"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the Hype Arena in Miami, FL where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! We are just two weeks removed from Breakdown where some of our very own stars got to be showcased at the event! It is a true testament to how much The Hype has grown over these past two years! Tonight, however, we are in for a collision of the decade! Hype Champion Mike Patterson puts his championship on the line against the undefeated and highly impressive Regan Hearst!

Jeff Hartman: It's like two huge bulls colliding and I'm sure it's going to be as physical as one of my dates!

Jack Wallace: Except Patterson and Hearst will be consenting to the action. Speaking of the happenings at Breakdown, we are set to send it backstage where Un-Fayth and Shayne Anderson are standing by

"And Then There Was One Left"

Shayne is sitting at the edge of his desk with his arms folded as Un-Fayth stands there with her hands on her hips.

Shayne: Well, I hope that you're happy. Thanks to your attack on Sarkhaya at Breakdown, not only did you ruin her Pay-Per-View debut, but you also caused her to not be medically cleared to compete tonight. So my hand is forced with this one. Your triple threat match tonight will now be a one on one contest with Desiree.

Fayth grinned from ear to ear.

Shayne: That smile tells me that was your intent all along.

Fayth: Of course it was. Sarkhaya is a woman who came to this company singing the praises of justice and righteousness. It turned my stomach. I showed her what true justice was and that righteousness is only befitting of those who have forsaken God himself. Tonight, I will do the very same to Desiree. You can count on that.

Fayth laughed to herself as she turned and exited the room. Shayne pinched the bridge of his nose when Laurie Williams walked in.

Laurie: You didn't punish Un-Fayth for injuring Sarkhaya?

Shayne: Sarkhaya is here tonight.. the doctors cleared her. I merely told Un-Fayth that she wasn't cleared to protect Sarkhaya in case she gets attacked again. Nevertheless, I gave Sarkhaya the night off. I'm trying to do my best to protect my talent.

Laurie: Lying to your talent isn't the way to protect them, Shayne. Damien Lee never lies to his talent.. and Damien Lee also keeps his word. My contract with jOlt is up for renewal in a month's time. You still owe me your word and whether or not I sign on that dotted line depends on if you can keep it. Just remember that. Time's running out and it's almost time for you to pay up for all the help I've given you.

Laurie Williams turned and walked away. Shayne let out a heavy sigh and after she left he pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number.

Shayne: Yes, this is Shayne Anderson, Hype General Manager. I need to talk to Damien Lee.

With that, the scene faded to black,

Broken Sanity vs The Ali Boys

Match Summary
To a chorus of cheers, the Ali Boys emerged from the back hailing from New York. They wanted a win tonight, but first they had to take on the demented duo of Broken Sanity. Out walked Shovel and Mad Morgan to another round of cheers. However when psychiatrist Dr. Dean’s name was announced the fans booed. Dr. Dean had recently taken Broken Sanity as patients and put them on mood stabilizing medicine in an effort to “help” them. Unfortunately, it had taken the edge off of them in a way that they’ve retained their wrestling abilities, but lost the sickness that pushed them into the realm of hardcore.

Just as good of wrestlers as before? Yes.

Just as much fun to watch?Maybe not.

Shovel faced off against a 7’4’’ monster in Eldridge Ali. Shovel got the party started by running straight at him for a cross-body slam. Instead, Eldridge caught Shovel mid-air and dropped him into a backbreaker! Eldridge delivered a series of devastating moves including a cross-body suplex, whip to the corner and a HUGE body avalanche. Eldridge led Shovel over to his partner Iago and made the tag. For a moment, Eldridge held Shovel up and Iago scaled the corner, then leapt and delivered an AWESOME huracanrana. The fans were going nuts! When Shovel stood, Iago ran to the ropes and came bouncing back looking for a clothesline, but Shovel ducked. When Iago turned, he got a boot to the stomach and a snap DDT after! Shovel quickly stumbled and tagged in Mad Morgan.

On the ring apron, Dr. Dean nodded in approval of Shovel while dispensing some psychoanalysis of what just had happened. Shovel nodded back and held a focused look… Shovel appeared to be displaying some level of mental stability and determination! Morgan ran in and laid thestumbling Iago to the canvas, then ran and dropped a leg across his face. Morgan brought Iago up to his feet and scoop slammed him not far from the corner. Morgan then ran to the corner and in one motion jumped to the second turnbuckle, jumped back and landed a mini-frog splash across Iago. He covered, but got two.

Morgan picked Iago back up, delivered a couple of elbows to the back leaning him over. With a heave, Morgan gut-wrench suplexed Iago but he landed Iago too close to the Ali Boys’ corner. With a stretch of the arm Eldridge tagged and came over the ropes ready for business. Eldridge went running to Morgan but Morgan slipped past and bounced off the ropes. Boot to the face by Eldridge Ali! Morgan was laid out flat as he’d just run full speed back into Eldridge’s raised foot. It was a nearfall after the cover, but still only two.

Eldridge picked Morgan back up, dropped a couple of big arms and threw Morgan to the corner. Looking for the same body avalanche he put on Shovel earlier, Morgan read it and ducked out of the way. Crash! Eldridge fell back from the turnbuckle with a loud thud. When Morgan brought him up to his feet and tried to make a move, Eldridge shoved him off and ran forward laying out a huge clotheseline! Without wasting time, Eldridge tagged in his partner Iago while Morgan managed to get to his partner and tag Shovel in. Iago entered and found an intense-looking Shovel. In the middle of the ring they locked up, Iago moved into a reverse waistlock, was reversed by Shovel and then Shovel snapped Iago into a headlock. Iago pushedShovel toward the ropes from which Shovel rebounded and dropped a huge arm across Iago.

Meanwhile, outside the ring Dr. Dean had come around to “counsel” a seething Eldridge Ali. The referee became distracted and began ordering Dr. Dean away from Eldridge. Meanwhile Morgan snuck into the ring and helped raise Iago onto his feet. Shovel and Morgan bent Iago over, both underhooked one arm each, lifted up and fell back into a two-person double-underhookpiledriver! Morgan got back out of the ring when Dr. Dean ended his distraction, which meant the referee turned around to find Shovel covering Iago and picked up the three!

Winner: Broken Sanity via The Bipolar Driver
Match Time: 11:14
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: I was informed earlier tonight by Dr. Dean that Broken Sanity was going to go for their new tag team finisher; The Bipolar Driver!

Jeff Hartman: After that I think I need a fresh-poured beer. Now THAT’S a head you CAN shrink!

Jack Wallace: Did you seriously just steal a joke from the character Frasier the television show Cheers?

Jeff Hartman: Yes, Jack. Yes I did.

"Giving Us Our Due"

We are right back where we started the night.. in Shayne Anderson's office. This time he's sitting at his desk and opposite of him was the leader of The Widow's Nest, Black Widow.

Widow: Mr. Anderson. You said that we couldn't get a tag team title match as long as The Natural Athletes were the champions. They are now on the main roster and when Crucifix became champion, you banned us again until he lost the titles. Now BADASS are the champions and I am telling you that I... no... WE are waiting no longer. We want what is owed to us and that is a Tag Team Championship Match.

Shayne: The only reason why BADASS are the tag team champions right now is because you interfered in the match and distracted Crucifix long enough to cause him to lose the championships. It was because of The Widow's Nest that the titles changed hands. I should have it on good authority to ban you infinitely from ever receiving a tag title match, but knowing you, you'd just break up The Widow's Nest, or change your names or do something to find some kind of loophole and just continue to haunt me and plague me until I cave.

Widow smirked.

Widow: You know me too well, Anderson.

Shayne: So fine.. no more bans. You keep running your mouth about being champion time after time so I'm going to give you what you want... BUT... not in the way you truly want it. Next week, you will face BADASS in a non-title match and IF the Widow's Nest succeeds, you can have a rematch for the championships. This deal is non-negotiable.. you can either take it or leave it.

Widow: Fine, Anderson. We'll take your deal, but you're only delaying the inevitable. We will become the new tag team champions at long last.

Widow turns and exits and the scene fades to black.

Un-Fayth vs Desiree

Match Summary
Desiree and Fayth circled in ring. They went for a lockup, but Fayth purposely missed and exited the ring, grinning the entire time. Desiree told Fayth to get back in here, but Fayth ignored her. The referee started his mandatory ten count and it wasn't until the count of eight that Fayth got up on the ring apron, but hopped down when Desiree moved in. Fayth instructed the referee to back Desiree up and he did. Fayth re-entered the ring and Desiree charged in, but Fayth immediately bolted back to the outside and laughed at Desiree, but Desiree slid out of the ring and chased Fayth around the outside. Fayth rolled in, hit the ropes and nailed a low drop kick to the top of the head. He then knelt down beside Desiree and pounded away on her with heavy right hands until the referee forced her to back off.

Fayth pushed the referee aside and walked over, stomping down on Desiree's upper back. She pulled her up to her feet and shot her across the ring, making her eat a back elbow off the rebound. Fayth went to the ropes and hit a sliding leg drop across the chest. She covered, but only got two. She pulled Desiree up and placed her into a sleeper, but Desiree stood and nailed the jawbreaker after fighting through it. Desiree knocked Fayth down with a pair of clotheslines then an irish whip into a back body drop. She then clothesline Fayth over the top rope and out to the floor before getting a full head of steam and hitting a suicide dive to the outside, taking her down. Desiree pulled Fayth back up and rolled her into the ring. Desiree climbed the turnbuckles and when Fayth stood, she took her back down with a missile drop kick. Desiree covered, but got only two.

Desiree pulled Fayth up and hit a stiff kick to her abdomen. She hit a second, third, and fourth kick before pivoting and hitting a back thrust kick that doubled her over. Desiree turned and kicked the hunched over Fayth in the chest before charging in and taking her down with a quick leg lariat. Desiree channeled her teacher there as she stalked Fayth, waiting for her to stand. Desiree backed into the ropes and went for a running knee lift, but Fayth dodged it and hooked Desiree in a waist lock, hitting the Release German Suplex. Desiree popped back up to her feet as Fayth backed her into the ropes and whipped her across. Fayth spun and decked Desiree right in the face with the discus forearm, knocking her down. She dragged Desiree over to the corner and grabbed the top rope. She hit the Double Jump Moonsault... the Blind Fayth and covered, but only got two!

Fayth clenched her fist as she screamed at Desiree to get up. Desiree got back to her feet when the crowd roared! Sarkhaya came out from the back and hit the ring and spun Fayth around. She hit a high kick the face and then quickly grabbed Fayth by the head, hooking her for a suplex. She lifted Fayth up, pivoted her, and nailed an Ace Crusher out of the Suplex hold!! The Blood-Stained Tears! The referee had to call for the bell as Desiree just stood there looking on.

Winner: Un-Fayth via DQ
Match Time: 6:12
Match Rating: **1/2

Jack Wallace: I guess Sarkhaya wasn't going to sit around and let what happened at Breakdown just slide on past! She took matters into her own hands here tonight!

Jeff Hartman: That didn't work out too well for Samuel L. Jackson in A Time to Kill, but good GOD was Sandra Bullock hot as a little country girl.

After the Match
Sarkhaya completely ignored Desiree and mounted Un-Fayth. She pounded her fist heavily into Un-Fayth's face, over and over and over and over again until one of the punches actually drew blood from Un-Fayth's nose!!! Despite this, Sarkhaya wouldn't let up as she continued to hammer away. It got to the point where even Desiree felt that enough was enough and rushed over and pulled her off of Fayth.

Desiree: Okay Okay OKAY! She's had enough.. look at her. You've done enough!

Sarkhaya breathed in and out heavily as she looked at the damage she caused.

Desiree: Just calm down.. it's over now, okay? Just calm down.

Sarkhaya nodded and exited the ring. She walked around ringside, looking at Un-Fayth as she laid there, bleeding on the canvas. If it were up to Sarkhaya, she would have gone on all night or until her arms fell off. Un-Fayth tried to take away her very existence at Breakdown.. it was only fitting that she returned the favor here tonight.

"We are two BADASS Champions "

In the back we are taken to the locker room of the NEW Hype Tag Team Champions. As usual, Davis Bloome is sitting on a bench looking serious while Tripp Wise is all hyped up and energized.

Tripp: Man.. you have NO IDEA how good this feels. We are truly at the top of the mountain now. Maybe we should cash these in on one of the main roster teams and go after the world tag team titles next! We could totally do it, ya know!

Bloome stood up.

Bloome: And this is why we're going to lose our championships in two weeks because if you keep this head on your shoulders, we will lose to The Widow's Nest.. they will get their rematch and if you still don't pull your head out of your ass, we will lose these belts to them. It was your hyper attitude that got us on our losing streak and after we finally get ahold of some championship gold, you negated everything you'd improved upon and you're reverting back to your former self.

Tripp let out a heavy sigh.

Tripp: Look broseph... I get the whole serious face time thing, okay? When it comes time for our match, I will be a hundred percent focused... but we have no match tonight and it's our first official show as the new Hype Tag Team Champions... there's nothing on our agenda, man. We need to let loose ONCE in a while.. You think that we should walk around here twenty-four sevs with sticks up our asses the entire time? Come on, man! Screw that noise! Tonight, we should celebrate.. then next week, we focus, we kick some legs off some spiders.. and we call it a day.

Bloome shook his head.

Bloome: Fine. We can celebrate.. but just this once.. after tonight.. our heads get back into the game.

Tripp ran over and jumped onto Davis, putting his arm around his shoulder.

Tripp: Now you're getting the idea, daddy-o! Let's go hit the bar.. drinks on me... whaddya say?

Bloome: If we must..

Tripp: Such a downer.. don't worry.. a few brewskis and we'll change that frown into a squiggly line that don't know where it starts or ends! C'mon! Let's go celebrate in the only way we know how to...

Bloome: Don't even think about...

Tripp: In a way that's BADASS!!!

Bloome: ... and there it is.

With that, Tripp Wise bounced out of the room while Bloome shook he head. He let out another heavy sigh and walked off camera, the scene faded to black.

Jameson Scott vs Tristan

Match Summary
This match was made before Breakdown by Shayne Anderson. The winner of this match will go on to face the winner of tonight's main event for the Hype Championship.

Scott and Tristan circled in the ring and locked up. Tristan with the headlock, but Scott backed him into the ropes and shot him across. Scott when for one of his patented kicks, but Tristan hung onto the top rope and avoided it. Tristan charged in and swung with a clothesline, but Scott ducked underneath, turned and hit a high kick to the face that staggered Tristan to the ropes. Scott walked in and hit a few front kicks, but Tristan sucked it up and grabbed a hold of Scott's leg. He pulled Scott's leg through the middle and top ropes then kicked him on the underside of his leg! He did this a second time, then a third time before Scott pulled his leg out and staggered away. Tristan hit a chop block from behind and took Scott down to the canvas.

Tristan stood and grabbed the leg, slamming the knee into the canvas. He repeated this again and then taunted the crowd, stating he would become the next Hype Champion. He turned his attention back to Scott and got caught in the stomach with a right hand. Scott pulled himself up to his feet and peppered Tristan with more right hands until Tristan countered with a knee lift. He grabbed Scott's leg and twisted him down with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. He then applied a leg lock complete with scissors on the canvas. Scott refused to give up and fought through it, reaching out to the ropes and eventually getting there. Tristan broke the hold on four, stood and dragged Scott back to the center of the ring where he dropped three elbows across Scott's injured leg at the knee. He tried to hook Scott for the Disasterpiece.. the inverted Cloverleag, but Scott reached up and pulled Tristan over with an inside cradle almost getting the win off a flash pin!

Tristan immediately stood and kicked Scott in the face. Tristan went back over and hooked Scott for a Single Leg Crab. He turned him over and Scott found himself in the middle of the ring once again with nowhere to go. Scott fought and reached out to the ropes, but when he got close, Tristan stood and brought him back, but Scott twisted to his back and kicked Tristan away. Scott stood as fast as he could and decked Tristan in the face with a forearm. Tristan charged back in and was met with another forearm. Scott hobbled in and leapt up, hitting a leg lariat with his good leg, taking Tristan down! Scott started to get some feeling back into his leg. Scott grabbed Tristan and whipped him into the ropes. He made Tristan eat a back Elbow and knocked him to the canvas. He sat Tristan up and hit him with a Quick Kick I, a Quick Kick II, then a Quick Kick III all with his good leg! Scott made the cover, hooking the leg, but he only got two.

Scott pulled Tristan up and hooked him for a vertical suplex. He lifted him high up and then let him free fall with a Release Gordbuster, but he knee'd Tristan in the face on the way down!!! The crowd let out a huge "OOOH" on that one as Scott went for the cover, but Tristan kicked out again! Scott stood and signaled for the end. He walked over and reached down, looking to apply the Cross Arm Breaker, but Tristan hit a drop toe hold and quickly stood and applied the Disasterpiece! Tristan sunk it in deep, but Scott crawled to the ropes. He reached out and grabbed them, but Tristan didn't release until the count of four. Tristan stood and grabbed Scott by the waist. He hit a Dead Lift German Suplex with Bridge pin and Scott kicked out again! Tristan was starting to get frustrated and rolled out of the ring. He grabbed a steel chair and brought it back into the ring. The referee got into a tug-o-war with Tristan over the chair. The referee won and then poked his head through the ropes to hand the chair off to a ringside attendant. This is when Tristan pulled a chain out of his tights and decked Scott in the face with it. Tristan tossed the chain out of the ring and quickly made the cover. The referee turned saw Tristan covering Scott. He made the count and Tristan picked up the three!

Winner: Tristan via Pinfall
Match Time: 14:31
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Tristan just cheated his way to the number one contendership! He couldn't put Jameson Scott away and he had to resort hitting the poor guy with a chain between the eyes!

Jeff Hartman: Anything it takes to win, Jack.. anything it takes to win.

"The Elder Versus The Youngers"

We open up to the backstage area where we see Eldridge Ali and The Ali Boys standing around.

Eldridge: One match.. one win... two matches.. two losses. That's been the tale of the two of us.

Iago: Aw come on.. you really going to do this? You always do this!

Eldridge: Because I'm always the one to bring out the very best in you two. That's why.

Clemente: There's no use arguing with him, Iago. So... What are you proposing this time?

Eldridge: A simple competition. I want to see which of us can rack up the most wins over the next three weeks.

Clemente: That's it? What about the takes? What do the winners get?

Eldridge: Let's just call it a surprise.

Iago: The last time you promised us a surprise, we had to spend the weekend over at uncle Jerry's house because you roped me into cleaning his damn pool.

Eldridge: Trust me.. it's not anything like that this time.

Clemente: The whole mystery aspect is kind of intriguing and we do need to get back to our winning ways.. so I'll accept your challenge, but the split second you lose a match, don't think we're not going to jump all of over you about it.

Eldridge: I wouldn't have it any other way.

Mike Patterson vs Regan Hearst

Match Summary
The fans were a bit surprised when the ring announcer stated that the hype championship match was next. Many were under the impression that this would be the main event, but it was much too early for that. The murmurs of what would come after this match began as each man made their way to the ring. Once both were set, the bell rang and this match was under way.

Patterson and Hearst circled each other in the ring and locked up. Both men tried to get position, but neither man would budge. They broke the lock up and circled each other once again. They locked up and Hearst hit a knee lift followed by a pair of forearms. Hearst backed into the ropes and Patterson exploded from the standing position and nailed a huge shoulder block that didn't budge Hearst at all! Hearst challenged him to hit him again and Patterson backed into the ropes, but Hearst leaned in and knocked Patterson down with a big shoulder block of his own. Hearst hit the ropes, came back and went for a Senton Back Splash, but Patterson moved out of the way! Patterson backed into the ropes and went for the Spear, but Hearst side-stepped and Patterson put the brakes on before the ropes. Hearst charged in and clotheslined over the top rope and out to the floor!

Hearst stepped to the outside and pulled Patterson up. He hit a knife edge chop across the chest and then grabbed Patterson by the arm. He whipped him towards the ring post, but Patterson reversed the whip and pulled him into a knee lift. He clubbed Hearst over the back and then set him up between his legs, but Hearst countered with a back body drop to the floor! Hearst rolled into the ring and back out to break the count. He pulled Patterson up, but Patterson charged forward and rammed Hearst into the barricades! Patterson then decked Hearst in the face with a pair of forearm shots. He then picked up Hearst and snake eyed him on top of the barricades! Patterson rolled into the ring at the count of eight and rolled back out, breaking the count for the second time.

Patterson pulled Hearst back up where he hoisted him up onto his shoulders with a fireman's carry. Patterson then spun Hearst off with an F5-like move right into the ring post!!!! A "Holy Shit" chant broke out as Patterson quickly grabbed Hearst and threw him back into the ring. Patterson climbed onto the apron and up onto the top turnbuckle pad. He leapt off and slammed down on top of Hearst with the Big Souix Splash!! Patterson made the cover, hooking the leg, but Hearst kicked out!!! Patterson was hoping to end this match, but it appeared that Regan Hearst was more resilient than he thought he would be. Patterson stood and quickly grabbed Hearst and placed him between his legs. He lifted Hearst up for Trailervision, but Hearst kicked away and landed on his feet. Hearst quickly picked Patterson up and hooked him by the head, dropping him with an Air Raid Crash!! Hearst now went for the cover, hooking the leg, but Patterson kicked out!

Hearst stood up and backed away into the corner, measuring Patterson up. Patterson got up to his feet and Hearst charged in, leaping into the air, looking for the Cranial Separation, but Patterson quickly side stepped and hooked Hearst by the waist. Patterson hit not one, not two, but three rolling German Suplexes on Hearst. Patterson went back to the corner and climbed up to the top turnbuckle pads. He took aim and leapt off with another Frog Splash, but Hearst put the knees up in time! Patterson clutched his mid-section as he writhed in pain on the ground. Hearst stood and grabbed Patterson by the waist. He then showed some scary strength by deadlifting Patterson off the canvas and nailed a Gutwrench Suplex! That was a 337 pound man he just did that to!! Hearst went to the corner and he climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad. We haven't seen Hearst ever go to the top rope.. what in the world!? He leapt off and nailed a HUGE Senton Back Splash that crushed Patterson beneath him! Hearst with the cover, but Patterson kicked out at two!

A "This is Awesome" chant broke out as both men were in a battle where they were trying to one up each other. Hearst pulled Patterson back up and nailed an Inverted Atomic Drop. Hearst backed into the ropes and charged in, but Patterson quickly scooped him into a snap powerslam! Patterson, instead of going for the cover, kept Hearst cradled and stood! He pulled Hearst up off the canvas and dropped him across his knee with a rib breaker. He lifted him back up and hit another rib breaker, and then fell forward with a falling powerslam! Patterson covered and got two!!

Patterson stood and motioned that he was going to end it right here and now. He backed into the corner and crouched down, looking at another spear attempt. Patterson charged in once Hearst stood up, but Hearst just KILLED Patterson with a palm thrust right to forehead!! The smack was sickening as it echoed throughout the arena! Patterson hit the canvas with a loud thud and looked to be out cold! Hearst quickly grabbed Patterson and pulled him up, placing him between his legs. He lifted Patterson up, spun and nailed the Spinning Powerbomb... the Spontaneous Combustion!! That had to be it! New Hype Champion was inbound, but NO!! Patterson kicked out at two and nine tenths!

Hearst couldn't believe that after getting decked in the face and dropped with that powerbomb that Patterson still had the awareness and power to kick out! Hearst decided he needed to wear Patterson down and take some of that power away so he applied a head lock on the canvas. Patterson tried to battle up to his feet but about half way up, Hearst flipped Patterson onto his back and re-hooked the side head lock! Patterson had the fans rallied up and he was feeding off their energy as he started to stand. Hearst tried to flip him over again, but Patterson lifted Hearst up, looking to counter with a back drop suplex, but Hearst kicked his feet in the air and swung momentum back his way and took Patterson back down with the headlock once again! Perhaps this strategy is working out for Hearst as Patterson has not been able to escape this headlock for some time now.

Patterson battled up to his feet for a third time, but this time he fired heavy right hands into Hearst's side. He lifted Hearst up and Hearst attempted to counter again, but Patterson converted the lift into an Atomic Drop. He then decked Hearst in the back of the neck with a forearm that staggered him forward. Patterson backed into the ropes, but Hearst turned around and leveled Patterson with a massive lariat! He had the cover, hooking the leg, but Patterson kicked out once again.

Hearst grabbed Patterson and pulled him up to his feet. He grabbed him by the waist and nailed a Belly to Belly Suplex. He held on, pulled Patterson up and nailed another Belly to Belly Suplex. He held on, stood and pulled Patterson with him. He then took him overhead with a Belly to Belly Release Suplex!! Hearst stood, but Patterson immediately got back to his feet! Patterson grabbed Hearst and hit a Belly to Belly Suplex of his own! Patterson pulled him up and hit another Belly to Belly Suplex. He pulled him up and hooked his arm around Hearst's neck and nailed an Exploder Suplex! Patterson was down.. Hearst was down.. the audience was on their feet!

The referee began his mandatory ten count. Patterson and Hearst both got up at the count of eight. Patterson fired a right... Hearst countered with a right. Patterson with a headbutt... Hearst with a headbutt. Patterson charged in with a forearm smash... Hearst tried to go for a Forearm Smash of his over, but Patterson went behind and grabbed Hearst, hitting a German Suplex. He held on, pulled him up and nailed a second German Suplex.. he held on and converted it to a Half Nelson and nailed a Half Nelson Suplex!! Patterson went to the corner and slowly climbed up top. He took aim and leapt off with the Frog Splash, but Hearst moved out of the way!!! Hearst got up, backed into the ropes and when Patterson stood... Leaping Headbutt to the skull!! Cranial Separation!!! The crowd stood as they felt that this was it! Hearst made the cover and Patterson kicked out!!!

Hearst stood up and grabbed the referee by the shirt wondering where the three count was! The referee threatened Hearst with a disqualification if he didn't back off. Hearst turned around and saw Patterson up onto his knees. He walked over and grabbed Patterson by the hair, but Patterson hoisted Hearst onto his shoulders and nailed a Death Valley Driver! Patterson was still taken out of it by that leaping headbutt. He sat there on the canvas, trying to shake off the effects of that headbutt. Patterson got back to his feet and walked over to Hearst. He pulled Hearst back up and placed him between his legs. Hearst countered with a back body drop, but they were near the ropes and Patterson spilled out to the ring apron. He used the ropes to pull himself up as Hearst took off to the ropes. He charged in and Speared Mike Patterson off the apron and out to the floor!!!

A HUGE "Holy Shit" chant broke out as both men were laid out on the floor. The referee began his count. At the count of six, Hearst got up and grabbed Patterson, pulling him off the floor. At the count of eight, he rolled Patterson back into the ring. Hearst slid in at nine as Patterson struggled to pull himself up. Hearst grabbed Patterson and helped him up to his feet. He slung him off to the ropes where he popped him up into the air and caught him on his shoulders! He tilted off and nailed the Reverse Death Valley Driver!!! The Spinal Crack! Hearst turned and went for the cover.. all of a sudden, the bell rang!!

Hearst looked around the arena. The people looked confused as well. William Bell made the announcement.

William Bell: Ladies and Gentlemen.. the 60 minute time limit for this match has expired.. this match.. is a DRAW!

The people couldn't believe it... the action was hard hitting and engaging to the point where they didn't realize that sixty minutes had expired! Hearst had Patterson right where he wanted wanted him and perhaps he had him defeated, but that was taken away from him by the time limit of the match. Hearst wasn't happy.. He quickly exited the ring and kicked the steel ring steps in frustration before heading towards the entrance way. The referee checked on Patterson and pulled him up to his feet. He handed him the Hype Championship, but all that Patterson could do is stare at the entrance ramp at Regan Hearst. Hearst turned towards Patterson.

"I HAD YOU AND YOU KNOW IT" yelled Hearst.

Patterson couldn't answer... Hearst wasn't lying. Hearst turned and exited to the back. As Patterson held his championship, he knew that this issue was far from over.

Winner: Time Limit Draw
Match time: 60:00
Match Rating: *****