"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Welcome everyone to The Hype! As always, we've got another good one for you today!

Jeff Hartman: Who the hell are you, Steve Harvey?

Jack Wallace: I wish.. I want his paycheck.

Jeff Hartman: And the attention of middle-aged women everywhere... on second thought.. I want to be Steve Harvey!

Jack Wallace: While you fantasize about that, we have a great show in store for you tonight and what better way to kick it off than to send it down to the ring for our opening match!

Jeff Hartman: On second thought, I'd have to be friends with Ellen Degeneres and she's down with V.. which is on the other side of the alphabet.. far away from the D. I'll pass.

Michael Donavan vs Nate Quartermaine

Match Summary
Quartermaine and Donavan lock it up in the middle of the ring. The two of them trade holds back and forth with neither man getting the upper hand on the other. Their sequence ends in a stalemate as they back off and circle each other again. Another lock up and Quartermaine works the arm and the wrist of Donavan, trying to cause damage to it. Quartermain flips Donavan down to the canvas where he continued to work on the arm and wrist. The fans begin to rally behind Donavan who gets back to his feet and attempts a comeback, but a axe handle to the shoulder of the injured arm stops that. Quartermaine then locks in a Diablo Armbar and Donavan is on the verge of tapping, but he summons the power to stand and take Quartermaine with him with a massive powerbomb! Donavan just killed his arm completely doing that, but it was out of desperation. Donavan then hit a few shoulder takles from his good side to knock Quartermaine down. He then used a huge boot to the face and went up top. Moonsault from the near seven footer impresses the crowd, but only got two. Nate went back to work on the arm to try and swing the momentum his way, but a headbutt stopped that comeback. Donavan used his good arm to then nail a fallaway chokeslam on Quartermaine. When Nate got back up, Donavan kicked him it the stomach and tried for the Phantom Driver, but Nate flipped Donavan onto his back, but Donavan continued the momentum and pulled Nate over into a sunset flip pin and just barely got the three for the win!

Winner: Michael Donavan via Sunset Flip
Match Time: 11:52
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace: What an opening contest here on The Hype! Michael Donavan showed some heart and determination in that match. I'm surprised Shayne Anderson didn't put him in the championship match.

Jeff Hartman: Why? After the tournament he disappeared and accomplished nothing except for a single win here tonight. He's useless and lazy like you.

Donny Layne was standing by with The Monster Seraph

Donny: Seraph, last week, Magma made his debut and called himself the True Monster of jOlt. We would like to get your thoughts on that because you have been on kind of a losing streak as of late.

Seraph looked at Donny Layne with murderous eyes for bringing up the losing streak. Donny quickly backed off as Seraph ripped the microphone from Donny's hands

"Actions speak louder than words. That's why I'm challenging anyone on the roster to a match. I will be waiting in the ring for whoever accepts this challenge... and whoever does.. may God have mercy on their souls.

Serpah shoved the microphone back into the chest of Donny Layne and walks off camera.

Seraph vs Cross the Hood

Match Summary
Seraph and Machida Hood start out in the match. Right away from the get go, Seraph derails any momentum for Cross the Hood by drilling Machida with a clothesline and then knocking Jackson Cross off the ring apron. Seraph then hit Hood with a series of power moves which made this look like a complete one-sided victory. Then, an eruption of pyro blew on stage and the lights went out. When they came back on, Magma was standing on the ring apron. Seraph stared a hole right through him. Hood rolled to his corner where Cross tagged himself in. Cross then shoved Seraph right into Magma, causing their heads to collide! Cross then rolled Seraph up from behind and Seraph kicked out, but he kicked out a split second too late and Jackson Cross picked up the victory!!

Winner: Cross the Hood via Rollup
Match Time: 5:13
Match Rating: *3/4

Jack Wallace: Seraph was in complete control and the distraction by Magma just cost Seraph a victory here tonight!

Jeff Hartman: What Magma said is true! Seraph is not the true monster of The Hype. If he was, he would have finished business in the ring before confronting Magma. Seraph is weak!

Jack Wallace: I'd like you to say that to Seraph's face

Jeff Hartman: Oh don't worry, I already E-Mailed him my thoughts from your address!

Post Match
Cross the Hood bailed from the ring as Seraph got back up. Magma was on the outside with a grin on his face. Magma motioned to Seraph as if to say "What was that about?" which caused Seraph to dare Magma to come into the ring. Magma simply grinned and backpeddaled away from the ring. Seraph had enough and jumped out of the ring. He chased Magma up the ramp and began to brawl with him. Security had to come out and force the two of them apart. Seraph wanted Magma in the worst way and at this point, who could blame him?


That was the noise that echoed throughout the backstage area. When the camera pinpointed the location of the nose, we saw Alyssa Corliss pinning Raevynn up against a locker and Alyssa didn't look too happy.

"I want to know what your problem is. You jumped me last week on The Hype and you jumped me again last night on Rock the House. I am not letting you go until you tell me just what the hell is wrong with you!"

Raeynn looked into the eyes of Alyssa as tears began to well up in her eyes.

"Do you really love Sebastian?" asked Raevynn.

Alyssa let Raevynn go and let out a deep sigh.

"I can't deny the fact that I fell in love with Sebastian. Funny thing is, he came to me for advice about how to handle you since you were a complete a total bitch to him. It's funny how that turned out. I have to ask, though... why do you even care if I love Sebastian or not? You hate him anyway."

Raevynn looked down at the ground as she held her right arm with her left hand. She then looked away from Alyssa and quietly muttered.

"Not as much as you'd think."

Alyssa looked puzzled as she tried to figure out Raevynn.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Alyssa.

At this point, Raevynn began to quiver, tears flowed from her eyes.. she grabbed Alyssa by the shirt as tight as she could.


Alyssa didn't know how to react to that.


Raevynn shoved Alyssa away as Raevynn ran off. Alyssa had no idea how to react to that as the truth finally came out.

Prince Samir vs "Picture Perfect" Jack Dawn

Match Summary
Dawn and Samir lock it up in the center of the ring and Dawn takes over almost immediately, going to work on Samir with some technical wrestling. After a few bumps, Samir retreats to ringside under the protection of his bodyguard, Kareem. Jack Dawn isn't going to allow Samir to regroup as he flies over the top rope with a plancha and takes them both out. Dawn rolls Samir back into the ring and goes for a pin and only gets two. Dawn then goes back to work on Samir, keeping him grounded. Samir attempts a comeback, but it's short lived as Dawn reaffirms control. After a high impact brain buster, Dawn calls for the end of the match, but Kareem gets up onto the ring apron and distracts Jack Dawn. Dawn then knocks Kareem off the apron, but it allowed Samir enough time to recollect himself. When Dawn turned around, he's met with a superkick under the jaw. Samir then heads up top and hits Karma.. his high hangtime Frog Splash and picks up the victory!

Winner: Prince Samir via Karma
Match Time: 8:19
Match Rating: **1/2

Jack Wallace: Prince Samir practically stole a victory here tonight from Jack Dawn!

Jeff Hartman: Stole? Royalty does not steal.. they demand and command. He commanded that victory in that ring and deserved every bit of it!

Post Match
Jack Dawn grabbed a microphone from ringside as Samir and Kareem celebrated their win on their way to the back.

"Hold it right there.", yelled Jack Dawn. "I'm not going to let you pull the same wool over my eyes like you did to Nate Quartermaine and Latrell Samuel. Your victory is going to be very short lived because next week, right here on The Hype... I'm challenging you to a rematch... and I want that hulking mass of retardation, Kareem banned from ringside. If you truly are as great as you claim to be, you shouldn't have a problem wrestling me again next week.

Jack Dawn dropped the microphone and then stretched out his arms as he mouthed "What will it be?" toward the duo.

Their response?

They merely walked away to the backstage area as the crowd heavily booed them

Jackson Cross and Machida Hood are seen laughing amongest themselves as they wander the halls backstage.

"Man... that's TWO TIMES we put dat foo' Seraph down. Man... I tell ya.. he ain't no monsta. WE ARE THA TRUE MONSTAS" said Hood

Cross gives Hood a high five.

"Oh preach on mah brotha. Dat clown thinks he can make an example outta us. AIN'T NOBODY on this show can touch us!

The two of them then bump into Eli and Ezra Conway. The crowd cheers when they see them. Ezra cracked a grin.

"Did I just hear you say that nobody can touch you? Because if my memory serves me right, we put you two down for a loss just last week, but that's fine.. because I understand in the world that you live think you live in.. delusious of grandeur are an every day occurrance and sometimes you have to be reminded of your place in the pecking order.

Cross and Hood looked each other and then back at the Conways.

"What'chu sayin', man? You sayin' we ain't good enough ta hang with you?" said Hood. "Jus' cause you came from the main roster doesn't mean you betta than us. Last week, bitch you just got LUCKY. How about we settle this next week... and we will show y'all how big 'a punk ass bitches you boys truly are."

Eli looked at Ezra and said.. "Did you understand a damn thing they just said?"

Ezra chuckled. "Don't worry.. I speak the white man's version of street. I think they're butthurt over the fact that we whooped their ass last week and they want another shot at ascerting their male dominance over us.. in other words.. a rematch."

Eli and Ezra got right in the face of Cross the Hood.

"You're on", said Eli.

The two teams stared each other down as the scene faded to black.

Magma vs Sgt. Jack O'Hara

Match Summary:
O'Hara returning to jOlt made his way to the ring first, a war veteran of the Iraqi war, didn't fear the man that was about to erupt through the curtains. The arena turned crimson red and out walked Magma.

O'Hara didn't wait for the fight to come to him, he slip under the ropes and ran at the man mountain walking towards him. Raining punches and kicks to all parts of Magma's body, but nothing was phasing the Reykjavik giant. Magma raised his trunk like arm, and slapped it across the shoulder of O'Hara who went down, holding his shoulder. Magma then lifted the War Veteran up and with no disregard throws him through the ring ropes into the ring. Once in the ring Magma picks up O’Hara with ease, and hits the Volcanism.

Winner : Magma via Volcanism
Match Length : 3:15
Match Rating : *1/2

Jack Wallage: "Magma is showing he is force not mess with here in Hype, and showing no respect for a War Veteran in Jack O'Hara"

Jeff Hartman: "O'Hara, should stick to what he was good at and that was fighting in Iraq, however the power of Magma is something"

Shayne Anderson made his way out from the backstage area with Desiree by his side. Anderson and Desiree stepped into the ring as Anderson grabbed a microphone from out of his back pocket. He brought it up to his lips as the crowd waited and listened to what he had to say.

"Last week, I was on the phone with someone that I wanted to bring here to The Hype as a special treat to all of you. However, due to some circumstances last week, that person is still coming, but plans have changed a little bit.

Shayne turned toward Desiree.

"Last week, you showed me something Desiree. You showed me a will.. a determination.. and most importantly, a heart. A lot of the people who come out here and perform and entertain do so because they looked up to someone in the business and it was their passion to follow in their footsteps. Youd admiration of the Starlet Champion, Aria Murphy, is another shining example of that.

Shayne paused for a moment.

"When you confessed to me that you weren't even properly trained to wrestle and then explained to me your dream, I happened to realize a coincidence between tonight's special guest and your dilemma. He was going to have a match here tonight in our main event, but instead, he has agreed to stick around longer than just one match. He's agreed to stick around as your personal trainer.

Desiree's eyes lit up with excitement.

"Before I bring him out.. I have to ask you again if this is what you want. Do know that becoming a professional wrestler is probably one of, if not THE hardest thing you will ever do in your life. It means sacrificing your friends... your own family.. your own health, mind, and body for the business. The pain.. the injuries, traveling the world 300 days a year with little rest. This is the world we live in because this is the world we love. With that in mind... are you ready to accept this life?"

Desiree leaned into the microphone.

"I am... I am READY!"

Shayne Anderson smiled.

"Very well then. May I present to you... the man who is responsible for training our Starlet Champion, Aria Murphy and the man who will be responsible for training you... former fWo Cruiserweight Champion.... XIN XIN XIONG!

The crowd erupted as Xin Xin Xiong, also known as X3 for short, stepped out from the backstage area. The arena was thunderous as X3 walked down to the ring. X3 climbed in and embraced Desiree in a hug and then shook the hand of Shayne Anderson.

The crowd roared and began a "Welcome Back" chant. Xin acknowledged the crowd and took the microphone. The crowd began cheering even more, not letting X3 speak. Finally, after several moments, they quieted down.

"It's true that Shayne invited me here for a match tonight, but then he told me your story. I watched last week's episode and I saw in you what I saw in Aria when I first met her. I trained her and now look at her... she's a legend in her own right.. a pioneer for women's wrestlers everywhere.

The crowd even breaks out in an "AR-I-A" chant.

"The fact that you want to follow in her footsteps is admirable. That is why I decided that I'm going to train you, just like I trained Aria to help make your dream come true."

With that, Desiree hugged X3 as she could be heard, saying "Thank You" over and over again.

"When I'm done with you.. I guarantee that you will have the ability to become the new Starlet Champion.. and perhaps even lead a new generation of women, much like Aria has done!"

The crowd cheered even more as Desiree was truly moved.

"However, it will be a long and tough road ahead.. a road that will start next week. So go home.. get some rest and meet me back here next Tuesday because you are going to need every ounce of rest you can get.

X3 then handed the mic back to Shanyne Anderson and then exited the ring with Desiree. They all eventually left the ring as the crowd continued to cheer.

Gabriel Gold vs Brian Williams

Match Summary
Williams wanted this match and Gold accepted. The two of them locked up and right away, Gold began to pound away at the back of Williams. He sent Williams to the ropes, but Williams blocked it by holding on instead of rebounding. Gold charged in and Williams sent him up and over to the outside. Williams then launched himself over the ropes and took Gold out with him. The two of them then brawled up the entrance ramp and onto the stage where Gold reasserted control by ramming Williams into the stage set. Gold then taunted Williams before he teased powerbombing him off the stage. When he had Williams in position, Williams reversed the powerbomb and sent Gold off the side of the stage and through one of the equipment tables down below!!

Gold played to the crowd before he pulled Williams out of the rubble and brought him back down to ringside. However, Williams had enough time to recover as he send Gold into the ring post. Williams and Gold then brawled around ringside until they got over to the announcer position where Jack Wallace and Jeff Hartman were sitting. Williams bounced Gold's head off of the table and then set him up on it. Williams, however, crashed through the table after missing a top rope splash when Gold moved out of the way! Gold eventually got Williams back into the ring and then used a back kick to the face to knock Wiliams out cold! Gold then made a cover and picked up the victory, much to the disdain of the crowd!

Jack Wallace: This match went all over the arena! In the end, Gabriel Gold... love him or hate him, backed up his claim and defeated Brian Williams!

Jeff Hartman: That's the Gold standard for sure!

Jack Wallace: That's the best you can come up with?

Jeff Hartman: No, but my generic comment represents how bored I am and how much I want to get the hell out of here.

Winners: Gabriel Gold via Kick to the Face
Match Length: 19:38
Match Rating: ****

Jon Le Bon is seen entering Shayne Anderson's office. He quickly walked up to the desk and sat down.

"Level with me.. you're reserving me for something big, right?"

Shayne sat there and as usual, looked confused by Le Bon's words.

"What do you mean?" said Anderson.

"Well... I wasn't booked on iNtense and I'm not booked here tonight. That means that you're saving a talent like myself for something incredible, right? OOOH! I'm going to wrestle Sylo for the Underground Championship, right!?

"Uh.. no" said Shayne.

"Then it means I'll be wrestling for the jOlt Championship against Derecho, right!?"

"Wrong again" said Shayne.

"Are you implying that I'll be wrestling Aran Thompson for the Relentless Championship!? BRILLIANT! Then I can win it, cash it in, and become a main champion that way! I LOVE your style of thinking!"

"Actually, no.. you're not" said Shayne.

Le Bon gasps. "Don't tell me..."

"Starting to realize it now, eh?" said Shayne.

"Yeah.. I see what's going on here" said Le Bon. "You're keeping this as a surprise. You want to surprise me by telling me that I am going to be the ninth entrant into the Thieves' Honor match and that I'm only worthy of being in the main event of a Pay-Per-View! People deserve to pay money to see me, right!?"

"What!? Wh.. NO! That's not it. You're simply not..." Shayne said before he was cut off.

"Oh this is truly an honor! THANK YOU! You won't regret this decision! I feel so good, I think I'll go ask Raevynn out on a second date! Good thing I have an iPhone.. I heard she's afraid of Androids! Gotta run!"

Le Bon runs out of the office as Shayne Anderson just sits there, stunned.

Jeff Hartman: I swear to God... Jon Le Bon is my new hero.

Jack Wallace: While you sit there and gush, we'd like to take this time to remind you that next week here on The Hype, it's going to be the match to end all matches... Sebastian Saje will take on Jeremy Ryan in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match with Underground Rules. The vacant Hype Championship will be on the line in that match. We will now leave you this week with a special look at how this match came about.

A video package opens with some light somber music playing in the background. The first scene we see is Sebastian Saje walking up to Raevynn from the very first edition of The Hype

"Hey, I'm Sebastian Saje. I didn't see you at the training camp and thought I would introduce myself!"

It then showed Raevynn storming off as it switches to the second edition of The Hype after Raevynn finished her match.

Saje stepped into the ring and approached Raevynn.

"Raevynn.. I'm sorry. I thought we got off on the wrong foot last week so I came out here to try and encourage you in your match. I see that all I ended up being was a distraction and it cost you. I hope you can forgive me."

Raevynn grabbed the microphone right out of Saje's hands.

"Look... you never knew me before coming here and I want that to continue that way. Don't treat me as a person who exists. Pretend I don't exist and we'll both be happy!"

Raevynn then threw the microphone at Saje.

The video then switched to later in that evening

Sebastian Saje is seen walking to the locker room when he came across Jeremy Ryan.

"Hey! I don't know what you're trying to do with Raevynn, but you need to stay away from my girl!"

Saje looked at Ryan with a puzzled look on his face.

"What are you talking about?", asked Saje.

Ryan stepped up to Saje and got in his face

"I'm talking about Alyssa Corliss. I saw the video. You walked to the ring and she winked at you. The same way she winks at me. You must have said something to her, didn't you?"

The video then transitioned to the third episode of The Hype

Raevynn stood there and crossed her arms.

"Are you done?"

Sebastian just looked at her and shook his head in disgust.

"Yeah... I'm done. Forget I said anything. You want to be dead to the world? Fine. Be dead to the world. At least I made an attempt to apologize, but I see you're so stubborn and absorbed within yourself that you don't even care to hear it. Fine. You have your wish. I tried to be a nice guy, you're officially dead to me."

As the somber music continues we then see a secene from later on in that broadcast.

Sebastian Saje is in the locker room tying his boots when Alyssa Corliss knocked on the door.

"Girl troubles?" asked Alyssa.

Saje stood up and responded.

"Hey. Yeah.. but do you think it's a good idea to be in here? I mean, just for wishing me good luck and winking at me two weeks ago, it seems your boyfriend is a bit ticked off with me."

The video then cut to another scene where Sebastian and Ryan had a face to face meeting

Sebastian Saje is about to walk out of his dressing room when Jeremy Ryan barges his way in.

"So.. that warning I gave you last week fell on deaf ears, eh? Now I see MY GIRL coming out of YOUR LOCKER ROOM. Care to explain that?"

Saje stood up and came face to face with Ryan.

"She came in here to talk to me about Raevynn. Nothing more."

Ryan grinned.

"You think you're cute, eh pretty boy? What did she say about Raevynn then? That to forget her and get with her?" proclaimed Ryan

Saje looked at Ryan as if he were pathetic and shook his head.

"Yeah.. that's exactly what she said you paranoid son of a bitch... Either that or maybe she just came in here to give me advice. People like you are fucking pathetic"

The video then paused for a moment as the somber music faded and then turned agressive. A cymbol clashed as it showed Jeremy Ryan pounding away on Sebastian Saje! As more scenes from their epic brawls over the past few months, voiceovers echoed throughout the scenes of carnage

Jeremy Ryan: Sebastian Saje... Sebastian Saje.. ALL I HEAR ABOUT IS SEBASTIAN SAJE! I am SICK and TIRED of listening to people talk about Sebastian Saje!

Alyssa Corliss: I can't trust you anymore, Jeremy. It's OVER!

Jeremy Ryan: no it's not. It's not over until I tell you it's over

With those words, we switch to scenes of Jeremy Ryan leaving Sebastian Saje broken and bloodied in the ring from their clashes on The Hype. As we see those scene, more voices echo over the video.

Sebastian Saje: Alyssa, If I had never said anything to you... none of this would have happened

Alyssa Corliss: was no way of knowing it would have come to this. The fact that it has means two things.

The scene paused to a staredown between Ryan and Saje backstage

Alyssa Corliss: The first is that we can't change what happened and we have to accept it

Scenes rapidly flash by from the hype championship tournament and then two weeks ago on The Hype when they had to be pulled apart yet again.

Alyssa Corliss: and the second is what we can't change is how all of this will end.

Shayne Anderson: I am going to settle this issue once and for all between. The Hype Championshup will be contested in the match to end all matches.

Jack Wallace: This will truly be the match to end all matches!

Shayne Anderson: 60 Minute Iron Man Match

Jack Wallace: The match to end all matches!

Shayne Anderson: Underground Rules

The final scene is Sebastian Saje and Jeremy Ryan face to face, staring a hole into each other. The words that Jack Wallace just spoke echoed as the video faded to black.

Jack Wallace: Next week here on The Hype, it's going to be the match to end all matches!

With that, The Hype went off the air