"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen… welcome back to another edition of The Hype! A lot of things went down last week and I’m sure that things will heat up even more this week! Alongside me to call this exciting action is my broadcast partner and a wonderful example of humanity… Jeff Hartman!

Jeff Hartman: A wonderful example of humanity? Have you slipped, Wallace? I thought you hated me, or has my charm and rapier wit finally won you over?

Jack Wallace: Someone’s sarcasm meter must be broken.. you’re still a toad.

Jeff Hartman: And you’re still a mark for your career.

Jack Wallace: At least I’m a happy mark! Let’s take a look at what went down last week!

Last week
Seraph opened the show with a dominant victory over Dunce Cap, but received a note after the match which really set him off! Cross the Hood stated that they were going to take it to The Widow’s Nest next week with two more partners. After a brawl between the two teams, Cross the Hood’s partners of Sayber and Michael Donavan stepped out to even up the odds!

Nate Quartermaine battled Kareem in an Underground Rules match where a failed distraction by Prince Samir caused Nate to pick up the victory! Afterward, Quartermaine chased Samir out of the building! After an altercation at the beginning of the show, Ryan Raysor battle Jack Dawn where Dawn picked up the win via DQ when Raysor low-blowed him after getting out-wrestled!

Finally, in the main event, it was scheduled to be Alyssa Cloriss against Faith Hines, but after being shaken up by her ex-boyfriend Jeremy Ryan, Raevynn offered to take her spot. Raevynn threw the match which prompted Corliss to come out and demand an explanation. Raevynn then turned on Corliss and delivered a message to watch her back!

And that brings us to this week!

We were perhaps expecting some of the regulars of the show to appear in the arena, but many were shocked to see Damien Lee step out from the backstage area! The boss had arrived and he stepped into the ring!

“You know.. while I have my hands tied on both iNtense and Warriors, I’m not blind to what else has been happening around here. Rock the House is booming and The Hype seems to be really taking off! As a man with a lot of influence, I want to make each show something unique.”

The fans cheered.

“Now… I know there’s a lot of agendas here. This seems to be a proving ground and it has turned into a dog eat dog world. Some order will need to be established here and I want to say that I am currently doing some interviews to find the best possible solution to not only maintain order here, but as well as give you fans the best show possible!”

The fans cheered even more.

“As for who that will be… that will be revealed in two weeks… along with something else.”

The fans were baited as Damien smiled.

“I know things are shaky around here.. that is why I have booked tonight’s card to air out all grievances because next week, we are starting a tournament which will conclude the week after. The winner of this tournament will be crowned the first ever Hype Champion and the championship will be presented by the new authority figure of The Hype!”

The fans cheered loudly at the thought of a new championship in jOlt!

“Now… as you know.. the jOlt Championship represents pure professional wrestling.. the ability to call yourself the best. The Underground Championship represents destruction and devastation.. a league without rules. The Relentless Championship represents unpredictability along with risk and reward, the Team Championship represents unity and teamwork, the Flyweight Championship represents athleticism and the ability to take your body to the limits, and the Starlet Championship proves to the world that women are not just mere objects, but pure professional wrestlers, too. So what does The Hype Championship represent?”

The crowd murmured and independent thoughts could be heard among them.

“First off, this title is unique in the fact that a man or a woman can hold it. Sex doesn’t matter when it comes to this championship. When you hold this championship, you are champion of this show and represent it as such. Holding this title will grant you a unique opportunity, however. Everyone here is learning the ropes and trying to prove themselves, but when you hold this title, you will be able to do that even more as you will have the right to challenge a jOlt main roster member of your choosing. You can also name the show at which you can challenge them… be it iNtense, Warriors, Rock the House, The Hype or even Pay-Per-View! If you win the match, you will be granted a spot on the main jOlt roster! If you fail, you will remain champion and continue to defend. Should you win however, you must vacate the championship, but you will have the esteemed honor of deciding how the next champion will be crowned. Tournament.. Battle Royal… Gauntlet.. however you decide, you will determine the fate of the next champion!”

The crowd loved the idea as the cheers continued to pour in!

“Tonight as well as the next two weeks, will surely be exciting! Not to sound cliché.. but GET HYPED!”

Damien exits the ring to a round of applause from the crowd!

Jack Wallace: Did you hear that, Jeff!? We’re getting our very own championship!

Jeff Hartman: Grreeeeeat.. That means I’ll be under contract for a while and have to continue to put up with you and this atrocity of a show ever week. Excuse me.. I think I need to swallow a cyanide pill.

Jack Wallace: As Jeff is overrun with excitement.. we’ll take you down to the ring for our first match! Apparently Damien Lee wasn’t joking.. it’s Prince Samir against Nate Quartermaine… inside of a STEEL CAGE! What a way to kick off The Hype!

Match 1
Steel Cage Match
Nate Quartermaine vs Prince Samir

Match Summary
As the cage lowered, Samir looked to the outside at his bodyguard Kareem who was helpless to protect him. Samir encircled Quartermaine slowly and the two of them locked up. Quartermaine was in firm control of the match as he put on a technical clinic against Samir. Quartermaine lifted Samir up and planted him with a sit out powerbomb and then signaled for No Quarter. Quartermaine ascended to the top of the turnbuckles and leapt off, but Samir rolled out of the way! Samir then retaliated by planting both boots into the face of Quartermaine! Samir then used this opportunity to try and escape, but Quartermaine got back to his feet. Samir took a chance and leapt off the wall of the cage with a cross body and took Quartermaine down. Samir looked for another way to escape, but again, Nate got up in time. This time he yanked Samir down, but Samir countered and tossed Nate head first into the cage wall. Samir calls for the referee to open the door, but when he does, Kareem grabs the referee and throws him into the barricades!!

Kareem then enters the ring and the two of them double team Quartermaine! Kareem grabs Quartermaine by the neck and lifts him up for a two handed choke bomb, but then the crowd EXPLODES! A figure ran out from the back and into the cage through the open door!


A “Holy Shit” chant erupts in the crowd as “Sky High” Latrell Samuel is standing in the middle of the ring! Super Kick to Kareem! Another to Samir! Quartermaine and Samuel both grab Kareem and toss him out of the cage! Samir is still down and out! Quartermaine ascends to the top of the turnbuckle pads and hits No Quarter! Quartermaine then walks out of the cage through the door with Samuel by his side. The referee comes to and sees Quartermaine walk out and calls for the bell!

Jack Wallace: I can’t believe this, Jeff! Latrell Samuel has returned and he helped Nate Quartermaine escape the cage!

Jeff Hartman: But what is someone who used to be on the main roster doing here on The Hype! This is blasphemy! This is illegal! The decision should be reversed! Prince Samir is your winner!

Jack Wallace: Right.. and I suppose that Kareem taking out the referee and entering the ring is going to help his case. Why don’t you ask the referee to reverse that decision after what happened. I’m sure he’ll be happy to.

Winner: Nate Quartermaine via Escaping the Cage
Match Time: 8:34
Match Rating: ***

Alyssa Corliss opens the door and barges into Raevynn’s locker room. She charged right at Raevynn and got right into her face! Raevynn didn’t even retaliate nor flinch… instead she laughed at Alyssa’s actions.

“What the hell was last week all about!? What is going through your head!?”

Raevynn smirked.

“I can’t stand it. I can’t stand you, for that matter. Always hanging around Sebastian. I found out you tried to give him advice about me. Why in the hell would you even do that!?”

Alyssa looked at Raevynn.

“You’re…. jealous aren’t you? Oh my God.. you ARE!”

Raevynn stood there in shock.

“Wh..what are you even talking about? Why would I be jealous when I can’t even stand him!? He tried to pick me up like I was some piece of meat over a month ago! He’s disgusting! The fact that you’re getting all buddy buddy with someone as disgusting as him makes you equally as disgusting and I can’t stand it!”

Alyssa looked confused for a moment.

“So… in order to prove to Sebastian that you like him.. you’re trying to get me out of the picture.”

Raevynn snapped back.


She caught herself.

“That’s nonsense! I don’t like him, and I don’t like you. In fact.. Damien Lee stated that since we have our differences, we’re going to settle them in the ring tonight… which is fine by me. Once I get you out of the picture, you can spend the rest of your happy days with Jeremy Ryan… because not even that annoying asshole, Sebastian Saje, will even be able stand the sight of you once I’m finished.”

Raevynn then stormed out of her dressing room. Alyssa could only crack a grin as she muttered…

“If you say so.”

Match 2
Alyssa Corliss vs Raevynn

Match Summary
Raevynn and Alyssa locked up in the center of the ring. Raevynn twisted Alyssa’s arm into an arm wrench and let loose with knife edge chops across the chest. Raevynn then snapmared Alyssa to the canvas and mounted her. She then slammed the back of Alyssa’s head into the canvas repeatedly! The referee tried to pull her off, but she wouldn’t let up! Raevynn looked psychotic as she continued to pummel Alyssa! The referee had no choice, but to call for the bell!

Jack Wallace: We all know Raevynn had a screw loose, but good LORD this is too much.. she could really injure Alyssa here! Someone has to stop her!

Jeff Hartman: I’ll do it!

Jack Wallace: Correction.. anyone but you

Winner: Alyssa Corliss via Disqualification
Match Time: 2:11
Match Rating: *

Post Match
Sebastian Saje ran out from the back and slid into the ring. Unlike the referee, he wasn’t afraid to use force and pulled Raevynn off of Alyssa. Sebastian grabbed a microphone from ringside.


“First off… you….”

Sebastian pointed to Raevynn.

“All I did a month ago was introduce myself. I already explained to you that I didn’t see you at the training camp so I was only TRYING to be friendly. I wasn’t trying to ask you out on a date, but for some reason, your psychotic mind thought I had some kind of interest in you. Well, for the record.. I don’t. I don’t like you.. I never have, and I possibly never will! Get over it and get over yourself and while you’re at it… go get yourself some professional help. A psychotic bitch like yourself needs it.”

That’s all that Raevynn needed to hear. She stormed out of the ring and made her way backstage.

“Second…. Jeremy Ryan. All Alyssa ever did was be a friend to me. She came to me, tried to give me advice and you took it as something more. What was nothing more than an innocent friendship has escalated to something that’s beyond personal. As her friend, I will not allow you to harm her any further. Tonight, we’re going to settle this… the only way things can get settled for good here in jOlt… with an Underground Rules match. If burying you where you stand is what it will take to protect a friend, then so be it.”

Sebastian dropped the microphone and helped Alyssa to her feet. The two of them exited the ring and made their way backstage.

Jack Wallace: Wow… Sebastian laid it out nice and clear. He kicked Raevynn to the curb and challenged Jeremy Ryan! Tonight, they’re going to settle it once and for all!

Jeff Hartman: So let’s see… Raevynn dumped… check. Alyssa friend zoned… check! Two available women! One available guy! So many delightful possibilities!

Harbinger arrived backstage with Jade by his side. He walked down the halls when Seraph appeared from behind a corner and jumped Harbinger from behind! Seraph tried to toss Harbinger into a wall, but Harbinger reversed it and threw Seraph into the wall instead. He then pinned Seraph against it and grinned.

“I see you have received Harbinger’s challenge” said Jade. “He heard your words and was angered. Now that he is here, it’s only a matter of time before he acts.”

Harbinger pressed against Seraph to the point where he couldn’t move.

“Easy now. There will be time later tonight. Come now. Let’s leave him alone with his thoughts. He has much to ponder.”

Harbinger released Seraph and then walked away with Jade. Seraph looked on and then flipped a table in frustration.

Match 3
The Widow’s Nest vs Cross the Hood/Sayber/Michael Donavan

Match Summary
Sayber and Wolf Spider started out in this match. Sayber got the upper hand until he shot Spider to the ropes. Muerte got the blind tag and hit a springboard drop kick after Wolf-Spider ducked the clothesline. Spider rolled out of the ring as Muerte regained control. A quick tag to Supaida brought him in where he opened up with stiff kicks to the chest of Sayber. Supaida then tagged in Araknis and he, too, worked over Sayber and wore him down. Sayber, on numerous occasions tried to get free and to his corner, but the numbers game was too much.

Cross and Hood seemed to look frustrated by Sayber’s inability to break free, but called out to him regardless. Sayber dug down deep and fought back with a big right to Araknis. He then turned and clocked Wolf-Spider, Supaida, and Muerte in that order. Araknis hit a leaping leg lariat to the back of Sayber, thought and put him chest first into the enemy’s corner. Cross the Hood couldn’t take it anymore and told Donavan to step in. Donavan did and he served as a good distraction for the referee.

Cross the Hood then took one step into the ring each and then stopped. They then dropped down and exited the ring.

“Forget this! Y’all just hyped up bitches. We out!” stated Hood as the two of them backed up the ramp to a large chorus of boos. Donavan couldn’t believe that Cross the Hood would leave the match just because it wasn’t going the way they had hoped! With the referee distracted, The Widow’s Nest took their turns on Sayber! Araknis hit a Uranage Chin breaker over his shoulder which dazed Sayber. Muerte hit a Super Kick which put Sayber down… Supaida hit a Frog Splash off the top and then all three pulled Sayber up. Wolf-Spider ran in and nailed a Spear which drove Sayber back first into the turnbuckles hard! Wolf-Spider got back up and when Donavan turned around after yelling at Cross the Hood, he ate a big time Spear from Wolf-Spider as well.

Araknis, who was still the legal man made the cover and picked up the three!

Jack Wallace: I can’t believe it! Cross the Hood wanted to deal with The Widow’s Nest so they asked Sayber and Michael Donavan out here.. and just because The Widow’s Nest isolated Sayber and kept him away, Cross the Hood didn’t want any part of this match and bailed! It looks like they showed their true colors here tonight!

Jeff Hartman: Call it what you will.. but I thought it was a brilliant move! The Widow’s Nest is clearly dominant here on The Hype! Why get mixed up in all of it! Let someone else handle it! I’m really starting to like Cross the Hood.

Winner: The Widow’s Nest via pinfall
Match Time: 12:56
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jeremy Ryan roamed around backstage until he got near Alyssa’s door. All of a sudden, several armed law enforcement officers stepped into view.

“Excuse me sir, who are you?”

Ryan looked puzzled, but answered anyway.

“I’m Jeremy Ryan”

The officer nodded.

“Thank you for confirming the individual given to us in a description. I’m sorry, sir, but there is a restraining order against you for this evening. You are not allowed anywhere near this dressing room or near the one of that belonging to Sebastian Saje. Failure to comply will result in incarceration. This is just a precaution at the request of Damien Lee to ensure that your match happens as planned”

Ryan grinned.

“Fine by me”

Ryan then walked off.

Match 4
Harbinger vs Serpah

Match Summary
This match was everything that you would expect from two monsters. Harbinger and Seraph pummeled each other and displayed raw power against each other as well. Neither man could get the upper hand and this match was mostly a stalemate. It wasn’t until Seraph attempted a powerbomb on Harbinger that things swung in Harbinger’s favor. Harbinger countered with a back body drop and awaited for Seraph to stand. Harbinger then unleashed a massive clothesline, The Reaping. The impact was so fierce it took someone as big as Seraph off of his feet. Harbinger pulled Seraph back up to his feet and nailed him with The Fall of Babylon.. a huge spinebuster. Harbinger called for the end, but when Harbinger pulled Seraph up, he broke free and grasped him around the neck for Divine Destruction, but Harbinger, using raw power, broke the grip and headbutted Seraph in the face! He then doubled him over with a knee to the stomach and then placed him between his legs. He then spiked Seraph with The Harbinger’s Bane… the Package Piledriver and picked up the three!

Jack Wallace: One of the best big man matches I’ve seen! Full of intensity, power, and amazement!

Jeff Hartman: Sounds a lot like my pe….

Jack Wallace: *Cutting him off* …and let’s just move on!

Winner: Harbinger via The Harbinger’s Bane
Match Time: 7:17
Match Rating: ***

Underground Rules
Sebastian Saje vs Jeremy Ryan

Match Summary
The tempers of these two couldn’t be contained any longer as they exploded against each other! This didn’t resemble a wrestling match at all, but a good ol’ fashioned fight! Saje and Ryan did everything possible to pummel each other with rights and lefts! Jeremy Ryan gained the upper hand with some very stiff shots to Sebastion’s face… one of which could have broken his nose as blood began to pour from it! Ryan then nailed a massive lariat which laid out Saje on his back. Ryan took the opportunity to get a chain from underneath the ring. He wrapped the chain around his fist and then hit a haymaker punch to the head of Sebastian which busted him wide open. Ryan then mounted Sebastian and with a crazed look in his eyes, repeatedly punched Sebastion in the face!

Ryan had completely lost it! This scene was similar to that from a couple of weeks ago! Someone had to stop Jeremy Ryan from carrying this out! Alyssa Corliss ran out from the back with a baseball bat in hand. She slid into the ring and unbeknownst to Ryan, she swung and smacked him in the back of the head with it. Ryan fell over in a heap which the crowd was in shock at the fact that Alyssa just freed the beast all over the back of her ex-boyfriend’s head! Saje, whose face was a crimson mask looked at Alyssa who was even in shock herself over the fact that she couldn’t believe what she had just done. Alyssa dropped the bat and covered her mouth with her hands as Saje made the cover and picked up the three. The referee grabbed a towel for Sebastian as he wiped the blood off his face. Sebastian and Alyssa hugged each other in the ring and then left together as Jeremy Ryan was left there on the canvas out cold.

Jack Wallace: WOW! I didn’t think Alyssa had that in her, but the biggest question will be what will happen when Jeremy Ryan wakes up and discovers this?

Jeff Hartman: Remember what I said earlier about Alyssa being friend zoned and available? After seeing that… she can stay friend zoned! I’m not going near that! I’m too beautiful for baseball bats to the head!

Jack Wallace: Next week, we have the Hype Championship tournament! For now, good night everyone!