"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the Hype Arena in Miami, FL where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! Last week, a controversial event happened when we saw Laurie Williams standing side by side with the Hype General Manager, Shayne Anderson. What did Shayne mean that he wanted to be a the sole manager of The Hype? Shayne is going to be joining us in the ring soon.. perhaps we'll get an explanation?

Jeff Hartman: Shayne Anderson doesn't have to explain anything! He has an agenda to prove to the world that he is a changed man and he doesn't want Damien Lee breathing down his neck! It's really simple, Jack.. he even stated that last week! How could you question a man who is trying ever so desperately to turn over a new leaf!?

Jack Wallace: And you really believe all of that? Do you even know who Laurie Williams is!?

Jeff Hartman: All I know is that if I were to sleep with her, her father would probably kill me.

Jack Wallace: On second thought.. you should hook up with Laurie Williams! While you do that, let's send it down to the ring as Shayne Anderson is set to make an announcement..

"A Team-Style Proclamation"

Shayne Anderson was standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand. The fans gave him a mixed reaction, but despite that, he stood there with a smile on his face.

Shayne: Ladies and Gentlemen... tonight, I have some amazing news to share with you all. Last week, we had an amazing tag team main event that was my brain child.. and throughout the night, various teams were all fired up thanks to the influence of our tag team champions, The Natural Athletes. It sparked an amazing idea! Since the Rookie versus Veteran Series was such a tremendous hit.. then tonight, I'm bringing that back.. tag team style!

The people actually cheered that!

Shayne: Tonight, The X Age and Broken Sanity will face teams of my choosing from the main roster... if they win, then next week, they will receive a Hype Tag Team Championship Match against the winner of tonight's main event where The Natural Athletes will defend the Hype Tag Team Titles against another team from the main roster of my choosing!

More cheers were heard.

Shayne: Also...

Before Shayne could continue, the CEO of jOlt came out from the backstage area to cheers from the crowd. Damien Lee walked up the ring steps and entered the ring.. he brought his own microphone with him.

Lee; Shayne.. care to explain to me why you're making these matches without my approval? I may be your assistant, but I am still the owner of this company.. your stipulation was to run everything by me first.

Shayne: Was this not a good idea? Judging from the people's reaction, they seem to want to see it... and so do I.

The people actually cheered.

Lee: I do agree it's a good idea, but you needed to run it by me first. If you were afraid I was going to turn it down, I wasn't. I like the idea of comeptition and I like seeing our veterans mingling with our rookies. It creates a dynamic atmosphere for jOlt and the jOlt Universe, but, it doesn't mean if you feel your idea is good that you should go off on your own without first consulting me.

Shayne: Understood... I won't let that happen again, sir. I got too ambitious.

Lee: So.. before I was about to come out here, you were going to announce something else.

Shayne: Uh.. yes... last week, the tag team main event stipulated that if Mike Patterson, Zane Roebuck, and Magma worked together, they would air out their differences here tonight in a triple threat Underground Rules Match... but I thought of something better. What if tonight.. the winner of that match faces Brian Williams next week on The Hype as the number one contender to the Hype Championship?

The crowd cheered that, too

Lee: Well.. they seem to like it and I agree that the three of them deserve a title opportunity. I approve that!

More cheers.

Shayne: Excellent. Ladies and Gentlemen.... We're going to kick off the Tag Team Series with our opening contest! Enjoy!

With that Lee and Shayne exit the ring! Three tag team matches. one triple threat.. a lot was on the line this evening!

Broken Sanity vs Trouble

Match Summary
Two weeks ago, Trouble fought The Natural Athletes and lost in a hard-fought contest. Here, they look to redeem themselves against Broken Sanity. Should Morgan and Shovel win here tonight, they will get a spot in a potential three way match against The Athletes next week! Shovel and Quo started things off as Quo locked up, but was easily powered onto his back. Quo shook his head and tagged Khadafi who locked horns with Shovel. The two of them powered around the ring, unitl Shovel had Khadafi backed into a corner. Swing and a miss and they change positions. Khadafi opened up on Shovel with heavy rights before whipping him across and hitting a corner clothesline followed by a running boot to the face after Shovel slumped in the corner. Khadafi pressed his foot against Shovel's throat and broke it at the count of four. Khadafi went back to his corner to tag Quo.

Quo came in and hit a running drop kick into the corner. He climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad and hit an elbow drop into the corner to the seated Shovel! He pulled Shovel out of the corner and covered, but only got one! Shovel shook his head as he got back up to his feet. Quo pounded away with forearm shots to no effect. Shovel turned around and dropped Quo with a headbutt. Quo stood and got dropped again in the same manner. Quo back up and Quo back down with a third. Shovel tagged in Mad Morgan. Morgan pulled Quo up and backed him into the corner before whipping him across. Morgan charged in and hit the body avalanche followed by the belly to belly out of the corner! Morgan made the cover after hitting The Mad Man Cometh, but only got two.

Morgan pulled Quo up, but Quo hit a back thrust kick, dropped to his back and kicked Morgan in the side of the face. Quo got up and backed Morgan into the corner. A mixture of chops and punches began a comeback until Morgan dropped him with a headbutt. Morgan laughed as he slapped the side of his head and waited for Quo to stand. Morgan grabbed him for another belly to belly, but Quo gave Morgan a receipt with repeated headbutts of his own, but you can't hurt what's not completely there and Morgan popped his hips and hit the belly to belly anyway! Morgan with the cover, but he only got two. Morgan stood and tagged in Shovel. Shovel came in as Morgan grabbed Shovel by the shoulder and jean shorts. Quo stood as Morgan hurled Shovel shoulder first into Quo, looking for the Battering Ram, but after a sick echoing smack, Shovel was out cold thanks to a Super Kick from Quo!!

Morgan grunted and charged Quo, but Quo side stepped and threw Morgan up and over the top rope to the outside! Quo rolled to his corner and tagged in Khadafi. Khadafi came into the ring as Quo went to the outside. Quo ran along the apron and took Morgan out with a Cannonball! Back in the ring, Shovel staggered to his feet. Khadafi charged in and hit the King Killa.. the Running STO! Khadafi stood and made a slashing motion across his throat. He pulled Shovel up, but Shovel shocked Khadafi by going for a back drop suplex, but Khadafi landed on his feet! Khadafi knelt down as Quo got on the apron and hit a springboard flying knee to the side of Shovel's head, dropping him down to a knee as well. Quo hit the ropes and nailed a suicide dive back on Morgan, taking him out again for the second time! Khadafi stood and quickly walked over to Shovel. He hooked his leg around the back of Shovel's head and twisted him down with his version of the Overdrive... Break Yo' Neck! Khadafi covered and got the three!!! Broken Sanity will NOT be getting a title shot next week!

Winner: Trouble via Break Yo' Neck!
Match Time: 9:45
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: WOW! When these matches were made, you could almost predict a triple threat rematch next week, but Trouble just shocked the world by defeating Broken Sanity here tonight! That means, IF The X Age are successful, it'll be a one on one encounter with The Athletes, but what if the main roster wins the Hype tag team titles!? After seeing this... what happens later tonight could be anyone's guess!

Jeff Hartman: Broken Sanity were the weak chain in The X Movement. Xtreme and Crucifix were right all along!


After The Hype returned from commercial break, "Shook You Like a Prayer" by Rock Sugar hit the PA and Faith Hines came out to boos from the crowd. She walked down to the ring and grabbed a microphone. Last week, after Desiree and herself lost a handicap match to Monica, Faith Hines turned on her friend and drove her face first into the canvas with the Butterfly DDT. Now, we're going to hear from Faith as to why she did this.

Faith: It has said that the Lord will not give us any more than we can handle... well, I'm sorry to say that's a crock and a half of complete and utter garbage. I was fine.. minding my own business when Desiree comes along and gets me dragged into her affairs with Monica. Had Desiree and I never been friends, Monica would have never targeted me to begin with. I had to ask myself.. what had I done to deserve this? They say the Lord has a plan for everyone.. why did those plans include me in such a manner?

The crowd sat there and continued to listen.

Faith: This is why I decided to take my fate into my own hands and alter my destiny. I wasn't going to let Monica bully me anymore and rather than passing judgment on a pitiful wretch like Monica.. I came to an epiphany. Desiree is the true wretch.. if I had never associated myself with her.. my tragic fate would not have befallen me. That's why, Desiree, it was a necessary evil to leave you in the middle of the ring, old cold, last week. Consider that a message... that I will no longer follow the path laid in front of me.. I'm going to follow my own path!

With that, Desiree came out from the backstage area to cheers from the crowd. Desiree stepped into the ring and grabbed a microphone.

Desiree: Do you even hear yourself? You're letting one little situation flip your ideals upside down. What happened to being the friendly caring person that you once were? The person that I loved to call my friend. You talk about the Lord.. well doesn't the Lord teach forgiveness? I'm willing to forget everything that happened last week if you're willing to just think this through. You're still my friend, Faith.. and togther, I know we can beat Monica.. I know we can shut her up. It's HER way that's wrong. Flaunting an attitude and bullying the starlets is HER mistake.. not yours.

Faith laughed.

Faith: The Lord? Yes.. he teaches forgiveness.. but I do not. That's part of what I thought about. When I thought about why I've been put here.. why I experienced the things I've done.. I remember the words.. no good deed goes unrewarded... well all I've done was do good deeds and every time I have.. I have been PUNISHED. It hasn't just been Monica... what about Alyssa Corliss? What about Raevynn? What about Vogue Gonzalez? All of them have stepped on me.. and viewed me as nothing more than the first step.. resting alone and cold at the bottom of a stairwell. Oh hey! Time to take that first step.. let's just run over and beat Faith Hines. Then when I put my trust in another.. my trust in you as a friend.. I get stepped on again by Monica. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF BEING STEPPED ON!

Desiree shook her head.

Desiree: You're considered one of the veteran starlets here on The Hype.. your longevity speaks volumes about you... but maybe the one thing your overlooking here is the fact that maybe you're the problem?

The crowd went "ooooh" as Faith twitched a little bit.

Desiree: Oh sorry, did the truth hurt you a bit? Maybe you've been stepped on for the past year and half is because maybe you're just not good enough which is why Alyssa Corliss, even though she's injured.. and Raevynn have moved up to the main roster and why Vogue Gonzalvez hasn't been seen is because the jOlt officials are getting ready to move her up as well. Everyone that stepped on you to get recognized did so because perhaps.. you're just not good enough to be on their level.

Faith gritted her teeth. Deep down inside, she knew that was the truth, but she wasn't about to admit it.

Faith: What kind of so-called friend talks like that to another.

Desiree: A friend who dishes out something called tough love... to get you to see what the problem truly is.. and despite my words.. I still want to help you fix it. I want to see you on Sunday Night iNtense where you rightfully belong.. not continue to remain here on The Hype. This isn't the right path Faith.

Faith clenched her fist.

Faith: And what gives you the right to decide which path is right? You're not in my shoes, girl. What are you going to do to set me on the right path? Train me? Yeah.. because it worked SO WELL with Monica, right? Just because you graduated Xin Xin Xiong's training class, doesn't mean that you're the second coming of Jesus like you think you are.

Desiree: That's not what I think...

Before Desiree could finish, Faith hauled off and slapped her across the face.


Faith then delivered a kick to the stomach. She butterflied the arms and drove Desiree face first into the canvas with the Butterfly DDT. No Faith in Humanity!! Hines picked the microphone back up.

Faith: Get off my path Desiree... and stay off.

Faith flipped the microphone to the canvas and exited the ring. She headed to the backstage area as the people booed her.

Cerberus vs The Widow's Nest

Match Summary
This has been quite the rivalry brewing. Tonight they will compete in a six man underground tag to try and settle the issues between them. Cerberus was out first and it looked like The Widow's Nest was going to try and get the jump here as they came out and attacked Cerberus from behind. Supaida, Muerte, and Araknis all attacked Jensen Todd, Maddox St. James, and Shi no Ryu respectively. Araknis pummel Ryu and threw him into the guard rails, Supaida did the same to Jensen Todd. St. James turned the tables on Muerte as he began to pummel him, but soon the numbers game caught up to him and the three of them held Maddox St. James in place.

Araknis and Supaida went to go back to work on St. James. trying to take free shots while they held him down, but Ryu and Todd recovered and fought them off! While the two of them brawled, St. James muerte, hitting his Spinning Heel Kick right to the face, taking him out with the Crimson Dynamo!! Muerte never expected it!! Ryu and Supaida made their way to the ring and Ryu threw Supaida in! Ryu got up on the ring apron and hit a springboard thrust kick to Supaida. The referee called for the bell which officially began this match!

Meanwhile on the outside, Jensen Todd hoisted Araknis up onto his shoulder, looking to lawn dart him into the ring post, but he slipped off and shoved Todd shoulder first into it instead. Araknis got on the apron and hit a springboard drop kick to Ryu's back as he was getting up from hitting the thrust kick to Supaida. Araknis stood and stomped on Ryu to keep him grounded. Supaida got back up and the two double teamed Ryu, whipping him to the ropes, but Ryu came back and hit a single leg drop kick to both Araknis and Supaida, knocking them down! St. James got up on the ring apron and Ryu made the tag, bringing him into the match.

St. James hit a lariat on Supaida, then one on Muerte, then one on Supaida, and another on Araknis. St. James whipped Supaida into the ropes and hit a back body drop. He whipped Araknis, but Araknis reversed it, but St. James came back with a running pump kick to the face of Araknis, knocking him down. Araknis rolled to the outside as Supaida got back up. Another whip, this time to Supaida, but Supaida leapt to the middle rope and went for a corkscrew body attack, but St. James side stepped and Supaided landed in a sitting position. St. James then stuck him in the chest with a stiff kick. He tagged Ryu who came in and hit a stiff kick. Take back to St. James as he hit a kick, tag to Ryu for another kick and tag back to James where this time they hit a pair of stereo kicks to the front and back of him twice before the both took off to the ropes and hit stereo shotgun drop kicks to the front and back of Supaida's face!!

The former Jayshin Lee fell over as St. James made the cover, but only got two. Jensen Todd got up on the outside and made his way onto the ring apron, stilling holding his shoulder in pain. Muerte had made his way to his corner as did Araknis. St. James pulled Supaida up and hit a few punches with the left hand before hitting a spinning back fist with the right, knocking Supaida back to a seated position. St. James hit the ropes, looking for a running pump kick again, but Supaida caught the leg, stood and hit a dragon screw leg whip. Supaida hit a pair of knee drops to the leg before running to the ropes, doiing a handstand and twisting into a senton back splash across the legs of St. James! Supaida with the cover, but he only got two. Supaida held onto James' leg and pulled him to his cornere where he made the tag to Araknis. Araknis gave instructions to Muerte and Supaida and they obliged. They dropped down and lifted the ring apron, pulling out a table. They slid the table into the ring as Araknis used a leg breaker submission hold to keep St. James grounded.

Muerte and Supaida set the table up on the neutral corner and exited the ring. Araknis released the hold and pulled St. James to his feet. He walked over to the table and grabbed St. James by the leg.. He then swung the leg of St. James into the table! James fell into a seated position against the table as Araknis gained some distance. He charged and hit a cannonball flip into the corner sending himself and James through the table!! Araknis pulled James out of the rubble and covered, but Ryu leapt up top and hit a flying knee drop onto Araknis to break it up at the count of two! Muerte and Supaida came back in and all three pummeled on Ryu until Todd came back in and began to even up the score. Jensen Todd clotheslined Supaida up and over to the floor. He got a running start, hitting a suicide dive to the outside! Ryu hit a series of kicks to Araknis before hitting a leaping back thrust kick, knocking him down. St. James hoisted Muerte up onto his shoulders as he looked at Ryu.

Ryu headed to the ring apron and hit a springboard flying boot to the side of Muerte's head.. when it connected, St. James spun Muerte off into a Flapjack!! Muerte rolled out of the ring and tried to shake off the cobwebs.. no pun intended, but Ryu got head start and hit a Tope con Giro to the outside, taking Muerte out. St. James, Ryu, and Todd came back into the ring where Araknis was surrounded. Todd stated they were going to finish him off. Todd delivered a toe kick to Araknis, doubling him over. He set up Araknis between his legs while Ryu headed to the apron behind Todd. St. James stood in front of Todd.. just what in the hell were they thinking!?

Todd lifted up Araknis to a powerbomb position. St. James fell to his back and put his knees up as Ryu leapt off the top with a Springboard front roundhouse to the face of Araknis! Todd then powerbombed Araknis on top of St. James' knees!!!! They called that move the The Heads of Cerberus! A "HOLY SHIT" chant came from the crowd as Todd made the cover while the others stood guard and they picked up the three!

Winner: Cerberus via The Heads of Cerberus
Match Time: 10:18
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: While only a table was involved, this match was everywhere.. the double teams and triple teams all took advantage of the Underground Rules and The Widow's Nest ended up on the short end of the stick!

Jeff Hartman: If I know Black Widow.. this will only be a set back. There's no way she's going to let this end like this.

Jack Wallace: Maybe you're right, Jeff, but even you must agree.. after that decisive victory, What will Black Widow have to do in order to come back out on top?

DefCon vs El Tigre Verde

After imposing a strike last week, DefCon was ordered by Damien Lee to compete here tonight. His opponent was selected to be El Tigre Verde. Perhaps Damien Lee selected him on purpose? We'll never really know, but Verde made his way out to the ring first and waited on DefCon. While DefCon's music played, he wasn't showing up. DefCon's music faded as the people booed. All of a sudden, you saw DefCon backpeddling from behind the curtain with Damien Lee right behind him with microphone in hand.

Lee: Yes.. that is your opponent that I selected. You have two choices.. either wrestle and end this strike nonsense... or you're fired. Simple as that.

DefCon asked for the microphone.

DefCon: You use threatening words, Lee... first you won't even give me a chance to give you my demands to end my strike.. but you threaten my job and force me to wrestle here tonight.. and you pick HIM!? Out of everyone on this roster.. you pick HIM!? Are you purposely trying to insult me, Lee?

DefCon waited for an answer, but Lee simply shrugged

DefCon: I'm not going to stand for this. I have been belittled and ridiculed since day one. I've been disrespected and admonished for no reason.. I've been screwed time after time after time because NONE OF YOU have the vision to see that I am the best damn competitor on The Hype today and when this green-clad freak got destroyed by me time and time again.. HE gets a title shot.. I got nothing. I had to beg, plead, and lower myself to get what I deserved and then Brian Williams cheats by using my own move against me.. how is that fair!? I HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO GO ON STRIKE!! But no... not anymore...

DefCon looked at El Tigre Verde.

DefCon: This is a set up. He's going to screw me again. It's all a conspiracy set up by you Lee, but I'm not going to let you manipulate me. NO MORE!

DefCon looked at Lee.

DefCon: You can't fire me, Lee... I quit!

DefCon shoved the microphone into Lee's chest and walked out. The people actually cheered that DefCon was leaving.. they even began to sing!

"Na na na na..... Na na na na... HEY HEY HEY! Goodbye!"
"Na na na na..... Na na na na... HEY HEY HEY! Goodbye!"
"Na na na na..... Na na na na... HEY HEY HEY! Goodbye!"
"Na na na na..... Na na na na... HEY HEY HEY! Goodbye!"
"Na na na na..... Na na na na... HEY HEY HEY! Goodbye!"

Lee smiled and the crowd quieted down as he brought the microphone to his lips.

Lee: It's no longer in my hands Verde. What can I say except.. your winner of the match via blatant forfeit... El Tigre Verde!

Verde shrugged as the people cheered. An easy night for Verde, but was this really the last we'll see of DefCon? With his current mindset, it was probably a high chance that he wouldn't be back.

Winner: El Tigre Verde via Forfeit
Match Time: n/a
Match Rating: n/a

Jeff Hartman: This is disgusting! You push and push and push a man until he refuses to be pushed any further and this is what you get! Way to go Damien Lee! Shayne Anderson would have never allowed something like this!

Jack Wallace: Maybe you should join him Jeff. I'm sure the crowd would give you a similar send off.

Jeff Hartman: At first, yes, but after a while, they'll all be craving a piece of this and they'll be begging to have me back!

"The Next Step in Evolution"

Marshal Stetton is backstage with "The Iron Lion" Tristan Cyan.

Stetton: Ladies and Gentlemen.. I'm Marshal Stetton and I'm here with Tristan Cyan who asked for this time. What's on your mind, Tristan?

Cyan: Ever since I stepped foot into jOlt, it's been no secret that I haven't performed well. Sure I have a couple of wins here or there, but for the most part, I've been on the losing end of a string of matches. I've sat down and I looked at every single one of my matches and I critiqued myself tirelessly and came up with the only answer... I am to blame because I'm simply not good enough so I decided that I'm going to step away and reinvent myself.

Stetton: Reinvent yourself? What are you planning to do?

Cyan: I'm going to refine my style. I'm going to come back stronger, leaner, faster, and more versatile. I don't ever want anyone to remember the name Tristan Cyan because in my mind, it's synonymous with failure. When I come back, it'll be under a new name.. a new persona... a new attitude... and I assue you... heads will turn and heads will roll.

Stetton: How long will you be away?

Cyan: For however long it takes, Marshal. I'm not coming back until I know I can be a legit competitor. When I come back.. I want that Hype Championship and right now.. I'm not at a level to where I can obtain it. That's what I'm going to fix.

With that, Cyan walked away.

Stetton: There you have it, folks... Tristan Cyan has decided to step away to refine his abilties. What is in store for The Hype roster when he returns? Let's head back to the ring!

The X Age vs The West Texas Terrorists

Match Summary
For the first time since the breakup of The Faction, The West Texas Terrorists returned to jOlt television! Sporting new blue and fiery trunks, the Terrorists seemed to be warming up to the crowd. They got a "Welcome Back" chant as they looked ready for action here tonight! Crucifix and Xtreme made their way to the ring and Xtreme was set to start off against Eli!

Xtreme and Eli locked up and immediately Eli powered Xtreme into a corner and hit a punch/chop combination before hitting a biel out of the corner followed by a drop kick that sent Xtreme to the outside! Eli looked fired up as Xtreme circled around and re-entered the ring. Lock up again and a headlock by Eli. Xtreme turned it into a hammerlock, but a paid of back elbows broke Eli free. Eli hit the ropes and hit a flying shoulder tackle. He hit the ropes again and knocked Xtreme down with a second shoulder tackle. Xtreme back up and he's whipped to the ropes. Back body drop telegraphed, but Xtreme hit a kick to the chest. Xtreme opened up with kicks to the thighs of Eli, then a back thrust kick that doubled him over. Xtreme hit the ropes, looking for a Shining Wizard, but Eli popped Xtreme up and nailed a Powerbomb! Cover for only two!

Eli tagged in Ezra who came in and the two of them stomped on Xtreme before Eli made his exit. Ezra pulled Xtreme up and sent him into the corner. Running back elbow found it's mark and Xtreme fell to a seated position. Ezra charged in, looking for a low drop kick, but Xtreme moved. Xtreme rolled to the corner and tagged in Crucifix. Crucifix charged in and pummeled Ezra as he stood. Crucifix tried to hip toss Ezra out of the corner, but Ezra blocked it and tried for the reversal, but Crucifix kicked Ezra in the stomach, hooked the leg over the neck and flipped out. Clothesline ducked by Ezra who hit a toe kick. He set Crucifix up between his legs and lifted him, but Crucifix hit a hurancarana and the two of them tumbled to the outside!

Xtreme ran along the apron and hit a running knee strike to the side of Ezra's head, but Eli came around the corner and ran over Xtreme with a lariat! Crucifix hit a leaping Enzugiri to the side of Eli's head before pulling Ezra up, but Ezra shoved Crucifix up against the barricades and hit a flurry of forearm smashes. Ezra pulled Crucifix back a bit and hooked him with a front waist lock... BELLY TO BELLY AGAINST THE RING APRON!!! The crowd started a "Holy Shit" chant as Crucifix landed on the back of his neck and shoulders!! Ezra picked up Crucifix and rolled him back into the ring. Xtreme tried to hold Ezra back to save this match for them, but Eli got a hold of Xtreme and nailed a German Suplex on the floor!!! Ezra got back into the ring and covered, but the distraction was enough to only get two!

Crucifix was helped to his feet by Ezra who hit a few more forearms before backing into the ropes. Ezra charged in and NAILED a sick Heart Punch he calls The Heart of Texas! Crucifix went down in a heap as Ezra covered, but Crucifix kicked out at the last second! Ezra stood and made a slashing motion against his throat as Eli headed back to his corner. Ezra signalled for Eli to come in as Ezra placed Crucifix between his legs. Ezra lifted Crucifix up for a powerbomb as Eli hit the ropes, but Xtreme slid into the ring and damn near Super Kicked Eli's head off! Crucifix slipped off of Ezra's shoulders, landing in front of him. Crucifix with a toe kick to double Ezra over. He then hit a low drop kick to the knee which put Ezra on all fours. Crucifix hit the ropes and nailed a Curb Stomp to the back of Ezra's head!

Crucifix made the tag to Xtreme who ascended the turnbuckle pads. Xtreme flipped off with the Shooting Star Press.. the Xtreme Measures.. and connected! Eli was still in the ring, though and he made the save at the count of two! Crucifix came back in and pulled Eli up, tossing him out of the ring. Crucifix and Xtreme then waited as Ezra staggered to his feet. Xtreme hit the ropes and hit a flying boot to Ezra's face that spun him around and knocked him off balance. Crucifix rode up Ezra's back and nailed a Crucifix Driver! Xtreme grabbed Ezra by the head and pulled him up. He lifted him into the air and nailed a Brainbuster Suplex! Xtreme made the cover while Crucifix stood guard! Eli came in, but Crucifix was there to stall him long enough for Xtreme to pick up the three!

Winner: The X Age via Brainbuster
Match Time: 15:19
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jack Wallace: The West Texas Terrorists are former world tag team champions, and The X Age just defeated them.. but the Terrorists didn't go down easy. Perhaps it was ring rust after being away so long.

Jeff Hartman: Landon Stevens is a GOD among men. His disciples obviously didn't measure up which is why he set them free! This is proof right here, Jack!

Jack Wallace: Well we know now that The X Age will get a Tag Team Title shot next week against the winner of tonigiht's main event. We still don't know who The Natural Athletes will be facing. It could be anyone!

"Looking Ahead"

Mike Patterson was seen walking backstage when he came across Hype Champion Brian Williams.

Patterson: Hey.. I just want to say that I hope you destroy Gabriel Gold in your match tonight.

Williams: Wishing me luck? This is rather odd of you.

Patterson: Maybe so... but when I weight the scenario.. you are the one I want to face for the Hype Championship. Ever since you beat me and put an end to The X Movement, it's been a chip on my shoulder I just can't remove. With the new stipulation that my match tonight is for the number one contendership, I'm more motivated than ever. Zane Roebuck and Magma don't even stand a chance at this point. When I win that match, I want to face you.. so I expect you to do everything in your power to make sure Gabriel Gold doesn't get that title tonight.

Williams: Gabriel Gold and I go way back to the beginning of The Hype. He and I broke into jOlt together. I know what he's capable of.. just like he knows what I'm capable of, but I have something new tonight he doesn't know about so don't worry.. this title isn't going anywhere.

Patterson: I hope not. I saw what happened on iNtense last week with Jesse Ramey. Try not to give The Hype another black eye.

The crowd was heard going "OOOOHH" in the background.

Williams: The only black eye that I intend on giving will be the one to your face WHEN we meet. Count on that.

Williams walked away as Patterson grinned. He knew he got Williams fired up and just increased his chances at the match he's been wanting for a while.

Mike Patterson vs Zane Roebuck vs Magma

Match Summary
This was a triple threat match with underground rules to settle the differences between these three, but now, it was for the number one contendership to the Hype Championship. Just like last time, Zane Roebuck waited to see what Patterson and Magma were going to do. All three had issues with each other and last time it was Patterson that made the first move. This time, the two of them waited for Roebuck. Roebuck took a step forward and then turned a 180 and exited the ring. Knowing there were no countouts, he decided he was going to chill out on the outside. Patterson gritted his teeth and Roebuck's plan worked because Magma clubbed Patterson from behind with an Axe Handle Smash!

Magma spun Patterson around and decked him with heavy forearms into the corner. Whip to the opposite side where Patterson staggered forward, almost getting caught with a Sidewalk Slam, but Patterson elbowed Magma's arms and hit a knee lift, doubling him over. Patterson placed Magma between his legs, but Magma countered with a back body drop, but Patterson immediately popped back up and nailed Magma with a Spear!!! He turned and looked at Roebuck and dared him to come into the ring! Roebuck looked around as if he were expecting someone to help him, but no one was there. Patterson exited the ring and gave chase as Roebuck ran around ringside.

Roebuck slid back into the ring and made a cover on Magma and got one before he had to roll off because Patterson came in to break up the pin, but he ended up dropping an elbow on Magma instead. Roebuck hit the ropes and tried for a Flying Cross Body, but Patterson caught him in his arms. Patterson lifted Roebuck with a military press, but Roebuck wriggled his way free and landed on top of Magma with a pseudo double foot stomp. Roebuck then leapt onto Patterson's back, but Patterson whipped him over with a snapmare. Patterson backed into the ropes and then went low with a running shoulder tackled into Roebuck's back!!!!

Patterson stood and surveyed the damage. Roebuck and Magma were down so he exited the ring and grabbed a table from underneath it. He set it up on the outside and rolled back in. He grabbed Roebuck and pointed to the outside as he placed him between his legs. Patterson lifted Roebuck and ran forward.. he threw Roebuck over the top rope through the table on the outside to a Holy Shit chant from the crowd! Magma, however, grabbed Patterson from the ground and rolled him up with a school boy only getting two! Patterson and Magma stood and Magma opened up with punches that rocked Patterson back against the ropes. Magma gained speed and clotheslined Patterson to the outside. Magma followed where he picked up the steel steps and ran them into Patterson, knocking him down. Magma tossed the top half away and grabbed the bottom half.

Magma grabbed Patterson and stepped onto the ring steps. He set him up for the Volcanism, but Patterson hit a back body drop off the steps and Magma landed hard on the floor. Patterson had an idea and walked towards the barricades. He got a running start and leapt onto the steps, hitting a running version of the Big Sioux Splash on Magma on the outside! The Frog Splash did its damage as Patterson stood up holding his abdomen. Patterson pulled Magma to his feet and rolled him back into the ring. Patterson climbed onto the apron then up to the top turnbuckle. Patterson with another Big Sioux Splash, but this time, Magma rolled out of the way! Patterson popped up as Magma hit the ropes and kicked Patterson in the face with a running big boot!

Magma went back to the outside and brought the bottom half of the steps into the ring. He climbed back up as Patterson was on all fours. He grabbed Patterson and simply threw him on to of the steps. Magma backed into the ropes and stepped up onto the ring steps before coming down with a leg drop, but Patterson moved and Magma ate nothing but the steps! Magma stood up holding his leg in pain as Patterson hit the ropes. Patterson nailed the Spear again and Magma landed on top of the steps!!! Patterson grabbed Magma and pulled him up. He placed him between his legs and lifted him into position, nailing the Cradle Piledriver... the Trailer Vision, but as he hit this, unbeknownst to Patterson, Roebuck was climbing up onto the apron and up top! Patterson covered as Roebuck flipped off with The SOL.. the top rope moonsault, but at the count of one, Patterson saw it and moved and Roebuck slammed down on top of Magma!

Roebuck popped up as Patterson hit the ropes, almost cutting Roebuck in half with another Spear! Patterson covered Magma once again and picked up the three! Patterson is your number one contender to the Hype Championship!

Winner: Mike Patterson via Pinfall
Match Time: 14:01
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jack Wallace: Mike Patterson could not be denied tonight! He will now face either Brian WIlliams or Gabriel Gold next week for the Hype Championship! If this is the Mike Patterson we're going to see in next week's match, we could have a new champion on our hands!

"Scarlet Rain Will Fall"

The jOltvision flickered to life. It showed a barren field under a dark sky. It was obvious that a storm was overhead. The camera focused on the ground and instead of rain we saw blood hitting the ground. The blood rain intensified until we saw a crimson boot step down in front of the camera.

A wide panoramic shot showed a female in the distance as the blood rained heavily across the barren field. The camera quickly raced toward the femal figure and zoomed in on her face. Her eyes snapped open and she sported a grin as the rain made it appear as if she were crying crimson tears.

A woman's laughter could be heard in the background as the screen faded to black.

The name Sarkhaya appeared and then "Coming Soon" came underneath it. The crowd applauded the fact that there was a new starlet coming to The Hype.

We switch backstage and we see someone who was haven't seen in a while...


The crowd cheered even louder when Kodora came onto the screen. She was watching that video trailer with her arms cross.

"Hmph" said Kodora

She then turned and walked away.

Brian Williams(c) vs Gabriel Gold

Match Summary
These two had a long history with each other. They knew each other well and Gabriel Gold, after seeing Williams fall on iNtense to Jesse Ramey, Gold felt that he had a legitimate shot at capturing the championship. The two of them locked up in the center of the ring, but Gold immediately went into the waist lock. Williams broke the grip and performed a standing switch. He picked Gold up and planted him into the canvas and locked in a headlock, but Gold twisted out of it and stood, backing away from Williams grinning. They locked up again and Gold went into the waist lock for a second time, but this time, he went low and hit a double leg drop. Elbow to the back missed! Gold stood and got hit with a clothesline! Gold back up and down again to another clothesline. Gold up and whipped to the ropes, but Gold held on. Williams charged in and Gold made him eat a back elbow. Second rope moonsault by Gold.. caught by Williams! Gold slipped off behind Williams and shoved him into the ropes. Williams held on and Gold rolled to his feet. Clothesline by Gold ducked and Williams caught him off the rebound with a Powerslam! Cover and only two!

The crowd applauded the opening sequence, but Williams didn't let Gabriel go. He applied a rear naked choke in the middle of the ring! Gold shimmied his lower body and eventually was able to put his foot on the bottom rope. Williams broke the hold and pulled Gold to his feet, tagging him with a heavy right that staggered him away. Williams stepped in with another right and Gold backed into a corner. Williams with a whip across the ring and he followed Gold it. Boot up by Gold, but Williams grabbed the leg and shoved it away and nailed a corner lariat to Gold, knocking him into a seated position. Williams headed to the corner and charged in, looking for the cannonball, but Gold moved and Williams at the turnbuckles!!

Gold pulled Williams up to his feet and stood between Williams and the corner. Gold wrapped his arm around Williams' neck and pulled him face first into the turnbuckles! Gold hit the opposite side and charged in, hitting a double running knee to Williams' upper back! Gold repeated this two more times before putting Williams in a waist lock and switching it up to a Back Drop Suplex! Gold climbed the turnbuckles and hit The Golden Elbow.. the Frog Elbow Drop. He covered, but Williams powered out of it.

A shot backstage showed Mike Patterson watching this match very closely. Back inside the ring, Gold taunted Williams to stand. Once Williams was vertical, Gold hit the ropes, but Williams lunged in and grabbed Gold by the neck with his hand. Williams then got Gold between the legs and lifted him into a Military Press. He then let Gold free fall as Williams hit his back, driving both knees into his stomach with a Press Gut Buster! Gold popped up holding his stomach in pain as Williams stood and hit a leg sweep. Williams to the ropes where he hit a running senton backsplash. He covered Gold, but only got two. Williams stood and grabbed Gold by his short hair, pulling him up. A Scoop Slam put him back down and Williams headed to the corner, but Gold got up and knocked Williams legs out from under him. Gold climbed up top and hooked Williams for a Superplex, but Williams fought off and Gold stepped down off the top. Williams went for a top rope Double Axe Handle, but Gold leapt up and drop kicked him out of mid-air!!

Gold with the cover, but he only got two, but he quickly turned Williams over, mounted him from behind then rolled onto his back with a Rear Naked Choke with a Body Scissors... The Silence is Golden submission!! The only problem was Williams was way too close to the ropes and he got a hold of them but Gold wasn't letting go. He broke it on the count of four amidst the admonishment from the referee. Gold stood and stomped down on Williams before he pulled him up into the corner. Gold with a series of chops before hoisting the champion up top. Gold looked for the Superplex again and this time he found it! Gold made the cover and got a very close two count. Mike Patterson was seen backstage again gritting his teeth. He really wants Williams to pull this one out.

Gold stands up and signals he wants to put an end to this match. He waits for Williams to stand as he backs into the ropes, looking for the Tornado Armbar.. Gabriel Gold Wins, but Williams counters it with a Spinning Side Slam! Williams stands as Gold wobbles to his feet. Pair of clothleslines puts Gold down. Whip to the ropes and a pop up powerbomb from Williams! Williams elects not to go for the cover. Instead he pulls Gold up and places him in a Pumphandle.. nailing the Pumphandle Neck Breaker.. the Welcome to Williams street! Williams heads to the corner and is slow to get up. He musteres the energy to make it up top and flips off with the Senton... Killer B Bomb connects! He covered, but Gold shocks the world and kicks out at two!!

Williams stands and places Gold between his legs, looking for The Downfall. He lifts Gold, but Gold reverses it and hits a back body drop! Gold lunged in with a Super Kick to a kneeling Williams as he was getting up! Williams fell against the ropes and that made it easy for Gold to pull him up. He grabbed Williams in an inverted face lock driving him down with a back breaker into the knee followed by a Hangman's Neck Breaker.. .Doubled in Value! Gold covers and now it is Williams that refuses to die! Gold is about to pull his hair out when he stands and waits for Williams. Williams goes vertical as Gold backs into the ropes, but Williams turns and damn near decapitates Gold with a lariat from the ninth layer of hell itself! Williams picks up Gold onto his shoulders in an inverted fireman's carry. He then tilts Gold over and sits out with a Piledriver!! Williams hits a new finisher he calls One Man's Requiem. He makes the cover and gets the three!

Winner: Brian Williams via One Man's Requiem
Match Time: 30:05
Match Rating: ****1/4

Jack Wallace: HOLY HELL What a move.. Brian Williams really meant it when he had something new. Gabriel Gold was driven into next week with that!


Jack Wallace: Ripping off one of the best commentators alive today isn't going to make you better, Jeff

Jeff Hartman: I was hoping I could get forwarded some BBQ Sauce.. I'm having a BBQ for the Superbowl.

"The Next Step"

"Things are going well, aren't they?" said Laurie Williams as she stepped into view.

Shayne: Yes.. your picks for the tag teams was very splendid. That reminds me.. who did you pick to face The Natural Athletes?

Laurie leaned over and whispered into Shayne's ear.

Shayne: WOW! That's going to be an epic match! When Damien Lee sees this.. he's going to be so impressed, he may just leave me to run The Hype by myself! You really are the daughter of Black Tom Williams!

Laurie: Well.. I would hope so. So.. Shayne.. tell me.. what are you REALLY plotting?

Shayne: What do you mean?

Laurie: Come on.. the good guy act? Turning over a new leaf? My father could see through that from a mile away... and so can I. What is your own true goal here on The Hype? Power? Money? What is it?

Shayne: You'd think that I have a hidden agenda... I honestly don't. I really am trying to turn over a new leaf here. As cliche as it sounds.. that is what I desire the most. I want to redeem myself, but I need a back up think tank to help me get there... that's why I hired you.

Laurie: Just remember what my price is, though. You did agree to pay it after all.

Shayne: Yes.. I know. I haven't forgotten. I'll make good on it.. I promise.

Laurie: Everything's good then.

Laurie smiled and walked away, leaving Anderson to sit there with a smile on his face.

The Natural Athletes(c) vs The Heirs of Wrestling

Match Summary
They wanted a challenge. They were going to get one. One of the most decorated and highly accomplished tag teams in jOlt were selected to test the Athletes. The crowd was seeing a Hype dream match unfold before their eyes. The bell rang and all of a sudden..


Xtreme and Crucifix jumped Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway from behind with steel chairs before the bell could even finish ringing! Xtreme swung the chair over Gallway's back while Crucifix did the same on Frank Silver. The referee threw out the match, but the Athletes weren't going to let them get away with it, but Xtreme and Crucifix escaped out of the ring and Xtreme grabbed a microphone.

"That's all it takes is one little tap.. and the match is over! We're not letting The Heirs of Wrestling take what is now rightfully ours. Next week, we want to make sure you two are still the champions because WHEN we take those titles from you.. we want to be the ones to end your reign."

Xtreme dropped the microphone and the two of them backpeddled to the back. The crowd was livid at the two of them for ruining the main event. The Athletes helped The Heirs up and the four fo them stood there and shook their heads.

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Disqualification
Match Time: 0:01
Match Rating: n/a

Jack Wallace: The X Age just ruined a main event of epic proportions.. all for the sake of being greedy. I really hope that they get their asses handed to them next week because of this.

Jeff Hartman: Are you kidding me? Look at the time! We were about to go into overtime with this match. They saved me from having to sit here longer than I had to! I LOVE The X Age... remind me to send them a fruit basket.

Jack Wallace: We are out of time, ladies and gentlemen.. thank you for joining us.. we'll see you all next week!