"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the Hype Arena in Miami, FL where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! We had a major shakeup last week and in case you missed it, Shayne Anderson is once again the General Manager of The Hype, but his assistant is none other than the CEO of the company, Damien Lee! Good evening everyone, I'm Jack Wallace alongside Jeff Hartman... and Jeff, what do you think Shayne Anderson is going to do on his first night back as General Manager?

Jeff Hartman: What he SHOULD do is take ultimate revenge on every single wrestler who turned on him and caused him to get fired, but since Damien Lee is too hokey for that kind of stuff, your guess is as good as mine

Jack Wallace: Too hokey? What does that even mean?

Jeff Hartman: If you don't know, you're probably too hokey yourself.

Jack Wallace: Yeah, okay. To answer my question, I won't ask you.. I'll just send it backstage since Damien Lee and Shayne Anderson are standing by.

"First Night Back on the Job"

Shayne Anderson and Damien Lee were in their office. Shayne was behind his old desk while Lee was standing next to him. The two were looking over some paperwork when Lee ask the all-important question.

Lee: So, Mr. General Manager. What do you have in store for us tonight?

Shayne: I want to have a champions six man tag match tonight! I'd like to have The Natural Athletes team up with Brian Williams to take on Magma, Mike Patterson, and Zane Roebuck!

Lee facepalmed at the thought of that idea.

Lee: Come on, really? You know Magma, Patterson, and Roebuck all hate each other. Even I can see this one coming a mile away. They can't co-exist, they'll beat the hell out of each other, and it will allow our champions to pick up a free victory, making the other three look bad at the same time. This is a terrible idea!

Shayne: Yeah, but that's the thing! It's all about chaos! Chaos has been a staple in television, offering an interesting dynamic!

Lee: Yeah.. it would be.. if people hadn't seen it million times in pro-wrestling!

Shayne: Well, then how about this? How about I add the stipulation that if they work together tonight, then next week, they can settle the score between the three of them in a Triple Threat Underground Rules Match... but if they can't co-exist, then they won't be allowed to touch each other.. hell.. even be NEAR each other, for the next thirty days? That should force them to work together!

Lee: Well.. that does actually sound interesting. If they co-exist, then it's a win-win as they get to beat the holy hell out of each other and, at the same time, the fans get a pretty damn good match. It'll test them to see how much they actually want to settle their differences. That makes it even more interesting.

Lee turned to Shayne and patted him on the back.

Lee: Congratulations, you persuaded me to like your first idea. Book the match and make it happen in tonight's main event! Perhaps there's hope for you yet.

Lee walked away as Shayne sat there with a glowing expression on his face as if to say "I've been praised!" Once Lee walked away however, that expression was wiped clean as Shayne let out a heavy sigh.

Shayne: Ugh.. that killed me a bit inside. No matter. Once I gain Lee's trust and get him out of the picture, The Hype will be under my control again. The sad thing is.. I meant it when I said that I wanted to prove myself, but there's no way I want to do it being the puppet of the CEO. That's why I have you as my insurance policy.

With that, the closet door behind Anderson opened off screen.

"You were right to call me." said a voice of an unknown person, undoubtedly female. "I'll keep coming up with ideas to get you into Lee's favor. Then once he's out of the picture, you can retake your rightful spot as sole General Manager of The Hype"

Anderson smiled

Shayne: All I want is a second chance. That part is genuine, but I won't be somebody's lapdog.

"I know you won't. I'll see to that, personally"

The camera panned over when this person put her hands on Shayne Anderson's shoulder. The camera panned up and it was...


What the hell!?

The crowd collectively gasped as the scene faded out to black.

Monica vs Desiree & Faith Hines

Match Summary
This situation has been boiling over for months. Monica turned on Desiree and began to pick on Desiree's friend Faith Hines. Tonight, Monica had her back against the wall as the two people she's irrtated are set to take her on in a handicap match!

The match started with Faith and Monica in the ring. They locked up and right away, Monica began to club Faith over the back with forearm shots. Monica grabbed Faith and tossed her out of the ring to the outside and then turned her attention to Desiree, taunting her to come into the ring, but while Desiree teased coming in, Faith recovered and slid in behind Monica, spinning her around and opening up with rapid rights before whipping her to the ropes and putting her down with three consecutive hip tosses, followed by a drop kick that sent Monica to the floor! Faith followed Monica out and pummeled her with forearms to the upper back. She went to throw Monica into the steel ring post, but Monica put the brakes on and hit an elbow. She reversed and sent Faith shoulder first into the post.

Desiree came into the ring and hit the ropes. She flew through them and hit a suicide dive to the outside, taking out Monica! She then checked on Faith as she was in tremendous pain on the floor, but Monica came from behind and shoved Desiree forward. She tripped over Faith and went forehead first off the ring post!! Monica grabbed Faith and rolled her into the ring. She got on the apron, grabbing the top rope, flipping over into a leg drop and a cover, but she only got two. Monica sat up Faith and used a series of crossfaces to soften her up. She shoved her back down, covered, and again, only got two. Desiree was trying to stand, but she hit her head pretty hard and was having difficulty. Eventually, she began to stumble back towards her corner as Monica continued to keep Faith grounded with some stomps and some taunts.

Monica yelled at Faith to tag in her gimped partner and even paintbrushed the back of her head a few times. Faith began to crawl when Monica simply stomped her boot on the back of Faith's head, stopping her in her tracks. Monica pulled Faith up and scoop slammed her back down before heading to the corner. Monica took aim and leapt off after Faith turned and got on all fours, connecting with a knee drop she called The Silencer. It drove Faith into the canvas harshly, but Monica still only got two. Monica pulled faith up and hit a knife edge chop staggering her to the ropes. Desiree reached over and made the tag and came into the match. Monica ducked a clothesline and delivered a toe kick. Faith didn't step out... instead she charged in from behind, but Monica took Desiree by the shoulder and threw her into Faith's mid-section. Monica with the school girl roll up as Faith tumbled through the ropes. She picked up the three, much to the shock of everyone!

Jack Wallace: Holy hell! Monica just dominated this match and defeated both Desiree and Faith Hines!

Jeff Hartman: That's my girl! I told you she was something special Jack! You never listen to me! In fact, I keep telling you the inside scoop on who is great and who isnt and you never take my word for it.. then things like this happen and I make you eat your words! It's moments like this that I truly live for!

Jack Wallace: You lead a very paltry life.

Jeff Hartman: YEP!

After the Match
Faith used the ring apron to pull herself up as Desiree was recovering. Faith rolled in and wanted to know what the hell happened. Desiree started to explain when.


Butterfly hooked...


The crowd was stunned! Faith Hines was actually getting boo'd! The sweet innocent girl that everybody loved just stabbed her friend in the back! Without saying a word, Faith stormed out of the ring and power walked to the back with a look of anger on her face. Desiree was laid out as the referee checked on her to make sure she was okay.

Winner: Monica via Roll Up
Match Time: 7:31
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: What... what the hell did we just see!?

Jeff Hartman: Wow! I take back what I said.. I was wrong about Faith Hines! Who knew she had that in her!?

Jack Wallace: I can't believe what Faith just did! What's the reason for all this!?


Mike Patterson is seen walking the halls when he runs into Shayne Anderson who looks like he just went and fetched himself a coffee. The two had a long staredown as there was obvious bad blood there between them. Mike Patterson, who lead The X Movement at the time, turned his back on Shayne Anderson when he was getting a bit out of control. If anything, Patterson wanted to drop Anderson right then and there.

Shayne: Hello, Mike. Long time, no see, eh?

Patterson gritted his teeth.

Shayne: Look.. I know what you're thinking. I made this match tonight to screw you, right? No.. that's not the case. I just wanted to entertain the fans by making a dynamic situation here tonight. That's all. Besides, like I said.. you can have a triple threat underground rules match next week if you can co-exist. It's merely for the entertainment of the fans!

Patterson wasn't buying it.

Patterson: If you truly wanted us to settle our differences, you wouldn't make us dance for it. You'd just make that match tonight between the three of us. I don't know what you're trying to pull here, Shayne, but I for one am not buying it. You called up Xtreme, Crucifix, Mad Morgan, Shovel, and myself. Five people you used to work with in this very building when it was owned and operated by Derecho. You brought us all back together and then you went power hungry and ruined it all. We danced to the beat of your drum and then you began to bite the hands that fed you. Now you just show up and tell some bullshit story about turning over a new leaf and expect us to forget everything you've ever done? Sorry... I'm not buying this one bit.

Shayne sighed.

Shayne: I did make mistakes. I'm not denying that, but I'm honestly not trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes here. I really am trying to make it up to the Hype fans and to all the people I worked with. Look, I know this match tonight looks bad on paper, but I only wanted to entertain the fans. I wanted to give them something special for my first night back. I realize by doing so, I am also robbing The Natural Athletes from their main roster challenge tonight, which is why I'm going to let them select whomever they want from the roster to wrestle next week... even if they want the tag team champions, they can have them. I'm not going to hold them back like I did with Cross the Hood, which was another mistake of mine. All I'm asking for is a second chance and for you to trust me. Can we find a way to co-exist? Can there be a peace between us?

Patterson: In 1996, there was a movie that asked the same question. If you saw it.. until I'm convinced otherwise... you know my answer.

Patterson glowered at Anderson as he walked away.

El Tigre Verde vs Tristan Cyan

Match Summary
Fresh off of a bit of a gifted victory last week, Tristan Cyan looked to continue that momentum against a former rival of his in the rising star of El Tigre Verde who has had back to back five star classics against Hype Champion Brian Williams, just coming up a bit short each time. If Cyan could know of Verde, it could put him directly in line for a championship opportunity, but at the same time, Verde wanted another shot and knew a win tonight would also be the first step on that path.

The two locked up and immediately Verde used the quickness into a hammerlock, but Cyan got underneath Verde, looking for a Back Drop Suplex, but Verde landed on his feet and went to the ropes. Verde ducked a clothesline and the two spun around. Verde went for a series of front kicks, but Cyan blocked each and every one of them, found an opening and went for a discus lariat, but Verde ducked that, went for a spinning roundhouse, but Cyan blocked and grabbed the leg. Enzugiri attempt by Verde, ducked by Cyan. Verde went for the reverse enzugiri as a counter, but Cyan ducked that! Leg trip by Cyan, front flipped into a bridging pin... two count, left shoulder up. Pin again.. two count.. right shoulder up. Pin again. Two count.. .bridge up by both wrestlers. They twisted until Cyan tried the backslide, but Verde flipped and landed on his feet. Roundhouse ducked by Cyan. Leg Sweep leapt over by Cyan. Headlock applied, but Verde backed Cyan into the ropes and shot him across. They both went for drop kicks, missed, stood and stared down in the middle of the ring and massive round of applause!!

They circled and locked up again. They powered around until Cyan backed Verde into the corner, hitting a pair of shoulder thrusts and a whip to the opposite side, which he followed in. Verde up and over off the turnbuckles landing in a waist lock on Cyan. Verde tried the German, but Cyan held onto the ropes. Switch to full nelson then a dragon suplex! Verde covered and got two. Verde went to the apron and grabbed the top rope. Springboard spinning heel kick missed as Cyan dodged. Verde sat up and Cyan planted both boots into the side of Verde's head with a low drop kick! Cyan quickly grabbed Verde by the legs, looking for the Disasterpiece, but Verde used his leg strength and twisted Cyan out of it. Cyan stood as Verde got to his feet. Verde with the whip, but Cyan reversed it and pulled Verde into a back elbow. Cyan got behind Verde and hit a Back Drop Suplex. He held on, turned over and pulled Verde up, hitting a second Back Drop Suplex. He went for it a third time, but instead, he lifted Verde and spun him with a Blue Thunder Driver! Cyan only got two!

Cyan pulled Verde up and slung him into the ropes. He telegraphed a back body drop, but Verde rolled off of Cyan's back, swept his legs out the hit the Liger Bomb.. the running senton! Verde went for the cover, but got a fleeting one count. Verde stood and headed to the corner to recollect himself. Cyan stood as Verde charged, looking for a running knee, but Cyan side stepped it. Cyan locked Verde in a full nelson, but Verde dropped to his seat and kicked Cyan in the face. Verde stood and grabbed Cyan by the hand as he ran past him. Verde walked up the turnbuckles, rope walked the top rope and flipped off, hitting a Diamond Dust... a move his calls The Snow Leopard Crusher! It was the first time we saw it on The Hype and it only got him two!! Verde headed to the corner and climbed the turnbuckles... he then flipped off with the double rotation moonsault... The Shooting Scar Press, but Cyan moved!

Cyan stood as Verde popped him, holding his stomach. Cyan hooked Verde and lifted him for the Lion's Share DDT.. the Brainbuster DDT, but Verde floated over and landed behind Cyan. He quickly placed Cyan in the Chicken Wing then drove Cyan face first into the canvas with a heel trip. He then flipped over and bridged with the Chicken Wing locked in!! Asphyxia Majora!!! Cyan had no choice but to tap out!

Winner: El Tigre Verde via Asphyxia Majora
Match Time: 10:21
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: What a contest between these two. El Tigre Verde picks up a nice rebound win here tonight, sadly, it looks like Tristan Cyan's luck continues to wear a bit thin here on The Hype... AND.. before you jump in, Jeff.. yes.. I know.. his time is coming, right?.

Jeff Hartman:Actually.. no.. I've given up on this guy. Time to move on.

Jack Wallace: Wow...

"On Strike"

We open up in the parking lot where we see DefCon sitting against the jOlt Arena holding a picket sign that reads "On Strike". He's not saying anything or doing anything.. just... well.. sitting there. The door beside him opens up and Damien Lee steps out.

Lee: I heard reports you were out here. I had to come see this for myself. Are you REALLY going to stake a strike just so you can get your way?

DefCon remained silent as he continued to sit there.

Lee: This stuff may have flown when Shayne was original in charge.. or heck.. maybe with Adam Lazarus.. you really never know... but what I do know is that I don't tolerate such acts and as the CEO of this company, I don't care if it's one person or the entire roster. I will not allow nor tolerate a strike without a solid good reason.

Even though Lee was being stern, DefCon continued to ignore him

Lee: Guess you're not going to react to me unless I say the magic words that you want to hear. So let me guess. You want another Hype Championship match against Brian Williams don't you?

That got DefCon's attention as he stood up and faced Lee.

DefCon: It's what I rightfully deserve

Lee: Right right. However, I'll give you something that you deserve even more... your pink slip.

The people erupted in cheers!

Lee: Unless... you go back to work. I'll give you the night off to think about this. Next week, I have a match prepared for you. I'm not telling you who your opponent is going to be, but if you want to keep the paychecks coming, you'll show up to work. If you don't... you're fired. Simple as that.

Lee walked back through the door. DefCon made a fist and clenched hard. He wasn't happen about this, but the crowd cheering in the background was!

The Widow's Nest vs Cerberus

Match Summary
They said that they were tired of all the sneak attacks and they wanted this settled. It was three on three as Maddox St. James and Muerte started this off as Black Widow and Supaida remained at ringside. They locked up and immediately James placed Muerte into a front face lock and backed into the ropes where Jensen Todd made the tag in. James held Muerte's ribs open for James to take a shot, taunting him with "Taste of your own medicine, eh, chap?' at Muerte. Todd walked Muerte to the ropes and shot him across, going for a clothesline, but Muerte ducked and leapt to the middle rope, taking Todd down with a moonsault

Muerte stood as did Todd. Muerte took him over with a side head lock and controlled the head, but Todd stood and countered with a back drop suplex. Todd hit an elbow drop and covered for two. Todd pulled Muerte up and placed him in a sleeper, but Muerte battled to his feet and broke free with a pair of elbows. Muerte hooked Todd by the head and looked to backflip over him for a sit out driver, but Todd grabbed Muerte by the waist and tossed him away onto his back. Muerte staggered up as Todd charged in and clotheslined Muerte up and over the top to the outside before tagging in Shi no Ryu!

Ryu entered the ring and got a running start. He twisted over the top rope with a no hands corkscrew plancha to the outside, taking down Muerte! Araknis came into the ring and flipped over the top rope with a Tope Con Giro, but Ryu side stepped it, causing Araknis to crash! Ryu looked at Wolf Spider and taunted him to try something, but Black Widow told Wolf to remain there. Ryu grabbed Muerte and noticed Araknis starting to stand. He whipped Muerte into Araknis and when Muerte staggered backwards, Ryu grabbed him and threw him back into the ring. Araknis shook it off, however, and blindsided Ryu with a forearm shot. Ryu fought back as Muerte got a running start. Muerte with the suicide dive, but Ryu pulled Araknis in the way! Ryu got up on the apron and waited for both of them to stand, but while he was looking back, Wolf Spider came into the ring and nailed the Run with the Wolves through the ropes!

Wolf Spider stood as Maddox St. James ran along the apron and caught Spider in the side of the head!! Jensen Todd hopped down and it became a wild brawl on the outside between the six of them! Todd took Muerte and bounced his head off the announce table. Ryu pulled Araknis up and hit him with a series of kicks before shuffling back and hitting a super kick, knocking him out on the floor. Wolf Spider, however, had the upper hand on St. James as he powered through the forearms to the upper back and drove St. James back first into the ring post! Jensen Todd waited for Wolf Spider to turn around, however. When he did, he leapt up and lunged his foot dead into Wolf Spider's face!

Black Widow had seen enough. Supaida ran along the side of the ring and flew through the bottom and middle rope, out the other side where he grabbed Ryu by the head and nailed a Tornado DDT! The referee had seen enough and called for the bell! Winner: Cerberus via Disqualification
Match Time: 5:12
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: This is just chaos.. it's out of control! These two stables are at war with each other. A normal six man tag isn't going to contain them!.

Jeff Hartman: For once, I agree.. and I think someone else does too!

After the Match
Shayne Anderson came out with a microphone in hand to boos from the crowd.

Shayne: HOLD ON! HOLD EVERYTHING! This went to hell in a handbasket rather quickly. Since this match is pretty much ruined thanks to you six, then I'm going to fix it. Next week, we're going to have this match again. Supaida and Black Widow.. you two will be BANNED from ringside... oh.. and to make sure you get all of your aggression out.. next week's six man tag will contested with Underground Rules.

Shayne smirked

Shayne: Heh, even I can't screw that one up!

Shayne walked to the back as the two teams looked like they were ready to kill each other as they each regrouped and made their respective exits.

"Coming Up Short"

Marshal Stetton is backstage holding a microphone

Stetton: Ladies and gentlemen.. please welcome my guest at this time... Brian Williams

The Hype Champion came into view with the title over his shoulder.

Stetton: Last week you said you were going to iNtense to make an impact. When Diamond Jewelz didn't show up, you challenged world champion Jesse Ramey to a match. You, unfortunately, came up a bit short in that match and as a result you didn't secure a spot on the main roster. Per the stipulation of the Hype Championship, you cannot challenge for a main roster spot for another 30 days. What are your thoughts on what happened?

Williams: Well it was certainly disheartening. You know.. most of my title matches have been close. I haven't been a dominating champion like Pietro Geist was. I wanted to go out there, lay it all on the line and prove myself. I took a shot... what more can I say? You, as well as the rest of the world saw... it didn't quite work out. It just means I need to start over... it means I need to get freshened up.. hone my skills some more, become more aggressive and when the time is right.. take another shot at the roster.

"Who says you'll even get another shot?"

A voice rang out and in stepped Gabriel Gold... the former stablemate of Brian Williams in The Dying Breed.

Gold: That match you had with Jesse Ramey was pathetic.. your only highlight was the Killer B Bomb and that couldn't even get the job done. You have these great matches here on The Hype and yet, you looked like a deer in headlights out there against Ramey. What happened to the strong leader The Dying Breed had? Where's that fire? That determination? You lost it, my friend, and sooner or later, you're going to lose your championship.

Williams didn't like what Gold had to say.

Williams: That's exactly why I'm going to get stronger.. so that doesn't happen again.

Gold: When The Dying Breed disbanded, I shook your hand. I said that I respected you and even after our little miff, you showed me something I could believe in, but after watching iNtense.. I have to say.. I flat out regret shaking your hand and saying those words. How the hell can I respect such a pitiful display from a pitiful champion?

Williams didn't take those words kindly and got right up and close to Gabriel Gold.

Williams: If you think you can do better than next week.. why don't you put your money where your mouth is. I'll be happy to show you just how focused and aggressive I can be.

Gold: And I'll show you how much better of a champion I can and WILL be.

Gold smiled and slowly backed off! The rivalry has been renewed! Williams.. Gold... for the championship next week!

India's Import vs Broken Sanity

Match Summary
The match started off with Samir and Shovel in the middle of the ring. They locked up, but Shovel shoved Samir onto his back. Samir popped back up and locked up a second time, but again, Shovel forced Samir onto his back. After getting overpowered, Samir tagged in Ryan Raysor and the two of them tried to double team Shovel, but Shovel hit the headbutt on Samir and one to Raysor. Both popped up and both were met with headbutts again. Raysor and Samir regrouped as Shovel simply smiled.. even a little drool escaped his mouth. Raysor and Samir finished their strategy session and circled Shovel, surrounding him on both sides, perhaps looking for a pincer attack. Ryan came in and was the bait as he got knocked down by a shoulder block Samir hit a chop block and brought Shovel down to a knee. Raysor recovered and the two of them took off to opposite sides of the ropes. They both came back and sandwhiched Shovel's head between a pair of stereo drop kicks. Raysor rolled out as Samir went for the cover, but only got two.

Samir stood and dropped a pair of elbows into Shovel's sternum to keep him down before heading to the corner. Samir went up top and waited for Shovel to stand. Samir leapt off and connected with a missile drop kick that put the big man back onto his back. Samir rolled to his corner and tagged in Raysor who quickly went up top and flipping off with the Shooting Star Press.. the Flip Switch, looking to get the early win, but Shovel put his knees up and Raysor came crashing down on top of them. From there, Shovel began to dominate with slams and stomps, keeping Raysor grounded. he worked over Raysor for a good minute or two before pulling him up and whipping him into his corner. He tagged Mad Morgan into the match by headbutting him and Morgan simply smiled. Most unique tag ever!

Morgan came into the match and used repeated headbutts on Raysor in the corner until he was in the seated position. Morgan took off to the ropes and hit a running face wash, yelling out "It's still dirty, keheheh!" He hit the ropes again and hit another face wash. He dragged Raysor out of the corner, covered, but got two. He pulled Raysor up and hit another big headbutt, knocking him down. He brought Raysor back up and whipped him into the corner. Morgan charged in, but Raysor countered with an elbow, a quick hop to the middle turnbuckle and a cross body that was countered into a mid-air powerslam!! Morgan with the cover for two again. Morgan stood and tagged Shovel as Raysor tried to crawl to the corner, but Shovel grabbed him by the leg. Raysor got up on one leg and kicked Shovel in the head. He then made the hot tag to Prince Samir. Samir came in and hit a Running Drop Kick to Shovel. He then knocked Morgan off the apron and hit another drop kick to Shovel. Shovel popped up and Samir went for the whip, but Shovel reversed, but Samir leapt to the middle rope and hit a Springboard Front Kick to Shovel's face, knocking him down!

Morgan came into the ring with a running Big Boot, but Samir side stepped and grabbed Morgan in an inverted Face Lock, pulling him down into a backbreaker across the knee followed by a Hangman's Neck Breaker. Morgan rolled back to the outside as Shovel covered and knee'd Samir in the stomach doubling him over. Shovel went for a running knee lift, but Samir dodged and went behind with the waist lock, running Shovel to the ropes. Shovel hung on and Samir rolled to his feet. Clothesline ducked by Samir as he took off and hit a suicide dive to the outside, taking out Morgan. Raysor ran along the apron and hit a springboard drop kick from behind on Shovel, staggering him forward. Raysor kipped up and charged Shovel, but Shovel launched him over the top rope to the outside where he took out Morgan and Samir! Shovel then jumped up and down, like shades of the late great Earthquake as he pointed to the outside. He wasn't going to...

SHOVEL WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!!! A 280lb man launched himself through the ropes and wiped out everyone as well as put a dent into the barricades at ringside!! A "Holy Shit" chant broke out as all four men were down, but Shovel was the first to his feet. He grabbed Samir and tossed him into the ring. Samir staggered to his feet and Shovel hoisted him onto his shoulders. He spun around and around and around with the Airplane Spin before hitting a Tornado Powerslam!! The Happy Place! Shovel covered as Raysor tried to slide into the ring, but was held by Mad Morgan! Shovel picked up the three and Broken Sanity scored a win!

Winner: Broken Sanity via The Happy Place
Match Time: 21:31
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jack Wallace: An impressive outing shown here by Broken Sanity. India's Import is a tough team to beat and they managed to pull it off here tonight!

Jeff Hartman: I like these guys. They're straight forward and to the point!

Jack Wallace: That's because not all the lights are on upstairs. Mad Morgan slaps his head.. they tag each other with headbutts and Shovel was even drooling in the match.. DROOLING!

Jeff Hartman - So they're a little rough around the edges. They're still effective!

After the Match
Mad Morgan grabbed a microphone from the ringside area.

Hoo boy.

Morgan: KEH-HEH-HEE! You sees what we just dun? We showed why we are deserving of another tag title shot! We wants it!

Morgan passed the mic to Shovel


Shovel smiled and drooled again. Gross.

Shovel: Shovel wants team from main roster next week! Shovel will beat dem good and den Shovel will show world why Shovel should be tag champ!

Shovel drooled some more as he passed the microphone back to Mad Morgan who slapped the side of his head to psych himself up.

Morgan: WE ARE READY! The Insane Asylum proudly will present to you your new Hype Tag Team Champions one day.. and when that day comes... the inmates would have finally taken over... KEH HEE HEE!!

Morgan dropped the microphone as the crowd was navigating to Google translate to find out just what in the blue hell they just said. From what we gathered, they wanted to challenge a main roster tag team to a match. They didn't want The Natural Athletes to have all of the fun.

"Stealing Our Idea"

Albright: Did you just see that? Them two crazies just ripped off our idea!

Cori Albright wasn't too happy that Broken Sanity just challenged a team on the main roster.

Massimo: Hey.. it's all good. There's no team here on The Hype that can handle the main roster like we can. Crimson Order.. defeated. Trouble... defeated. Tonight.. we fight alongside the Hype Champion Brian Williams in order to take on Mike Patterson, Zane Roebuck, and Magma. With us in the champion's corner, ain't no way we're gonna lose. Then next week, we'll challenge and defeat another main roster tag team. I'm telling you.. people can imitate us all they want, but they can never BE us.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that" said a voice.

Xtreme and Crucifix.. The X Age.. walk into view.

Xtreme: You guys let the cat out of the bag last week and if you can inspire two nut jobs to follow your lead then so can we. In fact, WE are going to also challenge a main roster tag team next week. We have been the closest team to taking those titles and if we win our match..then Damien Lee and Shayne Anderson will have no choice to give us a rematch for those belts... only next time, boys... we're going to take them.

Albright: You're looking too far into the future, boy. Just because we made beating a main roster team look easy doesn't mean it's for everyone. If you had beaten us.. then yeah.. maybe you could say that you're ready.. but you're not. You haven't mowed through every tag team on the roster like we have. You're not out of competition. You've got The Widow's Nest, Cerberus, India's Import.. hell.. even Broken Sanity.. at your disposal. Us.. we're moving onto bigger and better things. I, personally, don't believe you can pull it off nor can I believe that you Broken Sanity can pull it off. We are the true competitors on The Hype roster and we are the only team that can and will pull it off.. but hey.. you're more than welcome to try.

Xtreme: Oh we're going to try and we're going to succeed and when we do.. we'll shove those words straight down your damn throats.

Massimo: Why don't you try and do that now. We're standing right here.

Massimo and Albright moved in closer to The X Age. Xtreme thought twice about what he had just said and slowly backed off.

Xtreme: Let's go. Apparently they got sand in their manginas. Let's leave them to clean it out.

The X Age left as The Natural Athletes shot them a death glare.

"He's Had Enough"

Tristan Cyan was walking around backstage fuming angry over his loss to El Tigre Verde earlier in the evening. He saw Jack Dawn helping himself to some Mahi Mahi at the catering table when Tristan grabbed him and threw him against the wall. Tristan lunged in and nailed a huge palm thrust into Dawn's face! He then grabbed Dawn and hip tossed him into the table of food! Dawn laid there as officials rushed over to check on him.

Cyan: Hey.. it had to be someone.. you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Cyan then sneered.

Cyan: Nothing personal.

Cyan walked away as the officials kept a watchful eye on him. They then turned back to Jack Dawn to make sure that he was okay. The scene fades out to black.

The Natural Athletes & Brian Williamvs vs Mike Patterson, Zane Roebuck, & Magma

Match Summary
This match was made at the top of the show by Shayne Anderson. There was already some argument from the non champions corner as to who would start against Terry Massimo.. mainly between Patterson and Magma since they both considered themselves monsters. Roebuck wanted nothing to do with the former college football star. Patterson said screw it and stepped into the ring and the bell rang.

Patterson and Massimo locked up and Patterson actually matched Massimo power for power as neither man would budge. They both backed off and Magma made a blind tag stating that he could move Massimo. Patterson sarcastically invited him to try and the two locked up, but like with Patterson, Magma and Massimo wouldn't budge. Patterson wanted another shot and got tagged back in. Massimo shook his head as they circled and locked up again. Patterson pushed with all his might, but the big man was going nowhere. Magma taunted Patterson from the ring apron which got Patterson's attention, but he learned that you don't take your eyes off of Terry Massimo!

Massimo opened up with heavy and rapid rights, rocking Patterson back. Massimo shot Patterson to the ropes and hit a running Headbutt, knocking Patterson down. Massimo dropped a heavy elbow into Patterson's chest, but only got two. Massimo pulled Patterson to a seated position and placed him in a sleeper, putting all his weight into it, but Patterson eventually battled back to his feet and showed off his power by hitting a Back Drop Suplex on the big man! Patterson stood and exited to the ring apron. He grabbed the top rope as Massimo stood, launching himself over with a battering ram shoulder tackle! Patterson stood and went to a neutral corner, hunching down and lining up Massimo for the Spear. Massimo stood and Patterson charged in, but Massimo side stepped and Patterson went shoulder first between the buckles! Massimo went over and tagged in the Hype Champion, Brian Williams!

These two had history, but Patterson was a bit worse for wear right now as he held his shoulder in pain. Williams twisted Patterson's arm with the arm wringer and snapped him down to the canvas. He applied a Fujiwara Arm Bar, but Patterson reached out and grabbed the ropes. Magma taunted Patterson, calling him a joke, which enraged him. Willimas pulled Patterson up, but Patterson broke free and fired a combination of rights and lefts, followed by a discus lariat, but Williams ducked, spun, and hit a discus lariat of his own, knocking Patterson back down while Magma simply laughed. Williams went for the cover, but only got two. Williams brought Patterson back up and whipped him to the ropes, but Patterson grabbed the top rope and hung on. Wiliams charged in, but Patterson side stepped and grabbed Wiliams hitting three consecutive German Suplexes with the last one being a release variation.

Patterson went to the corner and climbed up top. He leapt off for the Big Souix Splash.. the Frog Splash, and it connected!! Patterson covered the champion, but only got two. Magma wanted a tag at this point because he felt Patterson wasn't getting the job done. Patterson flipped off Magma and Zane Roebuck just leaned against the ropes, not giving off a single care in the world about this match.. as long as Patterson and Magma did all the heavy work for him. Patterson clubbed Williams over the back a couple of times and then set him up between his legs, looking for the Trailervision, but Williams countered with a back body drop, then leveled Patterson with a pair of clotheslines before tagging Cori Albright into the match.

Albright came in and measured Patterson up. He ran in with a running knee lift that caught Patterson in the side of the head. He made the cover, hooking the leg, but only got two. Albright then placed Patterson into a Rear Chin Lock with the knee driven into Patterson's back. Patterson was worn down, but he eventually fought to his feet and fired a pair of elbows breaking free. Patterson took off to the ropes and then you heard a sickening smack as Magma slapped Patterson on the back with excessive force for a blind tag! Magma entered the ring and it looked as if the two were going to go at it, but Magma said "Go ahead and throw away our match next week.. you'll never get your hands on me!"

Magma came in and while all of this was happening, Albright rushed in and pressed Magma agains tthe ropes, sending him off, but Magma reversed. Magma with the Big Boot, but Albright side stepped and placed Magma in a half nelson.. he dumped Magma on that surgically repaired neck of his with the Half Nelson Suplex!! Albright waited as Magma slowly rose to his feet. Albright hit him with a toe kick before hoisting the big man onto his shoulders, but Magma slipped off and found the big boot he was looking for when Albright turned around. Magma pulled Albright up and shot him to the ropes. He picked up Albright by the waist and drove him down with a sidewalk slam along with a cover, getting two!

Magma taunted Massimo and Williams as he pulled Albright up. He gripped Albright by the neck, but the Choke Slam was countered. Albright stomped on the back of Magma's leg, backed into the ropes and hit a seated drop kick to the back of Magma's head! Albright circled around front and measured up Magma, looking for his super kick. Patterson yelled at Roebuck to get in there... scared for his life, Roebuck got into the ring and it was enough of a distraction for Magma to hit a double leg takedown on Albright. Magma pummeled away on Albright as Roebuck slowly stepped back out, avoiding a "for real?" glare from Mike Patterson. Magma stood and measured up Albright, dropping a big leg across his chest. Magma stood and dropped another leg before going for another cover, again, getting two.

Patterson taunted magma, telling him to hurry up and put him away. Magma yelled back "i'm trying!" Patterson told him to "try harder" The two continued to have a war of words and it allowed Albright to slip to his corner and tag Massimo! Massimo DRILLED Magma from behind with a huge body avalanche, Massimo ran into the corner and knocked both Patterson and Roebuck off the ring apron! Magma staggered up as Massimo charged in and nailed a side-impact shoulder block that nearly turned Magma inside out! Massimo went to the ropes and went for the runnign splash.. .All the Way, but Magma had enough to put his knees up and Massimo came crashing down. Magma got to his corner, but Patterson and Roebuck were nowhere to be found. Magma turned around as Massimo charged in, sandwhiching him in the corner with another body avalanche!

Massimo brought Magma back to the center of the ring where he scoop slammed him. Massimo made the tag to Brian Williams who went up top. Williams took aim and nailed the Killer B Bomb.. the Swanton.. on top of Magma! He had the cover, but Zane Roebuck hit the ring and saved the match! Willams stood as Roebuck tried to back off, but Williams grabbed Roebuck and pressed him above his head. Patterson tried to get back in, but Williams threw Roebuck into Patterson and the two collapsed to the floor again. Magma got back up as Williams delivered a toe kick. He placed Magma into the Pumphandle position and in a display of power, hit the Pumphandle Neckbreaker on Magma!! Welcome to Williams Street!! Williams walked over and tagged in Cori Albright.

Albright came in and as Magma was back to a knelt position... Albright lunged in with the Super Kick! GOOOOAAAALLLLLLL!! Magma was out on his back! Albright tagged in Massimo before hitting the ropes and flying out with a suicide dive taking Roebuck and Patterson back down! Massimo hit the ropes and nailed the big splash on Magma... All the Way!! Massimo covered and picked up the three!!

Winner: The Natural Athletes & Brian Williams via All the Way
Match Time: 49;52
Match Rating: ****1/4

Jack Wallace: What a hell of a six man tag and even though there were tensions which did, ultimately undue this makeshift team, they didn't attack each other and therefore they get their triple threat match next week with Underground Rules!

Jeff Hartman: This idea was stupid to begin with. It should have never happened! This is Damien Lee's fault for agreeing to this!

Jack Wallace: But it was Shayne Anderson's idea...

Jeff Hartman: Lee still approved and booked it! He's only out to sabotage Shayne Anderson! I'm glad Shayne has Laurie Williams backing him now!

Jack Wallace: That's another question that was left unanswered tonight. Perhaps next week we'll know more about why Laurie Williams appeared here and offered to help Shayne Anderson. So until then.. goodnight everyone!