"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Welcome everyone to The Hype! It's going to be a great show tonight. An Underground Tag Team match headlines our event tonight as Nate Quartermaine and Latrell Samuel take on Prince Samir and Kareem!

Jeff Hartman: Latrell and Quartermaine have had this coming for a very long time now. They have mistreated royalty for the last time. Tonight, Samir and Kareem will show them exactly what happens when you disrespect a prince!

Jack Wallace: I guess there's no point in asking for your predictions on the match, then?

Jeff Hartman: You can if you want to. It'll give me another chance to proclaim how great Prince Samir is!

Jack Wallace: I'll pass.. let's just get to the show before I have to shoot myself.

We open up backstage and see Alyssa Corliss on the phone. We can hear the faint sound of it ringing on the other line.

"Please pick up", said Alyssa

Faintly on the phone we can make out the voice of what appears to be a voice mail message.

"You're reached Sebastian. Sorry, I'm not available... please leave a message and I'll get back to you."


Alyssa looked as if she wanted to say something, but she couldn't bring herself to do so. After a few moments of hesitation, she hung up the call and held the phone close to her chest with a painful look on her face.

We see "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon walk into Shayne Anderson's office. Anderson was sitting at his desk going through some paperwork when he looked up and gave Le Bon a look that said "what do you want" on his face. Le Bon looked at Anderson and hesitated for a moment.

"This seems familiar.." said Le Bon. Le Bon then shrugged and continued. "Anyway... apparently, my amazing technical prowess didn't catch the eye of Jim Johnson so I thought that maybe you could talk to him... tell him what a wonderful talent I am and that my match on iNtense was the most talked about match on the show! Maybe you can talk some sense into him."

Anderson put down his papers and looked Le Bon right in the eye.

"Let me get this straight.. You went behind my back, traveled to iNtense... stormed into Jim Johnson's office, got a match and lost... provoke Jim Johnson even further to the point where he called me and threatened my job and you DARE come in here and ask me to call him back and negotiate?"

Le Bon shook his head and replied.

"You catch on fast! You know exactly where I'm coming from!"

Anderson grinned.

"You know.. I think I'm going to something better.. I think that I'm going to give you another match tonight. A match that's going to happen next... so if I were you.. I'd lace up those boots quick."

"What about Jim Johnson?" asked Le Bon. "Oh.. I don't think Johnson is going to be at the top of your list of concerns. Now get out."

Le Bon looked confused as he walked out of Anderson's office.

"The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon vs ?????????

Match Summary
Jon Le Bon entered the ring and looked back toward the entrance ramp as he wondered who his opponent was going to be. His heart sank a bit when it turned out to be Seraph!!

Seraph entered the ring and Le Bon looked worried. Le Bon slowly walked over to Seraph and told him to hold on for just a moment. Le Bon stated that he didn't want any trouble right before decking Seraph in the face! Seraph just looked back at Le Bon and Le Bon instantly realized the folly of his plan. Le Bon backed off slowly as Seraph charged in with a clothesline, but Le Bon backed toward the ropes and fell down. Seraph's momentum lead him into the ropes themselves. Le Bon got back up and hit a super kick that caused Seraph to roll to the outside! Le Bon then dove to the outside and got caught by Seraph. Seraph hoisted Le Bon onto his shoulders and went to toss him into the ring post, but Le Bon squirmed and Seraph went face first into the post! Le Bon then kicked Seraph in the stomach and nailed the Rockstar Stunner! Le Bon rolled back into the ring as the referee was up to seven! Eight... Nine... TEN!

Winner: Jon Le Bon via Countout
Match Time: 4:24
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: I can't believe it. Jon Le Bon squeaked by with a Countout victory of Seraph. He's two for two on The Hype.

Jeff Hartman: Believe in the ability of Jon Le Bon, Wallace. He has it all... looks, charm, charisma, athletic ability.. he truly is being wasted here on The Hype!

Post Match
Le Bon jumped up and down and celebrated his countout victory! He was sure that this would go over well with Shayne Anderson. Le Bon then headed out of the ring and to the back as quickly as he could, possibly to go bug Anderson again.

After Le Bon had left, the arena went dark and then glowed a crimson red. Out from the back walked a giant of an individual. He walked down to the ring and then around the ringside area where he looked at Seraph pulling himself up to his feet. This individual grabbed Serpah and then rolled him into the ring.

The giant man then grabbed Seraph as he stood. He kicked him in the stomach and then butterflied the arms. With a massive display of power, This man planted Seraph in the middle of the ring with a Tiger Bomb! The man got up and then asked for a microphone.

"What you see in this ring is an imposter. He walks around here claiming to be the monster of The Hype, yet last week, he couldn't handle his own against two common street thugs and tonight, he got outsmarted by a guy who weighs 150lbs soaking wet."

The man bent over and looked right into the face of Seraph.

"Sorry, son, but looks like the role of monster has been passed from you to me. Soon, people will forget who you are and all they will know is my name and my path of destruction. You should learn my name, too, because it will be the name forever burned into your mind each time you fail at being the monster you claim to be so remember it and remember it well.."

The man paused.

"The name is Magma"

Magma then dropped the mic and walked out of the ring. The people booed as Magma walked to the back and left Seraph laid out in the middle of the ring.

Jon Le Bon approached Shayne Anderson's office. He was about to enter when the door opened. Raevynn stepped out. Still sweaty, Le Bon stopped in his tracks and looked Raevynn up and down.

"Not bad. What's say you and I go get a victory coffee after the show?"

Raevynn looked at Le Bon and for someone who was into goth, even she was repulsed. She simply just walked away.

"All right! Got me a date tonight!", said Le Bon.

Le Bon then walked into Anderson's office where Anderson was on the phone. Le Bon walked over and pressed his finger on the receiver button, hanging up his call.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" screamed Anderson.

"Was that Jim Johnson on the other line?" asked Le Bon.

"No, but you just cost me..." said Anderson before he was interrupted.

"Then the phone call wasn't important.. what is important is that I.. Jon Le Bon... jOlt's Rockstar... has defeated your so-called challenge. So pick up that phone again and dial Jim Johnson.. it's time for this Rockstar to step into the limelight where he rightfully belongs.... and uhm.. could you make it fast? I kind of have a date."

Anderson grins.

"Fine.. I'll call Jim Johnson... and I will see what he has to say, but I'm not going to do it now. Right now.. I have to call back one of the biggest superstars in the history of this business and try to explain to him why he was rudely hung up on.. because I was in the middle of negotiating a guest appearance on The Hype next week. Once I do that.. I'll call Jim Johnson and when I do.. you can better believe that you're going to get exactly what you deserve."

Le Bon's face lit up.

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I knew I could count on you! You're the best Shayne! The best! Just one last question."

"What?" asked Shayne.

"What should I wear on my date tonight?"

"GET OUT!" yelled Shayne.

Le Bon got up and backed away, looking at Shayne with a "what's with you" look on his face.

Vogue Gonsalvez vs Desiree

Match Summary
Desiree was already in the ring when the lights went low. Vogue Gonsalvez came out from the backstage area to a decent reaction from the crowd. She marched down to the ring, stepped inside and decked Desiree right in the face, knocking her down. Desiree crawled on all fours to the ropes where she used them to get back up. Vogue walked over and tried to whip Desiree, but she was like dead weight. Desiree finally took off running and when Vogue went for a hurcanrana, Desiree fell flat on her ass and almost injured Vogue in the process. Vogue got up and began to kick Desiree as hard as she could in the side of her ribs. Vogue then grabbed Desiree by the hair and then spit right in her face to boos from the crowd. She then threw Desiree to the ground and went up to the top rope. He twisted off with a Sky Twister Moonsault and landed right on Desiree hard where she picked up the three.

Winner: Vogue Gonsalvez via Sky Twister Moonsault
Match Time: 3:01
Match Rating: 0 Stars

Jack Wallace: That match was bowling shoe ugly. We had two brand new starlets debut here on The Hype and I think Vogue Gonsalvez is a little upset that Desiree was, needless to say, wet behind the ears.

Jeff Hartman - Give me this match's length in time and I'll make Desiree wet in other places besides behind the ears.

Jack Wallace - GOOD LORD, man.. we don't have an R rating on this program!

Jeff Hartman - We do now!

We see Prince Samir getting warmed up in the backstage area when Kareem comes walking in.

"Tonight.. we're finally going to teach those pigs a lesson. I am much too important to be treated with this kind of disrespect. In fact, I should be The Hype Champion. After we win our match tonight, Shayne Anderson will have to take notice. He's due to make his decision tonight regarding the Hype Championship and I'm sure that once our hands are raised in victory, he'll see ho other option but to award me the title."

Kareem smiles and pats Prince Samir on the back as Samir grins and daydreams of the thought of being the new Hype Champion.

Alyssa Corliss vs Faith Hines

Match Summary
This match started out back and forth. A much better start that the last Starlet match. Faith gained the upper hand as she rocked Alyssa with some quick jabs. She went for a whip, but Alyssa reversed it into a Thesz Press. Alyssa then took control of the match and hit a few high impact moves for a couple of nearfall pins. Alyssa looked ready to deliver the Corliss Effect when Raevynn ran out from the back, slid in the ring and began to pummel Alyssa which prompted the referee to call for the bell. Winner: Alyssa Corliss via Disqualification
Match Time: 7:08
Match Rating: **1/2

Post Match
Faith rolled out of the ring as Raevynn pounded away on Alyssa. Alyssa slowly regained momentum and fought back to her feet. He then was able to toss Raevynn to the outside. Once there, Alyssa grabbed a microphone from ringside.

"What the hell is your problem!?", yelled Alyssa.

Raevynn wanted a microphone of her own and was granted one.

"My problem? Isn't it obvious? I saw you on the phone in the back.. making a call to Sebastian Saje. This was simply a warning. You stay the hell away from my man."

Raevynn then dropped the microphone and stormed to the back. Alyssa looked just about as confused as anybody else in the arena.

Jack Wallace: Did Raevynn just refer to Sebastian Saje as her man? I thought she hated Sebastian?

Jeff Hartman gets up from the commentary booth

Jack Wallace: Where do you think you're going?

Jeff Hartman: To go backstage and dress up as Sebastian Saje.

Jack Wallace: SIT DOWN

Shayne Anderson had finally left his office. He noticed Desiree sitting in the hall way, crying. Shayne walked over and knelt down next to Desiree.

"I.. uh.. saw the match. Look... I know that you're new here and that you were probably nervous. Don't let it get to you."

Desiree looked up, tears in her eyes.

"No.. I'm not cut out to do this. I thought I could be a wrestler. All I wanted to do was be like Aria Murphy. She's absolutely amazing and I look up to her like an idol. I just wanted to be like her, but I'm not even good enough to even be a wrestler."

Shayne looked at Desiree for a moment and then asked he a question.

"I know it's tough, but you've been trained to be a wrestler. You have what it takes.. you just have to take a beat before going through that curtain and put those fears aside."

Desiree looks up at Shayne

"Uhm.. please don't hate me, but... I kind of ... lied on my application. I was never trained."

Shayne stood up and covered his face with his hand

"Do you know what kind of trouble I could get into if I let an untrained person inside of a wrestling ring? Why did you lie?"

"I just wanted to be a wrestler so one day I could be like Aria Murphy.", said Desiree with a catch in her throat.

Shayne then got a brilliant idea.

"Tell you what I'm going to do. Next week, I have someone coming to The Hype. I'll introduce you two. He has a tremendous history in the business and I think things just might work out between you two. If you want to be a wrestler so bad.. we'll see if we can arrange for him to train you. Would you be willing to do that?"

Desiree sprung to her feet and hugged Shayne Anderson.

"Oh my God.. yes yes yes! Thank you so much.. I promise, I'll work hard!"

"Easy now.. we don't know if he'll agree to it yet.. I'm just offering a possibility.. not a promise, okay?"

Desiree nodded her head as the scene faded to black.

Cross the Hood vs West Texas Terrorists

Match Summary
After their loss to Seraph last week, they looked for redemption. They often claimed to be the best tag team, but now they're dealing with the team that rode alongside the former Relentless Champion, The Nashivillain. Cross and Ezra started off in the ring and right away, Ezra overpowered Cross into their corner. Ezra went to work on Cross to soften him and then made the tag to Eli. Back and forth, the Conway brothers used quick tags as they worked over Jackson Cross. Several minutes of this classic strategy played forth as you could see Machida Hood on the other side begging for the tag. At one point, Cross was about to make the tag when Ezra came in and knocked Hood off the apron. This allowed Eli to lock in an STF in the middle of the ring. Eventually, Cross broke free from the hold and made the hot tag... which was extinguished immediately by a massive spear from Ezra! Ezra and Eli both grabbed Hood by the neck and lifted him high into the air. They both knelt to one knee and slammed Hood with a chokeslam across their knees!! Eli exited as Ezra picked up the three in this one-sided victory!

Jack Wallace: Ezra and Eli Conway had disappeared for a while, but you wouldn't know that after what we've seen here tonight. They are back and back with a vengeance. They totally dominated Cross the Hood!

Jeff Hartman: Well duh! They are former main roster members. They're not greener than grass like some of these abortions running around here. Of course, they'd have an edge. In fact, I'm thankful that they're here because maybe they'll show up every one of these damn rookies and cause them to stop coming to work. Then I can finally enjoy myself while doing one of these shows.

Jack Wallace: Do you even listen to yourself when you speak?

Jeff Hartman: Of course! I have ears and they love the sound my voice!

Winner: West Texas Terrorists via Double Chokeslam over the knee
Match Length: 9:12
Match Rating: **3/4

After things settled down, Brian Williams walked out from the back with a microphone in hand. He entered the ring and waited for his music to die down. The fans gave him a lucrative welcome as expected for someone who is making their second appearance. Williams brought the microphone up to his lips.

"Last week, I had a debut match against Gabriel Gold. I thought that I was going to have a hard-fought althetic contest, but instead, Gabriel decided he would take a short cut. Doesn't matter, I still got the victory, but to me.. having my honor restored means much more than some hash mark in a win column. That is why, next week, I am challenging Gabriel Gold to a rematch."

This prompted Gabriel Gold to make his way out from the backstage area. Gabriel had a smirk on his face and he, too, had a microphone with him.

"Oh Brian, Brian, Brian. You're taking what happened last week SO personally! Listen... I don't need to cheat in order to get out of a match. I can beat you any time that I want. I simply did what I did because I couldn't stand wrestling you any longer. You, quite frankly, bored me to death with your... technical wrestling. I am a man with an exquisite taste when it comes to competition and, sorry to say, you don't quite fit that bill. Rather than put myself through that, I respectfully decline your offer for a rematch.. I'd rather have someone across the ring from me that isn't going to put me and these people to sleep each and every week."

In the distance, you could hear Jeff Hartman yell out over his head set "Praise Jesus!"

Williams then chuckled to himself.

"I'm boring, eh? You think that our match was boring so you ended it just to leave? I don't buy that for one minute, but I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll make it more exciting for you. Next week, accept my challenge and I'll make it an Underground Rules match... that way... you can experience all feeling and excitement of have a steel chair shoved straight up your exquisite ass.

Gold then smiled.

"Sounds like... fun. I guess I'll reconsider after all. See you next week... but be warned... you just signed your own death warrant."

Gold exited the stage and so did Williams once the coast was clear.

"Sky High" Latrell Samuel & Nate Quartermaine vs Prince Samir & Kareem

Match Summary
Nate and Samir started off in the ring, but as soon as Nate advanced toward him, Samir ducked out and tagged Kareem into the match. The two of them locked up and right away, Kareem used his power and size to his advantage and worked over Nate. This went on for a several minutes until the crowd rallied behind Nate and got him to turn the momentum back to his favor. Quartermanine hit a couple of high impact moves and looked for the tag which he got. Latrell came in and used some quick kicks to the chest of Kareem and then unloaded one to the side of his head for a two count. Latrell kept Kareem grounded and then went to the top turnbuckle. Samir had snuck a steel chair out from under the ring and smacked Latrell in the back! Latrell ate the canvas as he fell off the top rope and this allowed Samir to get tagged in. Samir put the boots to Latrell and then began to smack away on his lower back with the steel chair, but got scared off when Nate stepped into the ring.

This bought Latrell enough time to recover. Meanwhile, Nate hopped out of the ring and lifted up the ring apron, searching for a weapon. He found a table and set it up on the outside. Meanwhile, Latrell dared Samir to come back in, but Kareem did instead. Samir snuck in while Kareem ran the distraction, but it wasn't enough. Latrell nailed a super kick to Samir which kicked the chair he was holding right into his face!. Kareem then flattened Latrell with a massive lariat for his troubles. Nate rolled back into the ring and speared Kareem as he turned around! Nate then grabbed Kareem slid him out of the ring and onto the table. Nate then went up top and leapt off, nailing a cross body splash onto Kareem and through the table on the outside.

Latrell and Samir staggered to their feet and battled over the steel chair. Latrell won the battle as he jammed the chair into the mid-section of Samir which doubled him over. Latrell then swung the chair upward, right into the face of Samir! Samir was down as Latrell laid the chair on top of him. He went up top, took aim, and nailed the Sky High 450 Splash! It was academic from there as they picked up the win!

Jack Wallace: What a tag match! Prince Samir and Kareem get defeated once and for all and it was on their terms... they can no longer argue about getting screwed

Jeff Hartman: My liege! Nooooo!

Winners: Nate Quartermaine and Latrell Samuel via Sky High
Match Length: 22:31
Match Rating: ****1/2

After the dust had settled and the ring was clear, Shayne Anderson walked out with the Hype Championship under his arm. He walked down to the ring and grabbed a microphone from ringside. The people cheered him as he brought the microphone up to his lips.

"Last week, I stated that I was too distracted and had to deal with too many issues in order to decide what to do wtih the Hype Championship. This week was no different because I had to deal with a whiny pompous ass of a man... a girl who wasn't even trained that could, still, end up in jOlt getting sued... trying to apologize to a major wrestling star that I was trying to secure for next week as a special present for all of you great fans.. on top of all the day to day operations of making this show work."

Shayne paused for a moment.

"That's why I took the entire week to think about the Hype Championship because I knew if I left it for just tonight, I wouldn't have made the decision that I did. I looked at the roster and then I looked back to the tournament I had just a couple of weeks ago to crown our first champion. There were a lot of people that showed heart and determination in that tournament and quite frankly, with the abundance of people that have debuted last week and tonight, there just isn't the quantity of people who have poured their hearts into The Hype like those who wrestled in that tournament."

Shayne looked at the championship for a moment and then back up at the crowd.

"So therefore, my decision is that I am going to put this championship on the line in two weeks. I am also going to kill two birds with one stone. Two people will compete for this championship. There will be no tournaments.. no qualifyers, none of that. The two people I have chosen fought through the tournament already and have earned a fair shot at this title. The only problem is.. they can't stand one another and would tear this facility apart any chance they got."

The people began to cheer as they knew who Shayne Anderson was talking about.

"That is why in two weeks, their suspension will be lifted and I will settle their problems once and for all. In two weeks... it will be Sebastian Saje... versus.... Jeremy Ryan for the vacant Hype Championship!"

The crowd approved the decision.

"But that's not all. I am going to settle this issue once and for all between. The Hype Championshup will be contested in the match to end all matches. After this match, their issues should be settled once and for all. In addition to this being a title match.. Sebastian Saje and Jeremy Ryan will compete in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match... with UNDERGROUND RULES."

With that, Shayne Anderson dropped the microphone and walked out of the ring

Jack Wallace: I can't believe what I just heard. Sebastian Saje vs Jeremy Ryan in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match... with Underground Rules.. and the Hype Championship hangs in the balance. This will truly be the match to end all matches! It's in two weeks, but we'll see you all back next week for another edition of The Hype! Good night everyone!