"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Welcome everyone to The Hype! It's the final Hype before jOlt Presents Rise of the Legends live on Pay-Per-View. That event is two weeks away on Sunday, December 17th, but tonight we are going to have one hell of a show for you all!

Jeff Hartman: I'm just happy that we will be gone for a long time due to Rise of the Legends. I'm going to enjoy 3 weeks of solitude.. but then I know we only have a couple of shows after that for a holiday break and I'm really going to cut loose!

Jack Wallace: I hate to ask this, but what do you have planned for the holidays?

Jeff Hartman: I'm going to be sitting in my studio apartment in my underwear drinking spiked egg nog and contemplating putting my head in the oven and ending it all after leaving thousands of my unborn children dead and rotting on the apartment floor... you?

Jack Wallace: Spending the break in a mental hospital to try and get that image out of my head. I think we should just send it backstage where Dawn Cassidy is standing by with Michael Donavan.

Dawn Cassidy is standing by backstage with Michael Donavan. The people boo as Donavan doesn't seem to care. Cassidy brought the microphone to her lips.

"I understand that you called me here because you had an announcement to make about your contendership to the Hype title?" asked Dawn Cassidy.

"Yes, that's correct. After last week, I thought about it long and hard and I came to a decision. I am NOT going to cash in my contendership here tonight. Sorry to disapppoint you Sebastian Saje, but you will not have an opportunity tonight to lay your hands on me."

Dawn brought the microphone back to her lips.

"So if it's not tonight, when do you plan on cashing in your number one contendership?"

Donavan grinned as he looked at Dawn

"You see.. The Hype isn't the stage that I want to win the championship on. It's too small. For all that I have done.. for the five star matches I have put on.. there is only one stage big enough for this to happen. Therefore, I would like to announce that I will be cashing in my number one contendeship for the Hype Championship... at RISE OF THE LEGENDS."

Dawn looked a big shocked as Donavan continued.

"I will make history. This will be the first time when the Hype Championship will be defended on Pay-Per-View... and I intend to make that event even more historic when I become the NEW Hype Champion in front of the entire world. A moment such as that is tailor made for someone like myself. See you in two weeks, Saje. Keep my belt warm for me until then, will ya?"

Donavan grinned as he stepped off the screen. History has been made. The Hype Championship will be defended for the very first time outside of The Hype.. and on PPV at that!

India's Import vs Thw Widow's Nest

Match Summary
Samir and Araknis started off in the middle of the ring. India's Import sought their first win as a team and some measure of revenge as they take on The Window's Nest for the second time. Araknis and Samir exchange some quick offense between each other until Samir cheats with a thumb to the eye and a German Suplex for two. Tag to Ryan Raysor who comes in and takes control over Araknis, keeping him grounded, but Araknis will have none of it as he battles back to his feet and knocks Raysor down. Blind tag by Wolf Spider as Araknis ducks the clothesline, but he doesn't duck the Run With the Wolves (Spear) by Wolf Spider. It's a very close two as Samir leapt off the top with an elbow drop to break it up. Araknis tried to throw Samir to the outside, but Samir reversed it and threw Araknis out instead. Samir then ran and nailed a running knee strike to the side of Wolf Spider's head. Samir and Raysor went up to the top rope on opposite sides of the ring. Samir nailed Karma.. his Frog Splash and rolled out of the way. Raysor leapt off and nailed the Flip Switch.. the Shooting Star Elbow drop and picked up the three!!!

Winner: India's Import via Flip Switch
Match Time: 21:14
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace: You'd have to call this an upset, Jeff. India's Import gets their measure of revenge and bests The Widow's Nest here on The Hype!

Jeff Hartman: Now that's what I'm talking about! It's about time that they got a bone tossed their way! Seeing this is making me think twice about putting my head into an oven over holiday break... but I still plan on spilling my unborn children all over

Jack Wallace: AAAAAAAAAAND let's just move on to the backstage area where Nate Quartermaine is on his way to the ring to face Jeremy Ryan!

Nate Quartermaine is walking down the halls with a determined look on his face. As he passes a hallway, Jeremy Ryan runs out from behind and slams a chair right into Quartermaine's back! Quartermaine staggers forward and ends up falling into some staging equipment cases on the side of the hall.

Ryan charged in and drove a knee right into Quartermaine's stomach and then began to club away at him, but Quartermaine wrapped his arms around Ryan and drove him back first into the wall! Quartermaine punched away at Ryan's ribs while Ryan hammered away on Quartermaine's back. The two of them brawled like that down the hallway until Ryan grabbed Quartermaine in a facelock and used brute strength to toss him into a table with various items on it.

Ryan then leapt onto the table, breaking it. Ryan and Quartermaine then fell to the floor as Ryan continued to punch away at him, but Quartermaine rolled over and began punching Ryan. Nate stood and brought Ryan to his feet. He then whipped Ryan over toward the steps to the gorilla position and Ryan hit the steps with his knees, falling flat against them. Nate got a running start and drove his knee right into Ryan's back!

Quartermaine grabed Ryan by the head and dragged him up the stairs. The camera then shifted to inside the Hype arena as we saw Quartermaine dragging Ryan out onto the stage! The people cheered at first, but that turned to boos when Ryan had a surge of energy. He lifted Nate up and hit a takedown on top of the stage. Ryan got back on top of Nate and hammered away on him with heavy right hands.Ryan stood and grabbed Nate by the arm, pulling him down the entrance ramp all the way to ringside. Ryan then pulled Nate up, but Nate rammed Ryan back first into the ring apron.

There was already a referee in the ring waiting when Quartermaine rolled Ryan into the ring. Nate rolled in after him and our second match was under way!

Nate Quartermaine vs Jeremy Ryan

Match Summary
Nate went into a cover for only two. Nate stayed on the attack as he pulled Ryan up and tossed him to the outside. Nate then ascended the turnbuckle pads, but when he leapt up, Ryan side stepped and Nate hit chest first against the announce table!! Ryan walked to the time keeper's position and grabbed a steel chair. He waited for Nate to stand and when he did he swung the chair at Nate's head, but he ducked out of the way. When Ryan turned around, Nate grabbed the chair out of Ryan's hands and jammed it into his stomach, doubling him over. Nate then placed the chair under Ryan's chin and slammed his head down onto the chair backing.

Nate readied the chair and then clocked Ryan in the head with it.. it was a knockout shot!! Nate rolled Ryan back into the ring and made the cover, but only got two! Nate said he wanted to end it and went to the top, looking for the No Quarter senton, but Ryan got up and knocked Nate off his perch. Superplex by Ryan and both men were down. Ryan recovered a bit sooner and rolled out of the ring, grabbing two steel chairs and bringing them back in. He placed them on the canvas and pulled Nate up to his feet. He hoisted Nate onto his shoulders, looking for the Perfect Circle onto the chairs, but Nate wriggled free and hit an elbow to the back of Ryan's head. Nate picked up a chair, but when Ryan turned around he put his arms and up blocked the chair shot.

Ryan then grabbed the chair out of Nate's hands, but the force of the grab caused Ryan to stagger a bit. Nate quickly picked up the second chair and they both swung to the right! The end result was the two of them decking each other in the head with a steel chair at the same exact time! Both men were down! The referee checked on both men and neither were responsive.. he had to call for the bell! Winner: Double Knockout
Match Time: 7:15
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: This started as a backstage brawl and ended up spilling into the arena, but nothing got settled here tonight as both men knocked each other out cold!

Jeff Hartman: Okay.. head going back into the oven now.

In the back we see Desiree walking around backstage, heading toward the very same hallway that Jeremy Ryan and Nate Quartermaine just brawled in. Along the way to that hallway, she passed by Xin Xin Xiong who was leaning up against a wall. Desiree completed ignored him, but Xiong wasn't going to let Desiree go freely.

"You know that you have a match tonight, but you never bothered to take a look at who your opponent was. First you were sloppy at the end of the tournament, and now you even ignore your opposition. You truly have become a very poor student of mine." said Xiong

Desiree stopped and turned around, looking at X3

"Only because I had a very poor teacher" said Desiree

"You still believe that, don't you? Well.. let me tell you that something. Tonight I have brought someone new to The Hype. She is under contract with jOlt Wrestling because she has EARNED a contract. She didn't lie her ass off on hers because everything on it was true.. unlike yours. She also happens to be a SUCCESSFUL student of mine who has graduated under my guidance."

"Yeah, that's great. If you are trying to rub it in my face then you are failing, just like you failed to teach me properly. I am beyond your so-called lessons and tonight, I don't care if my opponent is Amber Ryann, Faith Hines, Vogue Gonsalvez, Alyssa Corliss, Callie Scott or anyone from the main roster. Tonight I will not be denied. I will show everyone that I was better off without you."

Xiong laughed.

"I'm happy you're fired up because your opponent IS my graduate student. Whether you'd like to accept it or not.. this is not a punishment or an act of revenge. This is simply me continuing to be your teacher as I am going to teach you several lessons all at the same time. "

Xiong walked off as Desiree stood there with a smug, yet, angry look on her face.

Desiree vs Kodora

Match Summary:
Kodora comes to us from Japan as she is a bonafide joshi wrestler who was trained and disciplined by Xin Xin Xiong himself. Desiree was about to find out what a successful student was all about. After the lock up, Kodora twisted Desiree's arm and from that arm's distance hit several quick kicks to her mid-section. She then pulled Desiree into a short arm clothesline, knocking her down. Kodora went right back on the attack as she worked over Desiree's right arm, knowing the she would need that for the triangle choke. X3 stood at ringside and watched as Kodora pulled Desiree back up to her feet.

Desiree fought back though. She hit a few forearm strikes and then hit a leaping enzugiri to the side of Kodora's head that staggered her against the ropes. Desiree whipped her across and he a spinning front roundhouse that took Kodora down, only getting two. She then gave X3 a smirk before pulling Kodora up, but Kodora charged and rammed Desiree's back into the turnbuckles. Kodora then hit a few shoulder blocks and then a flurry of chops, palm strikes, forearms, and jabs before she leapt up and drove her knee right into Desiree's face. Desiree was out on her feet as she staggered forward. Kodora then nailed a super kick that knocked Desiree flat out on her back.

Kodora when up top and nailed a Double Stomp right into the stomach of Desiree! Kodora looked to X3 at ringside and X3 gave her the nod. Kodora pulled Desiree up to a seated position and then trapped Desiree's head under her arm. He then drove her elbow into the side of Desiree's head repeatedly until she was out cold. The referee had to stop the match for fear of Desiree's safety. Kodora stood and looked down at Desiree. If there was ever a humbling on live television.. this had to be it. Winner Kodora via Knockout
Match Length : 8:12
Match Rating : **1/4

Jack Wallage: You know.. life is full of tough lessons.. and I believe that Xin Xin Xiong just taught one of those tough lessons to Desiree here tonight. The question that remains now is.. did Desiree get the message loud and clear?

Jeff Hartman: If not.. I can teach Desiree a lesson she wouldn't forget either! I'm all about bondage and discipline.. mainly bondage..

Jack Wallace: Don't you have an oven you need to stick your head into?

After the Match
Kodora grabbed Desiree by the hair and pulled her unconscious head up. She grinned as she muttered the word "Jakuteki" in her face. She then released Desiree's head and stood over her for a moment before leaving the ring and walking to the back with Xin Xin Xiong.

We cut to the starlet locker room where Jackson Cross and Machida Hood were standing side by side. Hood and Cross had a serious look on their faces as Hood began to speak.

"Eva since we remembered our roots, we've done exactly what we say we were gonna do.. and that's take out everyone put in front of us. So much that no one got the balls between there legs ta step up and try and take us on. We have become the alpha males of the tag team division here on The Hype.. right where we belong."

Hood then grinned and slapped Hood on the chest.

"That's right, my brotha. Ain't NOBODY can put us down. We have achieved our spot. We are the uncrowned kings of the tag team division.. an' soon.. those fools up in the exec offices are gonna take notice an' we gonna be on tv, chasing them tag team belts, son. An' tonight.. when we take on Sebastian Saje and Sayber.. we gonna prove ta EVERYBODY that we are the real deal!

"WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA" said a voice from off screen.

Mad Morgan and Shovel stepped into view.

"What lies beneath the surface of Brooklyn are nothing but miles of sewer and disease-ridden rats. So floats the trash of the city, lost in direction as it travels to an unknown destination... BOYS.. you two remind me of those sewer rats... scampering along with no true goal in sight.. no destination to behold.. but we can provide you with a destination... we can provide you with a fight for survival. We can..."

Machida Hood cut off Mad Morgan.

"First off.. THE HELL YOU TALKIN' 'BOUT? Rats and sewers and bullshit like that. Someone go upside your head as a kid or somethin'? Second.. we already beat your ass.. TWICE. We said we want COMPETITION.. not yesterday's leftovas."

"Man, fuck this.. let's get outta here before he put a hex on us or something'" said Cross.

Cross and Hood shook their heads and left as Mad Morgan stood there lost in thought. Shovel was drooling. The scene faded to black.

Cross the Hood vs Sebastian Saje & Sayber

Match Summary:
Saje and Hood started out. They went for a lock up, but Hood stopped it with a knee lift. Hood then brawled with Saje around the ring, getting the upper hand. Whip to the ropes by Hood was reversed by Saje, but Hood exploded out of it with a running body avalanche. Hood yelled out "That's What I'm Talkin' About!" as he fired hismelf up. He pulled Saje to his feet and brought him to his corner where he tagged in Jackson Cross.

Cross came in and pounded away on Saje. Saje was sent to the ropes, but ate a back elbow by Cross. Cross went for a cover and got two. He then controlled Saje with a sleeper hold, but Saje rallied back and hit a back drop suplex. Saje made it to his corner and made the tag. Sayber hit a pair of clotheslines and a back body drop. A drop kick then sent Cross to the outside, but before Sayber could dive, Hood came in and hit a lariat from behind! Hood stomped away on Sayber until Cross made it back in. They then hit a double team whip, but Sayber hit a double clothesline! Hood and Cross both rolled out of the ring.

Sayber hit the dive to the outside, but only took out Hood. Cross side stepped and kicked Sayber in the head, but Saje came around and hit a lariat on Cross! Saje rolled Cross back into the ring as Saje helped Sayber to his feet, but Cross hit a suicide dive and took them both out! Cross rolled Sayber back in and looked to end it as he measured up Sayber. He went for the Cross Breaker, the backpack stunner, but Sayber landed behind Cross and spun him around into a Sayber Driver for two. Saje and Hood got back to their corners as Sayber made the tag to Saje. Saje stood ready to strike as Cross got back up to his feet. Saje lunged in, looking for Lights Out, but Cross countered by holding Saje up and nailing a Turnbuckle Powerbomb!

Cross went to the ropes and nailed a running Yakuza Kick to put Saje down! Cover, but it was broken up by Sayber! Hood then came into the ring and clotheslined Sayber up and over the top rope to the floor. Hood and Cross double whipped Saje to the ropes, but Saje came back with a clothesline, but Cross ducked it, but Hood didn't. He countered by nailing the STO across the knee! Project 347!! Cross made the cover as Sayber tried to come back into the ring, but Hood hit a baseball slide drop kick and stopped that... one.. two.. three!!! Jackson Cross just pinned The Hype Champion!!!

Winner : Cross the Hood via Project 347
Match Length : 31:52
Match Rating : ****

Jack Wallage:WOW! This has to be a major upset. Two of Hype's main event talents were just beaten by Cross the Hood! Can anyone stop this team!?.

Jeff Hartman: I imagine anyone with a gun could.

Seraph vs Magma vs Harbinger

Match Summary:
The battle to determine the true monster of The Hype started when Magma and Seraph immediately hit a double lariat on Harbinger and knocking him over the top rope and to the outside. Magma and Serpah then began to trade punches with one another. They were the original two competing for that title in the beginning and they wanted to settle this themselves.

Eventually, their brawling would end up with Seraph being decked over the top rope and to the outside. When he stood, Harbinger charged in from around the corner and speared Seraph right into the ring post!! Harbinger then climbed back up, but was met with a punch by Magma. Magma then hit a shoulder block between the ropes and then a rope assisted DDT for two. Magma then grounded and pounded Harbinger, but while he was busy doing that, Seraph was recovering on the outside. Seraph grabbed a steel chair and brought it back into the ring with him. That is when Magma felt the sting of cold steel across his back.

Seraph didn't stop. he laid in chair shot after chair shot to the back of Magma, showing no remorse at all. Seraph then tossed the chair aside and then began pulled Harbinger up to his feet. He tossed Harbinger to the outside, but Harbinger landed wrong on his leg and began yelling out in pain at ringside. Seraph looked out as the ringside trainer immediately tended to Harbinger. Magma then rolled up Serpah from behind for two.

Seraph and Magma then battled back and forth with vicious punches until Seraph got the upperhand. He whipped Magma to the ropes, but Magma hit a shoulder block. Magma then picked up the very chair that Serpah used to pummel him with and then went to town on Seraph. Shots to the back, shots to the arm, and shots to the chest. Magma then finished it off be breaking the chair over Seraph's skull!!! Serpah simply fell backward as Magma made the cover and got the three!!

Winner : Magma via Chair Shot Flurry
Match Length : 22:16
Match Rating : ****

Jack Wallage: While Magma defeated both Serpah and Harbinger here tonight to claim the title of the monster of The Hype.. I'm getting word from right out in front of us here that Harbinger has suffered a knee injury when he landed hard on the outside. We see trainers tending to him now, but they're saying it doesn't look good. It looks like something more than a bad sprain.

Jeff Hartman: Yeah yeah.. you hate to see this happen, but alas, the show's over.. time to go on a three week vacation! VACATION BABY! YEAH!

Jack Wallace: A man is seriously injured and that's all you can think about. Now I really wish you stick your head in an oven. Guys, stay tuned to for all the latest updates as we learn more about the condition of Harbinger and the status of his knee. Until then, ladies and gentlemen enjoy Rise of the Legends.