"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the Hype Arena in Miami, FL where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! Last week ended in such a way that caused even more bad blood between the former India’s Import members Price Samir and Ryan Raysor.. we understand that we will hear from Shayne Anderson and Laurie Williams in a few moments as to what they plan to do about this explosive situation!

Jeff Hartman: I’ll tell you what needs to be done! They need to fire Ryan Raysor for putting his hands on Prince Samir after his hard-fought match last week against Mike Patterson! Samir only lost because he had Ryan on his mind and his insolence has greatly upset him!

Jack Wallace: Do you even hear yourself when you talk or do you just throw out whatever so you can collect a paycheck.

Jeff Hartman: A little from Column A… a little from Column B

Jack Wallace: Nevertheless, let’s send it backstage to Shayne Anderson and Laurie Williams.

"Containing the Situation"

The scene opened up in Shayne Anderson’s office. He sat behind a desk as Laurie Williams stood in front of it.

Shayne: What am I going to do here? Last week, Samir and Raysor couldn’t keep their hands off another and this is just going to get worse and worse. Someone has to plug up the drain before it gets out of hand. Maybe it’s best just to put them in a No Fear Rules Match tonight and just let them iron out their differences.

Laurie: That’s too typical, Shayne. People have seen that resolution a thousand times.

Shayne: I suppose you have a better idea?

Laurie: I do. Prince Samir is in love with money because he is royalty. Ryan Raysor opposes that lifestyle because he believes you have to earn everything that you get in life. So.. what I’m thinking is that the two of them have a match tonight where the loser must be the winner’s servant for the entire day, next week, right here on The Hype. If Prince Samir wins, then he can continue to feed his own ego… if Ryan wins.. then he can show Samir that his life isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be and teach him the lesson of earning what you have.

Shayne: That’s genius! I love it! Then it’s settled. Prince Samir will face Ryan Raysor tonight with the the loser becoming the winner’s servant next week on The Hype!

The crowd in the background cheered!

Shayne: You’ve helped me again, Laurie! I can’t thank you enough!

Laurie: Just remember that when the time comes, you still owe me for all of this.

With that, Laurie turned and walked away. Shayne was smiling as this was sure to bring in some ratings to the show!

GLORY vs Monica

Match Summary
GLORY made her debut here on The Hype and at the sound of the bell, she showed that she meant business as she powered Monica back into the corner immediately and hit a few open palm slaps to the face followed by a Palm Thrust to the bridge of the nose! GLORY whipped Monica across the ring and charged in, slamming into her with a Spinning Wheel Kick in the corner with her 185 pound frame that wowed the audience! GLORY stomped down on Monica in the corner before pulling her up and whipping her back to the original corner from whence they came.

GLORY charged in, but Monica began to mount a comeback with a back elbow to the face. She hopped to the middle rope and took GLORY down with a missile drop kick. Monica stood up and looked down at GLORY and taunted her by snarkily telling her “Yeah! Now what!?” Monica took off to the ropes and GLORY got to her feet. She picked Monica up and nailed a Double A Spinebuster in the middle of the ring. She yelled back “THAT’S WHAT!” at Monica, getting a pretty good pop from the crowd for that. GLORy then went into the cover, but only got two! GLORY stood up and grabbed Monica by the hair. She hoisted Monica up onto her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry, but Monica elbowed her way out of it and fell behind GLORY. Monica leapt up onto GLORY’s shoulders, looking for a Poisoned Frankensteiner, but GLORY held onto Monica’s legs and dangled her upside down across her back!

GLORY turned towards the turnbuckles and backed into them, sandwiching Monica against the pads! Monica flipped over into an all fours position facing the buckles. GLORY turned and charged in. In a show of athleticism, she leapt over Monica to the middle turnbuckle pad, leapt backwards and nailed a Double Stomp to Monica’s back, collapsing her to the canvas to a huge “OOOOHH!” from the crowd! GLORY got back to her feet and signaled for the end. She pulled Monica up and placed her between her legs. She butterflied the arms, lifted, spun, and sat out with the Angel’s Wings that she called Sent to GLORY! She made the cover and it was academic from there as she picked up the three!

Winner:Zane GLORY vs Sent to GLORY
Match Time: 4:19
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Impressive victory here for GLORY in her debut match! I have a feeling she will be a force to be reckoned with here on The Hype!

Jeff Hartman: I could be a force to be reckoned with in the bedroom!

Jack Wallace: The only force you’ll be reckoned with is the cops when the girl calls them for help! You’re just one female getting pissed off away from ending up on Worldstar Hip Hop.

"Feeling Just Good Enough for This"

We open up backstage as we see Zane Roebuck standing in front of the camera smiling from ear to ear.

Zane: Last week, yours truly, pulled off the biggest win of my career both literally and figuratively when I defeated that overblown volcano and made him dormant! The victory was about as sweet as they come and it has put me into a pretty good mood.

Zane grinned even more.

Zane: You see.. when you have Good Luck on your side like I do, you tend to get a bit overconfident, but so far, all I have done is back up that confidence by sending Magma back where he belongs.. to the end of the jobber line. So since I’m in such a good mood.. I decided that tonight, I’m going to take what I should have been given since day one when I walked into this company. I’m going to take the Hype Championship because I am officially challenging Mike Patterson to a match right here tonight!

The crowd cheered at the thought of Zane getting demolished by Patterson.

Zane: Why would I challenge a dominant champion like Mike Patterson? Because I know he was in Portland, Oregon for iNtense 122. Even though he wasn’t on camera, I know he was there. He had to fly all the way back here to Miami, Florida to be here for The Hype.. and now he has to out to California tomorrow to make it to iNtense 123. It’s a tough travel schedule and no matter who you are, something like takes its toll on you. That’s why tonight I’m going to capitalize on the rigors of jet lag and beat Mike Patterson and become YOUR new Hype Champion!

Zane continued to grin as the scene faded to black.

The Ali Boys vs BADASS

Match Summary
The match started off with Iago and Wise in the ring. The two of them locked up and immediately, Iago when into a hammer lock, but Wise reached back and hit a snapmare, taking Iago over to a seated position. Wise hit the ropes and went for a running kick to the chest, but Iago caught the boot, stood, and hit a dragon screw leg whip which he tried to turn into a Figure Four Leg Lock, but Wise placed his boot on Iago’s seat and shoved him away. Wise got back to his feet and Iago charged in, but Wise lifted him up and over the ropes, but Iago landed on the apron and hit a high kick to the side of his head. Iago went for a springboard move, but Wise leapt up and caught him with an Ace Crusher in mid-air! Cover by Wise for two.

Wise made the tag to Bloome who came in and rocked Iago back with a few stiff right hands. He backed Iago into the ropes and went for a whip, but Iago reversed it and sent Bloome into the ropes instead. Iago hit a back thrust kick that doubled Bloome over and then took off to the ropes, but Bloome snapped out of it and ran over Iago with a vicious lariat that turned him inside out. Cover by Bloome for two. Bloome brought Iago up to a seated position and locked in a rear chin lock. After a few moments of getting the crowd on his side, Iago stood and fired a pair of elbows to the mid-section. He then hooked Bloome by the head and tried for a snapmare, but Bloome shoved him away and kicked Iago in the stomach, doubling him over. Bloome hooked Iago and nailed a brainbuster. He covered and only got two.

Iago needed the tag as he reached out for Clemente, but Bloome stayed on Iago and kept him grounded with a leg lock submission. Iago tried to drag Bloome, but he was too much weight for him to bring along for the ride. Iago got his leg free enough to where he turned onto his back and kicked away at Bloome. He finally broke free, dove into the corner and tagged Clemente who came in and drilled Bloome with two consecutive clotheslines. Clemente hit the corner and knocked Tripp Wise off the apron. He then backed Bloomed into the ropes, whipped him across and nailed a spinebuster in the middle of the ring. He covered, but got two. Clemente went to the ropes as Bloome got back up. Kick by Clemente missed as Bloome side stepped it and placed him into a full nelson, transitioning that into a Full Nelson Bomb! Bloomed covered, but only got two.

Wise got back on the apron and wanted in. Bloomed tagged him and Wise went up top. Clemente got to his feet, but was then met by a Flying Knee Strike to the side of the head! Wise then grabbed Iago and brought him into the ring the hard way! Wise put the boots to Iago and when Clemente stood, he charged in, but Wise hit a drop toe hold and sent him face first into Iago’s nether regions! Wise smirked and yelled “THAT’S BADASS!” Iago rolled to the outside and got to his feet… Bloome ran along the apron and hit a Hilo to the outside, taking Iago out! Clemente staggered to his feet as Wise placed him in the Full Nelson. He swept the legs and planted Clemente face first into the canvas with the Have a Nice Tripp! Wise covered Clemente and got the three!!

Winner:BADASS via Have a Nice Tripp
Match Time: 6:01
Match Rating: **1/4

Jack Wallace: Another victory by BADASS! This new focus of theirs is starting to gain them some momentum in the tag team division! Instead of goofing off, Tripp Wise is taking this more seriously and it’s translating to more success. Now only if they could change their attitudes, it would be another step in the right direction.

Jeff Hartman: Why change their attitudes? It’s obviously working for them right now.. don’t fix what isn’t broken, Jack!

"Won’t Take This Lying Down"

We are taken back into Shayne Anderson’s office, sans Laurie Williams. Jayshin Lee knocks on the door and Shayne invites him in.

Shayne: What can I do for you?

Jayshin: You saw what happened last week… Wolf Spider speared me into the lockers and Black Widow threatened me that this would continue each and every week until all the members of The Widow’s Nest had their revenge. Well, I’m not going to sit around and wait for that to happen. In fact, I want to take it The Widow’s Nest and take them out one by one instead. So I’m asking for a match here tonight against any one of them so I can do to them what Wolf Spider did to me last week.

Shayne: Fair enough.. and eye for an eye. So I will do this. Tonight you will go one on one with Muerte and the entire Widow’s Nest is banned from ringside. Does that work for you?

Jayshin grinned.

Jayshin: That works perfect.. . thank you Mr. Anderson.

Shayne: Not a problem!

With that, Jayshin exited the office and a game of who could eliminate who first now between the former Supaida and The Widow’s Nest!

Jameson Scott vs Tristan

Match Summary
This was a rematch from last week as Jameson Scott requested it before we went on the air. Scott and Tristan locked up and immediately Scott hit knee strikes to Tristan, doubling him over. He whipped Tristan into the corner and charged in, but Tristan made him eat a boot to the face. Tristan charged out and went for a lariat, but Scott ducked, turned and hit a spinning heel kick taking Tristan down. Scott pulled Tristan up and hit a pair of knife edge chops to the chest before attempting a whip, but it was reversed by Tristan and he sent Scott into the ropes. Inverted Atomic Drop by Tristan followed by a flying boot to the face, which was then followed up by three consecutive standing elbow drops and a cover for two.

Tristan stood and grabbed Scott by the leg and dropped an elbow across the knee, trying to soften it up. Tristan also knew that Scott liked to kick so if he could take away his legs, he could take away his arsenal. Tristan bent the leg at the knee, but Scott used his free leg to do what he’s becoming known for… and kicked Tristan in the upper back several times until Tristan let go of the hold. Scott got back to his feet and shook some feeling back into his leg as he pressed Tristan back into the corner. He showed Tristan how little damage he did by using that leg to kick him in the chest repeatedly. Scott then whipped Tristan across the ring to the other side and charged in. Tristan slipped through the ropes and hit a shoulder block between them. He went for a springboard attack, but Scott recovered and kicked Tristan in mid leap, knocking him down to the floor!!

Scott gained momentum and flipped over the top rope to the outside with a Hilo taking Tristan back down to the mats. He stood up and threw Tristan back into the ring. Scott went to the corner and climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad. Tristan staggered to his feet and Jameson spun off with a top rope spinning heel kick that caught Tristan in the face! Scott covered for two! Scott sat Tristan up and went to the ropes. He went for the kick to the chest.. the Quick Kick I, but Tristan learned from that last week and grabbed the leg, blocking it. Tristan got back up, but Scott hit him with an Enzugiri, dropping him to his knees. Scott then quickly grabbed Tristan’s arm and applied an Arm Bar submission while also entangling his leg!! It was a submission that he called The Arms Dealer! Tristan was in the middle of the ring and had nowhere to go! He couldn’t hold on any longer and tapped out!!!

Winner: Jameson Scott via The Arms Dealer
Match Time: 6:33
Match Rating: **1/2

Jack Wallace: He may have lost in his debut last week, but this week, Jameson Scott comes back with a victory! An impressive rebound by the rookie!

After the Match
Jameson Scott stood up and as Tristan did as well, holding his arm in pain. Scott extended the hand as a show of respect to Tristan. Tristan nodded and gripped Scott’s hand, shaking it in mutual sportsmanship… that is until he pulled Scott right into a short arm clothesline! The people booed as Tristan bent down and yelled at Scott.


Tristan gave Scott a couple of stomps before he exited the ring and headed up the ramp to more boos from The Hype faithful

"A Word, Please"

We are taken backstage where Marshal Stetton is standing by with jOlt’s newest member, Regan Hearst!

Stetton: Regan.. thank you for joining me. I want to say congratulations on your impressive victory last week over Ryan Raysor. What is it like finally being here in jOlt and on The Hype?

Regan: Feels good, Stetton. I meant it when my vignette aired on Countdown to Wrestlecade... one day… my name will echo through these halls and Ryan Raysor was just the beginning. I won’t stop until I become jOlt World Heavyweight Champion.

Stetton: So you’re not even thinking about getting the Hype Championship? Many see that as a shortcut to the main roster which is why it’s so coveted.

Regan: When you’re as dominant as I am.. you don’t need championships to get recognized.

With that Regan shot Marshal a stiff glare and exited off camera.

Stetton: Back to the ring, guys… whew.. that was intense.

Jayshin Lee vs Muerte

Match Summary
Jayshin and Muerte start off with a lock up. Jayshin with a headlock, but Muerte backed him into the ropes and shot him across. Shoulder block by Jayshin and then off to the ropes. Muerte turned to his stomach and Jayshin hopped over. Leap frog by Muerte into an attempt at a monkey flip, but Jayshin showed amazing agility by flipping and landing on his feet!! Jayshin back to the ropes as Muete stood. Muete side stepped and shoved Jayshin off. Handspring by Jayshin into a back elbow attempt, but Muerte caught him in a waist lock. Standing switch by Jayshin… drop down and roll up attemped by Muerte, but Jayshin kicked away before even a one count. Both men up, they each went for a lariat, but both men blocked it. Blocked a second time… both went for a discus lariat, but Jayshin faked his, rode up Muerte’s back and nailed a Crucifix Bomb!

Muerte was dazed as he hobbled up to his feet. Jayshin then hit him with a Shining Wizard and then covered him for two! Jayshin pulled Muerte up to his feet and sent him into the corner. Jayshin charged in but ate a boot. Muerte hopped to the middle turnbuckle and leapt off with a Flying Tornado DDT that connected! He then covered, but only got two as well! Muerte sat Jayshin up and administered a pair of kicks to the upper back. Muerte then backed into the ropes and flipped over Jayshin with the snapmare. Muerte with another cover for two again. Muerte taunted Jayshin to get back to his feet. Once he stood, Muerte hit a leg sweep and went for the Standing Shooting Star Press… the Dance of the Dead, but Jayshin put the knees up! Muerte rolled off of him and Jayshin turned and grabbed the top rope… Arabian Press Moonsault into an Elbow Drop!! The Oscar Worthy Elbow Drop connected and he covered only getting two!

Jayshin backed into the corner and charged Muerte, but Muerte saw him coming as he was getting up and bailed out of the ring. Jayshin immediately changed directions, bounced off the ropes and flipped over the top rope with a Shooting Star Press to the outside… the Star in the Making connected and took Muerte down! The referee got to the count of four before Jayshin pulled Muerte back up and rolled him into the ring. Jayshin went up top, but Muerte knocked him off his perch. Muerte climbed up and hoisted Jayshin onto his shoulders in an inverted fireman’s carry. Muerte was careful to turn around. He then heaved Jayshin off his shoulders as he fell to a knelt position and Jayshin crashed down across the knee back first! Super Desolation!!! Muerte covered, but was shocked when he only got two!!

Muerte gripped his mask as if he wanted to pull it off his face in frustration. He dared Jayshin to get back up to his feet. Jayshin did and Muerte grabbed him in an Inverted Headlock. He went for The Death Scythe, but before he could drop the elbow, Jayshin spun around, got under Muerte, and spun him out into a Blue Thunder Powerbomb and only got two! Muerte staggered up and Jayshin caught him dead in the face with a Super Kick! Jayshin went to the corner, climbed up and amazed the crowd with a Corkscrew 630 Splash.. the State of Euphoria II! He connected, made the cover, and got the three!!!

Winner: Jayshin Lee via State of Euphoria II
Match time: 7:36
Match Rating: *** ½

Jack Wallace: An amazing Flyweight display right here on The Hype and Jayshin Lee ends up getting the win, gaining a bit of revenge from the attack he suffered last week at the hands of The Widow’s Nest!

Jeff Hartman: I don’t think it’s over yet, Jack!

Wolf Spider and Araknis hit the ring… Jayshin staggered up after his victory and for the second week in a row, got cut in half with a Run with the Wolves… the Spear from Wolf Spider. Araknis then pulled Jayshin up, hooked him in a front face lock, lifted and twisted him down with a Tornado Brain Buster… the Lethal Injection.

Black Widow walked out from the back with a microphone in hand as she called back her Nest. Araknis helped Muerte out of the ring and the three of them walked up the ramp.

Widow: Consider your victory a paltry one, Jayshin. Just remember, you are but a single man while we are many. You are only charging head first into your own demise.

Black Widow laughed as the rest of the Nest gathered around her. They then left to the backstage area.

"Paying Dues"

We open up to the locker room where we see our newest tag team, the SOBs.. Selby and Scanlon standing there talking amongst themselves.

Scanlan: Last week, we made a terrible impression as we got our arses kicked, but I understand about payin’ dues and if that’s what we gotta do, then that’s what we’re gonna do.

Selby nodded as the audience tried to discern his accent. All of a sudden, Crucifix stepped into the scene.

Crucifix: Paying your dues… yes, that’s what you need to do if you ever think you’re going to reach my level. Week in and week out I defend the tag team championships.. a title made for two people… alone and by myself. I’ve defeated team after team and just last week, I beat the former champions The Natural Athletes by myself.

Selby: So fella… what’re you doin’ in here, then? Why dont’cha go beat up another team then.

Crucifix: I’m here because despite my greatness.. I like your attitudes. I also agree that you need to pay your dues and you can do that with a true test… you can take me on and I’ll even be nice enough to put these championships on the line because I know damn well that I’m not going to lose them to a couple of greener than green Irish bastards like yourselves.

Scanlan: Well if it’s a fight yer after.. then look no further. We’ll take ya up on yer offer, but don’t come cryin’ ta us when we take them titles from yer waist tonight and put em around ours.

Crucifix: We’ll see about that soon enough.. and by soon enough I mean you better get ready because that match is next… see you out there!

With that Crucifix turned and exited.

Selby: Well be better get ready then.

Scanlon: I’m already ready to go.

Selby: Then let’s do this!

They walked off and the scene faded to black.

Crucifix vs The SOBs

Match Summary
On a moment’s notice we were plummeted into a Hype Tag Team Title defense! Crucifix locked up with Selby as he started things off. Selby applied a headlock, but Crucifix backed him into the ropes and shoved him off. Crucifix hit a shoulder block and took off to the ropes, but Selby returned the favor and shoulder blocked Crucifix down to the canvas! Selby took off to the ropes as Crucifix flipped to his stomach. Selby stepped over and Crucifix stood, looking for a hip toss, but Selby put the brakes on and tried to reverse it but Crucifix blocked. Crucifix with a knee to the stomach, doubling Selby over. He hooked the leg over the back of Selby’s neck and flipped out. He then knocked Selby down with a short arm clothesline. Selby popped up and Crucifix dropped him with another clothesline. Crucifix backed Selby into the ropes and shot him across the ring where he made him eat a back elbow and then three consecutive leg drops across the chest followed by a cover for two.

Crucifix placed Selby into a sleeper hold as Selby reached out for his partner. Scanlon encouraged him to fight and after a few moments, the crowd got behind Selby and he battled up to his feet. Selby hit a jawbreaker that stunned Crucifix and made an advancement toward his corner, but Crucifix was able to recover and grab Selby’s leg, preventing the tag. Selby got up on his feet, showing balance, but Crucifix snapped him back down with a Dragon Screw. He then nailed a DDT on the trapped leg to cause further damage to the knee. Crucifix went for the cover again, but only got two. Crucifix then flipped Selby onto his stomach and placed him in a horse collar submission hold. Scanlon could stand back no longer and entered the ring, kicking Crucifix right in the face which caused him to release the hold before he hit the canvas.

Scanlon went back to his corner as Selby tried to find his whereabouts in the ring. Selby saw his partner and began to crawl towards his corner. Crucifix saw that the tag was imminent and dove in at Selby. He fell on top of him, but it was too late! The tag was made and Scanlon came into the match! He pulled Crucifix up and knocking him down with an axe handle sledge to the face! Crucifix popped back up and was taken down with another double axe handle sledge. Crucifix staggered to his feet as Scanlon kicked him in the stomach and took him over with a Snap Suplex! He covered and got two. Crucifix staggered up to his feet where Scanlon hit an inverted atomic drop before backing into the ropes and going for a running forearm, but Crucifix ducked it, sharply turned and clipped Scanlon in the back of the leg with a Chop Block, taking him down to the canvas!

Crucifix quickly grabbed Scanlon and placed him between his legs. He lifted him up over his shoulder, but Scanlon slipped off and landed behind Crucifix, but Crucifix kicked his leg backwards and low blowed him on the way down! The referee didn’t quite see what happened clearly, but everyone else did and began to boo! Selby complained on the ring apron as Crucifix grinned. He grabbed Scanlon by the head and placed him in a front face lock. He lifted him up and dropped him with a Sheerdrop Brainbuster! Crucifix went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads where he leapt off and connected with the Swanton Bomb… the Leap of Faith. He covered and Selby came into the ring. Selby dove in, but that’s exactly what Crucifix wanted. He moved out of the way and Selby ended up falling into his own partner! A rookie mistake that Crucifix easily capitalized on! Crucifix stood and grabbed Selby, throwing him out of the ring. Crucifix went back into the cover and picked up the three, retaining the titles once again!

Winner: Crucifix via Pinfall
Match Time: 8:52
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: Is there any low Crucifix won’t stoop to in order to retain his championships? All he did here was bully two rookies to make himself look good.

Jeff Hartman: Is that what you think? Crucifix has proven once again that he can beat any team single-handedly… that takes an abundance of skill and Crucifix is the epitome of that skill! You need to get your facts straight if you’re going to talk badly about, quite arguably, the greatest champion in the entire company!

"The Flames of Injustice Will Burn"

Backstage we see a dark room. There is barely enough light to see that Un-Fayth is sitting there hold some papers in her hands. She’s sat in the Indian position as she rocks back and forth while looking at the papers and grinning.

Fayth: We live our lives, day by day, never knowing when the end will come. We believe that we will be in good hands once we meet that end and therefore we place our faith and our beliefs into those pitiful lies.

Fayth continues to look at the papers as she smiles.

Fayth: Life is pretty fragile. One minute you think you’re unstoppable.. you think nobody can touch you.. and then the next minute, in the blink of an eye, it can all be taken away for eternity. Never shall you awaken from the eternal sleep and everything you have worked for will disappear.

Fayth continued to rock back and forth.

Fayth: We hum the songs of salvation hoping they would save us… but they wont. It is futile to think that they ever will. The only thing you can do is accept the fact that no one will save you…

Fayth stood up with the papers in hand. She then reached into her back pocket and pulled out a lighter.

Fayth: And that one day…. Your world shall burn..

She flicked the lighter and lit the paper on fire. She tossed it into a metal bowl and we see it was an 8x10 glossy of Sarkhaya. The camera focused in on that as Un-Fayth could be heard laughing in the background.

Mad Morgan vs Shovel

Match Summary
To the tune of “Slit Wrist Theory” by 36 Crazyfists, Mad Morgan and Shovel made their way down to the ring for yet another one-on-one match against each other. Shayne informed them earlier in the night that he still didn’t have an opponent for him but they were free to wrestle each other again. The previous week was a double countout due to knocking each other out with chairs simultaneously. What the hell will they do to each other this time? Like last time, they dug under the ring for their “toys”.

A ladder. A toolbox. A long piece of chain link. Two chairs… again. In the ring the music cutout and the two friends began to have their fun.

Shovel acted first running and leveling Mad Morgan with a clothesline. Morgan popped back up but was met with another running clothesline. Shovel grabbed his best buddy, ran him to the turnbuckle and proceeded to slam Morgan’s head against it. Turning his opponent back-first to the turnbuckle, Shovel grabbed the toolbox and ran as fast he could toward Morgan. Morgan got the leg up and drove the toolbox into Shovel’s face!

An array of small tools went everywhere. Morgan grabbed a hammer and proceeded to level Shovel as he got to his feet. Morgan lifted Shovel and delivered a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. Shovel popped to his feet and was met with a swift lunging shoulder to the chest. Morgan then threw Shovel between the ropes and out of the ring. Following suit Morgan brought the chain link. Outside the ring Morgan wrapped Shovel’s neck around a piece of barricade, squeezing and delivering fists. Shovel finally countered a punch and stung Morgan making him drop the chain and stumble away. Shovel picked up the chain, Morgan stumbled back around and was met with a vicious chain whip across the stomach!

Morgan doubled over while Shovel reached back into the ring and pulled out the ladder. Shovel grabbed ahold of Morgan from behind, lifted… Atomic Drop on the ladder! Morgan rolled grabbing his back. Shovel picked Morgan back and up whipped him to the stairs but Morgan reversed and Shovel ended up crashing into the steel! Mad Morgan was ready to get his game going, so he set up the ladder outside the ring, grabbed the chain again and led a groggy Shovel to the top. He wrapped the chain around Shovel’s, Morgan gave a shove letting Shovel dangle and choke… Shovel’s face turned blue.

Finally Morgan released and let Shovel collapse to the floor. Morgan jumped at the prone Shovel but hit nothing but floor when Shovel moved out of the way. Shovel backed up, ran and delivered a running knee to a recovering Morgan. Shovel then scooped up Morgan and rolled him back into the ring with chain in hand. Back in the ring Shovel hammered on Morgan and threw him to the ropes. Bouncing off the opposite ropes Shovel leaped forward and delivered a flying head butt. Both wrestlers rolled around in dazed pain… but were they… smiling and laughing? Yes. They friggin are.

Back to their feet they each grabbed a chair and circled each other like the end of last week’s match. Shovel went for the chairshot to the head but this week Morgan just ducked underneath and dropped his chair, he kicked the turning Shovel in the gut and delivered a DDT onto the chair! Before Shovel could get to a knee Morgan came running through with one of the chairs. Shovel flew back but regained his footing. Morgan ran at Shovel, but Shovel wasn’t having it! He leaned against the ropes and let Morgan run his face directly into the boot. Morgan stumbled away, Shovel scooped the chair and… chair shot across Mad Morgan’s back! Morgan fell to the mat and Shovel grabbed the chain once more, leaned forward and wrapped it around Morgan’s neck. Creating some sort of knot, Shovel pulled and choked his best friend. With a gusto of effort, Morgan kicked out Shovel’s feet in the middle of the ring while choking. Shovel let go of the chain momentarily giving Morgan a chance to wrap the chain around Shovel’s neck!

In the middle of the ring the two sat on the ground pulling on the chain against each other forcing a dual choke. Both of their faces were turning shades of red… then blue. After a few moments, they each collapsed onto the matt equally unconscious. The ref stepped in and raise an arm of each of them to see if they would drop. The arms dropped once and the ref tried again. The arms dropped a second time… And then a third time – Mad Morgan and Shovel had choked each other out with a chain!

Winner Draw
Match Time: 9:42
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Well that was…. interesting? I guess? All they want is an opportunity and they end up in a Draw for the second week in a row.. this time, choking each other out.

Jeff Hartman: These guys remind me of Screwloose… remember that bastard?

Jack Wallace: Oh God… I wonder what happened to him?

Jeff Hartman: Probably filming pigeons pooping on cars.. and remixing it to The Chronic by Dr. Dre.

"We’ve Been Denied Long Enough"

We open back up to Shayne Anderson’s office. He sure is having a busy night tonight. Black Widow stepped into the office as Shayne looked up from his paperwork.

Widow: A word if I may.

Shayne: Sure, what can I do for you?

Widow: If I remember correctly, there was a stipulation on us that we couldn’t receive a Hype Tag Team Championship match as long as The Natural Athletes were the champions. Well… Crucifix is now the champion of the tag division and we’ve waited long enough. We want our championship match that’s due to us.

Shayne: No

Shayne was pretty blunt with his answer.. the crowd actually cheered him for that.

Widow: May I ask why not? After all.. we are now within our rights to challenge for those titles.

Shayne: You went out of your way to bully Jayshin Lee. After I banned you from ringside, you blatantly broke that rule and attacked him.

Widow: First off, we didn’t interfere in the match. As soon as the closing bell rang, that stipulation was null and void. Besides, Jayshin is an internal issue within the Widow’s Nest… it has nothing to do with The Hype. Therefore, again, I am demanding that Araknis and Wolf Spider get their long-overdue tag team championship match next week!

Shayne: Actually.. you are right about the stipulation, but you are wrong when it comes to being just a Widow’s Nest issue. You see, when Jayshin left The Widow’s Nest, he became a part of The Hype roster…. MY roster… and you sought to injure Jayshin Lee at every chance you got. I cannot and will not tolerate the cruel treatment of people under me… as ironic as that sounds.... but… I will give you a fair shot. Next week, Jayshin will wrestle Araknis in a match… if Araknis wins.. you will get a Tag Team Championship match the following week… but… if Jayshin wins.. you will not be able to challenge for the tag team titles as long as Crucifix is the champion.

Black Widow sighed, but then laughed.

Widow: You make it too easy.

Shayne: Oh do i? Then you probably wanted to wait until I finished. That match next week.. will be inside of a Steel Cage!

The crowd roared as Black Widow’s face sunk

Shayne: You’re welcome.

Black Widow balled up her hand into a fist, but stood and walked out of Anderson’s office… the scene faded to black.

Prince Samir vs Ryan Raysor

Match Summary
This heated rivalry had reached this point… whoever lost this match would end up being the winner’s servant next week on The Hype. Raysor and Samir locked up, but Samir shoved Raysor away and went to the outside to try and play mind games. Raysor gave chase as Samir sprinted around the ring and slid back in. He hit the ropes and drop kicked Raysor as he re-entered! Samir went into a front chancery in an effort to control the head, but Raysor fought back up to his feet and powered Samir back into the corner. Raysor hit repeated shoulder blocks before twisting Samir’s arm and sending him into the opposite corner. Raysor charged in, but Samir escaped back to the outside, hoping Raysor would follow him in, but this time, Raysor thought the better of it and took a rest atop the turnbuckles as the referee started the mandatory ten count.

As the referee counted six, Samir thought about getting back up on the apron, but Raysor hopped down and confronted him and caused him to drop back down. Samir’s time was running short and he then told the referee to back Raysor up so he could get back into the ring. The referee did just that as Samir climbed up onto the apron, but Raysor took this opportunity to strike, but Raysor was caught by Samir who grabbed him by the head and hot shotted him across the top rope! Raysor staggered back as Samir got on the apron and hit a springboard clothesline, taking Raysor down. He went for the cover, but only got two.

Samir stood up and stomped on Raysor until the referee backed him up. Raysor began to get back up and Samir then controlled the head with a sleeper hold. The crowd rallied behind Raysor as he got up and fired a pair of elbow into the mid-section to break free. Raysor took off to the ropes, but Samir followed him in and kneed him in the stomach, flipping him over. Samir then went for another cover and got only two again. Samir sat Raysor up and dropped knee after knee into his upper back until Samir walked away and cockily showboated to the crowd who booed him in return. Samir turned his attention back to Raysor who stood and tagged Samir in the face with a right hand!

Raysor began to mount a comeback as he fired right after right, rocking Samir’s head back. Raysor whipped Samir to the ropes and took him down with a leg lariat. Samir popped back up and he ran him over with a clothesline. Another whip by Raysor, this time into the neutral corner. Raysor charged in and slammed into Samir with a corner clothesline. He then lifted Samir up onto the top rope and climbed up, but Samir countered and slammed Raysor’s face into the top turnbuckle pad. He then flipped over, looking for a Sunset Flip Powerbomb, but Raysor hung onto the top rope. When Raysor was ready, he let go and flipped Samir with a Huracanrana!

Samir staggered up as Raysor charged in and hit a Flying Single Knee Strike to the chest, knocking Samir down! Raysor went for the cover, hooking the leg, but only got two. Raysor stood and dragged Samir into position. The crowd rose to their feet as he went to the corner, but Samir got up and knocked him off his perch. Samir climbed up top and hooked Raysor. He lifted and twisted Raysor, hitting a brainbuster on the top turnbuckle pad!! Raysor landed on his feet, but he staggered back and was about to fall, but Samir placed him in a half nelson and dropped him on the back of his neck with a Half Nelson Suplex!! Samir turned and made the cover, hoping to make Raysor his servant, but Raysor kicked out at two and seven tenths and the crowd popped big for that!

A “Let’s Go Raysor” chant struck up and Samir told them all to shut up which got some boos.. Samir grabbed Raysor and pulled him to his feet. He hit a knife edge chop across the chest that staggered Raysor against the ropes. Samir lit him up with another knife edge chop before sending him to the opposite side. Swing and a miss by Samir as Raysor ducked and leapt to the middle rope, looking for an Asai Moonsault Press and gets it! Raysor got back up and backed into the ropes as Samir stood back up as well. Raysor rode up Samir and took him over with a Satellite Head Scissors Takedown! Samir got back up but he was dizzy as he stumbled around the ring. Raysor kicked Samir in the stomach and gutwrenched him up onto his shoulder. He then flipped him over into an Ace Crusher variation!! Raysor made the cover, hooking the leg, but Samir kicked out and many were angry because he thought Raysor had it!

Raysor stood and dared Samir to get to his feet. Samir got up to a knelt position and that’s when Raysor ran at him. He stepped over Samir and stopped suddenly behind. He then kicked Samir in the back of the head with the Flash Step! Samir fell down in front of the turnbuckles and Raysor went to the corner as Samir was in position. Raysor went up top and took aim. He went for the Flip Switch.. the Shooting Star Elbow Drop, but Samir moved out of the way! Raysor popped up off the canvas and Samir spiked him on top of his head with a hard DDT. Samir collapsed next to Raysor as he barely avoided that. The referee began his ten count. He got up to seven when both men began to get back up. At nine, both stood and began to trade punches with each other, back and forth. Raysor turned the pace up, but Samir blocked a punch, hooked his arm around Raysor’s neck and nailed a Standing Uranage Slam!

Samir went to the corner and slowly got up top. He was too slow and Raysor got up and charged in, but Samir jumped off and landed behind Raysor. Samir spun and leapt into the air, hitting a CCS Enzugiri! Samir then hoisted Raysor to the top turnbuckle, climbed up, hooked him and nailed The Greatest Imported Move in History… the Top Rope Belly to Belly Suplex!!! Samir made the cover, hooking the leg, but it wasn’t over as Raysor kicked out at two and nine tenths! What a nearfall!

Samir slammed his fists into the canvas in frustration. He stood up and grabbed Raysor. Raysor, however, pulled Samir over into an Inside cradle and the referee counted three before Samir could kick away!!! A flash pin did it! A flash pin from out of nowhere shocked the crowd and just made Prince Samir a servant next week on The Hype!

Winner Ryan Raysor via Inside Cradle
Match Time: 19:42
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace:I didn’t see that coming at all! A simple move like that caught Prince Samir when he was frustrated and it cost him the match!!


Jack Wallace: You work here you idiot!

After the Match
Raysor exited the ring and walked up the entrance ramp. Prince Samir was begging the referee to restart the match, but the referee said it was three and that nothing could be done about it. Prince Samir knelt there in a dejected manor. Next week, he was Ryan Raysor’s servant!

Mike Patterson vs Zane Roebuck

Match Summary
Earlier in the night, an overzealous Zane Roebuck challenged Mike Patterson to a match… Patterson accepted and we had a Hype Title match on our hands! At the sound of the bell, Zane stood there in the ring and closed his eyes. He stretched out his arms as if he were inviting Patterson to hit him. Patterson was a bit confused about this and approached with caution. As Patterson got within range, Zane cracked open an eye and smirked. He then reached up and tried to pull Mike Patterson over into an inside cradle.. the very same move that ended the Raysor/Samir match just moments ago. Perhaps Zane was taking notes, or perhaps this was his plan all along, but the problem is… a Flyweight like Zane trying to pull over a monster of a man in Mike Patterson just wasn’t happening. Zane found himself hanging off of Patterson’s neck and as he looked at Patterson’s face, he simply grinned.

Deadlift Belly to Belly Suplex by Mike Patterson! He damn near flung Zane across the entire ring! He landed pretty hard, though. When Zane stood up, Patterson charged in and clotheslined him over the top rope and out to the floor! Patterson hopped out of the ring and grabbed Zane.. he hurled him into the steel ring steps despite this not being a No Fear Rules match. Patterson picked Zane up and then rammed him back first into the barricades. He rolled him back inside the ring and then climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad. As Zane was writhing in pain, Patterson leapt off and connected with the Souix City Splash! The massive Frog Splash connected, but Patterson elected to not go for the cover. He pulled Zane up, who didn’t know where he was, and backed into the ropes. He then cut Zane in half with a Spear! Zane folded over like an accordion but somehow managed to roll out of the ring to the outside. Zane reached under the ring and pulled out a fire extinguisher. Patterson walked over to the ropes and Zane let her loose in Patterson’s face, blinding him. The referee called for the bell as Zane dropped the extinguisher and got the hell out of dodge, staggering away holding his ribs in pain.

Winner Mike Patterson via DQ
Match Time: 4:01
Match Rating: *

Jack Wallace: Zane Roebuck bit off more than he could chew so he took a shortcut out of the match like the coward that he is!

Jeff Hartman: He’s not a coward, he’s a genius! He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day.. he’s picking his spot, Jack!

Jack Wallace: TONIGHT was his spot… Ugh… well regardless, that brings us to the end of our broadcast.. if I know Mike Patterson like I believe I do, Zane only bought himself a week’s worth of time before he’s hunted down. We’ll see you all next week right here on The Hype!