"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the Hype Arena in Miami, FL where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! Last week we saw Mike Patterson and Regan Hearst battle in a short, yet, harder hitting contest. The interesting thing to note here is that Mike Patterson collapsed after the match. The doctors have said it was just an abdominal muscle strain. He then wrestled on iNtense against Seraph and was in even more pain. I understand we will hear from Shayne Anderson momentarily about the condition of our champion, Mike Patterson

Jeff Hartman: With any luck, he'll be gone for good and they'll give the title to the man who deserves it to the most.. Tristan!

"So.. About That Match..."

Tristan barges into Shayne Anderson's office and stands before his desk. Anderson is lost within some paperwork and completely ignores Tristan. Tristan is getting annoyed pretty quickly and clears his throat.

Shayne: Yes, Yes, I know you're there.. just hold on a second here.

Tristan: I want to know for sure that Mike Patterson is my opponent for tonight.

Shayne let out a heavy sigh

Shayne: When I say hold on a second... it doesn't mean you just start talking to me, but since you can't wait a couple of moments... Mike Patterson is not here tonight. I gave him the night off so he can take some time and heal.

Tristan: What about my match? I'm the number one contender...

Shayne: Yes.. and you still are. You'll get your match, but it won't be tonight.

Tristan: Why not? You promised me a match last week and it got scrapped for your precious rematch.. you told them that the winner had to face me this week. Mike Patterson is the winner.. he needs to face me tonight.

Shayne: No.. he needs to stay home and rest.. the man collapsed twice after two matches in a three day period. The man is injured and it's in his best interests right now to keep him out of the ring. Sorry, but you're just going to have to live with that.

Tristan: And what about me?

Shayne: What about you?

Tristan: Me and having to live with the fact that I've been promised a Hype Title match twice and I've been denied both times. How do you expect me to live with that?

Shayne: Tristan... I'll make a compromise here. Since you're so eager to compete tonight, I'll give you a match.. against Mike Patterson's last opponent.. Regan Hearst. Maybe then you can pretend that you're in there with Patterson and get some sort of personal fulfillment out of it.

Tristan: And if I beat Hearst, so I win the title?

Shayne: Of course not.. Regan Hearst isn't the champion.. now.. will there be anything else?

Tristan: Yeah, as a matter of fact there is somethin...

Shayne: Great!

Shayne stood up and grabbed Tristan by the arm as he escorted him out of his office. Tristan was still talking as Shayne shoved him out the door and closed it behind him, locking it. Shayne, without saying a word, sat back down at his desk and shuffled through the papers once again as if nothing had just happened.

Sarkhaya vs Un-Fayth

Match Summary
Sarkhaya got her wish granted.. a match with Un-Fayth one on one. At the sound of the bell, Fayth immediately exited the ring, turned and leaned against the ring apron, waving sarcastically at Sarkhaya. Sarkhaya took to the bait and rolled out of the ring as Fayth rolled back in at the same time. Sakhaya slid back in as Fayth hopped over the top rope to the apron and then down to the floor. Sarkhaya was getting pissed as Fayth laughed and called her a puppet to her face. Sarkhaya backed up and went to slide under the bottom ropes, but she stopped short. Fayth rolled back in and realized the mistake she just made and Sakhaya dove on top of her with a Double Axe Handle smash to the upper back!

Sarkhaya pulled Fayth up and shoved her back into the corner. A jab, a chop, a jab, a chop, then a whip by Sarkhaya to the opposite side. She charged in, but Fayth hit a back elbow. Fayth hopped up to the middle turnbuckle, but Sarkhaya charged the corner and front flipped up, hitting a handstand headscissors, flipping Fayth over!! Fayth staggered up and was taken down again by a Spinning Heel Kick! Sarkhaya went for the cover, but got two. Rear Chin Lock by Sarkhaya, but countered with a Snapmare by Fayth. Kick to the back by Fayth followed by a drop kick to the back of head. Cover for two. Fayth with the chin lock, but Sarkhaya battled up, hit a pair of elbows and went to go for the ropes, but Fayth grabbed her by the hair and yanked her down to the canvas. Fayth with a running leg drop, cover, and another two count.

Fayth went to the corner and went for the Blind Fayth.. the double jump moonsault, but Sarkhaya put the knees up. Fayth staggered away as Sarkhaya stood and placed her into an inverted fireman's carry, but Fayth slipped off, landed behind and placed Sarkhaya into a waist lock. She shoved her stomach first into the buckles and went for a roll up, but Sarkhaya held on. Back thrust kick by Sarkhaya doubled Fayth over. Sarkhaya leapt to the middle turnbuckle and pivoted off, catching Fayth by the head and spiking her with a DDT!! Sarkhaya stood and got behind Fayth, taunting her to stand. Faythe staggered to her feet and when Sarkhaya stepped in, Fayth dropped down, grabbed her by the front of her tights and flung her chest first into the buckles. Fayth got a running start and hit a running boot to the back of Sarkhaya's head in the corner!

Fayth backed up as Sarkhaya staggered out of the corner, holding her face. Fayth kicked her in the stomach and hooked her in a butterfly hold, but Desiree ran out from the back and hit the ring. Desiree charged Fayth who saw her from a mile away and ducked a lariat. Desiree stopped, turned around and saw that Fayth had already released Sarkhaya! Fayth grabbed Desiree by the arm and whipped her right into Sarkhaya knocking her down! The referee called for the bell, but Fayth kicked the dazed Desiree in the stomach, hooked her in the butterfly and nailed the Sit Out Tiger Facebuster.. The Fayth Breaker! Fayth then rolled out of the ring, smiling the entire time! She lost the match, but she came out of it looking like the winner!

Winner: Sarkhaya vs Disqualification
Match Time: 6:22
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Faith Hines avoided the attack when Desiree came down and tried to save Sarkhaya, but in the end, she ended up doing more harm than good.

Jeff Hartman: First off... it's Un-Fayth.. not Faith Hines... and second.. of course Desiree did more harm than good. She's been doing that since day one on The Hype when she lied on her application about being a trained professional wrestler.. You actually expecting something out of her that WASN'T going to be a screw up?

"Goals and Aspirations"

We head backstage where Marshall Stetton is standing by with Jameson Scott.

Marshall: Jameson.. thank you for joining me. You came up a little bit short against Tristan in what could have made you an instant sensation by becoming the number one contender to the Hype Championship and one of the youngest, in terms of tenure here on The Hype, to ever do so, but you redeemed yourself last week by pulling off a major upset over a former world champion in Eldridge Ali. What does that mean to you?

Scott: Well it means the world to me, obviously. I come from an MMA background and I think that served me well here in the world of professional wrestling. When you're inside of an octagon, you have to kill or be killed. That's the mentality that you have to have because you don't know at the end of the fight if you're going to walk out with your hand raised or get carried out by staff members on a stretcher. That's the approach I take to jOlt. I come out here each and every night thinking that I have to beat my opponent or there may be no tomorrow.

Marshall: That mentality has served you well. Did you expect to get a title opportunity so early in your wrestling career?

Scott: No, not at all. I think it was just timing, to be honest. I came in just as another group of people were promoted to the main roster. There were spots to fill and some of the veterans here were locked into issues with other people so the title scene was fresh.. it was new.. and I think Shayne saw something in me and decided to give me that shot.. much like he did with Regan Hearst. Sometimes that's what you have to do to catch lightning in a bottle.. take that shot.. take that risk and that's what I'm all about. I appreciate all the praise I've gotten so far, but I'm not wishing or wanting a Hype Championship match. I simply come out here, do what needs to get done.. and if that earns me an opportunity, I'll take it.. but until it does, I am more than happy to wait my turn and continue to kick people's heads in every chance I get.

Marshall: Now... people see your last name and it seems rather familiar to some... and not because of MMA.

Scott: Yeah... people already know my wife.. Callie Scott. She started out here on The Hype and she's making waves on the main roster now.

Marshall: What's that like being in the same company as your wife?

Scott: Unbelievable. I know starlets can work on both the main roster and hype roster.. maybe one day I can do a mixed tag with her.. that would be amazing, but right now.. I'll take things one at a time and whatever Shayne gives me, I'll take and try to make the most of it.

Marshall: Alright, Jameson.. thank you for taking the time to talk with me.. you are definitely an interesting and humbled man who has his goals straight! Now, let's send it back to the ring for more wrestling action!

Ryan Raysor vs Kareem

Match Summary
Last week, Raysor and Samir had a confrontation where we saw the return of Samir's personal bodyguard, Kareem, who laid of Raysor in the locker room. Now, Raysor gets to go one on one with Kareem, but Samir is close by at ringside.

Raysor and the near 300 pound Kareem lock up. Kareem asserts his dominance right away by lifting Raysor up straight out of the lock up position and tossed him backwards! Raysor landed on his feet as Kareem grins and slaps his chest. Raysor charged in for another lock up, but switched to a waist lock, but Kareem pivoted and backed Raysor into the corner! Kareem took a step forward, turned, and nailed a leaping Gamengiri!!! What agility by the big man! Raysor staggered out of the corner as Kareem scooped him up onto his arms and nailed a falling powerslam in the corner. Kareem went to the corner and climbed the ropes, looking for a second rope backward splash, but Raysor rolled out of the way!

Raysor backed into the ropes as Samir tried to warn Kareem, but when Kareem got on all fours, Raysor hit a running knee strike to the side of his head! Samir got up on the apron, but Raysor decked him, causing him to hit the floor, but Kareem absorbed the blow and got back to his feet!! Raysor turned around and was sent to the outside by a big clothesline! The referee started his ten count as Raysor got back to his feet. He went to slide by in, but Samir held him by the leg. Raysor hit an enzugiri on Samir when he stood and then rolled back into the ring, but Kareem stomped his big boot on the lower back of Raysor, preventing him from standing! Kareem pulled Raysor up and gripped him by the back of the head before forcing him face first into the canvas!!!

Kareem backed away and wound up his arm... he was ready to strike as Raysor staggered to his feet, holding his face in pain. Kareem charged in, looking for his massive lariat, but Raysor hit a drop toe hold and Kareem ended up going face first into the buckles! Kareem flopped onto his back as Raysor went up top. He took aim, looking for the Flip Switch, but Samir got up on the apron. Raysor kicked him away, but it allowed Kareem to stand and grab Raysor, hurling him off the top rope and about half way across the ring!! Raysor stumbled up to his feet and Kareem charged in looking for his clothesline for a second time, but Raysor ducked, turned, and hit a low drop kick to Kareem's knee! He then hit a step up Shining Wizard that knocked Kareem onto his back! Raysor made the cover, but Kareem kicked out with force!

Raysor stood and readied himself. Kareem stood and Raysor hit kick after kick to Kareem's thigh to soften it up. Kareem staggered away and Raysor hit a leg lariat to the back of Kareem's head, sending him into the rope. Raysor stood and charged in. He leapt over the top rope, pivoted, and hot shotted Kareem's head across the top rope as he flew over! Kareem staggered back and fell to a knee as Raysor got up on the apron. Raysor leapt off with a springboard cross body, but... SMACK!!!! Kareem with an open palm slam, knocking Raysor out of mid-air!!! Raysor hit the canvas HARD and the fans cringed at the sight of it. Kareem picked up Raysor and flung him into the ropes. Pop Up Spinebuster by Kareem.. the Protect the Prince connected! Kareem made the cover, but Raysor kicked out at two!!

Samir shouted to Kareem to finish him off and Kareem gave him the nod. Kareem pulled Raysor up to his feet and went for a whip into a short arm lariat, but Raysor ducked, rode up Kareem's back and tried to take him over with a Sunset Flip, but Kareem wouldn't have none of it. Kareem fell to his seat, looking to crush Raysor under his weight, but Raysor moved, stood, hit the ropes, and nailed a Shotgun Drop Kick to the back of Kareem's head! Raysor pulled him into position and climbed up the turnbuckle pads. Raysor took aim, but again, Samir got up on the apron, but Raysor kicked Samir and knocked him down! Raysor refocused his aim and flipped off with the Shooting Star Elbow Drop... the Flip Switch, but Kareem moved! Raysor hit hard and popped back to his feet. Kareem lunged in and finally found his massive lariat that turned Raysor inside out! The Decrowning! Kareem made the cover and picked up the win!

Winner: Kareem via Decrowning
Match Time: 8:14
Match Rating: **1/2

Jack Wallace: Kareem just made an emphatic return here on The Hype, picking up a win over Ryan Raysor, but you have to wonder if Prince Samir's distraction played into that victory because it looked like Raysor had Kareem beat!

Jeff Hartman: No Jack, I've said it for almost two years now... you don't mess with royalty and right now, Prince Samir taught that lesson to Ryan Raysor. If Raysor had just taken the money in the beginning from El Principe, this would have never happened. Speaking of which, what happened to El Principe? And El Gringo Loco?

Jack Wallace: I heard something about INS.

Jeff Hartman: Pfft.. America cares not for the princes of the world. How droll.

"The Challenge Continues"

We open up backstage and we the trio known as The Ali Boys standing around. Eldridge was standing there with his arms crossed as Iago and Clemente had smirks on their faces as if they were holding back laughter.

Eldridge: If you have something to say.. just go on and say it.

Iago: No.. no.. I just think it's funny how you were all high and mighty about being better than us and then you lost to Jameson Scott last week.

Eldridge: Maybe you didn't notice, but you lost to the O'Briens last week yourselves.

Clemente: Yeah, but we beat them previously so we're actually one and one against them.

Eldridge: But that wasn't when we were having our little challenge.

Iago: Well.. I know that for sure we're going to win our match tonight and we will get the lead on you.

Eldridge: If you think I'll make the same mistake twice, then the mistake is on your end. I'm going to win my match tonight and then laugh when you two fail for the second week in a row.

"ACTUALLY"... said a voice off camera. It was Shayne Anderson.

Shayne: I .. well.. kind of overbooked this show... I guess you can say I was just a little bit overzealous... so instead of telling you your matches were off for the night, I decided to congeal them together. You three will be in a six man tag against The Widow's Nest tonight.. so I hope you're all in a winning mood!

With that Shayne backed off as the Ali Boys just stood there and looked at each other as the scene faded to black.

Broken Sanity vs The SOBs

Match Summary
Shovel and Selby O’Brien began than match against each other while their tag team partners stood on the aprons. Outside the ring Broken Sanity’s psychologist, Dr. Dean, studied the match up. Shovel and Selby locked up, traded punches and finally Selby hit a knee to Shovel’s got and got separation. Selby bounced off the ropes and came back in with a running knee sending the crowd into a cheer. Selby picked up Shovel, delivered a DDT and tagged in his twin brother, Scanlon. Scanlon immediately went up to the top rope and attempted an elbow drop but Shovel moved! Shovel tagged in Morgan who delivered a flying forearm as Scanlon got to his feet. Morgan went for what was becoming a signature running leg drop but Scanlon rolled out of the way just in time.

The two got back to their feet and began trading shots. Finally Scanlon whipped Morgan off the ropes who came back and ducked under Scanlon’s clothesline attempt. On next way back Scanlon caught Morgan with a huge lariat! Scanlon went back and tagged in Selby who was ready to get back at it. Selby first caught Morgan with a bulldog, then pulled Morgan back up and went for the Emerald Isle Driver but Morgan reversed with a back body drop! Morgan tagged in Shovel who was geared to go. Shovel caught a recovering Selby with a flying headbutt! Shovel crawled over, threw a hand across Selby but only got the two count. Shovel picked Selby up and threw him to the corner where Morgan was waiting. Shovel ran and hit a body avalanche and began dropping boots on the sitting Selby. Morgan slapped Shovel on the back to tag himself and then promptly joined double teaming with stomps. Scanlon ran into the ring to help Selby but was held back by the referee.

Dr. Dean: DO IT!

In a quick motion Broken Sanity pulled Selby up and hit The Bipolar Driver! Once Shovel was out of the ring the referee turned back around to see Mad Morgan yelling in pleasure while covering Selby, and he got the three count! Scanlon wouldn’t let it stand and ran at Morgan only to be caught by Shovel’s twisting neckbreaker… Shovel Angry!

The SOBs laid in the ring while Dr. Dean climbed in microphone-in-hand. The crowd booed with displeasure.

Dr. Dean: Behold the power of Broken Sanity. Once a disjointed, fractured tandem, I have evened out Broken Sanity through the miracle of medicine and therapy. And they are now riding their way to the top! Be on notice… Broken Sanity is ready to face ANY tag team.

Winner: Broken Sanity via Bipolar Driver
Match Time: 10:15
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Dr. Dean is really in the heads of Broken Sanity. I'm not so sure he's really giving these two the therapy they need.

Jeff Hartman: Dammit Jack, he's a doctor! You always have to trust your doctors. Broken Sanity won here tonight so it's obvious he's doing a good job!

Jack Wallace: I know I wouldn't trust Dr. Kavorkian.. or Dr. Astin..

Jeff Hartman: I've heard of the first one, but who' s the other?

Jack Wallace: Just someone from a story I read that doesn't really concern us. Still wouldn't trust him, though.

"Best Intentions?"

Sarkhaya was in her locker room putting her gear away in her bag when Desiree knocked on the door. Sarkhaya didn't answer her, but instead kept on packing her bag.

Desiree: Hey.. I wanted to come apologize for interfering in the match tonight.. and uhm..

Sarkhaya kept packing her things until they were gone, completely ignoring Desiree. She zipped up her duffle bag, stood, and went to exit when Desiree stopped her.

Desiree: Wait a second, please. If you're mad at me.. please tell me. I know I stepped out of line by coming down to the ring... I didn't hit you intentionally.. .Fayth threw me into you.

Sarkhaya looked Desiree in the eyes.

Sarkhaya: I finally got my match with Un-Fayth.. I had her one on one. When you came down, I was about to counter her finishing maneuver. Instead, I find you coming down and disrupting a situation I had under control and because of that, I couldn't do what I wanted to do.. and that was pay Fayth back for putting me out of a wrestling ring for nearly three weeks. Good intentions or not.. you stuck your nose where it didn't belong.

Sarkhaya went to leave when Desiree stopped her again.

Desiree: Stuck my nose where it didn't belong? Did you somehow forget that before she attacked you, Un-Fayth attacked me? That she put me in the hospital? Oh.. and speaking of sticking noses where they don't belong... wasn't it you that ran down to my match last week and caused me to get disqualified!? Hey.. at least when I unintentionally hit you.. you won your damn match.. I have to live with a loss on my record. So before you even think about telling me that I was doing something that I shouldn't be involved in, why don't you give yourself a damn history lesson.

Sarkhaya dropped her back and came face to face with Desiree.

Sarkhaya: So I guess this means you're becoming a problem for me, too, right? That's fine by me.. I know how to multi-task. I can handle two problems at once.

Desiree sighed in disgust and just turned and exited the locker room. Looks like their friendship was dissolving right before our very eyes.

The Ali Boys vs The Widow's Nest

Match Summary
The Widow's Nest blew their one shot at the Hype Tag Team Championships. This week, they were in 6 man action against The Ali Boys. The Ali Boys made their way to the ring and then "Caught in a Web" by Dream Theater hit the PA. The audience booed, but after a few moments, there was no Widow's Nest coming out from the back. The song continued to play until it went silence. Iago, Clemente, and Eldridge stood in the ring and looked at each other. Then.. the jOltvision illuminated.

We see The Widow's Nest with the bags packed and exiting the arena. Shayne Anderson runs up behind them.

Shayne: Whoa whoa whoa.. where do you think you're going!? Your entrance music is playing and you have a six man tag scheduled for RIGHT NOW.

Black Widow turned and looked at Shayne.

Widow: Until you give us a match for the Hype Tag Team Championships.. we're not wrestling another single match here on The Hype. Goodbye, Mr. Anderson.

With that, the Widow's Nest left the building. Shayne Anderson shook his head. He turned and noticed the camera in his face.

Shayne: Oh great, so you were taping this? Well.. I imagine this is being broadcast out to the arena so allow me to make my thoughts known to the world. As of this moment.. The Widow's Nest are suspended indefinitely for violation of jOlt Wrestling Code of Conduct, Insubordination, and Unprofessionalism resulting in a misrepresentation of the jOlt Wrestling brand. Their suspended can only be lifted by myself and right now.. it'll be a cold day in hell before they change my mind. Now turn that off and let me through!

Shayne Anderson stormed off... he was PISSED.

Back in the ring, Iago Ali grabs a microphone. He looked at Clemente.. he looked at Eldridge.. then he looked at the referee.

Iago: W...We win... right?

The crowd had a good laugh at that. The referee shrugged his shoulders, walked over and lifted up Clemente and Iago's arms. Eldridge shoved Clemente out of the way and stood in his place. The referee raised his arm, too. Clemente then shoved his own brother, Iago out of the way and the referee raised his arm again. Iago tried to shove Eldridge out of the way, but instead, he fell flat on his ass. He got up, brushed himself off then shoved the referee out of the way. All three Ali Boys raised their arms in the middle of the ring.

Winner: The Ali Boys via Forfeit
Match time: 0:00
Match Rating: n/a

Jack Wallace: I can't believe The Widow's Nest left the arena just because they couldn't handle the fact that they didn't get a tag team title opportunity this week. Then Shayne Anderson suspended them!

Jeff Hartman: I can't believe Shayne Anderson suspended The Widow's Nest. They've waited an entire year to get a shot at the Hype Tag Team Championships and yeah.. they had a minor setback last week.. but they're still VERY deserving of a title opportunity. They keep getting screwed here on The Hype!

"Moving Up in the World"

The scene opens up backstage by a water cooler. There are two guys standing there from the production crew.

Crew Member A: So yeah... I was rigging the lighting and then I saw this field mouse up on the rafters with me.. it was like the two of us were having this intense staredown and...

"Did someone say intense?" said a voice.

Zane Roebuck walks up to the cooler.. grabs a paper cup and fills it up with water.

Zane: Funny you mention that because I was on Sunday Night iNtense this past Sunday.. just like I was the week before that. Yeah.. the travel schedule is brutal being on both shows, but at least I know how to take care of my abdominal muscles, though! So say... about me being on iNtense...

The two crew members just part ways and head off in separate directions. Zane shrugs and drinks his water before walking off to the right where he comes across an unknown male wrestler.

Zane: Hi... I'm Zane Roebuck... uhm... who are you?

The unknown responds.

???: Darian. Darian Carver... who are you?

Zane: Who am I? WHO AM I!? Do you not watch Sunday Night iNtense!? I'm the guy that was on Sunday Night iNtense! I even had a match... AND I won, might I add. That's right.. when you're as in demand and as awesome as I am.. you don't need much.. you just need a little Good Luck. Seeing how you're as green as a dill pickle... and yes... dill is superior to bread and butter.. deal with it... you could probably use a little good luck yourself as you venture into the unknown that is jOlt Wrestling... so here...

Zane reached into his pocket and pull out... well... nothing.

Zane: Oh.. sorry.. I'm fresh out of Good Luck... along with something else that rhymes with that. Later Pickle Boy!

Zane continued to walk down the hallway as Darian Carver stood there..

Darian: Wow.. I haven't even been here in jOlt for two hours and I already want to kick someone's ass.

The crowd cheered that statement as the scene faded to black.

Tristan vs Regan Hearst

Match Summary
Tonight's main event was set. Regan Hearst took Mike Patterson to the absolute limit, but ended up short against him last week. Tonight, he takes on the number one contender, Tristan. The bell rang and the two of them circled in the ring. Tristan faked a move in thinking it would outsmart Hearst, but it didn't. Tristan tried it again and Hearst didn't budge. Tristan decided a fake out wasn't going to work and charged in, but Hearst laid him out with a lariat! He quickly pulled Tristan up and placed him between his legs. He lifted Tristan up to shoulder height and powerbombed in him in the middle of the ring! Hearst held on, picked Tristan back up and powerbombed him down a second time. Hearst pulled Tristan back up and hit a Release Jackknife Powerbomb for a third one!

Hearst popped up and backed off as Tristan slowly got back to his feet. Hearst charged in went for the flying headbutt, but Tristan actually stumbled to the side and backed into the ropes causing Hearst to miss! Tristan stepped forward and hit a running big boot to Heart's face that spun him around. Tristan grabbed Hearst in a waist lock and hit a German Suplex with a bridge pin, but he only got two. Tristan held on and pulled Hearst up. He went for a second German, but it was blocked. Hearst spun around and placed Tristan into a waist lock. he then hit a German Suplex of his own. Hearst popped back up and pulled Tristan up. He placed him in a front waist lock and hit a belly to belly overhead release suplex. Tristan staggered back up and fell against the ropes. Hearst charged in and slammed into Tristan with a clothesline, knocking him over the top rope and out to the floor.

Hearst stepped out onto the ring apron and waited for Tristan to stand back up. Tristan turned and faced Hearst as he dove off the ring apron with a shoulder tackle, but Tristan grabbed him by the arm and slammed him into the mats at ringside!!! Fujiwara Arm Bar applied on the floor!! The referee was counting and was up to five..... six..... seven... Hearst got onto his knees... eight.... He stood with Tristan on him!!! Nine... Hearst grabbed Tristan and threw him into the ring and rolled in immediately after him beating the ten count!!! An amazing feat of strength by Regan Hearst!! Hearst got up as did Tristan. Hearst went for a lariat, but Tristan ducked. He turned and barred Hearst's arm and fell back, pulling it down across both knees!

Hearst staggered away holding his arm in pain. He turned and got caught with a running drop kick by Tristan and Hearst staggered back into the corner! Tristan charged in, but Hearst caught him and with the arm that was being worked on, hit a Standing STO, dumping Tristan on the back of his neck! Tristan slowly got back up Hearst grabbed him by the arm and whipped him into the ropes. He popped Tristan up into the air, but Tristan shifted his weight and hit Hearst with a Drop Kick!!! Tristan showing some fire here tonight as he stood up and stomped his foot on the ground. He lunged in with a Super Kick, but it was dodged by Hearst. Kick to the midsection and setup between the legs, but Tristan countered with a back body drop! Tristan backed into the ropes and hit a running knee lift to the side of Hearst's head! Hearst fell to all fours, stood and then got smacked in the face with the Super Kick he dodged earlier! Tristan fell into the cover and got three!!?? NO!!! Hearst popped the shoulder up at the last possible second!

Tristan stood and grabbed Hearst by the legs. He wanted to go for the Inverted Texas Cloverleaf.. the Disasterpiece... but Regan flipped Tristan with his leg strength, but Tristan carthwheeled through it back up to his feet!! Regan stood and was met with a kick to the stomach! Tristan backed into the ropes and came at him full speed, but Regan stood up straight... popped Tristan into the air, caught him on his shoulders with a Fireman's Carry and tilted into the Reverse Death Valley Driver.. the Spinal Crack!!! Hearst went into the cover and picked up the three!!

Winner: Regan Hearst via Spinal Crack
Match time: 18:47
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jack Wallace: WOW! What a main event here tonight.. Tristan really showed us something here.. that he can hang with the best of them! Love him or hate him.. Tristan laid it all out there tonight.

Jeff Hartman: Yeah except he didn't win, Jack. He's the number one contender and he faced someone who took the champion to the absolute limit and lost. Which means, by proxy, if he were to had faced Mike Patterson here tonight.. he would have also lost. Tristan just doesn't have it, Jack. You can talk about leaving it out there all you want.. all of that means nothing if you don't pick up a victory.

"It's Not Over Yet"

Regan Hearst had left the ring as Tristan was just coming to. Out from the back walked Crucifix. He made his way to the ring and grabbed a microphone.

Crucifix: Okay.. after that little match up is done and over with.. it's time for something more important... and that something is myself calling out The Hype Champion, Mike Patterson. I have a new goal.. and in order to obtain it, I want the champion in a match RIGHT NOW.

Shayne Anderson came out from the backstage area.

Shayne: Perhaps you didn't hear me about an hour and forty five minutes ago. Mike Patterson isn't here tonight. I gave him the night off in order to let him heal. There's no way that you can...

With that.. "Symphony of Destruction" by Nightwish (Megadeth Cover) hit and the place erupted! Mike Patterson walked out from the backstage area dressed ready to compete!! He had the Hype Championship on his shoulder and was sporting a healthy amount of rib tape around his abdomen.

Shayne: Mike... what are you doing here? You're supposed to be at home... you know.. resting?

Patterson took the microphone from Shayne.

Patterson: I am the Hype Champion.. this is The Hype. I don't think it gets any more obvious than this, doesn't it.

Crucifix: I'm all for the touchy feely moment here.. I really am.. but perhaps you'd like to readdress my statement just a few moments ago. Since you're here, Patterson and you brought that shiny piece of silver with you.. I'd be more than happy to take it from you right here.. right now.

Patterson smirked and stepped forward, but Anderson got in his way.

Shayne: WHOA. You are not medically cleared. If you compete against doctor's orders, it will put the entire company at risk. If you get injured.. that falls on me.. that falls on Damien Lee.. it falls on jOlt as a whole. I'm sorry, Mike. I want to see you face Crucifix as much as anyone sitting in this audience right now.. but until your doctor says you can compete.. my hands are tied.

Patterson gave Anderson a very stern look.

Shayne: I'll compromise. If... and I mean IF you are cleared to compete next week.. you can have Crucifix one on one then.. okay?

With that, Tristan stood and ripped the microphone out of Crucifix's hands.

Tristan: WHAT THE HELL!? I was supposed to face Patterson last week... you nixxed it. This week you told me I was supposed to face him and you said he wasn't here.. yet there he stands on the top of that stage... and you feed me to Regan Hearst.. and now you're telling me that Crucifix gets the match I'm supposed to have next week, too!?

Crucifix took the microphone away from Tristan.

Crucifix: Quiet.. men are talking here.

The crowd let out a huge "OOOOH" as Crucifix looked back at Patterson and Anderson.

Crucifix: That's fine by me.. go get your doctor's note or whatever lame excuse you need to drag your ass down to this ring. Next week I will defeat you and I will take that Hype Championship away from you. After all.. even if you're cleared, I know you're not going to be a hundred percent. That title is as good as mine.

Anderson smiled.

Shayne: Then it's settled.. next week if you're cleared you will defend the Hype Championship against Crucifix.

Tristan snagged the microphone out of Crucifix's hands again.

Tristan: Are you serious!? Don't I get any say in this!?

Shayne: No

With that, Shayne and Patterson turn and leave the stage. Tristan glares at Crucifix as he smirks back at him. That is the final scene as The Hype goes off the air.