"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen.. it's time for another edition of The Hype! We're glad you could join us here this evening as tonight we will decide the Hype Championship as Michael Donavan challenges Sebastian Saje in an Underground Rules match!

Jeff Hartman: Whoa whoa whoa.. back the glad-handing train here up one second! Don't lump me in with you. I am NOT glad you people can join us. I find it highly annoying that I have to spend my Friday nights here entertaining the lot of you.

Jack Wallace: Of course, I'm Jack Wallace and this little ball of joy and rainbows over here is Jeff Hartman. I'm sure deep down inside past all of the walls childhood molestation, youthful neglect, and jaded skin, you'll find something that resembles a human being with compassion

Jeff Hartman: *hissssssss*

Jack Wallace: On that note, we send you backstage with tonight's challenger for the Hype Championship... Michael Donavan!

Michael Donavan is seen backstage warming up with jOlt's resident interviewing beauty, Dawn Cassidy, strolled up with a microphone in hand.

Dawn: Michael.. tonight you go one on one with Sebastian Saje in an Underground Rules match for the Hype Championship. We know you stated that you would face him on your terms, but why did you pick these particular terms?

Donavan: The answer is truly simple that even you can understand it. Underground rules means that I can do whatever the hell I damn well please to Sebastian Saje. While the opposite is true, I highly doubt that Sebastian has the balls to actually do anything to me. Tonight it's going to be a one-sided battle and you will see the crowning of The Hype's THIRD champion in myself.

Dawn: Well, you probably forgot that Sebastian Saje WON the Hype Championship in a 60 Minute Iron Man match contested with Underground Rules. He defeated the same man who is going on a rampage right now on the main roster in Jeremy Ryan.

Donavan: Jeremy Ryan is a complete and utter tool. He is nothing more than the incarnate son of his own vices. What makes you think Jeremy Ryan stands in the same league as myself? I deserve a lot better than what I'm getting right now. I should be on the main roster seeing as how i had the first ever five star rated match here on The Hype. That I have been passed over after the initial tournament and became an afterthought in Shayne Anderson's mind.... well.... tonight that all changes because tonight, I will prove that Sebastian Saje hasn't faced anyone like me.

Donavan walked off as Cassidy simply stood there.

Dawn: I guess let's send it down to the ring for our first match.

Kodora vs Vogue Gonsalvez

Match Summary
Desiree and Xin Xin Xiong were at ringside for this match as Desiree also had a note pad in hand. X3 audibled over to Desiree to pay close attention to the match and to take notes. Kodora and Vogue tied up and immediately Kodora twisted the arm of Vogue and laid in heavy kicks to the chest. The kicks were enough to bring her down to her knees. Kodora then hauled off and kicked Vogue in the side of the head and then waited for her to stand. Kodora charged in and nailed a Busaiku Knee strike to the face of Vogue that looked to knock her out, but she only got two. Kodora signaled for the end already as Vogue tried to get back up. Vogue only made it to all fours when Kodora lunged in with a low super kick and Vogue was out on her back. Kodora then sat Vogue up and trapped her by the head. Kodora laid in heavy elbows until the referee called for the bell!

Winner: Kodora via Knockout
Match Time: 3:12
Match Rating: *3/4

Jack Wallace: This is Kodora's third straight knock out victory. She doesn't look it, but she's as tough as nails.

Jeff Hartman: A night with me on the town and I'll turn that nail into a limp noodle

Jack Wallace: I'm pretty sure if you got near her, she's kick you in your limp noodle.

After the Match
Kodora hopped out of the ring as X3 gave her a pat on the ass and told Desiree that she should not only take notes, but play back the tape later and watch this match over and over again. Desiree nodded as the trio walked to the backstage area.

Magma is seen backstage with Dawn Cassidy as she was gearing up for her second interview.

Cassidy: Last week, you had an impressive win over Brian Williams. You also, right before the holiday break, defeated Seraph in an...... *SCREAMS*

Cassidy moved out of the way just as Seraph charged in from off camera and speared Magma RIGHT THROUGH THE WALL! Magma laid there in a heap as Seraph gripped his mask and made some low audible grunts as if he were hearing voices in his head. Seraph then ripped at the mask and tore it straight off his head!!

Seraph was unmasked! Underneath the mask was a chiseled face with a big scar across his left eyebrow which curved alongside his face and down his left cheek. Seraph threw the mask aside and knelt down next to Magma, grabbing him by the hair and pulling him up so that they were face to face.

Seraph: I have awakened.

Seraph shoved Magma back into the wall and walked away.

Jack Wallace: He... He SPOKE!

Cross the Hood vs The Widow's Nest

Match Summary
This match started off hot and heavy with Wolf Spider and Machida Hood battling it out. Eventually, Hood gained the upper hand and made quick tags to Cross to slow down the pace and isolate Wolf Spider in their corner. Wolf Spider eventually found an opening and broke free, making the hot tag to Araknis. Araknis came in and cleaned house, sending Hood to the outside and knocked Cross off the apron. Araknis then got some speed and flipped over the top, taking both of them out, but all of a sudden, Prince Samir, Kareem, and Ryan Raysor ran out and attacked Araknis. Muerte then slid into the ring and dove to the outside, taking out Raysor and Samir. Wolf Spider crouched out of view and when Kareem when to attack Muerte, Wolf Spider speared Kareem. The referee had already called for the bell, giving Widow's Nest the win. The nest stood tall as they ran off India's Import.

Winner: The Widow's Nest via Disqualification
Match Time: 18:33
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace:It looks as if Inidia's Import were a bit upset over their loss last week and tried to get some retribution, but it kind of backfired on them.

Jeff Hartman: The Nest will still have hell to pay for this.

Jack Wallace: I'm pretty sure that you said that last week.. and yet.. still no hell has been paid.

Jeff Hartman: Oh, it's coming.. trust me.

Jack Wallace: Riiiight.

Sebastian Saje is backstage with Alyssa Corliss.

Corliss: Are you sure you're going to be okay, tonight?

Saje: Are you worried about what Michael Donavan said? Because I'm not. Jeremy Ryan is a tough individual. He actually was a very hard challenge. While Michael Donavan has great technical wrestling skill, he doesn't have anywhere close to the mean streak that Jeremy Ryan has. Donavan is more talk than he is action.. I don't have anything to be worried about.

Just as Saje said that, another mysterious envelope slid under his door as there were two knocks then silence. Saje quickly rushed to the door and opened it, but there wasn't a single soul in sight once again. Saje shook his head and he picked up the envelope.

Corliss: Another letter? What's this one say?

Saje opened up the envelope and pulled the letter out. He read it aloud.

Saje: "The time for denial is heading towards its end. The sky of tomorrow beckons us all. You are the shining star in that endless sky which will guide us to the promised land. Do not deny your true talent any longer. Do not settle for living in the shadows. Shine brightly and light our way."

Corliss: What the hell?

Saje: I think whoever wrote this should quit their day job and go become a writer.

Saje crumpled up the letter and threw it into the trash.

Fade to black.

Latrell Samuel vs Gabriel Gold

Match Summary
This match was very quick paced with a lot of chain wrestling and can-you-top-this spots that brought the crowd into it. As fast as it started, the match ended when Latrell Samuel scored with a Tornado Brainbuster then went up top and hit the Sky High frog splash picking up a nicely earned victory! The fans cheered for the high octane match and Samuel took a bow before leaving the ring for the backstage area.

Winner: Latrell Samuel via Sky High
Match Time: 10:14
Match Rating: ***1/4

Jack Wallace: Latrell Samuel picked up a nice win here tonight. He's one of those guys who should get an opportunity. He's a past jOlt superstar who used to be on the main roster.

Jeff Hartman:There's a reason why he's here, Jack.. no one, including myself, gives a crap about Latrell Samuel anymore

Jack Wallace: Well by that logic, I think it's fair to say that you're here for the very same reason.

Dawn Cassidy should be getting a handsome paycheck because she's back with her third interview of the evening.. this time with jOlt's newest rookie starlet, Callie Scott!

Cassidy: You've done very well for yourself since coming here to The Hype. You bring a unique style that most Starlets don't have. What are your goals?

Scott: First off.. thank you for the kind words. As ya can tell.. I'm from the boxing scene and I want to translate those skills to wrestling. I've been a Toughwoman Boxing Tournament winner in the past so I'm used to getting my hands a bit dirty.

Cassidy: What did you think of your opponent over the past few shows? Faith Hines is really trying to win a match against you, but keeps coming up short.

Scott: Well, I'll say this about Faith Hines.. she has a lot of heart and she...

Faith Hines walked into the scene which caught Callie Scott of guard.

Hines: I'll finish that sentence for you. Faith Hines also has a lot of respect for you as well. You brought a hard fight to the ring each time we've met, but there is one flaw in doing that... and that is I've learned and I think I have adapted to your style... so I'm here to formally challenge you to one more match here tonight because I think this time.. I can beat you.

Callie smiled.

Scott: Anyone who wants a fight has to just ask. Since you asked and since there's an empty ring out there, let's go take care of this business right now.

Faith Hines: Fine by me. I'm up for it.

The two of them walked off.. that match is NEXT!

Callie Scott vs Faith Hines

Match Summary:
This match didn't resemble a wrestling match at all. It looked like a legit Toughwoman fight as the two of them were trading and blocking each other's punches! After some boxing action, Hines switched it into wrestling mode and hit a series of clotheslines and a brainbuster for two. Scott fought back and even got in a knockout shot to Hines' jaw, but was shocked when Hines kicked out of it! Scott measured up Hines and went for the Sliding D Elbow Smash, but Hines shuffled to the side and super kicked her in mid-air after Scott was fully committed to the move!! Hines only got two, though! Hines picked her up and went for a whip, but Scott reversed it into a discus forearm and right into the Sliding D! She picked up the three and both women got a standing ovation for an amazing match!

Winner Callie Scott via Sliding D
Match Length : 14:22
Match Rating : ****

Jack Wallage: WOW! That was probably one of the best starlet matches I've seen in recent times here on The Hype. Faith Hines should not be ashamed as she brought it to Callie Scott this week and it really came down to the wire!

Jeff Hartman: ....

Jack Wallace: Care to add anything, Jeff? .................. Jeff!?

Jeff Hartman: ZzzzZzzzzZzzz

Jack Wallace: WAKE UP!

Jeff Hartman: *Snort* Huh? No... I said the happy ending, please... wha?

Nate Quartermaine walked out from the backstage area. He made his way down to the ring with a microphone in hand. He stepped in as his music died down.

Nate: I'll get right to the point. Jeremy Ryan jumped ship to the main roster before I could finish my business with him. I'm here to say that since Shayne Anderson isn't going to do JACK SHIT about it.. I'm taking the matters into my own hands.

The crowd cheered

Nate: Tonight.. I am giving Jeremy Ryan ONE WEEK to show up here on The Hype. If he doesn't show up here to settle things with me.. then I'm going to take a trip to the main roster and I'm going to beat the ever living shit out of him on live television.

The crowd cheered that, too.

Nate: The decision is yours, Ryan. You know where to find me.. I'll be waiting.

Quartermaine dropped the microphone onto the canvas and stormed out of the ring, heading to the backstage area.

Jack Dawn vs Pietro Geist

Match Summary
Much to the shock of everyone, the ferocious Geist exploded out of his corner and slammed Dawn back into the opposite one. Geist wasted no time in delivering a trio of shoulders to his foe's abdomen and rapid fire lefts and rights to Dawn's head, before launching him across the ring with a gorilla press slam. Dawn instinctively climbed back to his feet only to have Geist decapitate him with a lariat. That folks, was all she wrote

Winner : Pietro Geist via Pinfall
Match Length : 1:05
Match Rating : *

After the match
Dawn Cassidy looked to get an interview on the entrace ramp with the unknown Geist.

"Pietro, can we get a word?"

Actions speak louder than words and Dawn Cassidy found that out the hard way, as Geist pie-faced her to the floor without breaking stride.

Jack Wallace: What in the world just happened there? Where did this guy come from? He absolutely mauled Brian Dawn before shattering his jaw with a lariat!

Jeff Hartman: You got me, Jack. Though, he sure has a gift for gab.

Backstage, we're joined by Jackson Cross and Machida Hood.

Cross: Man I am TIRED of this. We shoulda had them boys an' then we got screwed ova by some rich bitch snobs, man.

Before they could get anymore heated, Shayne Anderson stepped into view.

Hood: Hell.. look who it is.. Mr. Can't do shit. You didn't do JACK for Nate Quartermaine.. he out there pissin' and moanin' earlier.. what makes you think you gonna do shit for us?

Anderson: You're right.. I wasn't planning on doing anything about it.. but luckily Damien Lee said otherwise.. you see... he released a news statement stating that the tag team titles were vacated and he wants you in a qualifying match on iNtense this Sunday. So I guess you guys lucked out. You get one more shot.

Cross: Fine wit me. Seems like it's better workin' for Damien Lee than it is for yo' ass.

Both of them walked off as Anderson just stood there and shook his head.

Sebastian Saje (c) vs Michael Donavan

Match Summary:
We start the match out with the two of them getting into a staring contest, both of them muttering words towards each other. Donavan shoves Saje.. and Saje shoves right back. Donavan went for a punch and it was here that Saje hit a couple of strikes that sent Donavan to the outside in order to regroup, but Saje wouldn't let him as he took him out with a suicide dive! Saje then brawled with Donavan around ringside before Donavan reversed an irish whip into the ring post! That turned the tide of this match in a hurry!

Donavan then worked over Saje's shoulder by ramming into the ring post a second time and then whipping him into the barricades. He whipped him once more, this time down the ringside area and into the ring steps. Donavan rolled him back into the ring for two. Donavan then exited and looked for some weapons, but took too long and was met with a baseball slide to the face. Saje rolled out and used his good arm for some forearm shots. He then bounced Donavan's head off the announce table and cleared off that sent Jack Wallace and Jeff Hartman running!

Saje then placed Donavan on the table and then headed up to the top rope. He leapt off with a Shooting Star Press, but Donavan moved and Saje went through the table!! Donavan quickly pulled him out of the rubble and sent him into the ring where he covered for a very close two count! Donavan pulled Saje up and whipped him to the ropes. He hit a Spine Buster, stood, then the Phantom Image moonsault for another very close two! Donavan went back to the outside and pulled out a table!

Donavan set the table up in the corner of the ring and pulled Saje back up. He went to whip Saje into the table, but it was reversed and Donavan smacked face first into it. Donavan staggerd back a few steps and Saje hit a Blue Thunder Driver for two. Saje staggered to his feet and rolled out. He then pulled out a kendo stick from under the ring and then dared Donavan to get up. Donavan felt several lashes of the stick across his back and then one big shot across his head! Saje covered for another two.

Saje went to pick up Donvavan, but he was met with a low blow. Donavan proceeded to cane Saje over and over.. even busting his forehead open! Donavan then signaled for the end as he set up Saje for the Phantom Driver.. the spike double underhook piledriver. Donavan lifted him, but Saje countered with a huracanrana that sent Donavan face first into the table in the corner once again! Donavan turned around and Saje flew at him with a running double knee strike that plowed Donavan through the table!

Donavan staggered forward as Saje leapt up and hit the Light's Out! The double knees to the face, but Donavan KICKED OUT! Saje couldn't believe it! Donavan laid there and reached into his tights. He slipped on a pair of brass knuckles and when Saje went to lift him, he hauled off and decked Saje right in the face!! Donavan quickly set Saje up between his legs and nailed the Phantom Driver!!! Donavan was about to make good on his promise when Saje's foot flopped under the bottom rope! Donavan didn't see it and pinned Saje anyway.. the referee got to two when he notice that Saje's foot was out of bounds and stopped the count!

Donavan argued with the referee and in the meantime, Saje groggily woke up and rolled to the outside! Donavan looked back and didn't see Saje anywhere. Saje tried to shake off the effects. he was barely able to reach under the ring and pull out a steel chair. Donavan saw movement out of the corner of his eye and saw Saje trying to stand up with his back to the ring apron. Donavan reached down and grabbed Saje by the hair, but Saje turned and cracked the chair over Donavan's skull!! Donavan staggered back and fell to a knee. He stood and fell to a knee again as he held his face in pain!

Saje rolled in and had to use the chair to stand. Donavan turned and faced Saje.. Saje hauled off and cracked the chair over Donavan's skull again. Donavan just stood straight up and was about to fall backwards, but Saje quickly leapt up and brought both knees to the face... LIGHTS OUT!!! saje covered and got the three!!

Winner : Sebastian Saje via Light's Out
Match Length : 41:01
Match Rating : ****3/4

Jack Wallage: At one point.. I was sure we had a new Hype Champion, but somehow.. someway.. Sebastian Saje pulled it off and retained! Good GOD what a match that was! Ladies and gentlemen... we're over our alotted time.. thank you to USA for keeping us on the air until the conclusion of this match! We'll see you next week right here on The Hype!