"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to The Hype! Last week was a historic week for us. Not only did The X Movement officiall form to rid The Hype of the last remaining originals, but we crowned a brand new Hype Champion in Pietro Geist! Pietro Geist is the only champion on the entire jOlt roster.. both Hype and Main Roster.. that is completely undefeated!

Jeff Hartman: Wow, Jack. Why don't you suck up to our new champion some more? I'm pretty sure brown nosing someone like him won't save you from a confrontation, though. Geist will take out whoever he wants whenever he wants.

Jack Wallace: What makes you think Pietro Geist is going to come after me? I'm just a commentator.

Jeff Hartman: And a very poor one at that... that's good enough reason for ANYONE to come after you..

Jack Wallace: I'll just be sure to switch our nametags then.. I'm sure that will solve at least one problem around here. Nevertheless, I'm told we are going to kick off this week's episode by sending it backstage with Gabriel Gold and Brian Williams

Brian Williams and Gabriel Gold were backstage. Gold was rubbing his chin as it appears that Williams just made a proposition to him.

Williams: Come on.. you know it makes sense.. and I'm willing to trust you. We've had our differences in the past, but I consider that water under the bridge. Besides.. do you think we can afford to be petty about our ideals when we have a group painting targets on our back?

Gold sighed

Gold: Fine. I am willing to let things be if it means that the two of us can work on eliminating The X Movement.. BUT... even though I'm agreeing to work with you on this.. once we take care of business.. I can't really promise things will stay that way in the end.. do I make myself clear?

Williams: That's fine by me.. but the question is.. they have five people.. we are only two men. I think we should try and get the other last remaining originals on board. I mean, we're going to have to if we want to stand a chance.

"Well, I'll make your jobs easy" said a voice from off screen.

The camera panned over and we see "Picture Perfect" Jack Dawn with a not so picture perfect face. He had a bandage above his right eye which was a bit swollen and bruised. Needless to say, he looked a little worse for wear and with good reason.. he was curb stomped into the floor last week by Crucifix.

Dawn: "You don't need to convince me. As you can see from my face.. I'm more than willing to join up if it means getting my hands on them tonight." Williams extended his hand and Dawn shook it. Gold kind of scowled a bit, but he gave in and looked Dawn in the eyes as he shook his hand, then nodded his head. All of a sudden, Shayne Anderson stepped into view.

Anderson: Well this is enlightening. Three little Hype originals standing around plotting and scheming. Gentlemen.. if you wanted The X Movement.. all you had to do was come to me and ask. In fact. I'll save you the trouble of doing that because tonight.. the three of you will face The X Movement in a six man tag team match.. It'll be the three of you taking on Mike Patterson, Crucifix, and Xtreme. Enjoy.

Anderson sneared and then stepped off camera. Williams, Dawn, and Gold nodded and felt that it was a perfect chance to enact some revenge.

Dragon Born vs India's Import

Match Summary
This was a rematch from last week's Hype. India's Import scored, what many felt to be, an upset victory, despite facing a rookie team. This week, Dragon Born got an opportunity to get a win back against the team that dealt them their first loss here in jOlt

The match began with Samir and Trot. The two of them started off with a fast paced counter for counter style that ended up in a standoff that got some applause from the crowd. After the second lock up, Samir hit an arm wringer then rapid kicks to the mid-section while holding the arm. He then tagged in Ryan Raysor. Raysor went up top and used and axe handle sledge to break the grip of Samir on Trot's arm. Raysor backed into the ropes and hit a chop block putting Trot on his back. A pair of elbows and a running leg drop later, Raysor picked only two.

Tag back to Samir. Samir went up top and waited for Trot to stand. Samir went for a flying cross body, but Trot hit a drop kick in mid-air, taking Samir out! Tag to Panic! Panic came in and hit a pair of deep Japanese Arm Drags and then a Spinning Heel Kick that sent Samir to the outside. Panic then hit a corkscrew vaulting body press, taking out Samir. Raysor came into the ring and hit a Shooting Star Press over the top rope to the outside, taking out Panic! Trot went up top and hit a Sky Twister Moonsault onto Raysor! Trot then threw Samir into the ring and helped Panic back in.. shades of what India's Import did last week! Panic covered and got two.

Panic sat up Samir and went to the ropes. He hit a running front kick and got another two count. Tag back to Trot. Trot went up top as Samir staggered to his feet. Trot then wowed the crowd with a Dragoncanrana, but he got only two!!! A "This is awesome" chant started as Trot pulled Samir back up and tagged Panic back in. Trot brought Samir to the middle of the ring and kicked him in the chest.. then the two of them hit Total Elimination on Samir!! Raysor went up top as Panic covered.. but Raysor hit the Flip Switch on Panic to break up the count at two!!

Trot came back in and clotheslined Raysor up and over to the floor. Trot grabbed the top rope and vaulted over, but Raysor side stepped and kicked him in the chest on the way down. Trot fell to his knees and Raysor Super Kicked him in the face! Back in the ring, Panic brought Samir to his feet, but Samir countered with a jaw breaker then the Respect Royalty.. a hard slap. He then followed that up with a standing tornado DDT! Samir went to the corner and looked ready to deliver Karma.. his patented Frog Splash, but something caught his eye!

Mad Morgan and Shovel!!

They came out and Raysor tried to stop them, but they both jumped Raysor and beat him down to the floor. Samir tried to launch himself off, but Shovel caught him in mid air and powerslammed him on top of Raysor! The referee called for the bell!

Morgan and Shovel each grabbed a half of the steel ring steps. Samir staggered to his feet and then was sanwhiched between the steps. He fell in a heap. Shovel then slammed the steps down on top of Raysor and made sure he stayed down. The X Movement continued to take out the originals here tonight!

Winner: India's Import via Disqualification
Match Time: 22:18
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace: This was a hard-fought contest.. you hate to see it ruined by The X Movement, but alas, they interfered now Prince Samir and Ryan Raysor paid a price and for what? Because they were here first? Just what is Shayne Anderson thinking?

Jeff Hartman: Remember what I said? Watch yourself or Pietro Geist will find his way over here.

We are taken into the starlet locker room with Alyssa Corliss. We was going through some old photos of her and Sebastian Saje. Alyssa looks at each photo with disgust. All of a sudden, Faith Hines enters the room.

Faith: Hey.. I just came to check in on you. How are you holding up?

Alyssa: Well.. you know.. the pain was there at first.. but the more I think about it, the better I feel for letting him go. I did something that really opened some eyes.. I beat the jOlt Startlet Champion Sarah Winterton on live national television. I even have a rematch this upcoming Sunday on iNtense where I could win the championship. Sebastian Saje doesn't even care, but you know what? I don't care that he doesn't. I'm doing this for me and me alone and it feels good to know that I can stand on my own two feet without him.

Faith smiled and patted Alyssa on the back.

Faith: I'm happy for you. I heard that you're also moving up to the main roster permanently soon. You know, I'm going to miss you around here.

Alyssa: Thanks, but there's no reason as to why you shouldn't move up either. You have what it takes. Just keep at it.. your time will come soon.

Faith nodded and stood.

Faith: I'm going to grab some of the catering. If you need anything.. just let me know.

Faith got up and exited the room. Alyssa found another photo of her and Saje together. It was the first photo they ever took of themselves as a couple. Alyssa looked at it for a moment and then crushed the photo in the palm of her hand.

Alyssa: To hell with Sebastian Saje.

Alyssa threw the photo as hard as she could at the floor. The scene faded to black.

Vogue Gonsalvez vs Callie Scott

Match Summary
This was a rematch from last week. Vogue looked more focused and stopped Callie from locking up with a toe kick. Vogue then hit alternating knee strikes, driving Callie back into the corner. She whipped Callie, but it was reversed and Vogue hit the corner then made Callie hit a back elbow. Vogue with a middle rope drop kick for two. Vogue then placed Callie in a rear chin lock. After a few moments, Callie battle back and hit a flurry of forearm strikes followed by a discus lariat. A pair of clotheslines later and Calle measured up Vogue for a running knee lift, but Vogue drop kicked Calle in the face and got two.

Vogue threw Callie to the outside and gave chase. They battled around ringside and ended up near the announce table. Vogue dropped Callie chest first acoss the table before throwing her back into the ring where Vogue got another two. Vogue scoop slammed Callie and went up top for the En Vogue, but nobody was home! Callie waited for Vogue to stand and then kicked her in the back of legs, causing her to fall to her knees. Callie went for the Sliding D, but Vogue stood and nailed a massive Lariat. Vogue went up top and tried for En Vogue.. the Sky Twister Moonsault.. a second time and connected, picking up an upset and the three!!

Winner: Vogue Gonsalvez via En Vogue
Match Time: 7:01
Match Rating: **1/2

Jack Wallace: Vogue Gonsalvez was incredibly focused! Maybe she's starting to realize that being cocky was costing her matches.

Jeff Hartman: She just backed up all of her cockiness.. she's earned it. Besides.. I can be a little cocky when it comes to women... actually scratch that.. I can be HUGELY cocky when it comes to women if ya know what I mean.

Jack Wallace: I do know what you mean and it doesn't make any of it better.

After the Match
Vogue grabbed the house microphone.

Vogue: Look at ya. Ya think jus 'cause you some fightin' bitch that you can swag on me? Hell nah. I put yo bitch ass in yo place tonight and if ya think you all that in front of me again, I'm gonna put you six feet unda. Believe that and make no mistake. I'M THE BETTER STARLET. Always have been an' I always will be. I been here a hella lot longa than you and I'll be damn if I let some punk ass green as shit bitch come in and take my spot.

Vogue dropped the microphone and then headed out of the ring to the back.

In the back, we see Terry Massimo and Cori Albright talking about their match last week.

Massimo: Hey man... you really took it to me last week. It's a shame we didn't get to settle it, but I haven't competed that hard since college. It brought me back and reminded me what competition was all about.

Albright: Same here. I think since the two of us have sports backgrounds, that a good match like that would have that effect on us. In fact.. I enjoyed it so much.. I think we should have another match tonight because honestly.. I know I can beat you.

Massimo: Oh you do? Well.. I was just thinking the same thing.. that if I had another shot at you, then I would have no problems defeating you

Albright: So you accept then?

Massimo: Of course.. just name the time and place.

Albright; How about we go out there right now.

Massimo: Works for me.. let's do this.

Albright and Massimo exited the scene and headed toward the gorilla position. After The Hype comes back from commercial, it will be Albright vs Massimo II!

Cori Albright vs Terry Massimo

Match Summary
The match started off like last week. The two of them were in a feeling out process as they circled each other, trying to discover each other's weakness.. then Massimo asked for something we haven't seen in a while... he asked for a Test of Strength!! Albright accepted, but Massimo put on the pressure and brought Albright to his knees. Massimo was using that big frame of his to his advantage, but Albright was showing some power by getting back to his feet!!

Albright kicked away Massmio's right arm and then twisted his left. He got under Massimo and shocked the crowd hitting a back drop suplex on the 350+ lber!! Albright got up and let out a bestial roar as he took off to the ropes. He hit an elbow drop and got a fleeting one count. Massimo was brought to a seated position as Albright tried to wear him down with a sleeper, but Massimo quickly got back up and this time he hit the back drop suplex, but he tried to follow it up with All the Way... the running splash, but Albright moved as he saw it coming!

Albright went for GOOOOAAAALLLL.. the super kick to a kneeling opponent, but Massimo caught the leg! Massimo brought Albright up, looking for the capture suplex, but Albright had it scounted and twisted, hitting a reverse back kick, catching Massimo under the jaw. Massimo staggered back as Albright hit a running cross body that took the two of them to the outside! They stood and traded punches until Albright hit a knee lift. He tried to toss Massimo back in, but Massimo tossed him back in instead, but Massimo ate a hot shot across the top rope when he got back on the ring apron.

Albright with a dive, but Massimo caught him and rammed him back first into the ring post. He then tossed Albright back in and follwed for a two count. Massimo pulled Albright to his feet and scooped slammed him and headed to the corner!!! The 350+lber climbed up top and took aim for a Super All the Way, but Albright moved! Albight then hit a senton across Massimo's lower back, stood, and twisted with a 180 degree pivoting knee drop into the lower back. He rolled Massimo over, but only got two.

Albright wanted to suplex Massimo, but Massimo blocked it and tried to suplex Albright, but Albright floated over and landed behind Massimo. German attempt, but Massimo hit a back elbow and went behind. German attempt by Massimo, but Albright hooked his legs under Massimo's arms and front rolled into a pin for two. Both stood up and nailed running lariats on each other. The referee got to the count of eight before they both stood... Massimo first, then Albright at the count of nine.

They traded punches with Massimo getting the upper hand. He backed into the ropes, but Albright hit a thrust kick to the stomach, a leg sweep and then shuffled back as Massimo got on all fours. Albright then lunged in with GOOOAAALLL and it connected, but Massimo kicked out!!!! Albright couldn't believe it. He pulled Massimo up, but Massimo nailed a standing spine buster, hit the ropes and nailed All the Way, but he only got two as well!!

Massimo pulled Albright up and scoop slammed him to the canvas. Massimo went up top, but Albright recovered and showed his power by hitting a top rope biel on Massimo! Massimo hit on his back and turned over to get up.. Albright lunged in...



William Bell: Ladies and Gentlemen.. the 30 minute time limit for this match has expired.. the result is a Draw.

The people booed as for the second week in a row, neither man could beat each other. Massimo staggered to his feet and realized what happened. He extended his hand to Albright who looked pissed. He had the match won, but it was stopped due to the timer. Albright was too angry to think about shaking Massimo's hand and just stormed off to boos from the crowd, leaving Massimo wondering what the hell his problem was.

Winner: Time Limit Draw
Match Time: 30:00
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: Another incredible match between these two, but Cori Albright looked a bit upset. I wonder what's going through his mind?

Jeff Hartman: Come on.. Ray Charles could see what's going on in Cori's mind. He had the match won and he got screwed over by a stupid time limit. Of course he's pissed.. why wouldn't he be? Come on Jack.. you're a broadcast journalist.. act like it!

The video opens as we see two new members of The Hype roster. Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome

Tripp: You think you know what it takes to be us? You all have zero clues to the puzzle, man.

Bloome: To be us, you need to only care about us. If you care about others, you'll never win. Thankfully, we don't care about who stands on the opposite side of the ring from us.. the end result will always be the same.

Tripp: Pssh.. competition? There ain't none, man.. and there ain't ever gonna be none.. why?

Tripp laughs


Bloome simply just nods with a hardened expression on his face while Tripp Wise is grinning from ear to ear.

Tripp: And that, my friends... is why we're just..BADASS

The screen fades to "BADASS.. Debuts NEXT WEEK on The Hype"

The X Movement vs Jack Dawn, Gabriel Gold, Brian Williams

Match Summary The match started off with Crucifix and Jack Dawn in the ring. As soon as Dawn saw Crucifix start, he knew he had to be in that ring as he couldn't forget what happened. They locked up and Crucifix went right to work on Dawn's face, hammering away with forearm shots to the bandaged and bruised eye. Dawn tried to cover up, but Crucifix hit a toe kick then a snap suplex. he tagged in Mike Patterson who came in and stomped on Dawn before bringing him back to his feet. Pattereson hooked Dawn and nailed a capture suplex. Dawn needed to tag out before it got any worse. He reached for the corner, but Patterson cut him off and brought him back to his feet.

Patterson was in a giving mood though. He threw Dawn into his corner and told him to make the tag to whoever.. Patterson didn't care. Brian Williams made the tag. Williams came up to Patterson nose to nose. Williams shoved Patterson back, but Patterson swung with a clothesline! Williams ducked it and hit a T-Bone Suplex on Patterson, yelling out "how do you like it, now?" at him. Patterson got up and charged in. The two locked up, but Williams hit a knee lift and clubbed Patterson over the back. He forced Patterson back into his corner and tagged in Gabriel Gold. Gold came in and hit a few shoulder thrusts and then a standing drop kick in the corner. Gold tagged in Dawn.

Dawn came in and grabbed Patterson by the head. He hit alternating knee strikes to soften Patterson up before tagging Williams back into the match. Williams gained some distance and flipped off Xtreme and Crucifix which got a huge pop. Williams then hit a running shoulder block that put Patterson into a seated position. Williams backed up again, but Xtreme and Crucifix entered the ring and began beating away on Williams! Dawn and Gold got in the ring and began to help fend off Xtreme and Crucifix.

Mad Morgan and Shovel then came out and The X Movement started getting the upper hand, but then Ryan Raysor and Prince Samir came out to a huge pop!!! They hit the ring and jumped Morgan and Shovel to try and get some revenge!!! Patterson came out of the corner at full speed, though and ended up nailing a Spear on Brian Williams!! Patterson then began to brawl when security came out and separated the two teams once again. The people wanted to see them fight, but it just wasn't going to happen tonight.

Winner: No Contest
Match Time: 7:41
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: It looks like Samir and Raysor have inadvertably joined up with Dawn, Gold, and Williams! Now it's five people on each side! Things have gotten a little more even!

Jeff Hartman: Except for the fact that Brian WIlliams was cut in half by Mike Patterson. so right now it's 4 on 5.. but not like it matters.. just when things were about to bring me out of coma status, the black shirts strike again. Wake me when something good happens.

KUMO vs Jesse Ramey

Match Summary
"Let's go Ramey!"-"KUMOMUSHA!” dueling chants before the bell got things started. We get a handshake much to the crowd's approval. Ramey hooked a side headlock to which KUMO countered into a nice top wristlock. Front handspring by Ramey led him to clamping on one of his own. A forward roll and a kip up allowed KUMO to take Ramey over with an armdrag. Ramey returned fire with one of his own. A side headlock takeover by KUMO and Ramey quickly countered with a side headlock. KUMO used a handspring to escape the hold and narrowly missed a roundhouse to a seated Ramey's temple, as Ramey laid out flat. However, KUMO was prepared for that and he tried for a standing moonsault, which Ramey rolled away from. Stereo front handsprings and the two reached a stalemate. KUMO with a drop toe hold to cut off a tieup and he looked for a headlock, but Ramey reversed to a hammerlock and began torquing the wrist. Ramey put the boots to the arm down on the mat and a la majistral got a quick 2.

That may not sound like much but looked awesome and painful as hell. A tieup led to KUMO against the ropes. Ramey looked for a clean break and got the taste slapped out of his mouth. Ramey chuckled at the disrespect and brushed it off before going back to the arm wringer. He cranked on it but KUMO countered with kicks and hooked his own wristlock. Ramey was forced to bridge to keep from being taken all the way down to the mat with a modified keylock. Ramey amazed the crowd by powering himself upright where he fakes throwing a dropkick after a front handspring, making KUMO duck. So, Ramey smacked KUMO in the mouth with a kick. That started the forearm slugfest and KUMO got the upper hand, so Ramey sent him off to the ropes only to be knocked down with a shoulder block. Ramey tried a leap frog, but KUMO hit him in midair with a Yakuza kick. KUMO with a barrage of roundhouse kicks in the corner. KUMO with an Ultimo Dragon kick combination and a standing moonsault got 2. KUMO with a kick and went to the triangle choke. Ramey rolled him over and bridged out. Ramey went right into an Indian deathlock before getting the fishhook STF. KUMO got the ropes. Ramey tried a sunset flip and KUMO faked a double stomp to counter only to smack him once again.

KUMO went to a chinlock. Ramey got to his feet, but that allowed KUMO to go back to the kicks. Ramey cut him off with a dragon screw leg whip and puts the boots to the leg. Ramey went to the behind the back Dragon Sleeper/Chicken Wing. Ramey rolled him over and ground his forearm into KUMO's face a few times. The referee called for the break, which Ramey had no issue with. Ramey with some European uppercuts. Russian leg sweep and Ramey flowed beautifully into a cross armbreaker to go away from the leg work and back to the arm psychology from the beginning. KUMO tried blocking by stacking him up but Ramey locked it in, forcing KUMO to fight over to the ropes. Ramey stomped the arm a few times and it was time to go to school. Ramey with an over the shoulder armbreaker and transitions into a kimura until KUMO made it to the ropes. Another European uppercut and Ramey hooked in the Mexican Surfboard, bridging it all the way back for a pinning combination for 2.

Ramey showed he wasn't intimiated by the upstart with some blatant smacks in the corner. Ramey with a pair of chops and that woke KUMO up, leading to a battle of chops. KUMO turned up the heat, changing to his roundhouse kicks. Ramey looked to change things up as well and hit the ropes only to miss a spinning heel kick. A shining black rocked Ramey's jaw. Both took a second to get vertical. Ramey missed a haymaker and was dumped on his head with a swank belly to back suplex. KUMO hurried to the ropes and connected with his twisting Asai gamengiri. Ramey flipped out of a brainbuster attempt, but ran into a leg lariat. KUMO with a stiff kick right to Ramey's temple. Ramey stopped KUMO in the corner with a boot and rolled through a sunset flip off the middle rope to hit a Styles Clash for 2.

Ramey tried hooking in the Original Attitude Adjustment but KUMO kicked free. KUMO got a head of steam and Ramey put him down with a superkick. KUMO got the boot up in the corner, connected with the tornado DDT stun gun, and tried slingshotting back in only to get hit with a dropkick. Ramey faked a slingshot to theo outside and landed on the apron. A possible Asai attack was cut off by KUMO snagging Ramey's ankle and pulling down, making him slam face first into the apron. KUMO teased a brainbuster on the apron but Ramey blocked and gave him an overhead head and arm suplex off the apron and to the floor! Ramey was selling the shoulder, as KUMO was down and out. Ramey tossed him into the ring and a cover gets 2.

Ramey hooked in a Crossface Chickenwing and the bodyscissors. KUMO struggled and made it to the ropes. Ramey tried to give a forearm but his shoulder was in too much pain. So, Ramey unleashed a series of left forearms and then, hulked up for the right forearm. Ramey hooked in the Mask of Voorhees made famous by his ex-tag partner. KUMO reached the bottom rope after a long battle. Ramey looked for a dragon suplex. However, KUMO slid under and tried a roll up, yet Ramey countered to his own cover for 2.

KUMO rolled him over for 2 and then, Ramey did the same for another 2. Ramey powered up and planted KUMO with a double underhook DDT, but KUMO blocked out the pain and returned fire with a brainbuster. However, Ramey did the same and delivered a brainbuster of his own. Again, KUMO roared, putting all he had into ignoring the brainbuster and fired back with an amazing twisting brainbuster. They both struggled to their feet, exhausted, and took turns slapping the hell out of one another. KUMO looked to win with a roundhouse, but Ramey ducked it, giving himself an opening to come back with some stiff forearms, ignoring that his arm could be hurt. KUMO put a stop to it and put him down with a bad ass busaiku knee kick. “HYPE” chant from the fans. Ramey again hulked up and a trio of forearms with the bad shoulder. He goes for a roaring elbow, but KUMO crucifixed him for 2 and then, hooks in his own version of the Cattle Mutlation. Ramey struggled out, so KUMO switched to a tiger suplex for 2.

KUMO tried a fisherman buster, but Ramey blocked it. So, KUMO countered Ramey's suplex by twisting into leaping single arm DDT. KUMO up to the top in one fluid motion just to be crotched. Ramey tried the top rope superplex but his shoulder was unable to lift his foe. KUMO looked for a sunset flip off the top and instead, ran all the way to the opposite corner for a buckle bomb followed by tiger feint kick over the top rope to the back of Ramey's head for 2. KUMO exploded with the maximum spider combo and another Busaiku knee kick for 2. KUMO tried for a running knee to the gut, but Ramey with a school boy out of nowhere for 2. KUMO shocked Ramey by escaping the pin by hooking on Hell's Gates! Ramey got the arm up at 2 and somehow reached to the ropes, while the crowd chanted "Please don't tap".

KUMO waited for Ramey to stand only to whiff on a roundhouse. Kick to the gut and Attitude Adjustment by Ramey! Only 2! KUMO's tilt-a-whirl attempt was ended sharply with a sitout powerbomb for a long 2-count. Ramey smacked KUMO with a superkick, but KUMO wouldn't go down. Ramey charged and got struck with a superkick right back. KUMO tried to rush his foe and was taken over with a frankensteiner. KUMO looked to roll through for a pin attempt, just to have Ramey roll back to his feet and lock on the original Attitude Adjustment! KUMO couldn't reach the ropes, so he twisted his body, forcing Ramey to turn the hold over and a small package got 2 for KUMO. Both men were up quickly and Ramey with a boot to the gut, letting him set up KUMO for the Attitude Adjustment. Quick trio of roundhouses to the hurt shoulder. Crossarm neckbreaker, KUMO kept the arms crossed and Kokushibyou! Cover got 1, 2, 3 and it's all over.

Winner: KUMO via Pinfall
Match Time: 28:13
Match Rating: ****1/2

Jack Wallace: This right here, folks, is a prime example of the pure wrestling that The Hype has to offer. Truly a battle between the present and the future of jOlt.

Jeff Hartman: More like an example of how Jesse Ramey is over the hill.

Jack Wallace: Are you kidding me? He just went out there and put on one of the best matches we have seen on The Hype in ages. He is anything but!

Jeff Hartman: KUMO beat him fair and square in the middle of the ring. He didn't even give you a reason to piss and moan by using the red mist. That match was a notice to Ramey that he should hop back in his wheelchair and head to the old folks home. If he is lucky, he'll make it back in time for bingo.

Jack Wallace: Why don't you go in there and challenge him, if he is that old and decrepid?

Jeff Hartman: Uhh... I can't do that. I'm needed here.

Jack Wallace: Now, that is the biggest joke you've said all year.

Things shifted back to the ringside area and the rumbling of the crowd echoed through the arena. People were concerned about their various situations, but their attention was instantly turned to the entrance ramp. "Links 234" took over the airwaves and that meant only one man was making his way to the ring.

The Beast of Berlin...

The German Juggarnaut...

The NEW Hype champion...


The crowd erupted upon seeing him march out to the top of the entrance ramp. However, for the first time in his short Hype career, he was not alone. A blonde spectacled woman in black led him down to the ring, as he held the title above his head with both hands, making sure all in attendance can see it. Once reaching the ring, the title belt was slid into the ring. Geist held the young woman's hand while she walked up the steel steps before leaping up onto the apron. He stopped to look over the crowd, nodding his head as they chanted his name with that fire burning strong in his eyes. Soon enough, the duo positioned themselves in the middle of the ring and the blonde bombshell acquired a microphone.

Woman: Meine Damen und Herren, allow me, Lorelei Albrecht, zhe honor of introducing zhe new Hype champion, Pietro Geist!

The crowd roared once again and the massive German held the title belt high in the air. As their cheers died down, he lowered the title and draped it over the vixen's shoulder.

Lorelei: Now, I could stand in the middle of zhis ring und sing zhe praises of Herr Geist, but I vill not. Zhe title zhat rests upon mein shoulder is enough proof zhat he is zhe very pinnacle of Zhe Hype. Let zhis be a varning to all zhose whom valk zhe halls of Zhe Hype. A new day has dawned. Gone are zhe days of putrid sports entertainment corrupting shour television und computer screens. A varrior of Thule with zhe very blood of angels coursing zhrough his veins now stands atop zhe mountain. Unlike past so-called champions, Geist is not going to hide, cower, or try to avoid defending his title. Nein, he is zhe very personification of zhe word fearless. He relishes zhe chance to do battle vith vorthy opponents. Now, pay close attention, as zhis goes out to one und all, zhose in jOlt und zhose vatching all around zhe vorld. If shou vish to prove shou are truly one of zhe elite in zhe world of professional wrestling, come to Zhe Hype. An open contract vill be vaiting each veek for anyone to do battle vith Herr Geist.

She stood tall in the ring, proud to be the one to inform the world of that fact. Sure, confidence was easy to come by when you have a monster like Geist standing behind you.

Lorelei: Good, bad, rookie, veteran... Prove shour vorth. Fight zhe uberkreiger. Now, onto other matters. Herr Anderson, vhile Geist is very zhankful zhat shou chose to use shour brain und gave zhe rightful man a chance to compete for zhe Hype championship, shour track record has proven zhat shou cannot be trusted. All it takes is for any of us to get on shour bad side und suddenly, zhere is a target painted upon us. Zhere may have been a common goal between both shou und Geist in regards to removing zhis title from zhe vorthless creature zhat held it. However, it vas nothing more zhan a coincidence und a lucky one for shou at that. Shou shall get but one varning. Stay at shour desk und ve vill handle all in zhe ring. Shour title is safe und sound. If shou try to involve shourself in our matters, shou vill come face to face vith shour own mortality. Ve do not deal in zhreats. Zhey are promises.

With that, the gorgeous Lorelei dropped the microphone to the mat. The champion's declaration of intent was clear and heard by all. Bring your best to the Hype and see how you stack up against the German elite.

Pietro Geist (c) vs El Tigre Verde

Match Summary
Tigre tried to close the distance with kicks early. Geist was getting antsy and preparing for the Geist BLITZKRIEG! The pair locked up and Tigre covered up while leaning out between the ropes, knowing Geist would be looking to unload with strikes. Tigre teased trying another tieup, but kicked away at Geist each time he stepped in. Geist grew tired of that and caught his leg before muscling him into the corner. Tigre tried to cover up once again, yet he couldn't stop Geist from battering him with strikes. The referee had to step in and when Geist shifted his attention back to his foe from the referee, Tigre went full throttle with some more kicks to drive Geist into the corner. Geist tried to shrug them off and fire back with punches, but succumbed to more Tigre kicks and forearms in the corner. Crowd was rabid for this simple striking and strategy work. Geist turned the tables quickly, blocking out the kicks while launching Tigre into the corner. Tigre could do nothing, as he let loose with a barrage of elbows, forearms, and punches that left Tigre in a heap on the mat. The referee scurried back in fear, as Geist stared him down while he tried to admonish him. Geist pulled him up by his throat just to rock his head back with a trio of overhand rights. Tigre's knees buckled, sending him right back to his rear on the mat. Geist stands on him in the corner to choke again.

Tigre tried to fight back with kicks, but Geist destroyed him with a European uppercut-roaring elbow combination. A gorilla press slam launched Tigre out into the middle of the ring and Geist followed it up with a massive boot to Tigre's face. The eye hole of his mask actually tore some with that one. Geist pulled Tigre up by the torn eye hole only to immediately plant him with a swank power bomb. Geist wasn't even looking for a pin. He watched on, as Tigre kept trying to get vertical, and knocked him right back down with a right hand each time. The crowd was hot for this. A boot to the jaw sent Tigre out to the floor to which Lorelei demanded that Geist follow him. Tigre tried to fire back. He went to the kicks, mixing in some stiff chops and punches as well. Tigre had Geist dazed. He leapt off the security barrier, looking for a hurricanrana. However, Geist was having none of it, power bombing Tigre across the edge of the apron. He held on and spun around, slamming Tigre into the security barrier. Geist sat him in a chair next to the barrier, but Tigre avoided a charge, causing Geist to slam into the barricade. A combination of strikes capped off with standing sidekick sent Geist into the crowd. Tigre slid back in the ring to break the count and went airborn with a springboard front flip plancha all the way into the second row. Tigre was hyped up and the crowd loved the high-flying move. Tigre crotched him on the barrier and then destroys his knee with a barrage of kicks against it with the grand finale being a huge dropkick off the steel steps. A "Tigre" chant broke out through the arena, though Tigre's eye appeared to be bothering him due to that kick that tore the mask.

Back in, Tigre connected a missile dropkick, but even on one leg, Geist wouldn't go down. With the crowd behind him, Tigre got a head of steam and ran into a huge spear. Geist wasted no time in planting Tigre with a gorilla press into a spinebuster for a 2-count. Tigre went to some smacks in an attempt to come back, but a single stiff right hand put an end to that. Tigre hulked up and tried again, yet it got the same result. Geist looked for charge in the corner and Tigre clipped the knee to take him down. Tigre kicked the bad leg more and hooked in a knee bar. Geist made it to the bottom rope. Tigre stayed on the leg with a pair of elbows and he looked to hyperextend it. A la magistral got 2. Tigre with a pair of hard chops and he tried for a handspring back elbow only to be dumped on his head with a German suplex. Geist with a sitout uranage for 2. Geist up to the middle rope, but Tigre cut him off with a leaping sidekick. A trio of heabutts by Geist and looked for a diving shoulder block. However, Tigre clipped his leg with a shoulder to the kneecap and immediately clamped on a scissored legbar. Geist reached the bottom rope to get the break.

Tigre tried a German suplex. Geist easily broke free though he missed a short arm clothesline. Tigre caught a kick attempt and sent Geist spiralling to the mat with a Mandala Hineri! Tigre held on tightly to the ankle and looked for a Nagata lock. Geist was able to stop that with a kick right to the eye that had been bothering Tigre. Geist connected with another yakuza kick. He set up the Enthauptung, but Tigre avoided it and a hurricanrana got 2. Step up enziguiri! Backspin enziguiri! Another La Magistral got 2 for Tigre. Tigre tried a sunset flip, but Geist pulled him from his back on the mat into a sitout two-handed chokeslam. Geist hyped himself up before he ran off the ropes into a surprising German suplex from Tigre. Bridge got 2. Tigre turned up the heat with strikes of every shape and size. Slaps, chops, punches, kicks, elbows, you name it all connected and the crowd erupted as they watched Tigre take it to Geist. The flurry of strikes lit a fire in Geist and he looked to be blocking out the pain, but his leg buckled. Tigre kicked the leg some more took Geist down with twist into a dropkick. Tigre with a trio of stiff roundhouses to the temple and a solebutt right to the bridge of Geist's nose. A cover still only got 2. Geist reversed a whip only to be locked in a Christo! Crowd wants a tap. Geist managed to get the ropes finally. Tigre looked to be going for high double rotation moonsault, but Geist met him there. The duo trade shots atop the corner. It was even until Geist targeted the injured eye, just blasting away uncontested with right hands. Head and arm superplex! Both men need some time to get to their feet. Tigre went on the attack, yet his strikes were losing some steam. Despite being hit by a group of strikes, it only took one roaring elbow from Geist to put Tigre down. Tigre refused to stay down and began to hulk up. Geist was having none of it. He flat out brutalized him with a vicious barrage of punches to the head and body. Jackhammer still only got 2. Geist removed the elbow pad and Enthauptung connects for the 3 count!

Winner: Pietro Geist retains by pinfall with Enthauptung.
Match Time: 22:13
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: What a showing by El Tigre Verde! However, he just couldn't overcome the brutality of The Hype champion.

Jeff Hartman: It's a good thing he wears that mask. Did you see how many times Geist unloaded on him? His eye is nearly swollen shut! I'd hate to see the glob of mush that was his face under that mask.

Jack Wallace: And he still took Geist to his limit.

Jeff Hartman: His limit? Geist won. You mean he found his own limit. And just like everyone else, his limit was Geist decapitating him with Enthauptung.

Jack Wallace: That is for sure!

It has been quite the past couple of weeks for the young man named KUMO. They say every man has his devil and last week, he defeated his in the form of the former fWo Cruiserweight champion, Xin Xin Xiong. He had trained much of his life for that battle and as he always envisioned it, he came out the victor. No one would have thought that this rookie could have overcome the ability and experience that his opponent possessed. Yet, he did what many called the impossible and had the man's very ryuujin mask as a trophy to prove it.

However, KUMO wasn't done there. Earlier this evening, he did battle with another legend of the cruiserweight ranks, Jesse Ramey. "The Anti-Star" made a rare appearance on The Hype, looking to challenge the upstart who had been making waves. And once again to the surprise of everyone watching in attendance and at home, KUMO snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

In back to back weeks, KUMO had shocked the wrestling world. Yet, as he stood alone in The Hype locker room, he wasn't celebrating. There were no signs of jubilation. KUMO was cold as ice, while resting his head against the door of his locker. He clenched the ryuujin mask tightly in his hand. It was hard for him to break out of the fighting mode that he had been trained to enter before each match. It takes time to quell an inferno, no matter how much water you spray at it. The silence of his locker room helped quite a bit. However, it would only last for a fleeting moment.

Kodora: I am at a loss of words.

KUMO took a deep breath before turning to face his smiling visitor. Kodora raced up to him and threw her arms around him. She looked up to him with bright, wide eyes.

Kodora: Please forgive me for ever doubting your abilities. I never thought that you could be victorious against my sensei and then, defeat Jesse just one week later. You are incredible!

She paid no mind to him removing her arms from around him and the lack of excitement radiating from him, as she knew very well how he was after a match.

Kodora: Let us go celebrate!

KUMO: That will not be necessary.

Kodora: Come on! This is your moment to bask in the spotlight, KUMO. You are doing things that no one else in The Hype has ever done!

Her joy would soon be brought to an abrupt halt.

KUMO: Enough.

Kodora jumped back with the tone of KUMO's voice and his ice cold demeanor.

KUMO: Let us get something very clear. You and I will not be celebrating tonight or any other night. In fact, this will be the very last time we will cross paths.

The young woman's confusing could be seen on her face even through her mask.

Kodora: What do you mean?

KUMO: Your services are no longer needed, Kodora.

Kodora's heart dropped.

KUMO: Go back to your defeated sensei and continue following him down a path full of pain and defeat. I have no further use for you.

Kodora: You can't mean that...

KUMO: I am a ninja. An assassin who will use whatever tools or methods are needed to complete my objective. You were one such tool. I used you to get your sensei's attention. I don't care about you. The day you chose him over me, you became nothing more than a ghost. You're dead to me. The only thing I cared about was getting to battle Xiong and make him suffer for his sins. Despite his best efforts, he met defeat by my hands. The mission is accomplished and it is time to discard what is not needed, namely you.

Tears welled up in Kodora's eyes. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. The only man she held in regard as high as X3 was standing before her, telling her how she was nothing to him.

Kodora: I love you...

Those words bounced off the young man, as ice water flowed through his veins.

KUMO: You should of thought of that back when you chose serving him over me, after I said those very words to you.

Kodora stood there in shock, as KUMO walked past her to the door. He stopped for only a second.

KUMO: Goodbye.

The door closed behind the masked man, leaving Kodora alone physically and emotionally. Tears streaked down her face, as she fell to her knees. She clutched her face in sorrow, sobbing into her hands. Kodora couldn't regain her composure and just as her fans fell to the floor, she let out a horrific and terrifying scream that echoed through the arena. Her eyes no longer were bright. Now, there existed only hate.

The Hype faded to black with this final shot of Kodora