"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

We immediately open up backstage as Gabriel Gold and Brian Williams are brawling with each other. Williams grabs Gold and sends him flying into a concrete wall. Williams runs at Gold, but Gold sidesteps and sends Williams into the wall, but Williams puts out his hands and stops it. Gold then pummels Williams from behind with forearm shots to the upper back, but Williams turns around and starts to punch away at the side of Gold.

"Security.. separate them!" yelled a voice from off camera.

With that, about a dozen men in secruity shirts hit the scene and pull Williams and Gold apart. Shayne Anderson then steps into view.

"Okay.. I've had enough of this. You two have been at each other's throats for a while and I absolutely REFUSE to let this turn into another Sebastian Saje, Jeremy Ryan situation. That is why on the first edition of The Hype after Cataclysm, I'm going to give you two what you really want... a one on one match with a Falls Count Anywhere stipulation. Until then, you are not to touch each other or come near each other. Hate each other all you want.. let it eat away at you all you want it to.. but that is my ruling. I already have a card stacked for tonight and I don't need you two destroying my sets and equipment and possibly ruining all of it."

Williams and Gold just stared at each other.

"Security... eject them from the building."

Anderson watched on as security hauled away Williams and Gold

Jack Wallace: Welcome everyone to The Hype! What a way to start it off, too! Backstage Brian Williams and Gabriel Gold had reached a boiling point and now Shayne Anderson has given them a three week cooling off period before they unleash hell on each other in a Falls Count Anywhere match!

Jeff Hartman: It's a shame he didn't just let them fight. They could have destroyed our broadcasting equipment and then I wouldn't have to sit here and endure the next two hours with you and all of these hopeless talents.

Jack Wallace: Way to earn your paycheck there, Jeff. Such a positive pro-company attitude

Jeff Hartman: I'm union. As long as AFSCME is happy, I'm happy. To hell with this company.

Hija de un Gran Avispa vs "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann

Match Summary
As the only female in the Avispa Clan is out in the ring, "Antinotice" by AKIAKANE hits the PA system. As the fans stomp their feet to the beat, Avispa looked on, but noticed that some time has passed and Ryann hasn't made her way out from the back. The music plays for about a total of a minute when it fades out. The people are wondering where Ryann is, but then the jOlt vision illuminates

Winner: No Match
Match Time: 0:00
Match Rating:

Backstage Amber Ryann is on the ground with blood running from her mouth. Standing by her is Vogue Gonsalvez. She stepped toward Amber and kneeled down next to her, grabbing her by the hair and exposing her bloodied face.

"It's fortunate for me that Brian Williams and Gabriel Gold caused such a nice distraction.. because now nobody had to witness me beating the hell out of you, chica."

Vogue tightens her grip on Ryann's hair.

"NOBODY shows me up on live television.. especially some confused freak like yourself."

Vogue then flat out spit in Ryann's face before she let go of her hair.

"Understand who the true queen is, chica", said Vogue as she stepped over Ryann and walked away.

Jack Wallace: Amber Ryann may have beaten Vogue Gonsalvez last week on The Hype, but she didn't deserve any of that. I hope the medical staff saw that so they can go check on her.

Jeff Hartman: Excuse me.

Jack Wallace: Where are you going?

Jeff Hartman: She looks like she needs mouth to mouth.

Jack Wallace: SIT DOWN.

"Sky High" Latrell Samuel vs Ryan Raysor

Match Summary
The cage lowered and then both men made their entrance. As soon as the cage door was locked, Raysor bolted for the wall and began climbing the ropes and the cage. Latrell immediately gave chase and grabbed Raysor by his tights and yanked him down. Latrell then opened up with the offense on Raysor, laying in some much awaited punches fueled by frustration. Latrell sent Raysor to the ropes and knocked him to the canvas. Latrell remained in full control of the match, not letting Raysor do much of anything. Eventually, Raysor hit a low blow and then a sit out face jam. He then began to climb the cage again and made it to the very top, but Latrell was able to grab him and peel him off the top! Raysor hit the canvas HARD. Latrell finished climbing the cage and turned around. SKY HIGH OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE!!!! Latrell then made the cover on Raysor and got the three.

Winner: Latrell Samuel via Sky High
Match Time: 17:45
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace: Wow.. Latrell Samuel had his way with Ryan Raysor in that cage, but in the end, not even Raysor's tricks could get him out of this. Latrell Samuel has finally delivered Raysor's first definitive loss here on The Hype.

Jeff Hartman: First.. that sounded gay.. and second.. are you some company from Stamford, CT all of a sudden and are ignoring history? Do you not remember when Seraph was a REAL monster and destroyed Ryan Raysor several months ago? Yeesh.. and you say I'm bad at my job and I need to be fired? Look in the mirror

We open it up to the locker room of Cross the Hood. Both of them are sitting on a bench with black towels over their heads, covering their faces.

"In the darkness of the city lights, two boys were forged into men. Men with pride, cred, and toughness unmatched by anyone in their neighborhoods. Since coming here to this show.. we lost sight of that.", said Machida Hood.

"That's right. We tried to climb the ladder too fast and in the process, we forgot who we were. Widow's Nest... West Texas Terrorists... Seraph... Magma... Thank you all. Thank you all for putting us in our place and reminding us that we went from men back to being those punk ass boys from the streets that hadn't yet matured" said Jackson Cross

Both Hood and Cross took off their towels and unveiled a tattoo-styled face paint over their eyes.. On Hood it was his left eye.. on cross it was his right eye. Both of them looked straight into the camera.

"Tonight.. we start a new path.. tonight we take back our pride.. we take back our freedom.. we take back what we lost.. and that is the manhood that the streets of Brooklyn forged and delivered unto us." said Hood.

"Tonight.. we stand and before anyone and watch them fall. We'll show them what happens when they decide to Cross the Hood." said Cross.

Both of them stand up and exit the locker room as the scene fades to black.

Cross the Hood vs Mad Morgan & Shovel

Match Summary:
When the bell rang, Morgan grabbed Shovel and launched him toward Cross for the double team spear they call The Battering Ram, but Cross flat out Yakuza Kicked Shovel in the face. That called for the bell as the match began. Cross pulled Shovel up to his feet and kneed him in the stomach repeatedly. He set up Shovel between his legs and used his power to lift the 280lber up and nail a powerbomb in the middle of the ring. Tag to Hood who went up top. Top rope leg drop connected as Hood looked on at Mad Morgan but only got two after a cover. Another tag to Cross and he stomped away on Shovel. Tag back to Hood and he worked over Shovel some more after propping him up in the corner, but Shovel fought back and darted over, making the tag to Morgan. Morgan cleaned house off the hot tag and whipped Hood to the ropes, but Hood came back with a flying forearm. He he quickly stood Morgan up and hit the ropes. He came back with a modified STO across the knee called the Project 347. Cross ran across the ring and nailed a spear through the ropes, knocking Shovel to the floor and Cross going with him to a massive "OOOOH" from the crowd. Hood made the cover and got the three!

Winner Cross the Hood via Project 347
Match Length : 10:43
Match Rating : ***

Jack Wallage: "As dominant as Morgan and Shovel were last week, Cross the Hood brought it. They were focused, they were serious, and they put down Morgan and Shovel as if their debut last week meant nothing. Cross the Hood now has everyone's eyes focused upon them for sure!

Jeff Hartman: "I'm digging the new theme, too. Makes me feel like I have street cred."

Jack Wallace: "Yeah. because I'm sure YOU have street cred."

Jeff Hartman: "I have more than you suburban boy."

We open up backstage with Xin Xin Xiong and Desiree who is warming up, boxing style. Xiong pats her on the back.

"I'm proud of you. You used your mind to defeat Vogue Gonsalvez, and then you used your ability to defeat Sarah Winterton. You're in the finals of the Starlet Championship Tournament, but we can't let you get rusty. Up next, I have a match for you against one of The Hype's veteran Starlets. This is going to be another good test to see if you're ready to compete. Are you ready?"

Desiree hopped up and down to loosen up while stating it boldly.

"I am ready!" she said with conviction.

"Good.. let's go.. your match is next." said Xiong.

They walked off as the scene faded to black.

Desiree vs Faith Hines

Match Summary:
The two of them locked up at the bell and Desiree went into an arm wringer. While she held Faith in the arm wringer, she kicked away with some vicious strikes to the chest. Off to the ropes, but Faith hit a shoulder block. Faith went back to the ropes, but Desiree hit a drop toe hold and then a facelock. Desiree then began to knee Faith in the head, not allowing her to get up. Faith battled back, though, but when she got to her feet, Desiree continued to hit knee lifts to the stomach. She then grabbed her heel and nailed a hook kick to the back of Faith's head. Desiree went up top and when Faith stood, she went for a drop kick, but Faith moved out of the way. Faith then hit several high impact moves, and looked to have used her veteran skill to outclass the rookie. Faith then hooked Desiree for her butterfly DDT.. No Faith in Humanity and nailed it, but Desiree stood right up!! Faith was shocked as Desiree let out a massive scream and hit a high roundhouse right into the side of Faith's head, knocking her out cold, but Desiree fell to a single knee as he held her head in pain. X3 pounded on the canvas to get back into it. Desiree shook it off and grabbed Faith, placing her in the Triangle Choke... Faith held on as long as she could, but then she tapped out!

Winner : Desiree via Desire
Match Length : 9:42
Match Rating : **1/2

Jack Wallage: "WOW! Desiree took that butterfly DDT head on.. literally, and just stood right up. The fire and intensity in her drove her to victory. Just what in the hell is Xin Xin Xiong teaching her!?"

Jeff Hartman: "That women truly have no brains so they can't feel pain in their heads"

Jack Wallace: Ladies and gentlemen.. the living lawsuit.. Jeff Hartman.

After the Match
As Desiree celebrated victory, Vogue Gonsalvez ran out from the back and slid into the ring. X3 yelled at Desiree to watch out, but Vogue hit a double axe handle to the back of her head. He picked Desiree back up and nailed a brainbuster before going up top and nailing the Sky Twister Moonsault.. the En Vogue. Like she did backstage, Vogue kneeled down and grabbed Desiree by the hair.


Vogue spat in her face as well before she looked at X3 at ringside.

"Your little bitch is going to pay for knocking me out of the tournament. This is just the beginning." she yelled toward Xiong.

Vogue rolled out of the ring and headed toward the back.

Jon Le Bon walked to Shayne Anderson's office with a manilla envelope in his hands. He slammed it down on to of Shayne's desk and grinned. If Le Bon grinned any more, a sparkle could have flashed on his teeth.

"What's this?" asked Shayne.

Le Bon just smiled as Shayne shook his head. He opened the envelope and read the documents inside.

"I see" said Shayne. "You really did go above, not only my head, but everyone else's did you?"

Le Bon still just stood there and continued to smile.

"Well congratulations... your lawyers have done what you wanted to. As of this moment, I have no choice but to say, good luck."

Le Bon backed off toward the door, but before he walked through it.


The crowd cheered as that phone conversation he had last week was obviously with a lawyer. What was in Shayne's hands was a renegotiated contract. Jon Le Bon was no longer a Hype Roster member... he was now a full fledged member of the main roster to be seen on iNtense and Warriors each and every week.

Underneath all the layers of mental instability.. could Jon Le Bon be smarter than we all thought? Heaven help us if he truly is.

After Le Bon left, Shayne grinned.

"He's your problem now, Johnson... Thank.... GOD"

The scene faded to black.

Magma vs Serpah

Match Summary:
The battle to determine the true monster of The Hype has arrived. Both Seraph and Magma locked up and used their power to push each other around the ring, not giving an inch to each other. Magma eventually broke the lock up with a knee lift and some clubbing blows. Magma then send Serpah to the ropes and tried a shoulder block, but Seraph didn't budge. The two tried to test each other's strength with those blocks, but neither budged. Magma then slapped Seraph across the face. Seraph fired up and hit a series of huge power moves on Magma that got the fans behind him. He grabbed Magma for Divine Destruction, but Magma broke the grip and nailed a standing powerslam. He then set Seraph up for Volanism, but it was countered with a back body drop. They both then brawled to the outside, where Seraph slammed Magma's head on the announce table. After rolling him on there, Seraph got on the apron and put himself through the table after Magma moved. Magma grabbed a chair and waited for Seraph, but Seraph punched Magma in the gut, stole the chair and upward swung it into Magma's face!

CRACK! Another chair shot over Magma's head broke the chair! Magma was about to fall when Seraph grabbed him and threw him into the steel ringsteps! From the barricades, hopped a rather large man who leveled Seraph from behind!


The former jOlt Tag Team Champion, original Hype member who made it to the main roster had returned after disappearing from the split of The Reckoning. Harbinger grabbed Seraph then threw him into Magma and the ring steps. Harbinger picked up and another chair and charged in, diving chair first into the two of them and the steps! Harbinger stood up and let out a roar, signalling his return to The Hype. The referee threw the match out as both men were unable to continue thanks to Harbinger's attack.

Despite the attack, A huge "WELCOME BACK" chant filled the arena as Harbinger rolled into the ring and stood tall among the fans! After a few moments, he exited the ring and went to the back, grinning at what he had just done.

Winner : No Contest
Match Length : 16:01
Match Rating : ***

Jack Wallage: "I did not see that one coming! Harbinger has returned here to The Hype! What does he want with Seraph and Magma, though?"

Jeff Hartman: "If you are a former Tag Team Champion.. why the hell would you come crawling back here?"

A video package airs of the feud between Alyssa Corliss and Raevynn. These two starlets have had issues since week one all stemming over a romance involving the current Hype Champion, Sebastian Saje. For those who followed the entire story, the epilogue of the Saje/Ryan feud was about to begin

Alyssa Corliss vs Raevynn

Match Summary:
Raevynn started out beating down Alyssa right at the bell. She ground her and then kicked her to the outside. Raevynn let out a scream as if she waited her entire life to get her hands on Alyssa Corliss. Raevynn slides out of the ring and grabs Alyssa, but she battles back and rams Raevynn into the apron. She rolls her back in for two. Alyssa stands up and slaps Raevynn across the face, but Raevynn hits forearm shot after forearm shot before going to the ropes and hitring a flying lariat. Raevynn regained control of the match as she hit several high impact moves to soften up Alyssa. The end looked to be near as Alyssa staggered up to her feet after a side slam. Raevynn went for Seconds to Midnight, but Alyssa countered with a swinging side slam of her own for two. Alyssa then grabbed Raevynn and went for the Corliss Effect, but Raevynn twisted out and hit a pair of forearms to the face. Raevynn went for the ropes and ran into a big boot. Standing moonsault by Alyssa only gets two. Both battle back up and go into a strong style flurry of punches and slaps to each other which really got the crowd into the match. A series of strikes doubled Alyssa over. Raevynn went to the ropes. Sunset flip, but Alyssa rolled through. She turned and kicked Raevynn in the head... Corliss Effect! The split-legged gordbuster! KICK OUT AT TWO!

Raevynn refused to die. Alyssa pulled her up.. she went for a second Corliss Effect, but Raevynn countered with a small package.. only two! They both stood up and clotheslined each other! The referee began a ten count.. both got up by the count of nine. Knee by Raevynn. She went to the ropes.. Seconds to Midnight! KICK OUT AT TWO! Raevynn got up and screamed at the top of her lungs in frustration. She went to the ropes, but drop toe hold counter by Alyssa... another kick to the head... Corliss Effect! GOT HER! Three Count!

Winner : Alyssa Corliss via The Corliss Effect
Match Length : 31:48
Match Rating : ****

Jack Wallage: "Did you ever think we would see a match of that caliber between two starlets!? This match just stole the entire show! And now.. the final chapter in the Raevynn, Sebastian Saje, Jeremy Ryan, and Alyssa Corliss saga has closed.. the epilogue has been written"

Jeff Hartman: "I don't think it's done yet, Jack"

After Match
As Alyssa was on the ropes, celebrating her win, Raevynn, under sheer willpower stood up and the look on her face was that of psychotic rage! She ran over and grabbed Alyssa and yanked her off the ropes, causing her to hit the back of her head on the canvas hard.

Raevynn then grabbed Alyssa in a reverse chancery and pulled her into a reverse DDT position.

"DIE YOU FUCKING BITCH" yelled Raevynn.

She lifted Alyssa high into the air, almost to an inverted suplex height and then dropped her with force on her upper back...a move known to some as Paroxysm.. she called it the Tears BREAKER.

Raevynn then grabbed a microphone.

"I'M DONE... I DON'T NEED YOU... I DON'T NEED SEBASTIAN... I DON'T NEED ANY OF THIS. I HAVE SOMEONE ELSE NOW. THIS IS THE LAST YOU'RE GOING TO SEE OF ME...TO HELL WITH ALL OF YOU." screamed Raevynn as she dropped the microphone. She rolled out of the ring and stormed to the back with tears in her eyes.

Jack Wallace: Did Raevynn just quit The Hype? Did she say she had someone else?

Jeff Hartman: Do you need the guys in the truck to rewind that for you or can you not remember what was said just 10 seconds ago?

Jack Wallace: Ladies and gentlemen..we're at a loss here.. we'll see you after Cataclysm for another edition of The Hype.