"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Welcome everyone to The Hype! Tonight there are a lot of questions that we will be getting answers to pertaining to The Hype Championship. As you know, Sayber defeated Sebastian Saje and Jeremy Ryan in a triple threat match and became the first Hype Champion, however, Derecho, decimated Sayber and sent him to the hospital. We don't know the details, but the situation doesn't look good for Sayber.

Jeff Hartman: If I knew all it took to get these guys off our tv screens each and every week was to feed them to Derecho, then I would have asked him to come down here personally to take care of that for us!

Jack Wallace: We all know your history with Derecho. He was our boss elsewhere afterall, but who would have thought that after all these years, you'd still have your lips surgically attached to his ass.

Jeff Hartman: It's not my fault I think of him as a friend!

Jack Wallace: Actually it is.. but before we go to new boss, Shayne Anderson, let's take a look at what happened last time on The Hype.

Last Time
Shayne Anderson was appointed the General Manager of The Hype by Damien Lee. Prince Samir battled Latrell Samuel and ended up on the losing end to a Sky High! Then The Hype Tournament commenced and we saw the ranks whittle themselves down to three: Sebastian Saje, Jeremy Ryan, and Sayber. After taking advantage of the issues between Saje and Ryan, Sayber captured the Hype Championship becoming its first champion.

And that brings us to this week!

Shayne Anderson stepped out from the backstage area and made his way down to the ring to cheers from the crowd. In his hands was The Hype Championship belt and right away we knew this wasn't good news. Shayne grabbed a microphone after he stepped into the ring and waited for the fanfare to die down.

"Tonight, I hold in my hands The Hype Championship and because as such, it comes with an unfortunate announcement"

The people in the audience boo at the sound of that.

"When you with this championship, you can say that you have earned the right to graduate from The Hype up to the main roster so you can showcase your skills to the world on either iNtense or Warriors each and every week. That chance... that opportunity is very tempting and apparently, it was that way for our first champion, Sayber."

Shayne looked at the championship for a moment and then back up at the crowd.

"On Warriors 16, Sayber saw a distraught and broken down Underground Champion in Derecho. He thought he saw a golden opportunity to take advantage of that to earn himself a spot on the main jOlt roster. No one could really blame Sayber as I'm sure anyone who held this championship would have done the same thing. Unfortunately, Derecho reached a breaking point and used Sayber as an outlet for all of that frustration and anguish. Derecho placed Sayber in the hospital and the doctors state that Sayber cannot compete until further notice as his injuries are that severe."

The people booed even more.

"Because as such, it is with great pain that I have to declare The Hype Championship vacant. I know you all are disappointed to hear that... especially after we just concluded such a wonderful tournament to crown the first champion, but the situation is out of my hands. However, what is NOT out of my hands is the fact that I can determine who our new Hype Champion will be. I will be evaluating the roster tonight and I will make my decision by the end of the night as to who will compete for this championship title."

There was a mixed reaction to that announcement as some still believe that Sayber should remain as champion despite his condition.

"I am a very fair man so I will say this. The moment Sayber is healthy enough to compete... whoever is the champion at that time, will defend the Hype Championship against Sayber as he will be granted an automatic number one contendership upon his return to The Hype!"

That reaction boasted cheers from the crowd. "The Hype" by The New Cities plays as Anderson leaves the ring after thanking the crowd.

Jack Wallace: The boss has spoken and I agree with his judgment! A very fair judgment indeed and it's nice to know that Sayber will be the number one contender upon returning to The Hype!

Jeff Hartman: WHY!? The guy is a turnip now. He got cocky, he got overzealous, and he was destroyed by the man who considers himself God now that he won the jOlt Championship. He took a shot and failed. He doesn't deserve crap!

Jack Wallace: That's your opinion, but we're going to send it to the ring now for our opening contest!

Match 1
Handicap Match
Cross the Hood vs Seraph

Before the Match
Cross the Hood his the ring. Machida Hood has a microphone in his hand

"We're here ta declare that we are the GREATEST tag team here on The Hype. We don't need nah championships ta know we b'long on da main rosta. We could take ANY of dem fools ANY time ANY place. Pfft.. Heirs of Wrestling? FUCK EM. The House? FUCK EM. Sweet Sweet Lovin?"

Hood and Cross look at each other.

"Nah we don't wanna mess wit dat. We ain't down for that homo shit. We aim ta prove dat WE THE BEST tag team in jOlt. Ta'night. We prove that by acceptin' tha challenge from any of yall haters in da back. If you want a good ol' Brooklyn ass whoopin'. Get steppin' inta our yard"

Hood tossed the mic to ringside. That's when Seraph made his way out from the back.

Match Summary
Hood and Cross double teamed Seraph and tried to bring the big man down to his feet. They pummeled away on Seraph until Seraph started to fight back. Seraph levels Cross with a big right hand and then tossed Hood to the outside and down to the floor! Seraph then proceeded to dominate Jackson Cross in the ring. Cross looked for help, but Hood was still down and out after a hard landing. Eventually, Hood got back in the ring and chop blocked Seraph from behind. Cross rolled out of the ring to recompose himself as Hood used every trick in the book to keep Seraph down. Hood was starting to get a bit full of himself when he looked to the crowd too long. Seraph got back up and leveled him with a Big Boot. Hood got back up as Cross got back onto the ring apron. Seraph threw Hood into Cross, knocking him back to the outside. Hood staggered into a tight grip around is neck. Seraph lifted him and nailed Devine Destruction... the sit out chokeslam! Seraph went for the cover, but Cross pulled Seraph out of the ring. While they were down low and out of the site of the referee, Cross slammed a pair of brass knuckles into the head of Seraph repeatedly! Cross stood up and pulled Seraph to his feet. He then rolled him into the ring where Hood groggily rolled over into a cover and picked up the three!

Jack Wallace: The referee didn't see it, but Jackson Cross used a pair of brass knuckles on the outside and laid out Seraph! They cheated!

Jeff Hartman: What are you, blind!? Seraph was pulled out of the ring and obviously hit his head on the ground when he landed! Jackson Cross did no such thing! Just ask the official! I bet he'll tell you the same thing!

Winner: Cross the Hood via Pinfall
Match Time: 7:17
Match Rating: **

Prince Samir is pacing back and forth when Kareem steps into view.

"Tonight.. I want you to hurt him. I want you to destroy him. NOBODY DISGRACES ROYALTY!", shouted Samir.

Samir collected himself and came face to face with Kareem.

"But we'll show him tonight. Latrell Samuel will pay for what he did to me. After tonight, we'll make sure that Latrell Samuel shows the proper respect that a prince like me deserves!"

Kareem nods in agreement and the two of them exit the locker room.

Match 2
Kareem vs "Sky High" Latrell Samuel

Match Summary
Latrell made his way out first and then it was Kareem and Samir out second. Samir stayed at ringside as Kareem stepped into the ring. At the sound of the bell, Latrell charged in and tried to get the upper hand immediately on the much larger Kareem, but Kareem shoved Latrell away. Kareem tried to clothesline Latrell, but Latrell used his quickness to avoid Kareem. After a few escapes, it looked as if Kareem was getting frustrated. Latrell went for a springboard cross body, but Kareem planted him in the middle of the ring with a power slam. Kareem then went to work on Latrell and kept him grounded. Samir then got up on the ring apron and demanded that Latrell be brought to him. Kareem picked him up and brought him to Samir who spat in his face.

All a sudden, from the back, Nate Quartermaine ran out to a pretty big pop and yanked Samir off the ring apron. He then grabbed Samir and nailed a big spine buster on the ring mats. Kareem forgot about Latrell as he yelled at Quartermaine. When Kareem turned around he was met with a super kick to the jaw. Kareem staggered against the ropes and bounced back right into a second super kick! Latrell then went up top, took aim and nailed the Sky High! He covered Kareem and picked up the three!

Jack Wallace: The distraction by Prince Samir turned into their downfall! Maybe next time, the Prince should just accept his loss and move on with his life.

Jeff Hartman: ARE YOU INSANE!? Latrell Samuel placed his hands on ROYALTY. And now Nate Quartermaine is interjecting himself into what was justified punishment. Didn't Quartermaine learn his lesson last time!? You don't cross royalty! I'm sure this is far from over! My Prince will redeem himself!

Winner: Latrell Samuel via Sky High
Match Time: 5:26
Match Rating: **

Post Match
As Latrell Samuel and Nate Quartermaine were about to leave the entrance area, they heard a voice over the PA


It was Prince Samir. He stood side by side with Kareem at ringside.

"I am SICK OF THIS. I am sick of you two interfering with me and my business. We are going to end this next week because Kareem and I are challenging you to an Underground Rules tag team match! "

Latrell and Quartermaine look at each other and they begin laughing.


Latrell wiped the tears from his eyes and gave the two of them a thumbs up. Apparently they have accepted the challenge. Samir and Kareem were a little miffed over their reaction, however.

Jeremy Ryan was seen walking through the halls. He literally bumped into Sebastian Saje.

"Out of my way, pretty boy" muttered Ryan.

Saje grabbed Ryan by the shoulder and spun him around.

"Care to say that to my face, woman beater?" stated Saje.

Ryan sneered.

"You're lucky that I'm on the way to Shayne Anderson's office to discuss business. I am the rightful holder of that Hype Championship. I would have held that title if it weren't for your little punk ass."

Saje looked at Ryan dead in the eyes.

"What if I were to get in your way... you know.. to make sure you never make it to Anderson's office?" asked Saje.

Ryan got right in Saje's face.

"I'd like to see you try. Maybe after I'm done dropping you where you stand.. I'll go have a little bit of fun with MY girl, Alyssa.. only this time.. maybe I'll be nice."

Saje hauls off and decks Ryan in the face. Saje begins to unload on Ryan with big rights in succession. Ryan then wraps his arms around Saje's waist and drives him back first into the wall. Ryan then pounds away at the rib and kidney area as Saje pummels Ryan over the back of the neck with forearm shots. Security tries to pull them apart, but Ryan begins to fight off the lowly two members that came to try and stop this. Saje turns and then drives his knee into the face of Ryan when he didn't suspect it.

Ryan, however, grinned and decked Saje with such force that Saje's neck snapped back and Saje fell against the wall. Ryan then shuffled back and field goal punted Saje in the side of the head! More security finally came as we heard a female scream.


Alyssa Corliss ran in and knelt down next to Saje who was bleeding from the mouth.

"Oh my God, Sebastian, are you okay?"

Alyssa then stood and walked over and slapped Ryan across the face as he was held back by security.

"You are lower than scum. I'm glad I'm through with you."

As security hauled Ryan away, he yelled back.

"Doesn't matter if you're done with me.. I'm far from being done with you. Don't forget that."

By this time, Saje had gotten to his feet as he wiped the blood from his mouth. Alyssa turned and looked at Saje.

"I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. If I had never come to you to try and give you advice, Jeremy would have never saw it and none of this would have happened! I am really really sorry."

Alyssa was on the verge of tears as Sebastian looked at her.

"And what if this never happened? What would happen to you? You'd still be with him.. he'd still abuse you.. he'd still control you. Do you really wish for that?"

Alyssa shook her head.

"I... I wish... I... "

Alyssa couldn't bring the words out, but she took one deep breath.

"I only wish that we could be together. Sebastian.. I love you."

Sebastian took a step back for a moment. He didn't really expect to hear those words. Alyssa looks at him as Sebastian struggles to understand what just happened.

"Sebastian..." muttered Alyssa

"I'm sorry", said Sebastian. "I just don't know"

Sebastian walked away as Alyssa stood there not knowing what would happen next.

Match 3
Ryan Raysor vs Dunce Cap

Match Sumamry
Raysor comes out first and then Dunce Cap. Raysor puts one arm behind his back and extends his hand to Dunce Cap for the hand shake. Dunce Cap knows it's a trick as he points to his head. Dunce Cap then extends his hand instead. Raysor knows that this is a trick and brushes it off. He then charged in right into a drop toe hold by Dunce Cap. Raysor rolled out of the ring and brushed him off! Raysor looked to leave the arena! The crowd booed as the referee began the ten count. Dunce Cap turned his back to Raysor to play to the crowd as he counted along with the referee. Raysor saw this and bolted back to the ring. He slid in and immediately rolled up Dunce Cap and stole a victory! Raysor threw his arms up in celebration as if he had just won the world championship! Raysor rolled out of the ring and continued to celebrate as he walked to the back.

Jack Wallace: I have no idea what I just saw, but all I know is that Ryan Raysor has stolen another win here on The Hype. He hasn't won a match legitimately yet since this program began.

Jeff Hartman: Stole? Ryan Raysor is the greatest competitor here on The Hype. He is innovative in his thinking and he has won matches with that thinking! He's amazing!

Winner: Ryan Raysor via Rollup
Match Time: 2:07
Match Rating: *

On Screen
A video is displayed hyping the fact that Eli Conway and Ezra Conway, the West Texas Terrorists are coming to The Hype roster!

Match 4
Gabriel Gold vs Brian Williams

Match Summary
Two brand new competitors here on The Hype! Gold and Williams tie up and begin to chain wrestle a bit. The crowd gets into the match as neither man seems to be getting the upper hand, that is, until Gabriel Gold placed a thumb into the eye of Brian Williams and then rocked him with a massive European Uppercut. Gold then took control of the match as he pummeled Williams a bit and then showed some nice technical skills with a couple of throws. Williams needed to get back into this and he did just that after a surprise school boy when Gold tried to pick him up. From there, Williams nailed a pair of clotheslines and a flapjack for two. Gold staggered to his feet as Williams sent him off to the ropes. Big time Anderson-style spine buster to Gold for another two. Williams looked to put Gold away, but Gold nailed a low blow in front of the referee. Gold sneered as he rolled out of the ring as Williams knelt down in pain. Gold waved his finger as if to say "not today" to Brian Williams.

Jack Wallace: We just got our first looks at Gabriel Gold and Brian Williams and already Gabriel Gold is leaving a sour taste in my mouth. If he's here to impress, he's not doing a great job of it.

Jeff Hartman: His name is Gabriel GOLD. GOOOOLD, Jack. That's already impressive. He's here to set the "Golden" standard!

Jack Wallace: That has got to be the lamest thing that's ever to come out of your mouth.

Jeff Hartman: But it's better than anything you've ever said, I guarantee that!

Winner: Brian Williams via Disqualification
Match Time: 8:20
Match Rating: ***

Inside of Shayne Anderson's office, another new face on The Hype walked in. Anderson looked at him and tried to figure out just what in the hell he was supposed to be.

"Can I... help you?" asked Anderson.

The man dressed out like an 80's rock star walked up his desk, sat down, and placed his feet up on it.

"My name is "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon and I'm here to cut right to the chase. There seemed to be a huge mistake with my contract signing with jOlt Wrestling. I was supposed to be placed in the main event of every iNtense, Warriors, and Pay-Per-View event. Then, when I was given directions, I was sent here to this run-down swamp of a building. Now.. I understand you're the random face in a suit around here so why don't you just clean up this little mess and get me onto the main roster, eh chap?"

Anderson looked at his roster sheet and then shoved it in front of Le Bon.

"Says right there that you were placed on this roster so.. until I tell Damien Lee or Jim Johnson that you're ready.. you belong right here in this... what did you say? Run-down swamp of a building?"

Le Bon took his feet off the desk and stood up. He then slammed his hands down on said desk and leaned in toward Shayne.

"Look.. I don't belong here. I am too talented to be hanging around green as grass rookies. GET ME OUT OF HERE"

Shayne then stood up and got right into Le Bon's face.

"I can see you're very talented. So talented in fact, that I'm giving you a match... it's up next... so I suggest you get out of here and go out to that ring and put that talent to good use.. unless you want to go flip burgers at McDonald's for the rest of your life, if you catch my drift."

"Che.." said Le Bon as he walked out of Shayne's office.

Match 5
"The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon vs Michael "Phantom" Donavan

Match Summary
Donavan started off in control of this match. For someone who talked about having talent, Le Bon wasn't showing any of that as Donavan was in complete control, that is until he went to clothesline Le Bon in the corner. Le Bon moved and Donavan ate the turnbuckle. Le Bon then took Donavan and threw him shoulder first into the steel ring post. Le Bon then went to work on the arm of Donavan. He continued to work over the arm for several minutes, but what really got Donavan back into this was something that Le Bon yelled in his face.

"I'm going to put you on the shelf, right next to your best friend Sayber!"

Donavan became enraged and began to fight back. Le Bon was knocked around a bit by Donavan until Le Bon got a lucky shot in with a hammerlock divorce court on the arm he was working on. Donavan stumbled away in pain. When he turned around, he was met with a quick kick to the stomach and then dropped with an over the shoulder jaw breaker... The Rockstar Stunner! Le Bon did the unthinkable and picked up a three count on one of the people considered to be a veteran on The Hype!

Jack Wallace: WOW! He has some attitude, but maybe it was confidence? Jon Le Bon just pinned a man who went 60 minutes in the past with Sayber in Michael Donavan. Like him or not, that was an impressive win!

Jeff Hartman: I'm even more shocked that you actually put someone over that I like. There's faith and hope for you yet, Wallace.

Winner: Jon Le Bon via Rockstar Stunner
Match Time: 10:10
Match Rating: ***1/2

On Screen
The jOlt vision illuminates with a message. "The Hype's Starlet Division is about to get a wake up call

"You Can Do It" by Ice Cube plays as clips of a latino female wrestler is seen dominating the competition from around the world. A close up picture of her with the name Vogue Gonsalvez is shown with the words "next week" written underneath it

"Picture Perfect" Jack Dawn vs Jeremy Ryan

Match Summary
The match never officially started. Jack Dawn came to the ring first and as Jeremy Ryan stepped out from the back, Sebastian Saje came out and blindsided him with a stiff forearm shot to the back of the head. Saje stomped away at Ryan on the ground before he mounted him and began punching him in the head repeatedly.

Security came out and forced the two of them apart. Alyssa Corliss then came out and held Sebastian back. Sebastian pushed his way past Alyssa and the security and jumped Ryan once again. Security immediately got back in there, but not before Sebastian landed in a few more good shots on Jeremy Ryan! They finally got the two separated when Shayne Anderson came out.

"ENOUGH" said Shane.

"I was going to make an announcement regarding the Hype Championship, but with you two tearing each other apart, and with wannabe Rock Stars pestering me, I can't sit back for a moment's time to look ANYTHING over. So this is what's going to happen. I will take some time between tonight and next week's show. I will make the official announcement regarding the Hype Championship next week at the top of the show and that is a promise."

Shayne then turned his attention to Ryan and Saje.

"As for you two.. until I figure out what to do with the both of you.. you are both hereby SUSPENDED until further notice."

Shayne then walked offstage as the final scene of The Hype showed Saje and Ryan staring at each other with security holding them back.