"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to The Hype! Fasten your seat belts because we're in for another two hour non-stop action ride!

Jeff Hartman: What the hell kind of introduction was that? I didn't think it was possible to say that they could replace you with a subserviant monkey, but after that, I'm sure that it would work out that way for the better.

Jack Wallace: Actually, this was the script I was told to read from the office. Apparently when I wing it, they feel that I leave the situation wide open for you to make disparaging remarks.

Jeff Hartman: And I still did anyway

Jack Wallace: *tossing the script into a trash can* Yep.. so screw it. Let's just send it backstage where we understand Michael Donavan is standing by after coming up short last week in his championship match against Sebastian Saje.

Michael Donavan is seen backstage pacing back and forth. Dawn Cassidy walked into his locker room right when Donavan yelled out in frustration and punched a rather large dent into his locker.

Cassidy: I assume that this is a bad time?

Donavan turned his attention toward Dawn and walked over to her. Dawn cringed a bit, fearing for her safety.

Donavan: No... in fact.. it's not a bad time. I'm actually glad you here because now I can deliver a message.. a message to Sebastian Saje. Last week, I had you pinned.. one, two three, but it was by some measure of sheer luck that you managed to find the ropes. Those ropes were your ONLY saving grace.

Donavan looked at Cassidy for a moment and then back toward the camera

Donavan: In fact, Saje.. if you think that this is over.. then you have another thing coming. This is far from over.. in fact.. I'm just getting started.

With that, Donavan walked off camera as Dawn breathed a sigh of relief.

The scene faded.

India's Import vs Cross the Hood

Match Summary
Cross the Hood came up short on iNtense and did not make it to Unlimited for another shot at the main roster and the tag team titles. Instead, they were given Ryan Raysor and Prince Samir tonight. Hood and Cross took out their frustrations on the duo, not letting them amount much offense. They utilized quick tags in and out and kept the two lightweights grounded on the canvas. Kareem tried to serve as a distraction, but that's when Araknis, Muerte, and Wolf Spider all hit the ringside area and took out Kareem as he stood on the ring apron. They pulled him down and it was a three on one assault. It ended up being Ryan Raysor as the one distracted and this allowed Jackson Cross to hit his Backpack Stunner, the Cross Breaker and pick up the win.

Winner: Cross the Hood via Cross Breaker
Match Time: 13:21
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace:Wow.. Cross the Hood were sure upset over the fact that they didn't get onto the main roster. This was their third shot and subsequently, their third failure. I think even without the distraction from the Widow's Nest, they still would have ended up beating them.

Jeff Hartman: I highly doubt that. India's Import is a top prospect here on The Hype. I'm sure that if The Nest didn't interfere, they would have mounted a comeback and Cross the Hood would have been dealt their second and most embarrassing loss this week.

After the Match
As the Nest backed off, Prince Samir grabbed a microphone from the time keeper

Samir: This has gone on far enough. You low-life peasants have interfered in our business once too often. Next week, we want another match.. a six man tag.. the three of us.. against the three of you and we will settle this issue once and for all!

Black Widow held her men back and simply nodded as the collective Nest exit the arena, backpeddling up the entrance ramp. Their body language was very apparent. The challenge had been accepted and next week, India's Import and The Widow's Nest will settle their score once and for all!

Desiree, Kodora, and Xin Xin Xiong are all backstage having a bit of a discussion. It seems that it's another lesson for the rookie, Desiree. Xiong stood before them and began to speak.

X3: Last week, I had you watch Kodora as she took apart an up and coming starlet with minimal effort. I showed that to you because I not only like to watch my women get physical... I also like to watch them get physical. *Ahem*... but nevertheless, I believe that it served as a valuable lesson because if you wish to resume full training, this is the kind of lethal machine that I can turn you into. A mix os power, strength, and beauty.. the latter you already have so there's no need for me to teach you that.

X3 cleared his throat again and continued.

X3: Tonight, it's going to be a bit different because tonight you are going to be in action, Desiree, but no.. you won't be in action by yourself. You will have a partner. It's blatantly obvious who your partner will be, but what remains the true mystery is your opponents. I went ahead and had this match specially arranged because I believe that these two women will be more than enough of a challenge to test your skills.

Desiree and Kodora looked at each other. Desiree looked a bit excited, Kodora looked.. well .. like Kodora. Emotionless and disciplined.

X3: I hope you're good at changing clothes quickly because your match is next. If you need help with that, you know where to find me.

Xiong grinned as the scene faded to commercial.

Desiree & Kodora vs Callie Scott & Faith Hines

Match Summary
Callie Scott had grown to respect Faith Hines to the point where she accepted Faith as her tag team partner when Xin Xin Xiong made the proposal to them before the show came on the air. Desiree and Hines started off in the ring and X3 stood at ringside, shouting at Desiree to use more power and strength when Desiree was going toe to toe with Hines in wrestling ability. Hines was getting the upper hand and made the tag to Kodora. Hines knew what Kodora was capable of and made the tag to Callie Scott. A fighter versus a striker. This was the match people wanted to see and it didn't disappoint as the exchange of strikes, punches, and kicks made this match resemble an MMA contest more than a wrestling match. After a hard fought exchange, Kodora was able to strike Scott with a Super Kick. She made the tag to Desiree who locked Scott in the Desire.. the Triangle Choke. Hines came in and made the save, but was clotheslined to the outside by Kodora who followed her out and the two brawled around ringside with Kodora winning that fight. Back in the ring, Desiree and Scott got into it as Desiree showed off her new striking skills, surprising her. Scott had to do something and found a slight opening, hitting the Sliding D! Scott went for the cover, but Kodora broke it up. Kodora then trapped Scott by the head and used repeated Elbow Strikes to try and knock her out, but the referee broke it up and sent Kodora back to her corner. Desiree then grabbed Scott and placed her back into Desire. Desiree let go of the hold when the bell rang! She was elated to know that she had finally won a match.. that is.. until the referee informed her that the 30:00 time limit had expired for this contest. The crowd booed the decision, but still applauded the efforts by these four women.

Winner: Time Limit Draw
Match Time: 30:00
Match Rating: ****3/4

Jack Wallace:That's the downfall of being placed this early in the card. The time limits are much shorter than the 60 minutes main events and title matches get, but it didn't stop these two from putting on one hell of a performance.

Jeff Hartman: How did a tag team match go over thirty minutes in the past then?.

Jack Wallace: There's different time limits for men and women.

Jeff Hartman: Oh, right. Sexism. Thought we were in 2014.

Jack Wallace: Funny coming from a man who has said more innuendo than 10,000 copies of the Kama Sutra.

Sebastian Saje is backstage with Alyssa Corliss when another anonymous letter is slid underneath his door.

Saje: Are you freakin' kidding me!? ANOTHER Goddamn letter!? You know what? I'm not even going to read this one. I'm just going to set it aside and....


Three very loud knocks came from Saje's locker room door. Saje and Alyssa looked at each other as they both feel that it would be the person who was behind the letters.

Saje: Stay back.. if it is them, I want to catch them. Then MAYBE Shayne Anderson will listen to me and not ignore my complaint like he did back on Wednesday.

Saje walked over to the door and opened it up.

Saje: YOU!

The camera panned over to the doorway and there stood Michael Donavan.

Saje: It was you all along! What the hell were you thinking sending me those letters?

Donavan looked a bit confused.

Donavan: Cut the crap, Saje. I didn't send you any damn letters. If I'm going to send a message, I'm going to do it in person.. which is why I'm here. I want another shot at your Hype Championship. I KNOW I had you beat in that ring last week and if given another shot, I KNOW for DAMN SURE that I will become the NEW Hype Champion.. but wait... don't answer just yet.. I'm going to say one more thing that will sweeten this pot just a little bit because you see.. I'm sick of it.. I'm sick of everything. I'm sick of getting looked over.. I'm sick of not being taken seriously.. so next week.. you and me.. one more time.. and if can't beat you.. then you will never see me here again.. I will QUIT The Hype.

Alyssa tugged on Saje's shirt.

Alyssa: You can't accept this. The fact that he's putting his career on the line means that he has something planned.

Donavan: You shut up.. I don't have a damn thing planned except walking out with the Hype Championship around my waist.. or I die trying. That's it. No tricks.. nothing. Just a man with nothing to lose and everything to gain. The ol' adage of American pop culture.. except that part is usually reserved for the hero, but make no mistake. I'm no hero and I don't want to be. All I want to be is champion and if I have to end your life with my bare hands to be champion, then I will do it. Saje took Alyssa's hand off his shirt and stepped forward, coming face to face with Michael Donavan.

Saje: If that's what you want.. then fine. You're right.. the only way you're going to take this championship from me is by prying it from my cold dead hands.. but make no mistake.. I'm not going to make it easy for you.

The two of them stared at each other for a moment as Donavan grinned. He then exited as Alyssa walked up and stood beside Saje as the scene faded away.

Seraph vs Magma

Match Summary
Seraph came out first and jumped Magma as he entered the ring. The fight spilled to the outside almost immediately and Seraph began the brawl by throwing Magma face first into the steel ring steps! Serpah lifted the ring apron up and pulled out an aluminum baseball bat! Without hesitation, he started to pummel Magma in the shoulder with it, rendering his left arm useless. Serpah grabbed Magma and brought him to the other side of the right where he slammed his head off the announcer's desk. He then whipped Magma left shoulder first into the ring post. Serap then grabbed a steel chair and as Magma stood, BROKE the chair over Magma's head. Magma was out cold. The referee rang the bell to stop the match as Magma was seriously hurt after that, but Seraph didn't stop. He grabbed the referee and chokeslammed him through the announce table!! Seraph then pressed his boot against the throat of Magma, trying to not just choke him, but crush his throat with the weight of his body! Dozens of officials had to run down and intervene as Seraph had completely snapped. All of the taunting of not being the true monster of The Hype had finally gotten to him. It took some force, but they were able to convince Seraph to head backstage as EMTs tended to Magma.

Winner: Seraph via Knockout
Match Time: 6:01
Match Rating: *1/4

Jack Wallace: I don't know what to say. Last week he put Magma through a wall and ripped his mask off, speaking for the first time. Tonight, he was back under his mask and let his actions do the talking for him.. and they spoke volumes. Seraph has completely snapped and Magma paid a high price here tonight. We can only hope and pray that Magma is okay.

Nate Quartermaine is in the back with Shayne Anderson.

Nate: Has Jeremy Ryan even showed up yet?

Anderson: I haven't seen him. Look... this isn't good for public relations with the main office. Why don't you just go out there and wrestle? Go ahead.. pick an opponent and I'll set the match up and let's just forget about all of this.

Nate: It's just like you... you only worry about image..

Anderson: I'm the General Manager of The Hype. It's my responsibility that this program is seen in a positive light. It will attract new students.. new rookies.. new talent who are looking to return to a career in wrestling with the promise that they can someday make it to the jOlt roster and be exposed to thousands of people watching around the world. Of course I'm worried about image! Why do you think I got rid of Jeremy Ryan? I'm not going to have another repeat of this.. so like I said.. name an opponent on the roster and I'll give you a match tonight.

Nate: I already have a match tonight.. my opponent is Jeremy Ryan. I don't care what you or anybody else says. I WILL finish my business. Otherwise you can pay for my damaged car.. you can pay for the medical bills from being jumped in a parking lot by him. I will hold YOU responsible for all of it. Now I'm going out to that ring later tonight.. and if Ryan doesn't show up.. I'm keeping my word. I will show up personally on iNtense 90 this Sunday and TAKE my revenge out there.

Quartermaine walked away as Anderson let out a heavy sigh.

Dragon Born vs The Knight and Sire

Match Summary
The match started off with indy wrestling legend The Knight choosing to battle the dragons first, and by dragons we mean the red dragon mask wearing individual by the name of Panic. They would trade punches in the center of the ring with The Knight gaining the upper hand and forcing Panic into the corner post where he pounded him down to the delight and count of the fans. Panic would break free with a hard chop to the chest and kick upwards and back off the man's chest, to land on the turnbuckle and jump over top him to make the tag to his partner. A blue dragon mask wearing individual named Trot.

Trot would be found as much better challenge for The Knight and after traded blows it was the Knight that wound up in the ropes desperate for a tag. Trot hammered his point home before snapping his neck with a stungun from the apron. A corkscrew plancha followed into a pinfall which only had a two count. The smaller Sire entered the ring to break the fall and was launched across the ring thanks to Panic. With all four men in the ring the official had to give out his warning but Panic and Trot grabbed both men in opposite corners and whipped them across the ring into each other where they collided. The Knight knocking his partner out cold upon impact. He shook it off himself but before turning around was the victim of a flipping neckbreaker by Panic.

Trot jumped back on the apron for the tag by Panic as he dragged The Knight to their corner. Trot held him for a stiff kick by Panic before releasing him right into a Fisherman Buster by Panic. Once Panic exited the ring Trot whipped Knight into the ropes and dropped him with a Samoan Drop. Sire stood ready for the tag with arm outstretched however soon he would vanish thanks to Panic pulling his legs out from under him. A moment later he hurled Sire into the barricade, spun him around and tossed him over the top. Inside the ring Trot pulled Knight back to his feet and moments later delivered him to the mat courtesy of a Running Omega Driver. Back on the apron Panic took the tag of his partner, leaping onto the turnbuckle. What followed was a Epic 630' degree senton. With Sire out, the pinfall was uncontested.

Winner: Dragon Born
Match Time: 11:03
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace:The Knight and Sire were just beaten by these two Dragons! The Indy scene must be in an uproar!

Jeff Hartman: Face it, nobody watches the Indy's anymore.

Jack Wallace: Either way it looks like Dawn is headed down the ramp to get a word in with the winning team.

Jeff Hartman: Dragons don't talk.

Jack Wallace: What about Smaug?

Dawn Cassidy met the duo Dragons as they walked down the ramp, stopping them at the stage.

Cassidy: Congratulations on your debut win here tonight on Hype guys.

Panic: Thank you, Miss Cassidy. What you just witnessed was the dismantling of two great legends on the Indy circuit. Two fan favorites known world over.

Trot: And what happened to them? Sire was leashed and prevented from being involved at all, while The Knight learned you do not mess with the Dragon Born.

Cassidy: That was an impressive outing. Let me be the first to welcome the Dragon Born-

Panic: Truth is that was just a ruse. j0lt wrestling is a new playground. A new place to subject to our will. A new solution to our enigma. And a new location for our entourage. You see everybody eventually falls.

Trot: What they do next is usually up to them. You can pick yourself back up, dust off the legs and go on your way, or you can lay there crying like a wee baby. It takes great power to turn around and cause the person next to you to weep instead.

Panic: j0lt's tag team division is filled to the brim with talent. Green and aged. And now the coveted tag team titles are vacated. It sounds like somebody knew we were coming and prepared.

Trot: Tonight j0lt learns that the slaughter house has just opened, Dawn.


And with that the power in the arena cut to blackness as it was tripped. Once the lights returned the Dragon Born were no where to be found as Dawn exited the stage herself.

Pietro Geist vs Brian Wiliams

Match Summary
Apparently seeing last week's match, Williams avoided Geist's initial blitzkreig and he had to keep moving, as the monster tried repeatedly to either pounce on him or snag an ankle. Williams tried to take advantage of an opportunity, only to have Geist shrug off his punch and clobber him with one of his own. That was all Geist needed and before Williams could even blink, a barrage of strikes were slamming into his face and cranium. Backed into the corner, Williams tried to cover up, but he was just pummeled until he fell to his rear, where Geist blasted him with knee strikes. A huge Irish whip led to a pop-up spinebuster. Williams was easy pickings for Geist's downright unholy lariat and a three-count.

Winner: Pietro Geist by pinfall
Match time: 3:44
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: For the second week in a row, Geist has absolutely mauled his opponent and looked to decapitate them with that lariat.

Jeff Hartman: Wrestlers don't get paid by the hour here on The Hype. KUMO and Talon's mat classic was fine and dandy, but Geist isn't here to give Flair-Steamboat a run for their money.

KUMO vs Talon St. James

Match Summary
They fought for a waistlock. When that failed, they fought for control on the mat. Neither man got it. KUMO cradled Talon for a two count. KUMO booted him in the face. Talon gave him a neck-tie headscissors and a dropkick. Talon got two with a legdrop. Talon dropkicked him in the corner. They go forearm for chop. KUMO won the exchange and kicked him in the chest a few times. Talon blocked a suplex to deliver one of his own. Talon put him in a bow and arrow. KUMO dropped Talon on the top rope. He came off the top rope with a double stomp to his back. KUMO threw some kicks to the back for a two count. KUMO and Talon exchanged forearms with KUMO winning once again and got a two count. Talon went for a sunset flip and got slapped in the face for his trouble. KUMO kept the disrespect coming by faking a slingshot double stomp only to slap Talon once again. KUMO put on a Camel Clutch before turning it into a Boston Crab. Talon got the ropes and suprised KUMO with a leaping clothesline. He broke out of KUMO’s waistlock and flipped backwards with an Asai DDT. KUMO missed a corner boot. Talon took to the skies, connecting with a front flip plancha to the floor. Although KUMO missed a slap, he did hit a running boot. He also hit a springboard dropkick and got two. Talon landed on his feet in a Tiger suplex and swept KUMO’s legs out for a standing moonsault. Talon hurricanrana'ed him off the top rope. He follows up with a fisherman's buster for two. Talon missed a mad splash, allowing to KUMO butterfly suplex him into the corner. He buckle bombed Talon before delivering a Busaiku Kneekick for two. Talon countered a tilt-a-whirl with a huracanrana cradle for two. Talon missed a seated clothesline in the corner, allowing KUMO to catch him with a Blazing Arrow. A straight jacket Barry White driver put Talon down for good.

Winner: KUMO by pinfall
Match Time: 15:13
Match Rating: ***1/4

Jack Wallace: A hard fought battle there with KUMO getting The Hype contract. However, I'm not sure what to think of the lack of respect he displayed towards his opponent.

Jeff Hartman: See, that's just what this show needs. Someone with some personality. He has self-confidence.

Jack Wallace: He seems like a cocky jerk to me.

Jeff Hartman: Just what a loser would think.

After the Match
KUMO violently pulled a camera man to him and glared into the camera.

"Were you watching? I was not paying homage to you, Kurayami. Ankokujidai are ending."

A burst of black mist was spewed into the camera man's face and he was shoved to the floor.

Nate Quartermaine walked out from the backstage area right as The Hype's newest member, KUMO, was making his exit. He made his way down to the ring with a microphone in hand. He stepped in as his music died down.

Nate: Last week, I stood out here and I made a challenge to Jeremy Ryan. Well, the time has come.. it's put up or shut up time. I don't care if I eat up precious television time.. I need to know if Jeremy Ryan has the balls to return home and finish his business like the "Last Real Man" he claims to be.

Nate Quartermaine stood there for a good minute in silence. The audience clammored amongst themselves as nobody came out.

Nate: Well.. it seems that you guys will see me this Sunday on iNtense as I...

"A Man" by Cypress Hill

Jeremy Ryan bolted down to the ring! He was here, indeed!

Jeremy Ryan vs Nate Quartermaine

Match Summary
Ryan hit the ring and Quartermaine immediately met him. The two of them threw punches at each other, brawling from pillar to post. Quartermaine got the upperhand and whipped Ryan to the ropes where he hit a vicious lariat. Quartermaine remained in control, hitting various power moves and getting some close nearfalls. It looked as if Quartermaine was going to get his revenge when Ryan used a thumb to the eye in order to take a short cut and cause some seperation

Ryan then hit a pair of clotheslines, a whip, and a spinebuster for two. Ryan threw Quartermaine to the outside and they brawled up the entrance ramp to the stage and then into the backstage area as the referee and the cameras followed them. While this wasn't Falls Count Anywhere, they used anything and everything that wasn't bolted down. Ryan threw Quartermaine into some equipment cases and even tried to crush his head with one, but Nate battled out and speared Ryan into a table with various booking sheets on them

Nate pounded away on Ryan, but Ryan pie faced him and speared Quartermaine back into the equipment cases. They brawled back to the gorilla position and back through the curtains and only the main stage. Nate tried to regain momentum and throw Ryan off the stage, but Ryan reversed it into a Spinning Spinebuster on the steel grating! He then grabbed Quartermaine and it was Ryan that threw him off the entrance stage and into a stack of three folding tables, down to the floor!

Ryan sensed victory as he hopped down and pulled the lifeless Quartermaine out from the rubble as the crowd continued to chant "Holy Shit!". Ryan brought Nate back to the ringside area, but Nate somehow whipped Ryan into the ringsteps and then hit a drop kick to Ryan's chest and the steps. Nate rolled him back into the ring, but only got two. He went to bring Ryan up, but Ryan hit a low blow then a DDT! He then placed Nate in the The Dead Man.. the Kata Hajime/Camel Cluth Hybrid, but Nate powered out of it before Ryan could fully lock it in!

Ryan got up and charged in, but Nate nailed the Three Quarters.. the Falling Blue Thunder Powerbomb, but was too worn out to make the cover. The referee couldn't count them out as there were no rules to this match. Both of them stood and Ryan quickly grabbed Quartermaine and nailed the Man Up.. his Deadlift Suplex only for two. He pulled Nate up, but Nate used a low blow on Ryan, turning the tables! Nate then nailed an inverted atomic drop then an STO for a close two. Nate went to the corner and ascended to the top, diving off with No Quarter.. the top rope senton, but Ryan rolled out of the way and grabbed Nate, nailing the Man Down.. the Suplex into the backbreaker. He then went right into the Dead Man submission... Nate held on for as long as he could, but Nate TAPPED OUT!

Winner : Jeremy Ryan via Dead Man
Match Length : 20:55
Match Rating : ****1/2

Jack Wallace: After all this time, touting that he wanted revenge, Jeremy Ryan stepped in here and completely derailed Nate Quartermaine.. I don't know what to say... I'm completely shocked!

Jeff Hartman: There was a reason as to why Shayne Anderson shipped Jeremy Ryan off to the main roster.. it was because he has the tools and the talent to be a future champion and tonight he proved that.

Jack Wallace: Ladies and gentlemen, we're out of time.. we thank you for watching and we'll see you next week here on The Hype.

The Hype then went off the air with a wide shot of Jeremy Ryan standing over Nate Quartermaine in the middle of the ring.