A nifty opening graphic illuminates the screens as we see a bunch of unfamiliar faces competing in match highlights on the screen set to the theme of “The Hype“ by The New Cities. The jOlt Hype logo flashed for a moment as we are taken inside the RingRats Academy deep within the bowels of the Arena of Champions where 1,000 strong were on hand. A pyro display went off at the entrance as the talking heads welcome up to the inaugural edition of jOlt Hype!

Jack Wallace: “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to jOlt Hype! We are here in the RingRats academy from inside the Arena of Champions to bring you a unique experience! Here on this show we will showcase to you the up and coming hopefuls who will compete for a chance to move up to the main roster and compete in jOlt Wrestling!”

Jeff Hartman: “So, in other words, this is basically a farm league and we’re the sheep herders.”

Jack Wallace: “Pay no attention to him. My name is Jack Wallace and that thing that’s sitting to my right is Jeff Hartman. We both welcome you jOlt Hype!”

Jeff Hartman: “That thing? Well, I have been called worse by you in the past.. in this very same arena, after all, but nevertheless, you’re still a bitch”

Jack Wallace: “And we’ve already earned that TV-14 Rating… thanks Jeff. Let’s get to the action, shall we?”

================================================== ===========

Sayber vs Michael “Phanton” Donavan

Match Summary:
This was one hell of an athletic contest to open up the show. Sayber and Donavan traded blows and moves back and forth and some of the moves were some people had never even seen before… especially from Donavan who cradled Sayber horizontally behind his back and slammed him down, landing in a roll up pin position which picked up only two. Sayber swung the momentum back in his direction, but was stopped when Donavan lifted Sayber up for a choke slam, but fell backward with it with a Choke Flapjack! Donavan went up top and missed with a moonsault, which was impressive for a man who was 6’10” and 265lbs. Sayber pulled Donavan up to his feet and hooked him for a vertical suplex. At the apex of the lift, Sayber twisted it into a sideswipe death valley driver he called the Korosu, Japanese for murder, named after his background and his culture. Sayber hooked the leg and picked up the three!

Jack Wallace: “WOW! What an opening contest! Sayber took a very hard fought victory in this contest!”

Jeff Hartman: “Pfft.. there’s nothing to see here.. the Asian won”

Winner: Sayber via Korosu (Sideswipe Death Valley Driver)
Match Time: 17:14
Match Rating: ****

================================================== ===========

Post Match
After Sayber had exited to the backstage area, Donavan got a round of applause from the crowd. He picked up a microphone and brought it to his lips.

“You know… it takes a lot to make an impact which is why I put so much effort into this match, but it seems it just wasn’t enough. Next week… Sayber… I want a rematch because in order to be a jOlt Superstar, you need to have confidence and I KNOW that I can pin you to the canvas! I’ll be waiting for your answer”

Donavan dropped the mic and got out of the ring.

Jack Wallace: “It appears that Michael Donavan wasn’t satisfied with the results tonight. He wants another shot at Sayber next week on Hype!”

Jeff Hartman: “I’d like a first shot at the chick sitting behind me! She’s Hype enough as it is!”

================================================== ===========

Match 2
Cross the Hood vs Nate Quartermaine & Prince Samir

Match Summary:
It’s tag team action here with the boys from Brooklyn, Machida Hood and Jackson Cross taking on the unlikely duo of Nate Quartermaine and Prince Samir. Hood and Cross used quick tags in and how and put on a brawling clinic against Quartermaine as they prevented him from getting the tag to Prince Samir. Finally, Quartermaine was able to shift the momentum in his direction and go for the tag, but Samir hopped off the ring apron and left the ring before even doing anything in this match. Samir was booed as Quartermaine staggered back to his feet. When he turned around, Machida Hood grabbed him around the neck and held him in position as Jackson Cross rebounded off the ropes. Hood held Quartermaine up and Cross kicked him in the face with a running big boot.. Upon impact, Machida Hood tripped him into an STO across his knee which he called Project 347! This one was over!

Jack Wallace: High impact finisher there from Cross the Hood as they win in an impressive debut here tonight. One must wonder why Prince Samir even showed up if he was just going to leave Nate Quartermaine high and dry!

Jeff Hartman: You realize his name is PRINCE Samir, right? He’s royalty! He doesn’t need to be out here with a peasant like Nate Quartermaine.. it’s like working with you! Except I put up with being in the company of lesser people!

Winner: Cross the Hood (Machida Hood with the Project 347)
Match Time: 9:10
Match Rating: ***

================================================== ===========

Post Match
Machida Hood grabbed the microphone.

“This here is a message to that locker room. Cross the Hood is puttin’ EVERYBODY on notice. Nobody is going to want to cross these two boys you lookin’ at right here. We’re the ones who will own this show!”

Just as Hood proclaimed that, several men hit the ring and attacked them from behind! Araknis, Supaida, Muerte, Wolf-Spider, and their leader, Black Widow! Collectively known as The Widow’s Nest! They grounded and pounded both Cross and Hood into the canvas. After they finished their beat down, they all posed in the ring!

Jack Wallace: If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that the locker room did take notice and that The Widow’s Nest isn’t going to let Cross the Hood have all the fun here tonight!

Jeff Hartman: What just happened here was a hate crime, plain and simple!

================================================== ===========

We are taken to Sebastian Saje who will be in tonight’s main event. He saw one of the possible future Starlets of jOlt warming up and painted up like a goth chick. Saje walked over and introduced himself.

“Hey, I’m Sebastian Saje. I didn’t see you at the training camp and thought I would introduce myself!”

Raevynn looked at Saje with disgust.

“I’ve heard better pick up lines from drunks.”

Saje put up his hands.

“Whoa whoa! You misunderstand me. I’m just trying to introduce myself. I’m not really interested in…”

Before Saje could finish, Raevynn cut him off.

“So now you’re saying I’m not good enough as an excuse to cover up the fact that you were just trying to hit on me? Look.. you’re not worth my time. Get out of here.. I have a match to prepare for”

Saje sighed and shrugged his shoulders before he walked away. Raevynn’s expression changed from anger to a look of sadness as she watched Saje walk away.

================================================== ===========

Match 3
Raevynn vs Alyssa Corliss

Match Summary: Raevynn seemed a bit distracted during the match as she was caught off guard numerous times by Corliss with her offensive moves. Raevynn tried to get her head back into the match, but it was too little too late. She tried for a clothesline, but Corliss ducked it. When Raevynn turned around she was met with a kick to the stomach and then a sit out gordbuster which is called the Corliss Effect. Alyssa made the cover and hooked the leg and got the three.

Jack Wallace: The whole point of this show is to try and showcase your very best so the front offices of jOlt could take notice. Right now, Raevynn looks to have more on her mind than getting noticed by jOlt!

Jeff Hartman: I notice Raevynn! In fact… stay here Jack, I’m going to go comfort her!

Jack Wallace: Sit down and do your job!

Winner: Alyssa Corliss via The Corliss Effect (Sit Out Gordbuster)
Match Time: 4:32
Match Rating: **1/4

================================================== ===========

Post Match
Raevynn sat there in the ring as Sebastian Saje came out from the back. Alyssa passed him on the way down and muttered “good luck” to him and then gave him a wink. Sebastian nodded as he rolled into the ring. Sebastian tried to apologize to Raevynn and say that it was probably his fault that this happened. Raevynn stood and then slapped Sebastian across the face and stormed out of the ring. Sebastian sighed and left after Raevynn made it to the back to a “You Got Bitch Slapped” chant from the crowd.

================================================== ===========

Match 4
Seraph vs Ryan Raysor

Match Summary:
Raysor didn’t stand a chance. It was literally a power clothesline that started off the match that flipped Raysor inside out. He then picked up Raysor and nailed the Divine Destruction… a sit out chokeslam for a very quick pin and victory.

Jack Wallace: Holy hell, that was fast!

Jeff Hartman: Looks like Ryan Raysor earned a trip to the end of the jobber line on that one.

Winner: Seraph via Divine Destruction (Sit Out Choke Slam)
Match Time: 0:22
Match Rating: *

================================================== ===========

Nate Quartermaine finally caught up with Prince Samir as he was about to leave the building.

“Hey! What was the big idea leaving me out there like that! You were supposed to be my tag team partner tonight!”, proclaimed Quartermaine.

Samir smirked

“Please… I’m a Prince. A Prince is destined for greatness and you… you were anything but great out there. I pick my spots to ensure my success. You… you were not one of those spots. Must be tough being just an object of failure.”

Quartermaine went to hit Samir, but a rather large individual stepped in front of him.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Kareem here has one purpose.. to make sure the future Prince of jOlt is left unscathed!”

Samir then smirked again.

“Come Kareem. We have more important matters to attend to”

Kareem and Samir walked off as Quartermaine gritted hit teeth.

================================================== ===========

Sebastian Saje vs “Picture Perfect” Jack Dawn

Match Summary:
Sebastian Saje came out and still received some “You Got Bitch Slapped” chants from the crowd, but those were replaced with a huge “OOOH” when after some chain wrestling against Jack Dawn, he whipped him into the ropes and caught Dawn off the rebound with a backflip kick, Guile Style. Dawn tried to shake it off, but Saje sent him off to the ropes where he telegraphed a back body drop. Dawn hooked Saje by the head and drove him down with a DDT. Dawn showboated to the crowd a bit too much as it allowed Saje to recover. He went to pick up Saje, but Saje uppercut Dawn under the jaw. Dawn staggered back and when he turned around, Saje leapt up and grabbed Dawn by the head. Saje free fell to his back and Dawn ended up going face first into Saje’s knees! Light’s Out! Sebastian covered and picked up the three!

Jack Wallace: Impressive win here tonight by Sebastian Saje, despite his woman troubles with Raevynn! That will wrap up this edition of The Hype!

Jeff Hartman: Good! Because now I can turn on jOlt Warriors and see some REAL talent.

Jack Wallace: Way to put over the product, Jeff.

Jeff Hartman: My paycheck remains the same whether I do or don’t so whatever!

Winner: Sebastian Saje via Light’s Out (Elevated Code Breaker)
Match Time: 19:29
Match Rating: ***