"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to The Hype! This is the final stop for us before we disappear until after Breakdown.. and I know Jeff.. you're happy that you get a little sabatical from the most boring job on Earth.

Jeff Hartman: You don't even know the half of it!

Jack Wallace: Oh, I'm pretty sure I know all of it by now. Last week, Alyssa Corliss had a bit of a new attitude that she took out on Faith Hines.. tonight, we kick off our program with a match between the two of them. So let's not waste any more time and send it down to the ring, shall we?

Faith Hines vs Alyssa Corliss

Match Summary
After attacking Faith Hines and then rubbing it into her face, Alyssa Corliss was set to go one on one with Hines. Hines hoped to possibly knock some sense into her, but that wouldn't happen as when they went to lock up, Alyssa hit a knee lift and then slammed Faith down to the canvas by yanking her hair. Alyssa then hit a running kick to the side of Faith's head, damn near knocking her out. Instead of going for a pin which would end this match quickly, Alyssa simply grinned and leaned against the turnbuckle pads as if she were admiring her work. Faith shook off the cobwebs and tried to stand, but Alyssa charged in and hit another running kick to the head and Faith looked out cold this time. The referee checked on her, but amazingly, she was still in it!

Alyssa grabbed Faith by the hair and pulled her up to her feet. Faith then spat in the face of Alyssa and delivered a swift DDT! Both women were down as the crowd rallied behind Faith Hines to try and pull her self into this match. Faith grabbed the ropes and stood, noticing a small trickle of blood from her forehead after those two vicious kicks. Faith looked a bit pissed off and when Alyssa got on all fours to stand, Faith dropped an elbow into her lower back. She then grabbed Alyssa by the hair and slammed her face first into the canvas!

She stayed on Alyssa, pulling her to her feet and hooking her for the double arm DDT, but Alyssa twisted out of it and hit a high kick to Faith's face! She then spun Faith around and hit a toe kick, doubling her over. Alyssa hooked her in a front face lock and nailed the Corliss Effect.. the Sit-Out Gordbuster. Alyssa made the cover and picked up the three in a bowling show ugly match, but it was about a fight more than technical wrestling.

Winner: Alyssa Corliss via Corliss Effect
Match Time: 4:19
Match Rating: *1/4

Jack Wallace: That's not the kind of high competition we're used to seeing here on The Hype, but with this newfound attitude, Alyssa took a different approach to the match. This is a knock down fight from start to finish. It may not have been pretty, but the object is to win, and that's what Alyssa Corliss did.

Jeff Hartman: The match may not have been pretty bit Alyssa and Faith are pretty decent looking. I wouldn't mind getting a piece of either of them.

Jack Wallace: Tell us something we don't already know, Jeff. Your rhetoric is quite stale.

For those who saw The Hype last week, the scene looked familiar. Shayne Anderson in his office and Callie Scott marching in. Although, Callie looked a little more pissed off this time.

Callie: Okay... last week I asked for a match to settle this issue between myself and Vogue Gonsalvez.. and as far as I'm concerned.. I won that match because I didn't have to bend the rules and cheat. Call it a moral victory, but that's not enough. I want to prove that I am the better starlet and I want to do so in a way where the decision is clear cut.

Shayne stood up from his desk

Shayne: Whoa whoa whoa.. just settle down. You're going to ruin your beautfiul complexion and that's not good for tv. Look... I agree. What Vogue Gonsalvez did last week was unforgivable through and through til the end. She's just threatened by you because you're here to take her spot. Being a Hype original, she probably just feels like the writing is on the wall when it's all in her head.. so look. I'll do this for you. How about tonight, I give you a rematch.. and that rematch will be contested in The Underground.. that way there will be zero excuses!

Callie shook her head at the obvious and poor attempt at flattery.

Callie: Fine.. whatever. Just make it happen.

Callie turned and stormed out of the office as Shayne licked his lips.

Shayne: Oh don't worry.. I'll make it happen.

On that creepy note, the scene faded to black.

The X Movement vs India's Import

Before the Match
India's Import made their way to the ring. After they entered, they awaited their opponents which were scheduled to be Xtreme and Crucifix, after last week's altercation, but Shayne Anderson came out instead with a microphone in hand

Shayne: I regret to inform you two that tonight.. you're actually going to be in a handicap match. When I said you would face The X Movement.. I didn't mean just Crucifix and Xtreme.. you were going to face ALL five members at the same time. You guys enjoy.

Shayne walked backstage as "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth hit the PA and the entire X Movement of Crucifix, Xtreme, Mike Patterson, Mad Morgan, and Shovel came out from the back. They hit the ring as Ryan Raysor and Prince Samir readied themselves, but The Movement played by the rules and elected Shovel to start the match.

Match Summary
Shovel simply stood there as Ryan Raysor started for India's Import. Ryan and Shovel locked up, but Shovel used all 281 lbs and plowed Ryan into the corner. He then hit a series of headbutts that left Ryan in a seated position. Shovel went to the opposite corner, but Samir hopped off the apron and pulled Ryan out of the ring before Shovel could collide with him. The two talked strategy, but Shovel tagged in Xtreme, who came in and hit a Tope Con Hilo over the top rope, but India's Import moved and Xtreme crashed and burned on the outside. Raysor slid back into the ring and ran to the ropes for momentum, but Mike Patterson hit a knee into his lower back as he bounced off the ropes and he staggered forward. Crucifix went up top and then hit a flying knee to the back of Raysor's head! Xtreme came into the ring and made the cover, but Samir broke it up.

Samir went back to his corner, wondering how the hell they were going to stop a 5 on 2 assault. Xtreme tagged Mad Morgan into the ring and Morgan came in, slapping his head to psych himself up. Morgan grinned as Raysor staggered to his feet. He grabbed Raysor and hit a standing spine buster and tagged in Mike Patterson. Patterson went up top and jumped off with his Big Souix Splash, but Samir broke it up again!

Patterson tagged in Xtreme who went up top and went for Xtreme Measures, but Raysor moved out of the way. Xtreme simply reached up and tagged Patterson back in as Raysor crawled toward his corner, but Patterson dragged him back and tagged Crucifix back in. Crucifix dropped an elbow into Raysor's lower back and then applied a Border City Stretch submission hold. Samir tried to come in, but Mad Morgan and Shovel stepped into the ring and cut him off. Crucifix released the hold and stood between Morgan and Shovel. The situation was completely unfair, but Raysor got to his feet and hit Crucifix from behind. He then punched away at Morgan and Samir joined in punching Shovel. This brought Mike Patterson and Xtreme into the ring and it just became a 5 on 2 beatdown. The refeee lost control of the match and called for the bell.

Winner: No Contest
Match Time: 8:15
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: This isn't called for.. It's not called for one bit!

Jeff Hartman: On the contrary, this is the message Anderson is sending them. They're not wanted here anymore. They need to just go away!

After the Match
Gabriel Gold, Jack Dawn, and Brian Williams all poured out from the backstage area. They hit the ring and a five on five brawl ensued. In the whirlwind of punches, security ran out to the boos of the crowd. A "Let Them Fight" chant broke out in the arena as security tried to get things under control. Eventually the two groups were seprated and a staredown occurred as The Hype faded out to commercial.

When we come back from commercial, we are in the back with Terry Massimo when Cori Albright walked in from off screen. Massimo extended his hand and Albright shook it.

Cori: You wanted to see me?

Massimo: Yeah, I did. Look... I almost lost my cool last week and I wanted to apologize for that and talk to you about something.

Cori: Not a problem.. water under the bridge. What's on your mind?

Massimo: I was doing some thinking and I wondered that maybe the reason we can't beat each other is because we're not meant to.

Cori: Whoa.. you're not getting all religious and philsophical on me, are you?

Massimo: Huh? Oh no no... Nothing like that. What I'm trying to say is that you and I took it to each other like no other in The Hype's history for three weeks straight. We went out there and we tore the entire house down and rebuilt it only to tear it down again! So I was thinking.. what would happen if instead of fighting each other.. we teamed up and took on the competition here in jOlt?

Cori nodded his head as a look came over his face that pretty much showed that he liked that idea.

Cori: It makes the most sense. We're two gifted natural athletes and instead of wasting our energy fighting each other, we take that competitive spirit and utilize it as a team. You know.. you can count me in.. I like the idea, but all tag teams need a name, what should we call ourselves?

Massimo: I think you already answered that question. The Natural Athletes.

Cori smirked.

Cori: Simple.. yet it describes us perfectly. The Natural Athletes it is.

Massimo extended his hand and Cori shook it. With that handshake, The Hype was introduced to one of its newest tag teams!

Massimo: So how about this.. we go out to that ring right now.. and we issue an open challenge. I'm eager to see what we can do together

Cori: Sounds like a plan to me

Albright and Massimo then exited the ring. The Hype's newest tag team looked to be in action NEXT!




The sound of the all-black Kodora striking the heavy bag echoed through the entire arena. A demon was unleashed in the ferocious feline. She struck the bag with an intensity she never displayed before. She was normally calm, cool, and collected, but this wasn't the same Kodora. This was a grim spectre that haunted the locker room, spreading absolute darkness.

Xiong: That's it. Get it out of your system.

A low growl began to radiate from the masked female. She didn't even look in her sensei's direction. She just continued blasting the heavy bag.

Xiong: I know you are upset, joji.

She paused her assault on the heavy bag and slowly turned to face X3. Her rage burning in her eyes.

Kodora: Upset? That is the best word you can use to describe how I am feeling, sensei? Upset? With all due respect, I think that is a gross understatement. You have no idea what I am feeling. I once thought that walking away from him was the most horrible feeling I could ever feel, but that is truly nothing compared to the feeling of having him walk away from me. I thought his return to my life was a blessing. A sign that my life was heading in the right direction. That all the trials and tribulations I went through were worth it. However, it was all a lie. Nothing more than a mirage in the desert. He used me, sensei. He played with my heart with the sole purpose of getting to you. It was never about me. It was all about you!

She was nearly frothing at the mouth, as she glared at Xiong. The kato mask-sporting ninja stood his ground, knowing that her emotions had gotten the better of her.

Kodora: Now, you stand here trying to once again play teacher to my student. When in fact, you are the very last person I wish to see. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have felt either pain. My greatest teacher... my greatest tormentor...

Xiong had nothing to say to that, knowing that it was her pain talking. He stood strong, as she started past him. He knew time was the only thing that could heal her wounds and she would eventually come around. Well, he hoped she would.

Xiong: You have a match tonight.

He only got a snort in reply. He stopped her in her tracks by gripping her bicep.

Xiong: Don't follow the darkness or you may never find your way back.

She violently pulled her arm away and made her exit, not wasting another word on him. He could only stand there, shaking his head.

Cori Albright and Terry Massimo made their way out to the ring. Massimo grabbed a microphone and brought it up to his lips.

Massimo: Tonight begins a new chapter for The Hype. It marks the beginning of one of the fiercest and most competitive tag teams to ever step foot into the RingRats Academy. We want to show the world that we are about nothing more than just pure competition.. so therefore, we want to issue a challenge to any te....

Before Massimo could continue, Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome stepped out from the backstage area. Tripp had the microphone in his hand

Tripp: Whoa-ho-hoa.. just hold on one second here. I hate to break this to you two very uncool cats, but WE are the newest tag team sensation here on The Hype.. and I ain't about to let anybody come in an' steal my thunda, baby. Last week.. I don't know if you saw, but the world was introduced to the most BADASS tag team.. the most BADASS victory... and the most BADASS charismatic man walking this planet.. and Davis Bloome.

Bloome simply stood there with his arms crossed not even caring that Tripp just semi-insulted him. Tripp kind of looked at Bloome with a smile for a reaction out of him, but as Tripp is accustomed to.. he didn't get one as Bloome as all focus.

Tripp: Anything? Nothing? Pssh, forget Davis.. he just likes to kick people's asses and he told me backstage that we should come down to that kind and kick yours, too, HA! HA! So guess what we're gonna do, little boys? We're going to show you and the world once again that are simply just BAD... ASS!

Tripp dropped the microphone as the two walked down to the ring. Bloome looked all business and Tripp was spouting off some nonsense as he approached the ring. They climbed in and we have ourselves a match!

Natural Athletes vs BADASS

Match Summary
Albright and Tripp Wise started off in the ring as Tripp moved around quite a lot to try and throw Albright out of rhythym. Eventually they two locked up and Albright immediately twisted in to an arm wringer submission. He torqued on the arm and hit a pair of elbows to the shoulder joint before twisting the arm again. "THAT HURTS YOU BASTARD" yelled Tripp before kicking his own arm to break the hold then hitting a drop kick. Tripp stood up and brushed himself off while waiting for Albright to stand. Tripp hit another drop kick that put Albright back down and he went for a cover for only one.

Wise pulled Albright up, but he was countered with an inverted atomic drop, a running big boot and then a standing moonsault from Albright for two! Albright grounded Wise with a side head lock on the mat. Wise reached to his partner, but he was a long ways away. Wise fought and eventually got back up, but Albright hit a take down and reapplied the head lock. Bloome came in and stomped on the back of Albright's head. This allowed Wise to get free and make the tag.

Bloome came in and pulled Albright up. Whip to the ropes and a blind tag by Massimo. Albright ate a clothesline from Bloome, but Bloome at a shoulder tackle by Massimo!! Massimo pulled Bloome up and sent him into the ropes, hitting a samoan drop for two. Another whip by Massimo into a Spine Buster and then he got up, looking for All the Way, but he missed the splash. Bloome stood and grabbed Massimo and in a show of power, he hit a front powerslam for only two.

Both men got back up and Bloome hit a toe kick. He took off to the ropes and when he came from behind, he went for In Bloome.. the Reverse STO, and NAILED IT! Once again, Davis Bloome hits the move unsuspectingly from out of nowhere and he made the cover, but Cori Albright was there to make the save! Albright shuffled back and nailed GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLL.. the Super Kick to Bloome as he was getting up from the pin position!!

Tripp Wise came into the ring and quickly grabbed Albright after the kick, placing him in a full nelson. He nailed a Full Nelson Facebuster that he called Have a Nice Tripp!! Albright rolled out of the ring as Massimo got back to his feet! Massimo grabbed Tripp and threw him over the top rope to the outside! He noticed that Bloome was still down from the super kick and he hit the ropes. He came back and nailed All The Way! The big body splash and picked up the three!!

Winner: Natural Athletes via All The Way
Match Time: 14:37
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Last week, BADASS used surprise tactics to win the match.. this week it backfired and the newly formed Natural Athletes picked up the win!

Jeff Hartman: NO! The greatest tag team The Hype has ever seen has fallen to a couple of jocks. This is a dark day indeed for The Hype... well.. every day is a dark day, but BADASS made it a little less dark. Now that faint light is gone.

Jack Wallace: They lost A match.. they're not dead.

In the back we see El Tigre Verde and Tristan Cyan having a bit of an argument. It was already in progress when the cameras caught up to them.

Cyan: Don't try and rub it into MY face that I didn't win last week.. you didn't win either.. neither of us captured The Hype Championship so don't act like you're better than me!

Verde: What the hell are you talking about? I never once stated I was the better man. All I simply stated was that your prophetic nature last week got the better of you and you ended paying the price as I did.

Cyan: Prophetic nature? That doesn't even make any sense!

Verde: I am well versed in proverbs and I have one right now that fits this situation well. One who forsees something they have not yet achieved and believes that they have already passed the obstacle... has set themselves on a path of disappointment. One should always never stray from the path nor look to far ahead.

Cyan: While you're on that path.. why don't you take a hike?

The audience groaned at the lame comeback, but Cyan simply giggled to hismelf, thinking it was clever.

Verde: Let me put this another way. Our paths seem to end at The Hype Championship, but we have failed to reach that end. Instead of looking at the end of the path, let's look at the next step we must take to continue to walk on that path.

Cyan: English chico...

Verde: I'm saying the inevitable next step is you and me in another match. Winner gets a rematch against Pietro Geist.

Cyan: If it means shoving your well laid path up your well laid ass, then that's fine with me. Hype Championship.. here I am, baby.

Cyan walked out of the room as Verde simply stood there shaking his head.

Callie Scott vs Vogue Gonsalvez

Match Summary Vogue and Callie started off circling each other in the ring. They went for the lockup, but Callie stopped that by faking it into a forearm smash across the face! Vogue pulled a tactic like that last week and it's a bit amusing that she would fall for her own trick. Callie laid in more and more forearm shots as she developed a bit of a temper. He rocked Vogue's head until she stumbled back into the corner. Callie walked in and hit alternating knee lifts and then a belly to belly suplex, planting Vogue near the middle of the ring. Callie exited and looked for a weapon. Being a former street fighter, she found a weapon in the form of a chain.

Callie was about to get back in when Vogue stood and hit a drop kick, knocking her back to the outside. Vogue charged and hit a planca to the outside and caught Callie! Vogue grabbed the chain and whipped Callie across the back with it! Vogue wrapped the chain around her fist and Callie eventually stood. The loaded punch missed and Callie countered with a toe kick and a DDT on the floor. Callie took her chain back and took a moment to wrap it around her entire arm! Vogue stood and got NAILED with a clothesline to the chest with that chain wrapped arm! Callie tossed her inside and covered, but only got two!!

Callie hopped to the middle turnbuckle as Vogue stood. Callie leapt off, but Vogue leapt up and caught her mid-air with an Ace Crusher! Vogue to the outside where she searched and found a kendo stick. Vogue came back in and smacked the stick over Callie's head a couple of times, putting her back down on the canvas. Vogue dared her to get up. Callie did and Vogue swung the stick, but Callie put up her chain wrapped arm and blocked it. The stick hit one of the links and broke! Vogue was distracted for a second and Callie stepped in, hitting a headbutt to Vogue, knockig her back against the ropes. Whip by Callie into a standing drop kick.

Callie went back to the middle turnbuckle as Vogue stood. Callie leapt off with a diving European Uppercut with the chain wrapped arm and nailed it! Vogue looked down and out so Callie covered, but only got two! Vogue slid to the outside and Callie gave chase, but Vogue hit an elbow and then threw Callie shoulder first into the ring steps. Vogue placed the chain wrapped arm on the steps and stomped on it repeatedly, trying to severely injure it! Vogue pulled Callie up and whipped that arm into the ring post, causing more damage. As Callie staggered away, Vogue hit a chop block to the back of her legs and then hopped up on the apron. She climbed up top and then...




Vogue crashed and burned off the Sky Twister moonsault and the thud on the floor was sickening. Callie grabbed Vogue and threw her back into the ring and then placed her in a sitting position. Vogue was way too out of it to even realize what was going on. Callie went to the ropes and nailed the Sliding D with the chain wrapped arm. The impact to the face busted open Vogue's nose almost immediately! Callie held her arm in pain, but made the cover anyway. You could count to 100 and it wouldn't matter.. this match was over.

Winner: Callie Scott via Sliding D
Match Time: 11:58
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace: The issue was settled with an exclamation point!! That was a wild underground rules match that certainly proved that our starlets are just as tough as the men!

Jeff Hartman: How can you say that? SHE RUINED VOGUE'S FACE! My little hip hop hoe is now damaged goods.

Jack Wallace: Hip Hop Hoe? Seriously?

Jeff Hartman: It's street slang, Jack. Someone like you just won't get it.

Alyssa Corliss was getting ready to leave when Faith Hines showed up in her locker room. Alyssa dropped her bag on the ground and threw her arms into the air.

Alyssa: OH MY GOD.. WHAT NOW!? Didn't geting your ass kicked out there tonight teach you anything!?

Faith: Look Alyssa.. I know you. You and I have been here since day one and this isn't you. I know that you're hurting. I know that being betrayed by the man you loved is painful.. that the things he said to you we're uncalled for. I can only imagine what was going through your mind as you had to stand there and listen to what he had to say. That's why... if you want... I'll be your punching bag.

Alyssa: What?

Faith: I'm saying is... wrestle me as many times as you want.. beat me as many times as you can. Take it out on me. As your friend I will shoulder your hatred and be your outlet. Take as much time as you need with me.. all I want in the end.. is my friend back.

Alyssa laughed hysterically

Alyssa: Wait.. you think that I became this way because of Sebastian? Well.. I guess in a way you could say that I have, but not in the way you think. You see... when Sebastian stood there and laced into me with those ridiculous lies.. it made me realize that I need to stop being so damn soft. I need to do what's best for ME and to HELL WITH EVERYONE ELSE. I don't need anyone.. and I certainly don't need you trying to be a friend. You're wasting your time and all you're accomplishing right now.. is jumping on my nerves.. so if I were you... stop thinking that you "know" me because you really don't.. and just walk away.

Faith hung her head low.

Faith: I'll go, but I want to ask you one more time. Are you absolutely one hundred percent sure, you're not just doing the same thing as Sebastian Saje? Making up a bunch of lies just to push me away, too?

Faith didn't even wait for the answer as her question was merely rhetorical. She exited the locked room, but Alyssa stood there and actually seemed to think about what Faith had just asked.

All was going well so far for Shayne Anderson. The Hype was going on without a hitch. He releaxed at his desk and placed his feet up on the corner of his desk. It felt good when things went as planned and he was enjoying the peace and quiet. However, it was short-lived, as there was suddenly the sound of someone clearing their throat. Anderson looked up to see the newly-christened Shi No Ryu standing before him in an all black suit. The silver on his mask refected light in all directions. Anderson nearly fell out of his chair in shock, as SNR appeared out of thin air. He quickly tried to right himself and look proper with a Hype competitor standing before him.

Shayne: What can I do for you, KUMO?

SNR: Do not address me by that name. I am the Shi No Ryu.

Shayne: That's right. Sorry about that.

Shayne let out a nervous chuckle, but SNR was not amused. Shayne adjusted his tie and cleared his throat.

Shayne: What can I do for you?

SNR: You can begin by explaining why I am not engaging in battle this evening.

Shayne: There just wasn't enough space on the card.

SNR was not satisfied with that response and it could be seen even with the ryuujin mask covering his face. Anderson knew how seriously the masked man was in regards to competing and displaying his talents.

Shayne: I know you want a chance to show that you are a cut above all others, but there will be nights where you are just a spectator.

Anderson was not making any headway with his visitor.

Shayne: Besides, you have already been granted opportunities that the other wrestlers on The Hype can only dream about. Not even Geist has been granted as many matches against the jOlt roster as you have. You took on a legend in Jesse Ramey. You battled Mattock. You went to war with X3.

SNR: and I made them all feel the agony of defeat.

Shayne: That you did. Trust me. There is no doubt that you are a rising star here. You might be the fastest rising of them all. However, you can't go out and take on a former champion every week. There will be times where you get the night off.

Shi No Ryu wasn't exactly overflowing with joy with that response.

Shayne: Now, go out and enjoy yourself.

The masked man took a deep breath and started to the door.

SNR: I will give you a pardon for the disrespect of not booking me this evening. However, before I go, allow me to leave you this thought. Is it really the best idea for the general to restrain his greatest warrior in the time of battle?

With that, Shi No Ryu gave Anderson a bow and made his way out the door, leaving Shayne to ponder those words.

Kodora vs Persephone

Match Summary
It was another Hype vs Main Roster match as former Starlet Champion Persephone was in the ring. Kodora came out with Xin Xin Xiong and as we've seen over the past couple of weeks, she's been going through a bit of emotional trauma as of late. Kodora didn't look in her right frame of mind as she walked to the ring with X3 keeping a close eye watchful eye on her. Desiree wasn't out as she was instructed to stay backstage just in case.

The bell rang and Kodora exploded at Persephone, opening up with a flurry of punches to the head. Persephone tried to cover up, but Kodora switched to rapid kicks to the mid-section. Persephone, being the veteran, grabbed Kodora's leg, but Kodora countered that with an enzugiri to the head that brought Persephone down to her knees. Kodora then grabbed Persephone by the hair and nailed alternating knee strikes to her face!!! Blood started to come from Persephone's mouth as he may have bit her tongue or broke a tooth from the harsh strikes.

After the knee strikes, Persephone fell to all fours. Kodora grabbed her ankle as she lifted her leg into the air and nailed a snap hook kick to the back of Persephone's head that drove her face first into the canvas!! Kodora rapidly stomped away on Persephone's lower back as the referee told her to stop. She did, but pulled Persephone back to her feet where she hit a kick to her mid-section, a kick to the back of her legs to drop her to a knee and then a roundhouse to the side of her head! Kodora let out a terrifying scream as she turned Persephone over and sat her up. She trapped the head and nailed the MMA Elbows... one after the other. The referee checked for a response, but Persephone gave none.. The referee then called for the bell

Winner: Kodora via Yoru no Bokashi
Match Time: 4:18
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Kodora is a beast unleashed! She is just taking out all of her mental frustrations out on Persephone who never stood a chance!

Jeff Hartman: Oh I don't think she's done yet..

After the Match:
Kodora continued to assault Persephone. She turned Persephone over onto her back and mounted her. She pulled Perspehone's head up and slammed it back down with a forearm smash. She did it again.. and again.. and again.. The referee told her to stop and when she didn't listen, the refreee told the ring announcer that he reversed the decision.

William Bell: Ladies and Gentlemen, the referee has reversed his decision. Kodora is hereby disqualified.. the winner of this match.. PERSEPHONE!

Kodora didn't care. She continued to pummel Persephone and even Xin Xin Xiong knew it was going too far. He hit the ring. Sensing that X3 may need some assistance, Desiree came running out from the back as well. She hit the ring shortly after

After having to forcefully pull his student from her opponent, Xiong and Desiree backed Kodora into the corner. He was heated and was done handling her with kids gloves.

Xiong: You better get your head right.

Kodora looked past him. The fire burning within her had become an uncontrollable inferno. She was bursting at the seams, wanting to pounce upon the fallen Persephone a few steps behind her mentor. X3 got right into her face, bringing her glare to him, as the pair locked eyes.

Xiong: You threw that match away. For what? Your loss doesn't hurt him and it sure as hell doesn't hurt me. You are the only one losing out. You need to check that rage and focus on what's important.

Kodora: Spare me your lecture. You know he was right, do you not? You are not the warrior you once were. The man I looked up to would not have shown mercy and would not have been tricked by someone beneath him. You are nothing, but a ghost. The poor soul of Xin Xin Xiong that does not know that he has long since died.

That got under the ninja's skin and he clenched his fists tightly. From behind him came Desiree, who had been checking on the possibly injured Persephone. She had heard enough and wedged herself between the two, going nose to nose with the ferocious feline.

Desiree: I've had just about enough of that crap. You can stand there and go all emo due to that jerk breaking your heart, but you're not going to take it out on us. You say another thing about our sensei and I am going to kick your teeth down your throat.

Kodora: Threaten me again and I will skin you alive...

Xiong had no choice, but to intervene.

Xiong: That's enough! Kodora, hit the showers.

Kodora: As you wish, sensei.

X3 tried not to let her sarcasm get to him and he held Desiree back, as his pupil slipped out of the ring.

Xiong: Don't let her get to you, kiddo. She never had to deal with anything like this before. We have to let her find her own way through.

Desiree: I'm going to put my fist through her face. That's what I'm going to do.

The Hype fades to commercial

El Tigre Verde vs Tristan Cyan

Match Summary
Before the bell could ring, "Links 234" turned everyone's attention to the entrance ramp. Marching down the ramp, being led by Lorelei, was the Hype Champion Pietro Geist. He slid into the ring, as Lorelei made her way up the steel steps. Both Tigre and Cyan backed up and watched on while Geist took his title belt and laid it across the mat at his feet. Lorelei demanded a microphone and she quickly got one.

Lorelei: Now, how can zhis show possibly end vith a main event zhat does not showcase zhe varrior who stands atop the mountain. Zhe two of you vere granted zhis time to showcase shour abilities in zhis ring. However, neither of shou were able to prove shour vorth against zhe uberkreiger. Geist is a fighting champion, who craves zhe chance to prove zhat he is zhe elite. So how about ve make zhis more interesting? Let's see how zhe two of shou do vhen Geist takes zhe two of shou on at zhe same time. No ridiculous number one contender nonsense. Tonight, zhe title vill be on zhe line.

Lorelei brought attention to the title belt stretched across the mat.

Lorelei: Mein dear Pietro has drawn zhe proverbial line in zhe sand. Vhat do shou say, herren?

Tigre smirked and nodded.

Tigre: Esta bien.

Cyan adjusted his wrist tape and nodded in agreement as well.

Cyan: Let's go.

The referee snatched up the belt, while Lorelei grinned at the two men. She gave a playful wink and slap on the rear to Geist before making her way out of the ring. Things just reached a new level.

Pietro Geist (c) vs Tristan Cyan vs El Tigre Verde

Match Summary
With the ringing of the bell all three men stepped out to the middle of the ring. It looked like Geist and Cyan would be the first to go at it, but Cyan threw a fake and caught Tigre in the gut with a boot. Geist stepped in and was smacked with a trio of forearms that forced him back into the ropes. Irish whip reversed by Geist. He dropped down and missed a clothesline and back elbow. Geist charged at Cyan only to have him step aside and hit the ropes right after him, taking the big man down with a flying forearm. Just after impact, Cyan turned right into a sidekick from Tigre. Tigre met Geist in the corner, but his Irish whip was reversed. Geist avoided a moonsault off the top by Tigre and missed a lariat. He had to think fast as Cyan charged him, narrowly missing a jumping clothesline, before he too had to react quickly by avoiding a spinning heelkick from Tigre, which Tigre avoided a crash landing by landing on all fours, bringing it all to a stalemate.

All three men took a moment to focus before Geist and Cyan once again started towards one another. Cyan tried for a boot to the gut, but had it caught and shoved away, turning him right into a huge roundhouse to the chest by Tigre. In an odd turn of events, Geist and Tigre teamed up for a fleeting moment. They executed a double Irish whip followed by Geist delivering a huge punch to the stomach and Tigre blasting Cyan in the side of the head with a running dropkick. Cyan took off to the outside, while Tigre offered a handshake, only to get spat at by Geist in reply. A collar and elbow tieup led to a headlock by Geist. A trio of forearms and Geist was fired off into the ropes. Tigre with a drop down. However, his leapfrog attempt was met with Geist just running into him like a bull, sending him rolling all the way to the floor. Cyan slipped in to attack Geist from behind with clubbing blows. In the corner, Cyan connected with a trio of European uppercuts. Cyan whipped Geist into the far corner and was nearly taken out of his boots by Tigre with a springboard dropkick, as he tried to charge Geist. Geist tried to captialize on the opening, but Tigre took him down with a spinning heel kick. Instead of staying on Geist, Tigre played to the crowd and dazzled them with a no-handed springboard into a crossbody block to Cyan on the outside.

Tigre back in the ring and he exploded with a flurry of kicks and slaps before putting Geist down with a enziguiri and a swank tilt-a-whirl headscissors into a DDT for 2. Tigre to a chin lock. Geist broke free and hit the ropes, so Tigre delivered a picture perfect dropkick. Yet, it took a second one to knock Geist down. A pinfall try only got 1. Tigre with a whip, but lowered his head and got kicked in the mouth for it. Geist instantly pinned him in the corner and assaults him with rights and lefts. Tigre reversed an Irish whip only to be caught with an STJOE in the corner. Geist slipped out to the apron to possibly climb the ropes, but Cyan slammed him into the steel post, sending him to the floor. Cyan took control with a pair of big forearms that rocked Tigre. A snapmare and a low running dropkick to the face by Cyan got 2. Tigre fired up and that led to the pair trading chops and forearms. Cyan quickly ended it through with a boot and a snap DDT for 2. Geist appeared out of nowhere and launched Cyan into the corner. More rights and lefts by Geist. Cyan saved himself from hitting the corner by trying to spring over an incoming Geist, but Geist caught him on his shoulder. Cyan wiggled free and slammed Geist chest first into the corner before planting him with a German suplex for 2.

To the knee Cyan went like in their one on one contest and he hooked a kneebar on Geist. Geist made it to the ropes and Cyan gave him zero time to recover, kicking away at his leg. Cyan looked for a running low dropkick to the leg, but Geist avoided it. The pair raced towards each other with Cyan ducking a forearm only to be caught by Tigre with a springboard hurricanrana. Geist immediately destroyed Tigre with a Vader attack, knocking him to the outside. Geist showed he isn't afraid to fly either by running along the apron and taking down both foes with a flying shoulder block. Geist rolled both opponents back into the ring and they wound up in opposite corners. He looked to whipe Cyan into Tigre. Yet, after a battle of reversals he was sent back into the corner. Geist exploded out of the corner catching a leaping Cyan in midair and stampeding with him into the opposite corner, crushing Tigre and Cyan between himself and the corner. Geist whipped Cyan back into the far corner and crashed into him with a body attack. Tigre got one of his own. Each also were rocked with Yakuza kicks as well. Geist gorilla pressed Tigre into the air and fired him at Cyan like a missle in the corner and then, spiked him with a stiff power bomb for 2.

After surveying the damage, Geist set his sights on Cyan and connected with a brutal jab jab backfist combination. Geist looked for a suplex, but Cyan spun out. Cyan missed a punch and narrowly escaped a reverse suplex by kneeing Geist in the head. Tigre appeared on the scene and was caught as he tried for a calf kick. Geist just flat out huffed Tigre unceremoniously across the ring and Cyan took advantage by clipping Geist's leg with a nasty chop block. With Geist rolling to the floor, Cyan looked to suplex Tigre and Tigre blocked by holding the top rope. After a struggle against the ropes, Tigre tried for a Tiger suplex. Cyan wouldn't budge so Tigre dropkicked in the back, sending him through the ropes to the floor. Unfortunately for Cyan, Geist was waiting and began pummeling him. Neither noticed Tigre taking to the skies with a blind spaceman moonsault onto the pair. Tigre was hyped and he looked to power bomb Cyan on the entrance ramp. Cyan punched his way free and delivered a kick to Tigre's stomach. Tigre put a stop to anything Cyan had planned with a hard Koppo kick. Geist was down in the ring and Tigre hurried up to the top to deliver a huge 450 splash for a long 2. A lightning fast combo ending with a backspin enziguiri led to a twisting senton and an Asai moonsault for another long 2. Tigre dragged Geist to the corner and a 630 senton nearly got 3, but Cyan broke up the count.

Cyan took charge socking Tigre repeatedly with right hands to the jaw. He tried a clothesline in the corner, but Tigre countered with a full nelson. Cyan stopped a dragon suplex by stomping Tigre's foot and slamming the back of his head into Tigre's nose. A quick rotation and Cyan spiked Tigre with a brainbuster then turned it into the Horns of Aries. It looked like Tigre might be ready to tap when Geist snatched up Cyan's legs and pulled him up from the mat only to power bomb him violently onto Tigre. Geist covered Cyan for a near fall.

Geist hurried Cyan to the corner and sat him on the top rope. Geist climbed up to meet him and was blasted again and again with punches until he fell backwards, hanging in the tree of woe. In a flash, Tigre ran up the ropes and took Cyan down with a Spanish fly for the longest 2-count of the match. Tigre positioned Cyan in the corner. Phoenix splash missed, but Tigre rolled to his feet to avoid a crash landing, rolling right into a massive spear by Geist. Just as fast, Cyan knocked Geist back into the corner with a running high knee. He mounted the corner and started to rain down punches. Geist surprised everyone by striking back, even gaining the upper hand before delivering a huge buckle bomb that had Cyan collide with Tigre, sending Tigre off the apron and into the security barrier. A downright evil Enthauptung put Cyan down for the 3-count.

Winner: Pietro Geist by Pinfall
Match Time: 19:55
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: An amazing battle for the Hype championship this week! Each one looked like they could've taken the title home.

Jeff Hartman: But only one did, Jack. Geist put those two to shame.

Jack Wallace: How can you say that? All three men were at the top of their games.

Jeff Hartman: Too Geist was playing kill the carrier while those two were playing go fish.

Jack Wallace: I suppose... but that's going to do it for us this week on The Hype! We'll see you after Breakdown!!