"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Welcome everyone to The Hype! Sebastian Saje has been a fighting champion and last week he and the returning Sayber went to the limits in a fantastic match! One must wonder what is in store for us tonight?

Jeff Hartman: I'm sure it's going to be more dull moments, predictacble stories, and all that other crap I have to suffer through.

Jack Wallace: Well I'm glad you feel that way because we're starting off with a Starlet match!

Jeff Hartman: OH! SHOW ME BOOBS!

Vogue Gonsalvez vs "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann

Match Summary
Vogue may not have advanced in the Starlet Tournament, but she was still undefeated on The Hype. Vogue and Ryann locked up. Ryann with the arm twist and whip to the ropes, but Vogue responded with a running knee. She then whipped Amber into the corner and Vogue ate an elbow and a blockbuster neckbreaker after charging in. Amber put Vogue into a seated position and kicked away, but Vogue got back to her feet and bitch slapped her. Vogue clawed at her back and then hit a flurry of forearms to the face. Whip to the ropes and Vogue chased her, but Amber hit a no hands leap to the middle rope and sprung over Vogue with the Mega Man X Wall Jump! When Vogue turned around she was hit with a double palm thrust.. the Hadoken! Amber then pulled Vogued up and lifted her for the back to back piledriver, but Vogue flipped out and hit a leg sweep. She then hit a summersault leg drop and headed up top. Sky Twister Moonsault.. the En Vogue... MISSED! Amber got up and pulled Vogue to her feet. She hooked her once again for the back to back piledriver and nailed it! Fate/Stay Dead! She picked up the three and Vogue was no longer undefeated on The Hype!

Winner: Amber Ryann vs Fate/Stay Dead
Match Time: 10:42
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Amber Ryann pulled off a very flashy victory, but I don't think Vogue is taking this very well

Jeff Hartman: She may be in a cycle.

Jack Wallace: Why don't you go ask her?

Jeff Hartman: Maybe later. After the Match
Vogue grasps at her hair and screams as Ryann is back up at the entrance ramp. Ryann makes an L shape with her index and thumb and tosses it into the air, which if anyone watches anime, is the guild sign from Fairy Tail.. she truly is an otaku! Vogue then throws a temper tantrum in the ring as she can't believe that she lost to someone like Amber Ryann. Eventually, Vogue leaves the ring, but not before kicking the guardrail and yelling at a fan in the crowd before doing so.

Latrell Samuel is standing by with Dawn Cassidy.

Dawn: Latrell.. I would like to know your thoughts on Ryan Raysor. Twice now you have faced him and twice he pulled the victory out through nefarious means.

Latrell: Yes, Dawn.. it's true that Ryan Raysor has been a thorn in my side, but all of that is going to change because I've just got finished talking with Shayne Anderson and next week.. right here on The Hype... (pause for a smile)... we are going to have me.. SKY HIGH Latrell Samuel.. one on one... with Ryan Raysor once again... BUT... and here's the best part of hit, sweetie... it's going to be inside of a steel cage!

The fans in the background cheered

Latrell: This way.. there will be ZERO excuses WHEN Ryan Raysor loses after I prove my original claim that without bending the rules to his will.. he's nothing.. a garbage talent.. and someone who isn't even worthy of lacing up my damn boots.

Latrell then walks off as Dawn stands there, watching him leave.

Dawn: There you have it, folks! Latrell Samuel vs Ryan Raysor since of a steel cage next week here on The Hype!

"The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon vs Jeremy Ryan

Match Summary
Le Bon and Ryan had a run in last week in Anderson's office and this match was the result. Ryan took control early, keeping Le Bon grounded. He stomped away on Le Bon, bullying him, making sure he couldn't get back up. The crowd actually rallied behind Le Bon and Ryan told them to shut up, but that momentary distraction was enough for Le Bon to mount a comeback, throwing fists into the face of Ryan. Le Bon went to the ropes, but Ryan hit a knee lift that doubled Le Bon over. Ryan then hit a snapmare to a seated Le Bon that whiplashed his had back to the canvas. Ryan then pulled Le Bon up, but Le Bon hit a jawbreaker! Le Bon swung with a clothesline, but Ryan ducked and Le Bon almost collided with the referee. Le Bon was then nice enough to brush the referee off and give him a thumbs up, but when Le Bon turned around, Ryan went for a yakuza kick, but Le Bon moved and Ryan caught the referee instead! Nate Quartermaine then ran out from the back and nailed a Spear on Ryan! Quartermaine then went up top and hit the No Quater.. the Senton! Nate gave the thumbs up to Le Bon and rolled out of the ring. Le Bon slapped the referee and told him to wake up as he made the cover. The count was slow, but Le Bon got the three!!

Winner: Jon Le Bon via Pinfall
Match Time: 9:38
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Nate Quartermaine interjected himself into the match and got a measure of revenge on Jeremy Ryan.. giving Jon Le Bon the victory here tonight!.

Jeff Hartman: Sadly.. the only reason to watch The Hype is over and done with.. bye.. I'm going on lunch break..

Jack Wallace: Sit your ass back down!

Magma is backstage lacing up his boots when Seraph busts into his dressing room. Magma stands up and goes face to face with Serpah.

"I take it you still have beef with me after I've proven that I am the true monster of The Hype, eh?" said Magma.

Seraph simply stood there, staring a hole through Magma as he grinned.

"Still not going to talk to me, eh? Fine.. then how about we settle this once and for all so I can prove that I AM the true monster... next week.. underground rules.. you and me.. one on one.. I know you've been begging for that... so I'll just go ahead and give it to you.. sound good?"

Seraph nodded slowly.

"Good.. .now get out of my dressing room before I have to prove what kind of monster I am right now"

Seraph turned to leave, but he quickly turned and grabbed Magma by the neck, squeezing as hard as he could. Magma was literally choking as Serpah used tremendous power, lifting him into the air and chokeslammed him on the locker room bench! The impact caused the bench to snap in half and Magma landed on the hard concrete floor. Seraph stood over Magma and then walked out of the dressing room!

Frank Tapie vs Michael Donavan

Match Summary:
They both locked up and Tapia had the head lock. Irish whip and a big boot by Donavan. Donavan controlled the head with a rear chin lock, but Tapia battled up to his feet. A Pair of elbows broke him free and Tapia hit a running shoulder block. He went to the ropes, but got caught with a powerslam for two. Donavan then hooked Tapia behind his back and nailed an Inside Cradle Driver for another close two. Tapia got backed into the corner and shot across the ring. Donavan ate boot as he charged in and Tapia then hit a middle rope uppercut. Tapia then grabbed Donvana and lifted him onto his shoulders, but Donavan fell behind, spun him around and hooked him for the Phantom Driver, but when he lifted him, Tapia countered with a huracanrana where he held the cover long enough for a three!!

Winner Frank Tapia via Hurancarana Pin
Match Length : 10:15
Match Rating : ***1/4

Jack Wallage: "WOW! Frank Tapia with a HUGE upset win here over Michael Donavan! That one even surprised me!

Jeff Hartman: "Michael Donavan hasn't been the same since he was in the world title tournament He had a great match against Sayber and now he's just an empty shell of a man!"

We see the training center with Xin Xin Xiong and Desiree. X3 is giving her a pep talk.

"You did great! You really threw off Vogue Gonsalvez and scored a win... but all of your matches are not going to be that easy. You revealed your hand right away and now nobody is going to fall for that. However, this bought us some extra training. You face Sarah Winterton tomorrow on Warriors for the next part of the tournament, but I don't think its enough. The training we're going to go here today is going to help you get through that match, but next week.. you'll have a break before Cataclysm should you win.. Regardless if you win or lose, you need a solid test.. so I set up a match for you on The Hype next week.

Desiree nodded

"Next week, you'll be in a triple threat match between yourself, Vogue Gonsalvez, and Amber Ryann. But before we worry about that, we need to get you trained for tomorrow night. We'll start off with 500 hindu squats. GO!"

Desiree began to do the hindu squats as X3 encouraged her. The scene then faded to black.

A voice was heard faintly, but it got louder and louder.

Shaney! Shaney! Shaney! Shaney! Shaney! Shaney! Shaney! Shaney! Shaney! Shaney! Shaney! Shaney!

Jon Le Bon burst into Shane Anderson's office. Shayne looked like he instantly got a headache.

"DID YOU SEE!? I won against the woman beater tonight! AND did you hear!? Jim Johnson is giving me a match against the jOlt Champion on iNtense 79! I could be a contender to the world title!!! So.. after seeing my success.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HASHTAG GET ME OFF THE HYPE!"

Shayne grinned.

"How many times do I have to tell you before it sinks in? YOU ARE A ROOKIE. YOU ARE ASSIGNED TO ME! I DON'T CARE IF YOU THINK IT WAS A MISTAKE! YOU ARE ON THIS ROSTER... NOT THE MAIN ROSTER!" yelled Shayne. He cleared his throat and continued.

"This match.. with Aran Thompson.. will be your LAST match on iNtense or Warriors. After that... you belong to ME. Johnson is sick and tired of dealing with you.. Damien Lee is sick and tired of dealing with you.. and quite frankly.. I'm getting addicted to Advil from all the headaches you've caused me. So... We're ending this once and for all.. win or lose.. after iNtense 79.. you will NEVER leave this show again and if you do.... YOU'RE FIRED."

Le Bon took a step back as the people in the arena can be heard booing in the background

"Ahhhh.. You're pulling my..."

"SHUT UP" yelled Anderson, cutting Le Bon off.

"Week after week after week.. you stand there with this vacant soulless stare on your face.. oblivious to the world around you.. ignoring everything that people tell you and only hearing what you want to hear. It STOPS now. You're not funny.. you're not smart.. you are NONE of the things you think you are... You are just plain old ANNOYING and all you are.. is nothing more than the adult equivalent to a CHILD.. and a CHILD that needs to be punished no less. So get this through your head... iNtense is your FINAL appearance on the main roster. What you do between then and now, I don't care... but after iNtense 79.. if you so much as even come with 100 feet of the Arena of Champions.. I am going to FIRE you on the spot and then.. you will be quote/unquote hashtag gotten off the hype.. you will be hashtag looking for a new job. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!?"

"So.. until iNentense 79, I can do whatever I want?"

"AGAIN.. you're missing the point.. but yes." said Shayne

"I see... hmm.. OH! Excuse me then!"

Le Bon then ran out of Anderson's office.

"Why do I feel as if I'm going to regret this?"

The scene faded to black.

West Texas Terrorists vs Mad Morgan and Shovel

Match Summary:
Morgan and Shovel were former colleagues of Jeff Hartman, Jack Wallace, and Shayne Anderson about 200 miles south in Miami when X Wrestling was a thing over a decade ago. Now they are members of The Hype! Morgan and Eli locked up and immediately Morgan headbutted Eli and smiled. "WAH HOO!" yelled Morgan as he ran at Eli and nailed a flying cross body press! The eccentric team of Morgan and Shovel was a sight to behold as Morgan did a bit of a dance around Eli, stomping him as he made his way full circle. Morgan pulled Eli to his feet and sent him to the ropes and hit a back body drop. Tag to Shovel who came into the ring. Morgan grabbed Shovel and threw him into Eli with a move they call the Battering Ram. Morgan then ran into Ezra on the apron and Shovel made the cover and got the three!?

Winner : Mad Morgan and Shovel via Battering Ram
Match Length : 2:55
Match Rating : *

Jack Wallage: "Holy crap! It's been forever since we've seen Mad Morgan and Shovel with out own eyes, but we didn't think they would go over the Terrorists THIS quickly. What an impressive return to wrestling for this duo"

Jeff Hartman: "If Jean Marquee, Screwloose, and Quick Death show up, I'm quitting"

After the Match
"Ready to Go" by David Whitaker

A new theme hit the arena and out from the back ran Jackson Cross and Machida hood in some new black ring gear. They hit the ring and jumped the Terrorists! Machida pulled Eli to his feet and sent him across the ring. Machida then nailed an Anderson Spine Buster on Eli. Cross did a flip to the outside and took out Ezra on the floor. Hood grabbed Ezra and rolled him into the ring where Hood lifted him up onto his shoulders. Cross then leapt to the top rope and flew off with a shoulder block, knocking Ezra off of Machida's shoulders!! They then pulled Eli up to his feet as Cross set him up between his legs. Machida went to the ropes and nailed a drop kick to the face of Eli as he was in the Piledriver position! Cross then used his power to lift Eli up to a powerbomb position and then nailed a sit out powerbomb!

Cross the Hood then stood tall over the fallen terrorists. They looked mean and they looked focused. Hood then tapped Cross on the chest and the two of them rolled out of the ring and headed to the back.

Gabriel Gold and Brian Williams are backstage brawling. Gold backs Wiliams up into a locker and punches away at Williams' kidneys, but Williams shoves Gold away and hits a haymaker punch. Security steps in and separates the two of them.

"I'm SICK of this" yelled Williams

Gold grinned "Hey.. it's not my fault that you're damn boring"

Williams tore through security and jumped Gold, but security quickly pulled them apart again.

Jack Wallace: These two can't stand each other!

Jeff Hartman: Wow.. commentary of the year right there!

Sebastian Saje (c) vs Ryan Raysor

Match Summary
Despite how he won his matches, Ryan Raysor gathered enough wins for a title shot here tonight. Saje and Ryan locked up and Ryan went into a waist lock, but Saje used elbows to break free. Saje took off to the ropes, but Ryan grabbed Saje by the shoulders and thrusted him down to the canvas. Ryan dropped a knee and got only a two. Ryan stood and brought Saje back up, but Saje punched Ryan in the stomach and sent him to ropes. Saje then grabbed Ryan on the rebound and threw him over to the top rope to the floor. Saje readied himself to fly, but Ryan blew him off and walked away!

The referee began a ten count as Saje gave chase, but Latrell Samuel came out from the back and stopped Ryan in his tracks. He turned around and Saje grabbed Ryan and rolled him back into the ring. Ryan begged, but Saje approached, but Ryan quickly hit a low blow right in front of the referee and got disqualified. Samuel then hit the ring, but Ryan rolled out and escaped through the crowd. Raysor grinned as he once again pointed to his head. Saje looked pissed. Winner: Sebastian Saje via Disqualification
Match Length: 8:16
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace; Ryan Raysor took a loss here, but he managed to escape unscathed!

Jeff Hartman: That's what you think.

Jack Wallace: Wait a minute.. that's Sayber!

After the Match
Sayber was in the crowd and he surprised Raysor from behind. Sayber tossed him over the barriades and then hopped over. Sayber then grabbed Raysor and tossed him into the ring.


Latrell was up top..


Latrell grinned as he stood over Ryan Raysor. This was the final image as The Hype went off the air.