"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Welcome everyone to The Hype! We're here once again for another great week of action and perhaps for some answers after Michael Donavan had an eye opening epiphany during his match with Sayber last week!

Jeff Hartman: Indeed he did. His eyes were opened and they saw the better path to the Hype Championship

Jack Wallace: I don't necessarily know if it was the better path as you say, but we're going to send it backstage to see if we can get some answers from Donavan himself

Dawn Cassidy is standing by backstage with Michael Donavan. The people boo as Donavan doesn't seem to care. Cassidy brought the microphone to her lips.

"Last week, you shocked everyone when you defeated Sayber in the manner than you did. Why did you do it?" asked Dawn.

"Well, Dawn.. the answer to that is simple. Nobody gets in my face and questions my ability.. especially Sayber. It's true that I got lost in the shuffle for a bit, but if people think I'm not a threat to the Hype Championship, they're DEAD wrong. Last week, I made a statement.. and that statement is that I am one of the greatest competitors on The Hype and I have what it takes to be the Hype Champion. On top of that, I'm not going to take any kind of shit from ANYONE. You want to question my ability, then I'll simply do what I did to Sayber.. I'll turn you into a mere stepping stone on my path to becoming the face of The Hype."

Cassidy pulled the microphone back and was about to talk when she screamed and ducked! Sayber came flying into view and pounded away on Michael Donavan!!

As the two of them pummeled each other on the ground, Sebastian Saje ran in and tried to pull the two of them apart, but Donavan shoved Saje and told him to stay out of it. Sayber stood there for a moment and looked as Saje.

"Come on. Sayber.. I know you're angry, but Michael owes us a better explanation than what he just gave. Stepping stones? Better than us? Come on. Everyone knows how good you are. Do you really want to do this? All for the sake of a championship belt? Honestly, all you had to do was come up to me and look me in the eyes like a man and ask for a shot and I would have given it to you." said Saje.

"Like a man? Even you are questioning me!" said Donavan before he hauled off and decked Saje! Sayber then jumped on Donavan and the three began to brawl before security and Shayne Anderson intervened.

"ENOUGH! ALL OF YOU!" yelled Anderson. "I'm not going to have three of my top stars kill each other here.. if you want to do it.. do it out there in the ring.. tonight... all three of you in a triple threat match. Now GET LOST"

Each of them left on their own accord as security ensured there wasn't any more fighting between the three of them.

India's Import vs Cross the Hood

Match Summary
Hood and Samir started off and immediately when they went to lock up, Hood hit a knee lift and tossed Samir with an Exloder Suplex. Hood got up and made a slashing motion across his throat at Ryan Raysor in the corner as he turned and pulled Samir up to his feet. Kareem got up onto the ring apron, but Jackson Cross flew at him with a spear and knocked him all the way down to the floor!! As the referee looked on to the outside, Ryan Raysor came into the ring and low blowed Machida Hood from behind! Samir then hit a drop kick and went to the corner! He ascended the turnbuckle pads, but Cross got up on the apron and shoved Samir down! Cross then rolled into the ring and charged the corner, knocking Ryan Raysor to the floor. Hood got up and ran to the ropes as Samir got to his feet. He then hit the STO across the knee.. the Project 347 on Samir who nearly bent in half and got a three in a very short, yet, dominant match

Winner: Cross the Hood via Project 347
Match Time: 3:44
Match Rating: *1/2

Jack Wallace: Cross the Hood continues to be extremely focused and dominant here on The Hype! If they keep this up, there could be a chance they could get called up to the main roster!

Jeff Hartman: Samir and Raysor get screwed again. I'm really starting to think that the two of them are onto something pertaining to being held down. This is truly an injustice.

After the Match
As Cross and Hood celebrated, Mad Morgan and Shovel ran out from the backstage area, hitting the ring. Cross and Hood saw them coming and bailed to the outside. Morgan and Shovel were embarrassed on two separate occasions by Cross the Hood and it looked as if they weren't going to take it anymore. Cross and Hood slowly backed up the entrance ramp saying "not today, boys" as they backpeddled to the backstage area.

We are taken backstage to Shayne Anderson's office. Anderson's head is looking down at his desk as he's pinching the bridge of his nose, supposedly to ward off a headache.

"Every week, it's the same damn thing. I'm not running a program.. I'm running a damn madhouse." said Anderson.

With that, Seraph walked into Anderson's office and stood in front of his desk. Seraph, being a silent one, just stood there, looking at Anderson. Anderson stopped pinching the bridge of his nose and looked up at Seraph. The two of them exchanged stares for a few moments before Anderson spoke up.

"Let me guess.. you're here because of the problems you've been having with Magma and Harbinger, right? Did I hit the nail on the head?"

Seraph slowly nodded.

"Fine. You can have them both next week in a triple threat underground rules match. You three can tear each other apart.. and whoever is left standing can have the oh-so-important title of monster of the hype. Okay? That sound good to you?"

Seraph slowly turned and walked out of Anderson's office.

"I need to invest in a lock for that door." muttered Anderson as the scene faded to black.

"Dragonfly" Amber Ryann vs Desiree vs Vogue Gonsalvez

Match Summary
The issue started with Vogue Gonsalvez and Amber Ryann and now Desiree had gotten mixed up in the affair. Vogue and Ryann locked up as Desiree hung back in the corner and simply watched. Vogue sent Ryann to the ropes, but Ryann used the Mega Man X Wall Jump to float over Vogue. Ryann then hit the Hadoken. Desiree came out of the corner and leveled Ryann with a lariat. Desiree pulled Ryann up to her feet and hit a series of very stiff strikes until Vogue got up. Desiree saw Vogue and moved as Vogue hit a running drop kick on Ryann. Desiree bailed from the ring as Vogue looked and spat some hood lingo in her direction. Vogue went back to work on Ryann, hitting a few strikes and some power moves. Desiree slid into the ring and quickly tried to roll up Vogue while she was focused on Ryann but only got two. Vogue got up and was pissed that Desiree tried to steal one much like in the first round of the Starlet Title Tournament.

Vogue then went to town with forearms to the face of Desiree. She then clotheslined her to the outside and Ryann came from behind and dumped Vogue to the outside as well. Ryann then hit the ropes to gain moment, leapt to top rope with no hands and hit a twisting plancha to the outside that she calls the Exist Trace. Ryann then rolled Vogue into the ring and slid back in, pinning her for two. On the outside, Desiree slowly gets up and lets out a scream. This causes both Ryann and Vogue to look at her as she's on the brink of pulling her hair out!

Desiree then gets up on the ring apron, but Vogue charged in and went to hit her with a forearm, but Ryann grabbed her in a waist lock and rolled her up for two. Desiree then stepped into the ring and swung with a clothesline as Vogue got back to her feet, but Vogue ducked. Ryann got back up and sent her to the outside. When Ryann turned around, Desiree went for a Flatliner, but Ryann countered with a knee to the stomach. She then twisted Desiree around and lifted her up.. nailing the Vertebreaker.. the Fate/Stay Dead for the three!

Winner: Harbinger via Pinfall
Match Time: 12:22
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Amber Ryann picks up the win here tonight, but did you see Desiree flip out and lose control in the match? I think the pressure is finally getting to her and the words said to her by Xin Xin Xiong are starting to ring true

Jeff Hartman: I'm sorry, did you say something? I was too busy looking at 6 bouncing bundles of happiness.

Jack Wallace: Nevermind.

After the Match
Desiree sat alone in the ring after Vogue and Amber Ryann had left. She buried her face into the palm of her hands before she pounded her fist on the canvas. She then got back to her feet and exited the ring. She stormed to the back, holding a fist full of her frazzled hair on the way.

We are once again taken to Shayne Anderson's office. Shayne is going over paperwork when Nate Quartermaine barged into the office. Shayne slams his pen down on the table and looks up at Quartermaine.

"First it's Sebastian Saje, Sayber, and Michael Donavan.. then I have to look a hulking monster in Seraph in the eye.. and now you? Let me guess.. you want me to do something about Jeremy Ryan because you two ran out of vehicles to destroy?" said Anderson sarcastically.

Quartermaine placed his hands on Anderson's desk and leaned in.

"That's right because if you don't do something about Jeremy Ryan, then I'll have no choice but to find him myself and no amount of security that you can muster up can pull me off of him. So unless you want a live televised murder on your hands, you need to give me an Underground Rules match with him."

Shayne stood up and looked Quartermaine in the eye.

"This is my show. Don't take that tone with me. Second.. if you want an Underground Rules match with him.. you got it.. next week. Now get out of my office."

Quartermaine grinned. He turned and exited Anderson's office, but as soon as he stepped through the doorway...


Jeremy Ryan slammed a steel chair over the skull of Nate Quartermaine! Quartermaine was out cold. Anderson jumped out from behind his desk as Ryan dropped the chair and blew a kiss to the out cold Quartermaine and then backed away laughing. Anderson tended to Nate and called out for help as Nate laid there unconscious.

Callie Scott vs Faith Hines

Match Summary:
Scott and Hines locked up in the middle of the ring. Hines with a headlock, but Scott hit a back drop suplex to break out of it. Scott turned and mounted Hines and issued a ground and pound on her to the count of four. She pulled Hines up and sent her to the ropes, making her eat a back elbow. Scott with a pair of leg drops for two. She then placed Hines in a Coquina Clutch. Hines struggled, but eventually made it to the ropes. Hines pulled herself up as Scott charged in, but Hines sent her up and over to the apron. Hines went for a shoulder block, but Scott side stepped and kicked her in the face and hit an axe kick to the back of the head! Hines fell back into the ring as Scott stepped in. Hines sat up as Callie went to the ropes and hit a sliding elbow shot to the face! The Scrap Heap! She covered and picked up her second straight victory on The Hype!

Winner Callie Scott via The Scrap Heap
Match Length : 8:39
Match Rating : **1/4

Jack Wallage: Callie Scott is turning some heads here. She now holds a victory over both Alyssa Corliss and Faith Hines!

Jeff Hartman: I know she's turned my head twice now. Such beauty shouldn't be so deadly.

Jack Wallace: You're right.. you should go ask her out. I'm sure it'll work out well.. for me anyway.

We cut to the starlet locker room where Desiree is propped up against the wall. He hair is covering her eyes as her head is tilted a bit upward. In the faint glimmer of the light coming in from the hallway, we can see a single tear stream on her right cheek.

Desiree reaches into her pocket and pulls out her cell phone. She goes through the menus and stares at the screen for a few moments. Desiree then places the cell phone down on the table and falls into a seated position, clutching her knees close to her chest and burying her face into them.

The camera looks over at the phone's screen. It shows Xin Xin Xiong's contact highlighted. Was Desiree actually thinking about calling him?

The scene faded to black.

We switch to backstage where Black Widow is standing with Araknis and Wolf Spider. She has her mask covering her face, but we can still hear her words through it as she speaks.

"The four were divided. The two have reunited.. and next.. the third returns and the reformation will be complete."

After that short cryptic message, the scene fades to black.

Jack Wallace: The third returns?

Jack Dawn vs ??????

Before the Match
The Widow's Nest made their way out to the top of the entrance ramp. Wolf Spider and Araknis went to each side of the stage while Black Widow remained in the middle. As Jack Dawn stood in the ring, all he could do is watch and wait.

Black Widow stepped aside. Out from the back stepped MUERTE! Muerte had returned from injury and has rejoined up with his brethren in the Widow's Nest. Muerte lead the charge as all of them made their way down to the ring. All but Muerte remained at ringside as he entered.

Match Summary:
Muerte immediately charged in and locked up with Dawn. Dawn placed Muerte in a head lock and controlled him for the beginning of the match. After breaking free from Dawn's submission style wrestling, Muerte backed himself into a corner. Dawn charged in, but Muerte hit a knee lift to stop him. Muerte then hit alternating knee strikes and reversed Dawn into the corner. Muerte shot him across the ring and nailed a running double knee strike to Dawn. Dawn staggered to his feet as Muerte ran past him and nailed a running bulldog! Muerte then knelt down and clutched his fist.. standing up and raising his fist into the air. Dawn staggered to his feet as Muerte grabbed Dawn by the head and pulled him face first into a falling knee strike! It's a move he called the Day of the Dead. Muerte got the three!

Winner : Muerte via Day of the Dead
Match Length : 10:01
Match Rating : **1/2

Jack Wallage: Looks like The Widow's Nest is back and stronger than ever! The only one missing is Supaida, but you can find him on the main roster as Jayshin Lee.

Jeff Hartman: If Jayshin is smart, he'll stay there and not come back to The Hype. Who would want a demotion to THIS place?

Jack Wallace: I'm happy right where I am... You're the one who sees everything in the worst possible light. You are just one miserable ball of negativity.

Jeff Hartman: Again, Wallace, you flatter me.

Sayber vs Michael Donavan vs Sebastian Saje

Match Summary:
The match started with Saje and Sayber going fight for Donavan and sending him to the outside. Both of them dared him to get back into the ring as Donavan contemplated this. It might have well been a Handicap Match at this point. Donavan slowly walked up the ring steps and tried to get back in, but Sayber and Saje cut him off. Eventually, the referee stepped in and allowed Donavan back into the ring. Saje and Sayber both attacked, but Donavan shoved Sayber away and dropped Saje with a stiff right, but Sayber returned with a knee strike and doubled him over. Whip to the corner by Sayber. Sayber then hit a running knee strike. Saje hit a corner clothesline and whipped Donavan into Sayber who hit a Flatliner. Saje hit the ropes and hit a slicing leg drop across the throat. Saje went for the cover, but Sayber pulled Saje off of him

Sayber wanted to make the cover and did so, but Saje pulled him off and the two began to argue with each other. Donavan got up and went for a double clothesline, but both Sayber and Saje ducked. Sayber then clotheslined Donavan back to the outside. He grabbed the top rope and leapt up for a dive, but mid-hop, Saje grabbed Sayber and nailed a release german and went for the cover on him, getting only two.

Saje quickly stood and saw Donavan getting back up. Saje dove to the outside, but Donavan moved and Saje hit the barricades. Donavan began to punish Saje on the outside, but focused too much, not seeing Sayber recover and flip over the top with a Tope Con Hilo, wiping the two of them out! Sayber then rolled Donavan back into the ring and got two.

Sayber then kept Donavan grounded with a few submission holds, but Donavan fought out of them. Donavan went to the ropes, but Sayber caught him with a Sayber Driver. Sayber pulled him up and hit two more Sayber Drivers before making the cover, but Saje pulled the referee out of the ring, rolled in and attacked Sayber, stating that he was going to be the one to pin Donavan. Saje pulled Sayber up and sent him to the ropes and hit a drop kick, but Donavan then rolled Sayber up from behind and out of nowhere, scored the three and then quickly rolled out of the ring. Donavan grinned as he looked back at Saje and Sayber in the middle of the ring.

Winner : Michael Donavan via Pinfall
Match Length : 39:15
Match Rating : ****

Jack Wallage: Michael Doanvan stole a victory here, but the more important thing to note is that the number one contender just pinned the Hype Champion!

Jeff Hartman: All I saw was the finish to the final match and now I can collect my paycheck and go home.

Jack Wallace: I've ran out of things to say about you.. ladies and gentlemen, we'll see you next week here on The Hype as high drama is likely to continue between these three men!