"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to The Hype! We hope you enjoyed Breakdown, but now it's time to kick it back into gear as the stars of tomorrow shine on the jOlt stage!

Jeff Hartman: Wow.. just when I thought your introductions have hit rock bottom.. here we are once again.

Jack Wallace: Fine then.. think you can do better? Be the play by play guy and I'll be the color commetator for the opening. Go for it!

Jeff Hartman: Fine then. LADIES AND LADIES! Welcome to the most voluptuous two hours on television because I... the man with the libido of the gods themselves.. will offer a pleasing barritone to distract you from the mundane.. from the simplistic stylings of greener than grass men and women who dare to call themselves athletes.. and attempt to serenade you away on a mystical journey of intrigue... suspense... and misdirection! Yes.. once you are keen to the harmonic waves of my voice as they caress your ear drums, producing pleasant vibrato, you will succumb to the exquisite taste that is I, Jeff Hartman. You will throw yourselves at my feet... groveling to receive my seed so that I can populate this world with little copies of a TRUE voice of The Hype.. and bring prosperity and liberation to the loins of females everywhere!

Jack Wallace: Forget this.. I'm taking my position back.. right after I find a bucket to throw up in.

Jeff Hartman: While Jack does that.. I must beg for forgiveness as I must silence my golden voice and throw it to the ring because our boss, Shayne Anderson is there and I do love receiving a paycheck for without it.. magical nights can't turn into dreams when the ladies are with the true "heart" of a man.. Jeff Hartman.

Jack Wallace made a gurgling sound as he struggled to hold down the bile in his throat as we kicked it to the ring.

Shayne Anderson stood in the ring, microphone in hand as the fans inside the RingRats Academy in Orlando, Florida paid him a "warm" welcome of boos and random obscenities.

Anderson: Thank you for the welcome! Your adulation and admiration are greatly appreciated, but I'm not out here to soak in your opinions of me. No.. I'm here because tonight, I am told we have a very special guest joining us. A guest I'm none too thrilled about.. but before he makes his presence felt.. I wanted to take this opportunity to say something straight to you, Damien Lee!

Anderson took a brief moment and looked directly into the camera.

Anderson: Anything you can do.. I can do better! You want to announce a War Games match for Rise of the Legends focusing on the Tag Team Titles? You want to introduce a tournament to crown a new Relentless Champion? That's fine by me because tonight.. I'm going to do both. Tonight I am announcing the beginning of a tournament to crown the first ever Hype Tag Team Champions!

The crowd actually cheered Shayne Anderson for once.. or mayhaps they were just cheering the fact that there were going to now be two championships to strive for on The Hype

Anderson: The Hype Tag Team Championships will carry with them, the same stipulations as it's singles counterpart. If you are the Hype Tag Team Champions, you have the right to challenge any main roster tag team.. and should you defeat them, you can earn a spot on the main roster.

Anderson then cracked a grin.

Anderson: Needless to say.. The X Movement has already been entered into this tournament and as such.. I only wish the other teams good luck because, quite frankly.. you're going to need it.

As Anderson was about to leave..

"Praise" by Sevendust

Adam Lazarus!

Laz stepped out from the backstage area and came down to the ring, wearing a suit and tie of all things. Laz smiled as he stepped into the ring and grabbed a microphone from ringside. Shayne Anderson didn't look too pleased.

Laz: "Whoa whoa whoa.. I can't let you leave just yet. You see, Damien Lee has sent me here because, quite frankly, you've gone a bit power mad. There mere fact that you just entered your best friends into this tournament is proof of that. Therefore.. I am here to train the talent.. I am here to compete if need be.. BUT... I am also here to report directly to Damien Lee any and all behavior exhibited by you. Shayne Anderson."

The crowd cheered and even began to chant "LAZ! LAZ! LAZ!"

Anderson: "That's cute, but if you're on this roster, then you belong to me and I can do whatever I want with you. I could put you in a five on one handicap match with The X Movement.. AND I could allow The X Movement to compete with Underground Rules and you.. well.. not so much... and.."

Laz cut off Anderson.

Laz: "...and I will refuse that match and report that to Damien Lee as a blatant abuse of power and since that camera right over there has its red light shining bright.. that means all of this is being broadcast for anyone.. including Damien Lee... to see. If you try anything like what you just mentioned to me at any given time, Damien Lee has stated that you will be fired on the spot."

The crowd cheered even louder!

Anderson: "THIS IS INSANE! I AM THE GENERAL MANAGER OF THE HYPE! THIS IS MY SHOW AND WHAT I SAY GOES! If you think for one second that I'm going to get pushed around by a... a... washed up main roster member who hasn't been on television in ages because he's completely USELESS.. then think again."

Laz smiled

Laz: "It's you who needs to think again. I'm here to keep you check whether you like it.. or not. I guess you'll just have to pretend to be like a certain member of the blue man group and just deal with it."

Laz dropped the microphone and exited the ring. Anderson was furious as he ripped off his trademarked sweater vest and flung it to the canvas. He then kicked it out of the ring as he looked on at Laz who simply looked back from the entrance ramp and grinned.

BADASS vs The Widow's Nest

Match Summary
This match was not only the first match in the Hype Tag Team Title Tournament, but it also marked the return of The Widow's Nest to The Hype. A large "Welcome Back" chant broke out in the arena for Black Widow's nest of athletes. Davis Bloome and Wolf Spider started out and it was a test of strength that began the match where Wolf Spider got the upper hand until Bloome fought back and kicked Spider's legs out from underneath him. From there, it was an exchange of holds until Bloome hit a snap suplex out of a front chancery, but Wolf Spider immediately popped back up and nailed an Exploder! Bloome got back up and the two locked up again until Spider powered him to the corner, but Bloome used his speed and reversed Spider in, hitting rapid punches. Bloome went to the ropes, but Spider exploded out of the corner with a massive lariat!

Bloome went for his corner and tagged in Tripp Wise. Spider stood there and cracked his knuckles as Wise danced around him, eventually hitting a thumb to the eye and tossing Spider shoulder first into the ring post through the buckles. As Spider laid there, Wise got some distance and hit a seated drop kick, causing Spider to slam into the post again. Roll up by Wise for a near fall. Wise to the ropes and another drop kick to Spider as he was on all fours for another close two. Spider needed a tag, but as he crawled to his corner, Wise hit a running double stomp to his back and then slapped Araknis in the face!

Araknis tried to come into the ring, but the ref stopped him. This allowed for Bloome and Wise to double team Spider with stomps, a whip to the ropes and a double team flapjack. Bloome exited and Wise made a cover for another two. Wise lifted Spider, but Spider fought with forearms. He whipped Wise to the ropes and hit the Run with the Wolves.. the big spear! Spider rolled to his corner and tagged Araknis. Missile drop kick off the top to Wise when he got up! Running forearm to Bloome, knocking him off the apron. Wise staggered up and Araknis hit a flipping neckbreaker!

Bloome got up to the rope and tried a cross body, but Araknis hit a drop kick, knocking him out of the air! He picked up Bloome and threw him shoulder first into his own partner! Bloome rolled out of the ring as Wolf Spider came in. Spider charged and the big man flew through the ropes with a suicide dive to Bloome! Araknis pulled Wise to his feet and lifted him into his shoulders, hitting Emaceration.. the Reverse Death Valley Driver. Araknis made the cover and The Nest moves on!

Winner: The Widow's Nest via Emaceration
Match Time: 20:04
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: Now that's how you open up The Hype! Amazing contest that looked to be a long singles match until that hot tag to Araknis and it all unraveled for BADASS from there. BADASS, being the rookie team fell to the veterans here tonight.

Jeff Hartman: NO!! My new favorite team lost! It will be okay though. They may not become the first, but they will become the second tag team champions.. I just know they will! THEY HAVE TO because they are the only reason I show up to work.. well.. that and the starlets...

we are taken into Shayne Anderson's office. Jack Dawn, Brian Williams, Prince Samir, Ryan Raysor, and Gabriel Gold all storm into the office. Williams slammed his hands down on Anderson's desk startling him. Anderson looked up as Williams scoffed at him.

Williams: "We are sick and tired of this whole ordeal with The X Movement. We want to end this... TONIGHT."

Anderson: "Hold on... I already gave you The X Movement... you get them in two weeks when you face them in the Hype Tag Team Title tournament."

Williams: "How convenient. You get us up with them for our opponents.. hoping that they would eliminate us so we can't get the titles for ourselves. I should have suspected as such.. but you know what? That's whatever. This is a bigger issue.. this is bigger than your new championships. Regardless of what happens in the tournament, we want this settled tonight.. we want ALL of them in a five on five match."

Anderson was about to overrule that when Mike Patterson, Crucifix, Xtreme, Mad Morgan, and Shovel stepped into the office behind them. The two groups came face to face as Patterson smiled.

Patterson: "Give the babies their bottles. We'll take them out tonight.. AND we will take them out in two weeks in the tournament. If they want to die that badly, then don't delay.. give them what they want.. we'll be out there waiting."

The X Movement turned and exited the locker room. Anderson's hands were tied on this one.

Anderson: "You heard him. I hope you're prepared. Tonight's main event will be The X Movement vs you.. who I think I'll call.. The Dying Breed."

Williams smirked.

Williams: "Even though that name is being used to try and put shame on us.. I welcome it. It'll provide just enough motivation to prove you wrong.. and to prove to you that we still deserve our spots here on this roster."

The group now known as The Dying Breed turned and exited the office as the scene faded to black.

DefCon vs Tristan Cyan

Match Summary
Tristan Cyan hasn't won a match yet here on The Hype, but he has an opportunity here tonight against a new debut in the form of a man simply known as DefCon. Not much is known about DefCon except that he is a former mercenary. Even his online biography states that most of his information is classified.

The match began with DefCon charging Cyan, hitting alternating knee strikes, sending him into the corner. DefCon opened up with stiff forearm shots to the face before attempting an irish whip, but Cyan reversed it, sending DefCon into the corner. DefCon made Cyan eat an elbow and then exploded out with a running Yakuza Kick that put Cyan down. DefCon then applied a single leg boston crab in the middle of the ring. Cyan fought and tried to get to the ropes, but DefCon pulled him back. Cyan continued to struggle until he eventually broke free. Cyan stood and was met with a chop block to the leg. DefCon then applied a Cross Leg Breaker on that same leg he began working on.

Cyan used his free leg to kick away and escape, but he had trouble standing. Cyan continued to work over the leg with elbow drops and stomps. Cyan's leg was becoming useless the more DefCon pinpointed his attacks. DefCon went to grab Cyan's legs when Cyan kicked him away. Cyan used the ropes to pull himself up, but DefCon hit another Chop Block, flipping Cyan onto his back! DefCon then pulled Cyan to the center of the ring where he slapped on one Cyan's own finishing holds.. a Texas Cloverleaf that Cyan called the Disasterpiece. Cyan tried to hold on as long as he could, but he ended up tapping to his own submission!

Winner: DefCon via Disasterpiece
Match Time: 6:39
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: DefCon just used Tristan Cyan's own finisher on him! We know DefCon is a former mercenary and he's used to gathering intelligence on his opponent, but to go as far as to steal his opponent's finisher and wrestling style? That's quite a dangerous threat!

Jeff Hartman: That makes him unpredictable! He's silent, deadly, and smart! Kind of like I am with the ladies!

Jack Wallace: Well... with the ladies you're silent because you like to stalk them... you're deadly because you can kill any kind of romance just by your mere presence, but the smart part? That one I just can't see!

Faith Hines is backstage on the phone. After a few opening words, we come to find out that she's on the phone with Alyssa Corliss.

Faith: "Look.. I told you this before and I will tell you again. I'm not going to give up on you. I know that you're hurting right now and you're just trying to mask it. You and I have been friends since the beginning of The Hype and I know you. This isn't you and you need to snap out of it.

After a brief pause.

Faith: Yes. I know you're on the main roster now and you have no need to come back here, but I really wish you would.. just one more time.

Another brief pause.

Faith: Because I think you owe me at least one more match.. that's why. If talking isn't going to get through to you, then I'm just going to have to get the old Alyssa back the hard way.

There was silence for a moment.

Faith: Hello?

Faith put her phone away with a disappointed look on her face.

Faith: I can't believe she hung up on me

Faith folded her arms as the scene faded to black.

Callie Scott vs Desiree

Match Summary Callie and Desiree shook hands to begin the match and went for a lock up, but Desiree showed off her striking style with kicks to the thigh. Desiree then hit higher kicks before a leaping back kick that sent Callie into the ropes. Desiree charged, but ate an elbow and it was Callie's turn to show her street fighting background with various punches and kicks that eventually knocked Desiree down, causin her to roll out of the ring and consort with Xin Xin Xiong who accompanied her out there.

After some deliberation, Desiree got back into the ring and put her arms up as if this were a boxing match. She drew in Callie with a one two punch combo that Callie avoided. Callie then went for a straight right when Desiree grabbed her by the arm and slammed her into the canvas, applying a Fujiwara Arm Bar, showing off the puroresu style that X3 had taught her. Callie eventually fought and made it to the ropes. Callie stood and warmed up her shoulder as X3 yelled at Desiree to stay on her.

Desiree walked into a back elbow to the face. As she staggered away, Callie drilled her with a lariat to the back, then a shotgun drop kick to the face. She covered for a two. Callie stood and dropped three elbows into Desiree and covered for another two. Desiree sat up and Callie kicked her repeatedly in the back and went for the Sliding D, but Desiree leaned back and made Callie miss. Desiree stood and kicked Callie in the head before lifting and hitting a brainbuster for two. Desiree went to the corner and hit a leaping thrust kick, taking Callie down. Desiree hit the ropes, but Callie hit a drop toe hold sending Desiree neck first into the ropes. Callie hit a running knee to the back of Desiree's head. She then pulled her up and nailed an elevated inverted DDT. She sat Desiree up, hit the ropes and nailed the Sliding D as X3 looked disappointed. She covered and got the three.

Winner: Callie Scott via Sliding D
Match Time: 9:28
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: Desiree tried to play some games to throw Callie off guard, but in the end, Callie Scott out fought Desiree and Xin Xin Xiong doesn't look too happy about his pupil getting beaten.. especially by a familiar opponent that she's defeated before in the past.

Jeff Hartman: I hate to say it, but I think you're right. In fact, X3 is about to give her an earful. I should listen so I know what to say in a comforting phone call later tonight!!

After the Match
Xin Xin Xiong helped pull Desiree out of the ring. As Desiree leaned against the ring apron, We could hear X3 as clear as day.

X3: "This is not how I trained you. You have the ability to defeat her and you lost your focus. Tonight, I'm going to give you a refresher course on how to stay focused and next week, you're going to challenge her to a rematch and you're going to win! You are better than this! Now come on.. let's go."

X3 waited for Desiree to stagger past him and up the entrance ramp. X3 followed suit as the two walked to the back.

Tristan Cyan is changing in the back when El Tigre Verde walked into the doorway of his locker room and leaned against it, crossing his arms. Cyan stopped what he was doing and looked up at him.

Cyan: "What?"

Verde: "The first snowfall of the season can capture the vivid imagination of the man who beholds it with his eye, but when the sun shines upon the snow, we realize, that soon it will melt away"

Cyan had no idea what Verde was talking about.

Verde: "In other words... while it's nice to look at a fresh face here on The Hype, you've been exposed as nothing special. You haven't even won a single match here yet."

Cyan stood up and walked right up to Verde who continued to stand there with his arms crossed.

Cyan: "Tonight was a fluke. Next week, I am going to wrestle DefCon again.. and now that I know what he's about. I'm going to win and there is no way in hell I'm going to let him copy my style like he did tonight. Once I defeat him, then I'm going to climb back up and defeate Pietro Geist and take The Hype Championship away from him. I may have failed there, but honestly.. so did you."

Verde nodded.

Verde: "Yes, Pietro Geist is a formiddable opponent, but as I already told you.. you shouldn't look down the road to a point that you yet, cannot see."

Cyan: "Enough of your proverbs! WHEN I defeat DefCon next week, I'm coming for you next... and WHEN I beat you.. I'm going to challenge Geist.. and WHEN I defeat Geist.. I will shut each and every one of you up and you will have no choice but to respect me as the fourth Hype Champion."

Cyan brushed Verde's shoulder as he exited his own locker room.

Lorelei: Zhis better be important...

The ravishing blonde stood before the man in charge with her arms crossed. She was not at all pleased that she or the gigantic German standing behind her were once again standing in the boss's office.

Shayne: Why do you always come in here with an attitude?

Lorelei: Because shou are zhe epitome of stupidity. Nothing but excrement comes out of shour mouth.

Shayne: You really shouldn't talk to me like that. I could send you back to Germany.

Lorelei: And Geist could rip off shour arms und beat shou to death vith zhem.

That put a stop to whatever Anderson was planning to say in order to instigate a verbal sparring match with the bombshell.

Shayne: Umm... Moving on. I brought you here to let you know that you'll be defending your title on the 100th episode of Intense. Damian Lee has chosen an opponent for you. He brought in someone to be the newest trainer for The Hype and wants to pit you against them. This is him attempting to swipe power by having one of his guys take the title. I need Pietro to make sure that doesn't happen.

Lorelei: He is not shour personal defender of zhe crown. He does not fight for shour personal agenda. So, vhat shou need does not matter in the slightest. Pietro will remain champion for zhere is no man zhat can match up to him one on one. So, who is zhe next victim of Enthauptung? One could only hope zhat it is someone above zhat perverted ninja. He is a valking sexual harrassment lawsuit vaiting to happen.

Shayne: It is Adam Lazarus.

Lorelei couldn't help but chuckle upon hearing that.

Shayne: What's so funny?

Lorelei: Shou called us in here for zhat? Shou made it seem like he vas going to take on Omega or Derecho. It is just Adam Lazarus.

Shayne: He could be more trouble than you think.

Lorelei snickered once more and patted the boss's desk before turning to the door.

Lorelei: Zhe trouble vith Lazarus is if he vill show up ready to fight or so stoned zhat he cannot find zhe ring. No vorries, Shayne. Geist vill return to shour show still champion.

The German dynamic duo started towards the door, but Shayne had one more little thing he had to tell them.

Shayne: And by the way, you should really get your gear on.

Lorelei: Geist is not booked tonight.

Shayne: Who said anything about him?

That got the big German's attention and he looked down to his female escort. She smiled a devilish grin in return.

Lorelei: It is about time.

The Hype went to commerical and when it comes back, Lorelei Albrecht will have her debut match!

Lorelei Albrecht vs Monica

Match Summary
The two ladies met in the middle of the ring and Monica offers her hand, which Lorelei accepted. After circling, Monica looked for a tieup and was immediately caught with a left-handed jab in the mouth. And again. Lorelei threw a pump fake and instead put Monica on her rear with a roundhouse. Monica slid back to the nearest corner and checked her mouth for blood to which Lorelei just smirked and wiped her nose with her thumb. Lorelei allowed her to safely stand back up. They met in the center of the ring once more and instead of jabbing at Monica, Lorelei used a double leg takedown. Monica scissored her body to hook a closed guard, while Lorelei drove her forearm against Monica's jaw. She used her forearm to push Monica's head to the side and slowly slip a leg out of the guard. Monica tried to lock her arms around Lorelei, but was struck in the ribs. That allowed Lorelei to slip fully out of the guard and position herself in a front mount. It was ground and pound time and hammer fists rained down on Monica. She covered up the best she could, but she was being brutalized by Lorelei.

The referee broke it up. However, Lorelei was far from done. A Muay Thai clinch led to her blasting Monica in the face with repeated knee strikes. Lorelei with a barrage of punches and kicks after propping Monica up in the corner. An Irish whip by Lorelei was reversed, but she came exploding out of the corner with a leaping double knee strike that made Monica look as if she was hit by a cannon. Lorelei spiked her with an absolutely deadly brainbuster before instantly locking in a modified behind the head version of the cobra clutch, which she calls the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. Tap or pass out, those were Monica's options and she chose to tap.

Winner: Lorelei Albrecht
Match Time: 8:17
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: A great debut for the out-spoken Lorelei.

Jeff Hartman: She definitely brings a different style to the Starlets. Too bad it isn't doggy.

Jack Wallace: I would have threatened you with the possibility of Geist hearing you, but after seeing that finishing sequence, I think she'd destroy you on her own.

Jeff Hartman: She could destroy my bedroom. I know that much.

Alone the grim Shi No Ryu sat in the locker room. He basked in the silence that accompanied his solitude. It was something he enjoyed greatly and was very rare to come by when an episode of The Hype was being filmed. Outside of the ring, he had a very calm and collected demeanor. The dragon mask that now covered his face had definitely changed him.

He took a deep breath and rose from the chair he was so comfortably sitting on. He adjusted the collar of his sports coat and slowly turned to the doorway. Before him stood the trio of warriors known as The Widow's Nest. Wolf Spider and Muerte blocked the door, while Araknis started towards SNR.

SNR: Before you take another step, let me warn you that you already insult me by coming in here with your associates. No one approaches another with allies unless they are trying to say something without words. Therefore, I would watch what words escape my lips for they may lead to your jaw being shattered.

Strong words from the black dragon, but they didn't seem to concern Araknis.

Araknis: Calm down. Don't make this turn into something ugly when it doesn't have to be. We only came to meet the man that has been conquering The Hype under the name of KUMO. That's a pretty clever name. That's Japanese for Spider, right?

SNR: Do not address me as such or you will risk offending me.

Araknis: Why would that offend you? It is a great name. A name truly worthy of one with the ability to join the Widow's Nest.

Araknis's allies stood proudly and smiled behind him. However, Shi No Ryu was ice cold and didn't seem impressed in the slightest.

Araknis: I have got to ask. Why did you change it?

SNR turned back to his seat where he sat down and reached into his bag, exposing his back to the trio.

SNR: It was beneath me.

That didn't sit well with the trio of arachnids and Muerte had to stop Wolf Spider from pouncing upon the man in the dragon mask. Araknis tilted his head slightly with confusion, thinking that he misheard the odd man out.

Araknis: What was that?

SNR: Was that not clear enough for you and those two cretins you associate with?

Araknis: I would watch what I say, if I were you.

SNR: Spare me your threats. You and your allies are nothing more than vermin. A swarm of insects that are nothing more than potential gease spots on the bottom of someone's shoe. To think that I could be associated with such creatures is a blatant indignity. Now, you all should make your exit while you still have the ability to do so.

Those were surely fighting words and The Widow's Nest was never a group to avoid conflict. Shi No Ryu rose back to his feet, as his three enraged visitors started closing in on him. He took a deep breath, never once showing any conern towards the rapidly approaching danger. Little did The Widow's Nest know that the black dragon was already prepared for their visit to go sour. Just out of sight, the chain of a manriki gusari slowly and quietly dropped to the floor. Without any warning, SNR spun around to face his would-be attacker and whipped the chain around, keeping them at a safe distance before taking a fighting stance with the weapon.

SNR: While two of you may overpower me in the loss, I will damage one beyond repair. Now, the question is: Which of you wishes to be the martyr?

Wolf Spider wasn't going to be intimidated, but his allies knew better and held him back.

Wolf Spider: I'm going to rip his head off.

SNR: Release him, so I may give him a chance to feel the pain that is Japanese steel crashing into his face, breaking bone as if it were glass.

The black dragon stood up straight, while the trio started towards the door. Muerte had to shove his large friend out the door while Araknis backed out the door behind them.

Araknis: I hope the dragon you claim to be has eyes on the back of his head, as you will need them.

The X Movement vs The Dying Breed

Match Summary
After both teams have entered, it was decided the the two captains of the groups, Brian Williams and Mike Patterson would start off. They lock up and get nowhere with each other so they break it up. They go to lock up again and its the same result. Brian then tells Patterson to hit him from the ropes. He tries, but they both shoulder block each other and it's still a stalemate. Patterson tells Williams to hit him, but Patterson goes for a lariat, but Williams felt it coming and ducked. Williams stopped and when both turned, Williams took Patterson down with a belly to belly suplex!

Patterson popped back up and got into Williams face. He went for a punch, but Williams blocked and rocked Patterson into the corner. Whip by Williams, but refersed by Patterson. Charge by Patterson, but Williams moved, but Patterson leapt to the middle turnbuckle and twisted off with a cross body that took Williams down! Patterson stood and made the tag to Mad Morgan. Morgan came in and slapped the side of his head before driving a boot into the gut of Williams. Morgan trapped Willliams in the neutral corner and worked over him with headbutts. Morgan even smiled and licked Williams' forehead before shouting "IT TASTES LIKE FEAR" to his partner Shovel.

Morgan pulled Williams out of the corner and hit an inverted atomic drop and then a clothesline to the outside. Shovel wanted the tag so Morgan tagged him. As Williams stood, Morgan grabbed Shovel and hip tossed him over the top rope and to the outside where he collided with Williams!! A "holy shit" chant broke out!

Prince Samir then took flight off the apron, hitting a flying knee to the side of Shovel's head! Morgan slapped his head and charged, looking for a suicide dive, but Gabriel Gold hit a running knee strike along the apron, hitting Morgan in the face. Xtreme came into the ring and ran up Morgan's back, hitting a headscissors off the apron on Gold and the two of them hit the floor!! Morgan shook it off, but Ryan Raysor grabbed the top rope and leapt up, hitting spinning european uppercut, but Crucifix ran into the ring and grabbed Raysor as he stood, hitting a Flatliner on him.

Jack Dawn came into the ring as did Mike Patterson. Swing and a miss by Dawn with a clothesline as Patterson charged for a spear, but Dawn side-stepped him and Patterson accidetnally speared Crucifix instead!!! Dawn then lifted Patterson up onto his shoulders...


Patterson was down, but Shovel came back into the ring and nailed a running body avalanche on Dawn! Shovel fell on top of Dawn swinging his arms at him like a mad man. Morgan got back up and they pulled Dawn to their feet, but Brian Williams rolled back into the ring and when Broken Sanity whipped Dawn, Williams ran past him and nailed a double Spear on Morgan and Shovel!!

Dawn then flew over the ropes with a Tope Con Hilo wiping out Xtreme, who had just gotte back to his feet! Bodies were everywhere.. complete and total chaos was happening, and the crowd was going nuts with a "This is Awesome" chant!

Williams was still the legal man.. as was Shovel. Williams made the cover on Shovel and shockingly got the three among the chaos!!! The crowd hit their feet as The Dying Breed finally got a decisive victory over The X Movement!

Winner: The Dying Breed via Spear
Match Time: 14:53
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace: It has been a long time coming, but the group dubbed The Dying Breed by Shayne Anderson, finally got a decisive victory over the seemingly unstoppable X Movement! The X Movement were mortal afterall!

Jeff Hartman: Yeah.. that might be so.. but I think they're about to have the last laugh..

After the Match
As The Dying Breed assembled in the ring to celebrate, those on the outside from The X Movement began to grab any weapon they could find. Xtreme grabbed two steel chairs. He tossed one into the ring to Crucifix. Patterson had rolled out and grabbed a 2x4 from under the ring. Mad Morgan and Shovel grabbed a chain and a kendo stick respectively. They all got up onto the apron if they weren't already in the ring and they had The Dying Breed surrounded.

The Dying Breed looked ready to strike... and they did with Crucifix charging in with his chair to cause the distraction. The rest of the movement hit the ring and the brawl was on, but the weapons became the great equalizers.


Xtreme cracked a chair over Gabriel Gold's skull!


Mad Morgan hit Brian Williams in the face with a chain!


Shovel with the Kendo Stick across the back of Prince Samir.


2x4 to the gut of Ryan Raysor and then a crack across the back with it!

All that was left was Jack Dawn... he was surrounded by all five members of The X Movement.. then the crowd erupted!



The Hype Champion hit the ring!!


Shi No Ryu went onto the apron and grabbed the top rope. He leapt off with a springboard double drop kick to Xtreme and Crucifix! The four rolled out of the ring and Mike Patterson was alone. Ryu and Geist stared Patterson down and even Patterson knew he was beat. Patterson fled the ring and regrouped with The Movement on the outside. The five of them backpeddled up the ramp as Pietro Geist and Shi no Ryu stood by Jack Dawn! The other members of The Dying Breed slowly made it to their feet and with The Hype Champion seemingly standing up for The Breed, The X Movement suddenly had a new, unforseen threat to deal with!

Geist and Ryu standing alongside The Dying Breed was the final scene as The Hype went off the air!