Williams eat a back elbow. DefCon then hit a knee to Williams, doubling him over as well. DefCon then whipped Williams into the corner and charged in, hitting a running back elbow into Williams' face. DefCon grabbed Williams by the hair and yelled in his face "What you can do.. I can do better" before headbutting him and dazing him.

DefCon walked Williams to the middle of the ropes and whipped him to the opposite side. DefCon then picked up Williams and planted him with a straight up and down Spinebuster.. one of Williams signature moves! DefCon was copying his moveset, which is how he won most of his matches and he tried to win it here with a cover, but only got two. He pulled Williams up to his feet. DefCon then hooked Williams in a pumphandle, but Williams countered it with a makeshift hip toss. Williams then ran over DefCon with two clotheslines, back to back before whipping him into the ropes. Williams then picked up DefCon and hit him with a straight up and down Spinebuster! Williams stood over DefCon and got in his face and said "The original is always better!"

It was a bit cocky and Williams paid for it as DefCon tagged him with a right hand from on his back! DefCon got back up.. even after taking that spinebuster.. and picked up Williams onto his shoulder, but his back gave out and Williams fell behind him, grabbing DefCon in a waist lock. Williams wanted to suplex DefCon, but DefCon fired a pair of back elbows, breaking free. DefCon turned and kicked Williams in the stomach. He hooked Williams for a Vertical Suplex and hit it. DefCon stood and headed for the corner where he climbed up to the very top. "BETTER THAN VERDE" yelled DefCon as he flipped off with the double rotation moonsault, but Williams rolled out of the way and DefCon smacked down on the canvas, missing the Death From Above!

Williams went to the corner and climbed up to top to prove that DefCon isn't the only big man that could fly. At near 250 pounds, Williams flipped off with a Swanton.. the Killer B Bomb and connected with it! He covered, but only got two! Williams pulled DefCon up and hit a headbutt, staggering him back. He hit a second one and DefCon reeled against the ropes. Whip by Williams, but reversed by DefCon. DefCon charged in and hit a running shoulder tackle, knocking the champion off of his feet. DefCon then quickly pulled Williams up and placed him in a pumphandle. He then lifted and twisted Williams, dropping him neck-first across his knee! Welcome to Williams Street was just hit on Brian Williams!! It was a new move he debuted against El Tigre Verde and DefCon just copied it! He covered Williams and got a very close two count as the champion wisely rolled to the outside, holding his neck!

DefCon got a running start. He flew through the ropes with a suicide dive, but Williams side stepped and grabbed DefCon as he flew through, tossing him into the barricades!!! Williams got some distance and charged in, hitting a running stomp to DefCon's face! Williams then tossed DefCon back into the ring and then got up onto the ring apron. He grabbed the top rope and waited for DefCon to stand. He then slung himself over with a slingshot shoulder block, but DefCon countered it with an Ace Crusher! DefCon could have it here as he made the cover, but he only got two as the crowd held their breath!

DefCon signalled for the end. He pulled Williams up and butterflied the arms, but Williams twisted out mid-hook and kicked DefCon in the stomach. He was trying to set up for the Cradle Piledriver, but DefCon countered with a back body drop! Williams stood and DefCon kicked Williams in the stomach, looking to steal the Downfall for himsself, but Williams hit a double leg takedown and a jackknife pin for only two! Both men got back to their feet and it was DefCon that caught Williams with a right hand, staggering him back. DefCon hit another right, then a third and a fourth until Williams was against the ropes. Whip attempt by DefCon, but reversed by Williams. Williams caught DefCon and nailed the Spinebuster, but he immedialtey pulled DefCon to his feet and shoved him between his legs! He was looking for The Downfall for a second time, but DefCon countered it AGAIN with a back body drop! DefCon fell to all fours as the impact of the spinebuster got to him

DefCon turned around and got up, but Williams was already back up. He kicked DefCon in the stomach and then blatantly kicked him in the face! He placed DefCon in a pumphandle and nailed the neckbreaker across the knee.. Welcome to Williams Street!! He a receipt from when DefCon stole it earlier! Williams covered, but to his shock, DefCon kicked out at two.. refusing to give up! Williams pulled Defcon back up and scoop slammed him to the canvas. Williams headed back to the corner, but DefCon pulled himself up and knocked Williams off his perch. DefCon climbed up and hooked Williams in a front face lock, hitting the Superplex and both men were down!

The referee made it to the count of eight before both men stood. DefCon and Williams exchanged punches with Williams picking up the tempo, but when he went for a Haymaker, DefCon ducked, turned, and kicked Williams in the stomach. He placed him in the double underhook and planted him with the elevated DDT! DefCon just hit the Double Tap, but he's not going for the cover! Instead he mimiced Williams and signaled he was going to hit him with The Downfall!! He pulled Williams back up, but the crowd erupted with El Tigre Verde ran out from the back and slid into the ring. DefCon turned around and Verde nailed a Super Kick, causing DefCon to hit the canvas!

The referee called for the bell

Winner: DefCon via Disqualification
Match Time: 34:12
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: El Tigre Verde wasn't going to let it end like that! DefCon did nothing to deserve this match and it was just Adam Lazarus caving in to his whining and complaining! Verde came out and cost DefCon the title, but in my opinion, that may have been the right thing to do!

Jeff Hartman: WHOA WHOA WHOA.. so when DefCon beat Tristian Cyan twice.. and he beat El Tigre Verde twice.. then lost on a fluke win... you're saying that Verde DESERVED his title match and DefCon didn't? What the hell is in your bottle of water because that's some grade A BS that you just slung right there.

After the Match
Before DefCon could get up and retaliate, Adam Lazarus came out from the back, microphone in hand.

Laz: El Tigre Verde.. I thought you were a better person than that. I didn't think you'd come out here and ruin a title match.. but alas.. here we are. This issue between you and DefCon is getting out of control and unlike Shayne Anderson who would let it fester.. I'm going to actually put an end to this.

Laz paused.

Laz: One final time.. next week... El Tigre Verde.. versus... DefCon... Underground Rules.. there MUST be a winner... whoever wins that match will be the rightful number one contender to the hype championship... and will face Brian Williams the following week. The loser of that match will be banned from ringside and will NOT interfere unless they feel like getting fired. We're going to get this settled once and for all.. I don't care about past wins.. I don't care about past losses. This will end next week one way or the other.

Laz got cheered for his decision. Williams had rolled out of the ring. The final scene was Williams holding his Hype Championship staring into the ring at the two men who had their eyes locked on each other. Williams knew in two weeks he would face one of these men and after being taken to the limit by both.. he was going to have to step his game up in order to remain champion!

Fade to The Hype logo.