"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen.. It's been a while, but WELCOME to The Hype! We hope you enjoyed Rise of the Legends on Pay-Per-View, but it's now time to refocus on the future of jOlt Wrestling, right here on The Hype!

Jeff Hartman: I was enjoying my vacation a lot... I really didn't want to come back to work, but alas, here I am in all of my glory because the women paid to see their adonnis!

Jack Wallace: While these mentally disturbed women bask in Jeff's presence, we want to take you back to this past Sunday night on iNtense 102 because if you missed it, you won't believe the history that was made there that evening.

The jOltvision illuminated to life as we see what transpired at the top of iNtense 102.

Damien Lee: "Your opponent for Thieves Honor... is the NEW Underground Champion.... "The King of Hell"... DERECHO"

Flash forward


Derecho slammed the chair into the top of Aran Thompson's head!! Aran Thompson collapsed to the canvas as Damien Lee stood there on the entrance stage with a smile on his face. Derecho then dropped the chair in the center of the ring and made a slashing motion across his throat.

Buhrman: NO! NO! NO!!

He pulled Aran up and hoisted him onto his shoulders, but all of a sudden, the arena erupted...


Flash Forward

Lorelei Albrecht: "ACHTUNG! Zhis isz a formal challenge to zhe Underground Champion. Geist wishes to challenge for a spot on zhe main roster... in exhange for Derecho to put up zhe Underground Championship against zhe German monster."

Pietro Geist smiled at Derecho's words and took the Hype Championship and laid it down on the canvas in front of him! Lorelei grinned as Derecho had no intention of backing down. Derecho reached down and picked up the microphone that Aran had dropped on the canvas.

Jack Wallace: Derecho would go on to accept the challenge and so Pietro Geist challenged Derecho to a match for not only a spot on the main roster, but for, also, the Underground Championship!

Geist made his enemy feel a little of his pain. After several moments of just laying on the mat, he dragged his injured body to the corner with Lorelei leading the crowd in a chant.


He sat there and looked over the mess that used to be considered a wrestling ring. His attention turned to Derecho who cried out in pain. The Forever One could feel his own flesh tearing, as he pulled it from the chair. Geist saw an opportunity that had not yet shown its face. One that he wasn't going to let slip through his fingers.

The signs of war were apparent all over Derecho's body, as his autopilot kicked in and he got back to a vertical base. He didn't know much about his foe. If he did, he would have known to stay down or crawl to the ropes. Instead, he made himself a target for one of the top weapons in the German's arsenal. Geist took off to the far ropes...


"Jetzt ist die zeit," Lorelei announced.

Barely able to stay upright, the Todesengel swayed back and forth. In spite of it all, he pulled his elbow pad from his right arm and threw it aside. He began to breathe deeply. The fires deep inside him began to grow. He roared like the beast he is and he hit the ropes, turning himself into a big German freight train.


If the spear was a top weapon, Geist's lariat was the atomic bomb. Lorelei nearly came out of her boots at the very sight of it. Very few had ever witnessed such a devastating attack and the impact made everyone cringe. To make matters worse for his enemy, Geist's attack put Derecho down harshly onto the barbed wire chair.

"Decken ihn," the blonde screamed and pointed to Derecho.

Slowly but surely the German went for the cover, barely able to hook the far leg, and his huge body pressed his enemy against the barbed wire even more...




The entire arena went silent. Could that of really of happened? Did some unknown rookie just defeat Derecho at his own game and claim the Underground title? The crowd looked on in shock. They couldn't believe it. However, it was very true. The referee called for the bell and upon hearing it, the crowd went bat shit crazy. To say Lorelei was jovial would be an understatement. She blitzed the ring and immediately pounced upon her beloved Pietro, who was seated against the ropes. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek. She could barely contain herself, as energy surged through her body. Geist on the other hand was going nowhere fast. His body looked and felt like he went through a garbage disposal, but he was still snarling, as he looked over at the defeated Derecho.

"Look at vhat shou have done," Lorelei joyfully exclaimed. "No one can ever take zhis from shou. Rise up, Uberkreiger. Stand so zhey all can see zhe man who did zhe impossible. Let zhem gaze upon zheir new Underground Champion!"

With a roar, the Todesengel used the top rope to pull himself up to a vertical base. No amount of blood flowing from his body could stop Geist from standing proudly in the middle of the ring. The crowd was still in shock, as he raised both the Hype title and his newly won Underground title into the air, but they slowly started to come around. A chant for the German monster started to thunder throughout the arena.


The video faded to black and white and slowed down as Geist's name echoed throughout the arena. We were then taken back to ringside with Jack Wallace

Jack Wallace: Pietro Geist is now the jOlt Underground Champion and he is also the jOlt Hype Champion, however, Geist stated that he will be making his final appearance here tonight in our main event as he teams with Jensen Todd and Shi no Ryu against The Widow's Nest. It's sure to be one hell of a contest as we bid farewell to one of the most dominant athletes on our roster here tonight! But, that's later tonight.. right now, we have something interesting going on in Shayne Anderson's office!

Shayne Anderson thought running The Hype would be easy. Something small he could sink his teeth into. Something that would look good on a resume & give him hands on experience so that he would be aptly prepared once he felt he was ready to move up the rungs of the ladder of success. But running The Hype was proving to be more difficult than he had anticipated.

Not only was he responsible for putting out an entertaining product week after week, but he was also tasked with juggling the fragile egos of no less than fifteen toddlers masquerading as big, tough, scary, strong men. There was a damn near civil war popping off every other week with all the factions springing up left and right. Not to mention Damien Lee breathing down his neck every month about signing more & more young talent. Talent he inevitably ended up poaching from The Hype and sticking on the main roster. . .whether, in Shayne's humble opinion, they were ready for the big time or not.

So here Shayne sat at his big desk, in his small office, nursing an ever present as-of-late migraine headache, trying to concentrate on the young man sitting across from him.

"Quentin Nixon. The American Pit Bull. Six-two, two eighty give or take. Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. Trained in Portland. Spent some time in Japan. You come highly recommended, Mr. Nixon. Got a good look too." Shayne said, taking in the square jawed man squeezed into a cheap, uncomfortable office chair. He called himself the American Pit Bull, but Shayne thought he was built more like an ox. Broad shouldered and heavily muscled, Nixon absolutely looked the part of a professional wrestler. His brown hair hung down to his shoulders & his blue eyes emanated a look of ferocious intensity. Shayne had seen the man's highlight tapes & was impressed to say the least, that's why he reached out to him in the first place after all. Nixon looked to have all the tools to make something of himself in this sport. He was a little green, but he could be molded and shaped into something special if he soaked in information as well as he grappled in the ring.

"Yes, sir." Pit Bull answered curtly, trying inwardly to squash his nervousness.

"Well, I like what I've seen so far and I'll tell you straight up that I'm interested in signing you to a contract. But, I want you to understand that this isn't the jOlt roster, alright? This is The Hype, our feeder program. You'll be signed to a temporary contract which we reserve the right to terminate at any time for any reason. You won't be paid a king's ransom but you'll make ends meat every week with a little left over if you're good with your money. You'll also have the opportunity to make a name for yourself here. You'll get air time to say whatever it is you want to say, and you'll get your chance to step in the ring and show not only the jOlt fans, but also the guys who call the shots far up the food chain, what you've got.

"You'll be evaluated week in and week out whether you know it or not. And if progress is made, and you stay interesting and entertaining you'll have the chance to graduate, for lack of a better term, all the way up to the main roster. . .where you'll start this whole process all over again. But make no mistake about it Mr. Nixon, I won't be holding your hand throughout this ordeal. I have neither the patience nor the time to coax a megastar out of you. I'm afraid you'll have to go it alone, make your own destiny, pave your own path to greatness and all the rest of those tired fucking cliches. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Now, usually I like to throw talent right into the fire. Put'em in a match. Let them show me what they've got right off the bat. But, seeing as you haven't officially signed your contract yet, coupled with the fact that I've got a pretty full show tonight. . .I'll give you the night off. Go out there and meet the rest of the boys, walk around, familiarize yourself with the arena and whatnot. Take in a few matches, eat some of that terrible dog shit they call catering. . .whatever you want. Take this time to ease yourself into the family, because next week you won't have the chance. You will be competing next week, so bring your fucking gear and get ready to get down to business. Cool?"

"Absolutely." Quentin Nixon answered with a grin stretching from ear to ear. "And hey, Mr. Anderson. . .I'd like to thank you again for giving me this shot. I understand that I don't have an easy road ahead of me but I've never been one to shy away from the road less traveled. I'm looking forward to testing out my skills against the other guys on the roster. I'm sure it'll be fun."

"Yeah. Sure, kid. Don't mention it." Anderson quipped rising from his chair and extending his hand. "Glad you're up to the challenge and all that jazz. Remember, take it easy tonight, have your attorney look over the black and white stuff and bring your A game next week, alright?"

"Yes, sir." Nixon said, rising from his seat and clasping onto the Hype General Manager's hand, pumping it up and down two or three times. "You won't regret this, Mr. Anderson."

With that, "The American Pit Bull" Quentin Nixon gave another megawatt smile before clapping his hands together and backing out of the office leaving Shayne Anderson grimacing.

"Fuck. That guy's got a vice grip."

Paisley vs Faith Hines

Match Summary
Paisley was impressive in her debut against Monica, but now it was time to face a Hype original and someone who is now considered a veteran in Faith Hines. Hines and Paisley locked up in the middle of the ring and Hines went into the side head lock. Paisley backed her into the ropes and shot her across, but Hines hit a shoulder block. Hines to the ropes and Paisley with the turnover. Hines skipped over and bounced off the opposite end, but ducked underneath a leap frog by Paisley. Paisley went for a monkey flip, but Hines stopped and grabbed Paisley by the legs rolling her up to her feet and placing her in a waist lock. A back elbow by Paisley lead to a standing switch and a leg trip planting Hines face first into the canvas! Paisley then floated over with the side head lock, keeping Hines grounded.

Hines battled back up and broke free, heading to the ropes, but Paisely hit a mule kick followed by a stunning Yoshi Tonic for two! Paisley and Hines got back up and Hines missed the clothesline. Paisley with the toe kick and a front face lock, but Hines spun out and hit a short arm clothesline. A second clothesline caught Paisley as she got back up. Hines sent her to the ropes and hit a spinning heel kick followed by a cover for two. Hines went to the corner, but Paisley knocked her off her perch. She climbed up and hooked Hines for a superplex, but Hines held on. She then knocked Paisley off, but she landed on her feet and stumbled away. Hines with a missile seated drop kick, but Paisley stepped back and grabbed Hines legs in mid-air, aiding with a powerbomb to the canvas!

Paisley grabbed Hines by the hair, pulling her up to her feet. She hoisted Hines up onto her shoulders and flipped her over, dropping her neck first across her knee! She covered and got a very long two count. Paisley measured Hines up and kicked her in the stomach. She went to the ropes, looking for an Axe Kick, but Hines dodged it and placed her in a full nelson into a Dragon Suplex for two! both women got back up as Hines was up first. Hines went for the No Faith in Humanity, but Paisley twisted out before she could butterfly the arms. Paisley hit a toe kick and then picked up Hines in a Tombstone Position, but Hines caused Paisley to lean backwards and Hines picked her up for a Tombstone of her own, but Paisley tilted her legs toward the center of the ring, landing on her feet. She then picked up Hines but continued to rotate her into a Tilt-o-whirl backbreaker!

Paisley went to the corner and climbed up top. She looked down at Faith and leapt off with a Swanton Bomb, but Faith rolled out of the way! Paisley got up and Faith quickly hooked her in a front chancery, but Paisley showed some toughness by driving Hines back to the corner! Paisley with repeated shoulder blocks before lifting Hines up top and hitting an upward palm thrust. She followed it up with an Iconoclasm and only got two out of it!! Paisley motioned that it was over as she pulled Hines up, but Hines hit a jaw breaker, followed by a backstabber! She covered and only got two again as the crowd was on the edge of their seat!

Both women stood and traded punches. Hines won that exhange and hit a spinning back chop to the neck before taking off to the ropes. Hines went for a lariat, but Pasiley matrixed to avoid it! Paisley got back up and when Hines turned around, Paisley hit a toe kick and hooked Hines in a front face lock. She lifted Hines up for a suplex, but as she lifted Hines up, she twisted into a swinging hangman's neckbreaker! A move she calls the Twisted Teardrop! She made the cover and scored the three!!

Winner: Paisley via Twisted Teardrop
Match Time: 8:57
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: What a huge win for Paisley! To defeat a veteran like Faith Hines is no small feat! Paisley has proven that she has what it takes to be a starlet here in jOlt just with this performance alone!

Jeff Hartman: Whoa! Aren't you jumping the gun here? This is only her second match and you act like she's Persephone or Daryn Thompson. Plus.. she hasn't been with the J-Man yet! She has to pass that barrier, first!

Jack Wallace: I'm sure if she tries, you'll need to pass a barrier called the parole board.

One win wasn't enough. He wasn't a fool. He knew that. One win wasn't going to propel him into The Hype main event scene. One win wasn't going to allow him anywhere NEAR the Hype Championship. One win doesn't even make a small ripple in the pond.

But he deserved the spotlight. . .

He deserved the Hype Championship belt. . .

He deserved a spot on the main stage. Soaking in the adulation of a roaring crowd as he hoisted the REAL prize, the jOlt championship gold, high above his head underneath the searing spotlights.

He knew that. But it seemed no one else around here did.

The "Iron Lion" Tristan Cyan methodically taped his left fist as his mind raced from one perceived slight to the next. They tried to make a fool of him. They openly mocked him. They embarrassed him. DefCon beat him with his own finisher! El Tigre Verde told him he wasn't worth the boots he wrestled in! They piled on the disrespect week after week & Tristan had just about reached his breaking point.

He knew that if he wanted the gold & the glory that he'd have to go out and take it! By hook, or by crook. The gloves were coming off & the niceties all but forgotten about. Tonight would begin a new path for Tristan Cyan. A path to supremacy that he planned to gladly decorate with the enemies that he laid to waste along the way. Tonight would be the night they began to take him serious. Tonight they would hear the mighty Iron Lion roar.

In ten minutes he would walk into that ring & face the fan favorite Cordova, his opponent for the night. It made him sick to the pit of his stomach to picture the crowd cheering for the self proclaimed "Latin Thug", who was in all actuality just another freak. Just another freak who hid behind a mask like El Tigre Verde. Just another freak who liked to take to the skies instead of facing his opponent face to face like a man. Well he'd put a stop to that this evening. He planned to crush Cordova in the palm of his hand like the annoying gnat that he was & use his severed head as a stepping stone to the next opponent who stood between him & the grandeur he so desperately craved. He would show them the atrocities he was capable of committing. After all, they pushed him to this & of course no one backs a lion into a corner & lives to tell the tale.

So while one win may not be enough to make his aspirations of illustriousness come to fruition. Maybe. . .just maybe it would be enough to spark the change that Tristan Cyan so desperately needed.

Tonight was the tipping point.

We are taken inside the locker room of the NEW and FIRST EVER jOlt Hype Tag Team Champions, Terry Massimo and Cori Albright, The Natural Athletes!

Albright: "You know.. I have to hand it to you. We fought each other, we got heated at each other, but you came up with the idea of banding together and you were right. Together, we were an unstoppable force and these babies... ", said Albright as he patted the plate on his Tag Team Title... "belong us, but moreso.. the are a symbol that chemistry and teamwork really do pay off."

Massimo smiled.

Massimo: "No doubt about it, but you know... I don't think we need to rest just because we became champion. Whether it's down on a field or in a wrestling ring, we only live for competition. It's in our blood.. it's what drives us... it's what makes us who we are and it wouldn't be fitting if we shied away from a challenge. I say we fight.. and if we get beat? So what.. we get beat.. just means we weren't on our game and we need to up the amplitude.. but if we go out there and fight like it's our Super Bowl.. like it's our World Cup... then there ain't no way in HELL anyone's gonna take these babies away from us!"

Albright nodded in agreement.

Albright: "Damn straight. Winning these belts was the easy part and while many people say that retaining them will be the hardest since we're wearing giant silver targets on our shoulders, I say it'll be even easier to keep these belts because face it.. when you're a Natural Athlete.. everything just comes Naturally!"

Massimo laughed

Massimo: "Except that catchphrase. That was hella cheesy, my man."

Albright: "What, you don't like the catchphrase?"

Massimo: "It needs work.. is all I'm sayin'

Albright: "Fine then.. why don't you come up with one.. right here. I'm putting you on the spot."

Massimo: "Man, we don't need a catchphrase. All we need to do is go on out there to that ring and beat the ass of whoever wants to take us up on our challenge here tonight. That's right boys... Free title shot to any team that has the balls to stand up to us. Come and get it boys.. we'll be waiting."

Albright shrugged as if that worked for him as the scene faded to black.

Tristan Cyan vs Cordova

Match Summary
Tristan "The Iron Lion" Cyan was looking to prove a point to everyone on the jOlt roster tonight. Whether they were on the main stage, or looking to get their foot in the door by excelling on The Hype, Tristan wanted it to be made clear that his embarrassing losses were in the past & that he was looking to capitalize on the momentum he gained by making El Tigre Verde tap in the center of the ring. He wanted to be a champion, & tonight he would get the chance to prove that he was championship material. He just had to get through another masked freak. . .the beloved "Latin Thug". . .Cordova.

The referee signaled for the bell & the two men wasted no time getting into the action. Tristan immediately locked up with Cordova, looking to use his size as an advantage right from the jump. The two men struggled back & forth until finally it seemed Tristan gained the upper hand, rearing back and launching his opponent backwards looking to drive him back into the turnbuckles. It looked to work as Cordova flailed backwards, but the veteran luchadore got his feet beneath him and used a back handspring to land gracefully in the corner, arms in the air soaking up the cheers from the crowd who were wowed by his ingenuity.

Tristan however was displeased. Cordova was looking to make him out to be a fool & he couldn't let that happen. He let out a roar as he charged toward the masked Mexican native resting in the corner, Cyan's arm extended with the malicious purpose of taking Cordova's head (mask & all) right off his shoulders. Cordova seemed to be one step ahead though as he timed the charging Lion perfectly and dropped to the floor, wrapped his legs up with Cyan's and executed a picture perfect drop toe hold driving Cyan's head into the middle turnbuckle. Cyan rolled on the canvas and gripped his head in pain while Cordova ascended the ropes as quickly as a spider. The crowd went from buzzing to full blown cheering as they anticipated a high risk move from the Latin Thug.

'Dova extended his arms out to his sides and drew an even bigger pop before launching himself into the air with the intention of putting Cyan away with a top rope splash. Cyan, to his credit, must have sensed something coming and deftly rolled outside the ring barely avoiding sure defeat.

Cordova was an old hand at the game however and when he saw Tristan roll out of the ring, he promptly switched gears and landed on his feet, rolling through the impact and popping right back up. Cyan was outside the ring, still massaging his head, he thought for sure that Cordova was laid up in the ring clutching his injured abdomen, but he couldn't have been more wrong. He turned as he heard the pop from the crowd and had just enough time to throw his hands up in defense as Cordova flew at him through the ropes like a bullet and crashed into him, dropping him to the floor courtesy of a suicide dive.

Tristan obviously got the worst end of the deal and you could tell as he writhed and grimaced on the floor in pain. Cordova on the other hand kipped up off the floor and pumped his arm into the sky getting the crowd behind him before he rolled inside the ring & urged the referee to start the count on Cyan.

Cyan slowly gathered himself up to one knee and pounded his fists on the announce table in frustration before drawing himself up, cautiously limping to the ring apron and pulling himself into the squared circle just barely making it before he was counted out.

Cyan was seeing red. Cordova was embarrassing him & he was having flashbacks to his two losses to Defcon. This wasn't going according to plan & Cyan knew it was time to switch gears. If he couldn't beat the Thug cleanly, he had no qualms about resorting to dirty tactics.

Cordova approached the Iron Lion looking to put him away. He grabbed Cyan by his golden locks and pulled him to his feet. The Lion, however, was lying in wait and quickly jabbed his thumb inside the eyehole of the lucha legend's mask. Cordova recoiled and grabbed at his injured eye while the crowd jeered in response. Tristan Cyan looked out over the crowd with an almost maniacal gleam in his eye. He balled his hands into closed fists and pounded the smaller man about the head with savage punches followed by a headbutt and finally a DDT planting Cordova right on the mat.

The Lion let out a roar and gathered the woozy lucha to his feet. Tristan grabbed Cordova by the arm and whipped him into the ropes. On the rebound however, Cordova had enough wits about him to leapfrog the bent over Cyan and let his momentum carry him into the opposite ropes. Cordova bounced off. Cyan turned around. Cordova leapt into the air and delivered a huge dropkick to the chest of Cyan sending him careening backwards into the corner. Cyan's landing, however, was cushioned by referee Ian Nyugen who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time!

Cordova immediately rushed to the side of the fallen referee, trying desperately to revive him and fix his horrible mistake. Cyan was all but forgotten by Cordova, a rookie mistake by a true ring veteran. He paid no mind to the frenzied crowd urging him to look behind him, & took no heed of the shadow growing larger over his shoulder. Cyan, smiled like a maniac as it looked as if everything was falling into place. With the ref out like a light he would capitalize on Cordova's ill fated mistake. He calmly walked up behind the Latin Thug, reared back with his right leg and delivered a kick to the Mexican's family jewels that would've made Pele himself smile in adoration.

Cordova hit the mat hard and clutched at his groin in obvious pain. Cyan could've roused the ref and probably gotten a three count right then and there, but he was overtaken by anger. Cordova tried to embarrass him just like all the rest and he was going to take this opportunity to send a message to the Hype roster. He slid out of the ring and grabbed a folding chair & slowly slid into the ring, stalking his prey like the predatory beast from which he took his nickname. He methodically urged Cordova to his feet while sizing him up for a home run shot. Cordova slowly rose to one knee, then to his feet, bent over still trying to catch his wind. Cyan raised the chair over his head like an axe and brought it down with the gusto of a man trying to hammer a railroad spike into the ground.

This time though, it was Cordova's turn to use his sixth sense as at the last possible second he rolled out of harm's way. Cyan tried to ease up & redirect his swing but it was too little, too late. He groaned inwardly as he saw what was about to happen but was powerless to stop it. The chair careened ahead, but instead of coming to rest across the prone back of Cordova, it hit the ring ropes, bounced back and slammed Cyan right between his own eyes. Tristan dropped backward like a felled oak tree and landed flat on his back in the middle of the ring while little birds chirped noisily around his battered head.

Once more Cordova climbed the ropes. He was looking to end the match and this time, he was sure not to miss. He sized up Cyan before leaping into the air once again and slamming a leg across the throat of the Iron Lion. . .

El Decapitacion Rapido!

He quickly hooked the leg of the Lion, but he needn't have. Tristan Cyan was on dream street, unlike referee Ian Nyugen who had just come back to life. Three times Nyugen's hand slapped the mat. And three times Cyan failed to respond. His underhanded tactics had backfired and he paid dearly for it. He was still lying on the mat as the referee raised Cordova's arm in victory & the boisterous "Latin Thugs" by Cypress Hill blared over the loudspeakers while the crowd worked itself into a frenzy.

Winner: Cordova via El Decapitacion Rapido
Match Time: 10:22
Match Rating: ** 1/2

Jack Wallace: Tristan Cyan tried to play dirty and it backfired! Put another strike in his loss column!

Jeff Hartman: Yeah, what's that make this? His fifth loss. Hey, Cyan, maybe this just ain't the right career path for you buddy. If you're losing week after week to rookie chumps on The Hype, how can you even dream of becoming a big star where the big boys play? Do yourself a favor and hang up the boots.

Jack Wallace: Well, while Cordova is far from a "rookie chump", I hate to say that I agree with you partner. The Iron Lion? More like the Velvet Pussycat if you ask me.

Backstage we come across Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome, better known as BADASS, but they're not feeling like their namesake.

Wise: Davis.. you know.. I've been thinking and I know.. I know.. that's always a dangerous thing, but hey.. even I have my moments of briliance.. like... how WE should have been the ones to win those tag team titles.. not some mamby pamby unnatural althletes." Wise then elbows Davis in the ribs. "Hey.. I think they got more juice in their bodies than I do in my thermos if ya get where I'm comin' from!"

Wise giggles at his own joke while Davis just stands there emotionless.

Wise: Aw, baby.. lighten up a bit.. laugh once in a while. I can't be THAT boring, can I? Besides.. we need to get out of this slump, man. It ain't cool that we're losing all the damn time. Remember how we debuted? You hit your move like.. from outta nowhere, man.. and we picked up the three? Well.. apparently that ain' workin' so we gots ta come up with somethin' that's gonna work. We don't want to become nobody's laughing stock.. that ain't BADASS by any means.

With the bad puns continuing, Ryan Raysor and Prince Samir walk up.

Samir: "You know.. you might be right in the fact that you need to do something. We were in a slump for a while and we got out of it. Maybe we can help you. After all, you remind us of what we used to be before we decided to join the Dying Breed."

Wise nodded his head and then snapped his fingers.

Wise: "I've got it! How about we DON'T become like you two because who the hell would want to emulate a pathetic pair like yourselves!? I mean, come on... the only reason why you started winnin' is because you had like three people backing you up. If it weren't for them, you'd still be walking around here like you all mattered when in reality, you were just sorry losers that weren't going to amount to anything so yeah.. let's NOT be like you. Don't lump us in with your kind, either!"

Raysor: "Well then.. if our words aren't going to inspire you then, maybe tonight, an ass beating will. If you can beat us then, okay.. we'll admit that you shouldn't be like us.. but WHEN we beat you... we'll just make you eat every last one of those words.. and then some."

Wise: Whoa ho hoa... sounds like I tripped a nerve with you boys. Ha ha... you're on. We'll make short work of you and show you the new and improved team that we've become and how we are totally BADASS!

India's Import walked away and with that, we have a match tonight!

DefCon vs El Tigre Verde

Match Summary DefCon has been impressive here since his debut. He liked to mimic his opponent's style and use it against him. He didn it to Tristan Cyan and beat him twice.. once with Cyan's own submission style and once with his own style. Now he faces a man trained at the dojo alongside the Inogami Clan.. El Tigre Verde! Verde and DefCon circled each other and locked up. Verde with the go behind, but DefCon switched into a waist lock of his own. He spun Verde around and whipped him to the ropes, but Verde hit a handspring into a back elbow, but DefCon countered with a waist lock and a German Suplex, but Verde landed on his feet and backed into the ropes. Arm Drag by DefCon, then an Arm Drag by Verde. Kip up by both men into a stare down in the middle of the ring.

DefCon and Verde circled each other and went for the lock up again. DefCon immediately went back to the waist lock as Verde separated the fingers, breaking the grip and taking off to the ropes. DefCon chased after Verde so when Verde bounced off, DefCon was nowhere to be seen. DefCon then blasted Verde from behind with a lariat then tied him up with a La Magistral Cradle for two! Both men stood, but Verde ducked a haymaker punch. He leapt onto DefCon's shoulders for a huracanrana, but DefCon lifted him back up for a powerbomb, but Verde flipped over into a sunset flip, but DefCon rolled through and kicked Verde in the head. He pulled Verde up and hit a brainbuster in the middle of the ring!

DefCon went to the corner and climbed up to the top rope with his back to Verde and the ring. DefCon was pushing 260lbs and while it might not be a double rotation, he impressed the audience, hitting a moonsault! What was more impressive was a man of his size was keeping up and matching Tigre Verde at lucha style wrestling! DefCon made the cover, but only got two! DefCon pulled Verde up to a seated position and kicked him in the upper back. He went to the ropes and flipped over Verde, hitting the snapmare! He covered and got two again. He waited for Verde to stand before placing him in a bulldog headlock. DefCon ran to the corner and impress the world again with a springboard pivoting bulldog, driving Verde face first into the canvas! DefCon made the cover, but got a long two count.

DefCon stood and stalked Verde as he struggled to get back to his feet. DefCon then grabbed Verde in an inverted front face lock, but Verde leapt up and over DefCon. landing behind him in an inverted facelock of his own. He then twisted DefCon down with a swinging cutter! Verde went to the corner to show DefCon how it was done! He went for the Double Rotation Moonsault... The Shooting Scar Press, but nobody was home as DefCon rolled out of the way! DefCon waited for Verde to pop up and he did, holding his stomach. he got behind Verde and placed him in a Cross Faced Chicken Wing. He then hit a leg trip, driving Verde face first into the canvas while the move was still locked in. He then front flipped into a bridge, completing the Asphyxia Majora!! Verde's own submission finisher! Verde tapped out to his own finisher!

Winner: DefCon via Asphyxia Majora
Match Time:10:01
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: DefCon did it again! He went toe to toe with El Tigre Verde as best as he could in a lucha style and used Verde's own finisher against him! It's like Tristan Cyan all over again! How impressive is DefCon?.

Jeff Hartman Wow.. another rare moment where I actually agree with you Jack! DefCon is a mercenary.. and they do their homework. The fact that he employs his opponents tactics against them is brilliant! But don't get used to me agreeing with you, Jack.. just isn't going to happen all the time

We see Xin Xin Xiong and Desiree backstage. Desiree is seated while X3 is leaning up against a wall. It seems to be their status quo when it comes to X3's lectures

X3: This is it.. later tonight, you're going to face one of my star pupils. I want to know if you believe you are truly ready.

Desiree: Yes.. I am truly ready for this. I feel like I NEED this in order to prove that your training really paid off and... well.. since this is the end.. there is something I haven't done properly and I want to fix that with you now.

X3: Oh? And what is that?

Desiree then gets down on her knees and bows to the ground in front of Xin Xin Xiong.

Desiree: I'm truly very sorry for doubting you in the beginning. You've shown me that I was wrong and you still persisted in teaching me and training me. I cannot thank you enough!

Xiong looked a little bit flustered.

X3: What are you doing? Does this look like a Japanese anime? I know I wear a mask and everything, but.. this is kind of embarrassing. Besides I'm not used to a girl on her knees and not... well.. let's forget that.. just stand up.

Desiree got back to her feet as X3 shook his head

X3: Erhm.. in any event, since this is a special occasion, I did go out and get you a surprise, but you'll have to wait until your match to find out what it is. I'm sure once you see it though, it will give you the proper motivation!

Desiree nodded.

X3: Get ready.. we'll be up soon. We don't have much time. Just remember to stay focused. I know Kodora more than anyone else.. I know what she's capable of. My teachings may not be enough, but use everything I taught you and if you have to improvise to get the upper hand, then that's what you need to do! You CAN do this!

Desiree: Right!

The scene faded out.. it was Desiree's final test and it was later tonight, but what is the surprise that Xin Xin Xiong has in store for her?

BADASS vs India's Import

Match Summary
Thanks to their confrontation earlier tonight, BADASS got themselves into a match with India's Import. BADASS is looking to break their losing streak and India's Import is out to prove they don't need The Dying Breed to score a win. There was more than bragging rights on the line in this match.. there was a sense of reputation as well!

Samir and Wise start off in the middle of the ring. They go for the lock up, but Wise hits a toe kick to double Samir over. Wise immediately tosses Samir into their corner and tags in Davis Bloome! Bloome opens up with body shots in the corner before whipping him to the ropes. Bloome hits a back elbow then stomps on Samir before sending him back to his corner and tagging Wise back in. Wise stomps Samir down to a seated position and then slaps Samir acorss the face. Wise gains some room, but Samir pulls himself up, but Bloome illegally grabs Samir and holds him in the corner! The referee admonishes Bloome as Wise waves his finger at Samir and charges in with a running back elbow to the face!

Only then does Bloome let go as Wise makes the tag back to him. Bloome hops over the top rope and presses his foot up agianst Samir's neck. He gets a four count before he releases it and then goes right back to choking Samir for another four count. Tag back to Wise who hops over the top rope, dropping elbow into Samir's chest in the corner! Wise pulls Samir to the center of the ring before he sits on his chest and poses to the crowd, but Samir uses this distraction to bring his legs under Wise's arms and pull him over into a pin, only getting two. Wise stands and immediately stomps Samir to keep him down. "THAT'S NOT BADASS" yells Wise to Samir before going back and tagging in Bloome.

Bloome applies a surfboard maneuver in the middle of the ring and Samir fights up to his feet, breaking free. He hits an enzugiri which knocked Bloome off balance momentarily, but when Samir went to the ropes, Bloome leveled him with a running clothesline! Bloome then brought Samir up to a seated position and repeated drove the point of the elbow into the top of his head. Bloome walked over and tagged Wise who had to rush in as Samir was slowly crawling toward his corner. Wise knocked Raysor off the apron and then charged at Samir, hitting a shotgun drop kick to his face as he looked up to see if Raysor was there! Wise turned him over, but only got two! Wise pulled Samir up and lit him up with knife edge chops that hit so hard, it knocked him onto his back. Wise went for another cover and got two again before placing him into a rear chin lock.

The audience got behind Samir and rallied him up where he hit a jawbreaker. Raysor got back on the apron as Samir crawled over, but Wise grabbed him by the leg. Samir turned and kicked Wise in the face, breaking the grip. He then made a leap of faith into his corner and got the tag to Raysor! Raysor came in with a spinning heel kick to Wise! Raysor then hit a running drop kick to Bloome, knocking him down to the floor! Wise staggered up as Raysor backed him into the ropes and sent him across the ring. Raysor then leapt up with a leg lariat and took Wise down! Raysor quickly hit the ropes and dove through them with a suicide dive, wiping Bloome back out! Raysor quickly got up and got onto the ring apron. He grabbed the top rope and hit a springboard missile drop kick taking Wise back down!

Raysor stood as the crowd was on fire! He pointed to the corner and went up top, but Bloome recovered and got on the ring apron. Raysor kicked Bloome away, but Wise leapt up top and hooked Raysor. He lifted Raysor and twisted him off into a Super Falcon Arrow, but he only got two on Raysor! Raysor staggered up as Wise got behind him and placed him in the Full Nelson, looking for the Have a Nice Trip, but Raysor countered and snapmared Wise over then he hauled off and kicked him in the side of the head! Bloome got up on the apron as a distraction, but Samir ran along the apron and leapt up onto Bloome's shoulders..



Raysor picked up Tripp Wise as Samir got to his feet. Raysor lifted Wise and dropped him with a Brainbuster. Samir went up top as Raysor went to the corner. Samir leapt off, hitting Karma.. the Frog Splash! Samir rolled out of the way as Raysor hit the Shooting Star Press.. the Flip Switch! Samir stood guard as Raysor had the cover, hooking the leg! The referee counted three and this match was over!

Winner: India's Import via Flip Switch
Match Time: 24:16
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace: India's Import proved that they don't need The Dying Breed to be successful.. not only that, but what will BADASS do since they failed to break their losing streak?

Jeff Hartman: It's only a matter of time Jack.. even though India's Import is now a shell of their former self, they found ways to win. It disgusts me to see them this way, but this is where BADASS can fill in that void. They can continue to be cool and a winning team. All it takes it one win, Jack.. but seeing how you've never won at life, it's no surprise that it's such a foreign concept to you!

Shayne Anderson made his way to the ring with a bag in hand. He climbed into the ring and asked for a microphone.

Shayne: "Ladies and Gentlemen.. tonight is an auspicious occasion. Tonight we are going to crown our first ever Hype Tag Team Champions! Just like the Hype Championship, the tag team who holds these titles can use them to challenge any main roster tag team of their choice. They can even pair up two singles wrestlers to take them on if they wish as well. If they prove to be successful, they will earn a spot on the jOlt main roster. And now... I wish to unveil to you.. the Hype Tag Team Titles!

Anderson unzipped the bag and pulled out two shiny new championship belts! Purple leather straps, silver plating, and an eye-catching design! The camera zoomed in and got a close up of the two championship titles. He gave them to the referee and reclaimed his microphone.

Shayne: "And now.. without further hesitation.. I give you tonight's main event.. a triple threat match in the finals of the Hype Tag Team Title Tournament!"

Anderson took the microphone with him as he exited the ring and made his way to the back. The main event had begun.

Desiree vs Kodora

Before the Match
Desiree and Xin Xin Xiong made their way out to the ring. Once they got inside, X3 grabbed a microphone as Desiree's music died down.

X3: It's no secret that you've come a long way. Tonight, I'm sure many are aware, will be your greatest challenge. If you pass it, you would have officially graduated from my teachings and would have become another one of my star pupils, but I wanted to do something to help you with your motivation in your match tonight.

X3 paused for a moment.

X3: When you came here.. it's no secret that you lied about the fact that you were a trained professional wrestler, but I saw something in you. I saw heart.. I saw determination and while you and I haven't seen eye to eye in the past, you still gave me another chance and this time you stuck with it. All paths are not straight and even. There are twists.. there are turns.. there are bumps in the road, but the journey to the end is always one filled with experiences. Tonight.. I want to give you one more experience on that journey.

X3 paused again.. the suspense was building.

X3: When you started here on The Hype.. there was someone you said that you looked up to. Someone that you admired.. besides me, that is. Well.. I'm here to tell you that I brought her here tonight.

The audience all stood on their feet with excitement.. Desiree looked like she was in disbelief.

X3: She's here to watch your match and to cheer you on. I give to you.. a fellow graduate of my training and one of the biggest legends in jOlt's history... the former Starlet Champion herself and screw Sarah Winterton.. in my eyes she is THE QUEEN of the Starlets... the one.. the only... ARIA MURPHY!

"Fully Alive" by Flyleaf

The crowd went nuts! Aria Murphy stepped out from the backstage area, looking like she never missed a step! She left jOlt, vacating the Starlet Championship when her and her husband Sylo decided to leave and have a life of their own, welcoming a baby boy into the world. Desiree competed in that tournament to try and become Starlet Champion, but fell short, but Aria was there to offer her encouragement and she was here tonight as well!

Aria entered the ring and grabbed the microphone, but the crowd wouldn't let her speak.


Aria was overcome with emotion, but finally the crowd simmered down.

Aria: Desiree.. it's amazing how much you've grown since I saw you a little more than half a year ago. To see you fight and climb and overcome the turmoil... it was like watching myself all over again when I started out. The least I can do is sit there at ringside and watch this match and to say good luck!

Aria then gave Desiree a hug and she was like a kid meeting her idol. It almost brought Desiree to tears. Aria then exited the ring and took a seat next to Jeff Hartman who gave her "the look". She then looked at Hartman with disgust and took her chair with her to the other side, sitting down next to Jack Wallace. With that, Kodora made her entrance and the bell rang.. it was go time!

Match Summary
Kodora didn't care for all the pomp and circumstance of what took place. She put her hands up like she was ready to strike. She was ready to take down Desiree at any moments notice. Inch by inch Kodora made her way toward Desiree as Desiree looked to be on her guard. Kodora then lunged in, but Desiree quickly side stepped out of the way, hitting a toe kick to Kodora! She then opened up with a flurry of forearms to the face that drove Kodora back into the corner, but Kodora pie faced Desiree and hit a Lou Thesz Press, taking Desiree down. Kodora mounted her and rained down heavy right hands until the referee had to basically pry her off of Desiree, but Desiree got up and lunged in at Kodora, hitting a double leg takedown and hitting rapid fire rights of her own. The referee then had to pull Desiree off of her as Desiree yelled "BRING IT BITCH" to Kodora's face!

Kodora lunged in, but Desiree stopped her with a knee strike then a forearm across the upper back, but Kodora stood straight up and shook her head "No" as she grabbed Desiree by the neck right in front of the referee, but Desiree stomped down on Kodora's shin, breaking the grip and hit a pair of forearms before spinning for a discus punch, but Kodora hit a haymaker as Desiree spun around and broke up that combo. Desiree staggered against the ropes and Kodora whipped her across. Kodora hit a standing drop kick that knocked Desiree down and got two for it.

Kodora sat Desiree up and hit stiff kicks to the spine. She then hit a drop kick to the back of the head and covered again for another two. Kodora then brought Desiree down to the match with a grounded sleeper hold complete with a body scissors, trying to cut off the oxygen supply to her head. The fans got behind Desiree and she wriggled her way to the ropes, grabbing them to break free. She tried to stand, but Kodora kicked her legs out from underneath her. Kodora went to the apron and hit a slingshot elbow drop into the heart, covering her, but got two when Desiree grabbed the bottom rope.

Kodora dragged her to the center of the ring and went to the ropes, coming back with a knee drop, but Desiree moved and Kodora clutched her knee. Desiree then kicked the side of the knee and followed up with a spinning back thrust kick to the stomach, doubling her over. Deisree kicked Kodora in the back of the knee, bringing her down to a knelt position. Desiree shuffled back and went for a super kick, but Kodora grabbed the leg and tripped up Desiree! She then applied a leg scissors around the leg as well as an akle lock! Desiree once again had to drag herself to the ropes in order to break it up, but kodora refused to until the count of four.

Kodora dragged Desiree back to the center of the ring, but Desiree turned over and kicked away at Kodora, getting her to back off. Kodora backed into the ropes and walked forward, but Desiree kipped up into a huracanrana, sending Kdoora over onto her back! Kodora staggered up as Desiree hit a running drop kick and Kodora staggered out between the ropes and down to the floor! Kodora pulled herself up as Desiree ran to the corner. She leapt onto the middle turnbuckle pad, up to the top one, then corkscrewed off with a twisting plancha to the outside, taking Kodora down to the floor mats! The crowd hit their feet and began to chant Desiree's name as the two of them laid there on the outside as the referee started his mandatory ten count.

Both of them began to get back to their feet, Desiree a bit faster. Desiree went to whip Kodora into the barricade, but Kodora reversed it and sent Desiree into it instead. Kodora rolled into the ring and back out again before she got a running start. looking for a running big boot, but Desiree moved and Kodora got her leg caught over the top of the barricade. Desiree then hopped up onto the ring apron and nailed a missile drop kick to Kodora's leg! Kodora hit the canvas as Desiree rolled back into the ring. The referee got to the count of seven before Kodora pulled herself up. At eight she was limping and at Nine she rolled back into the ring. Desiree immediately went for the cover, but only got two.

Desiree taunted Kodora to stand. She got back to her feet and Deisree spun, looking for a heart punch, but Kodora grabbed her by the arm and shoved her down neck first into the middle rope where she leaned against there. Kodora went to the ropes and hit a running knee to Desiree's upper back. She then grabbed Desiree in a waist lock and nailed Deadlift German Suplex with a bridge for two! Desiree stumbled to her feet as Kodora stomped her foot on the canvas. Desiree turned around as Kodora hit a Pump Kick dead into Desiree's face, knocking her down hard! Kodora then motioned that it was over right in X3's direction.

Kodora went over and sat Desiree up, but before she could trap the head, Desiree leaned back and kicked Kodora right in the face! Desiree stood and turned around. She grabbed Kodora by the head and hit alternating knee strikes right into her face, adding more damage! She then fell to her back, pulling Kodora right into the Triangle Choke! Desiree had Desire locked in!!! Kodora fought through it though... She clasped her arms togther and pulled her up off the canvas, nailing a powerbomb, but Desiree refused to let go of the hold!!! That showed how tough Desiree had become! Kodora used her power and lifted her up again.. this time she turned toward the corner and nailed a running buckle bomb to Desiree!!

Desiree staggered forward as Kodora lunged in and smacked her with a Super Kick to the face, laying her out on her back! Kodora quickly then went over and sat her up. She trapped Desiree by the head and went for the repeated elbow strikes, but Kodora was shocked when Desiree used her free arm and grabbed Kodora's elbow, blocking it!! Desiree bridged to her feet and backed Kodora into the corner where she hit a pair of reverse headbutts, slamming the back of her head into Kodora's face!! Desiree turned and nailed a rope assisted enzugiri to the side of Kodora's head! This time it was Kodora that staggered out of the corner!


Super kick to Kodora! Kodora fell into a seated position up against the turnbuckle pads. Desiree aimed low and...


Low Super Kick right to Kodora's face! Desiree then pulled Kodora to her feet and brought her to the center of the ring. She then locked in Desire once again! Kodora wasn't responding whatsoever! The referee checked the arm once.. .it fell.. second time... it fell... third time.. it... HELD STEADY!!!??? The crowd couldn't believe it! Kodora still had strength left!! He began to lift Desiree up off the canvas, but Desiree took a page out of Kodora's playbook and began elbowing her in the top of the skull! Kodora dropped Desiree and the Triangle Choke was still locked in! Desiree continued to elbow Kodora in the top of the head. Her arm was flailing trying to find a way out, but the more Desiree elbowed her, the weaker and weaker the movements got until her arm fell limp. The referee checked on Kodora and called for the bell! She was out cold!!

Winner: Desiree via Knockout!
Match Time: 20:12
Match Rating: *****

Jack Wallace: Desiree has done it! She defeated Kodora not by pinning her.. not by making her submit.. but by knocking her out cold! In the presence of her idol.. and her mentor... she has passed the final test!

After the Match
Aria Murphy stood up and applauded Desiree. She joined Xin Xin Xiong by entering the ring. X3 raised Desiree's arm and then Aria Murphy hugged her. Aria said something into Desiree's ear and tears filled Desiree's eyes.

What those words were, only Desiree and Aria Murphy knew, but it really must have meant something to her. They continued to embrace as The Hype went to commercial break.

Like a caged animal, the newly-crowned Underground champion paced back and forth. Geist was growing more and more impatient by the second. Lorelei shot him a quick look and shook her head with a sigh.

Geist: Vhere is he?

Lorelei: Shou need to relax, Pietro. He vill be here.

The always sharply-dressed Shi No Ryu stood behind the young woman with his arms crossed. He wasn't very pleased either.

SNR: He better not abandon us, Lorelei. Knowing that hedonistic sociopath like I do, he is probably out trying to convince a woman or two to accompany him into his bedroom.

Lorelei: Shour lack of faith is quite annoying, ZERO.

SNR truly hated when she called him that and the pair traded glares like a pair of rival siblings.

Lorelei: For the last time, Jensen vill be here.

In the blink of an eye, the Todesengel got both of their attention by slamming his fist into a locker, severly denting the door.

Geist: If he does not arrive shortly, I vill tear his head from his shoulders.

The trio would only have to wait just a few more seconds for Jensen Todd to make an appearance. He casually strolled into the locker room and sat down upon one of the wooden benches. His gloved hands and forearms were covered in crimson. His three allies examined him, unsure of what he had been doing before his arrival.

SNR: Where have you been?

Todd pulled a piece of fabric from the inner pocket of his black hoodie and threw it at the Ryuujin. Geist and Lorelei looked on, as SNR looked over the fabric. It was the mask of Wolf Spider.

Todd: The numbers advantage is no longer in their favor.

The Natural Athletes(c) vs ?????????

Before the Match
Terry Massimo and Cori Albright made their way out to the ring to cheers from the crowd. Albright had the stick as their music died down.

Albright: Earlier tonight, we sent a message saying that we were all about competition. We said someone was going to get a free shot at these titles here tonight. Who's going to come out from behind that curtain to try and take these titles from us?

Albright lowered the microphone then the lights in the arena went out. A Green X appeared on the screen as "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth hit the PA Speakers. Crucifix and Xtreme from The X Movement stepped out from the backstage area. Xtreme had a microphone with him.

Xtreme: The only reason why we're not standing in that ring right now with those tag team titles is because The Dying Breed screwed us out of them. You said you'd take on all comers, but I'm afraid you're only going to be taking on us because we are going to come down there and forcibly take what should have been ours to begin with. Then.. Shayne Anderson's plan will be complete and we will be on top of The Hype... we will judge those below us... and we will say who deserves to stay on this show and who needs to leave.

Albright and Massimo welcomed it. They motioned to The X Movement to bring it. Xtreme and Crucifix then bolted for the ring and slid in. The two teams came to blows in the center and the referee called for the bell! Match Summary
Crucifx and Massimo squared off as did Xtreme and Albright. Albright and Massimo were clearly bigger than the two members from The X Movement and began to win the brawl. Massimo hit a headbutt and then tossed Crucifix to the outside, but before he could double team Xtreme, the referee forced Massimo to his corner to boos from the crowd. Albright hit a whip on Xtreme, but Xtreme ducked a clothesline and stopped short. He turned and hit a kick to Albright's stomach and then a hook kick to the back of his head, Albright got up on all fours as Xtreme went to the ropes and hit a drop kick to the side of Albright's head. He covered him and got two. Crucifix made his way to the corner as Xtreme stayed on Albright, putting the boots to him. Crucifix wanted the tag and Xtreme gave it to him.

Crucifix went up top and took aim on Albright. He leapt off with a missile drop kick, kocking Albright down. Crucifix went for the cover and Albright powered out of it. Crucifix tried a sleeper hold, but Albright powered to his feet and snapmared Crucifix to the mat. Albright immediate for GOOOOAAALLL, but Crucifix ducked it, causing him to miss. Crucifix took off to the ropes and came back with a leaping shoulder tackle that knocked Albright against the ropes. Crucifix built up another head of steam, but Albright lifted him up and over to the apron where he landed on his feet. Crucifix went for the shoulder block between the ropes, but Albright stepped back and kicked Crucifix in the chest. Albright then hooked Crucifix by the head, but Xtreme came in and pummeled Albright with forearms to the upper back.

Albright turned aournd and picked up Xtreme in a miltary press, but Crucifix recovered and hit a chop block! Xtreme fell down on top of Albright. He rolled off of him as Crucifix hit the ropes and nailed a Frog Elbow into Albright's chest! He covered, but only got two. Crucifix went back to his corner and tagged Xtreme back in. Xtreme came in and waited for Albright to get on all fours. Xtreme charged in with a running punt kick, but Albright moved and ended up rolling Xtreme up with a school boy for two. Xtreme got to his feet and kicked Albright in the face. He placed him in a front chancery, but Albright powered Xtreme back into his corner where Terry Massimo made the tag!

Massimo came in and hit a headbutt on Xtreme as he was pressed against the conrer. Massimo hit shoulder thrust after shoulder thrust followed by another headbutt which dropped Xtreme into a seated position. Massimo got a full head of steam and he NAILED a running knee strike into the corner! Xtreme was out cold as he dragged him to the center of the ring and went for the cover, but Crucifix ended up making the save for his team! Crucifix pounded away on Massimo, but it was the buzzing of flies to him. Massimo turned around as Crucifix tried to back off, but Massimo grabbed him by the neck and military pressed him up into the air. He turned and threw Crucifix right into Xtreme!! Crucifix rolled to the outside as Massimo hit the ropes. He went for the All the Way splash, but Xtreme was pulled out of the ring by Crucifix and Massimo ate canvas!

Crucifix and Xtreme both rolled back in as Massimo was getting back up. Xtreme hit a hook kick to the back of Massimo's head which stunned him. Crucifix then followed that up with a kick to the face, but Massimo still didn't go down. Xtreme then stepped up onto Massimo's back and hit a standing Shooting Star Press off of it! That collapsed Massimo down to the canvas! Xtreme stood along with Crucifix and then they hit a double super kick Cori Albright who attempted to come into the ring to the aid of his partner! Albright fell to the outside as Crucifix and Xtreme measured up Massimo as he staggered to his feet. Massimo turned around and was met with a double toe kick. Then then took Massimo over with a double team suplex! Crucifix then dove to the outside with a suicide dive to knock Albright back down as Xtreme went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads.

Xtreme flipped off with another shooting star press.. the Xtreme Measures.. and connected! First defense and the titles were in jeopardy, but Massimo kicked out at two much to the shock of Xtreme!! Xtreme started to stomp away on Massimo, but Massimo battled back up to his feet. Xtreme went to the ropes, but Massimo picked him up and nailed a spinebuster in the middle of the ring. He went to the ropes, but Crucifix slid back into the ring and almost superkicked Massimo's head right off his shoulders!! Crucifix helped Xtreme to his feet and they went to opposite corners, climbing up to the top turnbuckle pads. Crucifix leapt off, nailing the Leap of Faith onto Terry Massimo.. the Swanton Bomb, but Cori Albright reached in and grabbed Crucifix by the leg after he landed, pulling him out of the ring and leveling him with a clothesline!

That didn't top Xtreme, the legal man, from flipping off and hitting another Xtreme Measure's on top of Terry Massimo! Xtreme had the cover with the lateral press, but Albright rolled into the ring and at the count of two, Xtreme looked up and ate one to the face!


Albright then pulled Massimo on top of Xtreme and stood guard as the referee counted three!

Winner: The Natural Athletes via GOOOOOAAAAAL
Match Time: 25:38
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: That was a tough title defense that went south fast. Cori Albright saved the tag titles for their team, but a win is a win and they picked it up here tonight over the very formiddable X Movement!

Jeff Hartman: That was about as fluke of a win as I have ever seen. The X Movement SHOULD be the tag team champions right now. They got screwed through and through for the second time in two shows! Shayne Anderson is going to have a fit over this!

The screen was black and then it illuminated with the image of a man who we saw on iNtense 102.

He is a second generation superstar

The son of a champion

He is Zane Roebuck

The man turned around and it, indeed was Zane Roebuck.

"The ace in the hole is coming", said Zane with a smirk on his face

The video then flashed to the words:


Pietro Geist/Shi no Ryu/Jensen Todd vs The Widow's Nest

Match Summary
Jensen and Araknis started us off. Out of a tie up, they trade waist locks and wrist locks. Jensen tripped up Araknis and looked for a modified Indian death lock, but Araknis blocks with a side headlock. Jensen counters with a head scissors and Araknis kipped up out of it, leading to a stalemate. Knuckle lock broken up by Araknis just as they locked fingers and he twists into top wrist lock. Jensen executed the forward roll, kip up, short arm drag to escape. Both were up in a flash. Todd with a leg sweep, but missed a front flip leg drop. Araknis tried a sweep of his own, only to have Todd use a back handspring to avoid it, give him the finger, and blast Araknis in the chest with a roundhouse kick that sent Araknis scurrying back to his corner.

In came SNR and Muerte and Muerte took control with a boot to the gut and a side head lock. Into the ropes he went and he ran over SNR with a shoulder block. SNR was sent into the ropes. The pair ran the over and under sequence, ending with SNR taking Muerte down with a satellite head scissors into an arm drag. He followed it up by ricochetting off the middle rope and delivering a hurricanrana that sent Muerte out to the floor. SNR hit the far ropes and looked to go airborne, as he leapt up to the top rope with no hands. However, he displayed his amazing balance by remaining on the rope and spewing a blast of red mist into the air before back flipping back into the ring.

Todd returned to the ring, this time finding Supaida standing across from him. A low kick to the outer thigh by Todd stopped a possible tie up and he went for an Irish whip, only to have it reversed. Supaida showed his own agility with a front and back leap frogs before connecting with a dropkick. Supaida hurried Todd into The Nest's corner and after a pair of right hands, fires Todd into the oppsite corner. Todd rolled out of the corner to avoid the incoming Supaida and SNR smacked Supaida in the mouth with a kick over the top as he collided with the corner chest first. Todd raced to the ropes, but was hit in the back with a knee by Muerte, who immediately clamped onto him. Supaida tried to capitalize, yet found only his partner waiting when he fired off a jumping forearm strike. Todd came streaking off the far ropes and turned Supaida inside out with a sick kick.

Todd with the tag to Geist and in came Araknis to meet him. Araknis assaulted Geist with punches and kicks before trying an Irish whip, which was countered. The speedy Araknis was able to avoid a forearm and back elbow, but he couldn't escape Geist throwing him into the rafters with a pop up Samoan drop. Araknis slithered back to the corner for safety and it gave him none, as Geist socked him with a pair of right hands.

A blind tag by SNR and Geist used a boot on the throat to pin Araknis down, so SNR could come crashing down on him with a twisting senton. Araknis was snapmared over and struck with a pair of roundhouses, one to the front and one to the back. SNR came down on his jaw with a leaping knee drop, which he used the recoil from to do a handstand. He rotated on his hands and dropped a leg drop.

Araknis was launched into his enemy's corner and Geist and Todd simultaneously tagged in. A double shoulder block leveled Araknis, but his stay on the mat was short lived. Geist slipped out ot the apron and was instantly tagged by Todd and the two men went right to work. Araknis was sent into the ropes. He hopped over a prone Geist and had to immediately duck under a jumping Todd. A boot to the gut by Todd, a running boot to the face by Geist, an asai leaping sidekick by Todd, and finally a spear by Geist.

Back in came Shi No Ryu. He sat Araknis up with a stomp to the gut and rocked him with another roundhouse kick to the chest. SNR pulled Araknis up and was met with a thumb to the eye followed by a pair of kicks to the stomach. Araknis lowered his shoudler and pushed SNR back into The Nest's corner.

Muerte tagged himself in, as Araknis pinned SNR in place. Araknis distracted the referee, so Muerte could belt SNR with right hands, as Supaida kicked him in the back of the head from the apron. Muerte delivered a big body slam in the middle of the ring. A snap suplex only got Muerte a 2-count.

Into the corner went Shi No Ryu and a tag was made to Supaida. Muerte with an atomic drop, leaving SNR wide open for Supaida to take him over with a springboard hurricanrana. Supaida didn't stop there, as he connected with a asai moonsault. Another 2-count.

A double stomp eye rake by Supaida kept SNR out of it, so Supaida could slam him down near the corner and deliver a split-legged twisting senton. SNR kicked out at 2 once again. A brief discussion with the referee about the count led to Supaida being battered with a barrage of strikes capped off with a backspin enziguiri.

SNR with a tag to Geist and Supaida was smacked with a pair of huge right hands before being sent down hard with a pounce-like shoulder tackle. Supaida had his head rocked back courtesy of a pair of European uppercuts with the 2nd sending him stumbling into the ropes and right into a huge pop up European uppercut, which got a long 2-count.

Muerte had enough and rushed the ring, so he could blindside Geist with a leaping forearm to the back of the head. Supaida was dragged back to the corner by Araknis, while that happened, allowing Muerte to slip out to the apron, just to tag himself in.

A wild flurry of punches struck Geist from all angles, but they did nothing more than enrage him. Muerte took off to the ropes hit a brick wall in the form of Geist with a running Vader attack. Muerte could do nothing, as he was launched into his enemies' corner.

SNR made use of a blind tag to enter the fray. Geist positioned Muerte's head between his legs as if going for a power bomb. SNR dove into the ring and spewed red mist at his pair of foes on the apron. Shi No Ryu stepped onto Muerte's back and up onto Geist's shoulder before leaping onto the top rope, where he landed with no hands. In a flash, Geist hoisted Muerte onto his shoulders and a clothesline-power bomb combination drove Muerte down hard. Todd had made a blind tag while SNR was on the top and immediately delivered an big time elbow drop from the top. The other two members of The Nest came in for the save, leading to everyone entering the ring.

The referee tried to break it up the carnage and in the confusion, Muerte was able to go low on Todd and back him into the Nest's corner. A trio of boots allowed Muerte to hook a knuckle lock and run up the ropes to deliver a hurricanrana. Todd had no time to tend to his wounds, as he immediately stood up only to be taken down by Supaida with an Asai hurricanrana. Araknis followed suit by doing the same, this time coming from the very top via a springboard.

Araknis and Supaida hurried Todd up and whipped him into a ropes. A drop toe hold by Supaida was followed by a baseball slide dropkick by Araknis to the side of Todd's head.

Supaida took off to the apron, leaving Jensen Todd to Araknis. Todd fought back and hit the ropes, only to miss a lariat. Araknis flawlessly locked on a Christo and his teammates hurried into the ring to defend him. Geist and SNR would not their ally get injured without a fight. Geist was able to battle his two smaller foes, while SNR delivered a springboard dropkick to the back of Araknis's head.

A tag to Muerte and he put the boots to Todd in the corner before building up a head of steam to deliver a hesitation drop kick to the seated Todd.

Making use of quick tags, Muerte tagged Supaida in and they whipped Todd into the ropes. A double rolling half crab by the duo. Araknis in and he climbed his teammates like a jungle gym. Araknis couldn't help but pose as he stood on his allies' shoulders before delivering a double stomp to Todd's spine. Muerte went for a cover, which still only got 2.

Todd found himself in The Widow's Nest's corner once again and Supaida tagged in. Muerte and Araknis dropped to the floor and pulled Todd under the bottom rope in the corner. With the steel post between Todd's legs, Supaida delivered a lightning fast dropkick to the top of his head.

Supaida struck with a trio of chops with Todd against the ropes and he pulled him up by the legs, so he was parallel to the mat, as Todd's arms hooked the top rope. Muerte hit the opposite ropes and leap frogged Supaida, crashing down on Todd. Muerte immediately positioned himself on all fours behind Supiada and Araknis leapt off of Muerte with a front flip body attack into Todd. Araknis took Supaida's position while Supaida slipped out to the apron to deliver a springboard frog splash to Todd. SNR made the save at 2 with Supaida going for the cover.

Back in came Muerte and he had his Irish whip attempt countered into a release tiger suplex. That gave Todd the space he needed.

In came Geist, but Muerte was able to cut him off. However, he couldn't stop Geist from reversing a whip and driving him down with a gorilla press into a spinebuster. Supaida tried to jump Geist from behind, only to have SNR intervene with a springboard cross body. SNR followed that up with a handspring off the ropes into a gamengiri.

Todd and SNR surveyed the area, noticing all their foes out on the floor. They bumped fists and took off in opposite directions. Todd displayed his own agility with a Brillo Dorado while SNR had to one-up him with a blind spaceman corkscrew moonsault.

Supaida looked to go airborn as well, but he ran into Geist. Supaida slugged away at Geist with all he had, so Geist just shoved him away. Geist missed a running forearm and Supaida raced to the corner. Supaida ran up the ropes, looking for a hurricanrana. Geist was far too strong for that and spiked him with a pair of powerbombs followed by a sitout Last Ride.

The two other members of the Widow's Nest quickly re-entered the ring to stop the pin attempt and they just pounded away at Geist before throwing him into the corner. Muerte and Supaida each hit him with a dropkick before Araknis ricochetted off of Geist with a moonsault kick. A kick to each leg by Muerte and Supaida put Geist on his knees. SNR tried to get involved, but he was mauled by the trio and sat on Geist's shoulders. Muerte and Supaida held onto SNR, as Araknis leapt off the top rope. Dropkick-double flatliner combination by the Widow's Nest that also drove Geist into the mat face-first.

Araknis staggered SNR with quick combination of slaps and took him down with a spinning heel kick. Araknis motioned to the crowd before scurrying out to the apron. A springboard hurricanrana got easily 2 and 3/4.

SNR was pulled up and Araknis looked for Emaceration. However, SNR flipped backwards to escape. SNR blasted Araknis in the mouth with a roundhouse, dropping him to one knee. Muerte shoved Araknis to safety, as SNR darted to the ropes, and delivered a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

SNR looked for safety in the corner and Muerte wasn't going to show him any mercy. Muerte raced towards him only to be obliterated by Jensen Todd with the ONG BAK KNEES OF DEATH~!!! Up to the top in one fluid motion and Todd's attempt at a Five-Star frog splash was met with knees. Muerte hoisted him up for a possible TKO, but Todd slipped off and spiked him with a German suplex that got a near fall.

Wasting no time, Todd stood Muerte up and hit the ropes only to be picked up into the fireman's carry again for a desperation TKO. Muerte hurried to the corner, but was met by a running Yakuza kick to the jaw from Geist, as he made it to the top rope. Geist climbed up onto the second rope and put Muerte in electric chair position. Geist stood up and SNR took Muerte off his shoulders with a springboard hurricanrana that might have been three if it wasn't for Supaida breaking up the count.

SNR tried for a hurricanrana, but Muerte was able to hold him upside down, so Araknis could connect with a dropkick square to SNR's face.

Araknis whipped SNR into the ropes, only to have him slide under the bottoom rope, as Todd came with a slingshot forward roll into a huge lariat on Araknis.

Instantly, Supiada returned the favor by blindsiding Todd with a superkick that turned him right into the waiting Muerte who connected with Day of the Dead.

SNR was back into the fray and he unloaded with kicks and strikes to all three members of the Widow's Nest. SNR looked to hit the ropes, but Muerte pulled him back towards the trio by the tights, making sure to duck as his two allies delivered stereo enziguiris.

The Nest stood tall in the ring, yet there was only one enemy left to conquer. In the blink of an eye, Geist made the playing field a little more level by annihilating Araknis with a pounce that sent Araknis flying over the top rope to the floor.

Geist went toe to toe with Muerte and Supaida, even gaining the upper hand. Geist bounced off the ropes and was hit with a double dropkick for his troubles. However, Geist never left his feet. The Nest beat on Geist, driving him back into the corner. A double whip sent Geist into the far corner and Muerte took off after him only to find Geist charging towards him. Enthauptung to Muerte!

Supiada tried to keep control of the situation by kicking Geist in the chest with roundhouse kicks. Supaida leapt off the middle rope and right into Enthauptung!

Todd rolled Araknis back into the ring and Geist snatched him up. Geist positioned Araknis for a power bomb and Todd hooked Araknis's head for a neckbreaker. Shi No Ryu appeared and perched himself on the top rope. Combination power bomb-neckbreaker-mad splash to Araknis! A cover by SNR got the 3-count!

Winner: Shi No Ryu, Pietro Geist, and Jensen Todd via triple team move
Match Time: 21:35
Match Rating: *****

Jack Wallace: Once again The Hype shows all the fans exactly what the future holds for jOlt! An outstanding match that showcased all the Hype has to offer and a perfect way for Geist to say goodbye.

Jeff Hartman: It's time to make my move, Jack.

Jack Wallace: You do that and I'm sure Jensen will splatter your face everywhere.

Jeff Hartman: My face? Not my face... that's how I make a living.

Jack Wallace: You sure don't earn it with your color commentary.

After the Match
With victory firmly in their grasp, Lorelei's trio of warriors stood tall in the middle of the ring. Shi No Ryu and Jensen Todd guarded the ring, as Pietro Geist took center stage. He held the Hype title high in the air with one arm with the crowd cheering for him. The Uberkreiger looked over the crowd. Their approval brought a half smile to his face and he was handed a microphone by Lorelei, who clung tightly to the Underground title.


It was a very rare occassion when Geist spoke to the capacity crowd and despite that fact, the crowd kept chanting.


Finally quieting down, the crowd allowed the Uberkreiger to speak.

Geist: Zhe time has come, meine Freunde. On iNtense, I did something zhat no one else has ever done. I stood before jOlt's personal devil und he saw vhat battle vith zhe Todesengel vas truly like. Now, I stand before shou both zhe Hype Champion und zhe Underground Champion!

The Hype faithful erupted into cheers and Lorelei held the Underground title above her head with both hands.

Geist: Vhen Lorelei told shou all zhat zhe look of zhis promotion vould be changing, she did not lie. I am here to tell shou all zhat no matter vhat zhe veterans of jOlt do, zhey cannot stop zhe future. Zhe Hype is zhe future. Zhe locker room is filled vith Damen und Herren who are vaiting for zheir time in zhe spotlight to come. My time has come. Zhere are battles to be had against zhe greatest varriors in zhe vorld. I must continue my journey to prove zhat I am truly zhe elite in zhis business. Before I move on to greater challenges, I must do zwei zhings. Ein, I must vacate zhis title. Unfortunately, one cannot hold a title here on Zhe Hype und on zhe main roster.

Geist looked at his treasured first title.

Geist: May zhe next varrior to claim it be vorthy of carrying zhe title for it is more zhan just a belt. It is zhe key to one's destiny.

The Todesengel laid the title on the mat as he was known to do, drawing a line in the sand.

Geist: Nummer zwei, I vould like to say danke. Danke to all of shou fans for letting me hone my craft in front of shou all. Our time together was short, but I am honored to have done battle before shou all. Zhe Hype vould be nothing vithout shou all.


Pietro Geist threw the microphone to the mat and knelt down, so he could place his hand on the Hype title one more time. Lorelei draped the Underground title over his shoulder and Geist stood proudly in the middle of the ring, as the scene slowly went dark