"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation! However, rather going to the commentary booth, we are immediately taken to the ring where Shayne Anderson stood with a display case next to him.

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen.. it appears we are kicking off this week's Hype with our boss, Shayne Anderson, in the middle of the ring. I'm Jack Wallace alongside Jeff Hartman... let's hear what Mr. Anderson has to say.

Anderson: "Ladies and gentlemen... welcome to The Hype!"

The crowd gave him some very audible boos.

Anderson: "Last week, Pietro Geist... the NEW jOlt Underground Champion... said farewell to us all as he went to join the main roster. As a result, The Hype Championship has been vacated."

The fans also booed that.

Anderson: "However... I have some good news for all of your here tonight. We're not going to have to wait through some petty tournament to crown a new champion.. oh no... I have chosen Pietro Geist's successor and I am out here to crown him as the fourth and NEW Hype Champion!"

Anderson turned toward the entrance ramp. The lights went out and a big green X formed after some matrix styled letterfall on the screen. "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth hit the PA and the place booed as the leader of The X Movement, Mike Patterson, stepped out from the backstage area with a grin on his face. Anderson applauded him all the way down to the ring as he stepped between the ropes and shook Anderson's hand. The arena returned to normal.

Anderson: Mike Patterson... for your exmplified leadership... for your dominance over The Dying Breed.. might I add as an aside.. taking them all out by yourself was very impressive... I hereby bestow upon you.. the title of being the NEW Hype Cham....

"Original Fire" by Audioslave

The arena erupted in cheer when Brian Williams, the leader of The Dying Breed, came out from the backstage area. He marched around ringside and grabbed a microphone away from the time keeper. He rolled into the ring and up to his feet where his music died off.

Williams: Hold on just one second. Now... it's true that Mike Patterson has defeated The Dying Breed five on one and even I have to admit.. that was an impressive feat and Mike Patterson deserves all the credit in the world for being able to pull that off.. but.. it makes me wonder... if he can beat five of us at the same time then.. how come he's never beaten me when it's been one on one?


Patterson looked pissed off at that remark.. Anderson tried to calm him down.

Williams: I have a bit of a better suggestion... rather than just hand that belt over to your lackey.. how about you make a match.. leader versus leader... me versus Patterson.. here tonight.. winner becomes the new Hype Champion?

The crowd loved that idea.

Williams: And... to sweeten the pot... this will be the final encounter. If Mike Patterson wins.. then we will grant you your wish, Anderson. We'll leave The Hype roster... each and every member of The Dying Breed.. but.. WHEN I win... we get to stay as long as we want and The X Movement can no longer take orders from you. You have to set them free.

Anderson: What!? NO! That's proposterious.. there's no way I'm gonna...

Patterson: Actually.. that's fair enough for me. Destroying you five on one was easy... in single's match.. this will be nothing more than child's play. I accept your offer.

Patterson dropped the microphone and exited the ring to the back. Shayne Anderson immediately followed him up the ramp! It looked like tonight's main event is set! The end of the war has come! Williams vs Patterson for the vacant Hype Championship.. the losing faction will be set free from the roster!

It's Desiree's first night on her own! Last time, she defeated Kodora and completed Xin Xin Xiong's training. Tonight, she was roaming the halls backstage when she ran into Monica who was looking a bit down in the dumps.

Desiree: Hey.. you're the new starlet, Monica, right? Hi! I'm Desiree! Desiree extended her hand as Monica gingerly shook it.

Desiree: Is something the matter?

Monica: It's been bothering me that since I arrived, I haven't been able to win a single match. Even Paisley, who's a new starlet, has been on fire while I... I've just been a dud. It's a bit frustrating. I mean.. I haven't even been booked regularly because I'm just that terrible. I'm afraid if these keeps up, I'm gonna lose my job. I gotta family to support back home. I can't afford to do that.

Desiree stood there feeling a bit sorry for Monica, but a smile came across her face!

Desiree: I have an idea! What if I train you?

Monica: Train me?

Desiree: Yeah! I had a wonderful training. He trained people like Kodora.. even the legendary Aria Murphy! He was my trainer, too, and I can pass all of his knowledge on to you! That way you can get better, get more bookings, and support your family! What do you say!?

Monica: You'd be willing to go that far for me?

Desiree: You bet!

Monica then stuck out her hand. Desiree took it and shook it.

Monica: Alright then. You got yourself a deal. What do we do now, though?

Desiree: Come with me! I'll start you on a training regimen and we'll get your skillset evaluated!

Monica and Desiree walked off down the hall. Somewhere, Xin Xin Xiong must be smiling. The student just became the teacher.

Paisley vs Vogue Gonsalvez

Match Summary
Paisley was impressive in her past two outings and now she was set to test her skills against another Hype veteran in Vogue Gonasalvez. The two locked up and immediately Vogue pulled the hair and shoved Paisley to the canvas. Vogue strutted around the ring as Paisey got up and shoved Vogue back. Vogue called Paisley a bitch then slapped her across the face followed by a side head lock, a takedown, and a grounded headlock. Paisley battled back to her feet and hit a pair of elbows before running to the ropes for a shoulder block. To the ropes again went Paisley. She leapt up and over and bounced off the opposite end, but Vogue hit a rana and took her over, followed by a pair of clotheslines and a drop kick that caused Paisley to roll out of the ring. Vogue hit a Tope con Giro, but missed as Paisley moved

Paisley brought Vogue back into the ring and climbed up top, missing a diving european uppercut. Vogue with La Magistral for two. Clothesline ducked by Paisley. The two turned and Paisley hit a toe kick followed by a brainbuster. Paisley went back to the corner and drove the elbow into her heart for two. Paisley with a surfboard submission hold, but Vogue battled back up and hip tossed her over. Spinning back kick lead to a hook kick to the back of the neck then a running axe kick as Paisley tried to get up. Vogue went up top and went for the sky twister moonsault.. the En Vogue, but Paisley moved!

Paisley placed Vogue between her legs and nailed a powerbomb in the in the middle of the ring!! Paisley only got two because of it. Paisley hit a spinning back kick then went to the ropes.. she went for the swinging neck breaker, but Vogue countered with a backslide, but Paisley kicked away at two, hit a knee lift to keep Vogue doubled over, then nailed the running swinging neckbreaker.. the twisted teardrop... and picked up the three and the win.. remaining undefeated here on The Hype!

Winner: Paisley via Twisted Teardrop
Match Time: 4:57
Match Rating: **1/4

Jack Wallace: Another huge win for Paisley here tonight! Amazing efforts being given here by the rookie sensation!

Jeff Hartman: I have a rookie sensation I'd like to give her.. oh by the way.. HI EVERYONE! THEY FINALLY LET ME TALK!!

Jack Wallace: I'm sure we were enjoying our silence, Jeff... thanks for breaking it.

In the back, we are with Donny Layne as he's standing by with DefCon.

Layne: DefCon.. since arriving here in jOlt.. you've made yourself stand out. As a former mercenary, your job was to gather intelligence on your marks and made sure you knew every facet about them. It seems you've taken those skills here to jOlt as you have best opponent after opponent by either using your own style, or their style of wrestling against them. What would you like to say about that?

DefCon: It's too easy, Donny. People are like books. You can read them cover to cover and if you've spent as much time in the field as I have, then you soon begin to realize that most people are the same. Sure they have a different nuance here or there, but they become easier and easier to read. I simply go out to that ring and apply my knowledge into my match and I've been winning as a result. It's just that simple.

With that being said, El Tigre Verde stepped into view... the people cheering in the background.

Verde: The only problem is. Once one reads a book, they typically set the book down and never pick it back up. I've seen your pattern so far and if you want to say people are easy to read.. I've already finished you cover to cover. That's why.. here tonight.. I'm challenging you to another match.

DefCon: Impressive words. I'll look forward to testing them later tonight.. but be warned.. all you've read was the cliff notes version. I've got plenty more for you ready to go for tonight.

DefCon brushed by Verde's shoulders. Verde looked back at him as he were focused and ready for this latest challenge

Jensen Todd vs Wolf Spider

Match Summary
The lights went out for Todd's typical entrance, but when they came on he's already on the apron and delivered a springboard knee to Wolf Spider's back, sending him tumbling out to the floor. The streamers flew, as Todd baseball slide dropkicked Wolf Spider into the crowd. Todd then amazed the crowd with a 180 spaceman moonsault into the first couple rows. He can't help but stand atop the announce table and tear off his hooded sweatshirt and mask, much to the delight of the crowd. Todd went right to the European uppercuts and introduced Wolf's face to the announce table.

Todd snagged the timekeeper's chair and blasted Wolf Spider over the head with it. Running along the security barrier, Todd connected with a Muay Thai style knee strike to Wolf Spider's chest. Todd made use of the camera wire to choke the very life out of Wolf Spider. Back into the ring they went, Todd tried some European uppercuts but Wolf Spider shrugged them off. So, Todd just obliterated him with strikes of all shapes and sizes. Todd teased hooking a cattle mutilation and drove Wolf down face first with a curb stomp. Todd looked for a half nelson suplex on the apron, but Wolf Spider clubs him off. A pair of kicks and Todd looked for a slingshot powerbomb to the floor. However, Wolf Spider held onto the ropes and delivered a brutal double stomp to Todd's face. Then, Wolf sent Todd into the barricade.

Wolf Spider stood tall in the middle of the ring and taunted the crowd, while Todd checked his face, which now has blood coming from his forehead. Todd tried getting on the apron, but Wolf Spider clotheslined him back to the floor. Wolf Spider returned the favor from earlier by waffling him with a chair across the head. Wolf Spider followed it up with a huge avalance in a corner of the barricade and immediately sent Todd crashing into the ringpost. Wolf Spider choked him on the bottom rope and fishhooked him before clubbing the wound, just to be an asshole. Wolf Spider blasted Todd again and again with stiff shots, sending Todd out to the floor. Wolf Spider picked him up only to club him back to the floor. A chain is pulled out from under the ring and is immediately pulled tight around Todd's throat.

Wolf Spider hooked in the chain-assisted choke and went to town with elbows right to Todd's open wound. The referee checked in on Todd who was nearly out. Into the corner went Todd and he is crushed by a spider-themed semi. Wolf Spider goes for a shoulder block off the middle rope, but Todd was able to dodge it and smack him with a baseball slide style knee to the face. Wolf Spider just blocked out the pain and came roaring back with a discus clothesline. Back into the corner went Todd, who triple jumped into a dive over his foe with a forward roll up to his feet and destroyed Wolf Spider with a John Woo dropkick. Wolf Spider rolled to the floor for safety, but found none, as Todd gets a head of steam and cleared the corner, turnbuckle and all with a front flip plancha.

Back in, Todd unleashed a barrage of kicks to Wolf Spider's leg, dropping him to one knee before delivering a backspin enziguiri. Giving no time to breathe, Todd gave Wolf Spider a baker's dozen of Kawada kicks. Thirteen wasn't enough for him, as he roared and unleashed another dozen. Yet again, he dug deep, roaring loudly, as he blasted him with another dozen even with Wolf Spider's body going limp. A cover got a long 2. Todd cleaned the blood off his face and marked Wolf Spider with it courtesy of a straight up smack to the face. That woke up the masked man. Wolf Spider took offense and drove him back into the corner, so he could smack him with a yakuza kick in the corner. Todd was instantly sent to the opposite corner where he was caught with a clothesline.

Holding on after impact, Wolf Spider dumped Todd on his head with a T-bone suplex that got a 2-count. Wolf Spider was fuming. He loosened up his neck and Run With Wolves got 2. Wolf Spider looked for the Blood Hunt, but Todd countered with a Fireman's carry spun out into reverse DDT position before hitting a Roll of the Dice that got another long 2. Todd broke out the Millenium suplex flowed right into his mentor's Mask of Voorhess. That's a crossface chickenwing variation of the cattle mutiliation for those not in the know. Wolf Spider powered up, but Todd spun right into the Kawada kicks. He connected with 15 before Wolf Spider erupted and fired back with a roaring elbow. Todd snarled and came right back with a spinning backfist. Yet, Wolf Spider refused to go down. Todd hit the ropes, but ran into another Run With Wolves. Wolf Spider brought the chain back into play and choked Todd with it across his mouth. Wolf Spider rolled him over for a 2 count.

Wolf Spider sat Todd on the top and went for a super Back drop, only to have Todd slip out and crotch him on the top rope. Todd used the positioning to pull Wolf Spider out of the corner for what looked like a crucifix power bomb. However, Todd tossed Wolf Spider into the air and caught him on the way down with a neckbreaker. A cover got 2. Todd picked up the chain and began to choke Wolf Spider with it. Todd went to the rapid fire curb stomps while using the chain to hook a crossface. Todd rolled him over to hook a triangle choke, which allowed him to blast Wolf Spider in the face with the chain at will. Wolf Spider just barely had enough to hit a modified powerbomb to escape. Wolf Spider sent Todd into the corner, but ran into a boot in the corner.

Todd came off the top, but landed into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex from Wolf Spider. Wolf Spider with another Run With Wolves. Blood Hunt connected, but Todd draped his foot on the bottom rope to break it up. Wolf Spider wrapped the chain around his arm and went for a lariat, only miss and be annihilated with the ONG BAK KNEES OF DEATH~!!! Lycan Driver in the dead center of the ring got the 3-count!

Winner: Jensen Todd via Lycan Driver
Match Time: 20:35
Match Rating: ****1/4

Jack Wallace: Wolf Spider wanted revenge for last show, but he got a little more than he bargained for. Jensen came ready to fight and proved Geist isn't the only ass-kicker Lorelei hangs with.

Jeff Hartman: He is definitely one rough and tumble guy. I wonder if that is how Lorelei likes it. I can afford to break a few headboards.

Jack Wallace: You do realize that you're still not safe. Geist may be gone, Jensen will gladly rip your arm off and beat you with it.

Jeff Hartman: He can tear off my left arm. I use my right hand too much.

We are backstage with The Hype Tag Team Champions, Cori Albright and Terry Massimo.. The Natural Athletes as they stand there with the titles draped over their respective shoulders.

Cori: It seems that teams are coming out of the woodwork, coming after our titles. Last week, The Widow's Nest tried to pull a move on us, but it's going to take a lot more to keep us down. Tonight.. we have India's Import and as far as I'm concerned, after everything that's happened, they are the top contenders to these titles and I'm damn honored to put these belts up against them.

Massimo nods.

Terry: Indeed... but you know what? Funny you mention the Nest.. because now that we have another defense tonight, I'm sure they painted a target on our backs and to that I say... just try something. You think you got us trapped in corners with nowhere to go? Boys, I'll show you a thing or two.. you got us FUCKING wrong!

Massimo was all fired up now.

Terry: We're not gonna let a bunch of eight-legged worshiping freaks get in our way. We said it from day one.. DAY MOTHERFUCKING ONE. We are not just here for competition.. WE ARE THE COMPETITION. You want to prove yourselves against us? Face us in the ring like men instead of jumping us from behind like the little bitches you are.

Cori stepped in and tried to calm Massimo down.

Cori: Easy big guy. They'll get theirs. Tonight, we need to get past India's Import. We can worry about The Nest after that.

Massimo chuckled.

Terry: Worry about the nest? It should be the other way around. The Nest are the ones who need to be worried about us.

Albright grins as the two of them hold their titles up to the camera.

Massimo: Consider the targets painted, boys.. come and get them.

Fade to black.

DefCon vs El Tigre Verde

Match Summary Last week, DefCon pulled the same stunt that he did with Tristan Cyan and beat El Tigre Verde at his own style.. now Verde, having been bested and embarrassed sought revenge. Verde and DefCon locked up in the center of the ring and immediately Verde poured on the speed with a go behind into a waist lock, but DefCon reached back and hit a snapmare, but that didn't keep Verde down for long as he twisted back to his feet and charged in, but DefCon side-stepped and sent Verde to the ropes. Handspring into a back elbow countered by DefCon into a German Suplex, countered when Verde landed on his feet. Verde backed into the ropes for momentum and tried a running cross body, but DefCon countered with a mid-air tilt-o-whirl, but Verde countered that into a lucha style arm drag. Both men kipped up and came to a stand off in the middle of the ring to a round of applause.

Lock up again as DefCon powered Verde back into the corner. DefCon missed with a haymaker and the two traded positions. Verde with rapid forearms before stepping onto the middle rope for an elevated knee strike to the side of the head. He went for a running bulldog, but DefCon pulled him by the tights and hit a Back Drop Suplex into the top turnbuckle pad! DefCon then went for a Super Kick into the corner, but Verde wasn't as dazed as he thought and grabbed the leg, hitting a dragon screw leg whip. Verde immediately followed with a split-legged moonsault, but DefCon got the knees up!! Verde held his stomach as DefCon leapt up into the air and hit Verde with a flying forearm and got two. He placed Verde in a seated position and began to drive the knee into Verde's spine repeatedly until he went to the ropes and hit a running drop kick to the back of the head and got two once again.

Verde staggered to his feet as DefCon taunted him. Inverted Atomic Drop by DefCon and he went to the ropes, but Verde countered with a Spinning Heel Kick, but DefCon caught him and dumped him with a Side Cradle Suplex! DefCon went to the corner and climbed up to the top. He went for the Double Rotation Moonsault.. the Death From Above, but Verde moved out of the way! Verde swept DefCon's legs out from under him and went up top. He then hit a Moonsault into a Double Stomp... the Jaguar's Pounce and covered only getting two. Verde stood as DefCon was still down. Front Flip Senton... into a Standing Moonsault.. into a Standing Shooting Star Press! Cover and only two again!

Verde built momentum standing DefCon up and hitting swift kicks followed by a back thrust kick, but DefCon grabbed the leg and applied an Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring!! Verde turned over and kicked DefCon away quickly and got back to his feet just in time to duck a lariat. The lariat had force as DefCon staggered forward. It allowed Verde to turn and hook him into a Full Nelson. He lifted DefCon and drove both knees into his lower back! The Borneo Back Breaker! That only got him another two, unfortunately. Verde got back up and began to think about putting this match away.

Verde picked up DefCon and scoop slammed him back down. He went to the corner and went for his version of the Double Rotation Moonsault.. the Shooting Scar Press.. but DefCon rolled out of the way! DefCon got to his feet as Verde held his stomach in pain. Toe kick by DefCon and he butterflied the arms! Elevated Double Underhook DDT!! The Double Tap! DefCon hooked the leg and picked up the three using an anti-lucha counter style!! How many styles did this man know!?

Winner: DefCon via Double Tap
Match Time:10:11
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: How do you beat someone as versatile as DefCon? He steals your style and your finishers, then he beats you in his own style, or he'll invent one like here tonight where it was all counter wrestling. This man is the true total package. We truly had found a diamond in the rough here with DefCon.

Jeff Hartman: Another one of those rare moments where I agree with you Jack. DefCon has been more than impressive and the fact that he can assassinate and dissect anyone on this roster is extremely scary.

Paisley is zipping up her duffel bag. After her victory earlier tonight, she's ready to call it a day. She turned the light off in her dressing room and closed the door. The camera then switched to the hallway where she was making sure she had everything she needed before she left. Then all of a sudden..


Vogue Gonsalvez from behind! She blasted her with a forearm shot and then grabbed her by the shoulder, throwing her into her dressing room door! Vogue wasn't done as she put the boots to her before she pulled her up to her feet. She grabbed a fist full of Paisley's hair.

"Nah'body shows me up, ya understand me, bitch!?"

Vogue then hip tossed Paisley onto the cold concrete floor. Vogue picked up a nearby trash can and emptied its contents on top of Paisley.

"Damn girl.. I smelled hood rats cleaner than yo ass! Ha ha..."

Vogue then grabbed bunch of full water bottles off the table and threw them on top of her.

"Clean yo stank ass off, bitch."

Satisfied with her damage, Vogue walked away. Apparently, she didn't like the fact that another rookie ended up beating her. She had a problem with Desiree back in the day and now it looks like she was focusing on Paisley.

The Natural Athletes vs India's Import

Match Summary
Tonight could be an amazing night for The Dying Breed should India's Import capture the Hype Tag Team Titles here tonight and if Brian Williams was successful later on in the main event. The fact that the champions acknowledged the fact that India's Import deserved a shot was nothing more than pure class on their parts, but they will have a watchful eye over their backs as they look for The Window's Nest. Both teams made their way out to the ring and it was determined that Ryan Raysor and Cori Albright would start things off. The match started with an opening bell and a handshake from both competitors.

Lock up and Albright used his size advantage to power Ryan back into the corner. The referee wanted a clean break and got one at the count of three. Lock up again, but Raysor used his speed and went into the waist lock. Raysor kept his head low and ducked the back elbows from Albright. Albright broke the grip and performed a standing switch. Takedown to the canvas and float over into a front chancery. Ryan battled back to his feet, but Albright hit a knee lift and butterflied the arms, taking him back down to the canvas with a pin for only a fleeting one count.

Ryan popped back up and brushed himself off. They locked up again and again Albright backed him into the corner. Clean break at three, but Ryan quickly hopped to the middle turnbuckle. Albright charged in and Ryan hopped over him. The two turned around and Ryan hit a series of shoulder thrusts and got a full head of steam, leaping into the corner, but getting planted with a Standing STO! Cover by Albright for only two. Massimo wanted the tag and Albright gave it to him. Massimo came in and put Ryan back down with a giant headbutt. Ryan staggered back up and got put back down with another headbutt. Massimo taunted Ryan to stand and he did, but got whipped to the ropes for his trouble. Massimo telegraphed the back body drop, but Ryan kicked him for no effect!

Ryan backed into the ropes and ducked a lariat, going for a springboard cross body, but he was caught by Massimo, but Samir went up top and drop kicked Ryan in the back and the momentum collapsed Ryan on top of Massimo for two before being thrown off of him by a power kick out! Massimo got to his feet as Samir hit a kick to the back of his legs while Ryan hit a kick to the front. They repeated the pincer kicks to the legs, then to the stomach, then up hit to the chest! Samir then hit a leg sweep while Ryan hit a spinning heel kick and Massimo went down! Ryan covered as Samir rolled out of the ring, but only got one and a half at best.

Ryan went to his corner and tagged in Samir, but both climbed up to the top at the same time! They held onto each other for balance and when Massimo turned around, hit was put down with a Double Missile Drop Kick! Samir went into the cover, but only got two. Samir sat up Massimo and kicked him in the chest once.. then twice, but got caught the third time. Samir balanced himself as Massimo stood, but Samir hit an enzugiri that wobbled the big man. Samir hit the ropes and hit a drop kick to the knee, dropping Massimo down to a single knee. Samir hit the ropes again and nailed a Shotgun Drop Kick to Massimo's face! Cover but only two!

Samir tagged in Ryan as Samir held Massimo down. Ryan flipped off the top turnbuckle pad with the Shooting Star Press.. the Flip Switch... and Raysor bounced off of Massimo!! Samir rolled out of the ring, but Massimo powered out at two much to Raysor's shock! Raysor waited for Massimo to stand. He went for a discus forearm, but Massimo just ran forward and used his body to bulldoze over Raysor.. nothing pretty or fancy about it! Massimo went to the corner and tagged Albright back in.

Albright measured up Raysor and hit him with a Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex! Samir came in and Albright caught him with an Exploder Suplex! Raysor was back up and he charged in, but Albright caught him with a T-Bone Suplex! Samir got to his feet and he was nailed with a Sambo Suplex! Albright was on fire as he dragged Raysor out to the edge of the ring where he nailed a Back Drop Suplex on the ring apron!!! Samir, somehow, stood up, despite his back being in pain. He mustered up enough momentum to hit a Suicide Dive between the ropes, but Albright grabbed Samir in mid-air and threw him into the edge of the announce table!! Raysor was getting up off the floor when Albright rolled him into the ring, but brought him partially back out to the point where his head was sticking out from under the bottom rope, facing upward. Albright got a running start and hit a running knee strike to the side of Raysor's head! Albright rolled back into the ring where he pulled Raysor to the center and covered for only two!

The crowd began a "This is Awesome" chant as Albright pulled Raysor up and scoop slammed him in the middle of the ring. He tagged in Massimo who hit the ropes, looking for All the Way.. the running splash, but Samir slid in and grabbed Raysor's legs, pulling him to the outside causing Massimo to miss! Samir rolled back in and smacked Massimo with a Super Kick! Albright hit a shoulder takedown! Raysor rolled in and hit a spinning heel kick! He went to the ropes, but Massimo came out of nowhere and nailed a spine buster! Samir stood and grabbed Massimo in a reverse face lock, but Massimo stood up, pulling Samir with him onto his shoulder, but Samir spun off into a Tornado DDT!!! Samir was about to get up when Albright lunged in...


Samir rolled to the outside after eating the super kick! Raysor was getting up and Albright lunged in again..


Massimo stood and hit the ropes... ALL THE WAY! Cover and three!

Winner: The Natural Athletes via All the Way
Match Time: 31:42
Match Rating: *****

Jack Wallace: That was probably one of the greatest tag team matches I've seen in my life! This is the level of competition The Natural Athletes bring to the table and what you can expect out of The Hype's tag team division!

Jeff Hartman: *YAWN* Well that was a nice power nap. What I miss?

After the Match
As Albright and Massimo stood there, Araknis and Wolf Spider made their way out from the crowd. They slid in the ring behind the champions, but sensing something was amiss.. especially from the crowd reaction, they immediately turned around and it caught the Nest off guard! They immediately rolled out of the ring and joined Black Widow by her side.

The three of them talked about what just happened as Albright and Massimo stood there in the ring, taunting them. The Nest retreated back through the crowd as the Athletes stood there triumphant, grinning from ear to ear.

Jensen Todd had barely just stepped through the curtain from the entrance ramp when he was blitzed by his ally Lorelei. She was breathing heavy from sprinting through the backstage area and he could see the concern on her face.

Lorelei: "Zhank god zhat I have found you."

Todd: "What's goin' on, lass?"

She grabbed him by the wrist and started pulling him down the hallway.

Lorelei: "Ve have a serious problem."

He allowed her to lead him at a frantic pace to one of the exit of the building.

Todd: "Oh bloody 'ell."

No longer needing her to guide him, the pair dashed up to the fallen body of Shi No Ryu. The masked man was laying face down in a small puddle of his own blood. Jensen knelt down to check on him. He was breathing, but down for the count.

Todd: "Get us a medic and be fast about it."

Lorelei took off down the hallway like a rocket. Todd examined his teammate closely, noticing his mask was torn and there was swelling of his eyes to go with the gash that stretched across his forehead. Suddenly, the young fighter's gazed turned to his right. Standing in the middle of the hallway were the other members of the Widow's Nest. Araknis had a smug look on his face. Despite being tired from his hard fought battle with their large friend, Jensen rose to his feet, growling like the wolf he was taught to be. He was ready to engage them all.

Araknis: "You took one of ours, so we just returned the favor. Geist abandoned you and now, Shi No Ryu has been removed from the equation. In this game of "tit for tat", you will come up short. You've been warned. Watch where you tread or you too shall become a victim of the Widow's Nest."

With that, the Widow's Nest made their exit. Todd was snarling like a rabid animal. He wanted nothing more than to slaughter them all, but he couldn't leave his injured friend. Lorelei re-appeared with a quartet of medics in tow. They rushed to SNR's aid while Lorelei noticed her old friend's demeanor and turned to him.

Todd: "It was the spiders..."

Lorelei: "Shou vill get shour chance to hunt, lycan. Zhat I promise shou. But for now, I need shou to vorry about zhe matter at hand."

Todd nodded in agreement and turned back to SNR, assisting the medics in caring for his masked friend.

The screen went black. When it illuminated, we saw Zane Roebuck.. the same man we saw last week.

"What you're looking at is the Ace of Spades.. the man who is Good Luck in and of itself. The son of a world tag team champion.. a second generation superstar... and soon.. I come to The Hype and I will let the world know that you don't need to believe in miracles.. you just need to have the Good Luck of Zane Roebuck."

Roebuck.. the son of former jOlt World Tag Team Champion, Adam Roebuck of The House, grinned as the jOltvision fades to black.

Then the words slowly appeared...


Mike Patterson vs Brian Williams

Match Summary
This was it.. the final showdown.. the end of the war has come... The X Movement was charged with getting rid of all of the remaining Hype Originals to make room for new up and coming talent. The five that banded together to fight this were dubbed The Dying Breed. With the departure of Pietro Geist to the main roster, the Hype Championship was up for grabs. Earlier in the night Shayne Anderson tried to give it away to Mike Patterson, but Brian Williams wanted it a different way... so tonight.. Patterson and Williams.. the two leaders of their respective factions.. will fight one on one where not only will the winner become the NEW Hype Champion... but the losing faction will be set free and disbanded! Anderson didn't want it, but Patterson did. Anderson was nervous and came out before Patterson and Williams as he sat at ringside to watch this.

After everyone made their way to the ring, the bell sounded and the match to determine fate itself had begun. Patterson and Williams locked up in the center of the ring. They tried to power each other into a corner, but neither man budged. They broke it off and circled each other again where it was another lock up, but Patterson used a knee lift and clubbed away at Williams down to a knee. Whip into the corner and a clothesline by Patterson. Williams fell to a seated postion as Patterson went for a running face wash, but Williams pulled himself to the outside and Patterson got his leg caught in the ropes!!

Williams grabbed Patterson's leg and whipped it into the ring post! Patterson hobbled away as Williams slid back in and hit a chop block from behind, putting him down! Williams then applied a cross leg breaker in the middle of the ring and after some struggling, he pulled himself to the ropes and broke the hold. Patterson pulled himself up and Williams hit a leg sweep along the ropes to put him back down. Patterson wisely rolled to the outside, forcing Williams to go high risk with a suicide dive, but Patterson lunged into the air and side swiped Williams with a shoulder block to the side of his head!! A knock out shot!!!!

Williams fell out of the ring lifelessly and hit the floor. Patterson immediately picked him up and hit a belly to belly suplex out on the floor! He wasnt done as he ripped the top half of the ring steps off then rolled back in and out to reset the count. He grabbed Williams and hit another belly to belly, bouncing him off the bottom of the ring steps! Patterson began to smile as he had Williams right where he wanted him. He tossed him back into the ring and went up top, taking aim on Williams. He leapt off with the Big Sioux Splash.. the Frog Splash, but Williams would not be denied as he put his knees up!!

Williams rolled to his side in pain and tried to pull himself back up, but Patterson had recovered and grabbed Williams from behind hitting not one, not two, but THREE German Suplexes in a row! Patterson stood and hunched down in the corner.. he motioned for Williams to get up, but Williams was very slow to do so. Anderson got up out of his chair in anticipation as Williams finally staggered up... Patterson charged...



Williams with a drop toe hold!! Patterson went face first into the canvas! Williams staggered back into the corner and flipped off Mike Patterson to a huge pop from the crowd! He then hunched down, mimicing Patterson! Patterson got to his feet and Williams tried for the Spear, but Patterson hit a running knee lift and the collision was severe! Patterson could have broken his knee on Williams head, but Williams was out cold in the center of the ring! Patterson tried his best to crawl over, but his knee was in tremendous pain! He made the cover, hooking the leg and got a very long two count!

Patterson got to his feet and tested out his knee. It hurt, but he could walk on it. It was probably a deep bruise at best and Patterson knew he had to now finish this match before it got worse. He grabbed Williams and placed him between his legs for his cradle piledriver.. the Trailorvision... but Williams spun out in a Side Russian Leg Sweep!! Williams then stood and headed to the corner. He climbed up top and leapt off with a Swanton Bomb and he came crashing down on top of Mike Patterson!!! He hooked the leg as Anderson grasped his fiery hair, but Patterson kicked out at two! Anderson nearly had a heart attack, but it wasn't over as Williams pulled Patterson back up. Scoop and a slam put Patterson down and Williams went back to the corner. Another Swanton and it connected!

The crowd chanted "One More Time" and Williams obliged, but Patterson popped to his feet and exploded into the corner, leaping up to the middle rope and nailing a Super Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex!!! Williams bounced damn near 3/4 of the way across the ring, but Patterson held his knee in pain! The burst of adrenaline let him hit the move, but his knee was killing him after the fact! Patteron turned and crawled over into the cover, but he only got two AGAIN!

Patterson made a slashing motion across his neck as he hobbled to his feet. He pulled Williams up and set him up for the Trailervision, but Williams countered with a double leg takedown and then a jackknife pin!!! One... Two... Bridge up by the two of them, but Patterson's knee gave out and Willliams crashed on top of Patterson for another very long two count that almost had the crowd fooled! In fact they even began to chant "bullshit" at the referee! Williams went to get up, but he realized Patterson wasn't letting him go! The two rolled to their stomachs and Patterson stood. He immediately pulled Williams into position and no matter how much he kicked and struggled, Patterson lifted him and nailed the Trailorvision!!!! Anderson grabbed the Hype Championship and ran up onto the ring apron, ready to get into the ring and hand it to Patterson, but Williams kicked out at 2 9/10!!!! The crowd went apeshit as the look on Anderson's face was priceless!

"FINISH HIM OFF!!! DO IT NOW!!!" yelled Anderson.

Patterson stood and grabbed Williams. He set him up for a second Trailorvision, but Williams countered with a back body drop! He then saw Shayne Anderson on the ring apron with the Hype Title. He walked over and grabbed Anderson by the jacket! Patterson charged in from behind and Wiliams side stepped it! Patterson and Anderson collided!!! Patterson stumbled around, holding his head. Williams kicked Patterson in the stomach and hit his version of the cradle piledriver.. The Downfall!! Williams quickly went to the corner and climbed up top! The crowd was on their feet!!

Swanton Bomb (Killer B Bomb) to Mike Patterson!





The place erupted!! Brian Williams... from a man who was barely recognized in the beginning.. to a man who built an army and defied authority.. who fought for himself and others who were facing exile from the place their loved to show up each week and wrestle... a man who fought for the right to come out and entertain fans around the world... stood tall in the center of the ring! The Dying Breed had done it! The X Movement had to disband!

But most importantly... Brian Williams is the fourth.. and NEW jOlt Wrestling Hype Champion!!


Those were the screams of Shayne Anderson who sat on the floor at ringside, staring up into the ring. His vision of The Hype had been shattered in an instant!! The referee grabbed the Hype Championship and slid into the ring with it. He handed it to Brian Williams who held it high right in front of Shayne Anderson!!

Anderson tugged and pulled at his hair in frustration! He was beyond livid! Next week was surely going to be very interesting in camp Anderson.

The Dying Breed won the war.. Brian Williams was Hype Champion... the final image of The Hype showed Williams holding the title up high as Anderson continued to scream "NO!" from ringside Winner: Brian Williams via Killer B Bomb
Match Time: 44:52
Match Rating: ****3/4