"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to The Hype! Tonight we will discover the third team that will move onto next week to compete for the brand new Hype Tag Team Championships!

Jeff Hartman: How convenient that the third match to decide this is another chapter in the X Movement and Dying Breed war. You'd think a chimp booked this.

Jack Wallace: Actually, that chimp about be Shayne Anderson.. and he already made mention of it in past programming. Perhaps you're having a falling out with your love for a paycheck?

Jeff Hartman: Sorry.. I'm just bitter today.

Jack Wallace: When is that different than any other day?

Jeff Hartman: It's not.. I'm just more bitter than usual.

Jack Wallace: I'd ask you to elaborate, but I don't really care, to be honest. All I care about is getting down to the ring and getting this show kicked off with our third and final qualifying match in the Hype Team Title Tournament!

Jeff Hartman: You sound like a shill chimp youself.. just thought you'd like to know.

The X Movement vs India's Import

Match Summary
This war has been well documented. The Dying Breed scored a clean victory over The X Movement and as such.. a lot is riding on this match.. more than just an opportunity at the Hype Tag Team titles. Crucifix and Xtreme were the two members of The X Movement chosen to represent them as they took on Ryan Raysor and Prince Samir, who had an opportunity himself back on Sunday when he challenged Diamond Jewelz for his self-proclaimed Golden Boy Championship!

Samir and Xtreme started out, locking up the center of the ring. Xtreme used a side headlock, but Samir backed him into the ropes and shot him across into a shoulder block then a running elbow drop. Samir brought Xtreme to a seated position and kicked him between the shoulder blades before backing into the ropes and hitting a snapmare then covered for two. Samir hit a pair of knee drops and tagged in Raysor.

Raysor came into the ring and lit up Xtreme with a flurry of knife edge chops before sending him across with a whip, but Xtreme hit a springboard back elbow that knocked Raysor onto his back. Xtreme stood and backed to the ropes. He hit a leg drop off of the bottom rope, stood, hit a front flip leg drop off the middle rope, stood then went to the apron where he hit a springboard shooting star leg drop off the top rope that wowwed the crowd, but the trifecta only got him a two. Xtreme pulled Raysor up and shot him to the ropes. Xtreme lifted and hit a Samoan Drop and covered for another two. Xtreme dragged Raysor to his corner and tagged Crucifix who went up top and hit a flying knee, covered, and got two himself.

Crucifix tried to wear Raysor down with a rear chin lock, but the crowd fed him energy and he countered with a jawbreaker then a kick to the face that sent Crucifix into the corner. Raysor gained some distance and leapt up, looking for a monkey flip, but Crucifix turned and perched him on the top rope and hit a palm thrust. He went up top and hooked Raysor for a Superplex, but Raysor hit a forearm flurry, knocking him off, but Xtreme was right there and he crotched Raysor up top. Xtreme leapt up onto the middle rope and kicked Raysor in the face! Crucifix stood and pulled Raysor off the top with an Inverted Splash Mountain Bomb, dropping Raysor chest first into the canvas, but he only got two!

Raysor tried to crawl to his corner, but Crucifix wouldn't let him as he grabbed the leg, but Raysor got up and hit an enzugiri and made the tag to Samir! Samir came in and hit a spinning heel kick to Crucifix. He hit a drop kick to Xtreme, knocking him off the apron. Samir shot Crucifix into the ropes and stopped him with a toe kick. Samir went to the ropes and hit a flipping neckbreaker for two. Xtreme tried to come in, but Raysor hit a spear through the ropes sending them both to the floor! Samir hit a back kick to Crucifix as he stood and went for a DDT, but Crucifix rolled up onto Samir's shoulders and hit a Crucifix Driver! Crucifix went up top and measured up Samir. He flipped off and hit the Swanton Bomb.. the Leap of Faith, but only got two when Ryan Raysor pulled him out of the ring!!

Xtreme got back up and used the ringsteps to leap at Raysor, hitting a Tornado DDT on the floor!! Crucifix slid back into the ring and walked right into a Spinebuster from Samir!! Samir quickly went to the corner and climbed up top, but Xtreme got on the apron and caused a distraction. Samir kicked Xtreme off the apron and down to the floor, but Crucifix got up and leapt to the top rope and hit a super belly to belly! Crucifix staggered to his feet and to the corner. He got up top and nailed another Leap of Faith on Samir and got the pin! The X Movement joins The Widow's Nest and The Natural Athletes in next week's triple threat match!

Winner: The X Movement via Leap of Faith
Match Time: 19:18
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace:This week, The X Movement won fair and square and it just propelled them into the main event next week to vie for the brand new....

Jeff Hartman: I swear.. if you say it one more time, I'm going to slap the shit out of you.

Jack Wallace: It's my job to hype up the title match next week.. get people excitied.. you know.. MY JOB

Jeff Hartman: God help us if we ever get a mobile app.

After everything cleared, Faith Hines came out and made her way to the ring. She got in and was handed a microphone.

Faith: "You know.. I just hate it when you try to be a friend and it comes back and bites you in the ass. It is more than clear that Alyssa Corliss is hurting after being completely demoralized by Sebastian Saje. I offered to be her friend and help her through it, but she's too delusional to recognize the fact that she needs help. So, if beating it out of her is the way to go, then that's what I'm going to do."

The crowd cheered Faith

Faith: "I also called out Alyssa to settle this matter and she didn't show.. at least until after my match with Vogue Gonsalvez where she took a cheap shot instead of confronting me face to face. That's why, I'm not playing around anymore. Right here, right now, I am issuing a direct challenge to Alyssa Corliss. You and me.. one on one.. in an Underground Rules match. I don't care if it's on The Hype.. Rock the House.. or Sunday Night iNtense... hell, it could be on Countdown or Pay-Per-View.. I just simply don't care at this point."

Faith took a moment to collect herself.

Faith: "I'm done trying to be the nice girl that helps you, Alyssa. You had your chance to grab my hand.. now the hand that offers will be the one that slaps you across the face."

Faith dropped the microphone and stormed out of the ring. She was clearly pissed. This was, in fact, the first time ANYONE has seen Faith Hines this angry. Alyssa was clearly getting to her and the question now remained if Alyssa was going to accept this direct challenge.

Callie Scott vs Desiree

Match Summary
The rematch saw Desiree focused, but it only meant in this latest series against each other, they were one win a piece. Callie Scott had asked for another match between them and Shayne Anderson, being as smitten as he is with her, granted the rematch. Xin Xin Xiong was in the corner of Desiree as always to see how much his pupil has grown.

At the start, Callie wanted a handshake, but Desiree was in the zone and swatted her hand away. Callie looked at her hand and grinned as the two circled each other. Lock up into a waist lock by Callie, but a standing switch by Desiree. Desiree took her down to the canvas before mounting her back and hitting a pair of forearms into the back of Callie's skull! The referee pulled Desiree off saying she was defenseless, but Desiree shoved the referee aside and walked back in, but Callie turned and kicked Desiree in the stomach hard.

Callie got back up and drilled Desiree with a lariat. She then mounted Desiree and returned the favor, hitting forearms to the face. Desiree tried to cover up, but Callie ripped her arms apart and flat out headbutted Desiree on the canvas numerous times until the referee stepped in, again, citing that Desiree couldn't defend herself. Desiree's nose was bloodied after those headbutts and Callie smiled. Desiree pulled herself up and they locked up again. Desiree shoved her back and hit a chop. Callie fired back with one of her own. They chopped each other.. each chop harder than the last as both of their chests turned beat red.

Toe kick and whip by Desiree, but reverseal by Callie. Callie hit a spinning back elbow then a standing moonsault getting only two. She sat Desiree up and kicked her twice in the back and once in the face before going for another cover, getting only two once again. Callie brought her up, but Desiree countered with a jawbreaker and a running bulldog. Desiree went to the corner and climbed up top. Callie stood and side stepped a flying knee by Desiree. Callie quickly went into a waist lock, but Desiree broke the hold and performed a standing switch. German Suplex attempt, but Callie landed on her feet, hit the ropes, and missed with a lariat.

Toe kick by Desiree into a snapmare then a drop kick to the back of the head. Deisree hit the ropes then a knee drop and only got two. Desiree mounted Callie and went back to the forearms, but Callie retorted with a headbutt that staggered her away as the blood continued to flow from her nose. Callie got back up and hit an arm drag as Desiree turned around. She drove the elbow into Desiree's neck while she was in the seated position. Callie then took off to the ropes and nailed a running knee right to the back of Desiree's head!! Holy Jesus what a knock out shot, but Desiree shocked the world by kicked out at 2 9/10!!!

Xiong slammed his hands on the apron to try and wake Desiree back up. Perhaps it was instinct, but Desiree was practically out on her feet. Callie sat her up and warmed up her arm. She was looking for the Sliding D, but when she went to the ropes, Desiree popped up and slammed into her with a vicious lariat that turned her inside out. It was a last ditch effort as they were both down and not moving. The referee counted to six before Callie moved, but Desiree was still down. Callie got up at eight and refused to take a countout victory. Not after this match. Callie brought Desiree up to her feet at nine and went for a chop, but Desiree ducked and hit a hangman's neckbreaker. They were both down again.

Referee counted again up to five before both showed signs of life. Referee made it to eight before both stood. They traded punches back and forth in the middle of the ring as the crowd stood and applauded. Desiree sped up her punches and went for a haymaker, but Callie ducked and spun, catching Desiree as she turned around with a discus lariat. Desiree sat up as Callie went to the ropes. She went for the Sliding D, but Desiree moved out of the way!! Callie stood, but Desiree immediately brought her back down, locking in the Triangle Choke that she called Desire, but Callie used her might to pull Desiree up off the canvas and counter it with a Diving Powerbomb!!

Both girls were down and out when the bell rang!!! Time had expired! The crowd was upset, but thirty entire minutes had passed!

Winner: Time Limit Draw
Match Time: 30:00
Match Rating: *****

Jack Wallace: It remains at 1-1 between these two! Good lord. that wasn't a match.. that was just balantly a fight and a half! This is truly the future of jOlt's starlet division!!

Jeff Hartman: This isn't wrestling.. this was MMA. We're not running a camp here... Shayne Anderson is not Dana White. We don't need punches and kicks.. we need suplexes and flips! But I will excuse them just this once because they're women and only because they're women.

Jack Wallace: You know you still have zero chance in hell of ever dating a starlet, right?

Jeff Hartman: Never say never in wrestling, Jack.

In The X Movement's locker room, Mike Patterson wasn't looking happy as he sat alone on a bench away from Morgan and Shovel when Crucifix and Xtreme walked in, still a bit sweaty from their match that kicked off the show. Xtreme was the one who decided to address the elephant in the room and ask the obvious question.

Xtreme: Something bothering you, Mike?

Patterson looked up at Xtreme and sighed

Patterson: I guess I shouldn't be angry.. you guys went out there and got one back for us. Next week, I know we'll take home the new tag team titles.. but it's still in the back of my mind that I'm the one that failed last week. I'm supposed to be the one setting the example for the group, yet, you guys win, and I lost. What kind of a leader am I if I'm the one who loses?

Xtreme and Crucifix look at each other.

Crucifix: "It was one match. I know we are a dominant force, but we are still human after all.. every last one of us."

"NO", screamed Patterson.

Patterson: "Being simply human isn't good enough. I'm the one who lost.. I'm the reason why Shayne Anderson pulled us into his office last week. Because of me, we are slipping and I'm not going to let us slip any further."

Xtreme: "Hey.. we just WON. Next week, we're going to win the Hype Tag Team Titles. We're not slipping off to anywhere."

Patterson: Maybe in your eyes, but in mine, if it's not complete and total dominance, then we're not going in the right direction. Next week, though. I'm going to fix it. Me.. and me alone."

Patterson got up and walked off. The rest of the X Movement just stood there and looked at each other. An unhappy Mike Patterson was a dangerous one.. the big question was, what did Patterson have in mind?

El Tigre Verde vs Tristan Cyan

Match Summary Tristan Cyan hasn't won a match in his entire jOlt career yet and each time he loses, El Tigre Verde has made sure to rub it in his face. Cyan lost to DefCon twice and he's not faring so well since then. Cyan figured he would try to eliminate one of the sources of his frustration here tonight in an Underground Rules match against El Tigre Verde

Cyan and Verde start off circling each other. They lock up and Verde goes into a waist lock where he floats over into a lucha style arm drag, showing off his background. Cyan shook his head as he got back to his feet. They locked up again, and this time it was Cyan with the head lock. Verde backed Cyan into the ropes and shot him off. Cyan came back with a shoulder block then hit the ropes again, stepping over Verde, but Verde kipped up and hit a Japanese Arm Drag!

Cyan pounded the canvas, stood and charged back in, locking up a third time, but Verde immediately turned his body and hit a body scissors into another lucha arm drag that sent Cyan to the outside where he kicked the ring steps in frustration, even letting out a yell. Cyan even grabbed the top of the ringsteps and tossed them into the ring at Verde who easily avoided them. Cyan rolled back in as Verde backed into the ropes. Verde came back, but got caught with a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker by Cyan! Cyan stood and rapidly put the boots to Verde and even yelled some obscenities at him. Cyan picked up the ring steps and ran over Verde with them!

Cyan tossed aside the steps and grabbed Verde. He pulled him up and then dropped him knee first across the top of the steps. Cyan went to work on the leg with a pair of elbow drops before rolling to the outside, grabbing two steel chairs. He tossed them in and rolled back inside. Verde tried to stand, but Cyan hit a running stomp before picking up a chair and slamming it across Verde's right knee! He then sandwhiched the chair over the injured leg and used the second chair to whack away three times on the chair wrapped leg!

Verde writhed in pain as Cyan pulled the chair off and then slapped on the Disasterpiece.. the Texas Cloverleaf. Verde tapped the match away to prevent further damage and Tristan Cyan just won his first match in jOlt! It was a short and sweet victory for Cyan, but he wasn't just going to let it end there as he grabbed a microphone.

Winner: Tristan Cyan via Disasterpiece
Match Time: 5:41
Match Rating: **1/2

Jack Wallace: Every man has a boiiling point and while this wasn't a huge underground war, Cyan took advantage of the rules and surprisingly made short work of El Tigre Verde!

Jeff Hartman: Good! The faster the better. Verde is annoying and Cyan was due this win for a long time. Good for Cyan! He deserved it!

After the Match
Cyan brought the microphone up to his lips.

Cyan: "I have a proverb for you now... Never back a dog into a corner and provoke it because it will come back to bite you square in the ass! THIS is the first step to the ascension of Tristan Cyan. DefCon.. don't think I forgot about you either. Once I finish my business with you.. I WILL become YOUR next Hype Champion.. you can take that straight to the bank!

Cyan dropped the microphone as the people booed. Many wondered if this win was the catalyst he needed. Only time will tell what the future holds for Tristan Cyan.. but rest assured, he now had DefCon in his crosshairs. They say third time's the charm. Will it be for Tristan Cyan?

With recent events happening, it was only a matter of time until the unstoppable force and immovable object of The Hype would come face to face. They crossed paths only once and that was in combat. However, as of late, the two seemed to be making appearances together. A gang war for supremecy was fast approaching and be it coincidence or just fate, both Shi No Ryu and Pietro Geist found themselves without any alliance to speak of.

SNR: I suppose it was only a matter until this happened...

Lorelei grinned devilishly at the Ryuujin and crossed her arms. Geist stood behind her and the size difference was beyond obvious, as her face barely made it to the top of his abdominal muscles.

Lorelei: Now now, is zhat any vay to treat an old friend, Zero.

Now there was a name that SNR hadn't been called in quite some time. Almost no one called him by his given name of Zero Nakamura anymore and he wasn't very pleased to hear it.

SNR: You could not resist calling me that, could you? You know only my mother and the lycan are permitted to call me that.

Lorelei: Vell, zhat is vhat shou vere called vhen I first met shou.

SNR: That was a long time ago. We are no longer students.

Lorelei sat sexy little self down on nearby equipment and for the first time in a while, she seemed relaxed and outgoing.

Lorelei: So, I noticed. Shou're finally vearing zhat mask shou vere enamored vith.

Always serious, Shi No Ryu was in no mood for idle chit chat.

SNR: You did not come here to enage in friendly banter about the old days.

Lorelei: Calm down, ZERO. Did zhat mask suck zhe personality from shour body? Zhere is no reason to be hostile towards us. Despite zhe many dangers in zhis promotion, ve are surely not shour enemy. To be completely honest, shou are quite possibly zhe only warrior on zhe Hype zhat Pietro has respect for.

The two warriors trade intense stares, knowing the other is perhaps the only true rival they have.

Lorelei: Now, eins zu eins, no one can compare to either of shou. Zhe problem is zhat very few are fighting along anymore. Even zhat perverted ninja ve both despise has a pair of varrior skanks beside him.

Shi No Ryu couldn't help but nod in agreement.

Lorelei: Zhe problem ve have is Geist does not play vell vith others, but to my surprise and vhile he vill never admit it to anyone, he has respect for my old friend, ZERO. A man who appears to have zhe same issue. Shou are not exactly zhe most popular guy in zhe locker room either.

Once again, Lorelei hit the nail right on the head and the Ryuujin had no retort.

SNR: So, let us lay the cards out on the table. No more beating around the proverbial bush. You are here to offer an alliance between Pietro and myself.

Lorelei: Richtig.

SNR: How do I know I can trust him?

Geist growled quietly, as he didn't take kindly to anyone doubting him. Lorelei just held her hand up to stop him from getting involved in negotiations. Lorelei hopped down from her seat and stepped right up to the masked man. Her tone changed from playful to something a little more serious.

Lorelei: Zhis is var und ve both need support. I vould not lie to shou about zhis. Align vith us und ve vill make sure everyone is safe und get zhe chance to prove zhey are zhe true elite.

Shi No Ryu hated when his old friend was right and he knew it. He nodded and extended his hand to the Uberkreiger.

SNR: Without her, you would be a lone wolf, my German friend.

Geist accepted the handshake and chuckled at the masked man's comment.

Geist: Vithout her, shou vould be a broken mass on zhe floor.

Neither man was very pleased, but they both trusted the brains of the operation. There was definitely tension and how well they would work together would be a serious question. However, Lorelei had no doubts and the alliance brought a smile to her face.

SNR: We are but two men. Their numbers in many cases double that.

Lorelei: Do not fret, drachen. I have already made a phone call to get further support.

That got Shi No Ryu's attention and not in a happy way. As a matter of fact, a mixture of fear and surprise could be seen in his eyes. Lorelei saw this and couldn't stop herself from smirking.

SNR: You would not be talking about who I think you are.

Lorelei: Oh ya, my dear Zero. Zhe lycan is vaiting for my vord to send our fellow student here.

That did not put the Ryuujin at ease and Geist was surprised by his new found ally's reaction.

SNR: You cannot be that crazy.

Geist: Vhat is zhe problem?

Lorelei just smiled, as things turned elsewhere in the arena.

Out from the backstage area came Terry Massimo and Cori Albright. They make their way down to the ring where Massimo grabs a microphone from ringside.

Massimo: "Cori and I were sitting in the back and we were taking a look at our situation next week. Being the newest team out of the three, we know it's going to be an uphill battle. We have The Widow's Nest.. a group of tough individuals who were able to hang with the Underground Champion, Omega. Then we have The X Movement who don't exactly play by the rules. We know they are ruthless and will do anything to get the job done. So being the rookie team, our backs are against the wall, but we wouldn't have it any other way..

Massimo passed the microphone to Cori Albright.

Albright: "The two of use have professional sports backgrounds. We thrive on competition and we're not afraid to put up or shut up. We realize that sitting in the back and waiting for next week to come isn't going to help our chances so we want to prepare ourselves for next week and do so by issuing an open to challenge to any team in the backstage area who wants to step up and try to take us down. " After a few moments..

"Asshole" by Dennis Leary

Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome walked out from the back. Davis stood there as serious as ever while the ever-charismatic Tripp Wise had a microphone.

Tripp: "Hey, brothers.. In case you haven't noticed.. we are becoming quite the hot commodity around here. We were even invited to compete on Rock the House.. an honor bestowed only to the most BADASS of talent that The Hype has to offer. We got to show our brand of flash and pinoche to THOUSANDS and screaming fans while you two jocks sat in the back doing whatever God knows what... "

Tripp shivered at the thought, but became all grin from ear to ear.

Tripp: "So in order to stay as fresh as we are.. we gotta keep getting our faces on television.. so not only do we accept your challenge, but WHEN we deafeat you and deflate your egos, the entire world will have no choice but to take notice of just who we are and that.... is BAD.. ASS"

Tripp tossed the microphone over his shoulder. The two made their way to the ring and we had ourselves an inpromptu match!

The Natural Athletes vs BADASS

Match Summary
Despite shooting off his mouth, he had Davis Bloome start things off with Cori Albright. The two locked up and Albright drove him back to a neutral corner. The referee asked for the clean break and Cori gave it, but Davis smacked him across the face then threw him into the corner! Bloome let loose with body shots and whip to the opposite corner followed by a clothesline and another whip followed by yet another clothesline. Bloome shoved Cori to the canvas and tagged in Tripp who went up top and hit a Leg Drop to the back of Cori's head for two.

Tripp placed him in a rear chin lock, but Cori fought back up and hit a back drop suplex. He made the tag to Terry Massimo as Tripp backed off and begged, but Massimo pressed him against the ropes and whipped him across. He ejected Tripp into the air, catching him on his shoulders into a front powerslam. Massimo went for All the Way, but Tripp moved and hit a drop kick to Massimo's face! He turned him over but Massimo kicked out at two with force! Tripp tried for a front face lock, but Massimo lifted him up into the air and released him, slamming him into the canvas!

Massimo backed into the ropes, but Bloome charged along the apron and blindsided him with a forearm shot! Bloome then floated over the top rope, hooking Massimo by the head and hitting a DDT on him! Bloome exited the ring as Tripp got back up and tried to pull Massimo back up to his feet to hook him for a Full Nelson Facebuster, but Massimo picked him up and ran him to the middle of the ring with a Side Slam! Massimo then got to his corner and made the tag to Cori!

Cori came in and hit a clothesline to Tripp, then knocked Bloome off the apron. He hit another clothesline to Tripp then a whip when he stood. Cori hit a leaping leg lariat that took him down. Bloome came into the ring, charging at Cori, looking for In Bloome, the leaping STO, but Cori caught him and nailed a Spine Buster to counter! Bloome rolled out of the ring as Tripp hit a forearm from behind. Tripp tried to hook Cori in the full nelson, but Cori went behind Tripp, hitting a Tiger Suplex with a bridge for only two. Tripp stood as Cori quickly set him up between his legs. He tried for a Powerbomb, but Tripp slipped off his shoulders and hit a toe kick upon landing. Tripp went to the ropes, but Massimo came in and Speared the FUCK out of him!!!

Massimo then remained in the ring as Tripp got to his knees, holding his stomach in pain and gasping for air. Cori then let loose with the super kick... GOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL!!!! Tripp Wise was out as Cori made the cover and got the three!

Winner: The Natural Atheletes via GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLL!
Match Time: 10:38
Match Rating: ***1/4

Jack Wallace: Albright and Massimo didn't have to complete tonight. They could have waited until next week for their opportunity, but they know they can't just sit around and they took matters into their own hands and tonight, they sent a clear mesasge to The X Movement and The Widow's Nest!

Jeff Hartman: Does that message have anything to do with getting off my tv and staying off? Because I would rather see more of BADASS than I would the Unnatural Charismatic Athletes.

Faith Hines made her way back out for the second time tonight. She had grown tired of waiting and picked up a microphone from ringside.

Faith: Earlier tonight, I made a challenge and I'm tired of waiting for an answer.. Alyssa Corliss.. I want to hear your answer and I want to hear it right now.. I don't care how you send it... text me.. call me,.. do it live or taped via satellite... come see me face to face.. it doesn't matter.. I want an answer and I want it NOW!"

Faith meant business. The crowd was behind her one hundred percent. Time passed and there was no response. Faith just stood there waiting for an answer that wasn't coming.

Faith: "Fine then... if that's the way it's going to be... I know exactly where to find you. I'll be on Sunday Night iNtense and I will get my answer one way or another."

Faith stepped out of the ring and began to make her way back up the ramp when all of a sudden, the lights went out in the arena! After a brief moment we heard it...



The lights came back on and there was Alyssa Corliss with a chair in one hand and a microphone in the other. Faith was laid out on the middle of the entrance ramp!!

Alyssa Corliss: "Challenge accepted. I'll see you right here next week"

Corliss dropped the chair and the microphone and stepped on Faith's back as she walked over her and up the entrance ramp to the backstage area!

Cordova vs Jayshin Lee

Before the Match
Jayshin Lee... someone we haven't see in a while.. especially on The Hype, was already in the ring. The lights in the arena went out. Green, White, and Red pyro rained down over the entrance ramp to symbolize the Mexican Flag as "Latin Thug" by Cypress Hill fired up. The crowd hit their feet as the arrival of the Flyweight Legend Cordova had come!

Cordova came out from the backstage area with the Mexican Flag draped over his body. He ran down to the ring and dropped the flag at ringside before leaping up onto the apron and flipping over the top rope and up to his feet. He ascended the turnbuckle and absorbed the roar of the crowd as they broke out into a "COR-DO-VA" chant. Cordova was here on The Hype!!

Match Summary
The bell rang as the two flyweights circled each other. They locked up and Cordova with the headlock, but Jayshin escaped behind into a hammerlock, Cordova reached back and hit a snapmare then went to the ropes. Cordova tried a running kick, but Jayshin blocked by grabbing the leg. Codova kept his balance as Jayshin stood, holding Cordova's leg. Jayshin threw the leg away and went for a lariat, but Cordova ducked and went to the ropes, looking for a springboard cross body, but Jayshin moved and wrapped Cordova up with a La Magistral Cradle, but Cordova kicked away after one!

Both men stood and stared each other down before locking up again. Jayshin with the go behind, but Cordova hit a standing switch. Jayshin broke the grip and dropped to his seat, hitting a kick to the head, staggering Cordova back. Jayshin stood and turned around, hitting an arm drag on Cordova. Cordova charged in and got his legs swept out from under him for a one count. Cordova returned the favor on Jayshin with a leg sweep for a one count as well. They faced off again, but Jayshin didn't allow the fans to applaud as he smacked Cordova across the face then hit a drop kick to his knees followed by a roundhouse to the head for only two.

Jayshin brought Cordova back up to his feet and went for a back drop suplex, but Cordova flipped and landed on his feet. He then hit a drop kick to Jayshin's back sending him into the middle rope. Cordova then threw his body at Jayshin, scraping across his back as he slid through the ropes to the floor. Cordova landed on his feet and immediately hit a Pele Kick to Jayshin's face, staggering him into the ring. Cordova got on the apron and grabbed the top rope. He hit a springboard huracanrana complete into a cover for two!

He helped Jayshin to his feet and sent him to the ropes. Jayshin tried a handspring elbow, but Cordova got him in a waist lock. Standing switch by Jayshin with a German attempt, but Cordova landed on his feet. Jayshin turned around as Cordova delivered a toe kick followed by a brainbuster! Cordova went to the corner as everyone rose to their feet! He spun off with the 360 Guillotine Leg Drop and it connected! El Decapitacion Rapido!!! He made the cover and got the three!!

Winner: Cordova via El Decapitacion Rapido
Match Time: 7:22
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: It looks as if the fire burns once again inside of Cordova! We're happy to have him here on The Hype and it's great to see him pick up the victory!!

Jeff Hartman: I think the fire inside him is nothing more than a floating raft load of tacos

Jack Wallace: There was... wow... just... wow, Jeff...

Pietro Geist & Shi no Ryu vs The Widow's Nest

Match Summary
Araknis and SNR started it off with Araknis ducking SNR's try for a tie-up and catching him in the gut with a kick. A side headlock by Araknis, until SNR hurried Araknis to the ropes and fired him across the ring. SNR dropped down, as Araknis leapt over him. Araknis slid on his back, tripping SNR as he came down from a leap frog and slamming him face first into the mat. Araknis rolled him over for a jacknife pin and got less than a 1 count with SNR bridging up and rotating into a backslide that also got less than 1. SNR looked to sweep the leg with one arm, but Araknis backflipped to dodge and connected with a low dropick to the chest. Another pin attempt and stll just a 1 count. SNR tried to retreat to the corner, only to have Araknis put the boots to him there. SNR tried to fight back and delivered a pair of his trademark roundhouse kicks, but Araknis cut him off with a kick to the stomach and a headlock. SNR threw Araknis against the ropes and after missing a clothesline, turned him inside out with a brutal sick kick.

Tag to Geist, who walloped Araknis with a pair of European uppercuts before putting him down with a rolling rendition of the strike. A cover got only a 2 count. Repeated fists by Geist followed by a German suplex attempt, but Araknis landed on his feet. Araknis stumbled backwards and a tag was made to Muerte. Muerte came in explosive with fists and a flying forearm, but he couldn't take Geist off his feet. Muerte ran the ropes, but Geist counters with a pop-up spinebuster.

Blind tag by SNR, as Geist pummelled Muerte in their corner. Geist looked as if he would Irish whip Muerte across the ring, but instead, fired him back into same corner. Geist charged and connected with a Yakuza kick, while SNR ran along the apron and delivered an enziguiri at the same time. Muerte fell forward out of the corner and SNR came crashing down on him with a slingshot tope. SNR rolled right up to his feet and hit the far rope before connecting with a handspring into a twisting senton. That got another near fall. SNR immediately made the tag to Geist. A lighting fast combination of strikes left Muerte out on his feet and SNR instantly rolled out of the way, so Geist could come off the second rope with a huge forearm strike that kept perfect rhythm with SNR's. Yet, still only a 2-count.

Geist sent Muerte flying with a huge head and arm suplex. A tag to SNR and he goes to town with roundhouse kicks. Irish whip by SNR and Muerte countered a leap frog with a powerslam. Muerte went for a tag, but SNR snagged him by the ankle and dragged him back to the corner. A slingshot sent Muerte right into a forearm by Geist, who is immediately tagged in.

Never one for submissions or weardown holds, Geist proceeded to just punch the hell out of Muerte before firing him into the ropes. Muerte ducked a back elbow, but couldn't avoid being run over by Geist with a Vader attack.. Tag to SNR for kicks to Muerte’s head and chest and SNR followed up with repeated chops to Muerte’s chest, as he was in the corner. SNR hooked on a crossface chicken wing. Muerte battled towards the ropes, but before he could reach them, SNR shoved him into them and delivered a spinning heel kick to the back of his head. Repeated shoulders to the midsection of Muerte in the corner, until the ref stepped in to break it up. SNR countered a reversal to his Irish whip attempt, sending Muerte back into the corner. SNR charges, but ate boot before being driven down harshly with a big time, running STO by Muerte.

Muerte went for the tag, as SNR held onto his leg, but Araknis still got tagged in. Araknis with a shoulder to the midsection of SNR from the apron. Araknis with a slingshot dive over SNR into the ring and he exploded off the far ropes with a running huricanrana. Araknis was up in a flash and hit the middle, then the top rope for a sky high, rounding cross body. A dropkick knocked Geist down to the floor and Araknis baited SNR, who charged and was sent to the outside, but SNR skinned the cat. So, Araknis made sure he went all the way to the floor with a a double knee strike to his back.

Araknis off the far ropes and into the air with a front flip plancha onto SNR. SNR was rolled into the ring, as Araknis climbed up onto the apron to deliver a springboard dropkick. That almost got 3.

SNR reversed an Irish whip and he sent Araknis towards the corner, but Araknis launched himself up and over the rapidly approaching SNR. Araknis with a pair of back handsprings to create some separation and he landed in the corner. SNR charged, but Araknis drove both boots into SNR's chest and pushed off so he landed on the apron. A brutal flash kick over the top and directly to the temple by Araknis dropped SNR. Araknis headed up top. 450 splash found nothing but canvas, as Geist pulled SNR to safety. SNR draped his arm over Araknis for a near fall with Muerte making the save this time. Muerte dragged Araknis to their corner and tagged himself in. Muerte readied himself in his corner, lining up SNR for something. Muerte charged only to be decapitated by Geist with Enthauptung out of nowhere.

Geist took off after Araknis on the floor, leaving SNR to handle the lifeless Muerte. In the dead center of the ring, SNR looked to spike Muerte with Kokushibyou. However, Wolf Spider was not going to let that happen. Wolf Spider nearly took SNR out of his boots with the spear he dubbed "Runs with Wolves" and the referee had no choice but to call for the bell and the disqualification.

Winner: Shi No Ryu & Pietro Geist by DQ
Match Time: 16:21
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: An outstanding match ruined by Wolf Spider! These 4 men put on a great battle and he just couldn't keep his nose out of it.

Jeff Hartman: Spider's don't have noses. Anyhow, you can't blame the man. He was saving his teammate from a possible date with scaffolding around the head.

Jack Wallace: You mean a halo, right?

Jeff Hartman: What? Halo? You know I don't like video games.

After the Match
With Wolf Spider being forced to save the day for his ally, the Widow's Nest knew they would have to start playing hard ball with the unlikely tandem of Geist and Shi No Ryu. Black Widow slid a chair into the ring before Lorelei could make it around the ring to stop her and it was immediately snatched up by Wolf Spider. SNR was all by himself in the ring with Wolf Spider and his only hope was being double teamed out on the floor. Geist tried with all of his might to help, but Araknis and Muerte had taken control of the situation by handcuffing the massive German to the bottom rope.


As they battered Geist with brutal shots to the head and torso with bamboo canes, their teammate tried to cave in the Ryuujin's head with a chairshot that echoed through the arena. Far from done, Wolf Spider placed the chair on the mat and pulled the spaghetti-legged SNR up to a vertical base.


The Spider's package piledriver was brutal enough on its own, but when delivered onto a steel chair, it became deadly. Wolf Spider looked down at his victim with a sick grin, as Lorelei put her own self in danger by slipping into the ring to check on her masked ally. She could do nothing to help him. The damage had been done. With Geist bruised and battered on the outside and Shi No Ryu lifeless in the ring, the Widow's Nest started towards the back. There were no need for words, as the statement was already made. The Widow's Nest had made their claim to being the apex predators on the Hype. And that statement was heard loud and clear.