"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to The Hype! Last week things boiled over with Sebastian Saje, but at the end of his inpromptu match with Nate Quartermaine, he was left with another black feather. What is the significance of this?

Jeff Hartman:What is with you asking so many questions again for the second week in a row? You shouldn't concern yourself with matters that don't involve you.

Jack Wallace: I'm a commentator... EVERYTHING involves me.

Jeff Hartman: A Commentator.. keep telling yourself that, Jack.

Jack Wallace: And this is Jeff Hartman, ladies and gentlemen. He's single, enjoys watching voyeur cams, drinking on television, and getting kicked in the balls by women after making lude comments. Now that the introductions are out of the way, let's send it backstage.

We open up backstage as we see Alyssa Corliss arriving to the arena alone. She started to walk down the hallway when she heard a voice call out to her. She stopped and looked to see Shayne Anderson approach her.

Shayne: "Hey Alyssa.. how's it going?" asked Shayne.

Alyssa: "Fine, I guess"

Shayne: "Look, I'll get right to the point. I'm looking for Sebastian. I need to have a discussion with him about his erratic behavior as of late. I'm afraid it's not reflecting well on television and we need to nip this in the bud before it goes any further.

Alyssa: "Well, that's going to be a bit of a problem because Sebastian isn't coming in tonight. He's taking the night off."

Shayne didn't look pleased at that one bit.

Shayne: "That's a shame because now I have another match slot to fill.. so I guess you'll just have to take that empty slot. Your opponent tonight... is Kodora.... good luck"

Shayne walked off with an annoyed look on his face as Alyssa sighed heavily while staring at the ground.

Terry Massimo vs Brian Williams

Match Summary
The match started off with the two of them shaking hands in the ring. Massimo had a video promo last week hyping his debut. The former college football star locked up with Williams and pushed him back into the corner and backed off cleanly. They locked up again, but Williams took Massimo over with a side head lock. He tried to keep him grounded, but Massimo got back to his feet and sent Wiliams to the rope, where he assumed the three point stance and nailed a shoulder tackle to Williams. Williams got back to his feet as Massimo hit a pair of clotheslines and then a nice drop kick that sent Williams to the floor. Massimo was looking good so far as Williams took a moment to regroup.

Williams got back into the ring and they locked up once again. Massimo with the side headlock, but Williams with the shove off and irish whip. Massimo came back with a flying shoulder tackle then hit a pair of elbow drops for two. Massimo pulled Williams back up and sent him to the corner. He charged, but ate an elbow. Twisting cross body from Williams put Massimo down and Williams followed it up with a running senton for two. Williams went to the corner and leapt off with a cross body of his own, but was caught by Massimo in mid-air as he hit a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker for two.

Massimo went for the rear chin lock, but Williams countered with a jaw breaker and then a Pele kick. Williams then hit two vertical suplexes and a third which was a brainbuster. Williams went back to the corner and went for the moonsault, but Massimo put his knees up. Massimo stood and hit a toe kick and then a hard DDT on the canvas. The 354lber stood up and then signaled he was ready to put Williams away. Williams staggered to his feet. Massimo placed him into a Bear Hug and nailed a huge side slam, which he called the First Down. Massimo then got up, ran to the ropes and nailed a huge splash that he called All the Way! He made the cover and got the three!

Winner: Terry Massimo via All the Way
Match Time: 7:11
Match Rating: **1/4

Jack Wallace: A nice debut win for Terry Massimo. He looked very impressive for a big man!

Jeff Hartman: Fresh blood seems stale to me. In fact, anyone out in that ring is just the same old same old..

Jack Wallace: What do you mean?

Jeff Hartman: Sweaty man in stretchy pants doing a bunch of stuff I've seen a 1,000 times before. A big splash? Come on.. it's almost stereotypical of big men these days.

Jack Wallace: Right.. name one thing that's not stereotypical about you.

Jeff Hartman: My name is Jeff.. usually people who act like I do are named Guido.

Desiree and Xin Xin Xiong were backstage. X3 is going over notes and pointers about her match last week against Faith Hines.

X3: "Okay, last week, you had a good showing, but there's still some things we need to work on. So what say you and I.."

Before Xiong could finish that sentence, Faith Hines stepped into view. Xiong looked at Hines and then tossed his pencil over his shoulder.

X3: "Miss Hines. Lovely to see you again."

Faith: "I'm only here to say something to Desiree." said Hines with a tone of instant rejection. "Desiree, I just wanted to come back here and congratulate you. You did a hell of a job last week and I really like what I'm seeing. You've come a long way from your debut, through the tournament.. you've even overcame everything when the pressure got to you. I just wanted to come back here and give you these words of encouragement because if you keep this up, then one day, you will be just like your idol, Aria Murphy.

Desiree was about to thank Hines when..

??: "ugh.. if there's somethin' I hate hearin'.. it's some bitch spoutin' off sentimental crap." Faith and Desiree turn around and see Vogue Gonsalvez standing in the doorway. Vogue cracked a grin and walked into the room with a cocky swagger.

Vogue: Sister.. I've also watched you since day one and I can tell you that whatever this bimbo right here said ain't even close to the truth. The fact is.. you won't amount to ANYTHING. I am the golden starlet on this roster.. NOT you, Faith.. and CERTAINLY not you Desiree.

Desiree "Well.. if I remember correctly.. ever since the Starlet Title Tournament, you haven't been doing very well yourself. You've been on a bit of a losing streak. I don't see anything golden about that.. except for your piss poor performance."

Vogue: "The only reason why I lost that tournament is because you pulled some hocus pocus and junk. If it were one on one with you and me here tonight.. then I'm sure the results would be different."

Desiree: "I think that can be arranged"

Vogue: "ooooo honey honey honey. You just went and made a mistake. See you out there."

Vogue walked away as Desiree shook her head.

Alyssa Corliss vs Kodora

Match Summary
X3 accompanied Kodora down to the ring and watched from ringside. As soon as the bell rang, Kodora charged in toward Alyssa, but Alyssa side stepped and Kodora went into the corner. Alyssa then fired a barrage of knife edge chops, but Kodora only absorbed them and walked out of the corner, intimidating Alyssa, getting her to back off. Kodora grabbed Alyssa and flung her into the corner where she hit a series of knee lifts and forearm smashes before whipping her across the ring to the other side. Kodora charged in, but ate a back elbow and then a drop kick from off the second turnbuckle from Alyssa for two. Alyssa went to the ropes, but Kodora stood and hit a Spear for two.

Kodora went to trap the head, but Alyssa wriggled out of it, stood, and hit knee strikes to the face. She then went for a vertical suplex, but Kodora twisted out, landed behind and hit a dragon suplex for two. Kodora then missed with a shining wizard into a school boy by Alyssa for two. Both stood and Kodora went for a lariat, but Alyssa went for a swinging neckbreaker combo, but Kodora continued the momentum, hit a toe kick and then a Ganso Bomb! Alyssa looked to have hurt her neck on that move as she had trouble standing.

Kodora didn't care. She then super kicked Alyssa in the face and then trapped her head and unleashed a fury of elbows, but she was already out cold and the referee called for the bell.

Winner: Kodora via Knockout!
Match Time: 5:01
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Shayne Anderson sent Alyssa out here knowing something like this would happen. This is disgusting in every sense. What must be going through Sebastian Saje's mind after having to witness something like that?

Jeff Hartman: Who cares? Alyssa didn't have to take the match. If she had any balls, she would have stood up to Shayne Anderson and told him no.

Jack Wallace: If SHE had any balls.... Nevermind.. it's just easier to call you stupid.

Jeff Hartman: Works for me whenever I call you worthless.

Cross the Hood is backstage and they don't look all that happy, but then again.. it's two street thugs from New York.. when DO they look happy?

Cross: "Brotha, I don't know anymore. Week afta week afta week, we bust our asses off.. and then all a sudden.. its like we ain't even welcome anymore. We gettin' screwed left an' right. Boss be on our asses 'bout some stupid crack ass shit.. I'mma 'bout ready to break outta here, brotha. Go find me somethin' else.

Hood: "Look man. I know it gettin' ta us.. but don't you see. THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT. They want in our heads.. they want in our minds.. WE BETTA THAN THAT, man. What we gonna do if we let all them hood niggas back in Brooklyn get in our heads? We woulda failed and have never made it outta there. We here because we know how to get shit done.. we take care of shit when no other nigga can. That's why we are who we are. We gotta keep fightin'. We can't let people like Shayne win.

Just as he said that, Mike Patterson, Xtreme, and Crucifix stepped into the scene. The muscle, Patterson, walked up to Cross the Hood.

Patterson: "That's... noble... however, there's one slight issue. Mr. Anderson is trying to reform The Hype. People are tired of seeing the same old stuff week after week. They're sick of seeing people like you. There needs to be a changing of the guard. That's why Shayne brought us in. We are that new guard and it's time for punks like you.. who had your chance to shine.. to step aside.

Xtreme: "He's right. You guys are tired and worn out. You don't belong in the grand scheme of things anymore. That's why were here.. we are that fresh air that needs to be breathed into The Hype."

Jackson and Machida stood up and stood toe to toe with the trio.

Hood: "Well then.. we gonna go out to that ring later tonight. If you wanna be the new guard.. then I say you gotta take down the old guard. No more runnin'.. no more jumpin... we'll be out there. If you want ta knock us off our spots.. then you can come out and try.. it ain't gonna be easy."

With that, Cross and Hood walked out, glaring at the trio.

Seraph vs Nate Quartermaine

Match Summary The two of them went to lock up, but all of a sudden the lights in the arena went out. When they came back on, there was the mysterious cloaked figure standing in the middle of the ring. The cloaked figure handed Seraph a black feature and then whispered something into his ear. Quartermaine looked ready to fight off whoever the figure was, but the figure casually walked over to Quartermaine and handed him a feather and then whispered something into his ear as well.

Seraph and Quartermaine looked at each other for a moment as the figure exited the ring. Quartermaine nodded at Seraph and the two of them exited and walked to the backstage area with the figure. The match was still going on so the referee had no choice but to count. The crowd clammored amongst themselves as the referee reached ten and called for the bell.

Winner: Double Countout
Match Time: 1:47
Match Rating: n/a

Jack Wallace: First Sebastian Saje.. then Seraph, and now Nate Quartermaine? Just what in the hell is going on with these Black Feathers? Who is that cloaked figure, and why are these people getting selected? Also.. shut up Jeff.. it's my job to ask questions.. much like the ones your parents asked themselves after learning you were conceived.

Jeff Hartman: That hurts, you know... I have feelings..

We are taken backstage with Dawn Cassidy as she's standing by with jOlt's newest prospect, Cori Albright.

Dawn: Cori.. welcome to jOlt Wrestling and welcome to The Hype. I know this is a typical question, but what are your goals here?

Cori: Well, that's a great question because it gives me an opportunity to connect with the fans and let them know what I'm all about. Being a former soccer player for the LA Galaxy, I thrive on hard hitting competition.. the only difference between here and a soccer field is that I don't have to worry about riots and vuvuzelas.

Dawn: What kind of competition do you want to face here on The Hype.

Cori: Anyone.. there's so much great talent here that I would love the opportunity to wrestle anybody on the roster.. as a matter of fact.. next week, I'm issuing an open challenge to the entire locker room. Whoever wants to step up and take me on, I'll be more than honored to accept a match.

Dawn: What about long term goals?

Cori: My goal is the same as anybody's.. to win The Hype championship and earn an opportunity at making onto the main roster so I can thrive even more on bigger stages against some of the legends in the industry.

Dawn: Admirable goals.. thank you for your time.

Cori: And thank you for yours.... as a matter of fact.. if you want to spare some more time, I know a great sushi bar a couple of blocks away.

Dawn: I could go for some sushi.

Cori: Excellent. I'll pick you up after the show.

Albright gave her a wink and walked away as Dawn looked a bit flushed. The stunning good looks of a soccer athelete was going to her head a bit.

KUMO vs Gabriel Gold

Match Summary
Gold with a single leg and floated over, but KUMO reversed and they did some counters ending in a stalemate. Gold on the second try went for a top wristlock and took KUMO down and rolled it over into an arm wringer. KUMO got to his feet and countered to his own. That allowed Gold to handspring out and dropkick KUMO down. KUMO got a side headlock takeover and Gold bridged into a cover. Then, got a headscissors. KUMO finally escaped out and gave Gold a hard smack. Gold tried to torque the shoulder but the ref wanted a break, so Gold smacked KUMO instead. KUMO wanted to get into a strike war and Gold OWNED him with some European uppercuts. Gold sent KUMO off and after a criss cross, got a hip toss and went to the armbar, but KUMO reached the ropes. Gold drove the arm over his shoulder and then, put the boots to it. Cover got 2. Gold torqued the arm some more but KUMO got in the ropes. It's KUMO this time that doesn't give a clean break, as he got in an elbow and a some kicks. KUMO went to a flying headlock, but Gold got to his feet and then to the ropes. Once again, KUMO refused the clean break with more kicks and a snapmare-spine kick combo for 2. KUMO went to a triangle, but Gold rolled him over and forced himself free, immediately hooking an STF. Gold then rolled him back for a Mexican Surfboard and locked it in. Gold made it worse with the Mexican Dragon sleeper. The ref wanted a break, but Gold stayed on it with a fish hook, following it up by driving KUMO's legs into the mat. Gold with another European uppercut and again “broke” the arm over his shoulder a couple times. KUMO tried shaking it off and going for a snap suplex but Gold put the brakes on by locking on a Fujiwara armbar. KUMO got to the ropes and Gold holds on for a long four-count before breaking the hold.

Gold with another armbreaker and a high angle back suplex for 2. Gold hooked in the big time, wicked behind the back Dragon sleeper while also Chicken Winging the arm and then rolling back on it. KUMO made it to the ropes, so Gold went back to the European uppercuts. Gold connected with a pair of headbutts and butterfly suplexed KUMO, transitioning perfectly into a modified armbar. However, KUMO won't give up and got to the ropes. KUMO stopped himself from crashing into the corner from an Irish whip by pushing off the top rope with one foot and doing a front flip. He caught the incoming Gold with a sidekick. He got a head of steam only to run into a back elbow from Gold. Gold with the momentum this time, but ate a koppo kick to the mouth. KUMO sold the arm though and didn't go for a cover. KUMO with a yakuza kick. Gold came flying off the second rope and found nothing but air waiting for him. Rapid fire smacks, a kick to the thigh, and a spinning solebutt sat Gold down, but he was able lay flat to avoid a roundhouse. So, KUMO hit a standing corkscrew moonsault. KUMO with a handspring to his feet instead of going for a pin and Gold tried to stop an Asai moonsault by putting up his knees. However, KUMO landed on his feet and pushed Gold's knees to sit him up and smack him in the mouth with a roundhouse for 2. Gold countered a handspring elbow with a German suplex. Gold went up top and hit a cannon ball like senton for 2. KUMO got a sunset flip, but Gold countered and that led to a series of roll ups and counters. Gold tried for a sunset flip and got the taste slapped out of his mouth. KUMO with a vertical suplex for 2. KUMO went for a mad splash off the top, but Gold got the knees up. KUMO rolled to the apron and Gold looked to suplex him back in. KUMO countered and suplexed him from in the ring down TO THE FLOOR.

KUMO tried a hurricanrana after running on the security barrier, but Gold spiked him with a powerbomb. Gold got in the ring and hit an Asai crossbody, but sells the knee on impact and both are down. Count got to nine before both got back in. Gold headed up top and hit the double foot stomp off the top. Gold is feeling it now and hit a brutal running knee in the corner. Gold put him up top, but KUMO fought him off and gave Gold a tornado DDT stun gun. KUMO tried for a springboard sidekick only to get air. Gold whiffed a lariat, but countered a waistlock with one of his own, before delivering a bridged German suplex for a 2 count. Gold tried to hook in a Crossface Chicken Wing, but KUMO fought him off. KUMO avoided a clothesline and a back elbow before connecting with a asai gamengiri for 2. He hooked in a beast Texas Cloverleaf, but unfortunately didn't have the leg work to go with it as Gold maked it to the ropes. KUMO tried for a dragon suplex and hit his own bridged German suplex for 2 when Gold thrusted his arms down to break the full nelson. KUMO with a series of strikes, but Gold avoided a roundhouse and hit a Regalplex for 2. Gold headed up top only to have KUMO pop up and meet him. Gold dropped under, so he could crotch him on the top and then, deliver a splash mountain bomb from the middle rope. Cover gets 2, but Gold hooks in the GGW! KUMO was able to get his foot on the bottom rope with Gold favoring the leg with a slight limp when up to a vertical base.

KUMO went to the chops and Gold fired back with European uppercuts. KUMO tried yakuza kicks and Gold got the advantages with two straight headbutts. Gold went for the Crossface Chicken Wing again, but KUMO avoided it and looked for a Nagata lock. Gold got a desperation roll up for 2 to counter. They smacked it out again and KUMO won only to run into a knee. Gold planted KUMO with a brainbuster and covered for 2. Gold got the GGW again. KUMO made the ropes, so Gold reapplied it immediately after. KUMO struggled, but escaped once again. KUMO was selling death after being in the move that long. Gold signals that the end is near. KUMO slipped out of a full nelson by falling to the mat while simultaneously kicking Gold in the mouth. He tried to lift Gold for a possible Michinoku driver, but Gold slid out and reapplied the full nelson for the dragon suplex that gets 2. Gold held onto the damaged arm and tried for the GGW again. KUMO counters by staying upright and stomping Gold in the face. They both hit yakuza kicks at the same time and both refuse to go down. Gold ran off to the ropes with KUMO mimicking him. GOld turns around into a huge sick kick. KUMO with another series of strikes and a Busaiku Knee for 2. KUMO tried for a shining wizard in the corner. Gold blocked and got a running Liger bomb for 2. A school boy by Gold got still only 2. They exchange stiff forearms and rolling elbows. Gold ducked KUMO's and looked for a German suplex. A back flip by KUMO saved him from impact and a blast of black mist blinded his opponent. KUMO flat out kicked the high holy hell out of the kneeling Gold with a trio of alternating roundhouses to the head and a spinning back heel kick to the mouth. That put out Gold's lights and a Sky Twister Press finished it for KUMO.

Winner: KUMO by pinfall
Match Time: 25:50
Match Rating: ****3/4

Jeff Hartman: An amazing battle there. KUMO and Gold brought out the good stuff tonight and KUMO just keeps impressing. He couldn't hit Kokushibyou with that hurt arm, so he showed off some of that agility with an amazing Sky Twister press.

Jack Wallace: The kid knows what he is doing out there. He may be young, but he has been trained well. I'm shocked you aren't sitting here complaining about him using the mist again.

Jeff Hartman: Well, it is still a shady tactic.

Jack Wallace: I had to open my mouth...

Shayne Anderson was sitting peacefully in his office. His office was often a busy place due to the coming and going of various Hype competitors. However, he finally found a moment of peace and quiet. Just in the nick of time too, as he had a stack of paperwork sitting upon his desk that needed his attention. He had just pulled the top sheet of paper from the pile to the center of his desk when two heavy footsteps could be heard. He couldn't help but sigh.

Anderson: I knew I should've shut and locked that door.

He grumbled to himself and looked up from his desk. As his eyes scanned higher, he saw the face of his visitor and jumped back in a mixture of shock and fear. His guest was not someone that normally came to him.

Anderson: Can I help you?

Standing before him was a man that the Hype fans were coming to know very well, the German Juggarnaut... Pietro Geist. The living breathing personification of the word Aryan looked down at Shayne while cracking his knuckles.

Geist: I vant more competition. So far, only zee krieger in zee spider mask has truly challenged me.

Shayne couldn't disagree with the big man, but the show was full for the evening. He was more than a little sure that Geist would not be pleased with that response.

Anderson: I'd like to help you. Just tonight is already full.

Geist: I do not care if it is tonight or any night. I vant a battle vorth mein time. Eins-un-eins, I vant to fight zee best zhis place has to offer. I vill fight zhem eins-un-zwei, if need be.

Anderson: I'm sure you would. Tell me, Pietro. Who do you think is a worthy adversary for you?

Ever confident, Geist went right for the kill.

Geist: Give me shour champion.

That got Shayne's attention.

Anderson: You want to fight Saje?

An evil glare from the massive German was all the answer Anderson needed.

Anderson: Now, while I personally would love to see you decapitate Saje with that lariat of yours, you are still relatively new here. You are going to have to earn a title shot just like everyone else. Trust me, you and what you can do in the ring have not gone unnoticed. Just give it a little more time and I promise you that you'll get your shot.

A low growl began to radiate from the monstrous Geist, but he didn't become violent. He stared a hole through Shayne, letting him know exactly what he thought of that.

Geist: Zer gut... I guess shu vill have no choice vhen he is zee only person on zee roster not in zee hospital.

With that, the big man made his exit, leaving Shayne to ponder those words.

Desiree vs Vogue Gonsalvez

Match Summary
The match started off with Vogue spitting some ish into Desiree's face and then slapping her. Vogue laughed at Desiree who, in turn, nailed a big boot! Desiree then pulled Vogue up and sent her to the ropes, making her eat a back elbow. Desiree went for the cover and got two, but Vogue up and called Desiree a little bitch before slapping her across the face again. Vogue then hit a pair of clotheslines and then a whip to the ropes before hitting a leg lariat and a cover for two. Vogue sat up Desiree and kicked her in the chest repeatedly before hitting the ropes and a flipping snapmare for another two.

Vogue pulled her up and scoop slammed her before heading to the corner. She went for the En Vogue, the sky twister moonsault, but Desiree moved out of the way. When Vogue got back up, Desiree slapped her so hard, one of her gold fillings flew out of her mouth!! Desiree then hit alternating knee strikes and then a running STO. Desiree went to the corner and hit a top rope leg drop for two. Desiree dropped several knees into Vogue's chest before pulling her up and hitting an inverted atomic drop and then a running busaiku knee to the face for a very close two.

Vogue tried to crawl out of the ring, but Desiree pulled her back up and turned her over, but Vogue kicked her away. Desiree walked back over, but got caught with a kip up into a rana! Vogue then hit a headscissor DDT and headed back to the corner, but after X3 yelled at her to get up, Desiree did and charged the corner. She then shoved Vogue off, sending her flying into the barricades at ringside! Desiree then climbed the turnbuckles and flew off with a cross body and the two of them crashed to the floor!

Desiree stood and dragged Vogue around ringside by scraping her face across the top of the guard rail. She then bounced Vogue's face off of the ring steps and rolled her back in at the count of eight. Desiree rolled back in and then climbed up top, hitting a blockbuster neck breaker when Vogue stood, but only got two. Desiree kicked Vogue dead in the face as she was on all fours and placed her in the Desire.. the triangle choke. Vogue tapped out immediately.

Winner: Desiree via Desire
Match Time: 12:06
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jack Wallace: That match was mostly Desiree.. she looked more focused than ever. She really is coming into her own!

Jeff Hartman: I won't lie... I'd like to c...

Jack Wallace: JUST don't.. say it... sheesh.

Cross the Hood make their way down to the ring. They step in and both of them grab microphones.

Hood: "Like I said earlier tonight. We out here.. and we want to know.. you boys got balls between them legs or you just sportin' some bleedin' manginas?

The crowd cheered as they turned their attention to the entrance way. The crowd began to boo when nobody came out. After several moments, Cross brought his microphone up to his lips, but right when he was about to say something, the lights in the arena went out and a matrix pattern hit the jOltvision. A green X appeared and then shattered into light particles which bathed the entire arena in green.

"Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth

Mike Patterson, Xtreme, and Crucifix all stepped out from the backstage area. The trio made their way down to the ring. Crucifix remained at ringside as Patterson and Xtreme stepped inside and came face to face with Cross the Hood. Cross and Hood threw their microphones out of the ring as the arena returned to normal. They couldn't wait any longer and Cross the Hood jumped Patterson and Xtreme!

The referee called for the bell!

Cross the Hood vs Mike Patterson & Xtreme

Match Summary
The two teams began brawling with each other, but Cross the Hood had the advantage as they backed the duo up against the ropes. both of them hit running lariats that took them to the outside. Cross the Hood then charged the ropes and dove over the top, both with Tope Con Hilos, wiping out the trio! They rolled back into the ring and ascended the turnbuckle pads to get approval from the crowd, which they did. They hopped down as the referee said only one of them could start. Jackson Cross said he would. Patterson was livid and he said he would start for his team. He rolled back into the ring and the referee deemed them the legal men.

Hood walked right up to Patterson and slapped him across the face and then ducked a clothesline. Hood then opened up with quick jabs to the face and then a discus punch, but Patterson ducked that and went for a spine buster, but Hood grabbed Patterson's head and drove him into the canvas with a DDT only getting two. Hood brought Patterson to a seated position and placed him into a rear chin lock, but he elbowed Patterson in the top of the head while he had him in the submission hold, but Patterson stood and hit a jaw breaker. He made the tag to Xtreme.

Xtreme charged in and hit a leg lariat. He then knocked Hood off the ring apron. He hit another leg lariat and then a flipping senton for two. Xtreme went to the corner and flew off with an elbow drop, but Cross moved out of the way! Cross hit a Yakuza kick and covered for two. Cross then made the tag to Hood who got back up on the apron just in time for the tag. Hood came in and spouted off some words to Xtreme before punching away at his face. He sent Xtreme to the ropes, but Xtreme leapt to the middle rope and hit a springboard drop kick. Xtreme then charged in and hit a sliding low clothesline as Hood sat up, but got only two.

Xtreme then kept Hood grounded with several strikes, covering him whenever he could. Xtreme dragged Hood to his corner and made the tag to Mike Patterson who went up top and dropped a huge knee into Hood's chest! Patterson covered for only two. Hood tried to crawl to his corner, but Patterson grabbed him by the waist and deadlifted Hood up to his feet. He then hit a German Suplex into the corner, got some distance and hit a running shoulder block that doubled Hood over. Tag back to Xtreme who ran along the apron and got up on the far corner. Xtreme then went coast to coast with a drop kick to the face! He pulled Hood out of the corner and covered for only two.

Cross yelled out to his parnter, but Xtreme made the tag back to Patterson who jammed Hood's knee into the canvas and elbow dropped him in the lower back. Patterson then pulled Hood to his feet and leapt into the air with his 337lb frame to hit a drop kick!! Hood went down hard and he made another cover, but Cross came in to break it up. While the referee was getting cross back to his corner. Patterson hit a huge spinebuster and feigned a tag to Xtreme. Xtreme went up top and looked for Xtreme Measures.. his Shooting Star Press, but Hood, somehow moved out of the way. Hood stood and ran at Xtreme, nailing the Running STO across his knee!! Project 347!!! Hood couldn't follow it up.

Eventually there was a tag on both ends. Cross came in and nailed a huge lariat on Patterson that knocked the big man down. He knocked Xtreme off the apron with a shoulder tackle and Xtreme hit the barricades. Cross grabbed Patterson and whipped him into the corner. Cross went to the opposite corner and charged in, but Patterson exploded out of his corner and..


The sound of the two of them colliding was sickening... the audience even gasped at the sound it made... both men were down and out from the insane collision. Hood was trying to regain some energy and called out to Cross. Xtreme got back on the apron and called out to Patterson. They were slow to move, but they eventually made the tags. A pair of clotheslines and a yakuza kick from Hood put Xtreme down. Hood then pulled Xtreme up and nailed a gorilla press slam and then called for the end, but Crucifix hopped up onto the ring apron and hot shotted Hood across the top rope. He then nailed a springboard clothesline and that drew the disqualification.

Patterson came to and told Crucifix to stand Hood up. He did, but then..


When the lights came back on, Sebastian Saje was standing in the middle of the ring, dressed in all black, with the hooded figure by his side. Saje wasted no time and charged in, leaping up to Mike Patterson and planting his knees into his chest..


The Codebeaker to the face connected! Hood ran in and hit the Running STO across his knee on Crucifix!


Cross grabbed Xtreme and kicked him in the stomach. He picked him up on his back and nailed the backpack stunner..


Cross the Hood stood side by side with the Hype Champion, Sebastian Saje. The hooded figure then handed Cross the Hood a pair of feathers and whispered something into their ears. They immediately nodded as Saje looked and acknowledged them. The three of them left together along with the hooded figure

Winner: Cross the Hood via Disqualification
Match Length: 39:47
Match Rating: ****1/2

Jack Wallace: This is the third straight week in a row where these feathers have played a role. It's becoming a bit clearer now. It's apparent that this person is assembling themselves an army, but for who? For what purpose? What do the feathers mean?

Jeff Hartman: That's all speculation.

Jack Wallace: So Sebastian Saje, Seraph, Nate Quartermaine, and now Jackson Cross and Machida Hood all receiving feathers and all walking away with this hooded figure is just speculation?

Jeff Hartman: Yes. You have no concrete evidence to say what's going on here.

Jack Wallace: Well we still have more questions than answers and we're out of time. Thank you for joining us and good night.