"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to The Hype! We are just about a week and change away from Unlimited, LIVE on Pay-Per-View! This will be your last stop on the way to that event so buckle in and enjoy the ride!

Jeff Hartman: Last stop? Did you forget that Countdown is this Sunday? Did you also forget that NONE of the Hype wrestlers are even on Unlimited? Do you realize that you sound like a corporate tool bag right now?.

Jack Wallace: Hey, they passed me a bulletin.. I read it. Don't blame me.. blame whoever wrote this.

Jeff Hartman: I still blame you. Besides, you're the one who threw away the script into a trash can last week. What happened to Mr. Adventurous?

Jack Wallace: Yeah.. they didn't like that. Before I get myself fired, let's send it down to the ring where we understand a six man tag is set to open the show that will settle two teams differences!

India's Import vs The Widow's Nest

Match Summary
Ever since their formation, India's Import have had their issues with The Widow's Nest... and evern since their return, The Widow's Nest have had their issues with India's Import. It has been a vicious circle of constant interruptions and run-ins with nothing getting settled. Tonight, all three members from each time looked to accomplish victory. Araknis and Raysor started out and Raysor tried the classic tactic of isolate and pound, but Araknis broke free quickly and made the tag to Muerte. Samir came in and Muerte was like a house on fire, fully controlling Samir. Tag was made to Kareem so Muerte tagged his heavy hitter, Wolf Spider. Wolf Spider dominated Kareem and sent him to the outside. This prompted Raysor and Samir to enter and double team the Nest's muscle which, in turn, prompted Muerte and Araknis to step in and even the odds. They sent all of India's Import to the outside. Araknis and Muerte did stereo dives to take out Samir and Raysor, but Kareem snuck back into the ring during the dives. Sadly, Wolf Spider was also in the ring and nailed his Run with the Wolves spear on him for the pin!

Winner: The Widow's Nest via Run with the Wolves
Match Time: 17:44
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace: That is a definitive victory if I ever saw one. It looks like this issue was settled and The Widow's Nest were the ones to settle it. Now I turn it over to Jeff for your weekly dose of bitching about royalty and whatever hooha he wants to try and spin this victory with.

Jeff Hartman: Nope.. no spin. My confidence was shatter here tonight. I believed in a false faction who obviously don't fit the bill of royalty.

Jack Wallace: Wait.. what? You're giving up on India's Import? Just like that?

Jeff Hartman: Of course not you peasant! They were obviously screwed here! If they hadn't come into the ring to cause chaos.. none of this would have happened! This locker room will rue the day, I tell you.. THEY WILL RUE THE DAY!

Jack Wallace: Aaaand we're back to normal *sarcasm*

We see Jackson Cross and Machida Hood backstage. They don't look too happy.

Cross: "Man.. I thought we was reinvented. Every time we step inta that ring out there.. we've beaten the competition. Hell.. we won handicap matches against monstas. Why da hell we ain't on the main roster yet? 'Cause we keep droppin' tha ball, man."

Hood: "Brotha.. lemme spin it like this for you. All we's done.. is go uppa'gainst former tag team CHAMPIONS, bruh. That's how good they think we are. Da Heirs.. Da House.. even Sweet Sweet Lovin' back on Wednesday... all former champions man. O'course the competition be tough. WE GOTTA BE TOUGHER."

Cross: "That's one way ta put it.. lemme spin this shit anotha way for ya. What if Shayne Anderson don't want us around no more? What if.. Shayne Anderson set it up this way. I mean sure.. we faced some good teams, but what about that night wit da House? When they just beat our asses senseless? You think that was coincidence? Shayne know FULL WELL what da hell they were up ta.. and he still sent us. Hell.. he even said we don't even DESERVE to be inna title match ne'er less da main roster, man... THINK ABOUT IT, BRO."

Hood: "So you think the man is playin' us for fools?"

Cross: "Think? Hell nah, bro.. I KNOW he playin' us. I say.. we forget all this shit. From now on.. we take matters inta our OWN hands, bro. We know what we need ta get.. let's get it.. if ya catch my drift.

Hood: "Sounds like a plan to me, brotha. You know I'm down."

Jackson and Machida nodded and gave each other a fist bump. They walked off camera as the scene faded away.

Pietro Geist vs Talon St. James

Match Summary
After a great showing in a losing cause last week, Talon was given a second chance to earn a contract. However, the random choice of opponent was the Aryan monster, Geist. Talon tried all he could to keep a safe distance from Geist, kicking at his leg any chance he could get. A wild swing and miss by Geist allowed Talon to race to the ropes, where he avoided a punch and a back elbow. Talon tried for an Asai tornado DDT and was driven to the mat with a Farooq-like spinebuster. From the ground, Geist pulled Talon all the way up by his throat into a twisting sitout powerbomb. Talon was lifeless when Geist battered him with a barrage of lefts and rights and obliterated him with a lariat for the three-count.

Winner: Pietro Geist by pinfall.
Match Time: 3:25
Match Rating: **1/2

Jack Wallace: What a poor break for Talon... Geist is just a monster. I swear I've never seen someone deliver moves with such impact.

Jeff Hartman: I'm hoping Geist decapitates the next guy with a lariat and their head flies into the crowd where the fans keep it up in the air for three hits. And remember folks, we want good sets! None of that cradling bullshit!

Jack Wallace: There really is something wrong with you.

We are taken backstage where we see Xin Xin Xiong, Desiree, and Kodora working out. Desiree is hitting the ropes and building up some cardio while Kodora is using a punching bag as her bitch for her strong kicks.

X3: "Keep it up. Every drop of sweat.. every beathe you heave.. it all adds up."

Just as X3 was delivering some motivational talk, Callie Scott walked onto the scene and it immediately caught X3's eye. It did for Desiree and Kodora as well as the two of them stopped their exercises and focused their attention on someone.

Callie: "Don't put yourselves on alert.. I come in peace", said Callie with a bit of a smirk on her face.

X3: "Well if it isn't a ray of sunshine come to chase my clouds away. What can I do for a pretty lady such as yourself?"

Callie: "Always the smooth talker, aren't ya? I'll get right to my point before you break out the chloroform. I was impressed with your fighting ability Kodora.. in fact, I'm seeking a good strong opponent to really test my skills against. I thought there wouldn't be anyone better than you. So what do you say? You and me tonight in the ring?"

Kodora simply looked at X3.. X3 looked back at her and gave her a wink.

X3: Kodora accepts your challenge.

Callie: Really? You could tell just by looking at the stone face of hers?

X3: A man can tell many things just by looking into the eyes of a woman.

Callie: Oh yeah? What do mine say right now, then?

X3: I would hope they say you and me at dinner tonight after the show, but I'm guessing they say not a chance in hell?

Callie: You're good at this. I'll see your protoge in the ring tonight. Tell your rookie to take notes of what not to do in a match.

Callie goes to walk off, but X3 grinned and stopped her.

X3: I'm disappointed that we couldn't "hang out" after the show tonight.. but as you have disappointed me, I'm going to disappoint you ever so slightly. See? My rookie won't have to take notes.. because I've changed my mind a bit. Kodora won't face you tonight... unless.. Desiree gets to face your friend, Faith Hines... and only if those pair of matches.. are next.

Callie turned around and smiled.

Callie: You drive a hard bargain... but a bargain nevertheless... you're on.

With that, Callie finally left. X3 simply grinned even more.

Desiree vs Faith Hines

Match Summary
X3 and Kodora accompanied Desiree to the ring while Callie Scott accompanied Faith Hines. Last week, there was a Time Limit Draw between the two teams and now this week, thanks to Xiong's quick tongue, they are facing each other in singles competition. Desiree and Hines traded wrestling hold for wrestling hold in the beginning as the two of them tried to gain control of the match, but it ended up in a series of flash pins instead and when Hines reversed Desiree's second attempt at a flash pin, Desiree couldn't kick out in time and was pinned just like that!! X3 was a bit furious over the loss as Callie celebrated with Faith Hines! All Desiree could do is sit in the ring with a dumbfounded look on her face!

Winner: Faith Hines via Pinfall
Match Time: 5:22
Match Rating: **1/4

Jack Wallace: Flash pins are called that for a reason. At any given moment, you can find yourself on the receiving end of one and if you're caught off guard or can't react in time, you will lose the match as in the case of Desiree here tonight.

Jeff Hartman: That was rather quick. Just what in the hell is X3 teaching her?.

Jack Wallace: With the scolding Desiree is getting at ringside right now, I'm pretty sure he taught her a different game plan that had just transpired in that ring..

Callie Scott vs Kodora

Match Summary
As X3 scolded Desiree, Kodora and Callie Scott entered the ring as there was no break in between these two matches. The bell sounded and many thought they would just go at it, but the two of them stalked each other like hunters stalking their prey. They locked up and jockied for position. Kodora backed Scott into the corner, but Scott ducked when Kodora stepped back and swung with a punch. Scott then opened up with punches in the corner and whipped Kodora across the ring, but Kodora reversed and chased Scott in hitting a knee strike at the same time as she hit the corner. Kodora went to work on Scott with strike after strike, taking control of the match.

Kodora got Scott back to the center where she dropped her to her knees and aimed with a Super Kick, but Scott avoided it and hit a takedown. She then mounted Kodora and began to pound away with closed fists. Scott then took control, pummeling away on Kodora and hitting various strikes, turning this match into an MMA-style fight. Scott went for a running knee strike, but Kodora charged in and hit a forearm smash instead. Kodora hit a back leg sweep and hit several kicks to the chest and then the Super Kick to the face! Kodora then trapped Scott's head, but Scott used her free arm to punch away at Kodora! Kodora staggered back. Scott then went for a leaping version of the Sliding D, but Kodora went for a Superman Punch at the same time when...


The sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed throughout the arena. One took a leaping punch to the face, the other an elbow to the face. Both were down! The referee began his mandatory ten count. by the time he got to eight, it was apparent that both were out cold. The referee reached ten and the bell was rung.

Winner: Double Knockout
Match Time: 27:22
Match Rating: ****1/4

Jack Wallace: Wow.. it was an amazing battle between two very tough women, but in the end, they knocked each other out!

Jeff Hartman: This might be my chance while they're still warm!

Jack Wallace: When they wake up, I'm sure the DNA tests will lead to your demise.

Shayne Anderson is backstage with Nate Quartermaine in his office. Shayne doesn't look too happy.

Shayne: "Last week, you attempted to uphold a program.. no.. TWO programs if you count what would have been iNtense, had not Jeremy Ryan showed up. Luckily for you, he did end up showing up, but in the grand scheme of things, you still went against my wishes to take your personal revenge out on him.. and what happened? You failed at beating Jeremy Ryan and have nothing to show for your insolence. I want to know what you have to say for yourself."

Nate: "Honestly, I have nothing to say. I came to you with my issue and you did nothing about it. You think I was just going to let this go? Of course not.. you wouldn't understand because it didn't happen to you. You weren't affected by another man's actions. You wouldn't have seen it my way so I did what anyone else would do when the authority turns a blind eye to a situation. I took the matter into my own hands"

Shayne: "At the expense of my television program. I had to cancel a main event last week because you took up my precious television time. You selfishly inserted yourself into a slot meant for someone else when I told you not to. Therefore, I demand you apologize and state what you will do to correct this issue."

Nate: "Apologize? You can't be serious. This is YOUR FAULT to begin with. Not mine. Had you done your damn job the way you're supposed to, none of this would have happened. But since you want to sit around here and be a piss poor general manager that NOBODY on your roster respects and are getting sick of, then I say you got what you deserved last week and if you think I'm going to apologize for your inability to manage issues properly, you're out of your damn mind."

Shayne: "I'm sorry you feel that way. You're right. I'm not doing my job the way I should be doing it. I apologize that I spent most of my time over the past month signing new talent to The Hype so our fans could have some more variety on the shows. I'm sorry that I've been in meetings with the corporate office about those talents and our budget. I'm sorry that I was in direct negotiations with the USA Network to get The Hype moved to a better time slot on Friday nights, which, by the way, increased our ratings almost two-fold. I'm sorry that I've done everything in my power to work with the company to make sure The Hype remained on the air and that my efforts were attracting new talent who willingly approached me to come work here because they liked what they saw on television. I'm sorry for all of that."

Nate Quartermaine just stood there.

Shayne: "So yes.. I apologize for doing my job so poorly, but I will rectify that by correcting one big mistake I made last week and the week before. That mistake was allowing you to walk around here freely and run me down with your mouth.. to walk around here and hold my show hostage for personal reasons. Nate Quartermaine.. you are to pack your bags and go home. You are hereby SUSPENDED without pay INDEFINITELY."

Nate balled up his fist and clenched his teeth.

Nate: "One day... this will come back to bite you in the ass. I know things that you only wish you did.. and when it happens.. you'll understand that you never had a clue about anything to begin with."

Nate stormed out of Shayne's office as Shayne sat there and shook his head.

KUMO vs Jack Dawn

Match Summary
A lock-up was cleanly broken. Dawn missed his initial dropkick, but hit it the second time. He stomped on KUMO’s face. That didn't sit well with KUMO and he drove Dawn back to the corner with rapidfire roundhouse kicks to the chest. Dawn returned fire with a kick of his own to the back of his foe, so KUMO snapmared him and showed him how it is really done. Dawn with a two-count off a suplex to block his opponent's attempt. KUMO dropped Dawn across the top rope to gain the upper hand and put him down with a sick kick. KUMO dropped a few knees before blatantly disrespecting his foe by breaking out the fake slingshot move leading to a casual swat of the face with the sole of his boot. KUMO applied a headscissors, which Dawn escaped and followed up with a couple of clotheslines. A diving clothesline from the second rope put him in control. Dawn enzuigiri’s KUMO from the apron. He gets two with a slingshot senton. KUMO avoided a shoulder to the gut, sending Dawn crashing into the post. Dawn was propped up in the corner as if he would be the victim of Shattered Dreams, but KUMO blasted him in the face with a running Yakuza kick. A second one looked to follow, but KUMO stopped short and just slapped the taste out of Dawn's mouth. KUMO unleashed a huge springboard sidekick that leads to an STF and after Dawn escapes, KUMO got two with a handspring gamengiri. Dawn was able to coutner a brainbuster with a neckbreaker, but KUMO caught Dawn on the top rope with a unbelievable Koppo kick after stepping up onto the second rope. Dawn is then planted with a hanging version of a flatliner. KUMO was only able to get two off a rolling samoan drop-springboard moonsault combination. Dawn came back with a pair of superkicks, but KUMO blasted him in the mouth with a jumping, twisting roundhouse. KUMO blocked Dawn’s running boot and applied an STF. KUMO stopped Dawn from going to the ropes by hooking his arms, only to have Dawn evade his attempt Tiger suplex. A possible momentum shift was cut off by KUMO with another Koppo kick. Dawn suplexed KUMO off the top rope, turning the tide. He bodyslamed KUMO to the floor and firmly took control with a tope con hilo. In the ring, he planted KUMO with a DVD for two. Dawn missed a swanton, but rolled to his feet. A schoolboy by Dawn got two. He kicked KUMO in the head and drove him down hard with a Uranage for another two-count. KUMO hurricanrana’ed Dawn to the corner to block a buckle bomb. He tiger suplexed Dawn for two. Dawn blocked a possible darkness dragon driver and goes right for his finisher. KUMO blocked that, so Dawn gives him a short-arm DDT. KUMO escaped a second attempt at Dawn's finisher and a dragon suplex only got a two. Both men were wobbly when Dawn went for a superkick only to have KUMO avoid it and blast him with black mist. A brutal roundhouse to the gut led to the crossarm Barry White driver by KUMO for the three count.

Winner: KUMO by Pinfall
Match Time: 17:49
Match Rating: ****

Jeff Hartman: That sneaky, sneaky boy!

Jack Wallace: A great match ruined by such dirty tactics by KUMO.

Jeff Hartman: You do what you gotta do to win, Wallace. This ain't figure skating. He saw his spot and he took it. Any smart man would have done the same thing.

Jack Wallace: He shouldn't have to. He is a gifted athlete and yet, he sinks to that level.

Jeff Hartman: He is a warrior and he does what he has to do to win the battle.

After the match
KUMO asked for a microphone and was given one without hesitation. He stood in the middle of the ring with a look of hatred on his face.

KUMO: Kurayami, I know you're watching this... Did you think you could escape me by hiding here? There is no escape. You know very well that I will hunt you to the very ends of the earth. I will make you suffer torture that would make Pinhead cringe in horror. Come out of hiding, you coward, and face your devil.

With that, he violently threw down the microphone. Things immediately shifted to backstage where Xin Xin Xiong was shown watching the monitor very closely with Desiree and Kodora standing beside him. Desiree wasn't sure what was going on, but the very sight of KUMO caused Kodora to take a couple of steps backwards. X3 just stood there with his arms crossed, glaring at the television screen. A fire starting to burn in his eyes...

Jack Wallace: "Ladies and Gentlemen.. we have a video package we wish to show you about three individuals who will be making their debuts on The Hype after Unlimited and while this is exciting news for us, we need to preface this with an update on the condition of Magma. Last week, Magma was decimated by Seraph. We understand that Magma was injured and was taken to a local medical facility where he was diagnosed with not only a severe concussion, but also a fractured skull. Magma will be out of action until further noticed with a minimum of two to three months initial recovery time needed. Our thoughts are with Magma as we wish him a speedy recovery. We now ask you to turn your attention to the jOltvision for a debut package.

The screen flickered to life.


A black and white screen of X Wrestling was shown. Mike Patterson had indeed tossed Ninja K off the edge of the cell where he flipped onto his stomach and crashed through the announce table.


Another black and white screen of Xtreme winning the championship from, then, champion Disciplinarian at Xw's biggest show of the year Wrestlecade III was shown. The camera lights flashed as Xtreme held the championship high into the air!


A final black and white screen from X Wrestling was shown of Crucifix clutching the championship in his arms while on his knees. The scene faded out as the three of them, in present day were shown standing side by side. Mike Patterson in the middle, Xtreme to the left, Crucifix to the right. Crucifix and Xtreme stuck their fists out and made an X with them. Mike Patterson simply grinned and cracked his knuckles.

Crucifix: "After eleven years.. when you thought the world was made safe by our absence, we return to deliver a message unto the masses."

Xtreme: "The world just became a dangerous place once again"

Patterson: "You can try to get ready, but nothing is going to prepare you for what's to come"

Crucifix: "End... Transmission."

The screne went to static with a grey snowy X in the middle of the screen embedded into the static.

Sebastian Saje (c) vs Michael Donavan

Match Summary
Last week, Michael Donavan announced that he wanted Saje once again and if he failed, he would leave The Hype. Sebastian Saje and Michael Donavan were both quiet this entire evening as they both sat in their locker rooms and contemplated tonight's events. If Donavan lost, he would lose his career on The Hype.. if Saje lost, he would lose his chamionship. There was no way for either man to escape this without any reprecussions.

As the bell sounded, the two of them locked up in the middle of the ring. Standard rules were applied to to his match and immediately this turned into a match where the two of them tried to outwrestle each other in a "Can You Top This" style match. It lead to a series of flash pins, but unlike the Kodora/Callie Scott match earlier, neither man would allow the other to pin them. They both ended up staring each other down to a round of applause from the crowd in attendance here tonight. They locked up again and Donavan took a shortcut with a knee and took control of this match. He dumped Saje to the outside and gave chase where they brawled around to the announce position.

Doanvan bounced Saje's face off the announce table then broke the referee's count, but Saje coutnered by driving Donavan into the edge of the ring. Saje then hit a flapjack on Donavan that caused him to his chest first against the edge of the table! Saje rolled him back in for only two. Saje went back to work with a submission hold, but Donavan battle back to his feet and hit a back drop suplex for two. Donavan went to the corner and went for a punt to the head, but Sebastian moved and caught Donavan with a German Suplex with a bridge for two.

Saje then hit a pair of clotheslines and sent Donavan to the ropes, but Donavan held on, baiting Saje in. Saje took the bait and found himself back on the floor at ringside. The 6'10" Donavan then flew over the top ropes with a dive to the outside and wiped out Saje!! Donavan was pulling out all the stops trying to save his job and become champion!

Donavan threw Saje back into the ring and went up top for another high risk move.. this time it was the Phantom Image moonsault, but Saje moved and Donavan ate canvas. Donavan staggered up as Saje went for Light's Out, but Donavan coutnered with a Buckle Bomb and then a vicious lariat as Saje staggered forward. Donavan then hit a standing Phantom Image moonsault and covered for only two! Donavan stood and signaled for the end, but when he went to pick up Saje, Saje used a small package for a very close two count. They stood and each nailed a lariat forcing the referee to make a mandatory ten count.

Both men stirred at the count of seven and got up at nine. They traded punches back and forth. Donavan with a discus punch, but Saje ducked into a waist lock that was countered with elbows. Donavan to the ropes, but Saje with a powerslam for two. Saje pulled up Donavan, but Donavan kicked Saje in the stomach and wrapped him around the back of his body hitting the Inside Cradle Driver for a very close two count! Donavan stood and pulled Saje into position. He lifted him for the Phantom Driver, but Saje countered with a huracanrana, sending Donavan face first into the turnbuckles.

Donavan turned around and was met with a Lights Out! Saje covered, but got only two!! Saje went for it again, but Donavan shoved him off and made Saje eat a big boot to the face. Donavan set up Saje in the middle of the ring and nailed the Phantom Driver! There were no ropes for Saje to grab this time and Donavan ALMOST got the three, but Saje, somehow, kicked out! Donavan went for it again, but Saje hit a back body drop to counter then staggered to hold the ropes to try and keep himself up. Donavan charged in, but Saje hit a back elbow and caused him to staggerd away. Saje went for a lariat, but Donavan ducked. He then hoisted Saje onto his shoulders for his Fireman Carry Powerbomb, but Saje slipped off the shoulders and landed behind Donavan. Donavan turned around and ate another Lights Out to the face! Saje got the cover and AGAIN only got two!!!

Saje waited for Donavan to get up, but Donavan was on dream street. Donavan did stagger to his feet. Saje was about to lunge in with a Super Kick, but Donavan stared up at Saje and gave him a wink. Saje looked at Donavan kind of oddly and threw the Super Kick anyway and it connected. Donavan tried to stay on his feet, but fell to a single knee. The determination to become champion was high as Donavan staggered back up... LIGHTS OUT AGAIN! Saje got the cover and this time scored the three!

Michael Donavan was now officially GONE from The Hype!

Winner : Sebastian Saje via Lights Out
Match Length : 49:57
Match Rating : *****

Jack Wallace: What an incredible match. Michael Donavan did whatever he could to stay in it, but in the end, Sebastian Saje retained. I do have to wonder what he meant with that wink that he gave him at the end, though?

Jeff Hartman: You wonder too much. He probably just had sweat in his eye.

Jack Wallace: Ladies and gentlemen, we're out of time.. we thank you for watching and we'll see you next time on The Hype.