"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the Hype Arena in Miami, FL where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! We are back after Rise of the Legends and tonight is the night Shayne Anderson is going to make his announcement. We understand that there have been cryptic messages as of late that were shown on iNtense, Countdown, and Rise of the Legends, with the first one being tonight entitled Intrigue and.... wait... I'm being told that we're NOT waiting until the end of the night.. Shayne Anderson is on his way out here right now to make the announcement! Let's send it down to the ring!

Jeff Hartman: Do I even get a chance to introduce myself?

Jack Wallace: Nobody really cares about you Jeff.. so does it really matter?

"The Big Announcement"

Shayne Anderson made his way down to the ring. He stepped inside and grabbed a microphone from ringside. Anderson pulled the microphone to his lips.

Shayne: Lights please.

With that, the arena lights went dark and the graphic illumination the jOltvision.

Shayne: It was a month ago I hijacked the card rundown for Rise of the Legends on iNtense 128 and flashed that very graphic to a worldwide audience. the word intrigue was meant to raise questions and raise them it did because it got the entire world talking. Tonight is the night of intrigue, but tonight is also the night of answers.

Shayne paused for a moment.

Shayne: I'll stop beating around the bushes and get straight to the point. It is time for The Hype to rise up. When I took over as General Manager I meant it when I said I would embrace the Hype and I would do what was best for The Hype... and now... I have done just that by giving the fans something they have been asking for... for a very.... long.... time...

Shayne motioned his hand to the jOltvision.

The audience EXPLODED!

Shayne: That's right... In TWO WEEKS, we will have a LIVE... THREE HOUR... PAY-PER-VIEW SPECIAL... RIGHT HERE on the WrestleNet NOW Network!


Shayne: I would also like to announce the main event for that Pay-Per-View... What would a Pay-Per-View main event be without a championship defense. We have a champion.. and we have a contender... They both have been itching to settle this between each other so I'm going to make this official right here... right now... Mike Patterson will defend the Hype Championship against the number one contender... Crucifix!

The crowd cheered loudly!

Shayne: And on top of that... I have a MAJOR announcement to make regarding a match at the Pay-Per-View... BUT.. that's going to be saved until next week.

The crowd boos.

Shayne: Hey.. I have to worry about ratings or Damien Lee will fire me. Nevertheless... this proves to be a monumental step forward for The Hype and I am excited for it as much as everyone else. I know that the talent back there will step their game up and deliver. This will be the biggest night in The Hype's history... so tune in on Friday... August 7, 2015.. and witness that history for yourself! Because this is 2015... The Year of Retribution.. and to all those people who said we're nothing more than a weak farm league... THIS IS OUR RETRIBUTION!

The crowd popped HUGE at that last statement as Shayne Anderson exited from the ring!

Jack Wallace: What a HUGE announcement! The Hype: Retribution.. LIVE on PAY-PER-VIEW in just two weeks time! A three hour special!

Jeff Hartman: SHIT! That means we have to work an extra hour that night... I don't like the sound of this one bit.

Jayshin Lee vs Darian Carver

Match Summary
Darian Carver suffered a loss in his debut match against Jayshin Lee... someone who matches his highly innovative and unorthodox style. Carver requested a rematch and it was granted! The two start off with a lock up followed by a side headlock into a hammerlock by Carver. Carver held the wrist and spun Lee around, but Lee ducked the attempt at the short arm clothesline. Lee reached back and hooked Carver when he pivoted, snapmaring him down to the canvas. Lee went for a kick to the back of the head, but Carver sensed it and when he got snapped down, he immediately placed his head between Lee's legs! Lee swung around as Carver rolled up into a handstand and hooked his legs under Lee's arms.. he pushed himself up off the canvas and then swung through with a Yoshi Tonic!!! The crowd was amazed as Carver held Lee down, but only got two!

They both rolled up to their feet... Carver blocked a front kick from Jayshin from the left.. blocked one from the right. Carver hopped over a leg sweep and went into a side head lock. Lee backed Carver into the ropes and went to shoot him across, but Carver with the reversal. Lee front flipped against the ropes and went for a Springboard Roundhouse, but Carver stepped back and Jayshin missed! Carver pulled Jayshin up to a waist lock and went for a German, but Lee flipped and landed on his feet. Lee immediately backed into the ropes.. Carver turned around and got caught in the chest with a running shotgun drop kick! Carver rolled up to his feet and staggered back against the ropes. Jayshin charged in and clotheslined him to the outside side.

Carver staggered up as Jayshin got a full head of steam. Jayshin went for a vault, but Carver moved, but Jayshin landed on the ring apron and hopped over an attempt at a leg sweep! Carver turned around and Jayshin ran along the apron and smacked him in the face with a running kick! Carver staggered back as Jayshin backed away as well... Jayshin got a running start and front flipped off the apron with a Tope con Hilo and took Carver down to the floor! Jayshin stood and pulled Carver up to his feet. He walked Carver over to the middle of the barricades and lifted him, seating him on top of them. Jayshin then stood on top of the barricades next to Carver as he pulled him up top The barricades had a soft platform on top of them and weren't your typical steel guard rails so it was easy to get footing on there. Jayshin hooked Carver under his arm and then...

SUPLEX OFF THE BARRICADES!!! Carver's legs slammed into the edge of the ring apron!! The crowd started up a HOLY SHIT chant!

Jayshin got back up as he felt the effects of going to the floor. Darian's legs were done.. no more high flying for him as he was in the fetal position, clutching his legs. Jayshin pulled Darian up and rolled him back into the ring. Darian tried to stand, but his legs wouldn't support him and he collapsed back down to all fours. Jayshin hit a hook kick to the back of Darian's head, driving him face first into the canvas. Darian rolled onto his back as Lee went up top. He hit the Corkscrew 630... the State of Euphoria II. He made the cover on Darian, hooking the leg, and picked up the three!! Two losses in a row for Darian Carver!

Winner: Jayshin Lee via State of Euphoria II
Match Time: 7:01
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Darian Carver wanted the rematch, but he came up short once again. Still.. that suplex took a lot of balance and that's what spelled the end for Darian Carver. These two are just simply amazing to watch!

Jeff Hartman: My eyeballs are still trying to catch up! It's like I'm in a nudie bar and I'm surrounded by a mass of golden orbs!

After the Match
We look backstage as Jameson Scott is, once again, looking at a monitor and nodding his head. Jameson Scott cracked a smirk and walked away.

Jack Wallace: Has Jameson Scott taken a keen interest in Jayshin Lee? It certainly seems that way.

"A Prescription for Greatness"

"Slit Wrist Theory" by 36 Crazyfists hit the air and out walked the tag team known as Broken Sanity.

Mad Morgan and Shovel came out with serious, non-emotional faces, which was a far cry from when they weren't under the treatment of psychiatrist Dr. Dean. And indeed, following the two wrestlers was the smart looking doctor in a suede jacket with leather elbows patches.

The trio climbed into the ring and paced around. Shovel was still drooling slightly, but seemed a bit more lucid than months before. Mad Morgan's lop sided grin wasn't as prevalent.. both members of Broken Sanity were emotionally subdued.

Ringside a microphone was tossed in, then picked up by Dr. Dean. The crowd began to fall silent.

Dr. Dean: Ladies and gentlemen... I appear before you tonight to unveil the marvel of modern medicine! Since taking these two fine wrestlers under my wing, I have reversed their psychosis and helped them hone their focus in the ring!

The crowd booed because they remembered how much fun it was to watch the two nutjobs wrestle without rules.

Dr. Dean: Since I have balanced out their emotions they have won THREE straight matches against the likes of The Ali Boys, The SOBs and The Conways! The last, mind you, RETIRED after losing to Broken Sanity!

Crowd: BOOOO!!

Dr. Dean: Face it folks! Modern medicine is the answer... you don't believe me? Hear it straight from them.

The microphone was then passed off to Shovel, who took a moment to collect himself.

Shovel: Thank you... Doctor Dean. Shovel is-

Dr. Dean cut him off and pointed to Shovel's head and nodded.

Shovel: I am feeling better.

Next Mad Morgan was given the microphone.

Mad Morgan: Before I found everything funny. I said 'khee hee hee' a lot I am told, and I grinned a lot I am told and I took nothing seriously I am told. I don't feel like everything is funny anymore... I just want to win.

Morgan passed the microphone back to Dr. Dean.

Dr. Dean: There you have it! You may have loved them when they were knocking each other out with chairs, choking each other out with chains or slamming each other through tables.

The crowd popped HUGE at the reminder of Morgan and Shovel's classic three straight hardcore matches against each other. The first two matches had ended in a draw while the third was cancelled mid-match by Dr. Dean himself.

Dr. Dean: Now that we've addressed what has happened, let us talk about what is GOING to happen. There is no hotter tag team in Hype right now, and that INCLUDES the current tag team champions BADASS! People, I'm a man of logic and rationale; there's no way I could be an effective psychologist otherwise. Using my power of deductive reasoning, I conclude that there is NO WAY Broken Sanity isn't due their shot at tag team gold!

The crowd both popped and booed at the same time to the thought of Broken Sanity getting a tag team title shot. Not too long ago Shayne Anderson was passed on booking them on a weekly basis, then passed them off to jOlt's psychologist as if he was too busy.

Dr. Dean: Shayne Anderson, you pleaded for me to treat these two fine, young men. You begged me to help them. You needed me to make them them to perform at their best. You saw their potential underneath the dementia and underneath the fruitless hardcore wrestling style. I have done what YOU wanted and turned them around. Now it is time that you turn around and do what WE want! We want BADASS. We want them at Retribution!

"Slit Wrist Theory" by 36 Crazyfists hit the airwaves again and the trio exited the ring. They had made their intentions clear that now it was their time.

Ryan Raysor vs Kareem

Match Summary
Kareem was victorious in their last meeting and tonight must be the night of rematch requests because Raysor requested this rematch and was also granted it. Will the theme of tonight take shape with Kareem coming out again on top? We were about to find out!

The bell rang and the two circled each other. Raysor came in with a quick kick and backed out. They circled again and Raysor hit another quick kick and backed out. Another circle and a third kick, but Kareem caught the leg and grabbed Raysor by the neck... One handed choke bomb with ease!! Kareem went for the early cover, but only got two. Kareem pulled Raysor up and hit a headbutt that staggered him into the corner. Kareem with a body avalanche and then he just threw Raysor to the canvas and followed with an elbow drop into the lower back. He turned him over and got two again.

He pulled Raysor up, but was met with forearm shots to the face. Raysor leapt up with a Gamengiri that stunned Kareem as he staggered away. Raysor got up and hit a low drop kick to the back of the knee, bringing him to a knelt position. Raysor ran past, leapt to the ropes, and hit a springboard drop kick to the face!! Raysor quickly stood and went to the top rope as the crowd came alive! Flip Switch attempt, but Kareem rolled out of the way! Raysor got back up as Kareem hit a toe kick and then a flurry of punches before backing him into the ropes and sending him across the ring. Cross Body attempt by Raysor, but Kareem picked him up and hit the Fallaway Slam! Raysor used the ropes to pull himself up when Kareem charged in and hit a knee lift against the ropes. He held on and pulled Raysor to the middle of the ring.

Suplex attempt by Kareem, but Raysor hit a knee at the apex of the lift! Raysor with more forearms to the face before taking off to the ropes. Big Boot by Kareem countered by a baseball slide by Raysor! Raysor stood and hit a backstabber on Kareem! Raysor hit the ropes and hit a running leg drop.. stood, and hit a second running leg drop. He hit the ropes and nailed a running knee drop. He covered, but only got two. Raysor sat Kareem up and hit a stiff kick between the shoulder blades. He hit the ropes and flipped over with a snapmare, taking Kareem back down. Another cover and only two. Raysor stood then stomped on Kareem's knee, making him sit up. He then kicked Kareem in the face. Stomp to the knee.. kick to the face.. stomp to the knee... kick the face again!

Samir was at ringside and he was gritting his teeth. He got up on the ring apron and it caused enough distraction to allow Raysor to charge over, but Samir jumped off and taunted Raysor. Kareem got back up and when Raysor turned around, Kareem charged in and sandwhiched Raysor in the corner with another Body Avalanche. Kareem lifted Raysor onto the top rope and climbed up! He placed Raysor on his shoulders and fell back with a Super Samoan Drop!! Kareem with the cover, but Raysor kicked out and the crowd popped!

Kareem got up and backed into the corner. He wound his arm up, looking for his patented Lariat. Raysor staggered up and here it came, but Raysor ducked! Raysor turned around and leapt up onto Kareem's shoulders, looking for a poisoned rana, but Kareem fell back with the Electric Chair Drop!!! Raysor turned and grabbed the ropes, trying to pull himself up. Kareem walked over and shoved Raysor against the ropes. The rebound was enough to stagger him forward where Kareem picked him up and planted him with a Spinebuster.. the Protect the Prince! Cover, but another kickout at two as Raysor refused to die!

Samir was getting impatient and ordered Kareem to finish him. Kareem stood and pulled Raysor up. Kareem took off to the ropes and went for the Decrowning, but Raysor ducked, turned and hit a Step Up Enzugiri! Raysor stood and hit another Gamengiri to the side of the head. Kareem held onto the ropes to keep his balance. Raysor stood, ran to the corner, leapt to the middle turnbuckle and hit a Turnbuckle Drop Kick, knocking Kareem down. Raysor went to the apron and grabbed the top rope. He hit a slingshot senton bomb on Kareem and covered him, getting two only. Samir was about to pull his hair out when Raysor stood and signaled for the end. He dragged Kareem to the corner and headed up the turnbuckles, but Samir got up on the ring apron, but Raysor kicked him in the face, knocking him down, but it was enough..

Kareem got up and knocked Raysor to the outside and he landed hard on the floor beside Samir. Kareem exited the ring and grabbed Raysor, flinging him into the barricades! He picked him back up and flung him into the barricades a second time. He picked him back up and threw him back into the ring. Kareem got on the apron as Raysor got to all fours, trying to shake it off. Kareem stepped in and shuffled into the corner. Raysor staggered up and Kareem went for the lariat.. the Decrowning, but Raysor ducked AGAIN!! Kareem turned around... drop kick the legs! Raysor stood... kick to the side fo the head! A second kick to the head... a third kick to the head and Kareem finally went down! Raysor to the corner... he climbed up, but Samir reached under the ring... grabbed a chair and slammed it into Raysor's leg!! The referee called for the bell!

Winner: Ryan Raysor via Disqualification
Match Time: 9:17
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Ryan Raysor held in it.. he took the battle to Kareem and because as such, Prince Samir had to cause the disqualification, but I think it only pissed off Ryan Raysor as he's staring a hole through Samir who is backing away slowly!

After the Match
Samir did, indeed, back away with chair in hand as Raysor got off the top rope. Kareem was still down and he asked for a microphone.

Raysor: Thanks for the free win, Samir.

Samir gritted his teeth.

Raysor: But that tap to my leg didn't really do much.... well.. actually, I can't say that because it did fire me up. In fact.. at Retribution.. I want the both of you in a match.

Samir's gritted teeth turned to a grin.

Samir shouted.."You want it? FINE! Two on one! There will be NO ESCAPE for you at Retribution.

Raysor grinned

Raysor: How quick you are to accept... but I'm afraid it's not going to be a handicap match like you want... I have a tag team partner.. and he will be here next week on The Hype. I'm going to love introducing him to you!

Raysor dropped the mic and smiled as Samir looked a bit worried.

Jack Wallace: Samir was a little too quick to accept Raysor's challenge.. but who is Raysor's tag team partner!? I guess we'll have to wait until next week to find out!

Jeff Hartman: Whoever it is.. will be destroyed by true royalty! Ryan Raysor just signed a death warrant for himself and whoever his partner will be! If the partner is smart, they won't even bother showing up next week! Why throw away your career getting involved in this.. Just let Raysor walk the green mile by himself!

"Rematches... Rematches Everywhere!"

We open up backstage inside of Shayne Anderson's office. Tristan walked in to an abundance of boos from the crowd.

Tristan: I see there is a growing theme around here where people are being given second chances. That's also true of former champions.. if they lose their title, they get a second chance to regain it... the same should hold true for contenders.. that's why.. I want a rematch with Crucifix here tonight because I want my contendership back! It should be ME in the main event at Retribution and you know it!

Shayne Anderson sighed.

Shayne: Okay.. fine. The match is made.

Tristan: Don't give me any of your lip, Shayne. I'm not going to stand here and... wait... what?

Shayne: Do I need to repeat myself or do you not know how to listen? I said... your request is granted... now get out of my office.

Tristan: Oh... I see... well then... I'll just uh.. be on my way...

Tristan had a stupified look on his face as he rubbed the back of his head and walked away as if he didn't expect that to happen. After the door closed..

Shayne: Still probably won't make it to the Pay-Per-View though..

Shayne continued to read through paperwork as he muttered that to himself. The audience laughed in the background as the scene faded to black.

Monica vs GLORY

Match Summary
It was our first non-rematch exhibition match of the night! The only thing on the line here was pride as Monica was set to take on GLORY who had a pretty impressive start! GLORY and Monica locked up and immediately GLORY powered Monica back into the corner. GLORY hit a pair of shoulder blocks that doubled Monica over before sending her across the ring to the opposite side. GLORY let out a war cry as she charged in, but Monica made her eat a back elbow. Monica up to the second rope with a springboard drop kick, putting the Aztec Warrior down. Monica into the cover, but she only gets a fleeting one count.

Monica put GLORY into a seated position and held her down with a Sleeper Hold. GLORY gritted her teeth and yelled out "This isn't going to hold me!" and powered up to her feet where she snapmared Monica over to a seated position. She then slapped on a Sleeper of her own and brought Monica to the ground, wrapping her legs around her with the body scissors and adding "But with me.. there's no escape!" The crowd applauded her attitude as GLORY wrenched on Monica's neck. Monica tried to get out of it, but GLORY threw her back to the canvas and said "Oh no.. you're not going anywhere! You're mine!"

Monica looked to be fading fast... The referee checked her arm.. it fell once.. twice, but remained steady the third time. Monica got back up and threw an elbow into GLORY's mid-section.. she broke free and hit the ropes, but GLORY picked her up and spun her into a Tilt-O-Whirl Slam with a cover for two. GLORY pulled Monica back up and let loose with a quick flurry of knife edge chops. A whip to the ropes and a big boot later and GLORY was in firm control. GLORY backed off and taunted Monica to stand. Monica got back up and GLORY went in for a toe kick, but Monica grabbed the leg, spun GLORY around and hooked her in a reverse face lock. Monica hit a Reverse Suplex and covered her for two.

Monica headed to the corner and climbed up top. GLORY got to her feet as Monica leapt off with a Cross Body Block, but GLORY countered with a mid-air dropkick! GLORY quickly grabbed Monica and placed her in a butterfly. He lifted and swung with the Spinning Double Underhook Faceplant... Sent to GLORY! She made the cover with the leg hooked and picked up the three!

Winner: GLORY via Sent to GLORY
Match Time: 5:16
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: Another impressive win for our rookie Starlet! She's really starting to turn some heads... and DON'T turn that into anything sexual, Jeff.

Jeff Hartman: Aw c'mon Jack! You're holding me down!

Jack Wallace: That's a good thing, Jeff... trust me.

"A Lesson That Can't Be Learned"

Desiree and Sarkhaya are seen face to face backstage. They were in the middle of an argument.

Sarkhaya: And that's why I'm getting sick and tired of you. You just can't step back and let me handle my business with Un-Fayth. You have to go all "oh woe is me" because she put you in the hospital.. .she hit me in the head with a damn pipe and yet you're acting like that doesn't even matter!

Desiree: I'm not saying it doesn't matter.. I'm saying that I've been waiting for my revenge longer than you have.. if anyone should get out of my way.. it's you! I've tried to be a friend.. I've tried to step back and let you have your moment.. hell.. I even tried to HELP you... but you made it very clear that you didn't want any of my help. Hell, in fact, I'm getting so SICK of trying to be everyone's friend and getting spat on because of it.

Sarkhaya: Oh.. so that's it? Just turn your back on everyone?

Desiree: No.. I still love my fans.. at least THEY support me, unlike you. I'm just going to do things for myself from now on... I can be an independent person and I'm going to show that when I take on Un-Fayth at Retribution.

Sarkhaya: Whoa whoa whoa.. hold on now. I don't remember Shayne Anderson saying anything about a match between you two yet. If anyone is going to take on Un-Fayth at Retribution.. it's going to be me.

Desiree stepped up to Sarkhaya.. the two were nose to nose when the lights in the hallway went out. We heard a loud clang and some commotion.. then the sound of someone choking. When the lights came back on, Desiree was out cold on the floor and Un-Fayth was stand there face to face with Sarkhaya with her hand gripped very tightly around her throat.

Un-Fayth: Foolish little monkies. In the grand order of things, it is those who quarrel amongst themselves that are the weakest. If there truly was a God in this world, actions like this would not be tolerated. It's just further proof that humans are nothing more than ignorant monkies who cannot learn a lesson no matter how many times it's taught.

Fayth tightened her grip around Sarkhaya's neck so hard, you could hear her struggling to get air into her body. Fayth then slammed Sarkhaya into a wall then jammed the business end of the pipe right between her eyes!

Sarkhaya was laid out side by side with Desiree as Fayth knelt down next to both of them.

Fayth: Monkey killing monkey killing monkey over pieces of the ground. Give a monkey thumbs... they grab a club and beat their brother down.

Fayth laughed as she stood up and stepped over the two of them. The scene faded to black.


Match Summary
Earlier tonight, Dr. Dean and Broken Sanity called out BADASS for the tag team titles at Retribution, but BADASS had to make it past The SOBs first here tonight before they could give their answer!

The match started off with Bloome and Selby in the ring. They locked up and Selby hit a knee and began to club Bloome over the back with stiff forearm shots. Selby whipped Bloome to the corner and followed it up with a corner clothesline. Selby then stomped Bloome down to a seated position and walked over, tagging in Scanlon. The two of them walked Bloome to the center of the ropes and whipped him across the ring. A double shoulder tackle put Bloome onto his back. Selby exited as Scanlon went for the cover, but only got two.

Scanlon brought Bloome back up and hit a series of right hands as he circled around his opponent. He wound up his arm, looking for a Bionic Elbow, but Bloome ducked out of the way and into a waist lock. He tried to lift Scanlon for a German Suplex, but Scanlon stood his ground and performed a standing switch, then into a side headlock, but Bloome countered with a back drop suplex. Bloome got back up as Scanlon slowly got back to his feet. Bloome ran him over with a clothesline.. then a second clothesline.. then he backed Scanlon into the ropes and shot him across the ring. Bloome telegraphed the back body drop, but Scanlon countered with a kick then a short clothesline. Bloome popped back up, but Scanlon whipped him into the corner.

Full head of steam by Scanlon, but Bloome put the boot up and stopped the momentum. Bloome ran in, looking for In Bloome, trying to catch Scanlon off guard, but Scanlon felt it coming and side stepped, avoiding it! Bloome hit the canvas, he hoisted Bloome up onto his shoulder, but Bloome wriggled free and fell behind Scanlon. Waist lock by Bloome... he shoved Scanlon chest first into the turnbuckles, looking for a roll up, but Scanlon held on. Bloome rolled back to his feet and was caught with a reverse kick from Scanlon. Scanlon hopped to the middle turnbuckle and leapt backwards into a Stunner!! Bloome hit the canvas as Scanlon made the cover, hooking the leg, but he only got two!

Scanlon walked over and made the tag to Selby. Selby and Scanlon pulled Bloome up and whipped him to the ropes. Blind tag by Wise and the SOBs missed with the double clothesline.. but Wise didn't when he leapt off the top rope and took both of them down! Selby got up, but was put down again by Wise! Scanlon and back down thanks to Wise again. Bloome hit the ropes and nailed a basement drop kick, knocking Scanlon out of the ring and to the outside! Wise pulled Selby back up and shot him to the ropes. Tripp was ready to pounce, but Selby grabbed the rope and pulled himself out of the ring. Scanlon was getting up as Bloome and Wise nodded. A little criss-cross in the center of the ring and Wise and Bloome flew to the outside, taking out both members of the SOBs with Suicide Dives!!

The crowd started up a Hype chant as Wise and Bloome stood. Bloome went back to their corner as Wise grabbed Selby and rolled him back into the ring. Wise was poised and ready, standing behind selby. Selby stood and Wise hooked him in the full nelson, looking for Have a Nice Tripp, but Selby countered with a snapmare! Tripp got back up and turned around and was met with a kick to the stomach by Selby. He placed Tripp between his legs, lifted, and dropped him with a powerbomb into the backbreaker... The Emerald Isle Driver! This could be it and the SOBs could be on their way to Retribution to face Broken Sanity! Selby covered, but no!! Wise kicked out at two and a half!

Selby pulled Wise back up. Wise reached to his corner for a tag back to his partner, but Selby grounded him with a rear chin lock. Selby wrenched on the neck as Wise tried to fight his way. The crowd began to get behind Wise as he tried making his way over to the corner. More and more he crawled, but when he got close, Selby released it and pulled Tripp back to the center of the ring by the leg, but Tripp used his leg strength to kick Selby away. Tripp dove to the corner and tagged Bloome back in. A pair of clotheslines and a back body drop later and Bloome was in firm control. He whipped Selby across the ring and hit a leg lariat taking him down. Bloome stood and decked Scanlon in the face, knocking him off the ring apron. Bloome then turned his attention back to Selby where he stepped out to the ring apron and grabbed the top rope. He then hit a Jumping Side Kick.. the Chin Check on Selby and then went to the corner!

Bloomed climbed up top, but Scanlon got on the ring apron and made it to the corner. Wise ran along the apron and dove through the middle and top rope.. used the ropes on the other side to pull himself through and speared Scanlon off the ring apron.. the two of them tumbling to the floor!!! The crowd erupted into a "HOLY SHIT" chant as Bloome leapt off and connecting with the Flying Elbow Drop.. the Flyin' Wild Child! He covered, but Selby kicked out at two as a This is Awesome chant struck up in the crowd! Bloome signaled for the end as he stalked Selby from behind. Selby staggered up, but when Bloome leapt up, Selby spun and caught him with a Roaring Elbow, mid-air!! Selby grabbed Bloome by the legs and locked in the Sharpshooter!! The Shamrock Leg Lock!!

Bloome was trying hard not to tap... but Wise rolled into the ring and blindsided Selby. Bloome got up and shook it off as Selby to his feet. Double team whip by BADASS sent Selby to the ropes. Bloome picked up Selby with the Flapjack... Wise hooked the head and spiked him with a DDT!! MEGA-BADASS! Wise stood guard as Bloome made the cover and they picked up the three!

Match time: 20:14
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jack Wallace: BADASS picked up a big win here today in a successful championship defense.. now they question is whether or not they will answer Broken Sanity's challenge

After the Match
Bloome, while he heaved for air, asked for a microphone from ringside and was granted one.

Bloome: Earlier tonight.... Dr Dean... made it clear.... that Broken Sanity... wants our tag team titles...

Bloome paused to catch his breath.

Bloome: What you just saw... will be Broken Sanity's fate... at Retribution... WE ACCEPT!!

The crowd erupted in cheers! Wise grabbed the microphone out of Bloome's hands

Wise: And we will win because THAT, my friends...

The audience joined in on this one.

Wise and Crowd: IS BADASS!

Wise held up his tag team title while Bloome slung his over his shoulder. Wise did a victory lap around the ring while Bloome shook his head. He backhanded Wise in the chest and told him to get going. Wise tried to plead his case, but Bloome was already a few footsteps ahead of him. Wise kicked imaginary dirt and then exited the ring. The two of them accepted the challenge and the stage was set for August 7th!

"So... "

Backstage, Iago and Clemente are standing there looking a bit dejected while Eldridge sat there with his arms folded and his eyes closed.

Iago: So... do we want to address the elephant in the room?

Clemente: Sure, let's talk about Eldridge.

The two of them gazed over at their elder brother, but he just sat there in the same position, not saying a word.

Iago: Okay.. look... this whole competition was a way for us to light a fire under each other's asses, right? Well.. it's been kind of backfiring on us because none of us have won a single match since this whole internal competition began. We're kind of beating ourselves by trying too hard here. So.. how about we just end it so we can focus on getting back on track.

Eldridge stood up.

Eldridge: Fine by me.

Clemenete: WHOA! I didn't think you'd agree to it that quickly.. I mean, this was your idea afterall.

Eldridge: Yeah.. it was.. and you're right.. it's doing more harm than good... so let's forget this competition. We need to focus on winning.. together.

Iago: Weeeeeeelllllllllllll....... about that... you see.. there's something happening next week. I already got the memo from Shayne Anderson and.. it doesn't really include you....

Eldridge: So.. that's the whole reason why you're asking to end this competition? Because we've all been on a losing streak and you're afraid it'll ruin your chances next week?

Clemente: Well when you put it that way....

Iago: Uh.. yes... exactly for that.

Eldridge: What's going on next week that's so important?

Iago pulled out the memo he received from Shayne Anderson and handed it to Eldridge. He looked it over and began to speak on it.

Eldridge: Ah.. so if you...


Clemente: If you spill Anderson's announcement we're sure to be out of that... so don't... say.... ANYTHING.

Eldridge: Haha... fine... but... since I'm calling this competition off.. apparently now for your sakes... you better not waste this... this is exactly what we need to get back into the swing of things. Got it?

Iago: AYE AYE EL TRAIN-I-TAN!... Get it? Instead of El Capitan?

Clemente: That line sucked.

Eldridge: Yeah.. it did.

Iago: Judases... both of you.

With that, Clemente and Eldridge buried their faces into their palms and the scene faded to black.

Tristan vs Crucifix

Before the Match
The Hype Champion, Mike Patterson, made his way down to ringside to watch this match. He joined Jack Wallace and Jeff Hartman on commentary.

Match Summary
Tristan was quite surprised that Shayne Anderson didn't resist him when he asked for this rematch, but it seemed that once the door was closed, Anderson had little to no faith in Tristan. At the sound of the bell, Tristan exploded out of the gate and charged Crucifix, but Crucifix laid him out with a clothesline! Tristan looked up from the canvas as if he had no idea what had hit him. Crucifix had taken to the corner and climbed to the very top. He took aim and looked to end this match in mere seconds with the Leap of Faith, but Tristan caught eye of it and rolled out of the way. Tristan pulled himself to the outside and kicked the steel ring steps.

"I AM NOT A JOKE!" yelled Tristan at the top of his lungs. Tristan slid back into the ring as Crucifix pulled himself back up. Tristan rocked him with heavy right hands before sending him to the ropes and dropping him with a back elbow to the face. Tristan then dropped three consecutive elbows into Crucifix's sternum and went for the cover, but Crucifix kicked out at two. Tristan went to the corner and climbed the turnbuckles to the top. Crucifix got back to his feet and was met with a Missile Drop Kick from Tristan! Tristan then stood over Crucifix and taunted him.

"I'M GOING TO RETRIBUTION! NOT YOU!" yelled Tristan before he slapped Crucifix in the back of the head. Mike Patterson could be seen laughing at Tristan from the announce position and Tristan walked over and asked Patterson if he thought this was funny. Patterson nodded "yes" and Tristan gritted his teeth. He turned to pick up Crucifix, but Crucifix pulled him over into an inside cradle getting a nearfall! Both men got up and Tristan went for the lariat, but Crucifix ducked and continued to the ropes. Crucifix bounced off and hit a flying shoulder tackle to Tristan. Tristan popped back up as Crucifix hit the ropes again and hit another flying shoulder tackle. Crucifix waited for Tristan to stand and hoisted him onto his shoulders, but Tristan fought him off with elbows, dropping behind Crucifix.

Tristan grabbed Crucifix in a reverse face lock, but Crucifix countered with a snapmare then a drop kick to the back of the head. Crucifix quickly covered, but only got a two count. Crucifix sat Tristan up and hit another drop kick in the back of the head. He covered him once again, but only got two. Crucifix pulled Tristan to his feet and shoved him back into the corner. He turned his back to Tristan and wrapped up his arm, looking for the Iconoclasm, but Tristan countered with elbows to the top of the head! Tristan then grabbed Crucifix in a reverse face lock and applied a Dragon Sleeper utilizing the elevation from being seated on the top rope! It was the Devil's Daydream!! Of course, this was illegal and the referee started the five count, but Tristan didn't release the hold until four.

Crucifix staggered forward and Tristan leapt off, hitting a missile drop kick to the back of Crucifix's head. "HOW DO YOU LIKE IT!?" yelled Tristan as Patterson rubbed his chin from ringside. Tristan stood and pulled Crucifix back to his feet. He hooked him for a suplex, but dropped him straight on the top of his head with the Brainbuster DDT that he called the Lion's Share DDT! Tristan floated over as Patterson's expression changed to reflect the fact that he realized he may actually end up wrestling Tristan afterall, but then Tristan only got two and Patterson went back to almost not caring.

Tristan stood and said he was going to end it. He grabbed Crucifix by the legs and tried to turn him over for the Disasterpiece.. the Inverted Cloverleaf, but Crucifix fought it off by reaching up and punching Tristan in the head several times. Crucifix got back to his feet and Crucifix turned and charged, swinging wildly, but Crucifix ducked and rode up onto Tristan's back, hitting the Crucifix Driver! Tristan staggered up and Crucifix hit a kick to the stomach. He hooked and lifted Tristan into a Brainbuster of his own! Crucifix then headed to the corner and climbed up top. He took aim and leapt off connecting with the Leap of Faith.. the Senton Bomb! Crucifix made the cover, hooking the leg and he got the three!!

Winner: Crucifix via Leap of Faith
Match time: 13:41
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: It seems that the frustration level with Tristan is getting the better of him. He brought it to Crucifix right before Rise of the Legends in an amazing match.. tonight.. it didn't look like he was on his game completely. Crucifix beat him and retained his contendership and he will be facing the man sitting with us right now.. Mike Patterson

Mike Patterson: WAS sitting with you.. thank you for having me guys.. but... I have champion business to take care of.

After the Match
Patterson removed his headset and grabbed his championship title and a microphone. He walked over to the ringsteps and walked up them. Crucifix never took his eyes off Patterson as he stepped into the ring. Tristan was still down and Patterson stood right over him.. literally. Tristan was kind of between Patterson's legs as The Hype Champion didn't even care that he was laying there..

Patterson: Congratulations... you defeated Tristan twice and showed that you can hold onto your contendership.. but at Retribution.. that's the only thing you'll be able to claim.. that you were a contender to this title.. because I'm walking into Retribution with this and I'm walking out with it as well.. and no matter how much history there is between us.. it will not be enough to get the job done.

Crucifix walked over and demanded a microphone.

Crucifix: That's cute... still throwing your weight around, eh big guy? You're this unstoppable monster that can tear people apart limb from limb... you've been heralded many times for your match at Wrestlecade II to the point where everyone and their mother is sick of hearing about it.. now we have to hear minstrels sing your praises again for your two matches against Regan Hearst, but the thing is Mike... as impressive as all of that is to everyone else around you.. it doesn't mean a damn thing to me.

Crucifix paused for a moment as the people booed.

Crucifix: You see... brains always defeat brawn and even though you're a hundred pounds heavier than I am... I have something you don't.. and that's the knowledge of what Mike Patterson's kryptonite truly is. It's a dangerous piece of knowledge that, from the looks of things, nobody on this roster aside from myself knows about. It's not some deep dark secret from your past.. it has nothing to do with being familiar with you on a personal level... in fact.. you left your kryptonite wide open in the middle of the spotlight for everyone to see, yet, I am the only person on this roster with their eyes open enough to actually see it.

Patterson laughed.

Patterson: That's really amusing, Crucifix... but knowledge goes both ways. You say the past doesn't matter.. I say it does. I've seen everything you've done here on The Hype and everything you've done for your entire career. I've seen all of your matches and hell.. over a decade ago, I was even in the ring with you for some of them. You haven't evolved much at all from that guy twelve years ago.. even here tonight I could almost predict every single thing you were going to do. It was part of the reason why I was laughing at ringside during the match.. not because of Tristan.. but because I've seen all of this before and if you truly know my kryptonite.. you better use it in the first five minutes of the match because if you can't get it done within five minutes.. you won't live to see the next five.

Patterson stepped closer to Crucifix as Crucifix grinned.

Crucifix: Oh, I bet I'll see the next five.. and the next five after that.. and the next five after that and so forth. In fact.. I'm willing to bet that I'll see more of the match than you will.

With that, Tristan came to and got up behind Patterson. Tristan then interjected himself between the two of them, ripping the microphone out of the champion's hands

Tristan: That's IT! I'VE HAD IT! I have been disrespected week after week after week and I'm done with it all! I am going to be the one going to Retribution. I am the one who is going to take that title away from Mike Patterson. I am going to be...

Kick to the stomach by Patterson! He set Tristan up between his legs and he shot a death gaze at Crucifix. He lifted Tristan and...


Patterson quickly stood and came face to face with Crucifix. Crucifix simply smiled and walked away. As he got to the ropes he brought the microphone to his lips one last time.

Crucifix: Yep.. I gotcha at Retribution.

Crucifix stepped through the ropes and walked up the ramp, not even turning back to look at Patterson.

Jack Wallace: What does Crucifix mean? How is he so confident? What does Crucifix know about Mike Patterson that will give him the upper hand in that match? Folks, we're out of time! Thank you for joining us and we'll see you next week on The Hype!