"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen… welcome one and all to another edition of The Hype. Tonight we start the tournament to crown the first ever Hype Champion! I’m Jack Wallace and the man who is sitting here to my left is more than likely going to introduce himself with doom and gloom… Jeff Hartman

Jeff Hartman: Well of course I will! Do you know how many people are on this roster? If we’re holding a tournament.. I’m going to be here all goddamn night and I don’t even get overtime!

Jack Wallace: Actually, Damien Lee has something to say about that.. but before we get to Damien.. let’s take a look at what went down last week right here on The Hype!

Jeff Hartman: Greaaaat.. more recaps.. or in this case.. reCRAPS.

Last week
Damien Lee opened the show and made two major announcements! The first is that an authority figure would be placed in charge of The Hype for the normal day to day operations! The second is that there will be a tournament to crown the first ever Hype Champion!

In the first match, Nate Quartermaine faced off against Prince Samir inside of a Steel Cage! When Kareem interfered and got inside the cage, none other than Latrell Samuel made the save! Up next, Raevynn took on Alyssa Corliss, but Raevynn snapped and got herself disqualified. Sebastian Saje made the save and issued an open challenge to Jeremy Ryan after kicking Raevynn to the curb!

Up next, The Widow’s Nest took on Cross the Hood, Sayber, and Michael Donavan. During the match, The Nest did a fantastic job of keeping Sayber grounded and isolated from his corner. This caused Cross the Hood to abandon the match and their teammates! The Nest picked up the win as a result. Then, main roster member Harbinger made an appearance to see if Serpah accepted his challenge to him. It was apparent he did and the match was downright what you would expect from two powerful individuals. Seraph’s inexperience got the better of him as Harbinger walked away with a win!

Finally, in the main event, Sebastian Saje took on Jeremy Ryan in an Underground Rules match. Ryan lost his mind and almost put a permanent end to Sebastian Saje. Alyssa Corliss came out and hit Ryan over the back of the head with a baseball bat and allowed Saje to pick up the victory!

And that brings us to this week!

Much like last week, Damien Lee made his way out from the backstage area with a microphone in hand. When he stepped into the ring he waited for the applause and cheers to die down.

“Tonight.. we begin a journey to crown the first ever jOlt Hype Champion.. I promised a tournament, but I never said what kind of tournament it would be. I wanted to leave at least some surprise for this show, afterall!”

The people cheered him on.

“There will be a lottery before each match. Each performer in the back has been given a number. There will be a fatal fourway match in which four participants will be selected via these numbers. Pinfall and Submission are the only ways to win these matches. It is first fall to a finish, no elimination. When the final man is left standing, they will move on to next week for the remainder of the tournament! With that being said.. let’s kick this off! Good luck to all of those involved!”

The screen comes alive as a number randomizes.

The first number picked is 13: Machida Hood!
The second number picked is 9: Muerte!
The third number picked is 20: Sayber!
The fourth number picked is 17: Kareem!

Match 1
Hype Championship Tournament
Machida Hood vs Muerte vs Sayber vs Kareem

Match Summary
Right off the bat, Hood went straight after Muerte and clotheslined him to the outside! Hood followed him to ringside where he pummeled away. The two of them continued to brawl as Sayber and Kareem squared off in the middle of the ring. Sayber used his quickness to outlast the strength and power of Kareem, however, when Sayber attempted a vertical suplex on the big man, Kareem countered and hit a suplex of his own on Sayber. Kareem stood back up and then pulled Sayber to his feet. He grabbed Sayber with both hands around the neck and lifted him for a choke bomb! Kareem nailed it and then went for the cover, but it was broken up by Machida Hood who had disposed of Muerte by tossing him into the front row of the crowd.

Hood, now back in the ring, began to brawl with Kareem. Stiff lefts and right dazed Kareem which allowed him to get clotheslined up and over the top rope to the outside. Sayber took advantage of this and used a quick roll up from behind on Hood to score the three count from out of nowhere! Sayber rolled out of the ring as Machida Hood looked legitimately pissed! Sayber advances!

Jack Wallace: Hood spent all of his time on the outside dealing with Muerte. Then, when he came into the ring he thought that Kareem had put Sayber out and so he let his guard down! That’s what happens when you don’t take into account everything that’s going on in a match!

Jeff Hartman: No… Machida Hood did everything right! He eliminated the greatest threat first! Sayber then stole a victory from behind like a coward! He hides behind a tiger’s mask for good reason!

Winner: Sayber via Roll Up
Match Time: 7:33
Match Rating: ***

Damien Lee is seen in an office where he is on his cell phone. The individual on the other end seems rather perturbed.

“I’m telling you, your doctor hasn’t given you the clearance. That’s why you’re not allowed into the building!”

After a brief pause.

“Yes.. I know you’ve been excluded from the tournament, but it’s for your own health and safety.”

Another brief pause.

“Don’t take up that tone with me, Jeremy. Keep in mind that I still call the shots and I can terminate your contact immediately. My decision is final… if you can’t accept the fact that I’m trying to take care of my talent, then you’re free to go to another promotion.”

Damien Lee hangs up the phone.

“Jeremy Ryan… why do I have a feeling he’s going to be food for Rune Winters one day…”

The crowd in the background get a chuckle out of that as we head to the next match.

The screen comes alive once again as it’s lottery time! A number randomizes.

The first number picked is 1: Seraph!
The second number picked is 18: Nate Quartermaine!
The third number picked is 16: Prince Samir!
The fourth number picked is 11: Araknis!

Match 2
Hype Championship Tournament
Seraph vs Nate Quartermaine vs Prince Samir vs Araknis

Match Summary
As the match starts, Prince Samir made a dash for Quartermaine, but Quartermaine turned his attention to Samir which caused him to stop dead in his tracks. However, the distraction caused Araknis to take advantage and blindside Quartermaine with a spinning roundhouse kick. Samir laughed and turned around right into the grip of Serpah who nailed the Divine Destruction right off the bat! Seraph made the cover, but Araknis hit a running senton onto the back of Seraph to break up the pin. Samir rolled out of the ring as Seraph stood and stared down Araknis. Seraph went for a clothesline, but Araknis ducked!

Araknis then did whatever he could to try and take Seraph down, but no matter what, Seraph wouldn’t budge. Araknis tried a full head of steam, but Seraph damn near took his head off. Quartermaine then snuck up behind Seraph in a display of power, hit a back drop suplex on the 300+ pounder. He made the cover, but Samir pulled Quartermaine out of the ring and hit him with a forearm attack! Quartermaine looked unphased by the attack and Samir backed off. Kareem ran down from the back and then stood in front of Samir to protect him. Quartermaine went right after Kareem and the referee had seen enough.

The referee then ejected Quartermaine, Samir, and Kareem from the match! We’re down to just one on one! Kareem and Quartermaine battled on the outside despite being ejected. Back in the ring Araknis perched himself on the top turnbuckle and leapt off with a flying cross body, but Seraph caught him and nailed a front powerslam. Seraph then grabbed Araknis by the neck and pulled him off the canvas and right into a Divine Destruction! Seraph picked up the three!

Jack Wallace: Thanks to Kareem, both Nate Quartermaine and Prince Samir were disqualified from the match! Last week we we’re supposed to settle these rivalries, but as fate would turn out, they’re continuing here throughout the tournament!

Jeff Hartman: It’s a small sacrifice. Kareem did what he had to do to protect Prince Samir. You can’t just let royalty get harmed. It doesn’t matter. Samir will claim the championship in due time! It’s his right!

Winner: Serpah via Divine Destruction
Match Time: 8:18
Match Rating: ***

Post Match
Quartermaine snapped. He’s tired of dealing with Samir and grabbed a steel chair from ringside. He then used it to lay out Kareem, denting the chair at the same damn time. Samir looked like he just saw his end as he backed off and begged Quartermaine not to hit him. Quartermaine threw the chair at Samir and Samir caught it. It was just a distraction as Quartermaine charged in and speared Samir to the ground!

The crowd went nuts as Quartermaine pounded away on Samir with lefts and rights, pummeling him into submission! Quartermaine didn’t stop his relentless assault until he was satisfied. Samir laid there on the ground unable to move. Quartermaine then stood and spit on Samir as he walked to the back! He may not have won the match, but it was a bittersweet victory for him tonight!

The screen comes alive again for another lottery! A number randomizes.

The first number picked is 12: Jackson Cross!
The second number picked is 10: Wolf-Spider!
The third number picked is 19: Michael Donavan!
The fourth number picked is 6: Faith Hines!

Match 3
Hype Championship Tournament
Jackson Cross vs Wolf-Spider vs Micahel Donavan vs Faith Hines

Match Sumamry
Faith Hines looked a bit out of place in this match, but luckily for her, the other three have a history and seemed focused on each other. Cross and Donavan went right for each other. They began to trade punches when Wolf-Spider ran over both of them with a double clothesline! Not one to show fear, Hines charged in and nailed a running baseball drop kick to the leg of Wolf-Spider! She stood and then nailed an amazing kick to the back of Spider’s skull which put him down!! The crowd came alive as she went for an early cover, but only got two!

Hines stood as did Donavan and Cross. Despite what just happened, Donavan and Cross couldn’t keep their cool. They both ended up brawling with each other once again, trading rights and lefts. Cross built up momentum and eventually took off to the ropes. Donavan countered with a nice spine buster! Meanwhile, Faith stomped away on Spider and pulled him to his feet. She tried to whip him to the ropes, but the 250+ pounder put on the brakes and pulled Hines right into a clothesline! The people heavily booed him as he pulled Hines back up and hoisted her on his shoulder. Donavan pulled Cross up and hooked him for a suplex.

Donavan lifted Cross, but Cross floated over and landed behind with a waist lock. Spider got the idea to use Hines as a battering ram and charged toward Donavan and Cross, but Hines slipped off of Spider’s shoulder. Spider turned around and ate a super kick from Hines. Spider staggered back and got caught with a half nelson suplex from Donavan! Spider rolled out of the ring and Cross then grabbed Donavan as he stood and tried to place him into the Cross Breaker.. the backpack stunner, but Faith Hines hit another super kick to Jackson Cross and he dropped Donavan! Hines then kicked Cross in the stomach and nailed the No Faith in Humanity!! The Butterfly DDT!! She went for the cover, but Spider pulled her out so Donavan made the cover instead and got the three!

Jack Wallace: Dammit! Faith Hines got robbed of a history opportunity by Wolf-Spider!

Jeff Hartman: by Wolf-Spider? Michael Donavan stole that match! He’s nothing but a damn thief!

Winner: Michael Donavan via pinfall
Match Time: 9:12
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jeremy Ryan is seen outside the arena. Once a door opens, Ryan charges in and clocks the security guard! Ryan has snuck into the building!

The screen comes alive again as it’s time for, you guessed it, another lottery! A number randomizes.

The first number picked is 2: Sebastian Saje!
The second number picked is 4: “Picture Perfect” Jack Dawn!
The third number picked is 8: Supaida!
The fourth number picked is 3: Ryan Raysor!

Match 4
Hype Championship Tournament
Sebastian Saje vs Jack Dawn vs Supaida vs Ryan Raysor

Match Summary
Ryan Raysor hung back and watched the action, trying to pick his spot. Meanwhile, Supaida tied it up with Jack Dawn and the two went into a nice lucha style exchange. Saje stayed out of it as well and the crowd gave Dawn and Supaida a round of applause when it came to a stalemate, but that was soon ruined by Raysor when he ran up behind Jack Dawn and hit a side Russian leg sweep on him! Raysor grinned, but got nailed with a clothesline from Saje! Saje yelled out to Raysor about learning respect.

Saje and Dawn bring Raysor up to his feet and hit a flurry of double team moves on him. Once they were satisfied with the damage they caused, Supaida took advantage and hit a double drop kick to both Saje and Dawn that took them both down! Supaida then pulled Saje up and went to work on him hitting a flurry of offense. Meanwhile, Dawn recovered and saw Raysor crawling toward the edge of the ring to escape. Dawn grabbed Raysor and brought him back in and up to his feet. Supaida sent Saje to the ropes as did Dawn did to Raysor! We have ourselves and old school criss cross that ended up with a collision between Saje and Raysor in the form of Saje hitting Raysor with a shoulder block!

Supaida leapt up and nailed a fallaway neck breaker on Saje as Dawn grabbed Supaida and nailed a German Suplex! Dawn then pulled Raysor up and hoisted him onto his shoulders! Dawn nails the Photo Finish.. the sitout fireman’s carry facebuster on Raysor! Supaida then leaps up and nailed a leaping flatliner to Jack Dawn! Saje then leaps up and pulls Supaida’s face into his knees with the Light’s Out! Saje made the cover on Supaida and picked up the win!

Jack Wallace: This is the fourth match of the night and it ended up being the first that was a straight up wrestling contest without any chicanery going on, but my god what a contest it was!

Jeff Hartman: I’d rather the chicanery… it doesn’t put me to sleep.

Winner: Sebastian Saje via Light’s Out
Match Time: 11:05
Match Rating: ****

Jeremy Ryan turned throughout the halls and muttered “Alyssa” as he clearly sought after her locker room. Ryan finally found the locker room which belonged to his ex-girlfriend and then opened the door.

On the other side of the door wasn’t Alyssa Corliss. It was…


With trusty shovel in hand, Winters cracked a grin and grabbed Ryan by the shirt. He yanked Ryan inside of the dressing room and shut the door. The last thing we heard was a loud slam against the closed door. One could only assume…

The screen comes alive as the final lottery will now be drawn!

The first number picked is 5: Raevynn!
The second number picked is 7: Alyssa Corliss!
The third number picked is 14: Dunce Cap!

And the final participant…..

Number 15 : “Sky High” Latrell Samuel!

Match 5
Hype Championship Tournament
Raevynn vs Alyssa Corliss vs Dunce Cap vs Latrell Samuel

Match Summary
It’s very apparent that Raevynn and Alyssa Corliss have some history as they both go right after each other. Dunce Cap then leans on the shoulder of Samuel and wants to make a bet with him as to who is going to win the cat fight. Samuel just shakes his head then smacks Dunce Cap stating he’s out of his damn mind. Dunce Cap yells “I DON’T LIKE TO BE TOUCHED” and punched Samuel in the face. Samuel retorted with a lariat that took Dunce Cap down! Samuel then used his leg to push Dunce Cap out of the ring!

Meanwhile, Alyssa mounted Raevynn and fired away with heavy right hands. She pulled Raevynn back up and sent her into the ropes. Arm drag by Corliss. Raevynn stood and hit an arm drag of her own. When they both stood, Raevynn straight up bitch slapped Corliss across the face and then doubled her over. She hooked her for the Corliss Effect... Alyssa’s finisher, but Alyssa put her leg up to block it. She then tried to reverse it to hit her finisher on Raevynn, but Raevynn also blocked it and twisted out into a short arm clothesline. Raevynn screamed at Corliss and called her a bitch.

Raevynn looked at Samuel as he stood there and watched. Raevynn walked right up to Samuel and warned him not to get involved.. just to continue to stand there and watch. Dunce Cap slid back in and told Raevynn that he had $10 on her. Raevynn then slapped Dunce Cap across the face. Cap then turned and slapped Raevynn! Raevynn then knee’d Dunce Cap in the stomach and spiked him with a DDT! Samuel then pulled Dunce Cap up and tossed him out of the ring. Raevynn then used the distraction to roll up Samuel from behind but the pin got broken up by Corliss!

Corliss then brought Raevynn to her feet and planted her with a spine buster! Samuel stood up at the same time as Alyssa. They both looked at each other but Samuel stepped out of the ring with a smile. Alyssa nodded and pulled Raevynn up. She then hooked her for the Corliss Effect.. the sit out Gordbuster and nailed it! Alyssa picked up the win and moves on!!

Jack Wallace: What a classy move by Latrell Samuel! He could have easily taken advantage, but he knew not to put his hands on a woman!

Jeff Hartman: Well…

Jack Wallace: No Jeff… no.. We all know what you’re going to say…

Winner: Alyssa Corliss via Corliss Effect
Match Time: 6:11
Match Rating: **1/4

Jack Wallace: It looks like we’re down to the Final Five! Next week, not only will we find out who the new authority figure is for The Hype, but we will see either Sayber, Seraph, Michael Donavan, Sebastian Saje, or Alyssa Corliss become the first ever Hype Champion! Good night everyone!