"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the Hype Arena in Miami, FL where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! We are just a week away from Rise of the Legends on Pay-Per-View, but we are here in Miami, Florida and geared up for another great night of action!

Jeff Hartman: Did you see that ominous message on Sunday NIght iNtense? It said 7-24-15... that's a Friday. It better not be anything that requires more work out of me!

Jack Wallace: I did see it, but I guess the only one who knows what it is would be the person who made that graphic. I guess we'll have to wait until then to find out exactly what that message meant. Let's get things started, shall we?

"My Turn to Change Things"

Tristan made his way out from the backstage area. He stormed down to the ring with a pretty pissed off look on his face. He reached over the top rope and demanded a microphone from ringside. He was given one by Steven Dvorski, the Hype's time keeper. Tristan walked back to the center of the ring and his music died down.

Tristan: Tonight.. Mike Patterson is set to defend the Hype Championship against Crucifix... a match that I have earned and I have deserved for an entire month now. I defeated Jameson Scott in a number one contender's match and I have been shunned and treated as if I don't exist week after week after week. I am SICK and tired of it and tonight... I'm going to make my presence felt. Tonight.. I am stating that the Mike Patterson and Crucifix match will not happen because I will not allow it to happen.

Tristan paused as the people booed.

Tristan: In fact... I'm calling Shayne Anderson out here because I want to tell him something face to face.

It didn't take long.. Shayne Anderson stepped out from the backstage area, microphone in hand. He stopped at the top of the stage and looked down at the ring.

Tristan: Anderson.. I'm telling you that I'm not going to leave this ring until you give me what is rightfully mine. Tonight.. I want Mike Patterson.. I want my RIGHTFUL Hype Championship opportunity. I will hold this show hostage until I get what I want.

Shayne: That's one thing we could do... another would be to have security remove you from the ring and we just have tonight's planned main event happen.

Tristan: Go ahead.. have security remove me. I'll just find a way back into the arena and I will interrupt the main event and ruin the entire thing. Think security can stop me from doing that? I don't think so. I will find a way. A determined man.. always... finds a way.

Shayne: You know, Tristan. You're right. Tonight's main event of Crucifix versus Mike Patterson won't happen. In fact... I think I'll give Mike Patterson the night off because let me explain something to you. Just because you are the number one contender, doesn't mean that you get a title match any time you want. You have a guaranteed title shot, yes, but it's when I decide you get that shot.. not you, but since you want to act like this, then tonight's main event will be different.

Shayne paused.

Shayne: I'm taking a page out of your book on fairness here and you're right. Crucifix is not the number one contender to the Hype Championship so maybe he shouldn't get a title shot before you. That is, a valid point, but all that might change tonight because instead of taking on Mike Patterson for the title tonight.. Crucifix will take on you tonight and instead of the Hype Championship being on the line.. your number one contendership will be.

The crowd actually cheered that.

Tristan: WHAT!? You can't do that... who the hell defends a contendership!?

Shayne: Contenderships have been defended before in the past and tonight will be one of those rare situations where you will defend yours. Since you're so gung-ho about facing Mike Patterson and being the number one contender, then beating Crucifix and retaining your contendership should be easy, right? I mean, look at it this way, hypothetically. If you got your match against Patterson and you won.. you would be the Hype Champion, right? So what if Crucifix was your first title defense? Title or Contendership.. it shouldn't matter.. if you're as good and deserving as you say you are.. then you should have no problem going against Crucifix tonight and beating him for the right to face Mike Patterson.

Tristan: Ah ha ha... I see what you're trying to do here.. but before I say yes or no.. my answer will depend on my stipulation for this match. WHEN I win.. Nobody.. and I mean NOBODY gets a title shot against Mike Patterson until I get mine... and my title opportunity will be on Hype 65 after Rise of the Legends. If you can agree to that and put in ink on paper.. I'll agree to your match.

Shayne: Fair enough. You have yourself a deal. I'll draw up the contract later tonight

Tristan: Good... I WILL beat Crucifix later tonight and I WILL show the entire world that I am the rightful number one contender.. and when I beat Mike Patterson and become the new Hype Champion, then you all will HAVE to recognize and respect me.

The crowd boos as Tristan dropped the microphone and his theme hit the PA. Anderson looked intrigued by Tristan's passion. The scene faded away into the backstage area.

"Dance Like the Marionettes You Are"

We open up backstage to a dimly lit room. What can be seen looks like the bowels of the jOlt Arena. Un-Fayth is sitting there against the gritty, yet rusty steel background.

Fayth: The human brain produces electrical impulses that allow us to think... to store memories.. to judge... to convey thoughts and to form opinions of one another. Harry Houdini played with those impulses through simple misdirection. What the eyes see and what the ears hear... the mind believes. It is simple to take those principles... those foundations and bend them to your command.

Fayth took a moment and laughed to herself.

Fayth: It's funny how these monkeys operate. Give them thumbs, they'll forge a club and beat their own kind down. A single spoken word is more powerful than an army of soldiers and my single spoken word has caused one monkey to turn on the other. As the impulses of their brains conveyed thoughts of pleasantries my word has transmuted them into thoughts of hostility and a wedge was driven between them.

Fayth laughed a bit harder.

Fayth: God's so-called creations are so fun to play with. Now tonight, monkey will face monkey and i get to sit back and watch my own misdirection at work. Sarkhaya and Desiree will destroy each other and I will vicariously be the victor!

Fayth stood up and hunched down, putting her face right into the camera.

Fayth: I'll be watching closely, my little monkeys.

She then laughed and the screen turned to static.

Eldridge Ali vs Regan Hearst

Match Summary
The ongoing brotherly competition between Eldridge and Iago/Clemente continued. This week, Eldridge looked to take on Regan Hearst. By beating a man who went toe to toe with Mike Patterson for 60 minutes, that would be a huge feather in his cap as well as put the pressure on his two younger brothers. Eldridge came out with Iago and Clemente in tow. Hearst made his way to the ring and the bell rang.

The two of them locked horns and Eldridge actually powered Hearst into the corner! Eldridge hit a pair of back elbows that stunned Hearst. He walked Hearst to the ropes and shot him across the ring and then put him down with a shoulder block! Hearst got back up and Eldridge took to the ropes again, hitting another shoulder block! Hearst pounded his fist on the canvas as Eldridge took off again, but Hearst exploded and nailed a vicious lariat that turned the 300 pounder inside out!! Hearst pulled Eldridge up to his feet and hit him with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Hearst took off to the ropes and clotheslined Eldridge up and over to the outside. Hearst got another running start and sailed over the top rope with a flying plancha that took Eldridge down to the floor!

Hearst stood up and grabbed Eldridge pulling back up. He rolled Eldridge into the ring and slid in after him. He made the cover, but only got two. Hearst stood and put the boots to Eldridge before pulling him back up. Another whip to the ropes and Hearst caught Eldridge with a big power slam! Hearst covered again, but only got two. Hearst pulled Eldridge back up and hit him with a series of punches. Hearst swung with a haymaker right, but Eldridge ducked and the two changed positions. Punches by Eldridge lit up Hearst. He whipped him into the corner, charged in and hit a body avalanche. Hearst staggered out of the corner as Eldridge hit the ropes and put him down with a running big boot! Hearst got back up and Eldridge scooped him up and hit Snake Eyes in the corner followed by a trip to the ropes and then a running clothesline!

Hearst popped back up and Eldridge took him down with a second clothesline. Hearst got back up and Eldridge kicked him in the stomach. He set up Hearst for the El Train, but Hearst twisted out of it and hit another Inverted Atomic Drop. Hearst hit the ropes and lunged in with the Cranial Separation..the running headbutt, but Eldridge side stepped! He placed Hearst in a Full Nelson, lifted him and hit a Full Nelson Slam on the big man! Eldridge hit the ropes and dropped the leg across Heart's chest and covered, only getting two!

Eldridge stood as his brothers looked on from ringside. Eldridge grabbed Hearst and pulled him up. He hoisted Hearst up onto his shoulders and charged the corner, slamming him neck and head first into the turnbuckles. He held on, turned and charged the other corner, doing the same thing. He then walked to the center of the ring and showed some power, spinning Hearst off into a TKO! Eldridge with the cover, but Hearst kicked away in time! Eldridge stood and headed for the corner. He hunched down and eyed Hearst as he got back up. Eldridge charged in, but Hearst quickly grabbed Eldridge and popped him into the air. He then grabbed him by the waist and fell forward with the Pop Up Spinebuster... Spinal Shift!! Hearst got up to his feet and pulled Eldridge up. He hoisted Eldridge onto his shoulders and tilted off into the Reverse Death Valley Driver... Spinal Crack! He made the cover and picked up the three!

Winner: Regan Hearst via Spinal Crack
Match Time: 6:34
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Regan Hearst picked up an impressive victory here. That road bump in the rematch against Patterson was merely that as it remains as his only loss here on The Hype!

Jeff Hartman: Regan Hearst is, quite simply, a monster. I just wish he had a meaner side to him. He's too soft

Jack Wallace: Calling Regan Hearst too soft is like saying Jeff Hartman is the perfect role model for America.

Jeff Hartman: But I AM the perfect role model for America.

Jack Wallace: God help us...

After the Match
Iago and Clemente slid into the ring as Hearst exited. Iago went and grabbed a microphone as Clemente helped his brother up.

Iago: Hmm.. from the looks of things, it seems like you have two losses and we still have one. That forfeit win last week.. I'm counting that, so that means you're one and two, and we're one and one.. so we're ahead by default and since we don't have a match tonight.. we're still ahead! It looks like your chance to pull ahead of us.. well.. kind of went up in flames there, didn't it El-Al?

Clemente asked for the microphone.

Clemente: Now now.. let's not kick our brother when he's down. Regan Hearst already did that enough already.

Iago chuckled but then his expression turned to one of concern as Eldridge took the microphone out of Clemente's hands.

Eldridge: At least I wrestled tonight. I'm not taking the night off like you two are. Not even competing in this is the same as losing.. actually no.. it's WORSE than losing because it shows you don't have the guts to try and pull ahead so before you want to mock me... get a match lined up first.. then when you win or lose.. you'll have the right to talk the way you want to.

Eldridge threw the microphone down at Clemente's feet and exited the ring. Clemente and Iago looked at each other as the scene shifted backstage.

"A Job Well Done"

We open up in the locker room of Prince Samir and Kareem. Samir was grinning from ear to ear as he pulled out a hefty wad of cash and handed it to Kareem.

Samir: This is for a job well done last week against Ryan Raysor. Beating him should have taunt him a valuable lesson that not even money can buy.. that when it comes to royalty like myself.. you don't put your hands on me.. you don't embarrass me.. and you don't speak up against me.

Kareem nodded his head at every word Samir said as he counted his money.

Samir: Continue to do what you did last week and there will be plenty more where that came from my friend.

With that being said, there was a knock on Samir's dressing room door.


After a moment of silence, the door was knocked on again.. with longer, deeper knocks.

Samir: Some people have no respect. Kareem.. answer the door and make whoever is on the other side understand what it means to interrupt royalty conducting business.

Kareem walked over and opened the door then..



Kareem hit the floor and standing in the doorway holding that steel chair was Ryan Raysor!! The crowd popped pretty big when he showed up on the big screen. Ryan steps into the locker room as Samir backs away and gets down on his knees, begging for mercy. Samir keeps looking to Kareem for help, but he's down and out and he's not moving any time soon. Samir looks like he's beginning to sweat bullets as Ryan raises the chair up into the air.

Samir: Please! No! I beg you!

Samir then reached into his vest pocket and pulled out even more cash. Ryan swung the chair right into Samir's hand!! It sent the cash flying! Samir hunched over, gripping his hand and wrist in pain. Raysor dropped the chair on the floor.

Raysor: A word of warning. This isn't over... not by a long shot

Raysor then turned and exited the locker room. If there were ever a message to be sent with an exclamation point... Ryan Raysor delivered one of those tonight!

Broken Sanity vs The Conways

Match Summary
Ezra Conway started the match off vs. Mad Morgan, who appeared incredibly focused and non-manic. They met in the middle and locked up before Ezra pushed Morgan toward the ropes. Morgan bounced back, ducked a clothesline and came back with a big cross-body slam. Keeping momentum Morgan backed up, jumped and delivered his go-to leg drop. Outside the ring was Broken Sanity’s psychologist, Dr. Dean.

Morgan picked Ezra up and lifted him into a faceplant suplex, then tagged in Shovel. Shovel clobbered Ezra with a couple of hands over the back of the head, dropped Ezra’s head onto his knee and then threw Ezra to the corner. Shovel charged in for a body avalanche but Ezra dodged! Shovel came stumbling out and Ezra led him to his partner. With a tag, Eli Conway was in the ring and he started it by throwing Shovel into the ropes and delivering a tilt-a-whirl slam on the return! Eli picked Shovel back up and threw him to the ropes and charged after him. Shovel hung onto the ropes and when Eli arrived he dropped a shoulder flipping Eli out of the ring! Shovel followed him out and quickly began slamming Eli’s head onto the apron. The referee leaned over the ropes encouraging them to get back in the ring but the two continued to duke it out.

On the other side of the ring Dr. Dean had approached Ezra Conway and was making astute observations regarding Ezra’s mental health. Ezra was fed up and hopped off the apron to approach Dr. Dean. Dean ran around the ring with Ezra chasing him, but after Ezra turned the corner he was met by a stiff boot to the stomach by Mad Morgan. Morgan picked Ezra up on his shoulders and dropped him with The Insane Asylum! Dr. Dean came back into the scene and pulled out a prescription medicine bottle, then proceeded to jam some pills into Ezra’s mouth!

Meanwhile Eli Conway had gotten the upper hand on Shovel and pushed him under the ropes and back into the ring. Back in the ring Eli threw Shovel to the ropes and followed with a dropkick. Feeling satisfied with his time in the ring he went back to tag in his brother, Ezra. But he only found Ezra laid out on the ringside floor unconscious. Behind him Shovel had gotten up and tagged in Morgan, so when Eli turned around he was steamrolled by the charging Mad Morgan! Morgan threw Eli to the corner, followed with a body avalanche and then a belly-to-belly suplex… The Mad Man Cometh! Morgan went for the cover, but a groggy Ezra Conway made the save !T he referee made an attempt to escort Ezra back out of the ring but Ezra collapsed near the corner from whatever medicine Dr. Dean had drugged him with. Behind the referee Shovel had entered the ring… Morgan picked up Eli and let him wobble in the middle of the ring then threw Shovel, who delivered a SERIOUS head butt. The Battering Ram!

Ezra Conway had gotten onto the ring apron and was now puking onto the ringside whatever medicine Dr. Dean had given him. The referee turned around and found Morgan covering Eli, and he got the three count!

Winner: Broken Sanity via Battering Ram
Match Time: 10:43
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Just what were those pills Dr. Dean fed to Ezra Conway!? The fact that he got sick from it isn't good. Someone that's a doctor that's NOT Dean should check on him,

Jeff Hartman: Dr. Dean is just that.. a DOCTOR. I'm sure it's just a placebo effect. Dr. Dean wouldn't try to kill anyone.

After the Match
After Eli rolled out of the ring and was being helped up the ramp by an ailing Ezra Conway, Dr. Dean joined Shovel and Mad Morgan in the ring. After holding up both Shovel and Mad Morgan’s arms, he called for the microphone.

Dr. Dean: Ladies and gentlemen… standing before you are two REFORMED… REHABILITATED… REFINED wrestlers. We have all seen the ups and downs of their career, but never before have they been so CONSISTENTLY great!

The crowd began to boo; Shovel and Morgan were fun wrestlers to watch, but Dr. Dean had turned them into emotionless robots which spurred the very reason they were so entertaining.

Dr. Dean: My two PATIENTS are out of PATIENCE. They have beaten the SOBs, beaten the Alis and beaten the Conways, who mind you are former jOlt Tag Team Champions! It is TIME for their shot at the gold!

The crowd jeered as “Slit Wrist Theory” by 36 Crazyfists played and Broken Sanity left the ring.

"Hi, I'm Zane Roebuck, Perhaps You've Heard of Me?"

We take a look backstage as Zane Roebuck was seen wandering the halls once again. He comes across a production assistant and stops in his tracks.

Zane: Hi.. I'm Zane Roebuck. Perhaps you've heard of me? Star of such shows as Sunday Night iNtense where I'm in bigger demand than any of the lowly "wresters" on this fly by night show that you toil away so effortlessly on? Keep up the good work my man.. feel free to watch Sunday Night iNtense for not only myself, but for tips on how to produce a REAL show with REAL talent.. LIKE ME!

Zane laughed as he walked down the hallway again. He spotted George DesCartes... one of the senior writers on The Hype staff.

Zane: GEORGE! My man... how's it going? Still scribbling down some riff raff for these guys? Say.. if you want to write some REAL stuff.. why not do what I did? Come to Sunday Night iNtense and be a STAR! On second thought.. maybe you're better off here.. I mean, if you were good enough, they would have recognized your talents by now and called you up. You know.. like ME! Stay real, George.. stay real!

Zane turned the corner and he just narrowly escaped bumping into Shayne Anderson.

Zane: Whoa-hoa-HEY there boss! You must be so proud of me! One of the two people on The Hype that also performs on Sunday Night iNtense! To be on the same level... no.. on a HIGHER level than Mike Patterson.. you must be really proud of...

Shayne: ZANE...

Anderson said that rather abruptly, even startling Zane himself.

Shayne: I've been getting numerous complaints about you walking around here and toting the fact that you've been used on Sunday Night iNtense... as a matter of fact.. there's certain people who are even plotting to kill you as we speak.

Zane: HA! Good one.. like anyone would try and get away with murder. That's a crime you know.. as much of a crime as it is for me to not show up to Sunday Night iNtense because that would be murder.. on the ratings!

Shayne: However... I do have a remedy to everyone's problem.

Zane: What's that?

Shayne: This..

Shayne reached into his back pocket and shoved a piece of paper into Zane's chest.

Zane: What is this?

Shayne: I talked to Damien Lee... you are his problem now... not mine. You're officially promoted to the main roster... now... if you kindly would.... GET OFF MY SHOW!

Shayne pointed down the hallway towards one of the exits. Zane looked at the paper and back up at Anderson. He then cracked a huge ass grin.

Zane: I'M FREE! I'M FREE!!!

Zane hopped up and down and then bolted down the hallway


The door burst open as Zane plowed through it.. Shayne turned and looked back at him as he exited the arena.

Shayne: All the Snickers in the world isn't going to fix that.. whether he eats a Snickers or not.. he's still a douche.

Shayne shoot his head and turned and exited. Zane Roebuck was no more on The Hype! As Shayne said.. he's Damien Lee's problem now!

Darian Carver vs Jayshin Lee

Match Summary
Last week we saw Darian Carver's unceremonious debut after being heckled by Zane Roebuck. Tonight, he gets his first official match against Jayshin Lee!

At the start they lock up. Side head lock by Carver but the young flyweight was backed into the ropes and shot across the ring. Leap frog by Jayshin into a monkey flip attempt, but Carver front flipped over Jayshin and rolled to his feet. Jayshin kipped up and charged in, but Carver side stepped and sent Jayshin on his way. Carver telegraphed the back body drop, but Jayshin rolled off of his back, hit a back leg sweep then a standing Shooting Star Press!!! He covered, but only got two as Carver rolled out of the ring to try and regroup.

Lee wouldn't give him much breathing room as he hit the ropes and flipped over the top rope, clearing it completely with another Shooting Star Press to the outside.. Jayshin stood up to a round of applause from the crowd as he pulled Carver up to his feet and slid him under the bottom rope, but Carver grabbed the bottom rope and used the momentum two swing around and bring both feet into the side of Jayshin's head! Jayshin staggered back against the guardrail as Carver got back into the ring and grabbed the top rope. Carver leapt up top and pivoted his body.. spinning almost in a northwest to southeast way... Springboard 450 Cross Body to the outside, takes down Jayshin to a Holy Shit chant from the crowd!!

Darian Carver certainly impressed with that move as he pulled Jayshin up and slung him back into the ring. He got up on the ring apron and headed to the corner where he ascended the turnbuckle pads. He took aim and had to jump off and land on his feet because Jayshin got up and charged the corner! Jayshin turned around and Darian went for a back thrust kick, but Jayshin caught the leg and swung him around. Waist lock by Jayshin, but countered by Darian with a pair of back elbows. Darian took off to the ropes, but jayshin leapt up and snapped him over with a Huracanrana! Darian staggered up to his feet as Jayshin kicked him in the stomach, hooked him and nailed a Falcon Arrow with a pin, but only got two!

Jayshin pulled Darian to the corner and climbed up top. He spun off with the Corkscrew 630.. the State of Euphoria II, but Darian moved out of the way and Jayshin crashed and burned! Jayshin staggered up to his feet and Darian hit a running seated drop kick, sending Jayshin flying into the corner. Jayshin remained on his feet as Darian got a running start. He cartwheeled at the mid-way point and spun into a leaping Gamengiri, catching Jayshin on the side of the head! Jayshin staggered forward as Darian got back to his feet. Darian grabbed Jayshin by the head and hooked him for a a Fisherman's Suplex, but Jayshin spun out of it and fell back, pulling Jayshin's face down into a single knee! Darian hit the canvas and Jayshin went back up top... he twisted off again with another State of Euphoria II and it connected! He covered and got the three!

Winner: Jayshin Lee via State of Euphoria II
Match Time: 7:37
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: Darian Carver looked very impressive in his match here tonight, but Jayshin was just a bit quicker and more impactful. Still, not a bad outing by the newest member of The Hype!

Jeff Hartman: All that flippy floppy stuff... I'm dizzy. Either that or it could be the stuff I took before the show

Jack Wallace: Should we submit you to a wellness policy test?.

Jeff Hartman: Already done, my man. That's why you take stuff AFTER you pass the test!

After the Match
We have a look backstage at Jameson Scott. He's standing in front of a television monitor, nodding his head at the conclusion of the match.

Jameson: Not bad. Not bad at all.

Jameson cracked a smirk as he walked away.

"Merely a Setback"

Crucifix enters the backstage area and comes up to The Hype Champion, Mike Patterson. Patterson slung the championship over his shoulder as Crucifix took a nice long gaze at it.

Patterson: Hey, buddy. My eyes are up here.

Crucifix laughed to himself.

Crucifix: Don't mind me.. I'm just admiring what will eventually be mine. You see, tonight, I've kind of been forced into a match with Tristan. No doubt he has been a thorn in my side for quite some time now, but the caveat to all this is that he's been forced to put his contendership on the line. After I beat him tonight.. I'm going to come after that piece of hardware on your shoulder.

Patterson: You see.. here's the problem. Shayne Anderson gave you a match tonight and gave me the night off. Any nagging injury to my abdomen will be cleared up by next Sunday when I, along with Brian Williams wrestle Keegan and Hank Wright at Rise of the Legends. I'll be in that match 100% and I'll walk out of that match 100%. The more you let me rest.. the chances of you taking this title away from me drastically go down. The numbers don't lie.

Crucifix: Numbers don't lie, indeed, but neither do I. You can be at 100% or 50%.. it doesn't matter. I know exactly what to do to you in order to defeat you for that championship. All I need is that one opportunity and I can guarantee you that I will become the first person in Hype history to hold both the Hype Championship and Tag Team Championships.. and not if, but WHEN that happens.. I can claim to be the only man to have held both titles as a singles wrestler.

Patterson: Bodly stated, but I remain unconvinced. You still have to beat Tristan for any of that to happen.

Crucifix looked at Patterson blankly.

Crucifix: Were you serious just now with that comment?

Patterson: Heh... see you after Rise of the Legends.

Patterson grinned before he turned and walked away. Crucifix grinned as well and parted in the opposite direction. After a few moments of the camera just staring at the wall, Tristan walked into the frame.

Tristan: Go ahead.. look past me... I'll make sure that after tonight, both of you will be looking back at me instead.

Tristan walked away and the scene faded to black.

Desiree vs Sarkhaya

Match Summary
Desiree and Sarkhaya's friendship began to unravel over the fact that they both have a personal vendetta against Un-Fayth. Tonight, this match was made in hopes that the two of them could air out their differences.

Both of them started off with a lock up. They powered around the ring until Desiree had backed Sarkhaya into the corner. Desiree went for a knife edge chop, but the two of them switched places with Sarkhaya ducked Sarkhaya hit a pair of knee lifts, doubling Desiree over. Sarkhaya whipped her to the opposite side and gave chase, but Desiree put her boot onto the turnbuckle, turned, and decked Sarkhaya in the face with a forearm. Desiree stepped in close and fired rapid kicks to the side of Sarkhaya's mid-section. She took off to the ropes, but Sarkhaya chased in and hit another knee lift as she rebounded.

Sarkhaya walked Desiree to the middle of the ring and hooked her for a vertical suplex, but at the apex of the lift, Desiree hit a knee to the top of the head. Desiree twisted out and decked her with a foream. Desiree to the ropes again, big boot by Sarkhaya countered! Sarkhaya with the running knee drop. She stood, hit the ropes and hit the running leg drop. She covered and only got two. Sarkhaya pulled Desiree up and hoisted her onto her shoulders. She slung her over, slamming her down onto her back. Sarkhaya went to the corner and climbed up top. She leapt off with a diving elbow, but found nobody home. Desiree stood and hit the Shining Wizard to Sarkhaya! She covered, but only got two.

Desiree pulled Sarkhaya up and hit a pair of knife edge chops. She went for the whip, but it was reversed and pulled into a knee lift. Sarkhaya bent the arm and nailed the Devil Lock DDT on Desiree! Sarkhaya went to the corner and tried her luck with the top rope elbow again and this time it connected! Sarkhaya stood and dared Desiree to get back up. She slowly turned over and stood and Sarkhaya hit her with the front kick. She placed Desiree between her legs, but Desiree hit a double leg takedown and front flipped into a jackknife pin. Two 2-counts later, they bridged up on the third. Sarkhaya tried for the backslide, but Desiree landed on her feet and kicked Sarkhaya in the top of the head with a seated drop kick! Desiree quickly got on the canvas and lifted Sarkhaya's head up. She slid underneath and hooked her in the Triangle Choke!! The Desire!

Sarkhaya looked to be close to tapping, but she mustered up the strength to get on her knees. then her feet. She grasped Desiree and used her strength to pick Desiree up off the canvas to shoulder height! From there, Sarkhaya lifted her just a bit higher over her shoulder. She then slammed her down with a modified Fire Thunder Powerbomb!! Scarlet Wasteland!!! Sarkhaya went for the pin when..




The lights came back on and there was Desiree and Sarkhaya both down and out on the canvas and Un-Fayth standing there over them both with a steel chair in her hands!! The referee called for the bell, throwing this match out! Fayth tossed the chair aside and stood between Sarkhaya and Desiree, mimicking marionette strings. Fayth laughed and then exited the ring smiling all the way to the backstage area.

Winner: No Contest
Match time: 8:01
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Un-Fayth manipulated Sarkhaya and Desiree into this match all so she could attack them both when their guards were down! Faith Hines is certainly a sick sick individual

Jeff Hartman: Sick? No.. Smart? Yes! Come on Jack.. when you have two people with the same goal.. and that goal is you... you do whatever you need to do to even the playing field. UN-FAYTH, by the way.. NOT Faith Hines.. manipulated her two enemies into turning on each other, leaving them wide open and vulnerable. She single-handedly restacked the deck in her favor. So again, Jack.. SMART.. not SICK.

"When There's a Day Off.. We Compare Each Other to Each Other"

We open up backstage as we see The Hype tag team champions, Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome standing there... well, Davis was standing.. Tripp was sitting on an equipment crate drinking a Monster energy drink with a straw.

Bloome: So sophisticated you are...

Tripp burped

Tripp: Hey.. don't knock it until you tried it... speaking of trying things... have you ever tried getting some new clothes?

Bloome: What's wrong with my clothes?

Tripp: Come on.. I've got these sick threads here... rockin' the Cobra Kai and you.. well you look so outdated like some has-been did your wardrobe. Jeans? Come on.. that's so Attitude Era. This is 2015... need to stop looking like a comic book reject and get into some better clothes, my man!

Bloome: What's wrong with wearing jeans? Real men wear jeans, by the way.

Tripp: Nah broseph. Got to get caught up with the times. Men are more metro now. Got them khakis goin' on. Business casual is the new macho. OH!!! LIGHT BULBS... LIGHT BULBS EVERYWHERE! We should go get you hooked up. It's our day off so you can't go all Grumpy Cat on me and tell me to focus.. We don't have anyone to focus on! Come on... my treat.. I'll buy the clothes and upgrade you to something more modern!

Bloome: It's true we don't have a match tonight... but that doesn't mean we should slack off. While we were busy with The Widow's Nest, I've noticed Broken Sanity racking up the wins. That Dr. Dean even flat out stated they are hunting our titles. Hell, you saw what happened to The Conways earlier tonight, right? You want that to happen to us?

Tripp: YO! Eli totally dorched all over the place! Or was it Ezra? Can you even tell them apart? I can't. They're like our version of twin magic. YOOO! What if Jack Dawn got himself a look-a-like and formed a tag team! TWIN MAGIC, BABY!

Bloome: FOCUS! Forget the clothes, forget the Conways, forget Jack Dawn. We need to be worried about Broken Sanity. They're gunning for us and I don't want any pills shoved down my throat. I just have a bad feeling about this.

Tripp: Oh do you? Well you know what i have?

Bloome: Oh shit, I left you wide open.

Tripp: I've got a BADASS feeling.. that we don't need to worry about them. Now come on.. let's get you modernized.. Let's go let's go!

Tripp got up and darted off. Bloome placed his hands on his hips and sighed. He shook his head as he exited off screen. The scene faded to black

Tristan vs Crucifix

Match Summary
Tristan seemingly bit off more than he could chew. Tonight he got his wish of getting the main event cancelled, but instead, roped himself into defending his #1 Contendership against Crucifix! The two made their way to the ring and the bell sounded. Tristan, full of confidence, charged at Crucifix and locked up with him. He pressed him against the ropes, bending his neck back as the referee gave him to the count of five. Tristan broke it, stepped back and went for a toe kick, but Crucifix caught the boot and went for the clothesline, but Tristan ducked. He turned and went for the toe kick again, but Crucifix caught the boot a second time and swung Tristan's leg through the ropes. Crucifix hit the ropes near the turnbuckles and hit a running drop kick to the side of Tristan's knee as it was hung up. Crucifix stood and hit the ropes again, hitting a second drop kick to the knee.

Tristan pulled his leg out and hobbled away, but Crucifix came from behind and hit a chop block. Tristan rolled to his back and Crucifix grabbed Tristan's leg and dropped an elbow across the knee. He stood and dropped another elbow and then hooked Tristan's leg over the back of his neck and applied a Horse Collar submission hold! Tristan reached out for the ropes, but won't reach them from the middle of the ring. Tristan used his free leg to kick away at Crucifix's shin. Eventually Crucifix let him go and hobbled away. Tristan got to his feet and turned towards Crucifix, but got caught with a big right hand. Crucifix grabbed Tristan and sent him into the corner, but when Crucifix charged in, Tristan hit a back elbow, sending him away. Tristan hopped to the middle turnbuckle and flew off with a clothesline, but Crucifix ducked and Tristan slammed into the canvas!

Crucifix quickly grabbed Tristan's bad leg and applied a single leg Boston Crab! Tristan pounded his fist on the canvas as he pulled himself towards the ropes, but when he got near, Crucifix stood and walked him back to the center of the ring. Tristan started crawling again and this time found the bottom rope. The referee counted to four before Crucifix broke the hold. Crucifix turned and grabbed Tristan, pulling him away from the corner. He tried for a Figure Four, but Tristan placed his boot on Crucifix's seat and shoved him away. Tristan staggered up to his feet as Crucifix charged in. Clothesline ducked by Crucifix and when he turned around, Tristan leapt up and hit a drop kick that took Crucifix down. Tristan held his leg as he stood back up. Crucifix got to his feet and Tristan hit a second drop kick.

Tristan got back up and he pulled Crucifix to a vertical base. He backed him against the ropes and whipped him across. Tristan hobbled into full speed and hit a back elbow, knocking Crucifix down. Tristan dropped an elbow into Crucifix's sternum and covered getting two. Tristan sat Crucifix up and placed him in a rear chin lock with his good knee into his upper back. Tristan switched to pulling back on the arms with the surfboard hold, but Crucifix battled up and twisted out of it, hitting an elbow to the mid section. Crucifix hit the ropes and went for a low drop kick to the bad leg, but Tristan pulled it away causing Crucifix to miss! Crucifix sat up and Tristan used that bad leg to kick Crucifix dead in the face!

Tristan shook it off and grabbed Crucifix pulling him up. He placed him in a front face lock and nailed a swift Brainbuster DDT.. The Lions' Share DDT! Tristan went for the cover, but he only got two! Tristan stood and grabbed Crucifix pulling him back up. He hooked him again, but Crucifix put his leg between Tristan's to block it. Crucifix then reversed the lift and turned to the ropes. He bounced Tristan off of them into a Rebound Jackhammer!! Crucifix stood and went to the corner instead of pinning him. Crucifix climbed up top and flipped off with the Leap of Faith.. the Swanton Bomb, but Tristan rolled out of the way! Crucifix sat up and that's when Tristan ran in and grabbed him in a Dragon Sleeper! From the Dragon Sleeper position, he dropped Crucifix right into his knee! He stood him up and dropped him again. He stood him up then turned, hitting a Hangman's Neckbreaker.. or so he thought! Crucifix broke free, spun, and decked Tristan in the back of the head with a forearm shot! He then hit a backstabber and headed back to the corner! Crucifix climbed up and hit the Leap of Faith this time! He covered and only got two!! Tristan kicked out of the Leap of Faith!!

Crucifix couldn't believe it and stood. He grabbed Tristan, but Tristan pulled him over into a Small Package, but only got two. Crucifix stood just a bit faster than Tristan and hit a knee to the face! Tristan fell to all fours as Crucifix hit the ropes... he hit the Passing Judgment.. the Curb Stomp! He covered, but Tristan kicked out again at two! Crucifix was getting pissed and he grabbed Tristan. He shoved him back into the corner and lifted him up to the top turnbuckle. Crucifix turned his back to Tristan, but Tristan grabbed Crucifix in the Dragon Sleeper position and front flipped into an Ace Crusher! Tristan hobbled up and placed him in to the Inverted Cloverleaf.. The Disasterpiece!!!

Crucifix was fighting through it, but he also inched closer and closer to the ropes. He eventually grabbed them, but Tristan wouldn't break the hold. At four, he did and backed off. Crucifix pulled himself into the corner and Tristan hit a corner clothesline. He whipped Crucifix across and charged in, but Crucifix came out of the corner and hit a low drop kick to the back leg, faceplanting Tristan. Crucifix quickly grabbed Tristan by the head and spiked him with a DDT into the canvas. He positioned Tristan and went up top. He leapt off with the Leap of Faith and it connected. Crucifix took no chances. he got up, went back to the corner, climbed up, and hit a second Leap of Faith... he covered and picked up the three!! Crucifix was now the NEW #1 Contender!

Winner: Crucifix via Leap of Faith
Match time: 22:47
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: I can't believe it! Earlier tonight, Crucifix said that he doesn't lie and he just proved that right now by taking it to Tristan and defeating him! Crucifix is, indeed, the new number one contender o the Hype Championship!

Jeff Hartman: Tristan never had what it took. Look at him. He's beaten.. he's broken.. he's not even worthy.. The man who single-handedly defended the tag team titles.. that's who should be contender and he is. Mike Patterson will fall when Crucifix gets his hands on him!

Jack Wallace: Mike Patterson must be in the back grinning. These two old friends are set to collide.. but when? and where? Those questions will have to be answered another time. Goodnight from Miami and enjoy Rise of the Legends!