"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to The Hype! It's a brand new season here as the influx of new talent has arrived! I am Jack Wallace, joined by my partner as always, Jeff Hartman

Jeff Hartman: Wow, Jack. Just skirt around the fact that The Rebellion is running roughshod over the main roster and that Sebastian Saje is being ordered to defend the championship here tonight. I swear, somedays I wish Shayne would just eliminate you so I could be the sole commentator.

Jack Wallace: If that happened, I'm sure viewers would commit suicide having to listen to you

Jeff Hartman: Yes, but if they're not committing suicide now just from watching the product I think they'll be fine if all they heard was my tantilizing voice. Jack Wallace: There's just no end to you, is there? And yes.. that's rhetorical.. don't answer that. Anyway.. let's send it backstage as we are told Shayne Anderson is with The Hype Champion, Sebastian Saje.

Sebastian Saje and Shayne Anderson are together in Anderson's office. Saje had elected to stand with the Hype Championship over his shoulder while Shayne sat there behind his desk.

Anderson: I'll get straight to the point. I'm very unhappy about this Rebellion situation. What you are doing is clearly unprofessional and the mere fact that you have done this shows that you are selfish, want to take shortcuts to get to the top, get instant recognition and not work hard and earn anything. You think you and everyone else in your group is special and that you feel the world needs to be handed to you on a silver platter, but I will tell you right now that that's not how the world works. If it were up to me, I would have suspended each and every one of you indefinitely for your insubordination.. but sadly.. I cannot because you're under the protection of Damien Lee. How convenient... BUT... there is one little issue with your plan... and that is you are the Hype Champion... and as Hype Champion, you still belong to me so long as you hold that title.

Saje merely stood there with the absence of care.

Anderson: Which means tonight... you are going to defend that championship in the main event. It will be against an opponent of my choosing.. AND... if The Rebellion interferes in that match... no... if ANYONE interferes in that match.. you will automatically lose the match and forfeit the championship to your opponent.

Anderson smirked.

Anderson: How does feel, Saje? How does it feel knowing you have all that power.. all your friends.. your strength in numbers... and yet.. here you are still dancing on the ends of the marionette strings that I hold in my hands?

Anderson chuckled as Saje cracked a smirk and simply walked out. Anderson stopped chuckling immediately as he didn't expect Saje to just up and leave with a smile on his face. Anderson wondered if Saje had something in mind, afterall.

Cori Albright vs Terry Massimo

Match Summary
The match began with a handshake between these two former professional athletes. One with a soccer background, the other in football respectively. The spirit of competition ran through them as they locked up in the center of the ring. After they powered around, Albright had Massmio backed into the corner and gave the clean break. Another lock up and this time Massimo had Albright in the corner and another clean break. Third lock up and a takedown by Massmio into a side head lock. Albright battled back up, broke the grip and hit a drop kick. Massimo went to the outside to recollect himself before rolling back into the ring.

Fourth lock up and this time it was Albright with the takedown, but he stood and dropped repeated elbow drops and went into a cover for two. Albright backed into the ropes for a pair of shoulder tackled, but he got speared by Massimo when he went for a third! Massimo only got two off of it. Massimo looked a bit surprised his massive frame didn't get the job done, but he did have respect for Albright to kick out of it. Massimo hit the ropes and went for the All the Way splash, but Albright rolled out of the way and kicked Massimo in the head. Massimo lifted his head up and Albright went for the GOOOOOOAAAALLLLL.. the Super Kick to the kneeling opponent, but Massmio grabbed Albright by the leg, stood, lifted Albright, and slammed him into the canvas with force!

Massimo went to the corner and climbed the turnbuckle pads!! The 350+ pounder was going to fly and he did with an elbow, but crashed and burned as Albright moved out of the way. Albright then went up top for an elbow of his own, but Massimo rolled out of the way, too! Massimo then grabbed Albright, setting him up for a choke slam, but Albright countered, looking for a German, but Massimo couldn't be pulled over. Standing switch and a half nelson by Massimo, but Albright stomped the shin and went behind Massimo, hooking the leg and hitting a Russian Leg Sweep up against the ropes!

Massimo fell into a seated position and Albright hit the opposite end and smacked his knee into Massimo's face! Albright did it again and nailed another running knee! Massimo hit the canvas and rolled to the outside, but Albright hit a suicide dive to the outside and the two crashed into the announce table! After a few moments of recovery, Albright rolled Massimo back into the ring and set him up for the GOOOOAAALLLL, but Massimo once again blocked it by grabbing the leg!! Massimo stood and swung Albright around before nailing him with a lunging lariat! Massimo signaled for the end and went to the ropes, looking for the big splash, but Albright moved again!! Albright went for GOOOAAAALLL again, but this time it connected!! Albright had the cover, but Massimo kicked out of the super kick!!!

Albright tried to pull the big man up, but Massimo countered with a scoop slam and then immediately jumped up and nailed the All The Way big splash! Massimo made the cover, but not it was Albright that kicked out at two!! Both men couldn't put each other away! Massimo pulled Albright to his feet and hooked him for a suplex, but Albright floated over and landed behind Massimo. He hooked him for another Russian Leg Sweep, but fell forward with it, planting Massimo face first into the canvas! Albright went to the corner and waited for Massimo to get up on all fours. Albright went for a running knee to the side of the head when Massimo dodged it and rolled up Albright with a school boy for a very close two count!

Both stood and Massimo hit a toe kick and then nailed a huge powerbomb near the corner on Albright! Massimo looked to the turnbuckles and then took his huge frame to the very top. He took aim, looking for a Super All The Way, but right before he was about to leap off... the bell rang!!

William Bell: Ladies and Gentlemen.. the time limit for this match has expired... the official ruling is a Draw! The crowd booed as Massimo hopped off the turnbuckles. He helped Albright up to his feet and extended his hand. Albright nodded his head and shook it. The crowd applauded the sportsmanship between these two and they walked off together.

Winner: Time Limit Draw
Match Time: 30:00
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: What a way to open The Hype! Fierce competition between two pure athletes. Just a shame that they didn't have more time, but that's what happens when you're on television, folks.

Jeff Hartman: Thank God it's over.. I practically fell alseep watching that match

We are taken inside the locker room of India's Import. Ryan Raysor, Prince Samir, and Kareem stood around looking a bit glum.

Raysor: Okay.. I'll address the elephant in the room. Where did we go wrong? I thought banding together was going to bring us success? But look at us.. nobody takes us seriously and we haven't been winning a lot of matches.

Samir: I think we've been going about this all wrong. We need to reinvent ourselves. We need to find that spark that causes us to take off. Cross the Hood did it and now look at them.. They've had two opportunities at the jOlt Tag Team Championships and now they're on the main roster getting all the attention. If we did that from the start, we would have been in their place. We would be on the main roster now as part of The Rebellion instead of being stuck behind here! So that's what we need to do..we need to refocus and reinvent ourselves.

Raysor: Sounds good, but how are we going to do that?

Samir: We are sitting in the tag team locker room.. there's bound to be a team to walk through that door and when they do, whichever team it is.. we're going to challenge them to a match tonight and not only challenge them, but defeat them decisively. Then you'll see.. all the fame and riches befitting of royalty will be showered down upon us!

As they were lost in thoughts of grandeur, Panic and Trot, collectively known as Dragon Born, walked into the locker room. At first they paid no mind to India's Import. Raysor and Samir just looked at each other and Samir muttered "watch this" quietly under his breath. Samir stood and walked over to Panic, tapping him on the shoulder.

Samir: Today is your lucky day... we're officially challenging you to a match tonight. You cannot refuse.. all you can do is accept. Just know in the back of your mind that not if.. but when you step out into that ring tonight, we're going to make examples of you to the entire world as to why people should be paying attention to us. To be a stepping stone.. a martyr for the greater good... it should truly be an honor. See you out there.

Samir gave a wink to Raysor as the three of them left. Panic and Trot looked at each other and just shrugged, then went back to doing whatever it was they were doing.

Vogue Gonsalvez vs Callie Scott

Match Summary
Vogue didn't look impressed by Scott and mocked her at the start of the match, but Scott repsonded by hitting a running takedown then throwing a flurry of punches to Vogue's head. Scott got back up and backed off to let Vogue think about what had just happened. Vogue pounded her first into the canvas and stood up, getting in Scott's face. Scott simply just smiled back and Vogue pushed her. Scott then hit a standing drop kick sending Vogue onto her back. Scott then charged in, looking for the Sliding D, but Vogue moved out of the way.

Vogue then his a leg sweep and a standing moonsault for two. She stood and stomped away on Scott, telling her that nobody makes a fool of her, then stomped her once more for good measure before showboating to the crowd. Callie didn't like the fact that Vogue was making a mockery of the match and stood. She spun her around and hit a flurry of forearms, a whip, and then a spinning heel kick for two. Scott sat Vogue up and kicked her in the back a few times, once in the chest and then hit a knee drop for another two. Scott continued to keep Vogue grounded for a few minutes until Vogue used a cheap thumb to the eye to create separation. She then hit a standing tornado DDT and went up top for En Vogue, but she landed with nobody home. Scott then hit the ropes and nailed the Sliding D as Vogue was trying to recover and picked up the win.

Winner: Callie Scott via Sliding D
Match Time: 6:13
Match Rating: **1/2

Jack Wallace: Vogue just continues to show little respect for anyone she faces and this time it came back to bite her in the ass.

Jeff Hartman: If I had access to an ass like that.. I'd bite it, too.

We are inside the locker room of Alyssa Corliss when Sebastian Saje abruptly walks in, startling her.

Alyssa: What do you think you're doing, just barging in here like that? You think I WANT to see you right now after that shit you pulled? What kind of a boyfriend are you, going around kissing another woman on national television!?

Saje simply smirked.

Alyssa: You think this is funny!? You leave me here on The Hype and you go to the main roster!? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?

Alyssa was on the verge of tears. She knew the writing was all over the wall, but she was trying to hold onto some shred of hope that there was still something there. Saje, however, would drive the final nail in the coffin.

Saje: What is wrong with ME!? Oh.. gee.. I don't know.. how about NOTHING. Let me tell you something, Alyssa. YOU were the one who approached ME in the beginning. YOU were the one that got me wrapped up with your ex-boyfriend. YOU were the one who I spilled blood for and nearly had my career ended. YOU were the one who found out that Raevynn had Androphobia and never bothered to tell me. You kept that from me after YOU tried to give ME advice on how to get together with Raevynn. But it was all just a ploy, wasn't it? You just wanted to use me as an escape from Jeremy Ryan. You saw me as nothing more than a tool. Raevynn.. she had true feelings for me since the beginning and I did for her as well. She had an ailment that she worked very hard to overcome it. Unlike you.. she actually showed progress. That's why she got called up the main roster a long time ago and that's why someone like you is still here rotting away in Shayne Anderson's little playground.

The situation was very uncomfortable as Saje continued.

Saje: Raevynn has truly cared for me since the beginning and so have I. Each time I was with you.. it felt like a consolation prize. It felt as if I settled for second best. The fact that I was used as a scapegoat for you even makes me feel a little dirty. And yet, there you are, clinging onto what little hope is left... hoping that all this would go away and we can still be togther.. why? So you can use me again to get onto the main roster? No... I don't think so.

Alyssa: You've got it all wrong.. I never...

Saje: Never what? Never wanted any of this to happen? Never wanted to take me for granted?

Alyssa: I can't believe this... I truly loved you, Sebastian. I don't know what Raevynn said to get into your head, but ths isn't the Sebastian Saje that I know and love. Why won't you wake up and realize what you're doing is wrong?

Saje: Wrong?? WRONG!? You're saying it's wrong to want to succeed? To find true love and happiness? That it's wrong to move up in the world? Common comments for those who can't take the initiative and make things happen. I will NOT be oppressed by Shayne Anderson anymore.. I will NOT be used by anyone anymore... I am Sebastian Saje.. I am the Hype Champion.. and I am the center of the attention. Everything I could ever ask for.. I was given.. by Raevynn. This is the manifestation of her love for me... what is yours? A kiss on a cheek? A pat on the back for good luck in my matches? You barely even came out to support me.. after I risked anything and everything for you, you sat in the back like a bump on a log.

Alyssa continued to fight back tears. The situation was just surreal.

Alyssa: I see that nothing I can say will ever change your mind. I still don't believe that the person standing before me is the true Sebastian Saje.. that whatever Raevynn said to you has changed you into whatever.. this... is.. just know one thing...

Saje: Know what? Oh I'm sorry.. I cut you off.. were going to say that you always loved me? No.. RAEVYNN always loved me. You... you were always just second best and Sebastian Saje doesn't like settling for second best anymore. It doesn't need to be said, but I'll say it anyway.. it's over. I sincerely hope you rot in hell.

Saje turned and left. As the door slammed shut, Alyssa crumpled down against the wall. She couldn't hold her tears back anymore. Sebastian Saje was a changed man and there was nothing Alyssa could do about it.

Dragon Born vs India's Import

Match Summary
Trot and Panic had already beaten India's Import just before Wrestecade. Tonight they face Ryan Raysor and Prince Samir once again after they made a rather awkward challenge to them earlier in the evening. Panic and Samir started off in the middle of the ring and the two of them went back and forth with move for move in a can-you-top this competition which ended in a staredown in which both received a round of applause from the crowd. They locked up again, but this time, Samir countered a clothesline and drop kicked Panic over the ropes and to the outside. Samir went for the dive and took out Panic!

Samir didn't see it, but Trot hit a cannonball senton off the apron, taking him down. Raysor then hit a running shooting star press off the apron, taking all three down to a "Holy Shit" chant from the crowd! Raysor grabbed Panic and threw him back in and then help Samir into the ring where he only got two. Samir with the tag to Raysor and he came in and worked on keeping Panic grounded. Trot eventually made it back to his corner as Panic needed the tag, but Raysor tagged Samir back in and the two used quick tags to prevent Panic from making it over. Eventually Panic broke free and made the hot tag. Raysor was the legal man at this point and Trot cleaned house. Trot hit several strikes including a flying forearm, a stiff kick to the chest and then a springboard drop kick.

Trot signaled he was going to put Raysor away when Samir ran along the ring apron and distracted Trot. Raysor then hit a jaw breaker and then a quick DDT into the canvas. Raysor called Samir into the ring. When they entered, Panic tied to step in, but Samir knocked him out. Raysor then headed up top as Samir grabbed Panic and nailed a Falcon's Arrow on him. Raysor then flipped off with the Shooting Star Press. the Flip Switch.. and connected! As Samir stood guard, Raysor picked up the three!! Winner: India's Import via Flip Switch
Match Time: 11:13
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Wow.. they actually won a match! Could they really be refocused?

Jeff Hartman: They won? Wait... THEY WON!??? I TOLD YOU!! I've kept telling you! Royalty shall one day rise and they have risen here tonight! I will follow you anywhere my prince!

We are backstage in Shayne Anderson's office when Mike Patterson, Crucifix, Xtreme, Mad Morgan, and Shovel all walk in.

Patterson: So... now that The Rebellion is on the main roster, what happens next? Do we go there and put an end to them once and for all?

Anderson: Not quite. Damien Lee has iNtense on lockdown. Going there would probably cost me my job. So... since the entire purpose of you guys was to drive them out, I'd say your mission is accomplished.. but don't worry.. I'm giving you all jobs as full time members of The Hype roster.

Patterson: Wait.. that's it? You're just going to let them go? We have Sebastian Saje alone in the house tonight.. why don't we just interfere in the match and get Saje to forfeit the championship?

Anderson: Oh no.. don't worry about that. Saje thinks he's clever, but I already have a plan set to deal with Sebastian Saje.. however, since you guys have a lot of pent up aggression.. there's something you could do. Let's just say it involves a little bit of housecleaning.. if you get what I mean.

The five of them look at each other and grin.

Patterson: Yeah.. we got it.. we'll take care of it.

The five of them leave as Shayne folds his hands and cracks a smile.

El Tigre Verde vs "The Iron Lion" Tristan Cyan

Match Summary Two newcomers debut in this match. El Tigre Verde comes to us from Japan by way of South America. He was trained in the Inogami dojo alongside people like Ninja K, Eiji Kugasari, Takeshi, Heido, and Mamoru. Tristan Cyan is a local talent that has been very impressive to the point where jOlt signed him upon their first meeting!

The match started out with the two of them going hold for hold.. move for move until they got a standing ovation from the crowd. Tigre wanted to shake Cyan's hand, but Cyan answered with a toe kick and then a gutwrench powerbomb for two! Cyan then kept Tigre grounded with various submission holds, but the crowd got behind Tigre and he battled back to his feet, hitting a pair of elbows then a Pele Kick to the head! He made his way to the corner as Cyan cumbled to the canvas after that hit. Tigre then gained the awe of many with a Moonsault into a Double Stomp.. the Jaguar's Pounce.. but he only got two.

Tigre then hit several strikes before going to the ropes, looking for a flying knee lift, but Cyan side stepped and countered with a release german suplex. The momentum caused Tigre to roll to his feet and stagger to the corner where he was hit with a corner clothesline and then propped up top. Cyan wanted a super plex, but Tigre knocked him off. Tigre then turned his back to Cyan and hit a double rotation moonsault he called the Shooting Scar Press! He made the cover and got the three!

Winner: El Tigre Verde via Shooting Scar Press
Match Time: 5:02
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: El Tigre Verde has speed, strikes, and tremendous althleticism. That was one impressive debut.. sad to say it didn't go so well for Cyan... but that's what happens when there could only be a winner and a loser.

Jeff Hartman: Wait.. only a winner and a loser? So time limit draws, double ko, double countout, double disqualification and anything else doesn't exist in wrestling? If I remember correctly, our opening match was a time limit draw that made me wonder if I took too much Nyquil before coming here. As I said before.. I should have your job. You're a hack.

The time had come. KUMO had waited years for this night. Tonight, he would come face to face with the man he hated above all others. The man who gave him a reason to train. All the months of pain and agony he endured while studying under some of the most elite fighters in the world were due to that man. His life centered around one goal... one mission... to destroy that one man. Xin Xin Xiong was that man and even it took KUMO's last dying breath, he will be sent on a journey across the river Styx.

Long black hair let only tiny glimpses of his facial features be seen, as he looked down at his spider-themed mask. His mind was focused solely on the task at hand. Focus was one attribute he learned in his training that he held above all others. The teacher he called the Lycan pushed its worth again and again and KUMO believed the same. However, his focus would surely be tested with the arrival of a familiar face.

Kodora: So, you are truly going to fight him.

His gaze remained on his mask, despite her appearance.

KUMO: This day has been coming for a long time.

She made her way over to him. Her concern for his well-being could be seen in her eyes.

Kodora: He is going to be wearing his Ryuujin attire tonight.

While just an attire to some, the X3's Ryuujin attire was only worn in battle against the most hated foes. It was his way of saying without words that the fun-loving, suave, cool hunk in the Kato mask would not be appearing tonight. Instead, the unholy, merciless, bloodthirsty devil known as the dragon lord would be taking his place. KUMO knew very well what it meant.

KUMO: Let him where whatever costume he chooses. He can come dressed as Batman, if he chooses. It doesn't change anything. He will face annihilation. Maybe I should feel honored that he feels the need to wear his infamous attire.

Kodora: You should feel fear.

His eyes finally left the mask to lock with hers. She took a step back in fright. Through the jet black streaks of hair, his eyes showed an inferno of hatred and rage. She had never seen her beloved KUMO this way before. The light in his eyes were gone. There was only darkness.

Kodora: I should go...

She brushed the hair from his face, exposing his handsome face. She placed a gently kiss on his forehead and placed her forehead against his. She closed her eyes, basking in the moment.

Kodora: Be safe...

KUMO had no words for her and he slipped his mask on. He slowly stood up and nodded to her. No longer would he have to wait for his date with destiny. It had come. With that, he made his way to the locker room door. Kodora could only watch in fear, as the door slowly closed behind him.

Kodora: I love you...

Brian Williams vs Gabriel Gold

Match Summary It looked as if these two were going to renew their rivalry here! They were about to square off when Mike Patterson, Xtreme, Crucifix, Mad Morgan, and Shovel made their way out from the crowd, surrounding the ring. They climbed up onto the apron, one by one and then stepped in.. Williams and Gold silently put their differences aside and stood back to back, but it wasn't enough. When all five attacked, they couldn't fend them off. Patterson, Morgan, and Shovel pounded away on Williams while Crucifix and Xtreme handled Gold.

Crucifix nailed a kick to the stomach and a DDT while Xtreme went up top and hit his Xtreme Measures Shooting Star Press on him. Mad Morgan grabbed Shovel and used him as a battering ram, sending him into Williams. They then propped Williams up while Patterson nailed his Spear, breaking Williams in half! The five of them stood as Mike Patterson grabbed a microphone.

Patterson: There is no place on The Hype for the old regime. Change is inevitable.. change must be accepted. Those who haven't moved on, will be dealt with. This is The X Movement.

Patterson dropped the mic and the group, now calling themselves The X Movement, exited the ring and walked to the back to boos from the crowd.

Winner: No Contest
Match Time: n/a
Match Rating: n/a

Jack Wallace: The X Movement? Those who haven't moved on?

Jeff Hartman: it's not hard to figure out Jack.. even someone with a brain like yours should be able to see it. There's still Hype originals here. Shayne wants a new Hype.. those who didn't join The Rebellion are nothing more than garbage.. The X Movement is here to take out the trash! Geez.. do I have to spell EVERYTHING out for you?

We get a video promo.. Jesse Ramey will be here for a special challenge match against KUMO! That match will happen next week!

Jack Wallace: It's going to be a thrill to have Jesse Ramey here on The Hype next week. KUMO got some main exposure at Wrestlecade Xperience, taking on Mattock and now Jesse Ramey will be here to challenge him! Speaking of KUMO.. we have another treat for you as KUMO is set to take on former fWo Cruiserweight Champion and trainer slash manager for Desiree and Kodora... Xin Xin Xiong! That match is NEXT!

KUMO vs Xin Xin Xiong

They lockup and neither budged, so we got a surprisingly clean break. Another lockup and Xiong backed off for the clean break, but KUMO unleashed a roundhouse immediately after and it was go time. They brutalize each other with roundhouse kicks and then went to trading running Yakuza kicks. Xiong tried for his rolling thunder clothesline, but KUMO ducked, so Xiong took him down with a drop toe hold. KUMO dodged a baseball slide dropkick and took his foe down with a pair of deep arm drags. Xiong countered a top wristlock with a front handspring, so KUMO made use of a leg sweep and went for a front flip leg drop but Xiong narrowly avoided it. Electric super-fast sequence there. KUMO went back to the waistlock and a front facelock, so Xiong tried to roll through but KUMO headscissors him. Xiong exploded out of the headscissors and just missed connecting with a roundhouse aimed right for KUMO's temple.

Both took a breather before locking horns again. KUMO goes to the arm once more and Xiong armdragged him over, but KUMO rolled through, refusing to release the hold. KUMO stomped the arm wringer. Xiong tried to forearm his way free. More strikes, so KUMO started kicking the hell out of his ribs and Xiong buckled. An arm wringer by KUMO led to a double foot stomp and KUMO clamps on a cross arm breaker. Xiong got the ropes to break the hold and is immediately put right back down by a pair of roundhouses to the chest. Cover got a two count. Xiong looked to escape out to the floor. KUMO stopped him half way and drove both boots down into X3's abdomen with a slingshot double stomp. Xiong then went crashing into the security barrier and was nearly sent through it courtesy of a huge John Woo dropkick. KUMO battered X3's abdomen with a quartet of roundhouses against the barrier. Xiong couldn't stand under his own power when he was tossed back into the ring. Xiong tried to get the knees up to counter a 180 degree springboard moonsault. However, KUMO was able to land on his feet. He pushed down on X3's knees, forcing him to sit up and get the taste slapped from his mouth. The crowd liked that one. KUMO with more stiff kicks to the abdomen. Xiong dodged a Yakuza kick and looked for a German suplex. KUMO elbowed his way free and grounds Xiong with a leaping Yakuza kick as X3 went for a leapfrog. Cover gets a near fall. KUMO unleashed a flurry of strikes yet missed a roundhouse to the jaw, allowing Xiong to clean his clock with a Koppo kick. Xiong returned the favor with a pair of roundhouses that knock KUMO out onto the apron . X3 with a slingshot DDT on the apron, which didn't help his injured abdomen, but surely dimmed KUMO's running lights. Xiong followed up though with a brainbuster on the apron! KUMO was lifeless when X3 unleashed a barrage of Kawada kicks right to KUMO's mouth and brutal front dropkick to the jaw, as KUMO hung over the edge of the apron. That looked painful and KUMO fell all the way to the floor. Back in, Xiong went to work with strikes to the bad neck. KUMO tried to fire up, so Xiong just annihilates him with kicks of all shapes and sizes, putting an end to that.

Xiong applied a triangle choke to apply more pressure to the bad neck. KUMO tried to get to the floor after using the ropes to break the hold, so Xiong comes crashing down on to his neck with a slingshot leg drop. KUMO meets the barrier the hard way and Xiong leapt onto the barrier next to him just to kick him in the back of the neck. Xiong introduced his foe to the steel post. KUMO fired up for a slugfest on the floor and Xiong ends that with an enziguiri that once again connects with the back of the neck. Back in the ring, Xiong worked the neck with a few twists and goes to a headscissors. KUMO made it to the ropes to get a break. Xiong started taunting KUMO with slaps to the back of the head and lazy kicks to the face, giving him a little payback for earlier. That lit a fire under KUMO and the two begin to trade chops. Xiong roared and looked for a spinning back chop, only to have KUMO duck and go right back to the injured abdomen with a pair of vicious kicks, causing Xiong to buckle under the pain. KUMO followed up with shoulder charges in the corner, but ate boot when trying for a charge. However, X3 is unable to capitalise, as he is quickly taken over with a northern lights suplex. KUMO executed a back handspring with the suplex to get to his feet while simultaneously making X3 sit up. A roundhouse to the face missed due to Xiong laying flat, but KUMO was able to think fast and did more damage to X3's abdomen with a back flip into a double knee. A springboard corkscrew senton by KUMO got a long two-count. KUMO applied a Regal Stretch. Xiong maked it to the ropes. X3 flipped out of a suplex attempt, but left himself open off a missed clothesline for KUMO to rock his jaw with a leaping twisting roundhouse. Xiong barely escaped defeated with a near 2-count. They exchanged strikes and KUMO was able to avoid a second Koppo kick then deliver a shining wizard to the kneeling X3 for a near fall.

KUMO tried for a Yakuza, but X3 caught his foot and pushed him backwards, sending him into a backwards roll. Xiong failed to connect with a shining wizard of his own, but drives his heel into the back of KUMO's neck after catching himself after the miss. With KUMO in the corner, X3 ran along the adjacent top rope to deliver a knee to his foe's jaw and Xiong immediately pulls him out to the middle of the ring to deliver a swank Darkness Buster! Super Hyakkan Otoshi, aka a high elevation frog splash! Gets 2 and 9/10! KUMO avoided a handspring into a gamengiri and runs up the turnbuckle for a tornado DDT across the ropes. KUMO tried to springboard back in but Xiong ricochetted off the adjacent middle rope to catch him with a leaping sidekick. KUMO tried to fight off the strike on the apron only to get knocked out into the front row. Xiong looked for a Psycho Crusher and KUMO knew it, so he kicked as he tried coming through the ropes. KUMO leapt off the security barrier to deliver a cannonball like swanton on the floor. KUMO taunted X3, while launching him into the second row. This was to set up a springboard doubel stomp all the way out TO THE SECOND ROW! That electrified the crowd. Xiong showed the first signs of life at about 10. He fell over the rail at 13. He was on his hands and knees at 16. He got to the apron at 18 and crawled in at 19. The crowd and adrenaline sent a surge of engery through KUMO said it was time to end it. 180 moonsault into a 360 moonsault by KUMO and X3 barely got his shoulder up before 3. Xiong cut off a charge with a sidekick, but a second found nothing but air. Lightning fast smacks to the face lead to a spinning solebutt that drops X3 to one knee. KUMO fired X3 into the corner chest first and he tried for a dragon suplex. X3 thrusted his arms down to break the full nelson, only to have KUMO spike him with a German suplex for another near fall. KUMO wanted the Kokushibyou, but Xiong escaped to the apron. A thumb to the eye gave X3 a little space, but when he tried for a shoulder thrust between the ropes, he was caught and blasted repeatedy in the chest with kicks. KUMO joined X3 on the apron and just as he reached to grab his foe, he was blasted with green mist! SUPERKICK! KOKUSHIBYOU ON THE APRON!!!

KUMO back in at 15 only to be kicked nearly to death and sat in the corner, so Xiong could blast him with a spiral arrow dropkick in the corner. Xiong wanted another Kokushibyou, but KUMO spun free and used the positioning to lock X3's arms for a Darkness Buster of his own. Xiong floated over for ROLLING DRAGON SUPLEXES! KUMO elbowed out of the third and hit the ropes only to be turned inside out by a Rolling Crystal Flash. Xiong looked to turn KUMO's lights out for good with a huge roundhouse, but KUMO caught the leg for the a Regal Stretch. Xiong was able to fight it off, but he got a taste of his own medicine, as KUMO spewed a cloud of red mist into his face. A twisting brainbuster got 2 and 99/100. KUMO looked for another, but X3 counters with a small package for 2. Both try low kicks and high roundhouses at the same time, with them slapping shins, before they simultaneously knock eachother out with running Yakuza kicks. Both are up and Xiong connected with an enzuigiri, high roundhouse combo and wanted the Kokushibyou to finish KUMO off. He got ! The closest near fall one can imagine and the crowd exploded upon hearing it was only 2! Xiong called for a one-man Spanish Fly, but KUMO blocked and delivered a sitout powerbomb from the top! No one could believe that X3 got his shoulder up in time. KUMO kicked him in the ribs and blasted him with a Busaiku knee kick. KUMO wanted the Kokushibyou, but Xiong landed on his feet behind him. X3 with a Pele kick that drops him to one knee. Xiong goes old school and connects with his shining blockbuster. Yet, KUMO refuses to stay down. Xiong drove KUMO down with not one but two Kokushibyou's. Xiong wanted a KO victory, but the ref won't give it to him, as KUMO kept fighting to stand. X3 stood tall over his foe, watching him struggle to get to a vertical base. He slapped him and and talked down to him. A fire could be seen in KUMO's eyes and Xiong reacted quickly by pulling the referee in the way to shield himself from a second blast of mist. The referee scrambled to safety, hoping to clean the crimson from his eyes, as Xiong blasted KUMO with a left-right combination of kicks to KUMO's head.

Having underestimated his rival, X3 took things to a new level, bringing in a steel chair, which he used to clobber KUMO in the head with a trio of chairshots. From all the kicks, strikes, and now abuse from the chair, KUMO's mask was torn and barely dangling from his face. However, he wouldn't stay down. Down the ramp came Kodora and she tried to interject. She pleaded for her sensai to stop and just pin KUMO, but X3 knew he had to make a statement should KUMO try to challenge him again. Kodora tried to revive the referee, hoping he would stop Xiong from delivering a final blow. The referee started to stir, as X3 nodded to the kneeling, but lifeless, KUMO out of respect for the heart he had shown. The boy was a warrior and X3 would honor him by having him die in battle. Kodora saw her master wind up and she screamed out to him. X3 looked at her for just a split-second and that was all KUMO needed. He exploded up to his feet and BOOM! VAN DAMINATOR! KUMO tore the reminants of his mask from his face and snatched up X3. KOKUSHIBYOU ON THE CHAIR!!! That got three!

Winner: KUMO by Pinfall
Match Time: 39:15
Rating: ****3/4

After Match
Kodora huddled herself in the corner, unable to react. She was in-between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Her master and love of her life lifeless on the mat, after a gruelling battle. She could only watch, as KUMO slowly climbed up to his feet. Blood flowed from his forehead and mouth, covering his exposed face in a mask of pure crimson. He staggered over to his fallen adversary and he pulled X3 up by the mask, so he was kneeling before him.

KUMO: I told you this day would come. Look upon the spider that took down the Ryuujin.

X3 was out of it and could do nothing to stop KUMO from removing his special dragon-inspired mask. The unmasked Xiong was shoved down to the mat, where Kodora raced out to meet him and cover his face. She looked up at KUMO with the pair locking eyes.

KUMO: This mask belongs to me now. When he awakens, tell him the only way to get it back is to send me to my grave.

KUMO raised the mask high into the air and basked in the cheers of the fans who chanted for both him and his fallen rival out of respect for the match they had just seen.

The X Movement is seen in the backstage area. Patterson still looked a bit disgruntled.

Patterson: I don't think it's enough. Gabriel Gold and Brian Williams are only two originals. There's still some more floaters out there that we need to take care of.

Xtreme then tapped Patterson on the shoulder and pointed down the hallway.

Xtreme: What about him?

Patterson and the camera panned down the hallway and there was Jack Dawn, lacing up his boots. Patterson cracked a grin.

Patterson: In more ways than one.. that's picture perfect.

The group moved down the hallway. Dawn saw the five of them coming, but didn't run. He stood his ground for a moment and then decided to try and catch them off guard by charging in, but the five of them pounced and Dawn went down pretty quick. Shovel grabbed Dawn and tossed him on top of some equipment cases. Dawn simply flopped off of them and onto the floor. Patterson pulled Dawn up and then threw him up against the wall where he smacked against it with a sickening thud.

Dawn crumbled to the ground on his hands and knees as Crucifix leapt into the air and...


Dawn was out.. hell.. he may be dead. The X Movement simply smiled as another Hype original was taken out. They slowly walked past Jack Dawn as he laid there motionless.

Jack Wallace: (in a low tone) That's... that's just sick.. we really need some help backstage.

"Rescue Me" by Coldrain hit the PA. The people booed heavily as The Hype Champion, Sebastian Saje, stepped out from the backstage area with the championship over his shoulder. He walked down to the ring and stepped in, grinning all the way. He grabbed a microphone from ringside and brought it to his lips.

Saje: So.. the great and powerful Shayne Anderson says he has a plan for tonight. Well Shayne.. I'm right here. Let's hear it.

Shayne stepped out.

Anderson: You know Saje.. I figured that once you heard what I was going to do with you tonight.. you figured you'd just get yourself disqualified and go back to the main roster. I know for a fact that was your plan. You keep your title and you continue to parade around television with it, but I'm sorry to say.. that's not going to happen. On top of the stipulation where if anyone interferes in the match, you lose the belt... I'm also making this match Underground Rules. There will be no countouts.. anything and everything except for interference is legal.

Saje's face changed from confiendent to slightly worried.

Anderson: Also.. your opponent tonight is someone who has been undefeated here on The Hype since he arrived. He is a virtual wrecking machine and is my choice for your opponent. He is.. PIETRO GEIST!

"Links 234" by Rammstein hit the PA as the 6' 7", 319lb wrecking machine from German stepped out from the backstage area. Shayne sauntered away as Geist stood there at the top of the ramp. The fans, who were always mixed with Geist, gave them their full support knowing what laid out in front of them. There was a feeling of change in the atmosphere as Geist made his way down to the ring. He stepped inside and walked right up to Sebastian Saje, grinning. The bell then rang.

Sebastian Saje (c) vs Pietro Geist

Match Summary
Geist and Saje stared down in the middle of the ring. Saje then cracked a grin and forearmed Geist in the face, but it had no effect. Saje hit a second and Geist just stood there, smiling. Geist then pie face Saje as if to say "you are nothing to me". This angered Saje and he charged at Geist, but Geist hoisted Saje into the air, catching him on his shoulder and nailed a massive powerslam in the middle of the ring. Geist went for the cover, but only got two here in the opening moments. Saje quickly rolled to the outside to try and rethink his strategy as Geist simply smiled knowing that he had complete control of this match.

Since it was Underground Rules, the referee couldn't count Saje out. He simply stayed on the outside of the ring, trying to lure Geist out. Geist eventually did step out of the ring, but Saje ran around ringside and slid back in. Geist slid back in, not falling for Saje's trick, but Saje used his speed to stomp away at Geist in hopes to keep him down, but Geist rolled to his back and grabbed Saje's foot as he went for a stomp. Geist held onto Saje's foot as he got to his feet. Saje took a shot through with an enzugiri, but Geist ducked it and immediately hooked Saje in a waist lock. Geist then German Suplexed Saje over the top rope where he landed on the apron with his shoulder before flopping to the floor!!!

"HOLY SHIT!" chanted the crowd repeatedly

Geist hopped out and threw Saje shoulder first into the ring steps. He then charged in and knee'd Saje in the chest, sandwhiching him against those same steps. Geist pulled Sajed back up and then Snake Eye'd him on top of the steps.. making as much use out of them as possible. Saje was in pain and tried to crawl toward the entrance ramp, but Geist stomped on Saje's lower back and stopped that. Geist then picked up Saje by his legs and swung him to the edge of the barricade where it makes a 90 degree angle!!!

Geist taunted Saje to get back up, but Saje was in too much pain. Geist shook his head as if he thought Saje was pathetic and walked over, but Saje kicked away at Geist to try and hold him at bay, but Geist grabbed one of Saje's legs when he tried to kick him and then grabbed the other Geist pulled Saje away from the barricades and then swung him back into them!! Geist felt Saje should be softened up enough by now so he threw him back into the ring where he made the cover, but he only got two!

Geist cracked his neck as he stood, looking down on Saje. Saje grabbed Geist by the pants and clawed his way back up to his feet, but Geist put him back down with a headbutt. Saje staggered back up and Geist hit another headbutt putting him back down. Saje tried to crawl to the ropes, but Geist grabbed Saje by the legs, pulling him back to the center of the ring and then dropping an elbow right across his lower back. Geist stood and went for another, but Saje mustered up all his strength and rolled out of the way. In fact, Saje kept rolling until he flopped out to the floor.

Geist stood, knowing exactly where Saje was. He was getting tired of all this running. When Geist got to the outside, he was suddenly blinded by a cloud of white powder! Saje had reached under the ring and found some. Saje then hit a low blow on the blinded Geist before throwing him shoulder first into the ring post! Geist was down on the floor holding his shoulder in pain. Knowing Geist wouldn't stay down long, Saje grabbed a steel chair from the time keeper and walked over. Geist got up on all fours as Saje cracked the chair over Geist's back, but Geist simply smiled and stood. Saje swung the chair again, but Geist grabbed it out of Saje's hands and jammed it into his stomach...


Saje went down to all fours after taking a chair shot to the back.. Geist then raised the chair up again then..


Geist slammed the chair over Saje's head so far, the seat broke off of it!!!!

Geist then pulled Saje up, throwing him back into the ring. Geist hopped up on the ring apron, but stopped dead in his tracks as Saje was motioning for someone to come out from the back. Geist looked toward the entrance way, then around the arena.

Nobody was coming.

Saje never expexted this. He was asking for The Rebellion to come down and save him, but because of the stipulations, nobody was coming. Geist realized that Saje was grasping at straws that weren't there and once he realized this, he stepped back into the ring and grabbed Saje by his hair, pulling him up to his feet, but much to the shock of everyone, Saje immediately leapt up and brought Geist's face down right into his knees...


Somehow.. someway.. Sebastian Saje hit the Lights Out on Pietro Geist, but he was too beaten to even capitalize on it. This would only buy Saje some time and even after taking both knees to the face, Pietro Geist was already on his side, trying to shake off the effects. Saje knew he had to hit it again, but his energy was sapped, but he willed himself up to his feet anyway. Geist turned around and Saje knew it was now or never. He leapt up for a second Light's Out, but Geist held onto Saje and countered by powerbombing him right into the canvas!!

Geist then pulled Saje back up to his feet and backed into the ropes. He swung with his lariat, but Saje ducked!!??

Saje turned around and kicked Geist in the stomach. He went for DDT, but Geist wrapped his arms around Saje's waist and drove him back into the corner. After repeated shoulder thrusts, Geist lifted Saje onto the top turnbuckle pads and climbed up. Saje hit a headbutt, but Saje ended up only hurting himself after hitting it. Geist showed Saje was a headbutt was truly like by hitting a hard one on him. Geist then hooked Saje and nailed a Superplex. Geist went for the cover, but Saje kicked out at 2 9/10s!!!

The reslience of the Hype Champion was starting to show, but there couldn't have been much more for Saje to take here. Geist knew that these kick outs and dodges had to be pure instinct at this point and decided to put that theory to the test. He pulled Saje up and hoisted him onto his shoulder. He charged with Saje to the corner, but Saje slipped off and landed behind Geist. Saje placed Geist into a waist lock, but Geist hit a couple of back elbows to break free. He turned and then nailed alternating knee strikes to daze Saje. Geist then backed into the ropes and went for his lariat, but Saje ducked it..

Anticipating that Saje would duck it... Geist continued to charge to the opposite end, bounced off and when Saje turned around...



Geist nailed the vicious lariat that turned Saje inside out! Geist made the cover, hooking the leg and it was over!! He got three and we have a NEW Hype Champion!!!!!

Winner: Pietro Geist via Enthauptung
Match Time: 26:45
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace: History was made here tonight! No rules.. no interference... no Rebellion! The deck stacked against Sebastian Saje and because as such, Pietro Geist has become the third Hype Champion in this program's history! It was a showing of pure dominance and not only has Pietro Geist become Hype Champion... he remains undefeated!

Jeff Hartman: Now this is a champion I can get behind. All business.. All destruction! I like it!

Jack Wallace: The Hype roster has been put on notice. Pietro Geist is the new champion and with his current record.. there is fear that nobody is going to be able to stop him! Ladies and gentlemen.. we're out of time.. we'll see you next week here on The Hype!

The final scene was that of Pietro Geist standing over a dead Sebastian Saje, holding the championship high in the air!