"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to The Hype! This is going to be a historic edition of The Hype because tonight we will crown our first-ever Hype Tag Team Champions! The X Movement of Crucifix and Xtreme, The Widow's Nest, and The Natural Athletes all have a shot at becoming the first ever Hype Tag Team Champions!

Jeff Hartman: Another historic moment will happen tonight as well! Tonight will be the first night that I don't give a crap about the Hype Tag Team Titles and just want to go on my one month vacation as jOlt heads into Pay-Per-View mode!

Jack Wallace: Despite his enthusiasm for tonight's broadcast, indeed jOlt will be coming to you on Pay-Per-View with Rise of the Legends in just two weeks time. But for now, let's send it backstage!

We see Jayshin Lee standing in the backstage area. He made his return to jOlt television last week when he took on Cordova, who also made his return to tv. Jayshin was on the losing end of that match and didn't appear to be happy afterwards. Jayshin was warming up in one of the hallways of the RingRats Academy when he was approached by Black Widow!

Jayshin: "It's been a while..."

Widow: "Indeed it has. I saw your match last week and I wanted to speak to you. Even though you came up short, I believe that you have great potential. All you need to do is find your true self once again.

Jayshin smirked as he knew what she was hinting at.

Jayshin: "Are you saying that because you want me to find my true self with The Widow's Nest? It doesn't bother you that I left and went out on my own?"

Widow: "All things happen for a reason. It is in our nature to be curious and the only way we learn and grow is to experience the failures of life. What is in the past is in the past. This isn't your true self.. however... THIS... is..."

Widow pulls something out from her back pocket. It's Jayshin's old mask. He hands it over to Jayshin who takes it into his hands. He looks down at the mask for a moment and then nods... almost as if he realizes what he had neglected and that this was his opportunity to return home.

Jayshin then slips the mask on over his face as Black Widow smiles.

Widow: "Welcome home.. Supaida"

With that.. Jayshin Lee was no more. The fourth member of The Widow's Nest had returned as Supaida has rejoined the faction! With The Widow's Nest getting an opportunity at becoming the first Hype Tag Team Champions tonight, this re-acquisition gave them a big boost of momentum heading into tonight's main event!

Callie Scott vs Desiree

Match Summary
Callie Scott won the first match.. Desiree won the second, and last week they ended up in a time limit draw. This week was the week to settle this once and for all. Desiree and Callie Scott.. no time limit.. no rules. There MUST be a deciding winner in this match here tonight! After both starlets made their way to the ring, the referee called for the bell, but neither woman moved an inch. They stood there and stared at each other for a moment before they slowly began to circle each other as if they were waiting for someone to make the first move.

They went for a lock up, but Desiree went behind for a waist lock, but Callie twisted out of it and they were right back to staring at each other. They went for a lock up again and Desiree went for a knee strike, but Callie sensed it and put her hands lock, blocking the shot. Callie then opened up with forearm after forearm on Desiree then a whip to the ropes, but Desiree hung on and puller herself to the outside. Caliie went for a Suicide Dive, but Desiree leapt onto the apron and knee'd Callie in the face! Desiree then hopped down and looked for a weapon. She found a Kendo Stick

Desiree came into the ring and cracked the stick several times over Callie's back. She let Callie stand and went for a headshot, but Callie grabbed the stick and claimed it as her own. Callie then cracked it over Desiree a couple time then used the sick for a side Russian Leg Sweep for two. Callie stood and scoop slammed Desiree back down, dropping a pair of elbows and then a running knee drop getting another two. Callie then placed Desiree in a seated abdominal stretch, but Desiree fought back up and countered with a hip toss then a drop kick.. then a second drop kick and Callie rolled to the outside. Desiree gave chase and tried to slam Callie's face into the ring steps, but Callie blocked and slammed Desiree's face in there instead. Desiree staggered toward the announce position as Callie gave chase. Callie laid in some punches and placed Desiree right in front of Hartman and Wallace. Callie went to the apron, but Desiree got up and swept Callie's legs out from underneath her and Callie hit back first on the edge of the apron!

Desiree swung Callie around and onto her stomach, hooking her in a front face lock and pulling her off the apron a bit. Desiree dropped down with a DDT from the apron to the floor! Desiree then looked for another weapon and found a 2x4 under the ring. Callie tried to shake it off, but Desiree hit the 2x4 over Callie's back, dropping her back down. Desiree dropped the plank and stepped back as Callie got on all fours again. Desiree hit a running kick to her mid-section. Desiree then mounted her and rained down punches. She stood and rolled her back into the ring where Desiree went for a cover, but got two.

Desiree dared Callie to get up. She staggered to her feet where Desiree delivered a toe kick then went to the ropes. Desiree missed a running knee to the head as Callie countered with a Half Nelson Suplex! Desiree got to her feet, but she was on dream street. Caliie spun around and dropped her with a Discus Lariat. Callie brought Desiree to the corner and propped her up against the turnbuckles. Callie scraped her boot across Desiree's face with the Face Wash then hit a running Face Wash to finish it off! As Desiree continued to sit in the corner, Callie grabbed the top rope and leapt up swinging legs into the corner and hitting a drop kick right into Desiree's face! She dragged Desiree back to the center of the ring, but only got two!

Xin Xin Xiong was shouting instructions to Desiree, but Callie sat Desiree up and took off. She went for the Sliding D, but Desiree moved out of the way. Callie landed on her seat and was stunned for a moment. Desiree hit her with front kick after front kick. She switched to kicks to the spine and then finally finished it with a roundhouse to the back of the head followed by one to the front of the face! Desiree then laid on top of Callie then rolled to her back, pulling Callie over with her. She then locked in Desire... the Triangle Choke!! Callie held on as long as she could, but instead of giving up, Callie summoned her strength and gripped Desiree tight. She lifted Desiree up off the canvas and charged into the corner for a Buckle Bomb!

Callie got a head start. She ran as fast as she could and flew through the middle and top rope, but she stuck her arm out and nailed a corner variation of the Sliding D!! Callie pulled herself to the apron as Desiree staggered forward and dropped to the canvas. Callie went up top, but Desiree landed near the Kendo Stick which was still in the ring. She grabbed it as Callie leapt off with a Flying Headbutt and Desiree cracked her in the skull with it! Desiree then quickly tied Callie back up in the Triangle Choke, this time with the Kendo Stick barred across Callie's throat! Callie then tapped out!!

Winner: Desiree via Desire
Match Time: 17:44
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: Desiree has done it and defeated her rival soundly in the middle of the ring! She has come a long way since her debut. Xin Xin Xiong has done wonders with her and I'm sure he's very proud of her progress and her accomplishments

Jeff Hartman: There's still one mountain left for Desiree to climb and that's my...

Jack Wallace: HEY! We may be TV-14, but I'm sure what you're about to say isn't covered under that rating label!

After the Match
Desiree looked at Xin Xin Xiong and Xiong nodded. Desiree turned and stuck out her hand to Callie Scott. Scott grabbed Desiree's hand and she helped her up to her feet. Scott and Desiree hugged in the middle of the ring and Scott raised Desiree's hand before clapping for her and exiting. Xiong extended his hand to Callie as well and she shook it. Xiong then patted Callie on the ass as she walked up the ramp. Callie was a bit startled for a second, but continued walking to the back, albeit a little cautiously.

Lorelei: Scheiße... Did shout two see zhat?

Always a student of the game, the blond bombshell was glued to the monitor in the locker room. Her sudden outburst caught the attention of her massive client, Pietro Geist, and their masked brother-in-arms, Shi No Ryu.

SNR: What is it?

Geist watched on, as Lorelei turned to the Ryuujin and she didn't look pleased.

Lorelei: It looks as if zhe numbers game is becoming a bit more lop-sided zhan before. It appears zhat Jayshin has gone back to his roots and is once again donning the mask of Supaida.

SNR: So, their tactical advantage of three on two has now become even more in their favor.

Lorelei: Richtig.

Geist was not going to be intimidated or become afraid upon hearing this information.

Geist: One more victim to add to zhe total.

Lorelei: Despite vhat shou think, Pietro, you are at a disadvantage.

Geist didn't want to hear that and Shi No Ryu was not looking to side with her either.

SNR: The arachnid vermin cannot match us.

While her allies were proud and had every right to be that way, she knew that their confidence was not helpful at this time. It was downright dangerous.

Lorelei: In a fair fight, shou are right. However, zhese men do not fight zhat way. Zhey've already shown zhat zhey vill exploit their advantage. Shou both know zhat last veek vas just a sample of vhat zhey are capable of. Do not let hubris make shou fools. It is true zhat in a fair battle, Geist could easily handle two of zhose men vhile zhe mighty Ryuujin could handle zhe other. Black Vidow is my personal problem, yet zhat now leaves us vith one spinne unaccounted for. As long as he is free to roam unchecked, ve vill be in danger. Vhile shou both do not vish to hear it, we need further assistance.

Shi No Ryu knew where she was going with this and he looked to put a stop to it.

SNR: You are not calling the confederate, as I see no need to involve his protege. There are others we can align with here on the Hype or even on the jOlt roster. Geist appeared to make friends with that Heir of Wrestling.

Geist liked the sound of that idea. Mack Brody would surely make a destructive addition to their young platoon.

Lorelei: Brody has issues of his own. Let us look over zhe options on zhe Hype. Shou have Anderson's contingent of zhe veak. After ve ran zhem from zhe ring und shou defeated zheir arial specialist, ve are quickly rising up zheir hit list.

There Lorelei went again being all right and stuff.

Lorelei: Zhen, ve have zhe Hype originals. Vhile ve are in better standing vith zhem, zhey needed us to scare off zheir attackers to save zhem from being sent to zhe morgue. So, I do not zhink zhey are truly up to par vith zhe level of excellence ve all take into battle.

Shi No Ryu unhappily sighed, knowing she was right... AGAIN.

Lorelei: Und finally, zhe rest of zhe roster hates us due to zhem being destroyed by our mighty hands in battle. Now, please tell me brave Zero, who is left to help us?

He had no answer for her question, while his gigantic ally stated the obvious.

Geist: She is right.

SNR: That fact did not escape me, kaiju. However, that still does not merit a call to our teacher and it surely does not mean we need the help of the dark one.

While the Ryuujin was not going to back down from his stance, Lorelei was not going to be stopped in her quest. Geist was confused as to why the duo couldn't agree on this matter. He had only heard bits and pieces about this unknown warrior.

Geist: Vhy is zhis such a debate? Who is zhis man?

SNR: The devil incarnate.

Lorelei: All zhese years und shou are still holding a grudge. It vas one battle a long time ago. Zhe time has come to get past it. Zhere vas once a time vhen shou two made zhe most dangerous tandem I have ever vitnessed. Shour pride vill not be zhe downfall of us all. Shou know zhat he is zhe perfect varrior to round out our platoon.

SNR: You are just pushing this issue due to you being attracted to him.

Hearing that didn't exactly make Geist jump for joy. As a matter of fact, it lit a fire that could be seen in the massive German's eyes.

Geist: Was war das?

Lorelei glared at the masked man, not pleased that he took it upon himself to bring up that little tidbit of information. She held her hand up to halt Geist from running his mouth.

Lorelei: That too was a long time ago, Zero. Und just for zhat, I vill let shou in on a secret.

SNR: And what would that be?

Lorelei: Zhe call vas already made.

Shayne Anderson was in his office when Mike Patterson walked straight up to his desk and crossed his arms. In a tone that suggested that he was wasting his time, he asked..

Patterson: "You wanted to see me?"

Anderson sighed.

Shayne: "Yes, I wanted to see you. Last week you said that you were going to "fix" things with The X Movement and since I didn't give you any orders to do something like that, I would just like to know what in the hell it was you were planning."

Patterson smirked.

Patterson: "I plan on taking on the entire Dying Breed by myself tonight in an Underground Rules Handicap Match. Me.. versus the five of them"

Anderson shot up out of his chair and slammed his hands on his desk.

Shayne: "You can't be serious!"

Patterson: "Oh, I'm as serious as a heart attack. I'm going to crush The Dying Breed by myself and when I accomplish this.. there will be NOTHING that will stand in the way of The X Movement ever again."

Shayne: "Well.. sadly... you need to get my approval first before you make these matches. So I'm afraid I'm going to have to den...."

Patterson: Do nothing about it? I thought that's what you were going to do. Besides, I already challenged each and every one of them and they accepted. Since both parties agree, there isn't much you can do about this match. It's going to happen and it's going to happen TONIGHT."

Patterson turned and stormed out of the office. Shayne sat down and buried his face into his hands.

Shayne: "You fool...", muttered Shayne under his breath.

Supaida vs Cordova

Match Summary
It was a rematch from last week as Cordova took on Jayshin Lee, now under the guise of Supaida once again. Black Widow was out with Supaida in order to watch his match. The two started out in the ring, going counter for counter in a nice lucha style. The two ended up with sweeping leg pins for one counts only until they both flipped up to their feet and had a stare down to a nice round of applause from the crowd on hand. They locked up again and again it was counter for counter, but in the end, Cordova missed with a spinning chop and Supaida hit a hangman's neck breaker followed by a running corkscrew senton into a cover but he only got two for it.

Supaida sat Cordova up and went to the ropes. He went for a seated drop kick, but Cordova moved. Cordova went for a front roundhouse, but Supaida leaned back and used a school boy roll up for two. Cordova went for back roundhouse, but Supaida caught him and lifted him up, hitting a Cradle Backbreaker. He held Cordova across his knee and stood, still cradling him. Supaida quickly released him and drove him down to the canvas with an elbow drop and got two once again.

Supaida went to the corner and climbed up top. He went for a swanton, but Cordova moved, but Supaida rolled back to his feet and ran right into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker. Cordova went to the corner and took aim. He went for a frog splash, but Supaida moved! Supaida tied him up with La Majistral, but only got two. They both stood and hit a double clothesline. The referee started a ten count and both men got back up at the count of nine. They both exchanged chops back and forth until Supaida switched it to forearms then quickly a dropkick to the leg. He went to the ropes and hit a Shotgun Drop Kick to the face and covered, only getting two again.

Supaida got up and immediately went to the ropes, looking for an asai moonsault, but Cordova moved and Supaida landed on his feet. Supaida charged in as Cordova side stepped and shoved him to the ropes. Supaida went for a Moonsault DDT, but Cordove caught him on his shoulder, but Supaida pulled off a nice lucha move and spun off into a Tornado DDT! Supaida went up top and measured Cordova up. He flipped off with a double rotation moonsault and connected getting the three count!

Winner: Supaida via Double Rotation Moonsault
Match Time: 9:36
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Jayshin Lee dons the mask once again and as a result, picks up the victory here tonight over the accomplished Cordova! I have a feeling that these two aren't done with each other.. especially now that The Widow's Nest is involved!

Jeff Hartman: Why? Because they had two matches and it's one win a piece? Why can't it be done and over with? Besides.. he lost as Jayshin, but won as Supaida. We're supposed to ignore the fact that he used to be Jayshin Lee and talk about how Supaida fell off a random cliff somewhere, but he got better and now he's back!

Jack Wallace: Well we're not a billion dollar corporation and here in jOlt we actually remember who people used to be and where they came from because we're not afraid of wrestling's history.

Jeff Hartman: That's crazy talk, Jack. That could end up getting you future endeavored..

Jack Wallace: I'll be waiting by my mailbox for an envelope from Fed Ex.

We are inside the locker room of Cori Albright and Terry Massimo.. The Natural Athletes. They are dressed and in their ring gear. They looked ready to go for tonight's main event.

Massimo: "You know.. I saw what happened earlier. Jayshin becomes Supaida and he ends up beating a legend in Cordova. Supaida might not be in this match tonight, but Araknis and Wolf Spider are and they got themselves a teammate back.. and not just a teammate.. a winning teammate. They're riding a natural high right now and I have no doubt that they are going to try and take that momentum to the finish line.."

Albright: "But I'm afraid there's a bit of bad news for The Widow's Nest and The X Movement.. because while Mike Patterson goes out there and sacrifices himself to The Dying Breed, that leaves Crucifix and Xtreme without their leader to guide them.. making them easier prey... and The Widow's Nest.. all that momentum coming into the match will be halted because we know what competition is like. Whether on the gridiron or on the soccer field.. we've felt the pressure. We've felt the stares of many eyes upon us as we were pressured to perform our best. A simple three way doesn't scare us and tonight, we'll show you what it means to be a natural athlete under pressure. We WILL come out on top."

Massimo: "Tonight.. we take home the Tag Team Titles and we make history. We don't need a math lesson to talk about chances of winning or percentages or any of that nonsense because in the end.. none of that matters.. all that matters is the two purest athletes on The Hype roster will be walking out with gold."

Massimo and Albright then exit the locker room. The competition was fierce for tonight's main event. A chance to make history was on the line here tonight!

Alyssa Corliss vs Faith Hines

Match Summary For over a month, Alyssa Corliss had pushed away everyone who cared for her and tried to help her through the ordeal of her breakup with Sebastian Saje. Things have gotten to a boiling point between Faith Hines and Alyssa Corliss and Faith even let out a darker side of herself because of Alyssa. Tonight they were going to settle it once and for all in an Underground Rules Match!

The two circled each other in the ring, but Alyssa rolled to the outside immediately and tried to walk away, but Faith wouldn't let her leave like this. She got out of the ring and spun her around, getting in Alyssa's face, but Alyssa slapped Faith across the face then tossed her by her hair into the barricades! Alyssa then stomped Faith into the floor and then walked toward the backstage area. Faith pulled herself up, not wanting to give up on her friend and gave chase, but Alyssa had already disappeared behind the curtain. Faith neared the curtain and then Alyssa exploded out from behind it, spearing Faith onto the floor! Alyssa flicked her hair back and grinned as she lured Faith right into it!

Alyssa pulled Faith up and scooped her onto her shoulder. She walked her down the aisle and to the ringside area where she dropped her face and chest first across the top of the ringsteps! Faith laid there on the floor in agony as Alyssa showboated and touted that she didn't need anyone in her life. She pulled Faith back up and rolled her into the ring. She lifted the apron up and pulled out a steel chair. Faith was getting back to her feet when Alyssa rolled in with chair in hand. She jammed the chair into Faith's mid-section, doubling her over. She cracked the chair across the back and dropped Faith to the canvas. She covered, but only got two.

She picked the chair up again and waited for Faith to stand. She swung for her head, but Faith blocked and snatched the chair away. Alyssa looked afraid, but Faith shook her head "no" and tossed the chair aside. She then told Alyssa to hit her. Alyssa balled up her fist and decked Faith, staggering her away, but she got back in Alyssa's face and told her to hit her again. Alyssa hit a haymaker that knocked Faith down, but Faith got back up and told Alyssa to punch her again. Alyssa screamed out "WHY!?" as she laid out Faith with a clothesline


Faith continued to get back up to her feet.

"Because you're my friend" Faith muttered, but the camera zoomed in close enough for everyone to read her lips.

"I HAVE NO FRIENDS!" yelled Alyssa as she hit a toe kick. She hooked Faith for the Corliss Effect, but Faith twisted out of and kicked Alyssa in the stomach. She placed her in a butterfly face lock and yelled out.

"YOU'RE WRONG! YOU HAVE ME!" yelled Faith

She then nailed No Faith in Humanity.. the Double Arm DDT.. right on top of the steel chair that was tossed aside. Faith covered Alyssa and got the three.

Winner: Faith Hines via No Faith in Humanity
Match Time:10:17
Match Rating: ***1/4

Jack Wallace: Faith Hines did exactly what she said she was going to do. She let Alyssa use her as a punching bag and in the end, Alyssa became to blind with rage to realize what had happened. Faith Hines defeats her here tonight.

Jeff Hartman They should kiss and make up... you know.. slowly... passionately!

After the Match
Alyssa laid there on her back, holding her forehead, looking up at the ring lights. First she lost to Amber Ryann.. now to Faith Hines. Both of the friends that tried to help her, she lost to. Faith remained in the ring until Alyssa sat up. Alyssa looked up at Faith and Faith extended her hand. Alyssa grabbed it and Faith pulled Alyssa up to her feet.

Alyssa was suddenly hit with the realization that she had failed to push everyone around her away and when she tried, she failed both times. Alyssa broke down into tears in the middle of the ring and Faith embraced her in a hug. Alyssa hugged her back. The fans actually stood up and cheered for Alyssa as she looked out in the crowd. It was if getting defeated for a second time caused something inside of her to snap.. that it broke her out of her way of thinking.

Faith stayed true to her word. She didn't give up on Alyssa.. even in the very end. Faith helped Alyssa out of the ring and the two exited backstage together.

We see Xin Xin Xiong and Desiree backstage. Desiree is seated while X3 is leaning up against a wall.

X3: "What am I going to do with you?" asked Xiong

Desiree was slightly confused by that question.

Desiree: "What do you mean? I won out there."

X3 smiled.

X3: "I know you did and I'm proud that you were able to defeat your rival here on The Hype. The question I'm asking had nothing to do with punishment. I'm wondering what I, myself, am going to do with you."

Desiree's eyes widened a bit.

Desiree: "Whoa whoa whoa.. hold on now. I saw what you did to Callie out there.. I'm sorry, but this is strictly a student / teacher relationship!"

X3 became a bit startled and immediately cleared the air.

X3: "Huh? What? OH! No no no no! I didn't mean it like that... although....."

Desiree's mouth fell open with a look of shock.

X3: "eh forget I said anything. What I meant was whether or not I was going to consider you a former pupil. In other words.. I highly believe that you have grown to the point where you have proven that you can stand on your own. What I'm saying is.. it may be time to part ways. You don't need me to train you anymore."

Desiree changed her expression from a look of shock to one of heartfelt pride. She was about to answer when Kodora entered the room.

Kodora: "Your words make me sick. She isn't the next Aria Murphy. Her wanting to be is nothing more than a pipe dream that you fed to her. Just because you saw something in her doesn't mean you had to train her. Honestly, I don't know why you ever wasted your time with her in the first place. I would have just let her get fired for LYING about having formal training and then let nature take its course."

Maybe it was the praise from Xiong.. maybe it was the fact that she had heard enough from Kodora over the past couple of months. Whatever it was.. something clicked in Desiree's head and she finally stood up for herself.

Desiree: "You know.. I lied for a reason. I had dreams of becoming a professional wrestler and while you can mock me all you want, I told myself that I would do whatever it took to realize my dream.. just because my dream came true and yours of actually being loved by another human being didn't, doesn't give you the right to put me down!"

Those words harshly stung Kodora as she stepped right up into Desiree's face and grabbed her by her shirt top. X3 wedged himself between the two of them, breaking the grip.

X3: "This is not the time or the place for this."

Desiree: "You're right.. it's not... that's why, when The Hype returns the week after Rise of the Legends.. I'll help you with your decision, sensei. I'm going to make Kodora my final test. WHEN I beat her.. I'll show you that all your efforts weren't in vain."

Kodora scoffed at the idea, but Xiong loved it.

X3: "I couldn't agree more. Fine then.. whether Kodora wants it or not.. I'm going to make it happen. Next time on The Hype.. Desiree v. Kodora.. and I will respect your wish and consider this your final test."

Kodora sighed in disgust and walked off as X3 and Desiree stood side by side as the scene faded out to black.

Mike Patterson vs The Dying Breed

Match Summary
Mike Patterson, who lost a couple of weeks ago, to The Dying Breed, is taking it upon himself to face all five of them in an Underground Rules Handicap Match. Patterson entered the arena alone and stood there, watching the entrance as Brian Williams, Gabriel Gold, Jack Dawn, Prince Samir, and Ryan Raysor walked out from the back. They all stood on one side of the ring. The rules for this were simple. The Dying Breed acted as a tag team while Patterson acted alone. A pinfall meant you were eliminated. Patterson had to go through all five members of The Dying Breed alone and there were no rules to this match outside of that. The bell rang and the match began with Patterson and Ryan Raysor.

Raysor and Patterson circled each other in the ring. They went to lock up, but Raysor used his speed to get behind Patterson, using strikes to try and get the big man from Virden, Manitoba down, but Patterson pie faced Raysor and then drilled him with a lariat! Patterson immediately grabbed Raysor, pulling him up to his feet. He placed Raysor between his legs and lifted him up for a powerbomb. He ran towards the ropes and threw Raysor over the top rope to the floor!!!!


Raysor landed hard on his upper back as the referee crossed his arms in an X fashion. The crowd erupted in a Holy Shit chant as officials tended to Raysor on the outside! This brought in his tag team partner Samir who the referee deemed legal due to Raysor not being able to compete at the moment. Samir clubbed Patterson from behind, but Patterson turned and grabbed Samir in a front waist lock. He hit various headbutts to Samir's head before tossing him over with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Patterson went for a cover and only got two. Patterson pulled Samir up and threw him into the corner, hitting shoulder blocks and an European Uppercut. Patterson went to the opposite corner and charged in, hitting a Spear into the turnbuckle pads!! Samir had nowhere to go and was lucky he wasn't snapped in half!!!

Patterson pulled Samir out of the corner and shoved him between his legs. He hit the double underhook piledriver.. the Trailervision.. and got the three and just like that, The Dying Breed was down to three members!

Patterson stood up and taunted the others to come into the ring. Gabriel Gold was the next one to step in. Patterson charged right into the enemy corner and Gabriel moved. Patterson hit back first as Williams and Dawn held Patterson down. Gabriel took his shots to the mid-section before attempting a whip, but Patterson reversed. Patterson then turned and knocked Williams and Dawn off the ring apron, but Gabriel came flying at Patterson with a running drop kick and caught him in the jaw! Gold went for a cover, but Patterson powered out at one. Meanwhile, on the outside, the officials brought Raysor to the back and he got a standing ovation for taking a move as dangerous as that.

Gabriel stayed on Patterson, hitting punch after punch after punch, trying to keep him down, but Patterson powered out of it and rocked Gold with forearm shots. Patterson backed into the ropes, but Gold hit another drop kick and sent Patterson to the outside. Gold then hit a suicide dive wiping out Patterson at the base of the entrance aisle! Gold stood and grabbed the top half of the steel ring steps. Patterson stood, but Patterson balled his fist and punched the steps, knocking them into Gold! Gold staggered back and tripped over the bottom steps, tumbling to the floor. Patterson's hand was bloodied after hitting the steel, but he didn't care. Gold staggered up as Patterson launched himself off the bottom half of the steps with a flying shoulder tackle, taking Gold down!

Patterson rolled Gold back into the ring and grabbed a steel chair out from under the ring. He rolled in and swung with the chair, but missed. Gold made the tag to Jack Dawn! Dawn went up top, but Patterson charged in, but Dawn was quick and leapt over Patterson. Patterson turned around and was met with a toe kick. Dawn took the chair away and slammed it over Patterson's head! Patterson stumbled through the ropes and out of the ring once again. Dawn went out to the ring apron, chair in hand. Patterson stood as Dawn leapt off and WHAP!!! Chair right to the top of Patterson's skull!

Patterson went down. Williams helped Dawn pull Patterson up and roll him into the ring. Dawn had the knockout shot and a cover, but Patterson kicked out! Dawn rolled out, grabbed the chair and rolled back in. Dawn unfolded the chair and pulled Patterson up. Whip to the ropes away from the chair was reversed by Patterson. Dawn sprung back as Patterson picked him up and slammed him through the chair with a Spine Buster! Patterson covered and got three! The Dying breed was down to two!

Brian Williams stepped into the ring and now it was down to the two powerhouses / leaders of their respective factions. The last time these two met, Williams defeated Patterson and that instance is what gave birth to this match. Williams picked up the broken chair and said it will be the symbol of his downfall. Williams swung, but Patterson ducked. Patterson kicked Williams, but Williams clinched him. Williams hit punches to the mid-section while Patterson clubbed Williams over the back. Gold got up top as Williams saw it out of the corner of his eye. He began to turn Patterson just enough to allow Gold to fly, hitting a Missile Drop Kick to Patterson's head! Patterson went down as Williams quickly grabbed him and set him up between his legs, looking for his version of the Double Underhook Piledriver, but Patterson countered with a back body drop.

Patterson turned and went for a spear, but Williams stuck his leg up and kicked Patterson in the face with a big boot! Williams went to the outside and grabbed a table, sliding it into the ring. He set it up in the corner as Patterson got back up. Williams kicked Patterson in the stomach and then lifted him into the powerbomb position. He charged forward, but Patterson slipped off behind Williams. Gold came into the ring and charged Patterson, but Patterson kicked Gold in the stomach, grabbed him and threw him into the mid-section of Williams, putting both of them through the table in the corner!

Patterson pulled Gold out of the corner and grabbed him hitting an Exploder Suplex! Williams was pulling himself up when Patterson grabbed his head and knee'd him in the face. Patterson then hooked Williams and nailed a T-Bone Suplex into the middle of the ring with him. Gold staggered to his feet and Patterson clotheslined him to the floor. Patterson exited the ring and grabbed the bottom half of the ringsteps from earlier and brought them in. He placed them in the middle of the ring and pulled Williams up, placing him between his legs, but Williams hit a double leg trip causing Patterson's back to smack into top of the ring steps.

Williams went up top and took aim. He flew off with a Swanton Bomb.. showing massive agility for a man his size, but Patterson rolled off the steps and all you heard was the sickening sound of flesh slamming on top of steel. Gabriel Gold grabbed the top rope and flew off with a cross body, but Patterson caught him in mid-air and powerslammed him on top of Brian Williams and the steps. Patterson went up to the top turnbuckle and took aim...


Gold flopped off as Patterson pulled the crushed Williams off the steps and covered, getting the three and we were down to one... or so we thought. Patterson pulled Gold up and set him up between his legs for the Trailervision, but Ryan Raysor ran out from the back! He was never eliminated!! Patterson saw him and released Gold he as Raysor leapt off the top with a side kick, catching Patterson in the chest. Patterson turned around and got kicked in the stomach by Gold. Raysor went back to the corner as Gold pushed off the steps and hit a Tornado DDT! Raysor then leapt off the top, nailing the Flip Switch.. the Shooting Star Press! Gold covered, but Patterson kicked out at two!!

Raysor and Gold pulled Patterson up. They whipped him into the ropes, but when Patterson came back, he nailed a Double Spear!! Raysor went flying nito the top of the steel steps while Gold just hit the canvas! Patterson covered Gold and got the three and it was down to one. Patterson climbed the steps and grabbed Raysor. He shoved him between his legs and nailed the Trailorvision right on top of the ring steps! Patterson covered Raysor on the steps and got three!!

Winner: Mike Patterson via Trailervision
Match Time: 39:44
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace: Mike Patterson just defeated the entire Dying Breed by himself. You want to talk about momentum... The X Movement just got a shot in the arm in a big way. Mike Patterson unleashed the beast here tonight and defeated five men on his own. The Widow's Nest got back Supaida... The Natural Athletes were born for competition.. and now Mike Patterson destroyed The Dying Breed single-handedly. Every faction had a reason to be amped up now... the main event is up next, folks... Who is going to walk out with the tag team titles?

Jeff Hartman: Now THAT'S the Mike Patterson I remember.. the same Mike Patterson that German Suplexed Ninja K off the top of a hell in a cell through an announce table some eleven years ago! It's about time I got to see him back just destroying people again! Welcome back Mike Patterson!

Shayne Anderson made his way to the ring with a bag in hand. He climbed into the ring and asked for a microphone.

Shayne: "Ladies and Gentlemen.. tonight is an auspicious occasion. Tonight we are going to crown our first ever Hype Tag Team Champions! Just like the Hype Championship, the tag team who holds these titles can use them to challenge any main roster tag team of their choice. They can even pair up two singles wrestlers to take them on if they wish as well. If they prove to be successful, they will earn a spot on the jOlt main roster. And now... I wish to unveil to you.. the Hype Tag Team Titles!

Anderson unzipped the bag and pulled out two shiny new championship belts! Purple leather straps, silver plating, and an eye-catching design! The camera zoomed in and got a close up of the two championship titles. He gave them to the referee and reclaimed his microphone.

Shayne: "And now.. without further hesitation.. I give you tonight's main event.. a triple threat match in the finals of the Hype Tag Team Title Tournament!"

Anderson took the microphone with him as he exited the ring and made his way to the back. The main event had begun.

The Widow's Nest vs The Natural Athletes vs The X Movement

Match Summary
Each team made their way out from the backstage area. Two teams can be in the ring at the same time, but you can tag anyone. Araknis and Xtreme started things off as the two displayed their fast-paced style which went into counter after counter into a staredown, but while the crowd reacted, Xtreme dealt a sucker punch into a side head lock. Araknis shoved him off the ropes and leapfrogged over Xtreme. Araknis went to the canvas looking for a monkey flip, but Xtreme flipped over him, stood, turned, went for a roundhouse, but ducked by Araknis. Leg Sweep by Araknis, but Xteme leapt over it.. another staredown.. and another cheap shot by Xtreme, but blocked and countered by Araknis! Araknis drop Xtreme back into the corner and lit him up with chops. He placed him on the top rope, but Xtreme kicked away. Cross body by Xtreme, but Araknis rolled through into a pin and got two. Both men up. Araknis ducked a clothesline as Xtreme went for a second drop springboard tornado DDT, but Araknis countered with a sit out powerbomb for two! Xtreme got pissed and shoved Araknis. Araknis went for a super kick, but Xtreme side stepped into a waist lock. German Suplex countered by Araknis. Back stabber by Araknis into a cover for two.

Araknis pulled Xtreme up and tagged in Wolf Spider, but Xtreme broke free from Araknis' grip and backed away. He made the tag to Terry Massimo and said "Go get ‘em Hoss". Xtreme went back to his corner as the powerhouse of The Natural Athletes came into meet the heavy hitter of The Widow's Nest. They locked up and powered around the ring. Massimo backed Spider into the corner, but Spider hit a pair of headbutts that caused Massimo to stumble away. Spider came out of the corner with a shoulder tackle, but he couldn't put Massimo down!

Massimo responded with a headbutt of his own and then went to the ropes. Massimo left his feet and took Spider down with a flying shoulder tackle. Massimo brought Spider up to his feet and rocked him with forearms before sending him to the ropes. He made Spider eat a back elbow. He went to the ropes, but Crucifix tagged himself in. Massimo stopped in his tracks and gave Crucifix the death stare. Crucifix hopped off the ring apron and when Massimo turned around, he got nailed with the Run with the Wolves.. the massive spear from Wolf Spider! Massimo rolled out of the ring as Crucifix quickly slid in. He ran at Wolf Spider and leapt up as he was standing, hitting the Curb Stomp to him!

Crucifix rolled him over, going for the cover, but Arankis quickly climbed up top and hit an elbow to Crucifix to break up the pin! This brought Xtreme into the ring as the two ganged up on Araknis. They sent Araknis to the ropes, but Araknis hit a double clothesline to them both! Wolf Spider and Araknis each grabbed a member of The X Movement and threw them over the top rope and out to the floor. A mere moment later...

Prince Samir!

Ryan Raysor!

Raysor was taped up from his match while Samir still looked rather fresh. Raysor and Samir hopped the barricades on each side and began to pummel away on Crucifix and Xtreme respectively! Both fights spilled over into the crowd and they battled through the audience towards the exits. The referee had a conversation with the time keeper.

William Bell: "Ladies and Gentlemen.. normally, this would end the match on a disqualification, but due to the importance of this match, the referee has decided that Crucifix and Xtreme are both ELIMINATED from competition. The Natural Athletes and The Widow's Nest will vie for the Hype Tag Team Championships!"

India's Import just screwed The X Movement out of the tag team titles! Perhaps some retribution from the handicap match just moments ago!

Wolf Spider was still the legal man. Cori Albright stepped in and came face to face with Wolf Spider. They had a few words then both stepped away where they circled each other and locked up. They each tried to gain the upper hand, but Spider wasn't playing that game twice. He knee'd Albright in the stomach, doubling him over. He hooked him in a front face lock and hit a vertical suplex. Spider then took off to the ropes and went for a giant splash, hitting it. He looked right at Terry Massimo when he made the cover, but Albright kicked out at two. Spider then placed him in a sleeper hold, but Albright countered with a jaw breaker. Albright went to the ropes and hit a running high knee to the chest, knocking Spider back into the ropes. Albright got another full head of steam, but Spider lifted him up and over to the apron.

Albright with a shoulder block between the ropes, but it missed. Spider kicked him the chest and then hit the ropes near the buckles. He stuck his arm out and clotheslined Alright off the apron to the floor! Spider tagged Araknis who went up top. Flying cross body to Albright on the outside! Arankis pulled him up and rolled in where he pinned him, but got two. Araknis sat Albright up and hit a pair of kicks to the spine before hitting the ropes and a snapmare. Araknis covered for another two. Araknis dragged Albright to their corner and tagged Wolf Spider.

Spider game into the ring and grabbed Albright pulling him up to his feet. He hooked him in a front face lock and hit a vertical suplex, but Albright's back slammed onto the top turnbuckle pad!!! "OOOOHH" yelled the crowd as he flopped over the ropes and down to the floor! Spider tagged in Araknis who came into the ring. Araknis got a running start, but Massimo timed it just right... as Araknis went for a suicide dive, Massimo hit a shoulder tackle to Araknis' head!!! Araknia wiped out big time and he looked to be out cold!! The referee immediately exited the ring to check on Araknis Apparently he could still continue.

Spider, however, wasn't about to let Massimo get away with what. He charged at him and hit a forearm smash that knocked Massimo off the apron. Massimo and Albright got up as Wolf Spider charged in. He grabbed the top rope and the big man flew with a vaulting plancha to the outside! He wiped out Massimo and Albright in one fell swoop!! Spider grabbed Albright, who was the legal man, and threw him back into the ring.

Wolf Spider grabbed Albright and placed him between his legs.. he looked for the Blood Hunt.. the package piledriver, but Massimo came in and chop blocked Wolf Spider from behind, dropping him to a knee! Albright shuffled back and hit him with the Super Kick... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!! Massimo then hit the ropes and came back with the big splash... .ALL THE WAY!!! Massimo stood guard as the referee slid back in as Albright made the cover and got the three!!!

The Natural Athletes just became the NEW and FIRST EVER Hype Tag Team Champions!

Winner: The Natural Athletes via GOOOAAAAAL / All the Way
Match Time: 44:53
Match Rating: *****

Jack Wallace: History has been made here tonight!! Terry Massimo... Cori Albright... are the first ever Hype Tag Team Champions!! They have earned the right to challenge anyone on the main roster at their leisure to earn a roster spot! This certainly a monumental moment here on The Hype!

Jeff Hartman: Uh Jack? I think it's about to go from good to bad.. real fast!

Jack Wallace: You're right.. at the entrance ramp.. it's Hype Champion Pietro Geist and Shi no Ryu!.

Massimo and Albright held their titles, as Geist and Shi No Ryu marched down to the ring. They slid in and Geist simply pointed at Wolf Spider. Massimo and Albright quickly backed away, not wanting to get in the way. Geist shot them an angry glare and they held their hands up, showing that the fallen Spider was all his. They exited the ring and headed to the back, while the Ryuujin pulled up Wolf Spider and assualted him with a combination of strikes before surprisingly rolling out of the way.


Goodnight, Wolf Spider.

However, Araknis recovered on the outside. He got up on the ring apron and caught SNR in the back with a springboard drop kick. Geist instantly pounced on Araknis and pinned him in the corner, so he could just maul him with strikes.

This ended up bringing out Muerte and Supaida from the back! The two hit the ring and the three of them began to beat down Pietro Geist! They clubbed him down to a knelt position, but Shi no Ryu stepped in knocking Muerte to his rear with a huge roundhouse to the chest. Geist shoved Araknis away, but Supaida shuffled back and hit a super kick to Geist, staggering him all the way into the corner. Supaida helped Wolf Spider to his feet with Araknis throwing all he had into keeping Geist pinned in the corner.

Supaida whipped Wolf Spider into Geist and he sandwhiched him in the corner. Supaida then charged in and leapt onto the middle rope and kicked Geist upside the head. Geist fell to a single knee as Muerte and Shi no Ryu continued to battle. All of a sudden...


There was brief confusion. When the lights came back on, a well muscled individual in a hooded sweatshirt was standing in the middle of the ring! He tore off the jacket, exposing identity to all in attendance. It was the man Lorelei spoke of... "The Slayer" Jensen Todd!

Nothing but heavily-tattooed blur, Todd unleashed the ONG BAK KNEES OF DEATH~! and Araknis flew back as if he was hit by a bus. This caused Wolf Spider and Supaida to turn around. Supaida hurried towards him and ducked under a spinning back fist. Supaida ricochetted off the middle rope for a cross body block, only to be caught and spun out into a flatliner! Wolf Spider got involved with a kick to the gut and he tried to whip Todd, but Todd reversed it and rotated into a crossface chicken wing. Millenium suplex by Todd dropped Wolf Spider right on his head!

Muerte kneed Ryu in the stomach and pulled him out of the corner with a whip only to send him back into it. SNR slipped out to the apron, as Muerte crashed into the corner upon missing a lariat. He had his jaw immediately smacked with a step-up knee by Todd while Shi No Ryu smacked him in the back of the head with an enziguiri. The brutalized Muerte was out on his feet and shoved out into the middle of the ring for the stampeding Geist...


The lariat turned Muerte inside out! Todd then used his boot to shove Muerte out of the ring. The three of them stood tall in the middle of the ring, but there were a few questions, but the biggest and most glaring of them all were who exactly is Jensen Todd and what does this mean for the Hype?

Those are the questions that remained as The Hype went off the air.