"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the Hype Arena in Miami, FL where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! Last week we witnessed a classic between Mike Patterson and Regan Hearst for the Hype Championship that went the distance. There was no winner in that match because the 60 minute time limit has expired. Also, we now know that Tristan is the new number one contender to the Hype Championship! Hello everyone I'm Jack Wallace

Jeff Hartman And i'm the guy that women adore and men hate.. Jeff Hartman!

Jack Wallace: Are you sure you don't have that reversed?

Jeff Hartman: Haters gonna hate.

Jack Wallace: Yes they will and you have a lot of them. With that being said, we're going to send it on down to the ring where we understand we are about to hear from Mike Patterson himself!

"The Rematch"

Mike Patterson made his way to the ring to a standing ovation from the crowd. Here is a man who has been traveling to the west coast and back each and every weekend to participate on both iNtense and The Hype and he still wrestled a 60 minute match last week on The Hype! He had the Hype Championship on his shoulder as he grabbed a microphone.

Patterson: "Last week, I had one of the toughest matches in my career and that's saying a lot given the match I had with Brian Williams at Wrestlecade II. Regan Hearst stepped into this ring and took everything I had to give him for one solid hour and he wouldn't stay down. However, the opposite is also true. I took everything he had and at the end of that match, there was a moment where it looked like Regan Hearst was going to take this title away from me."

The crowd gave a mixed reaction to that.

Patterson: "I've listened to all the critics say that I was saved by the bell, that if that time limit didn't expire, Regan Hearst would be walking around here as your new Hype Champion. "

Another mixed reaction.

Patterson: I can't let something like that fly. I have detractors that I need to prove wrong... one of those detractors is myself. I'm not going to sit back and question whether or not I was going to lose the title last week. I'm going to find that answer out for myself because Regan Hearst... I know you're back there. I'm telling you that I want a rematch.. one on one.. title on the line.. TONIGHT!"

The fans erupted in cheers at the thought of another epic encounter!

Shayne Anderson came out from the back to a mixed reaction. He also had a microphone with him.

Shayne: "Mike... I understand how you feel and last week was truly a match for the ages here on The Hype that will go down in history as one of the greatest matches we've ever had. Matches like Sayber versus Sebastian Saje. Sebastian Saje versus Jeremy Ryan. El Tigre Verde versus Brian Williams. The Natural Athletes versus The X Age. Epic encounters such as those will stand side by side with Mike Patterson versus Regan Hearst. You should be proud of that accomplishment."

The crowd cheered.

Shayne: "I know the fans want to see the rematch.. I obviously know you want the rematch because you have something to prove, and personally, I would love nothing more than to make that match happen, but the truth is.. as the general manager, I promised the winner of last week's contendership match their opportunity tonight at whoever was the Hype Champion. Since you're still the Hype Champion, your opponent tonight is Tristan."

The people booed heavily and Patterson didn't like the sound of that.

Patterson: "Really? Tristan? Seriously... who in the hell cares about Tristan? The guy went on a losing streak.. lost continuously to a luchadore and some douchebag that thought he was some CIA Mercenary. Had some sort of repackaging 1980's video montage, and got showed up by a talented rookie in Jameson Scott. You're telling me THAT is my number one contender? Nobody in this world wants to see that match except Tristan himself. The WORLD wants to see the rematch of the century here tonight and if you know what's best for ratings and for business, you'll make THAT match happen."

The people cheered loudly then started a "MAKE THE MATCH" chant at Shayne.

Shayne: "As General Manager, I often times have to make unpopular decisions because I've made promises to talent in the back, but tonight is not going to be one of those nights. Since this issue isn't going away, consider it done. Tonight will be Mike Patterson versus Regan Hearst... Hype Championship on the line."

The people erupted!

Shayne: "BUT! On one condition. There will be no third match next week. Win... lose.. or draw.. whoever walks out of this match tonight, MUST defend the Hype Championship against the rightful number one contender, Tristan. Failure to comply will result in consequences. Sorry to be rough like that, but understand my position. I'm breaking a promise I made last week to cater to your wishes. I only believe this compromise is fair."

Patterson grinned.

Patterson: "More than fair enough for me. You've got a deal!"

With that, Anderson took his leave and Patterson did as well.

Jack Wallace: "The rematch of the century is signed sealed and delivered! Patterson vs Hearst II will be your main event, TONIGHT!"

Eldridge Ali vs Jameson Scott

Match Summary
Jameson Scott came up short against Tristan in the number one contender's match last week. This week, he had Eldridge Ali who made a deal with his brothers to see who could get the most wins here on The Hype over the next three weeks. Eldridge was impressive in his debut right before Breakdown and here tonight, he will take on the rookie

At the bell, Eldridge smirked as he slowly circled Jameson. The two went for the lock up, but Jameson quickly maneuvered behind Eldridge and started to kick away at his thighs. Eldridge stumbled away as Jameson backed him into the ropes and tried for the irish whip, but he was unable to budge the big man. Eldridge tugged on Jameson's arm and pulled him in where he popped him into the air and hit a catching power slam! Eldridge with the cover and only got two. Eldridge with the chin lock to wear Jameson down, but Jameson battled up to his feet and threw elbow into the gut. He took off to the ropes, but Eldridge hit a big boot and took Jameson back down.

Eldridge pulled Jameson up and scooped him into his arms. Snake eyes across the top rope following by a running clothesline. Eldridge covered again for only two. Back to the chin lock went Eldridge, but Jameson regained his strength and countered with a jaw breaker then a Pele Kick. Eldridge stumbled against the ropes and Jameson went to the corner. He hopped to the top rope and hit a flying kick to Eldridge knocking him down to all fours. Jameson followed it up with a hook kick to the back of Eldridge's head! Jameson pulled Ali over into the cover, but only picked up a fleeting one count.

Jameson sat Eldridge up and hit the ropes. He hit the running kick to the chest.. The Quick Kick I. He then hit multiple kicks to the back.. the Quick Kick II. He took off to the ropes and went for the running kick to the face.. the Quick Kick III, but Eldridge grabbed him by the leg and stopped it! Jameson kept his balance as Eldridge got back to his feet, holding Jameson by the leg. Eldridge spun him around, looking to catch him with a forearm when he faced his direction, but Jameson leapt into the air after continuing the momentum and nailed a Gamengiri to the side of Eldridge's head! Eldridge fell to his knees and Jameson hit the ropes. He hit the Quick Kick III and then covered Eldridge after he toppled over, but the oldest Ali kicked out at two!

Jameston stood and headed for the corner. He climbed up and when Eldridge stood, he leapt off, but Eldridge caught him by the neck! BIG TIME Choke Slam on Jameson, but Eldridge was still shaking off the effects of getting kicked in the head so many times. Eldridge then called for the end as he walked over and pulled Jameson to his feet. He hooked him in a front waist lock and lifted him for the Spinning Gordbuster, but Jameson broke free mid-swing and continued the momentum, converting it into a Tornado DDT! Eldridge went face first into the canvas and then lifted his head. Jameson with the Quick Kick I... then a back thrust kick to the face! He went to the ropes, came back and nailed a Shotgun Drop Kick to the face and he made the cover and shocked the world picking up the three!!

Winner: Jameson Scott via Pinfall
Match Time: 6:43
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: David has slain Goliath here tonight! That was an impressive victory by Jameson Scott! Eldridge Ali is a former world champion and even competed in this very arena some twelve years ago, defending that title. For a rookie to come up and beat him really says something about Jameson Scott's future.

Jeff Hartman: Not to mention, Eldridge lost his first match after making the promise to The Ali Boys. I can't wait to see how they're going to react to this! Human suffering and ridicule is what I live for!

"Taking Away Your Due"

We open up backstage where we see The Hype Tag Team Champions, Davis Bloome and Tripp Wise... collectively known as BADASS. They got a mixed reaction from the crowd when they came on scene.

Wise: "Oh baby, tonight is the big night under the lights with our names on the marquee. It's a non-title match, but it doesn't matter one bit because we're not going to let The Widow's Nest have a second chance to take these belts away from us. We partied hard... some more than others..."

Said Wise as he pointed his thumb towards Bloome who only let out a sigh after being outed.

Wise: "But at the end of the day.. which I can't really remember all too well.. we had our fill and now... because I promised it to Mr. Serious over here... it's time to focus and send those spiders over to John Goodman's house."

Bloome: "What!?"

Wise: "Arachnophobia, man. It was an awesome movie. You should see it."

Bloome: "I'd rather focus on the match at hand tonight. They can't be taken lightly. They've been shunned time and time again and now that their ban is lifted, don't you think they will do anything to these titles? I mean, they did everything in their power to make Crucifix lose them.. so you can't just sit here and make stupid quip after quip and think this will be a walk in the park."

Wise: WHOA-HO-HOA Daddy-o! Back the truck up. I'm focused.. I am serious.. but I also have fun while doing it. Don't sweat it, broski... copyrights to those who to all who encompass that term, by the way... when it's go time... I'll be as straight as a laser beam. Don't worry! I got this"

Wise gave Bloome a thumbs up with a sparkling smile before stepping off camera.

Bloome: "Well.. at least he didn't say..."

Then Wise came back onto screen.

Wise: "And that my friends... is BADASS!!! WOOO!"

Wise disappeared again as Bloome facepalmed. The scene faded to black.

The Ali Boys vs The SOBs

Match Summary
After his embarrassing defeat just a few moments ago, it was time for The Ali Boys to take the lead here in this competitive contest amongst themselves. Iago and Scanlon started off in the ring. Iago threw a couple kicks and Scanlon backed away. They locked up and Scanlon with the headlock, but Iago backed him into the ropes and shoved him off. Scanlon with the shoulder block before taking off to the ropes. Iago flipped to his stomach, stood and leapfrogged over. Iago went low for the monkey flip, but Scanlon stopped and went for the elbow drop. Iago moved, stood and went for a front kick to the face, but Scanlon leaned back. School boy roll up for two, face off and a round of applause from the crowd.

They lock up a second time and this time it's Iago with the headlock. Scanlon backs Iago into the corner and lets loose with punches, breaking the grip. Scanlon aims for the head and rocks Iago before whipping him to the opposite corner. Scanlon chases, but up and over goes Iago. Iago takes off to the ropes and ducks a clothesline by Scanlon. Springboard twisting cross body by Iago takes Scanlon down. Both men are back up as Iago charges in, but Scanlon side steps and sends him on the way. Scanlon went for a punch, but Iago hung onto the ropes. Scanlon took the bait and got sent up and over to the ring apron courtesy of Iago. Scanlon with a high kick to the head, then a springboard shoulder tackle! Scanlon covers and gets two. Scanlon brings Iago over to their corner and tags Selby into the match.

Selby comes in and twists the arm of Iago before hitting a pair of shoulder blocks. Iago falls to a knee as he tags in Scanlon who comes in and hits a pair of shoulder blocks again. Tag back to Selby who twists the arm and hits two more shoulder blocks. This time he shoves Iago into the corner and tags in Scanlon. Scanlon comes in as Selby backs up. Scanlon grabs Selby by the wrist and whips him into the corner. Flying Shoulder Tackle up against the buckles by Selby! Scanlon charged in and went low with a shoulder tackle to the stomach! Iago collapsed in the corner as Scanlon pressed his boot against his face. He scraped it across with the Face Wash then hit a running Face Wash to follow it u p! Tag back to Selby. Selby pulled Iago up and whipped him to the opposite corner. Selby with a full head of steam, but Iago got the boot up, barely. Selby charged back in and got kicked in the face by another boot. Iago hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle and hit a missile drop kick and both men were down.

Clemente begged for the tag as Iago crawled over. He was just about to make it when Selby recovered and grabbed Iago by the leg, but Iago turned to his back and kicked Selby away, dove in, and made the tag to Clemente! Clemente came in and nailed a pair of clotheslines, a whip, then a spinebuster in the middle of the ring on Selby! Clemente stood and charged toward Scanlon, but Scanlon was wise to this tactic and grabbed Clemente by the head, hotshotting him across the top rope! Selby got up as Clement staggered back. Kick to the stomach and a set up between the legs by Selby. He lifted Clemente up and nailed a Powerbomb Lungblower called The Emerald Isle Driver! He covered, but Clemente kicked out at two!!

Selby stood and taunted Clemente to stand. Clemente did and got hit with an Inverted Atomic Drop, a double leg takedown, and was about to be put into the Sharpshooter when Iago hit the top rope and nailed a Springboard Missile Drop Kick, saving his brother! Scanlon came into the ring and charged Iago, but Iago backpeddled and pulled down the top rope, causing Scanlon to spill out onto the floor! Iago got a running start and hit a Vaulting Plancha to the outside, taking out Scanlon! Back in the ring, both Clemente and Selby got back to their feet. Punch by Selby... Punch by Clemente.. Punch by Selby.. Punch by Clemente. Punch by Selby DUCKED! The two traded positions and Clemente scooped up Selby onto his shoulders, looking for the Death Valley Bomb.. From the Lower East Side... but when he flipped Selby, he flipped completely and landed on his feet! Back thrust kick by Selby doubled Clemente over! Selby hit the ropes and went low with a basement drop kick, kicking Clemente's legs out from underneath him.

Selby backed into the ropes again and planted both feet to the face with a Shotgun Drop Kick.. cover, but Iago rolled back into the ring and broke it up at two! Iago pulled Selby up and went for a whip. Scanlon rolled back into the ring as Selby reversed the whip and send Iago towards his brother. Scanlon lifted up Iago for his version of the Death Valley Bomb, but when Scanlon was about to hit it, Clemente got up, spun Selby around, kicked him in the stomach and lifted him up onto his shoulders. The two opposing teams had a staredown and both nailed their Death Valley Bombs at the same time! From the Lower East Side and the Boyne Valley Bomb!! The crowd applauded as Scanlon and Clemente both stood up and stared at each other! Scanlon dared Clemente to bring it and Clemente did!

Scanlon went for a right hand, but it was blocked by Clemente! Kick to the stomach by Clemente. He set up Scanlon for a Powerbomb, but Scanlon countered with a back body drop and Clemente landed on Iago!! Scanlon pulled Clemente up to his feet and hoisted him up onto his shoulders, but Clemente wriggled free and landed behind Scanlon, but Selby, from the canvas, who was also the legal man, quickly grabbed Clemente as he was unaware and rolled him up with a school boy and got the three!!!! The SOBs finally won a match here on The Hype!

Winner: The SOBs via Rollup
Match Time: 12:06
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jack Wallace: The O'Briens finally pick up a victory here and it couldn't have come at a better time! The Ali Boys also lost which means both Eldridge and his brothers are 0-1 in their little contest with each other! I don't want to be in the Ali Boys locker room after a night like tonight

Jeff Hartman: They were garbage twelve years ago and they're still garbage today.. but make no mistake.. the SOB's aren't any better.

"Understanding "

We open up backstage and we see Sarkhaya checking her cellphone in street clothes. Desiree walked up.

Desiree: "Hey, how's it going?"

Sarkhaya: "Oh, hey. I was just about to go look for you. Look, I wanted to apologize for getting you disqualified last week, but I couldn't just stand back and watch Fayth have her way out in the ring. I had to get a measure of revenge."

Desiree: "Oh, don't worry about it. I saw what happened at Breakdown and when I arrived here last week, Shayne Anderson told me the news about the match. If I were in your shoes, I would have probably done the same thing. So I don't mind taking a loss for a good cause."

Sarkhaya: "Thanks, I appreciate that. I was hoping to get my hands on Fayth again this week, but apparently I'm still having some issues with my head. Even though I'm medically cleared, jOlt is taking precautions and keeping me out of the ring for another week, so I guess I will have to settle for next week then."

Desiree: "If you're still having problems, you should get that checked out. Don't let something like that go by just because some doctor said you were okay to compete. Get a second opinion. One person could have missed something."

Sarkhaya: "I'm not worried about it. If it gets worse, I'll get it taken care of. My focus is Fayth and I'm not going to let anything stop me from tearing her apart. I made a promise when I came here that I would cleanse the impurities out of The Hype and she's about as impure as they come."

Desiree: "You're human.. you're no superhero. Just remember that."

Sarkhaya patted Desiree on the shoulder and shot her a smile before exiting. Desiree had kind of a worried look on her face as Sarkhaya walked away.

Crucifix vs Jayshin Lee

Match Summary
Crucifix and Lee circled and locked up. Crucifix immediately went to work on Lee's midsection with knee lifts to the stomach. He backed Lee into the corner and hit a knife edge chop before sending him across to the other side. Crucifix charged in, but Lee hit a back elbow and then pivoted to face the corner. He flipped off and caught Crucifix with a Moonsault into a DDT! Lee went for the cover and got two and Crucifix immediately rolled to the outside, not wanting any of Lee's high-flying innovative offense. Lee, however, wouldn't let Crucifix breath as he got a running start and flipped over with a Shooting Star Press over the top ropes and the outside, but Crucifix simply walked away and Lee smacked down hard on the mats at ringside!!

Crucifix walked over and picked Lee up, whipping him shoulder first into the ring post. He picked Lee up again and rolled him back inside the ring. Crucifix climbed up to the top turnbuckle pads and leapt off with the Leap of Faith, but Lee rolled out of the way, but Crucifix sensed it and rolled up to his feet! Lee staggered up and charged in, but Crucifix grabbed him by the arm and slammed him into the canvas. He then applied a Crossface submission hold and Lee was wincing in paid as it was on the injured shoulder. Lee fought through it and eventually made it to the ropes, but Crucifix wouldn't break it until the count of four. Crucifix stood and put the boots to Lee's shoulder, softening it up some more. Crucifix pulled Lee back to his feet and backed him into the ropes before whipping him across and taking him down with a leg lariat!

Crucifix went for the cover, but only got two. Crucifix sat up Lee and drove knee after knee into his left shoulder blade. Crucifix backed into the ropes and hit a running kick to the shoulder! Crucifix pulled Lee back up to his feet and grabbed him in a wrist clutch inverted fireman's carry, but when he went to flip Lee, he wriggled free and fell behind Crucifix! Crucifix was smart, however, and elbowed Lee in the back of the head when he landed! Crucifix turned and rode up onto Lee's shoulders, spiking him with the Crucifix Driver!! Crucifix headed to the corner, climbed up and flipped off with the Leap of Faith.. the Swanton Bomb, and it connected! Crucifix made the cover and picked up the victory!

Winner: Crucifix via Leap of Faith
Match Time: 5:37
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Crucifix was on a mission here tonight! He completely dominated Jayshin Lee in the ring!

Jeff Hartman: Jayshin should have never left the Widow's Nest.. now each and every day he will be exposed for how weak he is without the strength in numbers.

Jack Wallace: We're not done yet... Crucifix just grabbed a microphone.

After the Match
Crucifix stood there in the ring, microphone in his hand as his music died down. Jayshin Lee rolled out of the ring and stumbled to the back.

Crucifix: Let's give a hand to Jayshin Lee. After all. he needs all the encouragement he can get since we just witnessed the pinnacle of his abilities.

The crowd booed

Crucifix: I think it's cute how his former stable screwed me out of the tag team championships, but you know what? Instead of getting angry and challenging BADASS to a rematch, I have a better idea. Mike Patterson... you and I go way back... WAAAAY back. I know you like the back of my hand and I believe that I have the best shot out of anyone on this roster of dethroning you. Regan Hearst may be impressive... but he has his flaws. Tristan may think the world of himself, but he has his flaws. I, on the other hand... have no flaws... unless you want to count the time where it took four people to pry the tag team titles off my waist.

The crowd continued to boo.

Crucifix: I'm going to show up next week here on The Hype. Mike Patterson.. do your best not to choke against Regan Hearst like you did last week. Show the world the best you have to offer.. so next week, I can show you how your best... isn't good enough.

Crucifix dropped the microphone and exited the ring. It was a blatant challenge to the Hype Champion, Mike Patterson! Regan Hearst, Tristan, and now Crucifix! The champion has many targets painted on his back right now.

"Lessons Learned? "

We open up inside of Prince Samir's locker room. Ryan Raysor stepped into view and the people switched from boos to cheers.

Raysor: This is quite odd. You actually called me and said you wanted to talk?

Samir: That's right. There's a few things I want to talk to you about. It's about.. well.. recent events.

Raysor: So, after I beat you and made you my servant, and then beat you again in our rematch, did you finally learn your lesson in the fact that money doesn't buy happiness?

Samir: Oh no.. I haven't learned that at all. In fact, I learned that money does by happiness..... and protection.

With that, Raysor was blindsided by a rather large man. The camera panned over...


Prince Samir's personal bodyguard has returned to The Hype! Prince Samir walked over and stood to the side and slightly behind Kareem as the two looked down at Raysor on the floor.

Samir: Things have only just begun between you and I... and Kareem.

Samir grinned and patted Kareem on the chest. The two of them walk side by side out of the locker room as the cameras faded to black.

"I am YOUR #1 Contender "

The scene opens up backstage where Marshall Stetton is standing by with the number one contender to The Hype Championship, Tristan.

Stetton: Earlier tonight, Hype Champion Mike Patterson refused to wrestle you one on one in favor for lobbying a rematch against his opponent last week. Do you have any comments on that?

Tristan: You know, it's funny. I've been on The Hype for a long time now and yeah, as Mike Patterson so glamorously pointed out, I haven't exactly had the best career here on The Hype, but the truth of the matter is this... I have been recognized and I have earned my number one contendership, but yet, nobody believes that I can pull it off. That's fine because even if I have to wait until next week, I WILL become the new Hype Champion and then everyone in this arena and around the world will have to insert their feet into their collective mouths.

Stetton: They say you've only had three big feuds here on The Hype. El Tigre Verde, DefCon, and Jameson Scott. Some say in those feuds you struggled and many are saying even though you won the contendership, you didn't earn it. That you were just in the right place at the right time.

Tristan: You keep saying they are saying this. They are saying that. Who are "They" exactly? I'd like to know because it just seems as if there is a conspiracy going on around here where everyone is trying to talk me down... trying to get me to feel insignificant. Thing is... I don't give a damn about anyone or anything by myself. I've always been taught to look out for number one and I have lived my life exactly that way. Being here on The Hype is no different, Marshall. I don't care about the fans.. I don't care about my colleagues.. I don't even care about you. All I care about is myself and the fact that I want the Hype Championship and I will do whatever it takes to get it. Come hell or high water. So say whatever you want about me. Make your jokes... you're looking at the number one contender whether you like it or not.

Tristan stared at Marshall for a moment and then exited the scene. Marshall let out a sigh as the scene faded to black.

BADASS vs The Widow's Nest

Match Summary
Last week Black Widow talked Shayne Anderson into this match. Should Araknis and Wolf Spider be successful here tonight, they will face BADASS again next week with the Tag Team Titles on the line. Araknis and Wise started off in the ring. After the lock up, Araknis went into a go behind and took Wise down to the canvas, but Wise battled back up to his feet, broke the grip and went into a hammer lock. Araknis reached behind and flipped Wise over with the snapmare followed by a drop kick to the back of the head! Araknis quickly went in and locked in a rear chin lock, but Wise battled up to his feet and fired a pair of a elbows into the stomach.

Wise walked Araknis over to the ropes and whipped him, but Araknis countered and send Wise to the ropes instead. Araknis went for a drop kick, but Wise help onto the ropes. Araknis sensed it and backflipped to his feet. Wise charged in and Araknis tried for the clothesline, but Wise ducked underneath. Wise hopped to the middle rope and hit a Springboard Back Elbow that took Araknis off his feet. Wise kipped up to a vertical base and tagged in Davis Bloome. Bloome helped Araknis back up and whipped him into the corner. Bloome charged in, but Araknis made him eat a back elbow. Araknis hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle and dove at Bloome. Araknis wrapped his arm around Bloome's neck and spun out with a Tornado Flatliner!! Araknis rolled to his corner and tagged in the heavy hitter, Wolf Spider.

Wolf came in and stomped down on Bloome to keep him grounded. After a few stomps, Wolf backed into the ropes and went for the running Senton, but Bloome moved out of the way! Wolf stood and Bloome rocked his jaw with some heavy right hands. Bloome backed into the ropes, but Wolf Spider countered with Snap Power Slam and a cover for two! Wolf sat Bloome up and dropped two knees into his upper back then pulled back with a Surfboard Submission hold. Bloome eventually battled up to his feet and fired a pair of elbows to break free. Bloome then grabbed the enforcer of The Nest and hit a Belly to Belly Suplex on him. Tripp was calling out for the tag and as Bloome made his way to the corner, Araknis came in and hit a running elbow drop into Bloome's lower back.

Araknis headed back to his corner as Wolf Spider got back to his feet and pulled Bloome back to his. Wolf returned the favor by hitting an Overhead Belly to Belly Release Suplex on Bloome. Wolf got back to his feet and headed to a corner where he crouched down and taunted Bloome to stand. Bloome got to his feet and Wolf went for the spear, but Bloome hit a running knee lift and the collision echoed throughout the Hype Arena and the crowd groaned as even they felt that one! Bloome twirled around and fell into the cover, hooking the leg. At two, Araknis came in and dove in to break it up, but Bloome saw him coming and moved and Araknis dropped an elbow on Wolf on accident!

Bloome stood and grabbed Araknis, tossing him to the outside. He then made his way to the corner and tagged Tripp Wise back into the match. Wolf was staggering back up to his feet when Wise grabbed the top rope and nailed a Springboard Missile Drop Kick to Wolf! Wolf popped back up and stumbled into the corner. Tripp got a running start and hit a running knee strike underneath Wolf's chin. he turned and hooked the head, looking to go for a Bulldog, but Wolf lifted Tripp up and tossed him nearly half way across the ring! Tripp staggered up and Wolf charged in, nailing the Run with the Wolves!! The spear nearly cut Araknis in half! Davis Bloome came back into the ring and when Wolf stood, Bloome nailed him from behind with Running Reverse STO, planting him face first into the canvas! The In Bloome sealed Wolf's fate as Bloome placed Wise on top of Wolf. The referee was about to count three when Araknis pulled the referee out of the ring from the outside!!!

Bloome hit the ropes and dove through the top and middle ropes with a suicide dive taking out both Araknis and the referee!!! When that happened, Muerte ran out from the back and hit the ring! He quickly pulled Wise up off of Wolf and hooked him by the head with an Inverted head lock and then drove him into the canvas with an elbow... The Death Scythe!. Muerte placed Wolf on top of Araknis and slid out to wake up the referee. He rolled the referee into the ring, but Davis Bloome stood and grabbed Muerte, throwing him into the barricades! The referee made a slow count to two and now it was Davis Bloome that saved the match by pulling the referee out of the ring!!

Araknis got back up and slammed into Bloome from behind, sending him stomach first into the edge of the ring apron! Araknis got up onto the apron and hit a soccer kick right to the side of Bloome's head. Bloome fell back to the floor as Araknis turned his attention to the ring. Wolf Spider and Tripp Wise were both getting back up to their feet. Araknis leapt up top and aimed for Wise, but Wise pulled Wolf Spider in the way and Araknis accidentally hit a flying knee to Wolf Spider's head!! Wise quickly got behind Araknis.. placed him in the full nelson and fell forward, planting him with the Have A Nice Tripp!! Tripp went to the corner just as the referee came to. Wolf Spider got up on all fours and then staggered to his feet. Tripp charged in and leapt up into the air. He stuck his leg out and nailed a SICK KICK at full speed. The smack echoed througout the arena! A new finisher he called The Tripp From Hell!!! Wolf Spider almost flipped over from the impact, landing on his neck!!! Tripp made the cover and the referee counted three!!!

Winner: BADASS via The Tripp From Hell
Match time: 21:16
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace: They were given a fair shot and even after trying to cheat, The Widow's Nest failed to become number one contenders! There's no excuse that Black Widow can make now!

Jeff Hartman: Oh yes there is! The referee was interfered with twice. If anything, BADASS should have been disqualified for interfering in the match in such a way!!

Jack Wallace: WHAT!? Araknis pulled the referee out of the ring first, you know.

Jeff Hartman: No.. Araknis was doing something noble. BADASS were simply just not wanting to admit defeat and face them again next week.

Jack Wallace: What kind of back water reasoning is that!? Do you even listen to yourself when you talk!?

Jeff Hartman: All the time! I love the sound of my voice.

"I've Sampled the Bright Lights"

We open up backstage and we see "Good Luck" Zane Roebuck walking down the halls of the Hype Arena. He sees a random tech crew member and stops in front him.

Zane: Hi! Zane Roebuck. You might remember me from such programming as Sunday Night iNtense. You know.. the show you wish YOU worked at.. LIKE ME!!

Zane walked away as the crew member shot him an "oooooookay" look. Zane came across a random female employee wearing a headset and carrying a clipboard.

Zane: Hi... Zane Roebuck. Newest Sunday Night iNtense superstar. It is very lovely to meet you. Perhaps you saw my performance this past Sunday? I was all the way out in Las Vegas, you know. In the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Sure the travel schedule is rough, but when you're a superstar in demand like me.. you don't mind trivial things like traveling across the entire country. Say, can I get your number?

WIth that, the employee looked disgusted and walked away.

Zane: Peh... she just doesn't want what everybody else wants.

Zane turned the corner and saw a caterer setting up some food on a buffet table.

Zane: Hi there, Zane Roebuck. Soon to be jOlt World Champion because if you didn't notice, I was on Sunday Night iNtense this past Sunday and they just LOVE me over there. Look.. I know you're used to preparing things like chicken and beef and all that stuff for the ... well.. lesser talents.. but a performer like me.. who was, again on Sunday Night iNtense by the way, deserves.. well.. more exquisite things. I would like to place a special order of Mahi Mahi, some Fava Beans, and perhaps some brown rice with some yakisoba sauce. Chop chop.. the good luck doesn't create itself, you know!

Zane pats the guy on the shoulder and walks off. The caterer has no idea what the hell that was about as the scene fades to black.

Mike Patterson vs Regan Hearst

Match Summary
It was one of the most epic encounters in Hype history. The rematch was signed for tonight and we were set to get things started. Patterson and Hearst made their way to the ring and the bell sounded. The fans were already on their feet, refusing to sit for this one and right out of the gate, Patterson charged in and began hammering away on Hearst with vicious right hands in rapid succession! He backed Hearst into the ropes, backed up and clotheslined him up and over to the floor!! Hearst popped back up and Patterson hit the ropes... NO HANDS FLYING PLANCHA OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!!!! GOOD LORD THAT WAS 330LBS OF PURE POWER AND AGILITY!!!

The crowd immediately broke out into a "HOLY SHIT" chant as Patterson stood up and let out a bestial roar!! Patterson grabbed Hearst and pulled him up to his feet, but Hearst showed his resilience and plowed Patterson back first into the ring apron! Hearst hit a heavy left, then a heavy right. He then grabbed Patterson and... BELLY TO BELLY INTO THE EDGE OF THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!!

Now it was Regan that let out a bestial roar! He rolled into the ring at the count of nine and went back out! He pulled Patterson up to his feet and whipped the Hype Champion into the ring post, shoulder first! Hearst didn't let up as he gave chase to Patterson and grabbed him, throwing him back into the ring under the bottom rope. Hearst came in and made the cover, but only got two. Hearst stood and pulled Patterson up to his feet. He hit another combination of left and rights and backed into the ropes, but Patterson picked Hearst up and planted him with a Spinebuster in the middle of the ring! Patterson went to the corner and went for the Big Souix Splash, but Hearst put the knees up!! Hearst then locked Patterson into a Kimura Lock!!! He was trying to break his arm, but Patterson got on his knees and put pressure on Heart's shoulders and almost pinned him, but Hearst broke the submission hold at two.

Both men got up to their feet and began to trade punches back and forth. Patterson switched it up to a knee lift then backed into the ropes, but Hearst shook it off and charged in. He nailed the Leaping Flying Headbutt... CRANIAL SEPARATION!!! Hearst covered!!! NEW CHAMPION!?? NO!!!! PATTERSON KICKED OUT!!!

Hearst pulled Patterson up and whipped him into the ropes. He looked for the Pop Up Spinebuster to end this match right here and now, but Patterson lunged forward and cut Hearst in half with a Spear!!! Patterson got up and grabbed Hearst and placed him between his legs... TRAILERVISION!!! Patterson stood, pulled him back up.. placed him between his legs again.. SECOND TRAILERVISION!!! He stood and pulled Hearst back up! He got underneath him and nailed a Back Drop Driver... a new finisher... DAWN OF THE FINAL MOMENT!!! GOOD GOD!! Two Cradle Piledrivers and a Back Drop Driver all in succession!!! Patterson covered and it was over just that quickly!!!!

Winner: Mike Patterson via Dawn of the Final Moment
Match time: 7:01
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: I... I have no words for this... Mike Patterson EXPLODED at the opening bell. He came at Regan Hearst fast and furiously and even though Hearst tried to match Patterson's intensity and speed.. the Hype Champion, in the end, destroyed the very man who pushed him to his limit last week.. and in under ten minutes at that! Mike Patterson didn't just answer his detractors here tonight... after this performance... he shut them up permanently. Just who in the hell can beat this man!?

After the Match
Patterson, still amped up with energy grabbed the Hype Championship and walked over to the fallen Regan Hearst. He slammed his foot down onto Hearst's chest as hard as he could. Let out a massive roar, and hoisted the Hype Championship into the air.

Jack Wallace: A symbol of dominance... Mike Patterson may just be inhuman.

Then, all of a sudden... Patterson grabbed his stomach and began coughing. He stumbled back and fell to a single knee. The referee rushed over and checked on Patterson. He asked Patterson if he was okay, but Patterson shook his head "yes." He needed a moment, but he recollected himself.

Patterson exited the ring and took a few steps when he suddenly grasped his stomach and fell to all fours on the outside. The fans seemed worried. Did he push himself too hard in this match? Did it catch up to him all at once? All we know is that Patterson was hurt pretty badly. Trainers came out from the backstage area and tended to Patterson. They helped him up to his feet and walked him to the backstage area with the crowd looking on.

Jack Wallace: Guys.. I don't know what to make of this. Patterson was in great form, but suddenly.. this happened. Maybe Patterson took more damage than we thought in this match and the adrenaline just wore off.. we can only hope that's what happened and that Patterson is okay. We will bring you details as they develop.. until then.. Goodnight everyone from Miami, FL.