"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Welcome everyone to The Hype! Tonight will be a history night as not only do we find out who the new authority figure is, but we will crown our first ever Hype Champion!

Jeff Hartman: I could barely stand what went down last week.. I don't know if I can stomach any more.. Just let this be over and done with!!

Jack Wallace: Oh it's far from over Jeff.. in fact, I hope you brought enough Pepto Bismal to overdose!

Jeff Hartman: I think I did and hey... I just might. The sweet pink embrace of death sounds more enticing then calling these shows.

Jack Wallace: I'm sure we're all looking forward to thatÖ let's go ahead and take a look at what happened last week!

Last week
Damien Lee opened the show and announced that the tournament will be a lottery with five fatal fourway matches! In the first round, Sayber outlasted Kareem, Muerte and Machida Hood to move on! Then we saw Seraph defeat Araknis after Prince Samir and Nate Quartermaine got disqualified from their tournament match! Next, Michael Donavan capitalized on the Faith Hines factor in the match to steal a win by pinning Jackson Cross to move on! In the fourth match, Sebastian Saje outlasted Jack Dawn, Ryan Raysor, and Supaida in what was arguably, the match of the night! Finally, Alyssa Corliss pinned her rival Raevynn after the hijinks of Dunce Cap served as a distraction. Latrell Samuel had an opportunity but bowed out gracefully, taking himself out of the match, which lead to Corliss getting the win!

And that brings us to this week!

For the third straight week in a row, Damien Lee came out from the back with a microphone in his hand. He stood in the middle of the ring and waited for the applause to die down.

"Tonight.. we will crown our first ever jOlt Hype Champion!"

The people cheered.

"I also stated that I had to make a decision as to who was going to run the day to day operations around here. I looked through many applications, but one really stood out. A degree in business and in marketing plus ten years in the wrestling industry as a behind the scenes decision maker, serving on many board of directors for different companies. I interviewed him and found him to be the right man for the job.. so I'll shut up now leave the show in the hands of this man... Shayne Anderson!"

A semi-tall man, around the 6' mark steps out in a grey business suit with an executive hair cut and a smile on his face. He walks down to the ring and steps in where he shakes the hand of Damien Lee. Anderson grabs the microphone as Damien can be heard saying "She's all yours".

Damien took a step back as Shayne spoke for the first time.

"I know people are afraid of change and that something different isn't always welcome. My job is to make sure that not only are you, the fans, happy, but to deliver the best show possible. I'm going to start that tonight with the rest of the Hype Championship tournament. I liked the idea of a lottery so I think we're going to continue with that as it makes things interesting, but most importantly... unpredictable!"

After a brief pause, Shayne pulls out an envelope from his pocket.

"In this envelope I have the five pieces of paper with a number on it for all five of the participants in tonight's tourn..."

Before Shayne could continue, Jeremy Ryan stormed out from the backstage area with an envelope in his hand as well. He stormed into the ring and went right up to Shayne Anderson and snatched the microphone out from his hand.

"This is your first day on the job and you have an opportunity to undo an injustice bestowed upon me by Damien Lee. Last week, I was medically cleared to wrestle, but Damien barred me from entering the arena. I had to get creative, but I found my way inside. I looked for Damien, but when I opened the door to his office, I got jumped by his goon, Rune Winters. I have here in my possession, my official release papers and a signed note from my doctor stating times and dates that would have allowed me to compete in the tournament last week. Since I was denied this opportunity, I want to know what you plan to do about this."

Shayne sighed and then asked for his microphone back. Ryan handed it to him.

"Look... this is my first night on the job and I may be new here, but one thing I will not tolerate is to be interrupted in the middle of making an announcement. If you wanted my attention, there would have been plenty of time backstage... but I know that this is just going to result in a headache so I'll tell you what. I already have the lottery set up and I'm not going to redo it, but I will say this. Instead of making one singles match and one triple threat.. Iím going to make 3 singles matches. You will face whoever draws #5 from the envelope."

Jeremy Ryan cracked a grin.

"That's more than fair... thank you, sir."

Ryan went to walk away from Anderson stopped him in his tracks.

"I wasn't finished. Since I'm making an exception for you and obviously giving you a very generous bye in this tournament... you have to give something back to me in return. If you do not win the Hype Championship.. you will forfeit your right to challenge for it until the title changes hands and a second champion is crowned. I think it's only fair seeing how you're throwing yourself into a tournament that 20 other people worked hard to try and advance in, wouldn't you say?"

Ryan's grin was wiped off his face.. he was reluctant, but he nodded and then stepped out of the ring and went to the back.

"We have a great opening contest for you all tonight... and after that.. the tournament begins again! Please... enjoy the show!"

The people cheered as Shayne Anderson and Damien Lee both walked out of the ring together!

Match 1
Latrell Samuel vs Prince Samir

Match Summary
Samir himself requested this match after Samuel spoiled his plans in the steel cage match against Nate Quartermaine two weeks ago. Samir, who had been reluctant to get his hands dirty thus far, seemed to have no problem going right after Latrell. The two of them lock up and Latrell took firm control of this match! In fact, it was all Latrell until Samir had enough and called for his bodyguard Kareem to come out from the back. As Kareem came down the ramp, Quartermaine came from behind and smacked him with a steel chair for the second straight week in a row! Samir didn't know what to do as he couldn't escape the ring and Samuel was ready to attack on the inside. Latrell charged in with a clothesline, but Samir ducked and slid out of the ring on the opposite end. He tried to escape, but was forced to roll back into the ring after beign cut off by Quartermaine. When he rolled back in, he was met with a toe kick by Latrell and then a Gutwrench Powerbomb! Latrell made his way to the corner and ascended to the top. He leapt off with a 450 Splash that he calls The Sky is the Limit and connected with it perfectly! He made the cover and picked up the win!

Jack Wallace: Latrell Samuel has put Prince Samir away! It just proves that without his bodyguard, Prince Samir is an absolute joke!

Jeff Hartman: HOW DARE YOU say that about royalty! You're just jealous because he will always be a better man than you!

Winner: Latrell Samuel via Sky is the Limit
Match Time: 5:13
Match Rating: ***

Shayne Anderson and Jeremy Ryan are in Shayne's office. The five participants for tonight's tournament walk into the office.

"Thank you all for coming. As I've stated before, I have five numbers in this envelope. #s 1 and 2 will face each other.. same with #s 3 and 4 and whoever draws #5 will face Jeremy Ryan in the ring tonight."

Before anyone could do anything, Ryan walked right up to Sebastian Saje and grinned.

"I hope for your sake, you don't draw #5, boy, but then again.. I would so much look forward to it"

Ryan continued to grin as Sebastian was the first to place his hand into the envelope. He pulled out #2.

"Today's your lucky day... "friend"

Alyssa Corliss reached her hand into the envelope... she drew... #5. Alyssa quivered as she nervously looked at the number. If you thought the grin on Ryan's face was sinister while talking to Saje.. it was even more sinister.. even sadistic-like when he saw what number Alyssa Corliss drew. He walked over, but Saje stepped in front of her.

"Oh don't worry, Saje... I'll take "real good care" of her"

Ryan grinned as he exited the office. Alyssa then broke down into the arms of Sebastian as Shayne intervened.

"Excuse us" said Sebastian as he took Alyssa out of the room with him. Seraph reached in and drew #1, so he will face Sebastian Saje. This meant that Michael Donavan and Sayber will face each other as the only numbers left are 3 and 4.

"Good luck to you all" stated Shayne as they all exited the room.

Match 2
Hype Championship Tournament
Seraph vs Sebastian Saje

Match Summary
Just to keep her safe, Alyssa Corliss came out with Sebastian as he stepped into the ring to face Seraph. Seraph and Saje locked it up. The match went back and forth in the beginning that saw Saje hit a nice flurry of chain wrestling moves while Seraph broke them up and used raw power to fight back. The first opening minutes of the match ended up being a stalemate because of it. They circled and locked up again and it was Saje who gained control. Saje pummeled away on Seraph to try and weaken him, but Seraph sent him to the ropes and took him down with a big boot.

Saje recovered and went back on the attack, but a missed attempt at a clothesline allowed Seraph to take control with a shoulder block, a second shoulder block, then a vicious powerslam off an irish whip. Seraph then went to work hitting a series of back breakers on Saje to soften him up. Seraph called for the end and lifted Saje up for the Divine Destruction, the sit-out choke slam, but Saje floated over and landed behind. When Seraph turned around he went for Light's Out, but Seraph converted into a short powerbomb!

Seraph once again went for Divine Destruction, but Saje blocked it with a knee to the stomach. He then quickly hit a European uppercut and then the Light's Out from out of nowhere, but that only dazed Seraph! Sebastian hit a second Light's Out and Seraph was STILL on his feet, albeit, wobbly! Saje finally hit it a third time and that knocked the big man down! Saje went for the cover and picked up a hard-fought win!

Jack Wallace: What a hell of a match! It was raw power versus speed and impact. It could have gone either way, but hates off to Sebastian Saje who will move on to the final match later tonight!

Jeff Hartman: The bigger question is... is Alyssa in the friend zone and when can I get with her? OH MAN! Imagine if she became Hype Champion! I could date her for the money... I mean... the love!

Winner: Sebastian Saje via Light's Out x 3!
Match Time: 14:29
Match Rating: ****

Match 3
Hype Championship Tournament
Sayber vs Michael Donavan

Match Sumamry
These two have had some technical wars against each other including an iron man match and this match wasn't any different! The match opened with a technical masterpiece of can you top this which resulted in the match being a stalemate. The two of them shook hands out of respect and locked up a second time and again it went back and forth with neither man having a clear cut advantage! Sayber eventually started to take control with a series of rights until Donavan put a stop to them with a knee to the stomach. He then set Sayber up for the Phantom Driver, but Sayber quickly countered out of it and attempted to hit Korosu, but Donavan fell behind Sayber. Half Nelson suplex countered into a standing switch. German Suplex countered when Donavan landed on his feet.. a marvel for someone who was 6'10".

Donavan then hit a massive clothesline that turned Sayber inside out and then applied a submission to his neck as he tried to soften it up for the high impact of the Phantom Driver. Sayber mustered up his strength and battle back to his feet. He broke free and hit an enzugiri to the back of Donavan's skull. He then rolled Donavan up in a small package for two. Donavan rolled it the other way for two. The both broke free and Sayber used a school boy for two. Donavan returned the favor for two, but when Sayber kicked out, Donavan flipped into a bridge for two, Sayber bridged up and turned it into a backslide for two. Donavan hit a kick to the skull then sent for the Phantom Driver, but it was countered with a back body drop. Sayber then nailed a uranage back breaker, held on, pulled him up and hooked him for Korosu and nailed it! Sayber picked up the three from literally out of nowhere!

Jack Wallace: HOLY CHRISTMAS WHAT A MATCH! I thought the match between Sebastian and Seraph was amazing.. this one stole the show! Sayber got a little bit of retribution for the loss in the iron man match as he now moves on to the final match to fight for the Hype Championship!

Jeff Hartman: huh? Is it over? *yawn*

Jack Wallace: Why are you not fired yet?

Jeff Hartman: We've been over this.. I'm union.

Winner: Sayber via Korosu
Match Time: 21:14
Match Rating: *****

Match 4
Hype Championship Tournament
Jeremy Ryan vs Alyssa Corliss

After Ryan made his way to the ring, Alyssa Corliss came out with Sebastian Saje by her side. Sebastian had a microphone.

"Jeremy... I vowed that Alyssa was a friend and that I would do whatever it took to protect my friends. That's why that I will be in her corner tonight.. but so will someone else..."

With that, Rune Winters stepped out from the back with his trusty shovel in hand.

"Just remember.. if you don't make this a straight up wrestling match, there will be consequences... and this time, we'll make sure you truly are unable to compete... PERMANENTLY"

Saje and Winters then stood on each side of the ringside area as Alyssa cautiously stepped into the ring.

Match Summary
When the bell rang, Alyssa was a bit hesitant to go one on one with her ex-boyfriend. Ryan stood there with open arms as if to invite her for a hug. He looked at Saje and winked at him as he held his arms open. Alyssa slowly walked over as if she were going to accept a hug from him, but when she got in close, she kicked Ryan right in the stomach and began to knee him repeatedly in the face as the crowd erupted in cheers! Alyssa didnít let up as she struck knee after knee after knee into the forehead of Ryan. She then leapt up with a double knee strike that sent Ryan staggering back. Alyssa looked to get some confidence as Ryan shook it off and then charged in at her with blind rage!

Alyssa side stepped and hit a drop toe hold, but that didn't last long as Ryan pounded his fists on the canvas and got right back up. Alyssa went right on the attack with a forearm shot to the face, followed by another and another until Ryan put his hand in Alyssa's face and shoved her away. He then exploded with a clothesline that flipped Alyssa inside out! Sebastian yelled out her name after the impact and while it was a hard impact, she was tough enough to get back up from it.

Ryan then grabbed Alyssa by the arm and whipped her into the corner. Ryan charged in and nailed a brutal corner clothesline! Alyssa fell forward and hit the canvas, but Ryan wasn't done. He pulled Alyssa back up to her feet and then planted her with a big time standing spine buster in the middle of the ring. It was over at that point, but Ryan refused to go for the cover. He looked over at Saje and said "What's the matter.. I'm keeping it nice and legal for ya, boy". Ryan then grabbed the lifeless Alyssa and then placed her on his shoulders.

"This one's for you, pretty boy"

He then spun her off his shoulders and nailed another spinebuster.. it was the Perfect Circle. He then made the cover and picked up the three.

Ryan grinned as he motioned he was going to be the first Hype Champion. He then slashed his throat with his thumb and pointed right at Saje as he exited the ring with a shit-eating grin on his face. As soon as Ryan left, Saje slid into the ring and checked on Alyssa. She was beaten, but she could still move. Saje apologized to her and gave her a hug before helping her out of the ring and to the back.

Jack Wallace: Jeremy Ryan is a sick, perverse man. That's all I can say.. and he could be our first Hype Champion

Jeff Hartman: Correction.. he WILL be our first Hype champion... Saje and Sayber are too good for their own well being. Ryan is a real man who can get it done!

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Perfect Circle
Match Time: 5:18
Match Rating: **

Match 5
Hype Championship
Sayber vs Sebastian Saje vs Jeremy Ryan

Match Summary
No rest for the weary as the final match took place immediately. Saje and Ryan came back out and then Sayber came out last. When the bell rang, all three of them stared at each other. Ryan went for Sayber, but then faked and made a beeline for Saje instead and took him down with a powerful clothesline. He pulled Saje up and sent him off to the ropes. Saje came back and at a shoulder block by Ryan. Ryan took off, but then ate a leaping leg lariat by Sayber. Sayber pulled Ryan up and sent him to the ropes. He telegraphed a back body drop, Saje leapfrogged off the back of Sayber and clotheslined Ryan out of his boots! Saje then grabbed Ryan and threw him to the outside.

Saje wanted to give chase, but Sayber pulled Saje back into the ring and nailed a blue thunder powerbom for a nearfall! While Ryan recovered on the outside, Saje and Sayber went back and forth in a game of can-you-top-this! Like the first two final matches earlier this evening, this exchange ended in a stalemate. Ryan slid back into the ring and hit a double axe handle to the back of Saje, but at a forearm from Sayber. Sayber sent Ryan to the ropes, but Ryan came back with a flying shoulder tackle. Before he could get up, Saje kicked him in the head and then attempted a brain buster, but Ryan struck him with a knee. When he landed, Sayber grabbed Ryan in a german suplex position. Saje hit a superkick that sent Ryan into the German Suplex, but Saje quickly broke up the cover.

Saje and Sayber went back at it, trading blows while Ryan recovered. Ryan got back up and Saje used Sayber as a shield and shoved him into Ryan, but Ryan shoved Sayber back. Saje swung with a clothesline, but Sayber ducked underneath it. Ryan then planted Saje with a spinebuster. Sayber charged in, but Ryan threw Saybe up and over to the floor! Ryan grinned as he was now alone in the ring with Sebastian Saje. He mounted Saje and began to punch away at his face! Ryan had a sadistic look in his eye as he busted open Sebastian's nose once again with his heavy hands. Ryan stood and then went to pull Saje up, but Saje spit his own blood into the eyes of Ryan, blinding him. Sayber hopped up on the ring apron and grabbed Ryan. He suplexed him from inside the ring to the outside! Sayber then climbed back in and was met with a clubbing blow from Saje.

Saje then sent Sayber to the ropes, but when Sayber came back, Saje delivered the toe kick and went for Light's Out, but Sayber shoved him down hard! Sayber picked Saje and pulled his head down into his knee for a vicious strike! Sayber then lifted a bloodied Saje up and nailed the Korosu and went for the three, but Ryan pulled Sayber out of the ring. Ryan rolled back in and made the cover on Saje and got a very very close two count that saw Saje pop the shoulder up at the last possible second. Ryan couldn't take it anymore and pulled out a pair of brass knuckles. The referee saw it and grabbed Ryan's hand. He tried to pry the knuckles away from Ryan. This distraction allowed Saje to blindside Ryan and take him down.

Sayber circled around the ring and slid in behind Saje.. he was ready to strike when he saw another opportunity. Ryan staggered forward as Sayber closed in from behind Saje. Sayber knelt down right behind Saje so when Saje hit the Light's Out on Ryan, the back of Saje's head slammed against the knee of Sayber!!! Ryan was down, but Sayber pulled Sebastian up and nailed the Korosu for good measure! Sayber made the cover and picked up the three!!!

Jack Wallace: MY GOD! This match had everything in it and in the end, Sayber used his intelligence and took advantage of the situation.. Sayber is your FIRST Hype Champion!

Jeff Hartman: ...

Jack Wallace: Nothing to say, Jeff?

Jeff Hartman: ............ I feel like I need to yell at something.. I'm going to Dairy Queen.

Winner: Sayber via Korosu
Match Time: 33:47
Match Rating: *****

Shayne Anderson made his way down with a briefcase in hand. He entered the ring and placed the briefcase down on the canvas. He applauded Sayber who stood triumphantly in the ring. He shook Sayber's hand and then asked for a microphone.

"Ladies and Gentlemen... it is my pleasure to introduce to you... the first ever jOlt Hype Champion... SAYBER!"

The people in the audience cheered wildly. The locker room emptied out and applauded Sayber on becoming the first jOlt Hype Champion. Shayne then opened the briefcase and pulled out the new championship title. He handed it to Sayber who held it in his arms in disbelief. He then ascended the turnbuckle pads and raised the championship high into the air as pyrotechnics went off above the ring!

As Sayber is celebrating, Jeremy Ryan snaps! With the brass knuckles still in hand, he pulls a helpless Sebastian Saje up to his feet and punches him not once.. not twice, but three times in the face with the brass knuckles. The locker room empties down to the ring. Even Sayber drops the title and hops off the turnbuckles to get Ryan away from Saje. Ryan exits the ring as the all check on Saje.. he's busted up pretty badly and not responding! Ryan then licks the blood off of the brass knuckles as he slowly exits through the crowd. They call for paramedics to rush down to the ring.

Alyssa slides in the ring in tears as she tries to get Sebastian Saje to respond. She breaks down even more when Sebastian doesn't respond. The EMTs put an oxygen mask on Saje as they determine that he is movable and just knocked out cold. They carefully move him onto a stretcher and cart him out of the arena. It is the final scene as The Hype goes off the air.