"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the Hype Arena in Miami, FL where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! It has been a while since we’ve been on the air because jOlt has just wrapped up its Wrestlecade II event and what an event it is! I’m Jack Wallace alongside Jeff Hartman and Jeff… did you enjoy Wrestlecade II?

Jeff Hartman: Couldn’t tell you… didn’t watch it.

Jack Wallace: How could you not watch it? Especially given your roots!

Jeff Hartman: Jack.. Wrestlecade is special to me because it means we get four weeks off from work.. so during that time, I decided to take time for myself and get my freak on.

Jack Wallace: Do I even want to know what that entails?

Jeff Hartman: Chocolate sauce and whipped cream.. the ultimate Jeff Hartman Experience!

Jack Wallace: Before I have to use my throat muscles to hold back the vomit, I’m going to send it on down to the ring where Shayne Anderson is waiting to address The Hype Universe!


Shayne Anderson stood in the ring as the crowd gave Shayne Anderson a mixed reaction.

Shayne: Each year, The Hype usually undergoes a change right around this time. Some of those Hype stars deserving of bigger and better things get called up to the main roster and so new stars take their place. Tonight will be one of those shifting moments where people like Brian Williams… El Tigre Verde… Jack Dawn… Gabriel Gold… and The Natural Athletes being a new path on the main roster. Filling their shoes will prove to be a daunting task, but we have people like Sarkhaya who have begun that path. We also have new stars like Jameson Scott, The O’Briens, and Regan Hearst here tonight that are eager to make their impacts felt.

The people cheer.

Shayne: I am happy to announce, though, that even though they are on the main roster now, The Natural Athletes will be in action tonight as they are still the number one contenders to the Hype Tag Team Championships. They will take on Crucifix later on and should they win those titles, they will defend them here on The Hype until the day comes where they either lose them or decide to vacate them!

The people cheered loudly at that.

Shayne: Speaking of defending titles, we have a brand new Hype Champion that was crowned at Wrestlecade II… I would like to bring him out here to get a word with him!

The people stood on their feet as “Symphony of Destruction” by Megadeth hit the PA system. Mike Patterson walked out with the Hype Championship around his waist. He walked down to the ring and climbed inside and stared a hole through Shayne Anderson. These two have some bad blood between them and Patterson was preparing for the worst.

Shayne: Mike.. thank you for joining me out there. I wanted to congratulate you on your victory at Wrestlecade, but I couldn’t help but notice that you accepted an offer from Damien Lee on iNtense this past Sunday to become part of the main roster. I just simply want to know what your decision is for The Hype Championship.

Patterson walked past Anderson and grabbed a microphone from ringside. He walked back over and looked at Anderson in the face.

Patterson: Let me guess…. Depending on my answer, you may or may not strip me of the championship, right?

Anderson shook his head.

Shayne: Look, Mike. I know you don’t like me. I am first to admit, I made a lot.. and I do mean a LOT of mistakes when I was last General Manager. I really am, honestly, trying to turn over a new leaf here. I’m not here to screw you.. I’m not here to force you into impossible match situations.. nothing like that. I just simply want to know what your decision is. If you’re vacating the title, then I want to run a tournament to crown a new champion, but if you’re going to defend the belt and bounce back and forth between both rosters, then that’s fine too. I just want to know so I can make an informed decision regarding the championship. Nothing more… nothing less.

Patterson rubbed his chin and then looks at Anderson.

Patterson: I know when Pietro Geist won this championship and earned his main roster spot, he vacated the title, but I’ve worked too long and too hard to capture this belt. My victory at Wrestlecade will be a moment that will live inside of me forever and I’m not about to just hand over this title without having a chance to defend it. Therefore, I will endure the new travel schedule. I will fly back and forth from west coast to east coast on a weekly basis. I will continue to be The Hype’s champion for now until someone decides to pry this belt out of my cold dead hands!

The crowd erupted in cheers at that statement.

Patterson: In fact… Shayne… since you claim to be turning over a new leaf, then I am requesting an opponent tonight for me to defend this title again. Doesn’t matter if it’s someone who has been here since day one or someone who just walked in through the doors in the back for the first time in their jOlt career. Give me a warm body to cut in half with a Spear!

Anderson smiled.

Shayne: That’s the attitude I love to see. Since you mentioned someone from day one as a possible candidate, I’m going to give you Prince Samir as your opponent tonight. Many don’t really like his recent attitude, but he has been here the longest along with Ryan Raysor, so one of them should get the shot and I just did a mental coin flip and Samir won the proverbial toss. That will be in tonight’s main event!

The people cheered as Patterson grinned and nodded his head. He handed over his microphone to Anderson and backed out of the ring as his music struck up once again,

Jack Wallace: Tonight’s main event has been set! Mike Patterson will defend The Hype Championship against Prince Samir!

Jeff Hartman: Tonight is finally the night! The royalty that is Prince Samir will finally add the crown jewel to his collection!

Jack Wallace: Our first match is up next after this word from our network… WrestleNet NOW!

Zane Roebuck vs Magma

Match Summary
Before Wrestlecade, Zane Roebuck tried to get out of his match with Magma by taking on Lusus. He lost and then Magma came out immediately after and beat Roebuck in short order. Roebuck complained about not getting a fair match so Anderson made this return match contested with No Fear Rules. The rematch was made for tonight and it was being contested with No Fear Rules! Zane and Magma made their ways to the ring and the bell rang. Zane immediately bolted to the outside and pointed to his head to show his smarts. Magma gave chase, but Zane ran around ringside and slid into the ring. Magma got up onto the apron and Zane charged and leapt at Magma with a Cross Body in an attempt to knock him to the floor, but Magma caught Zane in his arms. He looked back at the front row and yelled move. After the fans scattered Magma heaved Zane with a Fallaway Slam over the barricades and into the front row!!! Zane landed in the sea of folding chairs and was writhing in pain! The crowd broke out with a huge HOLY SHIT chant as Magma felt the effect as a well, landing flat on his back at ringside!

Magma pulled himself up and then reached over the barricades pulling Zane back up to his feet. He scooped Zane into his arms and then tossed him over head again!! This time with a Fallaway Slam into the edge of the ring apron!!!! Zane Roebuck had tormented Magma for MONTHS and now it has culminated into this match and Magma was doing as much damage as he possibly could to Zane! Zane squirmed on the ground as Magma stood and asserted his dominance by standing over Zane, looking down with a grin. Magma pulled Zane up and walked him over to the steel ring steps, bouncing his face off of them. Zane didn’t even flop over.. he simply laid there across the steps as Magma backed up and gained some distance. Magma charged in and hit a flying knee right into Zane!! All of his weight came crashing down on Zane’s back, driving him into the steps as well!

Zane was lifeless as he flopped over and fell to the floor and onto his back. Magma said he wasn’t even close to being done as he grabbed Zane and pulled him back up to his feet. Magma rolled Zane into the ring and climbed up onto the apron. Zane was still down on the canvas when Magma stepped over the top rope and re-entered. Magma signaled for Volcanism and grabbed Zane, placing him between his legs, but Zane fell to his knee as he didn’t even have the strength to maintain that position. Magma positioned him up again, but Zane fell to his knee again. That’s when Zane struck with a blatant low blow that was as legal as a headlock!

Magma dropped to his knees as Zane rolled to the outside. He stretched his back and tried to get some mobility back into it. Zane walked around ringside to try and warm up his muscles as Magma shuffled his way to the ropes and used them to stand. Zane hopped up onto the ring apron and grabbed Magma by the head and hot shotted him across the top rope. Zane then lifted the apron and grabbed a steel chair. Zane slowly rolled into the ring and as he stood, Magma quickly walked over and stomped down on the chair, preventing Zane to pick it up! Zane looked up from the hunched over position and Magma struck him in the head with a knee! Magma grabbed the chair and swung at Zane, but Zane avoided the shot, side stepped, and Super Kicked Magma in the side of the head! Magma stumbled back, still holding the chair in hand

Magma fell against the ropes, but stepped forward. He raised the chair up to strike Zane, but Zane kicked Magma between the legs once again! Zane took the chair out of Magma’s hands and cracked him over the head with it! Magma stumbled back and fell through the ropes to the outside! Magma turned onto his stomach and got up to his hands and knees. He pulled himself up to his feet when Zane, with chair in hand, ran at the corner, hopped to the middle turnbuckle, pivoted, and flew to the outside, smacking Magma in the face with a Flying Chair Shot!!! Zane hit the floor hard, but Magma hit it even harder! The crowd broke into another HOLY SHIT chant as both men were laid out on the floor at ringside!

After a few moments of rest, Zane slowly pulled himself up by using the announce tables to aid him. He grabbed Magma, but the big man was too much for him to pull up. His back twinged with every attempt and needed to find a way to end this match. He then had an idea. He grabbed a microphone from the time keeper..

“This is now a Falls Count Anywhere Match!” yelled Zane.

Zane tossed the microphone away and covered Magma at ringside. The referee told Zane that he can’t just change the rules and refused to count the pin! Zane got up and began to argue with the referee. That is when Magma sat up and the crowd cheered! Magma got to his feet and when Zane turned around, Magma grabbed him by the neck! Magma lifted Zane up for the Choke Slam, but Zane floated over and landed behind Magma! Magma turned around and Zane picked up the chair off the floor, connecting with another shot to the face!! Magma staggered back against the edge of the ring and Zane was able to roll him in under the bottom rope! Zane got onto the ring apron and climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad with his back to the ring. Zane flipped off with the SOL… the Top Rope Moonsault, but Magma moved and Zane crashed and burned! Zane stood and Magma charged in, kicking Zane’s head off with a big boot to the face!

Magma pulled Zane back up and set him up between his legs for Volcanism, but Zane dropped to his knees and tried to crawl through Magma’s legs to escape the ring, but Magma turned and grabbed Zane by the left leg. Zane flipped to his back and kicked Magma in the face a couple of times to get him to break the hold. Zane stood and charged in, hitting a Flying Forearm Shot to stagger him. Zane backed into the ropes and hit another Flying Forearm that knocked Magma against the ropes. Zane went for a third, but Magma lifted him up and over, but Zane landed on the apron. High kick to the side of Magma’s head! Zane hit another high kick and Magma went down! Zane had no time.. he had to improvise. Zane grabbed the top rope, pivoted on the way to the top and nailed the SOL!!! The Moonsault connected! He covered, but Magma kicked out at two!!

Zane immediately stood. He went to the corner, climbed up and went for the SOL again, but Magma rolled out of the way, but Zane landed on his feet! Magma stood, turned, and grabbed Zane by the neck, but Zane reached into his tights, pulled out a chain and when Magma lifted Zane up for the choke slam, Zane lashed him in the top of the head with that chain! Magma dropped Zane and held his face. Zane wrapped the chain around his fist and decked Magma in the face, knocking him down! Zane quickly went up top and nailed another SOL!! He made the cover and shocked the crowd by picking up the three!!!

Winner:Zane Roebuck via The SOL
Match Time: 24:19
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace: I… I don’t believe it! Zane Roebuck won the match!

Jeff Hartman: I never stopped believing in Zane Roebuck! This man has too much Good Luck on his side and tonight he proved he also has Skill!

Jack Wallace: I will admit, though.. that was a hell of a contest to open up The Hype! It felt like a main event!

"Retaking What is Ours"

The crowd could be heard cheering in the background as Terry Massimo and Cori Albright were seen in the backstage area.

Albright: People are saying that we should be enjoying the main roster since we have our spots, but we can’t just leave with just disappearing. We won the contendership match before Wrestlecade and we intend to make good on our obligations, but it doesn’t mean we’re going to lay down and be happy with our new positions.

Massimo: That’s right. We’ve always been about fighting and always been about competition. Tonight… we will become the two-time Hype Tag Team Champions and we will follow in the footsteps of Mike Patterson and defend those belts right here on The Hype as well as fulfill our main roster obligations as well.

Albright: Crucifix.. you’ve had quite the rivalry with us.. and sorry to say.. you’ve had quite the run. Tonight, those belts come back to where they belong because now, Xtreme isn’t here to back you up. Play time is over for you. Kiss those titles goodbye because like Massimo said… we are going to become the first-ever and ONLY two-time Hype Tag Team Champions!

Massimo and Albright pounded fists with each other as the scene faded to black.


Match Summary
The new Irish team of Scanlon O’Brien and Selby O’Brien, collectively known as the SOBs, made their way to the ring second. They seemed to have the crowd’s favor going against the cocky tandem of Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome. The bell rang as Wise and Scanlon started things off. After a lock up, Wise applied the arm wringer, but Scanlon would have none of that and smashed a forearm right into Wise’s face! Scanlon opened up with heavy left hands as he backed Wise into the ropes and shot him across the ring, making him eat a back elbow. Scanlon backed into the ropes, hit a knee drop and covered for two. He pulled Wise up, but Wise countered with a jawbreaker and made the tag to Bloome. Bloome charged in and ran over Scanlon with a clothesline. Scanlon popped back up and got dropped with another clothesline followed by an irish whip and a back body drop. Scanlon staggered up to his feet as Bloome hit the scoop slam and went to the ropes with a fist drop. Bloome covered and only got two. Bloome brought Scanlon to his corner and made the tag to Wise.

Wise came in and lit up Scanlon with knife edge chops in the corner before climbing up, looking for a Rana, but Scanlon held on, turned and dropped Wise into the corner with a Buckle Bomb! Scanlon hit the ropes and came back with a running bit boot that was like a face wash… it scraped across Wise’s face and kicked Bloome right off the ring apron!! Scanlon rolled across the ring and made the tag to Selby. Selby charged into the corner with a clothesline to Wise. Wise staggered out and Selby hit a belly to belly overhead release suplex Selby covered and only got two. Selby then applied a rear chin lock to Bloome, trying to keep him grounded, but Bloome battled up and hit a pair of elbows to break free followed by a discus punch that spun Selby around. Bloome backed into the ropes and hit a chop block the dropped Selby down to a single knee. Bloome hit the ropes and hit a running low boot to the side of Selby’s head. Bloome walked over and made the tag to Wise who climbed up top.

Wise leapt off with a Flying Elbow, but Selby moved and made the tag as Wise crashed in burned. Scanlon came in and fired off quick left jabs to Wise before swinging with a lariat, but Wise ducked and tried to apply a full nelson, but Scanlon got down and hoisted Wise up onto his shoulders, but Wise slipped off and fell behind Scanlon. Wise backed up into the enemy corner and knocked Selby off the ring apron with a back elbow. Scanlon turned around and Wise stepped in with a heavy right hand that spun Scanlon around. Bloome came into the ring, charged in nailed the Leaping STO.. In Bloome! Bloome rolled out of the ring as Wise made the cover and got the three!

Winner:BADASS via In Bloome
Match Time: 6:12
Match Rating: **1/4

Jack Wallace: Wow.. BADASS picked up the victory here tonight! They said that they wanted to refocus themselves and Tripp Wise looked more focused than ever. This could become a very dangerous team if they continue to operate like this!

Jeff Hartman:I knew it all along! All they needed was that one little spark and because as such, The O’Briens can go back to Ireland where they belong! Thanks for coming but The Hype belongs to the team that is simply… just.. BADASS!

Jack Wallace: I was hoping I could escape the night without hearing that pun… guess I was wrong.

"Boredom Leads to Broken Sanity"

Backstage Shayne Anderson is on his cell phone in a hallway when Broken Sanity entered the scene. Shayne looks at each and says into the phone “I’ll call you back.”

Mad Morgan gave a lop-sided grin while Shovel had a faint drool tricking from the corner of his mouth.

Shayne: Well, well. What can I do for you two?

Morgan: Khee hee hee. Commission has been making mistakes.

Shayne: Oh? And what would that be?

Morgan: Broken Sanity hasn’t been in ring since Hype 51. That must be a mistake.

Shayne: Sure, sure. My bad! Too bad we don’t have any opponents for you tonight, but we’ll get back to you about next week.

Shovel slapped his head in frustration while Morgan’s grin lopped the other way. Suddenly Shayne’s eyes lit up and he snapped his fingers.

Shayne: Say, I know who you could wrestle tonight... each other!

The two members of Broken Sanity cocked eyes at each other and Morgan shrugged.

Morgan: Khee hee hee. Funny idea... what do you think, Shovel?

Shovel: If there are stuff to hit with. Shovel have fun with chair and friend, Morgan.

Morgan: Yeah, no rules tonight. Shovel and I have fun and YOU start finding more opponents for us.

Shayne: I’ll do my best boys… enjoy it out there!

Too crazy men with little to lose in terms of brain cells with hardcore rules? Hoo boy this might get interesting.

Jameson Scott vs Tristan

Match Summary
The bell rang as we were about to get our first look at Jameson Scott. At the start of the bell, the two went to lock up, but Scott surprised Tristan with quick kicks to the mid-section that drove Tristan back into the corner. Jameson grabbed the top rope for balance and hit rapid fire kicks to the chest! Jameson walked away and looked fired up before turning and charging back in only to eat a big boot from Tristan. Tristan charged in with a lariat, but Jameson ducked and hit a standing spinning heel kick that took Tristan down! The rookie was showing up the veteran as he went into the cover, but only got two.

Jameson brought Tristan down to the canvas and applied a side head lock. Tristan battled back up to his feet and hit a pair of elbows and took off to the ropes, but Jameson was right there behind him as he hit the knee to the mid-section doubling him over. Jameson caught Tristan in the back of the head with a hook kick. He covered him and only got two once again. Jameson sat up Tristan and ran to the ropes. He came back and hit a running kick right to the chest.. the Quick Kick I. He sat Tristan back up and hit a series of stiff kicks to the back between the shoulders blades… the Quick Kick II… Jameson then followed it up with a stiff kick to the head… the Quick Kick III! All three of his signature soccer-style kicks connected and he went for the cover, but only got two once again!!

Jameson taunted Tristan to get up. Once Tristan was vertical, Jameson grabbed him by the arm and went for a whip, but Tristan twisted and pulled Jameson into a short arm clothesline. Jameson popped back up and Tristan hit a lariat. Jameson popped back up and Tristan sent him into the corner. Tristan charged, but Jameson was quick and slipped through the ropes. He hit a high kick to the side of Tristan’s head causing him to stagger away. Jameson grabbed the top rope and sprung off with a Flying Forearm Shot, but Tristan countered by grabbing Jameson by the arm and slamming him into the canvas hard! Tristan quickly tied Jameson up with a Crossface submission hold and wrenched back on his neck to the point where he was lifting him up off the canvas!!! Jameson struggled, but eventually tapped out!

Winner: Tristan vs Blacklight
Match Time: 6:42
Match Rating: **1/2

Jack Wallace: An impressive outing by our newest member of The Hype, Jameson Scott, but Tristan hung in there with him and got him to tap out!

Jeff Hartman: The reinvention is working, I guess.. I just wish he had that old mean streak in him. He seems like a shell of his former self,

"Corrupting the Pure"

We head to the very bowels of the jOlt Arena in Miami, FL where Faith Hines, now Un-Fayth, sat there in the darkness rocking back and forth in the fetal position.

“It is not until the warmth of the light fades away, leaving behind nothing but a cold, empty void in your heart, do you begin to realize what your true nature is. I used to follow my faith blindly into a vast unknown with so many questions that I discovered had no answers except for one… that everything I have ever studied about religion are nothing more than lies. When you die, you don’t go to heaven for there is no heaven. You don’t go to hell for there is no hell. All you do is lay in the ground, unaware of your surroundings for all eternity. Once you breathe your final breath, time reboots and the universe.. to you… ceases to exist from now until the end of time”

Un-Fayth stopped rocking and giggled a bit.

“That very thought scares people. It is the very essence as to why don’t want to die. The thought of not being here to experience the world. The thought of never existing ever again, knowing that things will keep advancing, the world will keep spinning and the only part you will have in it is a decayed mass of bones six feet beneath the ground, is enough to destroy the minds who cannot perceive and understand it. However, knowing that is the truth doesn’t scare me… it comforts me.”

Fayth stood up and spread out her arms.

“And if that feeling of comfort is a sin.. may God strike me down right now and grant me true peace and happiness!”

She waited as nothing happened. She then laughed

“You see? It was all a lie after all. I gave our so-called Lord and Savior direct permission to end my life if what I said would grant me comfort and not a damn thing happened. Those who believe in such lies are nothing more than the true filth that walks among people like me who are truly enlightened and pure and filth must be punished… isn’t that right, Desiree?”

Fayth tilted her head to the side and smiled as she said that.

“Desiree felt that she still had the warmth of the light inside of her. She believed that our friendship was a common bond between those who shared the faith… when in reality, she was nothing more than filth that needed to be punished. She could never understand what it means to be free and be your true self. Funny thing is, though… I thought it would end with Desiree. Once I put her on the shelf, I thought all of this would be over and I could just live my life in peace on my terms… but then… someone showed up. Someone who claims that they are a purifier of the darkness that resides here on The Hype.”

Fayth’s facial expressions changed to that of pure angered annoyance.

“I’m talking about you Sarkhaya. You claim to be the purifier. You say that you will cleanse this world of filth as if you’re some sort of righteous being doling out justice. No.. Sarkhaya.. that you are not. You are no different than the old me.. who believes that there is a greater good out there. You are no different than Desiree or any other piece of rubbish who exists with the same mindset.”

Fayth walked up to the camera and stuck her face right in it.

“Consider this a warning… I am watching always.”


Matt Morgan vs Shovel

Match Summary
Despite facing each other, the two members of Broken Sanity came down the ramp together to their new intro song “Slit Wrist Theory” by 36 Crazyfists. They hadn’t been seen very much in the ring lately, but they were now pressing the issue to get themselves into the lineup. Mad Morgan and Shovel didn’t enter the ring at first, but instead both flipped up the ring apron and started pulling out their “toys.” First two chairs, then a garbage can, a wrench and a fire extinguisher. Together they picked up a section of the ring stairs and two-man heaved it up and over the ropes! Morgan and Shovel climbed up and in as referee Simon Boulder got set to called for the bell.

With matching smiles, the two locked in the middle of the ring before Morgan levied several right arms. Shovel stopped a punch and began delivering several of his own. With a furious pace they traded punches for a few seconds more before Morgan threw Shovel off the ropes leveling him with clothesline. Shovel got up and Morgan launched a huge running shoulder block. With Shovel down, Morgan grabbed the wrench off the ground. Shovel got to his feet but was instantly hit with a running wrench shot to the head. Morgan then bounced off the ropes, jumped over a prone shovel and stuck the wrench under his knee before delivering a HUGE leg drop. Shovel was now bleeding.

Morgan tossed the wrench aside and went for the fire extinguisher. Attempting to use the extinguisher to run over a groggy but standing Shovel, Morgan was caught with a knee to the gut. Shovel grabbed the extinguisher and proceeded to spray Morgan in the face! Morgan staggered around trying to wipe his eyes when he blindly walked into Shovel’s running knee. As Morgan got back to his feet, Shovel was waiting with a trash can!


Morgan staggered back-first into the corner. Shovel ran

in with a body avalanche followed by an explosive twisting neckbreaker featured as his new signature move. Shovel Angry! Morgan was all out-of-sorts but was still able to get to his feet. Shovel, with a chair, wound up to crack his teammate out of fun but Morgan dodged. Morgan scooped up the second available chair and the two squared off. They circled each other with chair in hand and wound up – they hit each other at the same time! With obvious headaches they squared back up with their chairs. Again they hit each other at the same time!

Both fell to their knees and shook off the cobwebs from trading chair shots. Getting back to their feet, each seemed on the verge of simply falling over. They wound up for a third attack and… DOUBLE CRACK! Both men hit each other in the head with chairs for the third time and simply fell backwards onto their backs. “HYPE! HYPE! HYPE!” chanted the crowd. Referee Simon Boulder checked in on both competitors who appeared to be unconscious before beginning his 10 count. Ten seconds later the tie was official!

Winner: Draw
Match time: 5:10
Match Rating: *** ½

Jack Wallace: Ouch. They certainly gave it their all out there, including Shovel’s new signature move, Shovel Angry!

Jeff Hartman: They don’t have many brain cells to play with, but they certainly seem to enjoy their chairs!

"Only the Beginning"

We open up to the locker room where Jayshin Lee is seen in his wrestling apparel, getting ready for a match later tonight. It looks like he has everything set to go. He turned around and then…



Wolf Spider came from out of nowhere and Jayshin was hurt and hurt bad… in fact… he could be knocked out cold!!! Black Widow slowly walked over to Jayshin and knelt down next to him grabbing him by his hair tightly.

“The Widow’s Nest doesn’t forget when its little spiderlings bite their queen. Consider this the beginning of your punishment for turning your back against us. Each and every week, a new punishment will be initiated from a different member of The Nest until you had paid for your insubordination.”

Black Widow stood and nodded to Wolf Spider who walked away, looking back at the former Supaida with a smile.

The scene faded to black.

Regan Hearst vs Ryan Raysor

Match Summary
At the sound of the bell, Ryan and Regan circled each other as Ryan measured him up and tried to decide the best way to attack him. They went for the lock up and Ryan went low to try to pick Regan’s leg, but Regan surprised Ryan by showing of some scary quickness for a guy his size. When Ryan got back to his feet, Regan was well on his way charging forward. Regan slammed into Ryan with a body avalanche, driving all of the air out of him as he got squashed against the turnbuckles. Regan fired quick rights and lefts to Raysor’s torso before whipping him across the ring, harshly. Ryan staggered out of the corner as Regan charged in and leapt into the air at full speed. He slammed his head against Ryan’s with a massive Running/Flying Headbutt that he called the Cranial Separation!

Ryan looked to be out from that move alone, but Regan brought Ryan to his feet and sent him into the ropes. He popped Ryan up high into the air where he caught him on his shoulders with a Fireman’s Carry and then tilted into a Reverse Death Valley Driver, dropping him on his lower back with a move called the Spinal Crack that wowed the crowd here in Miami! Regan made the cover, hooking the leg and it was over!

Winner: Regan Hearst via Spinal Crack
Match Time: 3:14
Match Rating: *

Jack Wallace: Out of all the new people who have debuted tonight, Regan Hearst has made the biggest impact with a very impressive win over Ryan Raysor!.

After the Match
Prince Samir strolled out from the backstage area, walking past Regan Hearst as he made his way to the back. Samir rolled into the ring and stood over Raysor for a second before quickly hitting a standing Senton Backsplash on him! Samir turned and rained down heavy right hands to the forehead of his former tag team partner

When he was satisfied with the damage he got up and grabbed a microphone.

Samir: A lowly peasant like you belongs on the ground, groveling and writhing in pain. You and I could have continued to rise up through the tag ranks, but when opportunity presents itself you chose to refuse the money.. refuse the better life.. and walk away. You just don’t have what it takes to pull the trigger when it counts. My family does have that ability. That is why we are royalty and you will be nothing more than just a commoner.

The crowd booed as Samir looked around and gave them a smug look.

Samir: For example.. later tonight, I will be facing Mike Patterson for the Hype Championship. WHEN I defeat him and end his dreams of holding that title, I will shove it in your face and prove to you, once again, that when it comes down to the things that matter, you don’t have the guts to capitalize on any of them.

Samir dropped the microphone and stepped over Raysor before simulating the kicking of dirt into his face with his feet. Samir then exited the ring and walked to the back amongst the boos from the crowd.

"A Shaky Start"

We are taken backstage with Hype Interviewer Marshall Stetton and the newest member to the Hype and Starlet roster, Sarkhaya.

Stetton: Thank you for joining me, Sarkhaya. What is it like being the newest Starlet on the roster?

Sarkhaya: To be honest, I don’t know what to think right now. It seems that there are those who don’t really want me here, but that’s not going to deter me from my goals.

Stetton: Part of those goals is to, as you have put it, purify or cleanse the Hype Roster. What do you exactly mean by that?

Sarkhaya: There are those that the fans cheer for… there are those that the fans boo. The ones that they boo are the ones making their lives miserable. They hate seeing them torment and harass others on a weekly basis. I wanted to be the one to bring cheering back to the crowd. They deserve to have a good time when they come to the events and if I have to go through the Starlet locker room and beat each and every one of those people to bring cheers to them, I will.

Stetton: It almost sounds like you’re a superhero doling out justice.

Sarkhaya: I guess that’s one way to look at it. After all, there is a little superhero in all of us. It’s just a matter of finding it.

Stetton: Since your arrival, you have grabbed the attention of Kodora as well as Un-Fayth as we heard earlier tonight. What are your thoughts on that?

Sarkhaya: It’s funny. I thought I was supposed to be the one pursuing people.. not the other way around. I’ve never heard of someone walking into a company and becoming the focal point of hatred without even doing anything, but it’s fine because I’m here to purify that hatred and if Un-Fayth wants to take a shot at me, then so be it. I will take on anyone.

Stetton: Bold words from jOlt’s newest Starlet! Thank you so much for your time, Sarkhaya!

Sarkhaya: Thank you, Marshal!

Stetton: Let’s send it back to the ring. Tag Team Title action is NEXT!

The scene faded to black.

Crucifix vs The Natural Athletes

Match Summary
Crucifix and Terry Massimo were set to start. Normally it would be Albright, but The Athletes wanted those belts and felt that Massimo would be the better shot to take. They locked up and Massimo shoved Crucifix onto his back rather easily. Crucifix got back up and locked up again, but he was easily shoved down a second time, but Crucifix was determined and got back to his feet and charged in, but instead of locking up, he hit a flying forearm that rocked Massimo’s head back! Crucifix then fired rapid forearms until Massimo pie faced him and staggered him away, but Crucifix got right back into it and hit a running drop kick down to the knee, dropping Massimo down to a single leg. Massimo stood up as Crucifix looked for a shining wizard, but Massimo scooped Crucifix up into the powerbomb position, but Crucifix flipped off of Massimo’s shoulders and landed on front of him on his feet!

Crucifix backed into the ropes and came back with another low drop kick that brought Massimo down to a single leg. Crucifix hauled off and kicked Massimo upside the head before heading to the ropes once again and hitting a shotgun drop kick the side of his face, putting him onto his back! Crucifix made the cover, hooking the leg, but only got two. Albright cheered for Massimo on the ring apron as Crucifix pulled him back up to his feet. Crucifix let loose with a knife edge chop that didn’t have much effect. The more Crucifix chopped at him, the more Massimo got fired up. Massimo countered with a headbutt that rocked Crucifix. Massimo then scooped Crucifix up into his arms and slammed him down onto the canvas harshly. Massimo then dropped a big elbow, stood, dropped a second, then a third, fourth, and finally a fifth with some added height! Massimo covered, but only got two on the champion.

Massimo walked over to his corner and tagged in Cori Albright. Albright headed up to the top turnbuckle as Crucifix got to his feet. Albright leapt off and caught him with a missile drop kick followed by a cover for two. Crucifix got sat up as Albright began to wear him down with a chin lock, but Crucifix battled up and hit a jaw breaker to separate the two of them. Crucifix turned and hit right hands to Albright before whipping him into the corner. Crucifix charged in and Albright went to counter with the boot, but Crucifix grabbed him by the leg and swung it through the ropes, then hit a drop kick to the inner thigh! Crucifix stood and hit another drop kick to the thigh, softening up that leg muscle. Crucifix grabbed the leg and bent it over the ropes, but broke it at the count of four. Crucifix brought Albright’s leg back in and then hoisted him up onto the top rope. Crucifix climbed up top and hooked Albright, but Albright fought him off with punches to the mid-section

Albright shoved Crucifix off the top and then tried to stand on the buckles, but his leg gave him problems. Crucifix then stood and hit a leg sweep on Albright!! Albright slammed back first into the top turnbuckle then bounced forward, hitting face first on the canvas!!!!! A HOLY SHIT chant broke out in the crowd as Crucifix quickly made the cover as Massimo stepped into the ring, but stopped when Albright kicked out at two and nine tenths! Massimo stepped back onto the apron as Crucifix pulled Massimo’s head up off the canvas and rained down with heavy right hands. Crucifix then stood and headed to the corner where he climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad and took aim. He leapt off and connected with the Leap of Faith to the injured leg of Cori Albright!!

Massimo came into the ring, but the referee stopped him. Behind the referee’s back, Crucifix pulled out a pair of brass knuckles and began to punch away at Albright’s knee with them. After a few shots, Crucifix chucked the knucks out of the ring. He then went for the cover when the referee turned around, but Albright still kicked out!! Crucifix stood up and taunted Massimo by asking him if he liked what he saw. Massimo lost it and came into the ring, shoving the referee aside. Crucifix bailed from the ring as Massimo knelt down next to his partner to see if he was okay. The referee had to remind him that this was still a match and he wasn’t the legal man. Massimo, at the very least, helped Albright up to his feet before heading back to his corner. Crucifix slid back into the ring and charged at Albright, but Albright lifted Crucifix up and over the top rope and out to the floor, but his leg gave way! Albright tried to stand, but he couldn’t. Massimo begged for the tag as Albright crawled to the corner, but Crucifix made it back into the ring and grabbed Albright by the leg before he could make the tag!!

Crucifix grabbed Albright by the leg and put him into a Single Leg Boston Crab in the middle of the ring. The pain was evident on Albright’s face, but he wasn’t going to tap away this final opportunity to hold the Hype Tag Team Titles. Albright fought through the pain, but collapsed back down as he tried to make it to the ropes. Massimo came into the ring and dove in to make the save, but Crucifix moved out of the way and Massimo landed on his own partner’s leg!! Massimo got up and Crucifix lunged in with a Super Kick, taking Massimo out! Massimo rolled to the outside as Crucifix pulled Albright back up to his feet. With him vertical, Crucifix backed into the ropes, but Albright shuffled and went for the GOOOOAAAALLL, but when he lifted his leg, the pain shot through it and he stumbled! Crucifix delivered the toe kick and scooped Albright up onto his shoulder. He slid Albright down his back and placed him in an inverted splash mountain bomb position. He then tossed Albright over and face planted him into the canvas with the Seventh Sin! Crucifix made the cover hooking the leg and got three before Massimo could make it back into the ring!!!! Crucifix just because The Natural Athletes by himself!!!

Winner Crucifix via Seventh Sin
Match Time: 19:42
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: Call it what you want.. that was a tainted victory. Crucifix used brass knuckles behind the referee’s back to retain his championship titles. What man does that?

Jeff Hartman: A man that will do anything to stay on top, that’s who. After seeing that, I’m starting to think that I was wrong about him needing Xtreme to get ahead in this world. I’m starting to drink his Kool Aid and it tastes delicious!

"Next Week Will be GLORY-ous!"

A voice boomed over the PA system..

“All women need to be put on notice.. Supreme GLORY awaits…”

The scene then flashed several pictures of a new female wrestler. She looked rather built as the screen jittered around to different parts of her body. It finally stopped at her eyes which looked intense. The screen then quickly shot to black.



Those were the words on the jOltvision before they faded away.

Mike Patterson vs Prince Samir

Match Summary
The two of them locked up at the bell and immediately Patterson lifted Samir up over his head with the military press! The crowd cheered as Patterson dropped him stomach first across the top turnbuckle and ropes. Samir laid up there as Patterson took a few steps back, charged and hit a kick to the stomach that knocked Samir off of the top rope. Not the way you want to start a championship match if you’re the challenger.

Samir staggered up to his feet as Patterson backed into the ropes. He wanted to go for the spear, but Samir side stepped and Patterson had to put the brakes on. He turned around to get caught by Samir with a kick to the stomach. Samir with the knife edge chop to no effect. He went for it again and had no effect a second time. Patterson simply smiled as Samir backed off, begging and pleading for Patterson not to hurt him. Samir then had the idea of taking the money he got from El Principe and showing it to Patterson as if he were offering a bribe out of this match. Patterson knocked the money away and then grabbed Samir by the neck! Patterson lifted Samir back into the air with another military press. He let Samir go, pivoted, caught him over his shoulder and slammed him down with the powerslam! Patterson covered, but only got two.

Samir wasn’t going to buy his way out of this match as he stumbled back up to his feet and into the corner. Patterson stepped in and fired a combination of rights and lefts before whipping Samir across the ring. Patterson charged in, but Samir put the boot up and stopped his momentum. Samir hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle and flew off, but Patterson lunged in and Speared Samir in mid-air!! Patterson stood, grabbed Samir, placed him between his legs and nailed the Trailervision.. the cradle piledriver. He made the cover and got the three!

Winner Mike Patterson via Trailervision
Match Time: 4:16
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace:I have a feeling that Mike Patterson’s title matches are going to be just as short from here on out. A dominating performance by a monster of a champion that looked damn near unstoppable at Wrestlecade.

Jeff Hartman:NO! MY LIEGE HAS BEEN DEFILED! Patterson will pay for this! Samir will not let his princehood be tarnished by a brute like him!

After the Match
The crowd erupted as Ryan Raysor hopped the barricades and entered the ring. Samir had just staggered back to his feet and Raysor blindsided him from behind! Raysor mounted Samir and fired away with heavy right hands! The crowd chanted “RAY-SOR” as he wasn’t going to hold back any longer!

Raysor stood and headed to the corner. He climbed up top and took aim. He flipped off and nailed the Shooting Star Elbow Drop.. the Flip Switch.. on Samir!! Samir laid on his side, gripping his stomach in pain as Raysor hopped out of the ring. Raysor walked up to the top of the entrance ramp and stood there with his fist raised in the air. This was the final scene as The Hype went off the air.