"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Welcome everyone to The Hype! It has been two months in the making, but here tonight, we are going to have The Match to End All Matches. Tonight, Sebastian Saje and Jeremy Ryan will compete one on one in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match with Underground Rules and it will be for the vacant Hype Championship!

Jeff Hartman: How many more times are you going to shill that stupid tagline? The match to end all matches, mee mee meh merrr. You should like a friggin robot.

Jack Wallace: Say, Jeff? How much longer until you get arrested for liking underage girls?

Jeff Hartman: Nice deflection, Mr. Roboto... besides.. I'm not even from Memphis.

Jack Wallace: Let's send it backstage before we get raided by the FBI.

Sebastian Saje is backstage and the crowd in the background pops wildly. He's taping up his wrists and getting ready for the big match later tonight when Raevynn steps into view. Sebastian looks up at Raevynn and then goes back to taping his wrists as if she's not even there.

"Uhm.. I know that.. well... you said that... uhm.. that I was dead to you.. but... I wanted to talk ab..."

Before Raevynn could continue Sebastian cut her off.

"I don't need you to talk about anything. I watched The Hype last week from the comfort of my own home. About all I could do seeing how our illustrious leader suspended me for something that came to a head all because you didn't want to accept my greeting. When I look back and I think about how all of this started.. I realize it all started with you, didn't it? You caused a chain reaction that got me suspended and now I'm in a situation that is bittersweet because it is my goal to be Hype Champion, but not this way. So no matter what you have to say is really going to matter right now"

Raevynn looked a bit scared. She wanted to slap him as her androphobia would dictate, but she mustered up all the strength in the world to suppress that and mutter the words she wanted to mutter since day one.

"S..Se... s. Seb.. Sebastian.. I.. I.. "

Raevynn closed her eyes and just yelled it.


Raevynn gasped for air as if she were having an anxiety attack. Sebastian just stood there and shook his head.

"Good for you, but I still consider you dead to me"

The crowd actually booed Saje for that as he walked away and left Raevynn there breathing heavily and shaking.

Cross the Hood vs West Texas Terrorists

Match Summary
Hood and Eli started off in the ring. The two of them began to brawl around the ring, trading strikes and blows with each other until Eli got Hood against the ropes and clotheslined him to the outside. Eli followed Hood out there and chopped him around ringside toward the announce position. Eli bounced Hood's head off the announce table and rolled him back into the ring for two. He made the tag to Ezra, but Cross came in and superkicked Ezra in the face. Cross went back to his corner and Hood got the tag. Cross came in and began to keep Ezra grounded. Cross then taunted Eli on the apron who tried to come in, but the referee stopped him. Hood and Cross used a couple of double team moves on Ezra behind the referee's back and Cross made a cover for two. Cross and Hood then used quick tags back and forth to keep Ezra from getting out of the ring. Eventually, Ezra broke free and made the hot tag to Eli who came in and cleaned house. Eli knocked Cross off the ring apron as Ezra went to the outside and speared Cross on the floor. Eli got a full head of steam and slammed his arm right into Hood's chest that flipped him inside out. It was Southern Justice.. a huge lariat and Eli picked up the three.

Winner: West Texas Terrorists via Southern Justice
Match Time: 15:36
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Looks like Cross the Hood's claims of being unstoppable were put to rest for a second time by the West Texas Terrorists

Jeff Hartman: I think they just got lucky. Nobody can beat Cross the Hood fair and square... they cheated! Ezra hit Cross on the outside! The referee is an idiot for not DQing them right there for that! Southern INjustice is more like it.

Jeremy Ryan was seen walking through the halls when he came across Alyssa Corliss standing around. Alyssa and Ryan made eye contact and Alyssa didn't look amused. Ryan cockily walked over to Alyssa and put his hand on the wall as he leaned in to her.

"You smell nice tonight. It's a pity that you decided to run off to be with that godless pretty boy, Sebastian Saje, but don't think for one second that you and I are through. I made that crystal clear last month and just because I was suspended for a few weeks doesn't change that fact one bit."

"Oh, don't worry", said Alyssa. "After everything you said and done, I am more than confident that Sebastian Saje will put a permanent end to you. Tonight he not only fights for The Hype Championship.. he fights to end you once and for all and I am going to enjoy every... single... minute of it." Ryan grinned as he leaned in uncomfortably close to Alyssa.

"That's funny.. but you know what else is funny? The fact that Shayne Anderson is securing your safety tonight because for that remark, my fist would have found a way through your skull by now.. and after I kill Sebastian Saje and become Hype Champion.. nothing is going to stop me.. you understand what I'm saying?"

Ryan laughed to himself as he walked off, Alyssa just stared at him with disgust as he walked away.

Prince Samir vs "Picture Perfect" Jack Dawn

Match Summary
A rematch from last week, however, this time, Kareem is barred from ringside. Right away, Dawn opened up on Samir and grounded him pretty quickly. He picked up Samir and threw him into the turnbuckles where he ascended and rained down ten fists to the skull as the crowd chanted along in unison. Dawn sent Samir to the other corner, but Samir grabbed the rope and pulled himself to the outside. Dawn gave chase as Samir backed off and pleaded with him to drop, but Dawn ran him down with a clothesline. Dawn rolled him back into the ring and only got two. Dawn brought Samir up and planted him with a powerbomb and then signaled for the end. He pulled Samir up and placed him on his shoulders. He then spun him off with a TKO he calls Picture Perfect and this became a one-sided victory

Winner: Jack Dawn via Picture Perfect
Match Time: 4:17
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Jack Dawn proved that Prince Samir isn't anything without his bodyguard! That was a clear cut one-sided ass whipping if I ever saw one

Jeff Hartman: I assure you Jack Dawn will pay for this. Nobody assaults, let alone embarrasses royalty and gets away with it!

Seraph walks into Shayne Anderson's office with a photograph in his hand. He slams the photograph down on top of Anderson's desk. It happens to be a picture of Magma.

"I take it that you have a problem with Magma and want to settle it?"

Seraph nods his head.

"Very well then.. You can have him next week on The Hype. I would make it for tonight, but Magma said that he wanted a handicap match to prove he's the true monster.. he also said you can watch, but you are barred from interfereing before, during, or after the match.

Seraph slowly turns and walks out of Anderson's office.

Michael Donavan is walking backstage when he notices a little jingle from his phone. He pulls it out of his pocket and grins.

"Will be good to see you again, too. See you next week", Donavan says as he sends a text message back to the person who sent it.

"About damn time", muttered Donavan as he continued to walk down the hall with a smile on his face.

Magma vs Gabriel Gold & Brian Williams

Match Summary:
Magma awaited his opponents in the ring. He saw Gabriel Gold come out first and then Brian Williams. Magma laughed to himself as he knew these two couldn't stand each other and now they had to team up to take him on. Gold started with Magma and immediately Magma showed his power as he shoved Gold back. Gold said "forget this" and tagged in Brian Wiliams. Williams looked pissed, but stepped in and took on Magma. Magma got a few good hits in and then tried to whip Magma to the ropes, but Magma pulled Williams back in and nailed a massive powerslam. Magma then dropped a pair of elbows and a leg for two. Magma then wore down Williams with a rear chin lock. Magma continued to ground and pound Williams until he was barely able to stand, but somehow, Williams fought back and broke away just enough to go for a tag to Gold, but Gold hopped off the ring apron and yelled "This is boring" back at Wiliams and walked away. Williams turned around and got drilled with a clothesline and that was followed up by Volcanism.. a Tiger Bomb... and Magma got the three.

Winner : Magma via Volcanism
Match Length : 9:39
Match Rating : **1/2

Jack Wallage: "I don't know if you could count that as a handicap victory as Magma only really fought Brian Williams. Gabriel Gold was out of there faster than a health nut running to the bathroom after settling for McDonalds"

Jeff Hartman: "It was still two against one.. it counts, Jack. Magma is looking like the true monster of The Hype!"

Xin Xin Xiong and Desiree are seen in a training facility. There's an empty wrestling ring there and Desiree is in sports apparel. X3 began to speak.

"This is your first training session. I want to see how you handle basic pain. Take a back bump."

Desiree falls back, but lands kind of on her side. X3 helps her back up to her feet.

"That's no good... you're going to injure yourself that way. When you fall.. you want to put your arms out.. that way both arms and your shoulders take the the fall. If you displace the impact across as much of your body as possible, it softens the blow. With that in mind.. take another back bump."

Desiree does it and she hits the canvas flat.

"Excellent!" said X3. "Now get up and do it fifty more times."

"FIFTY!?" said Desiree in shock.

X3 just stood there for a moment before answering.

"Welcome to wrestling. Either do fifty back bumps or there's the door. If you can't take fifty back bumps then you're not cut out for this.

Desiree got back up and then fell backwards, hitting it correctly. She got back up and fell again.

"That's it.. 48 more to go.. keep going."

With that, the scene faded and was replaced with Desiree on a bench drinking from a water bottle.

"I gave you five minutes to rest and I'm sure your back is killing you right now, but you know.. in a match, you could take fifty.. sixty.. seventy.. even more than a hundred bumps and still expect to compete at your highest level. So rest time is over. Get back in the ring."

Desiree climbed back in as X3 stood back.

"Show me how you hit the ropes." said X3

Desiree ran into the ropes back first and ended up stumbling forward a bit. X3 then stopped her.

"What you want to do is lean into the ropes with the side of your body just under your armpit.. almost like your falling into the, only not. This will spring you back and cause you to not miss a step. Go hit the ropes and show me you can do that."

Desiree took off to the ropes and executed perfectly. She stopped in the center of the ring as X3 seemed impressed as she got both the back bump and the rope rebound right on the first try after instruction.

"Hope your legs feel good because I want you to hit those ropes 100 times.. 50 on each side of the ring. GO!"

Desiree took off and bounced off the ropes.. she ran to the opposite side and bounced off the other side. She went back and forth from one side of the other.. The pain and exhaustion was on her face as she continued to hit the ropes. The scene faded to black and when it came back, Desiree was covered in sweat and was completely out of breath.

"You completed both basic level challenges. Good job. Hit the showers and take a 30 minute break for lunch. Meet me in the gym as it will be time for strength training. This will be the pattern every day. An hour in the ring.. a lunch, and an hour in the gym. When I see you improving, you will get 90 minutes in the ring, 90 in the gym. By the end of this, I will have you for three hours in the ring, 2 hours in the gym. That's my step program. It molded Aria Murphy into the champion you see her as today. I think you have what it takes for it to work for you, too. Hit the showers, kid.

Desiree smiled as she gingerly walked out of the ring and toward the locker room.

Jon Le Bon was seen walking into Shayne Anderson's office. Shayne noticed him and told Le Bon to have a seat. Le Bon sat down as Shayne rubbed his forehead.

"What am I going to do with you?" asked Shayne.

"You could get rid of me and put me on the main roster like I want" said Le Bon.

Shayne slammed his fist down onto the desk and it startled Le Bon.

"YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY!?" screamed Anderson. "I got a complaint, this time from Damien Lee. He said you went to him behind my back and got yourself involved in a match against Tyke last week and you ended up embarrassing yourself on national television AGAIN." Le Bon smiled.

"Oh, that? Pfft.. that's nothing. Tyke was merely a setback. Don't worry, I'll do better next time when I'm on TV."

Shayne couldn't believe it.


Le Bon sat there shocked for a moment.

"Why are you yelling? I'm sitting right here.. I could hear you fine just before. If I didn't no better, I'd say you didn't want me on Intense and Warriors. I see what you're saying. You're afraid to market a talent like me to the world... that's why I've been doing it for you! That way you can sit back, relax, and I'll take care of my own booking! You don't have to be so stressed out! I can't handle it!"

Shayne literally leapt across his desk and grabbed Le Bon by the shirt.

"If you so much as even come within 100 MILES of a building where iNtense and Warriors is being held... I will go get a lawyer and have your contract terminated immediately. I will also make sure that no other promotion in the world hires you. I will make sure your career as a professional wrestler is OVER. Do you understand me?"

"I understand that you ate sushi for lunch and that you're in dire need of a Tic Tac. Like I said.. I don't need you to manage my career! With my level of talent.. I can handle it myself!"

Shayne stared blankly at Le Bon.

"I have to ask... and I want the truth... can you answer me truthfully.. just ONE question?

Le Bon smiled.

"Of course! Ask away!"

"Why do you ignore everything a person tells you and just do whatever you feel like knowing full well that's not how things work around here?"

"Because I exist in a world.. beyond your world"

Did you just quote Swordfish at me?" asked Anderson.

"I also like pollywogs.. and like the number of licks it takes to get the center of a Tootsie Roll Toosie Pop.. the world may never know!" said Le Bon with a smile. Shayne let go of Le Bon and stood up. Le Bon kipped up to his feet and brushed himself off.

"It's been fun.. I like these conversations.. but next time.. try and have a match for me, will you? Ciao!", said Le Bon as he walked out of Shayne's office. Shayne sat there on his desk completely befuddled.

Sebastian Saje vs Jeremy Ryan

Match Summary
The crowd was ready for this one. The bell sounded and right away the two of them collided in the center of the ring and came to blows. Ryan and Saje just laid in rights and lefts to each other, each one getting more intense than the last. Ryan then used a headbutt agains Saje and put him down with a haymaker punch. Ryan began to stomp away at Saje and keep him grounded. He knew he had 60 minutes to inflict as much punishment as he could. Ryan pulled Saje up and sent him to the ropes and made him eat a back elbow for two. Ryan continued to pound away on Saje and then pandered to the crowd as they booed him. Ryan went right back on the attack. Saje barely got any offense in the opening minutes of the match as it has all been Jeremy Ryan. With Saje down, Ryan went to the outside and lifted up the ring apron where he found a baseball bat. He brought it back into the ring with him and when Saje stood, he jammed it into the stomach of Sebastian Saje and then slammed it over his back, breaking the wooden bat in half. Jeremy covered and only got two again. Ryan once again went to the outside and began tossing a good number of steel chairs into the ring. Ryan looked serious now.

Jack Wallace: Ryan has been relentless from the getgo here. He has kept Sebastian Saje grounded and at this point, it looks as if Jeremy Ryan is going to use the full hour to punish Saje as much as he possibly can.

Jeff Hartman: Good. Jeremy Ryan was the rightful Hype Champion to begin with. He should take what is his!

Ryan unfolded a chair and set it in the middle of the ring with the other chairs stacked in the corner, but when Ryan went to pick up Saje, Saje fired shots to the ribs. He got Ryan into a seated position on the chair and went for something big, but Ryan stopped that by lunging from the chair and spearing Saje. Ryan then quickly hoisted Saje on top of his shoulders and planted him with The Perfect Circle... the fireman's carry into a spinebuster! Ryan covered and got three!

Jeremy Ryan - 1 - 0 Sebastian Saje

Jack Wallace - The first fall of this match goes to Jeremy Ryan!

Jeff Hartman - It's only a matter of time and Ryan will rightfully be Hype Champion!

Ryan wasted no time and pulled Saje out of the rubble of what was a steel chair and hoisted him into his shoulders. He then slammed him down with another Perfect Circle.. onto the rubble of that chair. He covered and scored another three count! The people in the crowd were pissed!

Jeremy Ryan - 2 - 0 Sebastian Saje

Jack Wallace - Just like that, Jeremy Ryan takes a 2-0 lead over Sebastian Saje. Even with the thrity second rest periods between falls, I don't think Saje can recover. This is going to be an endless loop of punishment from here on out.


Ryan bent over and slapped Saje across the face, taunting him. He then looked to the crowd and pandered to them as they continued to boo. Ryan pulled Saje up, but Saje was on spaghetti legs. He couldn't stand too well on his own. Ryan whipped him to the ropes and then hit a back body drop onto the broken steel chair. Ryan laughed to himself at how easy this was. Ryan then stomped on Saje some more for good measure then made a cover, but shockingly only got a two count that time. Ryan then lifted Saje's head off the canvas and pounded away at it in a rage. He yelled at Saje to stay down and only got another two count out of it. Ryan pounded Saje some more until his arm got tired. Saje laid there as Ryan went up top. Ryan leapt off, but Saje moved and Ryan crashed and burned onto the broken chair!

Saje staggered to the ropes where he leaned over and grabbed a steel chair from the pile in the corner. Saje could barely stand as he waited for Ryan to get back up. Saje then took a homerun swing and BROKE the chair over Ryan's skull! Ryan was out like a light! Saje covered and got the three!

Jeremy Ryan - 2 - 1 Sebastian Saje

Saje took this moment to lay there on the canvas and get some energy back.

Jack Wallace: Such a dangerous chair shot.. He could have killed Jeremy Ryan. The referee checked on Ryan and it appears that he's okay. Saje now only trails by one!

Jeff Hartman: But look at him! He can't even stand. This won't last much longer.

Jack Wallace: Twenty minutes have passed already.. we a third of the way through this match, ladies and gentlemen.

The referee couldn't start a ten count due to the Underground rules of the match. He could only wait until Saje and Ryan got back to their feet. Saje was up first as Ryan was still holding his head in pain. Saje opened up with right hands that rocked Ryan back into the corner. Saje whipped Ryan across and hit a corner clothesline. Saje up top with a drop kick that took Ryan down. Saje then grabbed another one of those steel chairs and jammed it into the stomach of Jeremy Ryan. Saje slammed it across the back and dropped Ryan to his stomach. Saje then repeatedly slammed the chair over Ryan's back until the chair became dented. An animalistic rage game over Saje as he readied himself with the dented chair in hand. Saje then threw the chair at Ryan, but Ryan caught it and threw the chair back into Saje's face!

Ryan then clotheslined Saje up and over the rope to the floor before following him out. Ryan and Saje then brawled around ringside, but Saje found himself whipped into the ring steps. Ryan brought Saje over and set him up on the announce table and then ascended the pads in the corner.

Jeff Hartman: INCOMING!

Ryan went for an elbow drop through the table, but Saje moved and Ryan went through, hitting nothing but table. Saje grabbed a chair from the ring and climbed up top. Saje leapt off the top and side slammed the chair into Ryan who was laying in the rubble of the table! Both men were down on the outside as the crowd chanted "HOLY SHIT"

Jack Wallace: Not only is our announce table history, Saje and Ryan are laid out right here in front of us! WOW what a collision.

Jeff Hartman began to fan Jeremy Ryan with his booking sheets

Jeff Hartman: Get up! Get up! You need to become champion!

After a minute or two, Saje got back up and then whipped Ryan into the ring steps. Saje went for a knee strike, but Ryan slumped out of the way. Saje staggered back and Ryan hit a chop block. He then grabbed the last remaining chair from the corner of the ring and jammed the upper part of it into the back of Sebastian's knee! Ryan then grabbed Sebastian and rolled him into the ring. Ryan came back in with chair in hand, but as Ryan stepped in, Sebastian quickly leapt up and grabbed Ryan's head.. and nailed his elevated codebreaker

LIGHTS OUT! The steel chair got sandwhiched between Sebastian's knee and Ryan's face! Saje held his knee in pain as he made the cover and scored the three!!

Jeremy Ryan - 2 - 2 Sebastian Saje

Jack Wallace: From out of nowhere, Sebastian Saje hits the Lights Out and scores a pin, tying this up at two a piece. We are nearly 40 minutes into this match... 20 minutes to go and we will crown our second Hype Champion!

Jeff Hartman: Plenty of time for Jeremy Ryan to get back into this.

Saje tried to stand, but the pain in his knee was too much. Ryan was still out cold from the Lights Out. Saje rolled out of the ring and was able to stand that way on the outside. He lifted up the apron and pulled out a table. He slid the table into the ring and rolled back in. Now that he wamed the knee up, he could stand on it, but it was tough. Saje was setting the table up when he felt a jarring pain between his legs. Jeremy Ryan nailed him with a low blow!

Ryan then grabbed Saje by the head and spiked him with a DDT into the canvas. Ryan then finished setting up the table and then rolled Saje back onto it. Jeremy went to walk away, but Saje grabbed onto him and fell off the table. Saje clawed and scratched his way back to his feet, but Ryan headbutted him and knocked him back down. Ryan noticed the chair still laying on the canvas and then set up Saje over it for a powerbomb. Ryan lifted Saje, but Saje grabbed the chair on the way up and cracked Ryan over the skull with it. Saje fell and landed hard, but he still got back up to his feet. He went to jam the chair into Ryan's stomach, but Ryan snagged it away after a tug of war with Saje. Ryan then jammed the chair into Saje's stomach and then swung upwards, uppercutting the chair into Saje's face!!! A KNOCKOUT SHOT!! Ryan then covered and scored a three!

Jeremy Ryan - 3 - 2 Sebastian Saje

Jack Wallace: Just like that, momentum is back on the side of Jeremy Ryan with 10 minutes to go in this match!

Jeff Hartman: I knew he could do it! Ryan will be champion!

Ryan prematurely celebrated victory as he knew he just had to stall for 9 minutes and 30 seconds as the break expired. Ryan just hung out in the corner and as soon as Saje tried to get up, he ran in and kicked Saje right in the stomach and kept him down. Ryan went back to his corner as the crowd booed. More time ticked away and Saje tried to get back up again.. and again, Ryan kicked and stomped away on him to keep him down.. then retreated back toward his cornere where he teased the crowd by making it look like he was checking his watch, despite not wearing one.

Saje tried to stand and Ryan charged in, but this time, Saje used a burst of energy and got behind Ryan with a school boy for a very close two. Ryan stood up and Saje kicked him right in his head. Saje looked at the in house timer and saw 4 minutes and 18 seconds left. Saje knew it was now or never. He grabbed Ryan and walked him over to the table, but Ryan fought back. Ryan elbowed Saje in the stomach and then bounced his head off the table. Saje laid there slumbed over the table as Ryan ascended the turnbuckle pads. Ryan leapt off with a top rope leg drop, but Saje moved and Ryan put himself through the table!!

Saje then grabbed the chair and waited for Ryan to stagger up to his feet. One minute remained in the match as Saje cracked the chair over Ryan's skull! Cover! One... Two... Three!

Jeremy Ryan - 3 - 3 Sebastian Saje

The thirty second rest period came to an end... there were just 36 seconds left in the match. Saje pulled Ryan out of the rubble. Saje took a moment to look at the clock and it allowed Ryan to throw Saje into the corner. Ryan staggered in as fast as he could, but boot to the face of Ryan. Ryan fell to a knee, turned around..


The crowd exploded and hit their feet as Saje made the cover with FIVE SECONDS left in the match!


Jeremy Ryan - 3 - 4 Sebastian Saje


Winner: Sebastian Saje with a Score of 4-3
Match Length: 60:00
Match Rating: *****



Post Match
Pyro went off above the ring... sweaty, bloody, and broken, Sebastian Saje was helped to his feet by the referee. Shayne Anderson walked out from the backstage area, carrying the Hype Championship with him. He entered the ring and presented Sebastian Saje with the championship title. Saje held the title close to his chest as he didn't exactly know where he was right now.

Then Alyssa Corliss came out from the back and ran into the ring. She leapt into the arms of Sebaastian Saje and hugged him. Sebastian hugged back as Shayne stood back and joined the entire arena in a standing ovation for Sebastian Saje

It all started with an ill-received greeting that spiraled out of control. Two months of torture.. two months of hatred.. two months of tearing each other apart has finally concluded. Sebastian Saje had defeated Jeremy Ryan and has laid claim to being the NEW Hype Champion!

Confetti then rained down from the ceiling. The final scene of the Hype was a wide shot of the arena.. Sebastian Saje stood in the middle of the ring, the title in one hand, hugging Alyssa Corliss in the other as confetti engulfed everything!