"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the Hype Arena in Miami, FL where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! We've got another great show for you this evening and by the thrilled look on my partner's face, I'm sure he's just as excited as I am about being herebr>
Jeff Hartman: Oh yeah.. a regular ball of fun and joy

Jack Wallace: You're grumpier than usual, Jeff... what's troubling you big boy?.

Jeff Harman: First off.. that's creepy... second of all, I'm missing the biggest event of my life to be here! .

Jack Wallace: It's not your birthday... you're not married so it's not your anniversary.. so that could only mean one thing.. you finally discovered yourself.

Jeff Hartman: Hell no.. they're having a Real Sex marathon on the Playboy channel. I had the evening all planned out until I realized that it fell on a Friday night.

Jack Wallace: You're a sad lonely man. I'm just going to send it down to the ring as Gordon Patrick is set to be in action!

Gordon Patrick vs Jack Dawn

Match Summary
Jack Dawn was on a three loss slide, so to say that he was ecstatic to face someone else who had lost two in a row was an understatement. Gordon Patrick hadn't come out on top in either his jOlt or Hype debuts, having lost in a Tag Team Title match on iNtense against the House and then again to El Tigre Verde at last week's Hype. This meant that Jack Dawn had a perfect opportunity to make up for his Hype 48 and 52 losses to Gabriel Gold and Magma, respectively, as well as his loss last week to Lusus. Once again, however, the announcers made sure to make a big deal about how Gordon Patrick had been trained by Sylo and that tonight was also HIS opportunity to showcase everything he had learned from the Superbeast.

Last week, Gordon Patrick had offered a handshake to El Tigre Verde. This week, perhaps a bit stitiously (but not SUPERstitiously), it was a fist bump. The bell rang and the two grapplers locked horns in the middle of the ring. Jack Dawn used his height and weight advantage to back Patrick up against the ropes. With the youngster right where he wanted him, Dawn unleashed a flurry of chops to the chest. Gordon eventually blocked one and put his opponent into a hammerlock. He then ushered Jack to the center of the ring and kept the hammerlock applied for a back suplex, dropping him right on his arm. Gordon Patrick grapevined the arm and dropped to his knees, sandwiching it between them.

Patrick applied another hammerlock, and Jack Dawn fought his way to his feet. A couple of elbows later and Dawn spun around to grab Gordon Patrick and hit the Perfect Moment discus STO. Cover got two. Dawn measured Gordon and cocked his fist back for the Perfect Punch, but the Bostonian sensed it coming and thrust his head forward, connecting with the Irish Kiss headbutt! With Jack Dawn turned away from him, Gordon Patrick grabbed him from behind in another hammerlock and dropped to his back with a lungblower, planting both of his knees into Jack's arm. He then went for the Curly Fry bridging scissored armbar.

Unable to make his opponent submit, Gordon Patrick let him up. He picked Jack Dawn onto his shoulders and the commentators went crazy, anticipating the Systematic Shutdown, the move made famous by Gordon Patrick's mentor, Sylo. Jack got loose and landed behind Patrick, who turned around right into the Perfect Ending sitout uranage bomb. Cover got three.

Winner:Jack Dawn via Pinfall
Match Time: 4:12
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Jack Dawn has broke his losing streak, but on the flip side, Gordon Patrick may have begun one with him going 0-2 here on The Hype.

Jeff Hartman: Would he just be a flash in the pan.. like a Flash Gordon?

Jack Wallace: That pun was terrible..

Jeff Hartman: Not as bad as missing on out on the Real Sex marathon.


"Get back here, ya little chump."

Magma shouted through the back corridors of the arena, as he chased after second generation star and Hype competitor, Zane Roebuck. The tension between the two had been building both on-screen and backstage and at any minute things could boil over. Zane was one cocky and arrogant, cock-sure youngster but he might've bitten off more than he could chew when it comes to the original monster of Hype; Magma.

Magma gave half chase to Zane through the halls, trying to catch the quicker and more agile man. As Zane continued to round corners and make his way down different hallways, zig-zagging throughout the building, he would spew insults at Magma.

"You're no monster, you're nothing but a freak."

An unfortunately placed cable cord from the earlier pre-tapes, was just what Magma needed to gain ground on Zane Roebuck. Without seeing the two-inch thick cord on the ground, Zane tripped over it and took a rolling tumble to the ground, no more than twenty-five feet ahead of the predator now closing in on his prey. Just a few more feet away..


"What the fu-"

Magma was no more than ten feet away from Zane Roebuck who'd managed to roll over onto his rear end, sitting on the ground, realizing his cat and mouse game had come to an end when out of a door to the side of the hallway came the NEW MONSTER of Hype and jOlt Wrestling.

Magma smashed chest-to-chest with "The Behemoth Beast" Lusus. Magma giving up some seventy-five pounds stumbled backwards a step but didn't really lose much footing or his upright position. Lusus didn't budge. Both men looked at each other with hostility. Behind Lusus, Zane Roebuck cackled and pointed at Magma.

"You've done it now, dummy." Zane taunted Magma with a verbal barb.

Lusus was basically unaware of what had been transpiring, nor did he care. The presence of Zane behind him was inconsequential at best. He'd taken none too kindly to Magma running into him and he would be certain to assert his dominance given any glimmer of a chance.

"That little creep behind you.." Magma uttered as Lusus cut him off mid-sentence.

"You, a monster?" Lusus snarled in a low growl.

Both men came nose to nose, Magma just barely taller but giving up quite a bit of mass. No physical blows were traded, but it was evident that things could break out at any second. Lusus face was covered with his mask, not giving any any indication of facial expression. The adrenaline rushing through his body was evident though as he was visibly agitated and his muscles twitched uncontrollably.

"The one and only." Magma stated, with gusto and pride.

"Prove it." Lusus demanded.

With those two words, nothing else needed said further. Magma relished the opportunity to prove that he was the man on Hype. Lusus had another name to strike off his list of fallen victims. Both men knew the battle ahead, neither were prepared to back down.

"Baaahahaha, You're gonna get your ass kicked!" Zane Roebuck mocked, laughed and quipped towards Magma as he scurried up to his feet and took off away from the two huge competitors who'd by dumb luck crossed paths.

Lusus shoved past Magma, shouldering checking him in the process. Magma turned his head to look over his shoulder at the massive man he'd be fighting tonight. Fear was something Magma didn't feel. Still yet, a feeling of aggravation at Zane proceeded and now one of trepidation loomed. Magma let out a sigh, then followed after Lusus, presumably towards the ring for their contest.


Mike Patterson made his way out from the backstage area to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Patterson stepped in between the ropes and grabbed a microphone from ringside.

Patterson: You know.. after last week, I did some thinking and Brian Williams was actually right. I failed against him twice. I cannot afford to wait until Wrestlecade II to face Brian Williams and allow myself to develop any sort of ring rust. That is what here tonight, I'm going to issue an open challenge to that locker room in order to kill my skills honed. So if anyone back there wants to try and prove that they are better than the number one contender to the Hype Championship, then feel free to drag your ass out here so I can conviently kick it.

Patterson stood there waiting and for a few moments, nobody came out, but then "Original Fire" by Audioslave hit and the crowd cheered. Brian Williams stepped out from the back with the Hype Championship on his shoulder and a smirk on his face. He also held a microphone in his hand and he brought it to his lips as the music died down

Williams: You know, Mike? I have to commend you because I love that idea. The opposite holds true for me. If I let myself get rusty then there's a good chance you will beat me on the biggest show of the year. I cannot allow that to happen.. so I'm going to steal your little idea and issue a challenge myself, but I'm not making this an open challenge because I already have my opponent in mind. My challenge is to YOU, Mike Patterson.

The crowd erupted in cheers

Williams: But you see, I'm not giving the prize away for free. This is going to be a non-title match. I figured, what better way to train for your championship match than to get in some ring time with the very same person you're going to be facing.

Patterson laughed

Patterson: You think you're clever, don't you, Williams? Sadly, this is exactly what I was hoping for because now I can redeem myself and beat you in the middle of this ring and show you first hand what your fate will be when we fly over to Tokyo, Japan on March 12th.

Williams: Good job being a plug machine, Mikey. Maybe next I'll get you to sell my t-shirts when they start flying off the shelves because everyone's going to want a Brian Williams shirt after I embarrass you in the Tokyo Dome....... on Match 12th

Williams stated that last part a bit cockily as Mike Patterson stared back.

Patterson: Cute... very cute.. Just for that.. your challenge is hereby officially accepted. You... me... in the main event tonight. You've bitten off far too much this time.

Patterson flipped the microphone over his shoulder and leaned against the ropes, grinning. Williams cracked a grin as he mouthed "we'll see... we'll see" as he backpeddled to the backstage area.

El Principe vs Prince Samir

Match Summary
Ryan Raysor accompanied Prince Samir and waited at ringside. El Principe made his way to the ring with El Gringo Loco by his side. They entered the ring and Loco demanded a microphone from the ringside attendant.

Loco: Fancy meeting a prince here in the ring tonight. Mi amigo.. mi compadre.. you of all people must understand the burdens of royality. Having to preserve your pristine condition in order to maintain a certain social status. That is what El Principe is! He is a royalty that needs to be preserved in that very essence.

With that, El Principe dug into his pants and pulled out a hefty wad of cash. He extended his hand and offered it to Prince Samir.

Loco: Being a prince yourself from the holy land of India.. I'm sure your wealth far exceeds the offering El Principe is subjecting to you tonight... but be assured... while it may appear meager in comparison to your riches... think of it as an extension.. and expansion of your wealth. In exchange for the money, however, you will agree not to lay your finger on the true diamond of Mexico.. and my client.. El Principe!

Samir shook his head no to cheers from the crowd.

El Gringo Loco: Ah... Even though I just stated that it pales in comparison... where are my manners. El Principe.. we are dealing with a fellow prince here. Surely he is worth a bit more.

El Principe pulled out another $10 bill, adding it, but Samir still shook his head no.

El Gringo Loco: Ah.. this one knows his own value. Very well. You drive a hard bargain, my friend.

El Principe pulled out even more money.. at least another $100 and started adding them, one by one to the pile until Samir stopped shaking his head. He slowly began to reach out for the money, but withdrew his hand.

El Gringo Loco: Ah.. we are getting closer to his price. I know this seems like a lot, but you know how royalty can be, eh my Lord?

Principe put the entire amount, plus an addition $100 on the pile. There had to be close to $1000 now being offered for Prince Samir to walk away from this match. Samir reached out but Ryan Raysor hopped up on the ring apron

Raysor: You're not seriously thinking on taking that offer, are you Samir?

Samir gazed back at Raysor and simply shrugged. He extended his hand and accepted the bribe to boos from the crowd. Raysor entered the ring and confronted Samir.

Raysor: Are you crazy? Give that back and let's do this the right way!

Samir thought about as El Gringo Loco looked disgusted at Ryan Raysor. Samir looked to be thinking it over when he turned to the referee.

Samir: I forfeit

The crowd booed with intensity as Samir exited the ring.

Loco: Looks like your friend made his decision. Maybe one day.. you'll make the same one.

William Bell announced El Principe as the winner via forfeit as Ryan Raysor exited the ring and followed Samir to the backstage area. El Principe demanded that the referee raise his hand in victory, and he did so accordingly. El Principe was now 2-0 on The Hype via forfeit!

Winner: El Principe via Forfeit
Match Time: n/a
Match Rating: n/a

Jack Wallace: Again with the bribes and what sickens me more is that Prince Samir took the damn money!.

Jeff Hartman: YES YES YES! I knew this day would come! A true prince will never say no to money.. but now I'm in a quandry.. which prince is better? Prince Samir or El Principe!?

"Interview: Working Hard vs Hardly Working"

Marshal Stetton caught up with one of the Hype's newer grapplers, Gordon Patrick, in the locker room. Marshal, ever the consummate professional, straightened his tie and smoothed back his hair before approaching the young grappler.

"Gordon Patrick," Stetton began, offering the grappler his hand, "my name is Marshal Stetton. I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions for the Hype fans."

Patrick stood from the bench he was resting on and shook Marshal's hand. "Sure. Anything for the fans."

"Thank you, Mr. Patrick. Now, you've made yourself a name working on the independent scene. You're a former 'World Champion' and you've entertained crowds all across America, Canada, the U.K. and even Japan. However, earlier tonight, you lost your third straight match on the Hype. Would you say the competition here is tougher than what you're used to? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the level of talent we have here?"

Needless to say, Gordon wasn't pleased at having lost his first three matches on the Hype, but deep down he did respect Stetton's direct line of questioning. It wasn't really either of things that had gotten his craw lately, though.

"Well, Marshal," Gordon Patrick replied, "I wanna say thanks for taking this moment to let me air out a couple of grievances. Sure, I lost three matches in a row since I got here. Is the competition here tough? Definitely. But I really don't think I'm out of my depth. I'm the hardest working man in professional wrestling, today, and all that hard work's gonna pay off sooner or later. Win or lose, I'm busting my ass in that ring, and win or lose, that's better than some people who are taking the cheap - I'm sorry - the expensive way out."

Gordon Patrick patted Marshal Stetton on the shoulder and walked past him, leaving Stetton alone in the locker room to mutter to himself. "Did... did he mean... El Principe?"


We are taken backstage as we see Crucifix with both of the Hype Tag Team titles on the bench next to him. Terry Massimo and Cori Albright walk up to him and applaud him. Crucifix looks up and is a bit puzzled by their behavior.

Massimo: I have to admit.. what you did last week, beating India's Import by yourself, was impressive. They're not slouches.. believe us when we say that as we've faced them before in the ring. To do that on your own deserves our respect.

Albright: But while impressive as that was, it's not going to be as impressive as our victory tonight when we take on Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome.

Crucifix: Look... I don't want to sound ungreatful, but I don't really need your recognition or your praise. I know how good I am.. after all.. I did manage to beat you and tag your titles from you. Granted, Xtreme was with me, but I'm failry confident I could do it on my own.. so go on.. beat your teams.. climb your ladders.. I'll be waiting at the top and you will have to pry these damn titles from my cold, dead hands if you ever want to wear them again.

Massimo and Albright put their hands up and backed away.

Albright: All right big man.. you win. We'll get out of your hair... for now. Just keep those belts warm for us because we'lre going to come back for them and then we'll find out if you're as good as you claim to be.

Massimo and Albright exit as Crucifix grits his teeth.

Magma vs Lusus

Match Summary
Earlier tonight, Zane Roebuck instigated this match between Lusus and Magma. The two of them locked up, but after each one attempted to gain the upper hand, they couldn't budge each other. They locked up again to the same result. Magma went to the ropes and tried a shoulder block, but Lusus didn't go down. Lusus challenged him to do again, but Magma was unsuccessful. Magma went for it a third time, but Lusus put some weight into it and knocked the monster of The Hype down! Lusus let out a roar as he pulled Magma to his feet and hit a few headbutts, staggering him back. Whip to the corner went Magma and Lusus followed him in with a Body Avalanche. Lusus gained speed, but Magma reached out and grabbed Lusus, looking for a Choke Slam, but Lusus stomped down on Magma's shin and broke the grip!

Lusus grabbed Magma in a Bear Hug and then hit repeated headbutts.. the Ezekiel 25:17. Magma stumbled backwards into the corner as Lusus backed up and charged in, looking for a Roaring Elbow, but Magma side stepped! Magma then lifted his leg and pressed his boot against Lusus' throat in the corner, but Lusus grabbed Magma by the leg and pushed himself out of the corner!!! Lusus swung Magma's leg away, then lunged in with a vicious lariat that knocked him down!! Lusus quickly grabbed Magma by the head and pulled him up, placing him between his legs. Lusus wasn't thinking about it... HE WAS!

Lusus lifted Magma up to his shoulders, ran foward and nailed the Running Powerbomb!! The Loco Bomb!! What power! What devastation by Lusus! He made the cover, hooking the leg and picked up the three in a very impressive victory!

Winner: Lusus via LOCO BOMB
Match Time: 4:12
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Love him or hate him.. that was certainly some power right there.. he mandhandled Magma here tonight!

After the Match
Lusus exited the ring as Magma tried to sit up. All of a sudden, Zane Roebuck ran out from the back and quickly climbed to the top turnbuckle pad! He flipped off with the Top Rope Moonsault.. the SOL.. and slammed down on top of Magma!! Zane Roebuck grinned and yelled out..

"You're not the big bad monster everyone fears! You're NOTHING!"

Roebuck then exited the ring and grinned as he backpeddled up the entrance ramp. Magma turned over holding his stomach and shot a death glare straight at the one who had been harrassing him for over a month straight now!


Kodora was seen walking backstage down a hallway when all of a sudden she heard a voice call out to her from behind.

"Hey" said the voice.

Kodora turned around and came face to face with The Hype's newest Starlet, Sarkhaya. The people cheered when they saw her, remembering her impressive debut last week.

Sarkhaya: I've been looking all over for you

Kodora: Well.. now you've found me.

Sarkhaya: What the hell was your problem last week? Why did you jump me after my match?

Kodora: You digust me. Everything about you sickens me. I can't stand the sight of you so i decided to try and get rid of you, but here you are.

Sarkhaya: I haven't done a single thing to you. I wasn't even in this company until last week. I don't even know what your real problem is.. but if it's a fight you want.. then it's a fight you're going to get.

Kodora: Oh? What do you plan to do?

Sarkhaya: I'd like to think as somone who cleanses this world of people like you... so why don't you go ahead and take a stab at what I have in mind.

With that Sarkhaya walked away as Kodora laughed to herself. Kodora then cracked a smile as the scene faded to black.

The Natural Athletes vs BADASS

Match Summary
Massimo and Wise started off as Wise tried to measure up Massimo, but how does someone the size of Tripp Wise tackle the big, near 400 pounder, that is Terry Massimo? Simple. You don't. That's why Wise tagged out the slightly bigger Daivs Bloome. The two locked up and immediately Massimo pivoted and heaved Bloome onto his back with a Standing Biel! Bloome popped back up as Massimo drilled him with a clothesline. Bloomed staggered back up and was met with another clothesline from the big man. Massimo pulled Bloome up and sent him to the ropes, hitting a shoulder block that turned him inside out. He covered for two. Massimo taunted Wise and then dropped an elbow onto Bloome. He stood and dropped another elbow, covere, and got two again. Wise wanted to help his partner, but what could he do?

Albright wanted the tag and received it. He stepped in and sat up Bloome, hitting rapid elbows to the shoulder and neck before placing him in a sleeper hold. He grounded Bloome and held him there until Bloome started to fight back up, but Albright quickly switched to a reverse face lock and hit an Inverted DDT. Cover again for two. Bloome reached out for Wise, but Albright placed him in a surfboard submission. Bloome fought back up again and broke free. He went for a back drop suplex, but Albright countered with elbows to the upper back. Albright switched positions and ended up hitting the back drop suplex instead. Cover again for a closer two.

Albright tagged Massimo back in and Massimo went to the ropes. He went for the All the Way splash, but Bloome moved! Out of depseration, Bloome dove into the corner and tagged Wise! Wise came in and hit a running shotgun drop kick to the top of Massimo's head! Wise then stood and knocked Albright off the apron! Wise saw Massimo getting up on all fours and hit the ropes, dropping him back down with a Senton! Wise quickly pulled Massimo up as fast as he could, but he struggled. He hooked Massimo in a full nelson and planted him face first into the canvas with the Have a Nice Tripp!! This was the tactics The X Age used to become champions! Will it work!? NO! Massimo kicked out at two!! Wise backed into the corner and waited on Massimo to stand, but Albright leapt up onto the apron and then hit a rope assisted high kick to the back of Wise's head!

Massimo stood and picked up Wise in his arms. Bloome came into the ring, but Massimo hit a mule kick while holding Wise. Massimo then released Wise with a fallaway slam, throwing Wise into Bloome! Bloome rolled to the outside as Massimo got up, hit the ropes and nailed the All the Way splash! He covered and picked up the three!

Winner: The Natural Athletes via All the Way
Match Time: 8:12
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Looks like The Natural Ahtletes overcame their weakness in a big way and scored an impressive win over BADASS here tonight!

Jeff Hartman: BADASS had so much promise.. it's sickening to see them treated like this. They deserve much better!!



The group known as Cerberus was in the backstage area. Last week, Shayne Anderson made a match to setting things once and for all... a six man tag inside of the confines of a steel cage.

Todd: There's no where for them spiders to run tonight. The days of them dodging us are now over. Tonight, we're going to finish what we started.

St. James simply nodded as Ryu cracked his knuckles.

Todd: But there's still the matter of The Dead Cell. This wouldn't be happening if they didn't interrupt us at Unlimited. I say that once we finish business here tonight with The Widow's Nest, we move onto the next order of business and take care of The Dead Cell.

Ryu: Kon'ya wa, miboujin no su o korosudeshou. Karera wa byouki no unmei o watashitachi no te de kurushimudeshou. Miboujin no su ga ochiru.

Jenson Todd grinned

Todd: I couldn't have said it better myself.

The three of them walked off as the scene faded to black.

The Ali Boys vs The Conways

Before the Match
Eli and Ezra.. The Conways... were already out and at ringisde when the lights in the arena went out. "Oye Como Va" by Carlos Santana

The people who knew that theme erupted! They stood up on their feet as the theme continued to play over the speakers until right before the lyrics began to be sung. Out from the back stepped Iago... Clemente.. and Eldridge... The Ali Boys were here in jOlt Wrestling!!


A lone spotlight shined down upon them as they made their way down to the ring. Iago was as energetic as ever.. Clemente rallied the crowd while the El Train himself, Eldridge still remained as serious and composed as he's been known to be. Iago leapt onto the ring apron and flipped over the top rope into the ring as Clemente stepped through. Iago remained knelt as Clemente stood behind him and outstretched his arms, looking to the sky. Fireworks popped from the four ring posts and then the lights returned to normal as Eldridge remained at ringside.


The Boys went to their corner as Clemente would start against Eli. The bell then rang.

Match Summary
Clemente and Eli locked up in the middle of the ring and Eli went into a head lock, but Clemente went into a hammer lock and shoved Eli forward. He then taunted Eli who charged in, but Clemente ducked the clothesline, turned and hit a shoulder block, knocking Eli down. Eli popped back up and Clemente hit another shoulder block. Eli popped back up against as Clemente hit an inverted atomic drop, backed into the ropes and nailed a flying big boot to the face! Clemente popped back up to a "You Still Got It" chant from the crowd. Tag to Iago Ali which received a nice pop!

Iago came in and immediately charged in and hit a running senton on Eli. He turned and covered, but Eli kicked out. Iago stood and hit a pair of knife edge chops on Eli followed by a whip. Iago telegraphed the back body drop, but Eli kicked him in the chest and went for back drop suplex, but Iago flipped and landed on his feet. Standing Gamengiri by Iago followed by a cover for another two! Iago stood and hit alternating knee strikes before hooking Eli by the head. He flipped over backwards and sat out, driving the back of Eli's head into the canvas! He held him for the cover, but only got two again! Iago stood and made the tag to Clemente. Clemente dropped an elbow into Eli's lower back, preventing him from making the tag. Clemente then pulled Eli up and sent him to the ropes. Back elbow by Clemente put Eli down and he hit the ropes, coming back with a Running Leg Drop. Clemente stood and hit a second running leg drop then repeated it for a third time before covering and getting another two!

Ezra wanted the tag desperately, but Clemente stayed on Eli with a sleeper hold. Clemente held him down for a bit, until Eli got up and countered wiht a jaw breaker. Eli dove to his corner and tagged in Ezra! Ezra hit a pair of clotheslines on Clemente before whipping him to the ropes and hitting a running knee lft that knocked him down. Ezra then shuffled back and went for a super kick, but Clemente side stepped and got underneath Ezra, lifting him up and nailing an Electric Chair Drop! Clemente then signaled for the end and tagged in Iago. Eli tried to come back in, but Iago zipped past Clemente and drop kicked Eli to the outside! Ezra staggered back up as Clemente shot him to the ropes. Clemente lifted Ezra up for a flap jack while Iago nailed an Ace Crusher out of the the position! The 21K! Clemente exited as Iago made the cover and picked up the three!

Winner: The Ali Boys via 21K
Match Time: 9:21
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Man it's great to see The Ali Boys back in a wrestling ring.. especially here in this arena where they made names for themselves!

Jeff Hartman: You know what's also nice? Sitting at home and watching a Real Sex marathon. If I wanted to watch reruns of The Ali Boys, I would just watch my tape library and not sit here and see those reruns live.


Shayne Anderson and Laurie Williams were seen backstage in Anderson's office.

Anderson: I'm inclined to believe that everything tonight is going smoothly... which is why I'm going to need your help.

Laurie: You've been needing my help for weeks now. I hope you didn't forget about my compensation.

Anderson: Oh, trust me.. I haven't. How can I with the myriad of post-it notes you leave all over my desk each and every week. But be that as it may... this situation between Mike Patterson and Brian Williams is becoming quite explosive. I fear what may come out of tonight's match with we leave them unchecked. I promised myself that I wouldn't hold anyone down, but tonight, we may have to for the sake of The Hype. I got them officially booked at Wrestlecade II and if they tear each other apart tonight, The Hype's chance to shine on the biggest event of the year could be in jeopardy.

Laurie: I understand where you're coming from. I'll make the necessary preparations just in case they're needed.

Anderson: Good.. I hope it doesn't come to this, but I've regretably worked alongside Mike Patterson and I've gone up against Brian Williams. I know what these two are capable of and if they're left to their own devices, they may just end up killing each other tonight. I can't let this opportunity at Wrestlecade II just slip away like that.

Laurie: Relax. I said that I got it.

Anderson: Good. I don't where I'd be without you, Laurie.

Laurie: I hope that's not a cheesy pick up line. Aran Thompson is getting close to returning, after all.

The fans erupted in the background when Laurie said that.

Anderson: Oh trust me.. I meant nothing by that, but I owe everything I have right now to you. I just want to say thank you.

Laurie: You can thank me when you hold up your end of the bargain after everything is said and done.

Laurie walked away as Anderson sat back in his chair and sighed

Cerberus vs The Widow's Nest

Match Summary
The cage lowered and the bell sounded as Shi no Ryu and Araknis would start things off. Ryu and Araknis locked up and Ryu immediately hit alternating knee strikes, backing Araknis up against the ropes. Ryu went for a rope-assisted kick, but Araknis ducked and Ryu landed on his stomach in front of Araknis. Araknis picked up Ryu in a waist lock, but Ryu reached back and snapmared Araknis over into a seated position. Ryu hopped onto the middle rope behind him and nailed a drop kick to the back of Araknis' skull! Ryu with the early cover and got two. Ryu stood and waited for Araknis to stand. Heavy kicks found their way to Araknis' mid-section before he was whipped into the corner. Ryu went for a high knee, but Araknis countered by moving his head and lifting Ryu up onto his shoulders. He hit a running sit out powerbomb for two!

Araknis and Ryu got back up. Clothesline by Araknis ducked as Ryu went to the ropes, front flipping against them, looking for a handspring elbow, but he was caught with a deadlift German Suplex by Araknis complete with bridge for two! Araknis still had the waist lock on Ryu as he kicked away. Araknis pulled him up and placed him in a full nelson, but Ryu dropped down and kicked Araknis in the face! Ryu rolled into his corner and made the tag to Jensen Todd. Todd came in and LEVELED Araknis with a clothesline. He then pulled Araknis up and hoisted him up onto his shoulder. He then lawn darted Araknis face first into the steel cage! Araknis fell backwards, holding his face in pain on the canvas. Todd pulled Araknis up and ran him towards the ropes where he threw him face first into the cage wall again!

Muerte came into the ring but Todd hit a Pump Kick that knocked him down. He then taunted Wolf Spider who defiantly stepped into the ring and charged, but Todd went low with a Drop Toe Hold. He stood and backed up as Wolf Spider got back to his feet. Todd taunted Spider and when he stood, Wolf Spider turned around as Todd lifted him high into the air and dropped him with a Falling Spine Buster, showing off his power! Todd stood as Araknis and Muerte double teamed, beating him up against the ropes. Maddox St. James came into the ring and hit a ferocious Spinning Heel Kick on Araknis.. the Crimson Dynamo! Araknis rolled under the rope and up against the cage! This allowed Todd to fight back against Muerte. James and Todd then double team whipped Muerte to the ropes. They popped Muete high into the air where Todd nailed a HUGE European Uppercut that knocked Muete flat on his back. Todd moved Muerte next to Wolf Spider as James went to the ropes, hitting a running Senton on the both of them!

At this time, Black Widow came out from the back with Supaida by her side. They received boos from the crowd as Black Widow wanted to know what was going on. She yelled at her men to get back into the match and fight. This drew the attention of Maddox St. James and Jensen Todd as they both taunted Widow and Supaida to come into the ring. Wolf Spider got back up and Shi no Ryu came into stop him, but Wolf Spider leveled him with a lariat. This prompted James and Todd to turn around.. that's when Wolf Spider lunged in and took them out with a Double Run With the Wolves, cutting them both in half!

Wolf Spider stood and let out a bestial roar as all three members of Cerberus were down. Shi no Ryu staggered to his feet and Wold Spider charged in again, but Ryu side stepped and used Spider's momentum to shove him through the ropes and into the cage wall!! Araknis got up between the cage and the ropes and grabbed the top rope. He leapt up top and hit a springboard missile drop kick on Ryu, catching him off guard! Araknis popped up and went back to the corner. He climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad and took aim on Ryu, but Maddox St. James staggered to his feet and fell against the ropes, causing Araknis to lose his balance. Ryu then got up and charged the corner. He leapt up to the middle rope and hooked Araknis, but Araknis fought off Ryu with punches to the mid-section. Ryu stepped down as Araknis turned and hoped up onto the cage wall in the corner! He was going to try and make his escape!

Ryu immediately turned and went back up the turnbuckles. He stood on the very top, pounding away on Araknis' lower back. Ryu then motioned to the crowd for a move and he sprung straight up and nailed it..


Araknis flipped over completely and slammed down hard on his stomach in the middle of the ring while Ryu landed on his knees! A huge "HOLY SHIT" chant broke out in the crowd! Muerte pulled himself up, but Ryu charged in and hit a Flying Knee Stirke to his face, putting him back down again. James and Todd got back up and signaled for the Three Heads of Cerberus. They chose Wolf Spider and Ryu and James hoisted him up. Todd hit the toe kick to Wolf Spider, doubling him over. James stepped out between the ropes and the cage and grabbed the top rope. Ryu stood in front of Todd as James leapt off and nailed the Crimson Dynamo.. into the powerbomb.. into a lung blower by Ryu!!! Araknis was still down... Muerte was still down... Jensen Todd made the cover and they picked up the three!!

Winner: Cerberus via The Three Heads of Cerberus
Match Time: 27:51
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: That was a decisive victory! Cerberus wins the war against The Widow's Nest! They said earlier that they were going to target The Dead Cell next... after how they dominated The Widow's Nest here tonight, seeing those two factions clash is going to be epic!

After the Match
Black Widow can't take this anymore. She orders Supaida to climb the cage and attack Cerberus by himself. Supaida marched toward the cage as Jensen Todd, Maddox St. James, and Shi no Ryu stood there with grins on their faces. Supaida got about half way up the cage and then dropped down.


Supaida turned to Black Widow and shook his head "no" which got a huge pop from the crowd

Supaida then grabbed the top of his mask and ripped it off. He threw it in Black Widow's face and the crowd roared.

Supaida: I'm done with this! Feel free to burn that mask.. Jayshin Lee doesn't need it anymore!

Supaida has reassumed his identity as Jayshin Lee and turned his back on The Widow's Nest! Jayshin made his way to the back as the crowd chanted his name! Black Widow gripped the mask in her hand tightly and gritted her teeth in anger, but Jayshin Lee didn't care. He was done with The Widow's Nest once again!

Jack Wallace: Supaida wasn't happy with the way things were going last week.. this loss tonight and Black Widow sending him into a slaugher must have been the last straw for Supaida.. who is back to being Jayshin Lee!

Jeff Hartman: That is going to prove to be a mistake. He's going to pay for this... you don't simply walk away from The Widow's Nest and come out unscathed!

Mike Patterson vs Brian Williams

Match Summary
This was set up earlier in the night via an open challenge by Mike Patterson. The two of them collided at the bell as they both had the same idea of trying to pummel each other. Patterson pummeled Williams back into the corner, but Williams switched positions and fired heavy rights and lefts, combination blows, into Patterson's mid-section. Williams with a whip, but reversed by Patterson! Williams hit hard in the corner and when got sandwiched by a body avalanche from Patterson. Patterson whipped Williams across the ring again and followed that up with another body avalanche. Williams staggered forward as Patterson picked him up in a bear up and then rammed him back first into the turnbuckle pads. Patterson backed up and rammed him a second time into the pads. Patterson backed up and then tossed Williams with a deadlift belly to belly overhead release suplex!

Williams tried to get up as he held his back in pain, but Patterson stayed on The Hype Champion as he pounded away at his head with heavy right hands. He pulled Williams to his feet and switched to forearm shots that rocked him back. Patterson with a whip to the ropes where he picked up Williams and nailed a spine buster in the middle of the ring, but Williams popped up and pressed his forehead against Patterson's, daring him to do that again! Patterson, from that position, picked up Williams and slammed him down again with another spine buster, but Williams popped back up again and taunted Patterson to try it for a third time! Patterson lifted Williams back up, but mid-lift, Williams headbutted Patterson and he lost his grip on the champion. Williams then shoved Patterson back so that he bounced off the ropes.. Williams scooped up Patterson and nailed a Double A Spinebuster in the middle of the ring! Williams popped over into the cover, hooking the leg, but only got two!

Williams then mounted Patterson and punched away at him. The referee told Williams to back off, but he only did so at the count of four. Williams grabbed Patterson by the head and pulled him up where he hit a headbutt that caused Patterson to stagger away. Williams grabbed him in a waist lock and popped the hips, nailing a Release German Suplex, but Patterson absorbed it, stood and drilled Williams with a lariat!! Patterson quickly pulled Williams up, placed him in a waist lock and nailed three consecutive Rolling German Suplexes before pulling him up for a fourth, but changing it up to a Half Nelson Suplex!! Patterson went to the corner, climbed up, and hit the Frog Splash.. the Big Souix Splash!! He made the cover, but Williams kicked out of it! Patterson went to bring him up, but Williams countered with a Jaw Breaker.. followed by an Inverted Atomic Drop, followed by a running Big Boot! From there, Williams went to the corner, climbed up and nailed the Killer B Bomb.. the Swanton Bomb.. he covered, but he only got two as well!

Williams stood and taunted Patterson who staggered to his feet. Toe kick from Williams as he placed Patterson in the Pump Handler, but Patterson countered with a hip toss. Williams stood, turned, and ran into a forearm by Patterson that rocked him back to the ropes. Patterson charged in and drilled Williams so hard, the two of them spilled to the outside and down to the floor! At the count of four, Patterson got up, as did Williams. Patterson rammed Williams back first into the barricades, but Williams returned the favor and rammed Patterson back first into the apron! Patterson did it again to the barricades, but this time he hit a pair of shoulder thrusts and turned to head back to the ring, but Williams pulled Patterson back, lifted him and nailed a Back Drop Suplex on the edge of the guard rail!! Williams got back up and by the time he made it to his feet, the referee counted to Ten and called for the bell which caused the crowd to boo!

Winner: Double Count Out
Match Time: 16:44
Match Rating: ***1/4

After the Match
Williams didn't care that he just got counted out. He turned and mounted Patterson on the floor and hammered away on him, but Patterson pulled Williams to the ground, turned him over and began punching away at him as well! This was what Shayne Anderson feared as he and Laurie Williams ran out with an overabundance of security guards.


The security pulled Patterson off of Williams and Williams immediately got up and tried to go after Patterson, but the other half fo the security held Williams back. As security pulled Patterson up the ramp, Shayne Anderson apologized to Mike Patterson, who had a few choice words for him as he was dragged away. Williams gave up trying to attack and calmed down. Security let him go and he walked over to Shayne Anderson.

Williams: You need to make this right.. so help me GOD you need to make this right!

Anderson: Just calm down...

Williams: NO! YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS RIGHT! You have until next week.

Williams walked away as Shayne Anderson let out a sigh. Laurie Williams looked at him as Shayne pinched the bridge of his nose.

Jack Wallace: What is Shayne Anderson going to do about this situation? We'll find out next week! Thank you for joining us here on The Hype! Goodnight everyone!