"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to The Hype! Last week the war between The X Movement and the now dubbed Dying Breed, took an interesting turn when the Hype Champion, Pietro Geist, and Shi no Ryu came to their aid! What is in store for them tonight? Hello everyone I'm Jack Wallace and along for the ride is the ever colorful, yet emphatically tainted, Jeff Hartman

Jeff Hartman: Thanks for the lucrative introduction once again.. do I need to take over again this week and give my own spin on it?

Jack Wallace: I've been told if I let you do what you did last week one more time, we're both fired.. so unless you hate money, I'd suggest you sit there and accept your lucrative introduction.!

Jeff Hartman: Well I am a man who loves his money so thank you for the amazing introduction! It trutly is a pleasure to have you as my colleague!

Jack Wallace: Because that sounded sincere... nevertheless, we're set to kick things off this week with another first round match in the Hype Tag Team Title Tournament! Let's send it on down to the ring and kick off with some hot and heavy action!

Dragonborn vs The Natural Athletes

Match Summary
This was the second first round match of the Hype Tag Team Title Tournament! Last week, we witnessed The Widow's Nest make their triumphant return and get a win over the rookie team of Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome. The Widow's Nest is one of three teams that will compete in a triple threat finals match to determine the first ever Hype Tag Team Champions in just two weeks. These two teams were looking to secure that second slot in that match here tonight!

Trot started off against Cori Albright. Trot wanted a lock up with a test of strength, but Albright switched into a waist lock. Trot broke free and used a standing switch and a take down to the canvas. Off the ropes, Trot missed a seated drop kick.. Albright covered for one.. kick out.. leg sweep by Trot.. cover for one and then a face off to a round of applause. They locked up again and Trot hit an arm wringer and a standing leg lariat. Trot hit the ropes, but stepped over Albright. Albright caught Trot off the rebound with a big time spine buster and went up top, looking for a flying splash, but missed. Trot with La Majistral for two. Trot pulled Albright to his corner by the arm and tagged in Panic.

Panic hopped into the ring and they hit a double team arm wringer into a whip.. pulled back into a double back elbow and then a Total Elimination style move. Panic covered for only two! Panic with the sleeper, but Albright got to his feet and hit the back drop suplex. He made it to his corner and tagged in the big man, Massimo. Massimo cleaned house with a pair of clotheslines to Panic and a forearm smash to Trot, knocking him off the apron. Massimo threw Panic into the air, caught him and nailed a front power slam! Trot with a springboard cross body, but Massimo hit a headbutt in mid-air, knocking him off. Massimo piled Trot on top of Panic and went for All the Way, but both moved and Massimo slammed into the canvas, missing the big splash.

Trot and Panic hit a roundhouse kick to the front and back of Massimo's head, then a double super kick!! They went to opposite corners as Massimo was out in the middle of the ring. Shooting Star from Trot connects. Swanton Bomb from Panic connects. Double super kick to Cori Albright who came in to interfere! Panic covered Massimo, but Massimo kicked out!!

Albright tried to get back into the ring, but Trot hit a Tope Con Hilo to the outside taking him out. Trot immediately went up to the top rope as Panic pulled Massimo up. Trot went for a Seated Missile Drop Kick, but Massimo pulled Panic in the way and Trot hit his own partner. Albright got up on the outside as Massimo grabbed Trot and flipped him head first over the top rope. In a stunning move, Albright caught Trot on his shoulders and then powerbombed him into the edge of the ring apron to a huge HOLY SHIT chant! Massimo hit the ropes and nailed All the Way on Panic, covered and got the three!!!

Winner: The Natural Athletes via All the Way
Match Time: 14:38
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: Good GOD! Cori Albright almost broke Trot in half with that Powerbomb!! The Natural Athletes pick up an amazing victory here and secure a slot two weeks from tonight! Next week, The X Movement of Crucifix and Xtreme will take on Prince Samir and Ryan Raysor from The Dying Breed for the final slot!

Jeff Hartman: I don't like either team.. so I was busy playing Word-A-Thon on my new Galaxy S5. Who won this match?

Jack Wallace: How do you still have a job?

Jeff Hartman: I say things and people never question me.

We are taken backstage into the locker room area. Xin Xin Xiong, Desiree, and Kodora were present in the locker room. Xiong and Desiree were standing while Kodora was sitting in the background just staring off into nothingness.

X3: "Look.. I trained you better than this. I admit you showed fire last week, but not enough to get the job done. You need to be more relentless.. more fierce.. more focused. I feel you have made it to a level that if you improve in those areas, you will have completed my training and have harnassed a complete and total package of agility, wrestling ability, striking capabilities, and lethality. That's why tonight, I made you challenge Callie Scott to a rematch because I want you to do what you did over a month ago.. and that is prove to me that you can hang with and defeat someone as tough as Callie Scott. She's someone who even took Kodora to her limits and that's something not easily accomplished."

Kodora turned her head toward X3 at the sound of her name, but she just scoffed in disgust and turned her head back to where she was staring off into. Xiong noticed it and asked her point blank.

X3: "What? You don't think my praise is worthy?"

Kodora looked disgusted.

Kodora: "What does your praise matter to me? What does it matter to anyone? All you do is waste your words on those who don't deserve them"

Kodora got up and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Desiree: "Should we go talk to her or something?"

X3: "No.. let her be. She will come around one day. Time is a tool that's needed for healing.. but... not in your case. Time is a tool needed for refinement. So.. are you prepared for your rematch? ... And don't say yet just to get me to stop lecturing you. I want to know the honest answer. Are YOU prepared?"

Desiree: "I am more than ready.. I am more than prepared. I want to prove myself tonight and I am prepared to do whatever it takes."

X3: "Good.. because if you fail.. I will make you regret those words. I hope you understand why I'm being harsh on you. You are my protege and I want to make you into more than just another starlet.. I want you to become a weapon in that ring. You said you wanted to become a legend like your idol, Aria Murphy... this is how you do that. Keep that in the back of your mind when you're out there... understand?"

Desiree nodded.

X3: "Good.. let's go.. we're up next."

Desiree and Xiong exited the lockers as we fade to black.

Callie Scott vs Desiree

Match Summary
The rematch had begun and the pressure was on Desiree as Xin Xin Xiong accompanied her to the ring and was watching this match VERY closely. Callie wanted a handshake to start the match, but Desiree slapped the hand away! A pure sign that she wasn't going to get drawn into the match by friendly emotions. The slap of the hand drew a mixed reaction from the crowd, but Desiree wanted to lock up, but Callie called for a Test of Strength. X3 yelled out not to do it, but Desiree interlaced her fingers with Callie's, but immediately drove a boot right into Callie's stomach, doubling her over!

Desiree with rapid forearms, backing Callie into the ropes. Whip by Desiree, but reversal by Callie, but the reversal was reversed as Desiree pulled her into a knee lift, then alternating knee strikes, driving Callie into the corner. Desiree sent Callie across and charged in with a running knee lift, but Callie moved and Desiree hit the buckles. Roll up from behind for two. Desiree got up and was whipped across the ring. Back elbow by Callie and then a trio of elbow drops and a cover for two. Callie mounted Desiree and began to punch away, but Desiree turned her over and unleashed a barrage of forearm smashes as Callie tried to cover up.

Desiree was pulled off by the referee, but Desiree shoved him aside and stomped down on Callie before pulling her up and hiiting a pair of chops then a whip followed by a leaping leg lariat. Desiree hit the ropes and hit a fierce elbow drop shades of the Great Muta. She waited for Callie to stand then hit a rolling Kopu Kick, staggering her back into the corner. Desiree hit a running corner clothesline, a running forearm smash, a running knee lift, then a running drop kick to the face as she entered and exited the corner four times. She dragged Callie to the middle of the ring and flipped into a jackknife pin for two.

Callie was trying to regroup when Desiree kicked her between the shoulder blades three times then hit a drop kick to the back of the head before covering for another two. Desiree mounted her and went back to the forearm barrage, but Callie pie faced her and tried to get back up, but Desiree hit a running stomp to the side of the head, putting Callie back down. Callie tried to crawl toward the ropes, but Desiree hit a running stomp to the lower back then draped her across the bottom rope. Running start by Desiree, but Callie moved and Desiree slipped through the ropes to the outside. Callie got back up and hit a suicide forearm smash through the middle and bottom ropes, staggering Desiree against the announce table.

Callie rammed Desiree into the announce table, then into the ring apron, then back to the announce table, then back to the apron. Callie then hauled off and kicked Desiree upside the head with a high roundhouse before rolling her back in. Callie made it in at the count of eight and waited for Desiree to sit up. Callie came in and nailed the Sliding D as Xiong looked pissed! Callie covered, but Desiree kicked out at two!!! X3 slammed his fists on the canvas and yelled at Desiree to get up, but don't sit up because he knew another Sliding D could come if she did that. Desiree got over on all fours as Callie grabbed her by the waist in a show of pure strength, Callie nailed a dead lift German Suplex from the all fours position, dropping Desiree on the back of her neck! She covered, but AGAIN only got two!!!

Desiree reached behind her and grabbed the bottom rope.. she was trying to pull herself out of the ring, but Callie stood and grabbed Desiree by the legs. She yanked Desiree off the ropes, but Desiree flipped to her feet, but staggered back into the ropes. She fell against them and used the momentum and nail a massive lariat that Callie wasn't expecting! Both were down and the referee began to count. He got to seven before they both pulled themselves up. At nine, both got to their feet and traded punches with each other. Back and forth they went. Callie went for a haymaker, but Desiree ducked and nailed a Back Drop Suplex. Callie sat up and Desiree hit a running kick to the chest. Desiree pulled Callie to her feet then leapt up. She wrapped her legs around Callie's upper body and fell to the canvas, immediately applying the Triangle Choke she called Desire!

Callie held on as long as she could. She even tried to lift Desiree up for a powerbomb counter, but Desiree semi released the hold to elbow Callie in the top of the head. They fell back down and Desiree reapplied the Triangle Choke! Callie couldn't take it anymore and tapped out!!! The girls both got a standing ovation for their match as Xin Xin Xiong looked very happy on the outside!

Winner: Desiree via Desire
Match Time: 15:44
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: That's two matches in a row that have tore the house down here on The Hype! This is the kind of action you can expect each and every week, folks! As for the match itself, Desiree has redeemed herself in the eyes on Xin Xin Xiong. She brought the fight here tongiht and while Callie Scott put up a helluva fight, Desiree was the better woman this time!

Jeff Hartman: I was too busy looking at the jiggly boobs and glistening body sweat. I will admit that it made me a bit moist.


The X Movement was brought into Shayne Anderson's office. Anderson didn't look happy to see them and told Mad Morgan to close the door, which he did.

Patterson: "Look.. about last week.."

Anderson put his hand up to silence Mike Patterson.

Anderson: "I don't want to hear it. You guys lost CLEANLY in the middle of that ring last week. I hired you to do a job.. that job was to eliminate any and all stragglers that was left over from the original Hype roster. I want to pave the way for new wrestlers in order to keep bringing in fresh faces. As I explained.. once people have outlived their usefulness, I ship them to the main roster to create roster bloat.. then just like a Titan Towers Massacre, Damien Lee will have no choice to start firing talent to create card space and free up money in the budget. All of this is a cycle.. the way a business should be ran and Damien Lee is too blind and too naive to see the bigger picture, so I'm doing it for him. I've wanted those five lingering wastes of roster space gone long ago and you have failed to drive them out each and every time I gave you an opportunity to do so."

Patterson: "Look.. I know that.."

Anderson: "NO! YOU LOOK. I'm not interested in excuses. Right now, I'm not going to book another five on five match because I know you'll just muck it up again. Especially that Pietro Geist and Shi no Ryu want to be another thorn in my side... so I'm going to do the next best thing. I'm going to recondition you."

Patterson just stood there blankly.

Anderson: "Tonight I'm putting leader against leader. Tonight it's you, Mike Patterson.. against Brian Williams. This is a solo opportunity. I suggest you get ready."

Patterson: "Oh I'll be ready. I'm not going to fail."

Patterson turned as Morgan opened the door. The X Movement exited as Anderson still didn't look too convinced. It looked as if Anderson was beginning to lose faith in the men he hired to realize his vision.

Monica vs Paisley

Match Summary Last week we saw a double in-ring debut. Monica, a brand new starlet, and the in-ring debut of Lorelei Albrecht. This week, Monica looks for her second match against another brand new starlet making her debut on The Hype in the form of Paisley. They locked up and Monica went into a side head lock, but Paisley backed into the ropes and shot her across. Paisley telegraphed a back body drop and hit it. She went for a cover and got one early in the match. Paisley pulled Monica back up and hit a few chops before another whip then a drop toe hold. Paisley went into a front chancery, but Monica got to her knees, then to her feet and hit a Northern Lights with a Bridge for two.

Monica stood and hit a kick to the gut. She hooked Paisely for a suplex, but it was reversed. Paisley leapt up and wrapped her arm around Monica's neck and pulled her down, but only got two. Paisley went to the corner and tried a moonsault, but Monica put the knees up. Monica stood and grabbed Paisely by the waist, then applied a half nelson, but Paisley stomped on the calf then nailed a Pele Kick. Monica staggered back against the ropes. Paisley then shot her across the ring and made her eat a back elbow. She took off to the ropes and hit a knee drop to the temple and only got two. She sat Monica up and hit a snapmare from behind for two once again. Monica staggered to her feet as Paisley hit a double leg trip. She then applied a Sharpshooter, but when she turned Monica over, Paisley didn't turn.. she stood with the Sharpshooter locked in while still facing Monica's back. Paisley then placed her free foot into the small of Monica's back while pivoting slightly. She then fully leaned in, pressing against Monica's spine while contorting her lower body with a modified Sharpshooter!! She called this move The Pressure Point. Monica screamed out in pain and tapped out!

Winner: Paisley via The Pressure Point
Match Time: 6:22
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Paisley with an impressive debut here tonight on The Hype, but this was Monica's second match and her second loss in a row. While Lorelei and Paisley had two great debuts, Monica seems she isn't able to share that experience.

Jeff Hartman: Hey.. I'm down with the swirl.. if she wants a winning experience, I have just the thing for her!

After the Match
After Paisley had left, Monica turned to her back and sat up. She looked around the arena and shook her head in disappointment. She pulled herself out of the ring as the fans applauded her efforts, but Monica held her head low as she walked gingerly to the backstage area.

DefCon vs Tristan Cyan

Match Summary Last week, DefCon made an interesting debut by mocking Tristan Cyan's wrestling style and even getting Cyan to tap out to his own finishing hold. Cyan took offense to that and after being admonished by El Tigre Verde, Cyan wanted another shot at DefCon and was granted the opportunity. Cyan and DefCon locked up and immediately Cyan hit a double leg takedown and grabbed Cyan by the leg, hitting an elbow drop and then bending it with a submission hold, but DefCon raked Cyan's eyes to break free.

DefCon got back to his feet and returned the favor with a double leg take down, an elbow drop and then a bend of the leg in the same submission hold, but DefCon turned himself a little to avoid an eye rake, but Cyan gripped DefCon by the nose and began to rip away at it which got him to release the hold. Both men stood and went for another lock up, but DefCon with a waist lock and a takedown. He quickly grabbed a leg and applied a single leg boston crab, but Cyan quickly scrambled to the ropes before it was fully locked in and broke the hold.

DefCon went right back to the legs, but Cyan kicked him away. Cyan stood and charged with a lariat, but DefCon ducked and hit a series of punches, followed by a discus punch that staggered Cyan to the ropes. Whip by DefCon and a low drop kick took Cyan off his feet and onto his back. DefCon then applied a cross leg breaker, softening up Cyan's leg again, but Cyan used his free leg to kick DefCon and get him to break the hold. Cyan got back to his feet, but DefCon was faster and he hit a chop block from behind. A trio of leg drops across the chest later and DefCon went right back to the leg, DDTing it into the canvas! DefCon then grabbed Cyan by the legs, looking to use Cyan's own move.. the Disasterpiece.. the Inverted Cloverleaf, but Cyan wouldn't allow it and countered with an inside cradle for a close two!

DefCon quickly got to his feet and grabbed Cyan by the head. He butterflied the arms and nailed his actual finishing move.. an Elevated Double Arm DDT he called the Double Tap! DefCon debuted his real finisher here in his second match and got the three with it!

Winner: DefCon via Double Tap
Match Time: 9:45
Match Rating: **1/4

Jack Wallace: Tristan Cyan did keep his word. He didn't allow DefCon to beat him with his own wrestling syle and finisher, but DefCon had a backup plan and unveiled his true finisher, catching Cyan off guard. Tristan Cyan remains without a win in his jOlt career..

Jeff Hartman: I wonder if Cyan is down with the swirl like I am. Maybe he can date Monica.. they have something in common already!

Faith Hines came out from the backstage area and entered the ring. She had a microphone in hand as her music died down. The crowd cheered for her.. some men whistled.. then it got awkward when one of those men was Jeff Hartman. She ignored him as all women tend to do and brought the microphone to her lips.

Faith: "Last week, I made a phone call to my friend Alyssa Corliss. I know deep down she's hurting. I don't expect any of the men to understand, but women.. we feel each other's pain without having to say anything. I know what Sebastian Saje did to you was completely out of line and undeserving and I know its affecting you because you have been acting like this since you two broke up. I offered myself to you as your punching bag.. both physical and verbal.. because that's what true friends do. I want you to come out here and accept my invitation to a match. I just want you to feel better so you can get back to being the Alyssa Corliss that I know and love as a friend."

"Oh my God.. will you please shut up, honey? I'm about ta puke ova here!"

Vogue Gonsalvez stepped out from the backstage area to boos from the crowd.

Vogue: "Wah wah wah. Dats all I hear from yo bitch ass mouth. Punchin' bag this.. true friends that. AINT no friend IN.. THA.. WORLD.. who willing put up their body for that shit. You cray in da head, bitch.. but if ya want ta get yo ass kicked that badly.. then I'd be more then happy ta come in there and kick it fo you 'cause maybe YOU da bitch that need to be brought back ta Earth and come ta their senses."

Vogue entered the ring after dropping the microphone at ringside. Faith took her shirt off to reveal her wrestling top underneath. She was ready to go and looked to have accepted Vogue's challenge. The referee called for the bell.

Faith Hines vs Vogue Gonsalvez

Match Summary
Vogue and Faith stared down and Vogue opened up with a slap across the face. "Stupid ignant bitch" yelled Vogue in her own charming local vernacular. Faith stumbled away and held her face, but she turned and hauled off on Vogue with a flurry of stiff forearm shots to the face that got the crowd rallied behind her. Vogue got backed up to the ropes and Faith clotheslined her to the outside!

Vogue stumbled up to her feet and Faith hit the ropes, nailing a suicide dive with the two of them landing at the end of the entrance way. Both got up and Faith threw Vogue back into the ring. Faith went for a cover and got two. Faith brought her up and applied a surfboard submission, but Vogue got up and front flipped into a pseudo mule kick, breaking free. Faith hung onto the ropes as Vogue charged in. Up and over went Vogue to the apron. Shoulder block between the ropes and a sunset flip by Vogue for two. They stood and locked up again. Faith powered Vogue back into the corner, but Vogue hit a thumb to the eye.

Faith staggered back and Vogue charged in with a lariat, but Faith ducked and went to the corner for a springboard drop kick off the middle turnbuckle. She went into the cover and got two. Faith grabbed Vogue and set her up for No Faith in Humanity, but Vogue powered forward and rammed Faith into the refere in the corner! The referee was still up, but Vogue pulled her out and rammed her into the referee a second time! That time it did it and the referee went down, but Faith waited for Vogue to ram her into the corner a third time and when Vogue did, Faith broke free and threw Vogue shoulder first through the corner and into the ring post.

Faith waited for Vogue to come out, but out from the crowd came Alyssa Corliss!! Corliss slid into the ring and spun Faith around. Kick to the stomach and BAM!! She hit the Corliss Effect.. the Split-Legged Gordbuster!! Alyssa rolled out of the ring as Vogue stumbled into the cover conveniently as the referee came to. It was a slow count, but Vogue picked up the three!

Winner: Vogue Gonsalvez via Pinfall
Match Time: 8:11
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: Faith Hines looked to have this one in the bag until the referee went down. We all thougt that Alyssa Corliss wasn't here tonight, but she made a surprise appearance and drilled Faith Hines with her finisher!

Jeff Hartman: I'd like to...

Jack Wallace: Blah Blah Blah... drill a chick or something like that.. we can read you like a book

Jeff Hartman: If I were a book, I'd be the Kama Sutra.

Mike Patterson was seen walking the halls on the way to the ring with the rest of The X Movement behind him. They looked like they were ready to go out there and face Brian Williams when Shayne Anderson walked up to them in the hall.

Anderson: "On your way to the ring I see? I know your match is next, but I decided to add one little stipulation to it just because I want to know if you can still get the job done for me. That stipulation is both The Dying Breed and The X Movement are banned from ringside."

Anderson walked away and actually got legit cheered for making a decision for the first time in forever. Last week's announcement doesn't count because anyone would cheer for new titles. Patterson didn't seem phased by it. He turned and looked back at his stablemates.

Patterson: "Dont worry guys.. I got this. Brian Williams doesn't stand a chance."

They all bumped fists, turned and left as Patterson continue on down the hall toward the gorilla position. His match was next!

Fade out.

Mike Patterson vs Brian Williams

Match Summary
These two groups have been at it for over a month and each time that they clash, nothing ever gets settled. Tonight, Shayne Anderson wants to see results, hoping that Mike Patterson can take out the leader of The Dying Breed. As the bell rang, both men charged each other as they had the same idea. They met in the middle of the ring and began to pummel each other ferociously. There were way too many closed fists and the referee had to get between them, much to the hatred of the crowd. They even chanted "Let Them Fight" at the referee, but the rules were the rules. Good thing neither man cared about them as Patterson shoved the referee aside, going for a haymaker, but Williams was faster and caught him with rapid fire punches and a whip which got reversed.

Patterson picked up Williams for a spinebuster, but Williams hooked the head and countered with a DDT! Patterson popped back up, holding his face as Williams hit the ropes and flying shoulder tackle that put Patterson down. A second shoulder tackle connected and Williams went to the corner to the middle turnbuckle. Williams leapt off with a twisting uppercut and took Patterson down again, covered and got two. Williams stood and went to the ropes, coming back with a knee drop another cover and only two. Williams sinched in a rear chin lock, but Patterson eventually battled up and hit a back drop suplex to counter. Patterson then returned the favor with a pair of flying shoulder tackles and a body splash from off the ropes for two.

Patterson scoop slammed Williams and went to the corner, but Williams knocked Patterson off his perch and then hit a big time superplex and got only two! Williams grabbed Patterson and set him up for the Downfall.. the Cradle Piledriver, but Patterson countered with a back body drop. He hit the ropes and nailed a huge Spear on Williams! Patterson went to the corner and went up top again. He leapt off with The Big Souix Splash.. the Frog Splash, but Williams moved out of the way! Williams quickly grabbed Patterson and set him up again for the Downfall, but again Patterson countered with a double leg trip.

Patterson grabbed Williams by the legs and rolled him back up to his feet. He quickly set up Williams for his version of the Cradle Piledriver.. The Trailervision, but Williams twisted out of it into an arm wringer and hit a short arm lariat. Patterson popped up and got hit with another lariat. Whip to the ropes, but Patterson reversed. Double A Spinebuster by Patterson and he headed to the corner.. Big Souix Splash connected, but Williams kicked out!!! Patterson was furious as he pulled Williams to his feet. He went for the toe kick, but Wiliams countered with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Williams went to the ropes and sat down on Patterson's chest, Earthquake style. Williams stood up and went to the corner, waiting for Patterson to stand.

Williams front flipped off the top rope and nailed a Cannonball right into Mike Patterson, putting him down!! Williams stood and pulled down his straps, letting out a war cry! The fans stood as Patterson staggered to his feet. Williams kicked Patterson in the stomach and set him up between his legs. He lifted Patterson up, hooked the leg and nailed the Downfall!!! He made the cover on Patterson, hooking the leg deep and pulled it off with a three count!! The Dying Breed just got another clean victory over The X Movement for the second week in a row!! They were proving that they belonged here on The Hype still!

Winner: Brian Williams via The Downfall
Match Time: 11:49
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Shayne Anderson isn't going to be too happy about this! Mike Patterson, who promised he would take care of things, just lost cleanly in the middle of the ring to Brian Wiliams! This marks the second week in a row The Dying Breed have proven that they aren't dying afterall.

Jeff Hartman: This was just a fluke. There's no way in hell that rag tag group of expired milk cartons could ever pull this off. Things will be different.. just you wait and see. Shayne Anderson will fulfill his vision of a corporate cycle within jOlt!

After the Match
After Williams exited to the backstage area, Patterson sat up in the middle of the ring. He rolled to the outside and was about to leave when he quickly turned his attention to the steel ring steps, ripping the top half off and throwing them against the ring apron!

Patterson dismantled the announce table and even knocked down the wall to the time keeper's position! He tossed the table and the ring bell to the floor! He even folded up to chairs and slammed them into the ring posts, breaking them upon impact!!

Patterson was beyond livid and he was destroying the ringside area to vent his frustrations. Eventually, when he had enough destruction, he stormed up the entrance way to the backstage area. The camera panned around and looked at the destruction caused by him. Officials began to clean up the mess around ringside.

"Latin Thug" by Cypress Hill

The music played as clips of Cordova began to play on the jOltvision. The people in the crowd recognized the former Flyweight Champion and cruiserweight legend!

After a few brief moments, Cordova's mask was shown on the screen. Below it said the words:

"Cordova Arrives: NEXT WEEK!"

Shi no Ryu vs Xtreme

Match Summary
They go face to face and SNR seemed unimpressed, as Xtreme spouted a lot of inaudible trash talk. They locked up and dance around the ring before reaching a stalemate. Xtreme went to the arm, but SNR reversed using his speed. Xtreme used technical ability to take SNR down and went right back to the arm. SNR tried his own kip-up counter sequence, but Xtreme simply pressed down on the arm to keep him grounded and prevent it from happening. SNR finally broke the hold, vaulted over Xtreme twice, one facing and one no look. A solebutt led to a snapmare and a brutal kick to the back. They battled for a headlock and SNR wins the exchange with a nice dropkick. SNR got caught by Xtreme using a kip-up out of nowhere to take him over with an arm drag, once again going to the arm. SNR attempted to counter out, but Xtreme refused to let it happen and kep pressure on the arm. SNR finally freed himself by faking a kip-up sequence and pulling Xtreme into a kick to the face, as SNR lay on the mat. However, Xtreme shrugged it off and hit a beautiful northern lights suplex after ducking a roundhouse aimed for his temple. Another arm drag by Xtreme and a leg-assisted, grounded arm lock followed immediately after.

SNR continued to try and regain the advantage, but every time Xtreme was able to cut him off, this time with an STO after SNR hit the near ropes. Rapid forearm strikes from Xtreme and he charges, onto to be backdropped out to the apron. Xtreme landed safely. Enzugiri by SNR and down to the floor went Xtreme. Xtreme distanced himself from the ring on the floor, so SNR went airborn with a spaceman front flip plancha. He rolled Xtreme back in the ring face down with his head on the edge of the ring and then, connected hard with a koppo kick. Back in the ring now, a body slam followed by the slingshot fake double stomp that ends with SNR slapping the taste out of Xtreme's mouth. Xtreme threw some weak punches to try and come back, so SNR blasted him with a pair of huge roundhouses, which put an end to that. Crossface chicken wing by SNR.

Xtreme fought back, but a solebutt an axe kick put him back down. Another wicked roundhouse kick to the back by SNR. SNR taunted Xtreme with disrespectful kicks to the side of the head before putting him on his ass with a roundhouse to the chest, just as Xtreme got to one knee. A German suplex by SNR got a two-count. Head scissors by SNR, but Xtreme got to the ropes. A hand full of hair led Xtreme to the middle of the ring where he was blasted with Kawada kicks. Xtreme found an opening and went to the eyes, allowing him to connected with a boot to the gut and picture perfect DDT. Both men were down. Soon enough they were standing. Xtreme went on the attack with quick strikes and capped it off with a harsh enzuigiri. Another DDT by Xtreme, this one of the Tornado variety after ricocheting off the middle rope.That got a long two-count.

SNR looked for a sanctuary in the corner and Xtreme met him there with a handspring back elbow. Hurricanrana off the top by Xtreme, which almost got three. SNR countered a suplex attempt into a roll up and Xtreme's kick out sent him into the ropes, allowing him to come racing back at Xtreme and smack him in the mouth with a sick kick. Xtreme spun out of a Kokushibyou attempt and spiked SNR with a brainbuster. He placed SNR up top and a trio of right hands, took SNR to the mat with a springboard hurricanrana. Another near fall. Xtreme slipped out to the apron and motioned for SNR to get up. He tried for a spingboard hurricanrana, but SNR caught him and bounced him off the top rope before spinning into a sitout power bomb. SNR hurried Xtreme up and battered him with a barrage of kicks and slaps. A Busaiku knee kick nearly took Xtreme out of his boots. SNR blew red mist into the air and spiked Xtreme with Kokushibyou for a three count.

Winner: Shi No Ryu via Kokushibyou
Match Time: 19:56
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: An amazing match up! Two amazing junior heavyweights in their prime putting on a great match. What else could you ask for?

Jeff Hartman: Naked girls and a plastic pool full of jell-o.

Jack Wallace: What is with you tonight?

Jeff Hartman: What? You asked!

After Match
Victory had come for Shi No Ryu and he stood tall in the middle of the ring. Xtreme rolled out to the floor, masked opponent looked to the crowd. They were cheering for him and he looked over the sea of humanity that voiced their approval for the ryuujin. Suddenly, the mood of the crowd changed. From seemingly out of nowhere, three intruders made themselves known. Muerte, Araknis, and Wolf spider... collectively known as the Widow's Nest had surrounded the ring.

SNR refused to cower in the presence of danger. The men he previously called vermin would not intimidate him. The Widow's Nest climbed up onto the apron of their respective sides of the ring. Shi No Ryu was without his weaponry and it looked like he would have to do it all in hand-to-hand combat. Things looked grim for the black dragon. However, fate would smile upon him this night.

The crowd erupted, as someone was rapidly approaching the ring. Someone that no one on The Hype wanted to see stampeding to the ring...


The Hype champion raced down to the ring with Lorelei in tow. They slid into the ring and stood by the ryuujin. Geist immediately lined up with the powerhouse of the trio, Wolf Spider. Muerte and Araknis slowly descended from the apron to the floor. SNR and Lorelei slipped out of the ring soon after leaving Geist alone in the middle of the ring. He drew his line in the sand with his belt and motioned for Wolf Spider to enter the ring.

Geist: Shou vant to fight, großer spinne? Come und fight!

Wolf Spider wasn't going to back down, especially on television and in front of his teammates in the Nest. He stepped into the ring. He wasn't going to have some rookie show him up. The referee hurried the belt away to safety and called for the bell. It was go time.

Pietro Geist vs Wolf Spider

Match Summary
Wolf Spider scored with a charging double leg right of the bat, trying to maul his foe on the mat before doing the same in the corner. Geist threw Wolf Spider into the corner for some rights and lefts of his own, but Wolf Spider answered right back with a series of shoulder blocks to the gut. Wolf Spider with an Irish whip and he clobbered Geist with a clothesline. Off the far ropes came Wolf Spider and he delivered a clothesline that sent Geist to the floor, but Geist landed on his feet and he pulled Wolf Spider out by the foot, so the brawl could continue. Wolf Spider fired Geist into the barricade and then, rammed head-first into the ring apron. Wolf Spider didn't let up, sending Geist crashing into the ringsteps. Back in the ring they went where Wolf Spider scored with a top rope clothesline, surprising many. That got a two-count.

Wolf Spider hit the ropes and ran into an European uppercut, but bounced right back off the ropes with a jumping clothesline for two. A hard body slam by Wolf Spider, but his attempt to follow it up with a boot to the face is halted, as Geist caught the foot and unloaded with rights and lefts to the body then head. Wolf Spider tried to battle back with the fans solidly behind Geist at this point. Wolf Spider got whipped into the corner, and Geist crushed him with a Vader attack and a Yakuza kick in the corner. A buckle bomb by Geist caused Wolf Spider to stumble right into the path of a south bound Geist with a pounce-like shoulder tackle. Geist looked for a pin, but Wolf Spider was out at two.

Geist hopped up to thesecond rope and unleashed a diving European uppercut. Geist was getting hyped up and wrapped his hand around Wolf Spider's throat, but Wolf Spider battled back with kicks and punches until free. Geist reversed a whip and excited the crowd with a lucha style tornadow backbreaker for a near fall. Geist hammered away with right hands, sending Wolf Spider to the floor. Geist went out after him and introduced his face to the steel steps. Wolf Spider rolled onto the apron, looking to get in the ring, but got an elbow to the face, putting a stop to that. Another connected and whipped him off the apron by his mask. Geist with a huge diving shoulder block off the apron. Geist sent Wolf Spider crashing into the barricade and rolled inside just to break the count. Back outside he tried for an Irish whip, but Wolf Spider reversed it and Geist collided with the timekeeper's table.

After breaking the count, Wolf Spider just pounded away at Geist, leaving him down in a heap. Wolf Spider cleared off the announce table. Both men stood atop the table and after a trio of right hands, Wolf Spider drove Geist down through the table with a Uranage. Wolf Spider fired Geist back inside and covered him for a long two count. Wolf Spider's frustration came to a head and he pounded away with a series of rights, but still was only able to get a two count. Wolf Spider sets up for the Blood Hunt, but Geist drove him back into the corner. Geist struck back with a pair of European uppercuts, but Wolf Spider reversed an Irish whip into a Samoan drop for a two count. Wolf Spider poisitioned Geist in the corner and looked to rain down punches from the second rope. However, Geist battled back and was able to carry Wolf Spider out to the middle of the ring before delivering an F5. Another long two-count.

Geist removed his elbow pad before hitting the ropes and running right into a snap powerslam. Wolf Spider lowered the straps of his singlet and motioned that the match was about to be over. Yet, Geist was able to snag him around the throat and toss him up into a power bomb. Geist looked for a gorilla press, but Wolf Spider slipped out the back and delivered a Runs with Wolves. Wolf Spider set up for the Blood Hunt and it connected, yet Geist was out at two and 99/100. Wolf Spider was beyond furious about that and he looked for it again. Geist was able to counter with a backdrop only to have Wolf Spider land on his feet. A forearm to the back of Geist's head allowed Wolf Spider bounce off the ropes. Geist caught him coming back with a gorilla press into a spinebuster. That rung Wolf Spider's bell and Enthauptung put him down for a three-count.

Winner: Pietro Geist via Enthauptung
Match Time: 15:39
Match Rating: ****

Jeff Hartman: Whoa baby!!! That had to be his best Enthauptung to date! Did you see the way Wolf Spider's head whipped back? I've only seen something like that when I was smacking a hooker in Thailand!

Jack Wallace: Again... How do you still have a job?

Jeff Hartman: That's umm... personal.

Jack Wallace: Anyhow, a great match to close things out, as Wolf Spider threw all he had at the Hype Champion, but Geist took all of it and made him another victim of the German's lariat.

After the Match
Shi no Ryu and Lorelei hurried into the ring, making sure the numbers game couldn't come into play like it did earlier. The other members of the Widow's Nest could only pull their unconcious partner from the ring, as the two factions glared at one another.

Araknis: This is far from over...

SNR: Your day of reckoning is fast approaching. The entire nest shall be exterminated.

The show closed with Shi No Ryu staring a hole through Araknis with his new found allies standing behind him.