"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to The Hype! The final show for us until after jOlt's biggest Pay-Per-View, Wrestlecade, is upon us! We had many questions at the conclusion of last week's show, maybe we'll get them all answered tonight. I'm Jack Wallace and as always, I am joined by Jeff Hartman.

Jeff Hartman: Whoa Whoa Whoa.. WE had many questions? I sat out here for two weeks, condemning you for asking too many questions. Where did this WE stuff come from? You're on your own, Jacky boy.

Jack Wallace: Doesn't matter.. I feel like I'm on my own each and every...

Before Jack could finish that sentence..

"Rescue Me" by Coldrain

Jack Wallace: Wait a minute... this isn't on my format sheet.. The Hype Champion, Sebastian Saje is heading down to the ring. We're going to cut to there now just to see what's going on.

Saje stepped into the ring.. the Hype Championship was missing. He was dressed in all black street clothes and sunglasses as he snatched up a microphone from ringside. His music died down as he brought the microphone to his lips, the people in the audience still cheering.

Saje: "Last week, I no showed The Hype until the very end. I came out here and I made a statement."

The people cheered.

Saje: "I've endured so much since I've been here. I've endured being snubbed, I've endured heartache, I've endured a jelous ex-boyfriend with a God complex, and now I've had to watch members of our roster get pushed aside and glanced over for the "next generation" of The Hype. Being the Hype Champion, I'd be wrong if I didn't say that I felt that I would be immune to all of it.. and then it started happening to me."

The people booed the fact that Shayne Anderson has been abusing his power as of late.

Saje: "I understand being The Hype champion that I need to set an example.. that I need to carry the weight of this brand on my back and I'd like to think that I have done just that.. in fact, I did it while showing as much respect as I could for not only the competitors who stepped into the ring with me, but respect to the brand and company as a whole. When you do that.. you kind of want the same in return and for the past two weeks, Shayne Anderson hasn't done that. He hasn't respected me, nor has he respected the contributions to many people in that locker room and since I am the Hype Champion and I am the one who should be leading by example, last week I set the example for everyone in the back by not standing for this SHIT any longer."

The people cheered loudly, but those cheers turned to boos when Shayne Anderson himself walked out onto the stage, microphone in hand.

Shayne: "Let me see if I can get this straight. You think that you're leading by example by being insubordinate? ESPECIALLY after I told you that you were under contract to The Hype and that if you disobeyed my orders, you would be in breach of that contract? Did I not tell you that if you breached that contract that I would STRIP you of The Hype championship on the spot? Didn't I..."

As Shayne continued to ramble on and throw threats at Sebastian Saje... Jackson Cross, Machida Hood, Nate Quartermaine, and Seraph all step out from the backstage area and stop right behind Shayne Anderson. The reaction from the crowd makes Shayne weary... he turned around and noticed four of the people he's screwed over the most over the past several months. Shayne started to backpeddle down the entrance ramp toward the ring. The four of them walked forward, shrinking Anderson's escape path step by step.

Shayne made it down to the ring and bumped into the ring apron. Realizing he had nowhere to go, he rolled into the ring and stood, but Sebastian Saje was right there to greet him. Cross, Hood, Quartermaine, and Seraph all climbed into the ring and all of a sudden, Shayne Anderson found himself surrounded. Shayne, with microphone still in hand nervously brings it up to his lips..

Shayne: "N-Now guys.. I'm sure we can.."

Nate Quartermaine steals the microphone away from Anderson.

Nate: "Sure we can what? Sure we can screw us over more? When Jeremy Ryan left, I had to hold the show hostage just so I had a chance at finishing my business. Sure.. it didn't end the way I would have liked it to, but I still got my opportunity.. and I had to bend over backwards and practically go over your head to get it."

Jackson Cross asked for the microphone and Quartermaine passed it along.

Cross: "Not ta mention.. we been bustin our asses out here each an' every week for ya. We reinvented ourselves.. took out tag teams.. won handicap matches.. took out giants and monsters..." Cross looked to Seraph "...and no disrespect to a giant monster here... but we owned the competition and we ended up on the main roster for a coupla tag team title shots.. an' what we get in return? Ignored... passed over... like we a coupla punk asses who don't belong here." Cross stepped right up into Anderson's face.

"If we that bad.. then maybe we should give you a reason right now to justify all the shit you been puttin' us through as of late."

The people cheered wildly, but Cross pulled back.

"Nah.. it ain't goin' down like that 'cause I know what gonna happen. You gonna call our your bitch squad ta come pull yo ass outta tha fire. That's what you gonna do. Who they anyway? Who them dudes, brotha? Hired guns to take us out? That what you bring 'em for? WELL WE RIGHT HERE. TAKE US OUT. GET YO MONEY'S WORTH"

Just then... the lights went out and a green matrix pattern filtered onto the screen. A green X formed on the screen and then shattered into light particles which bathed the arena in green. "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth hit the PA as Mike Patterson, Xtreme, and Crucifix stepped out from the backstage area. They stopped at the top of the entrance ramp and looked at each other then bolted for the ring.

The five in the ring braced themselves as Xtreme and Crucifix slid in. The five then began to pound away on them, but Mike Patterson anticipated this. He hopped on the ring apron, grabbed the top rope and lunged over with a flying shoulder tackle taking out Cross the Hood by himself. This allowed Crucifix to hit an Enzugiri on Nate Quartermaine while Xtreme hit a Spinning Wheel Kick on Sebastian Saje. This left Seraph alone in the ring. Xtreme and Crucifix charged in, but Seraph hit a headbutt to Crucifix and then shoved Xtreme down, but then..


Mike Patterson with a Spear to Seraph!

Cross the Hood got back up and attacked Patterson from behind, but Crucifix grabbed Hood and nailed a German Suplex. Xtreme grabbed Cross and hit a Dragon Suplex. Saje then jumped Xtreme from behind, but Xtreme was able to counter and whip Saje into Mike Patterson who planted him with a Spinebuster!

Quartermaine got to his feet, but Crucifix went low with a leg sweep while Xtreme went high with the wheel kick for a Total Elimination! The three of them grabbed Shayne Anderson and got him out of the ring. It's insane how three men just dismantled five of The Hype's best.. just like that! As they exit, the people booed. Sebastian Saje looked up from the canvas, holding his back in pain. He gave them a death stare and we knew that this night was far from over.

Cori Albright vs Brian Williams

Match Summary
The match started off with the two of them shaking hands in the ring. Albright had a backstage promo last week which ended with him presumably taking Dawn Cassidy out to dinner. The former soccer star locked up with Williams and pushed him back into the corner and backed off cleanly. They locked up again, but Williams took Albright over with a side head lock. He tried to keep him grounded, but Albright got back to his feet and sent Wiliams to the ropes and made Williams eat a back elbow before dropping a pair of elbows into his chest for two.

Albright brought Wiliams up to his feet and lit him up with a Knife Edge Chop across the chest. He laced into the chest with a second and then a third before whipping Williams into the corner. Albright charged in and caught Williams with a corner clothesline that dropped him into a seated position. Albright then charged and threw his body at Williams with a front flip, slamming into him in the corner. Albright pulled him out and covered him for only two.

Albright pulled him back up and hit a snap suplex. He then went to the corner and climbed up top. Williams stood and Albright went for a flying cross body, but Williams knocked him out of the air with a drop kick. Williams then took control of the match, keeping Albright grounded with various suplexes and high impact moves, going for covers after each and every one of them, but not able to put Albright away. Williams sent Albirght to the ropes and went for a Spinebuster, but Albright countered with a DDT that planed Williams right into the canvas. As Williams was getting up, Albright lunged in and smacked him in the face with a Super Kick! He called that the GOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLL!! He then made the cover, hooking the leg picking up the three and his first win here on The Hype!

Match Time: 7:04
Match Rating: **1/4

Jack Wallace: After that heated opening segment, nice to see Cori Albright come out here and score a win! Must feel great to get a win in your debut match here on The Hype!

Jeff Hartman: More fresh blood. Geh... I was happier with not having to remember the names of new people.

Jack Wallace: You barely remembered the names of the people who have been here since day one.

Jeff Hartman: That's why it's been perfect! No awkward conversations after the show! I can just go straight home and drink myself into oblivion.

Jack Wallace: If only one day you never came back I'd... wait a minute.. we need to send it backstage where we understand that Cross the Hood are brawling with Patterson, Crucifix, and Xtreme!

We head backstage and we see Jackson Cross and Machida Hood piled up against Patterson, Crucifix, and Xtreme as the five of them continue to brawl. Shortly after we see this, Sebastian Saje, Seraph, and Nate Quartermaine hit the scene and turn the tides of the battle!

Seraph grabbed Mike Patterson by the neck with both hands and threw him into the wall!!! Sebastian Saje leapt up and nailed Xtreme with the Lights Out!!! Quatermaine grabbed Crucifix by the neck and Chokeslammed him on top of an equipment cast. They then regrouped with Cross the Hood who were licking there wounds just a bit.

The five stood tall while the three hired guns of Shayne Anderson lay there on the floor and the various surroundings. The five walk off as the crowd could be heard cheering in the background.

Dragon Born vs India's Import

Match Summary
Trot and Panic have been a hot commodity since arriving on The Hype. Tonight they face Ryan Raysor and Prince Samir. Trot and Samir started off in the middle of the ring and the two of them went back and forth with move for move in a can-you-top this competition which ended in a staredown in which both received a round of applause from the crowd, but that turned to boos when Samir told them all to shut up. Trot took advantage of the pandering to the crowd to hit a drop kick that sent Samir into the corner. He then followed in with a cartwheel into an enzugiri which took Samir down into the corner. Trot made the tag to Panic before going to the corner opposite of Samir. Trot charged in and nailed a running knee to Samir's face which Panic charged in behind him and nailed a hesitation drop kick! Trot exited while Panic pulled Samir to the middle of the ring, but only got two.

Panic pulled Samir up, but Samir hit a jaw breaker and made the tag to Raysor. Raysor came in and charged behind Panic and hit a chop block from behind, bringing him down to a knee. Raysor then lit up Panic's upper back with stiff kicks. Raysor took off to the ropes, but Panic stood and lunged in at Raysor with a flying forearm smash that put him down. Panic quickly stood and grabbed Raysor, hitting a brainbuster. He went up top, but Kareem got up onto the ring apron to distract Panic, but Trot ran along the ring apron and nailed a drop kick to Kareem's legs which caused him to smack face first into the ring apron!

Panic turned his attention back to Raysor, but Raysor got up to the top rope and headbutted Panic. Superplex by Raysor only got two. Raysor tagged Samir back in who played the grounding game to Panic. Samir and Raysor took turns keeping Panic from getting to his corner. After several minutes, Panic kicked away at Samir, who was the legal man at this point, and made a mad dash for his corner with a final burst of energy getting the tag to Trot. Trot hit a springboard clothesline on Samir, front flipped to his feet and immediately hit a drop kick to Raysor, knocking him off the ring apron. He then turned and hit a spinning wheel kick to Samir, pulled him up, sent him to the ropes and nailed a Dropsault that knocked Samir onto his back! Trot called for the end, but Raysor came into the ring and charged him, but Trot side stepped and tossed Raysor over the top rope to the outside!

Samir then snuck from behind, going for the rollup steal, but Trot kicked away and kicked Samir flat in the face. He quickly pulled Samir to his feet, got behind him, scooped him and ran forward, nailing a Running Omega Driver! He then picked up the three!

Winner: Dragon Born via Running Omega Driver
Match Time: 15:13
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: This young team continues to impress as they are now 3-0 here on The Hype!

Jeff Hartman: It's okay.. Shayne Anderson will bury them next.. just like Cross the Hood who deserved it!

We head backstage where we see Shayne Anderson talking on his cell phone.

Shayne: "No.. No.. NO! I will NOT accept that.. you need to find them and tell them that it's not going to go down like that and if he thinks..."

Something caught Anderson's eye. He turned and the crowd erupted.


Shayne: "I have to go.. I'll call you back." said Shayne as he ended the call on his phone. "Me. Lee. It's been a while! Welcome to The Hype! Can I get you anything?"

Lee stood there with his hands in his pockets looking unimpressed.

Lee: "Yes.. you can get me something. You can get me into your office so we can have a little chat."

The crowd erupted in cheers as Shayne looked like a five year old who just got caught by his mother with his hand in the cookie jar.

Shayne: "Uh.. sure... right... right this way, Mr. Lee"

Shayne led the way as nervously walked off. Lee followed him still with his hands in his pockets and an unhappy look on his face.

The Widow's Nest vs Mad Morgan & Shovel

Match Summary This was going to be the final match for The Widow's Nest on The Hype. They have been officially called up to the main roster and will face Omega at Wrestlecade in the first ever handicap match where the Underground Championship was on the line! This team has endured so much and has deserved it. Tonight, they face Mad Morgan & Shovel in their final match on The Hype.

Right when the bell rang, the lights in the arena went out. The green matrix on the screen appeared and a green X illuminated the arena. The X exploded into light particles and the arena was bathed in green. Mike Patterson, Crucifix, and Xtreme walked out from the backstage area and made their way down to the ring and climbed in.

They cornered Mad Morgan and Shovel and began to talk to them. Anyone who knows their wrestling history knows that Mad Morgan & Shovel also used to work for Jason "Derecho" Roberts in X Wrestling some twelve years ago.

Whatever Patterson, Crucifix, and Xtreme said to Morgan & Shovel must have worked because all five of them left the ring. Since the bell rang, the referee had no choice but to start a countout as Araknis and Wolf Spider just stood there disappointed that they couldn't perform in their final match on The Hype. The referee reached the count of ten and then called for the bell.

Winner: The Window's Nest via Countout
Match Time: 2:11
Match Rating: n/a

Jack Wallace: This doesn't look good. It was three on five at the beginning of the night with Anderson's hired guns getting the best of Saje and company. Then Saje and company ended up evening it up with a five on three assault. Now it looks like Patterson, Crucifix, and Xtreme just recruited two more into their ranks. This is turning into an explosive situation!

Jeff Hartman: If this company gets destroyed, I'm moving to Sunday Night iNtense. Nate Powers sucks anyway.

We are backstage in Shayne Anderson's office with Damien Lee sitting in Anderson's chair.

Lee: "Have a seat"

Anderson sat down.

Lee: "I've gotten some disturbing letters as of late in my office. Thankfully there wasn't a camera crew to see the first one that I've read.. Once I read it, I asked the camera crew not to record anything related to the letters because I wanted to discretely investigate the issue for myself and what I've found as the result of my investigation was quite disturbing."

Lee cleared his throat and continued.

Lee: "I know your history. I knew it when I hired you. I knew when I hired Jack Wallace and Jeff Hartman. jOlt Wrestling is location in Orlando, Florida and I know your former employer, X Wrestling used to be located in Miami, Florida. I understood you lived here, were local, and the three of you expressed interest in returning to the business after over a decade being away from it. When I rebranded The Hype and transformed the Ring Rats academy into a showcase for future jOlt talent, I gave you three an opportunity and at the time, I THOUGHT you had enough business sense to handle the day to day operations here as well as handle talent relations.

Shayne went to speak up, but Lee held his hand up and immediately cut him off.

Lee: "It was going fine at first... but I started to get complaints that you were abusing your power. I got reports that people have been getting the shaft from you. Then I see on television that you hired two people you used to work with.. Mad Morgan and Shovel. I didn't think much of it since there was no harm, no foul. Then I saw you hired three more people that you used to work with.. Mike Patterson, Crucifix, and Xtreme.. and the three of them have been acting as your body guards and carrying out your orders.. and don't deny that they are because it's so obvious even Ray Charles could see that's what's going on."

Shayne just sat there and looked like a child who was getting scolded by a parent.

Lee: "And what do I see just now? Just mere minutes ago.. Patterson, Xtreme, and Crucifix just walked out, interrupted a match, and walked to the back with... guess who? Mad Morgan & Shovel.. how convenient that five people who used to work together have banded together under the guidance of a man they worked with. You sure came a long way since being a podcast host for a wrestling company, haven't you, Shayne?"

Lee paused for a moment.

Lee: "Since Derecho used to be your boss, naturally, I pulled him aside off the and asked him and while he admitted that you came to him and asked for Patterson, Crucifix, and Xtreme's contact information, that was the furthest his role in the matter played. So aside from that, this has all been your doing. So why? Are you being an insufferable ass to anyone who started out on this program just to push them aside and make room for "your boys?" Are you trying to relive the glory days from over a decade ago? What is your goal here, Shayne?"

Shayne began to speak and once again was cut off my Damien Lee.

Lee: "On second thought.. I don't want to hear it because I already know that you're going to try and talk your way out of it. So guess what? Tonight.. I am in charge of The Hype.

Upon hearing that, the arena erupted in cheers.

Lee; "Tonight... in that very ring... we're going to close the show with a ten man tag team match. It's going to be Mike Patterson, Crucifix, Xtreme, Mad Morgan, & Shovel versus Seraph, Cross the Hood, Nate Quartermaine, and The Hype Champion, Sebastian Saje. We're going to settle it right here.. right now... unless of course, there's any objections."

Shayne shook his head no.

Lee: "Good.. now get out of MY office.. NOW"

Shayne got up and walked out while Lee looked around for a moment and then kicked his feet up on Shayne's desk as the scene faded to black.

Terry Massimo vs Latrell Samuel

Match Summary
Massimo impressed everyone with a win over Brian Williams last week. Tonight he went one on one with "Sky High" Latrell Samuel. The two shook hands at the start of the match. They went for a lockup, but Samuel dodge and began to kick away at the 354lbers legs. Massimo hobbled away into the corner as Samuel followed up with more strikes, but Massimo shoved him away and then assume the three point stance. He exploded out of the corner and nailed Samuel with a shoulder block that caused him to hit on his upper back and then flip onto his stomach!!

Massimo then quickly picked up Samuel and placed him into the bear hug. He swung and slammed him down to the canvas with the First Down... he stood and then hit the ropes coming back with a big time body splash that crushed Samuel underneath all that weight. He called that All The Way and it would earn him a victory here as the referee counted to three!

After the match Massimo helped Samuel up to his feet where he shook his hand and raised it into the air.

Winner: Terry Massimo via All the Way
Match Time: 3:50
Match Rating: *3/4

Jack Wallace: A short match, but Terry Massmio looked very dominant as he made quick work of a veteran in Latrell Samuel!

Jeff Hartman: That's just a polite way of saying washed up

Jack Wallace: No! Samuel has plenty of gas left in the tank

Jeff Hartman: Yet another phrase to avoid saying he's all washed up!

In the back we see Sebastian Saje with his girlfriend Alyssa Corliss.

Alyssa: "I really don't want to ask this, but it's been bothering me. Where were you last week when Shayne Anderson put me in the ring with Kodora? You said you were staying home so I would have been fine with what happened to me, but you showed up at the end of the night. Not even I knew that you were going to be here. So if you were here all along, why didn't you stand up for me?"

Saje, who was still wearing his sunglasses, took them off and clipped them on his shirt.

Saje: "Sometimes wars need sacrifices. I sacrificed the knowledge of me being here all because of what happened at the end of the show last week. It would have jeopardized everything had anyone known I was here last week"

Alyssa: "So you lied to me? You couldn't trust me enough to keep you being here a secret? So I had to come here and endure pain and embarrassment just to keep a secret for you?"

Saje: "It's fine, though, because tonight we will rise up and take back what is ours"

Alyssa: "What are you talking about? Sebastian.. your clothes.. the way you're speaking to me now.. the way you're acting... what is it about? What is happening? I want to be here to help you. Just as much as I want you to be here to help me. That's what partners do."

Saje: "Tonight, Alyssa.. everything will be for the greater good. The feathers are doing to fall and everything will be okay. Tonight.. it's all going to end. "

Saje got in close to Alyssa.

Saje: "Everything."

Saje then turned and walked away. Alyssa stood there and had no idea how to take that. It was apparent that something happened to Saje to cause him to act this way. What did he mean that tonight everything was going to change?

Magma vs Harbinger

Match Summary
If there was one thing The Hype was not in short supply of, it was monstrous men with mean streaks. It wasn't very often that Harbinger stood across from the ring from a man larger than himself, but this was one such occassion. Harbinger quickly grew frustrated, as he was thown to the mat multiple times by his Icelandic opponent. His chances didn't improve much when he turned to just flat out brawling with Magma. Magma was well-known for his ability to trade blows with anyone and he had his masked foe reeling in no time. While no ring general, Magma was good at sticking to what he knew. If he wasn't pummeling Harbinger, he was driving him into the mat harshly with various slams and suplexes. Momentum changed in a flash like it has a habit of doing and Harbinger was able to gain control by avoiding a charge in the corner. This allowed him to take Magma off his feet with a shoulder tackle very similar to a pounce. The masked man used the opening for all it was worth by just blasting away at his enemy with clubbing like strikes and boots of all shapes and sizes, even getting a two count off a Yakuza kick. Not to be outdone, Harbinger showed off some of the power he was known for by scooping Magma up and spiking him with a power slam. Things looked to be solidly in his favor and he motioned to the crowd that he was going to bring this match to an end. He barked at his foe to get up. He was looking for his Package Piledriver, or The Harbinger's Bane as he liked to call it. Then, things took a completely different turn...

From out of nowehere, garbed in black fatigues, combat boots, and taped fists, Pietro Geist blitzed the ring. To say that Harbinger was upset to see the German upstart would be an understatement. He remembered very clearly how he had been defeated by Geist and was not going to let him ruin another moment of triumph. Harbinger charged towards the intruder, only to have Geist duck under his clothesline and nearly take him out of his boots with a spear!

Geist was running on all cylinders and was nearly frothing at the mouth. Magma had gotten to his feet and witnessed how the German had cost him the match. Let's just say that Geist wasn't making friends. Magma blind-sided him with a clubbing shot to the back of the head. Another found its mark. However, a third was swatted away and in doing so, allowed Geist to unleash a barrage of punches. His boxing background was put on display, as the strikes had surprising speed to accompany the brutal power behind them. Even the hard-hitting Magma was unable to keep up and he was soon out on his feet.

Enthauptung. Good night, Magma.

Harbinger clutched at his abdomen in pain and unfortunately stumbled right into the waiting grasp of Geist who gripped him firmly by the throat. The crowd exploded when Geist hoisted the masked man up into a military press, amazed by his power. There was only one place for Harbinger to go and that was down. And he came down hard courtesy of a spinebuster by Geist. The damage was done. Geist stood tall over the pair of massive fighters. His physical statement had been made, but he had a verbal one that he told to the nearest camera.

Geist: Anderson, zheir blood is on shour hands. I am not a patient man. Give me vhat I vant.

Winner: N/A, no-contest
Match Time: 7:21
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: I take it Geist didn't like the answer Shayne gave him last week, huh?

Jeff Hartman: That's an understatement, if I've ever heard one.

Jack Wallace: Geist was a juggarnaut before, but now he has a goal. This could be very bad for everyone on The Hypre roster.

Jeff Hartman: Bad for them, good for those of us with a bloodlust. Just be happy that we don't have to cross paths with that guy.

Jack Wallace: No kidding!

Never one to hang with the crowd, KUMO stationed himself in a quiet corner of the arena. He showed amazing balance by holding himself upside down in a handstand and to put an exclaimation point on it, he was doing push-ups in the position. He had just passed two dozen when he stopped in place. His eyes scanned the area. His senses all on full alert. A warrior like him knew his surroundings and something was definitely off. He slowly positioned himself correctly on his feet and took a deep breath with his eyes closing.


The sound of boot hitting taped hand echoed through the area. KUMO only moved his hand to catch the incoming strike and nothing more, not seeing the attack as anything to be concerned about. He couldn't help but smirk as the leg began to squirm, trying to break free of his grip.

KUMO: Did your master teach you that?

The masked man pulled the leg forward and caught his would-be attack in his arms. Attacker was probably not the correct word despite the circumstances. The one trying to deliver the kick was not someone trying to hurt KUMO, but merely test him.

Kodora: I nearly had you.

The young woman smiled up at him and the feelings between the two were more than apparent when they gazed into each other's eyes.

KUMO: If I hadn't of heard you approach over the storage crates, you might have. Not a good idea to risk your well-being by trying.

Kodora: I know you wouldn't hurt me.

KUMO: True, but your sensei could catch you with me.

Kodora: Some things are worth the risk.

That brought a smile to the face of the masked man. He agreed to join this promotion in hopes of getting a chance to fight Xin Xin Xiong, but he never expected to have the woman he loves return to his life. He knew the risks that came with seeing her. They meant nothing. Let X3 find them. He would get what he wanted. The only reason he hadn't used her to lure X3 into battle was her safety. He wouldn't risk her.

KUMO: Your skills have improved. I've been watching your matches and your strikes are quite beautiful.

Kodora: Domo, koishii. You've been doing quite well yourself. You are far more agile than I remember.

KUMO: I'm holding back.

Kodora: Oh?

KUMO: A warrior does not show all of his weapons, only the ones that are needed.

???: Then, why don't you show us what you can really do?

With their hearing of the third voice, their expressions immediately changed. Kodora was overcome with a look of fear while her beloved KUMO instantly became overcome with rage. Stepping out of the darkness like a spectre, X3 made his presence felt. Desiree looked nervous standing behind her mentor, as this was quite the tense situation. Kodora scurried away in fear. On the other hand, KUMO refused to back down and he stared a hole through the Ryuujin.

X3: If you haven't been giving it your all, what would make you pull out all the stops? Tell me, danshi.

KUMO couldn't hide his rage with his fists clenched tightly and the look of pure hatred upon his face.

X3: Perhaps you need an opponent worthy of your skill.

KUMO: I know just the warrior.

Xiong smiled devilishly at the young man.

X3: I'm sure you do. The real question is why should I lower myself to fighting you? I'm on this show to help train by choice. Don't let these nice suits fool you. I could be up on the main roster fighting true stars of this sport. I'm still The Dark.

KUMO: Spare me your hollow words, jijii. The dark does not scare this spider. You are nothing but a shell of your former self. You're lucky I do not kill you where you stand.

That rubbed Xiong the wrong way, as it should.

X3: You better hope your skill in the ring is as powerful as your tongue. You'll have your match. The first Hype after the PPV. We do things just like we used to, no count out or disqualification. Agreed?

The young warrior finally heard the words he longed to hear.

KUMO: Agreed.

Xiong motioned to the door and the two females quickly made their way to it. Desiree raced into the hallway. Kodora stopped in the doorway and looked back at KUMO. The two traded glances before she slipped out to join her teammate. Xiong positioned himself between KUMO and the Kodora, making his feelings clear without words.

KUMO: Your day of reckoning is fast approaching.

X3: I'm bursting with anticipation.

Mike Patteson, Xtreme, Crucifix, Mad Morgan & Shovel vs Sebastian Sage, Nate Quartermaine, Cross the Hood, & Seraph

Match Summary
This match started off with Mike Patterson and Seraph in the ring. They locked up and these two powerful bulls jockied for position until Seraph got Patterson in the corner. After a few knee lifts, Seraph tossed Patterson with a huge biel to the delight of the crowd. Seraph then charged and ran over Patterson with a pair of clotheslines and then tossed Patterson into his corner and told him to make the tag to anyone.

Patterson tagged Mad Morgan. Morgan came in and immediately tagged his partner Shovel. The duo looked to double team Seraph despite the warnings of the referee for Morgan to get out of the ring. Morgan then grabbed Shovel and threw him at Patterson for their Battering Ram finisher, but instead of hitting the assisted shoulder tackle, Seraph kicked Shovel dead in the face with a big boot as it was painfully obvious that it was coming. Seraph went for a cover, but got two.

Seraph brought Shovel to his feet and threw him to his corner and once again told him to make a tag. This brought the four remaining members into the ring. They all jumped on Seraph. This prompted Saje, Quartermaine, and Cross the Hood to enter the ring and it didn't take long for this to turn into an all out clusterfuck.

Saje and Xtreme battled until Saje clotheslined Xtreme over the ropes. Saje went for a dive, but Patterson, who was brawling with Machida Hood, pushed Hood out of the way and speared Saje, stopping him dead in his tracks!

Patterson turned around got nailed with Project 347.. the Running STO across the knee by Hood! Xtreme got up on the ring apron and hit a springboard spinning heel kick to Hood, taking him down! Cross hit a lariat on Mad Morgan and then hit another one on Xtreme! Crucifix went to irish whip Nate Quartermaine to the ropes, but Quartermaine reversed it and sent Crucifix into Xtreme! Seraph then charged in while both were dazed and clotheslined them over to the top rope out to the floor!!

While the referee was trying to control the mayhem, Shovel recovered and hit a low blow to Seraph from behind! Shovel then showed some power by lifting Seraph onto his shoulders and began to spin him in an airplane spin! Shovel used Seraph's legs to take out Sebastian Saje, then Machida Hood, then Jackson Cross, and finally nate Quartermaine! They each rolled out of the ring and Shovel nailed The Happy Place.. his airplane spin into a Power Slam on Seraph!!! Shovel covered but only got two and the crowd erupted!

Morgan helped pulled Seraph up to his feet. They both sent him to the ropes and then nailed a double shoulder tackle on Seraph that took him back down. Xtreme and Crucifix were both back in their corner. Morgan stepped out as Shovel stagged Crucifix. Crucifix went up top and nailed the Leap of Faith.. the Senton Bomb. He got up and tagged in Xtreme. Xtreme went up top and nailed the Xtreme Measures.. the Shooting Star Press and made the cover...




All of a sudden, the arena was basked in a blue-ish purple hue. All of a sudden, a massive amount of black feathers descended down upon the ring... So many that there was a huge pile of feathers in the middle of the ring that formed a pretty big mound.

The lights went out again for a few moments and when they came back on.. someone was standing in the ring... wearing a black and gold version of his normal attire...



The crowd exploded!!!

Toe kick to Xtreme!!


The Side-Swipe Brainbuster!!!

Sayber charged the corner and knocked Crucifix and Mad Morgan off the apron! Saje, Quartermaine, Cross the Hood, and Seraph all re-entered the ring and stood tall with Sayber as the crowd was going nuts!

Winner: No Contest
Match Length: 29:47
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jack Wallace: Was Sayber behind the feathers? What is going on here?

As the six of them stood in the ring, five of them turned and looked at Sebastian Saje. Saje nodded and grabbed a microphone from ringside. He then walked over to the mound of feathers in the middle of the ring and knelt down in front of them.

"What you see is a collection of men who have been pushed too far. A collection of men who will no longer stand for this. Tonight.. the feathers fall.."


"Tonight... WE RISE UP"

With that, the hooded figure that we've seen over the past month sat up from out of the pile of feathers!!! Saje grabbed the figure's hand and helped it out of the pile.

The figure then lifted their hood back to reveal a featureless black mask. The figure then gripped the mask by the chin and pulled it off....


Raevynn.. who disappeared from The Hype and made it to the main roster... Raevynn who disappeared with Sven Deadly had returned!

She was the one behind it all!

The letters..

The black feathers....


She then turned and face Saje and Saje did the unthinkable...


With all seven united... A force to combat Shayne Anderson was born.. a relationship shattered.. and the new beginning had begun!

Saje kissing Raevynn in the middle of the ring with the other five members of this group standing and watching in approval was the final scene as The Hype went off the air.